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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 18, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. good morning, america. and new this morning -- act of war? the u.s. set to accuse north korea of being behind one of the most destructive cyber attacks in history. as well as those threats to american movie goers. and outrage builds in hollywood as the studio pulls the plug on the movie at the center of it all. free at last. the prisoner from havana who's release helped thaw a cold war. the surprising announcement about relations with cuba, and the pope behind the scenes to end a half century standoff. i knew that something unthinkably wrong had just happened that i county take back. >> actor stephen collins breaking his silence. the famous tv dad confessing publicly to sexual misconduct
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after the secret audiotapes surface. and what his ex-wife is saying. meet eddie, a 2-year-old pooch who's rough around the edges, and how the three reasons why you should not adopt him found him a home. and how it could help other shelter pets. good to know that eddie found a home. >> i do too. a lot to get to this morning. and right to the major new developments in the attack on sony and a threat to american movie goers. the u.s. expected to say north korea is behind it all. >> that's right. the naming and blaming could come later today as sony pulls the "the interview" from theaters once they threatened to kill movie goers. support for the film collapses. cecilia vega has the story.
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>> reporter: this was a comedy. another seth rogan/james franco duo, it was a scandal. and may never be shown anywhere. and killing it could cost sony more than it cost to make. this morning the hackers who launched a full-scale cyber war on one of the most powerful movie studios in hollywood can claim victory. sony pulling the plug on "the interview," it will not show the controversial comedy about an assassination attempt on north korea's leader. not in theaters or on dvd. it was the victim of an unprecedented criminal assault, and we are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie. we stand by the film makers and their right to free expression and are disappointed by the outcome. federal official the pointing the finger at north korea. hackers cracking the computer
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systems, and leaking e-mails and threatening to attack movie theaters that show the film. invoking 9/11 and warning that if your house is nearby, you better leave. >> sony and theater owners would have understandably felt horrible and have potentially found themselves legally liable if any kind of attack were to take place. >> reporter: the threat prompting thousands of theaters from coast to coast, including the biggest chains in the country, to refuse to show the comedy. this morning, while some say sony had no choice, many in hollywood are lashing out at the decision. taking to late night talk shows -- >> those theaters owners should be ashamed of themselves. >> reporter: and to the internet. rob lowe tweeting, wow, everyone caved. the hackers won an utter and complete victory for them. wow. and donald trump posting this on instagram. >> sony has absolutely no courage or guts. >> i understand the need to be saip safe, to make sure film
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goers are safe, but you can't buckle because they make threats. >> reporter: the decision will cost millions. not only is the $44 million movie scrapped, they lose marketing costs and penalty payments. the price tag could top $100 million. and this morning some say america has lost its first cyber war. sony has erased any mention of the interview from the website, scrubbed it clean. this movie giant that made so many block busters is now the poster child for cyber terrorism. >> they are. and the u.s. expected to blame north korea for the attack as early as today. bring in pierre thomas. the feds have been working hard, and deciding whether it's a good idea to call out north korea in public. >> this attack was in unprecedented and devastating, it was important to call them out. the u.s. has the capacity to dig
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into hacking and assign blame. north korean officials directed an individual or group outside of the country to hack sony. the u.s. government wants to show even if there's smoke and mirr mirrors, it can figure out what happened. and the military suspected is called bureau 121. >> begs the question. the u.s. says north korea is behind it. but what do we do about it? >> some consider it an act of war. sanctions may be discussed. north korea is a nuclear power. u.s. will want to prosecute the northern korean officials responsible and those who helped them. getting to the people and arrested them, that's going to be difficult, george. >> yeah, very hard. let's talk to dan abrams for more. this is so unprecedented. a movie take on a dictator, and his regime responds, we have never seen this chain of events
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before. >> wow. think about what we're just seeing here. this is state-sponsored terrorism on a comedy. about a world leader. and it now appears that that nation is behind it. i mean, we talk about sort of what precedent -- this is completely unprecedented. we have never seen anything like this both in terms of what happened and the response. now, when you get into the investigation itself, i'm going to be very curious about two things. number one, was there someone on the inside who helped? there are questions about whether they had access -- >> so much -- >> that's right. and number two, did the north koreans, if it was them, use commercially-available tools to do this, or was it something even more advanced ? because that's going to be the question you have to ask in terms of can you protect this from happening in the future? >> there's a bad precedent of sony pulling back. did they have a choice with the threat to movie goers? >> they had choices with what
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level of reaction. they said we're not just not opening this movie, we're scrubbing it. could they have done something less? absolutely. is this seen by some as caving to the north koreans? yes. did they have good choices? absolutely not. this was an impossible situation. it's interesting on the legal front. sony say facing a lawsuit that they didn't protect information. north korea involved, it's going to change how it was perceived. was there negligence? should they have been able to protect the information? but it does change the tone of the case. unbelievable. >> thanks very much. and the word, wow. a lot of people are using that. now to the historic announcement, the u.s. ending the 50-year cold war with cuba.
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it was after a year and a half of secret talks involving pope francis. jim avila is in cuba this morning. >> reporter: just how big of a deal is this? many more americans will be able to hop a plane to havana, take a tour, even legally buy one of those famous cigars. for the first time in 50 years, the presidents of the united states and cuba speaking simultaneously, confirming the surprise reversal of a long-running u.s. policy of isolating cuba. church belling ringing out in celebration in havana as president raul castro told cubans -- president obama's decision deserves the respect and recognition of our country. the announcement follows the surprise release of 65-year-old alan gross. >> u.s. air space. >> reporter: a government contractor held in cuba on espionage charges for five years. >> what a blessing it is to be a citizen of this country.
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>> reporter: gross says he wants to be part of a new era of cuban-american relationships. his release jump started it. the u.s. opening an embassy for the first time in 50 years. gradually relax travel, commercial and diplomatic relations. but a full end to the trade and travel embargo requires congress to approve. while they expressed optimism -- >> i hope everything goes okay for the good of the united states and cuba. >> reporter: but just 200 miles north in south florida, a very different tone in some cuban-american communities. >> the people in cuba are not helped by these measures. >> reporter: cubans called themselves survivors. they have outlasted american isolation and the collapse of their biggest ally. they hope it will be less of a struggle. >> thank you. and david muir is back from the white house after interviewing
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president obama about this new agreement. good morning to you. >> great to be here. >> you talked to the president about how the pope played in all this. >> what an historic day. 18 months of secret talks. pope francis did play a significant role. they spoke at length when they met last spring. and then allowing the u.s. and cuba to use the vatican as a secret meeting place. >> good afternoon. >> the pope. we know he reached out personally to you and president castro. we learn of the secret meeting at the vatican. how crucial a role did the pope play in all this? >> he played a very important role. the pope doesn't wield armies. he can't impose sanctions. but he can speak with great moral authority and it makes a difference and did in this case. >> reporter: will you visit cuba? >> i don't have any current plans to visit cuba. >> reporter: not ruling it out? >> let's see how things evolve. >> careful not to see when or if
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he will go. we asked about the phone call. the phone call right before the deal was made public with raul castro. and he told me that they talked at length. the president spoke first, he made a joke that he was talking to his brother because he spoke so long. i did ask about fidel castro, if he was aware. he's unaware. >> especially with his health issues he possibly has at this time, fidel castro. but held so closely in secret. people are trying to remember the last time something like this was held. >> a year and a half, and you learn of the pope's role and the secret meeting in october before this announcement was made. they kept it secret a long time. >> great to have you. >> thanks, david. and move to your money after a huge day on wall street. the dow surged 300 points. but the russian shaky economy has many wosht wondering if it
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can last. rebecca jarvis has the latest. >> reporter: this was the best day for stocks. the typical 401k is up $8,000. that includes the recent volatility. there are two things, first of all, the federal reserve. investors cheered yesterday when the fed said it won't be raising interest rates until later next year. and oil, that's tanking and raising fears of a global slowdown. russia is losing billions of dollars a year from the price of oil tanking. that's made the currently worth less and lest less. if you want to know where your retirement savings are going, look at oil. as that price moves, so too move stocks. >> thank you very much. and to amy with the other top story. we begin with breaking news near dallas. a manhunt is under way for an accused killer believed to be on the run in a quiet neighborhood.
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christian madewell fleed to a town where he is believed to be on foot, wearing camouflage. more than 100 officers and k-9 units are combing the area. he's considered arm and would dangerous. and breaking overnight, a suspected drunk driving crashing into pedestrians leaving a christmas concert south of los angeles. one was killed, 11 people injured, including two children. the driver ran a red light before the crash. and the accused boston marathon bomber making his first public appearance in a year and a half. he heads to trail for a hearing before his death penalty trial. he faces murder and terrorism changes in the attack. and federal pollution charges after a spill this year that contaminated a west
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virginia river and left 300,000 people without drinking water for days. a federal indictment accuses freedom industries of storing a coal-cleaning chemical in a leaking tank that dated back to world war ii putting thousands of lives at risk. and finally this morning, one bear in california definitely made santa's naughty list this year. he was snooping around lawn decorations. checking out this miniature santa, and then suddenly the bear unloads on santa. left hook that santa never saw come. the real st. nick is busy in the north pole. he sees everything, mr. bear. wouldn't expect anything for you. >> a little coal for you. >> there are cameras everywhere. >> that bear has been doing that to santa every year. we didn't see it before. >> we did now. and now to the test of the nfl's personal conduct policy.
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the san francisco 49ers cutting ray mcdonald after learning he's being investigated for sexual assault. abc aditi roy has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning ray mcdonald is a 49er no more. the team's general manager cutting him within 45 minutes of finding out the star defensive lineman is under investigation for a possible sexual assault. >> we as an organization have notified him and his agent that he will be terminated, released immediately. effective immediately. >> reporter: the decision, the first since the nfl implemented the strict new personal conduct policy in the wake of domestic abuse cases involving other nfl stars. under the new rules the league will now conduct an investigation of its own into the allegations against mcdonald, but the decision to release him, well, that goes above and beyond. >> the message it sends to the 49er players and any player in the league that we have dealt enough with players that
7:16 am
obviously putting themselves in a bad light. >> reporter: according to a police statement, a woman called authorities tuesday morning from a local hospital. claiming she was possibly sexual assaulted a day prior. police executing a search warrant at mcdonald's home tuesday night and now calling him a suspect. the incident follows a domestic violence call in august at mcdonald's home involving the player and his pregnant fiancee in no charges were filed and the team kept him on the field throughout the investigation. police are still investigating the newest allegations and it's unclear whether mcdonald will be charged. alaska t abc news tried reaching out, and so far no response. >> thank you very much. switch gears now. and lara, you love to rescue. >> i do. i do. big fan of dogs and rescue. there's a big trend going on right now. truth in advertising. this is a great case. it's a pitch that helped a devil
7:17 am
dog find a new home. his name, eddie the terrible. he doesn't always play well with other s. but a creative ad agency used those flaws to his advantage. it's the chilling commercial that's less about pet adoption, and more about breaking bad. >> i am the one who knocks. >> reporter: but for this little dog with a big, bad attitude, the unlikely image paid off. meet teddy, the 2-year-old chihuahua who's bite is as big as his bark. after 15 months, the humane society worried he might never be adopted. so they renamed him eddie the terrible and posted an unusual adoption ad listing. three great reasons you shouldn't think about adopting him. >> we do think he's perfectly imperfect. he needed the right family. >> reporter: the ad called eddie a horrible walking companion, a ferocious friend and a terrible sleeper.
7:18 am
adding in that blond package exists tons of naughty. they even warned eddie's never bitten anyone, but we're not saying it could never happen. an estimated 4 million dogs are in animal shelters across the country, a third get adopted. could pup personal ads help find more homes? daniel says yes. they saw the ad and no amount of naughty could keep them away from eddie. >> when i saw his face. you, that is a cute dog. >> i believe we found the perfect dog for our family. >> he looks so calm there. >> because he found the right family. >> there's the lesson. >> embrace the imperfect, everybody. >> great story. now to the snow overnight in the plains? >> imperfect start in kansas city. 1 to 4 inches of snow. it's a rough go. some of the snow totals will top 5.
7:19 am
in few places. knoxville, potential for freezing rain. watch out for that too. along the gulf, thunderstorms back into the texas panhandle. your local forecast 30 seconds away, first the cold cities brought to you by walgreens. >> reporter: hi, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather we've got nothing on storm tracker 6 live double scan which is always good for the morning commute. heading outside there's breaks in the clouds at the airport. we'll be looking at sun over the horizon. right now we're close to the freezing mark with windchills 20s. this afternoon, brisk and
7:20 am
chilly, 44 is the high. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds, it will be chilly with windchills in the 0s later. tomorrow, 43, looks like the storm system will mills us to the south this weekend. ns confessing publicly for the first time to sexual misconduct. what he said happened and his ex-wife responds. and the mysterious attack on a tv meteorologist in texas. the search on for the man who shot him. and so many great moment when is layaway angels are paying for gifts. why so many people are using layaway in a different way.
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>> good morning, here's more on an accident that karen rogers has been telling you about, moments ago, chopper 6hd was over a car and school bus in atco, new jersey. the driver of the car was injured. no word on how serious.
7:27 am
let's go over to karen rogers with details on the traffic. >> reporter: you can see the emergency workers on the scene. the police causing a problem at the intersection they pulled the bus off to a separate area. you want to watch out for this accident, jackson road and cooper road stick to the white horse pike and atco avenue instead. another jamup, i-95 at 322. northbound traffic is jammed from 322 to 320. we had an earlier accident that cleared. big delays on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound an accident off on the should, 9-mile delay at 7 miles per hour. >> ouch. let's go outside to david murphy with accuweather. good morning. all right, tam we're off with clouds and sunny breaks. with a light breeze we have windchills making it feel like
7:28 am
the 20s from the shore to allentown. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows a high of 44. brisk and chilly than what we saw the last couple of days. windchills in the 30s this afternoon staying chilly tomorrow, 43. 40 on saturday, looks like the weekend storm system misses us to the south. we stay dry. >> we'll send you back to "g.m.a." with updates in 30.
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♪ all by myself anymore you remember that one. one of the most viral videos of the year. there hs he is, the man all by himself. i think it was the las vegas airport? >> yes, it was. >> in las vegas. got it clicking with this celine dion cover. we will check with him in just a little bit as we continue. >> it's amazing how he did that all by himself, no pun intended. and a mystery in texas, who shot this tv meteorologist after he went off the air. the urgent search for the suspect. and we have seen so many dreams come true. layaway angels paying for gifts.
7:31 am
why so many families relying on layaway are being told they're out of luck just days before christmas. >> that's tough. start with stephen collins speaking out about the accusations detailing sexual abuse against children. he admits to it with katie couric. and tom llamas has the story. >> reporter: the sex allegations were so dark, so disturbing, they were hard to believe. but we heard his voice admitting it on tape. and this morning he's admitting it on camera. >> i love you, dad. >> i love you too, kid. >> reporter: he played the virtuous pastor on seventh heaven for seven years. but after shocking allegations of sexual misconduct of underage girls, he's a pariah. the undoing was the release of
7:32 am
the recording from his estranged wife, faye grant. >> the exposure happened a couple of times. >> a couple of times? you told me once. >> no, tii said it happened several times. three incidents over three years. >> reporter: following the release of the tape, he lost the acting jobs, and the show that made him famous has been pulled from syndication. he's breaking his silence. >> tell us what happened. >> well, in 1973 there were two occasions when i exposed myself to this young woman. >> reporter: in an exclusive new interview with yahoo! global anchor, katie couric, colins describes an inpoerpt encounter with an underage girl. the first of three, he says, between 1973 and 1994. >> and several months later she
7:33 am
came to visit and stay with us. with my first wife and me. and my wife had gone to sleep. and she and i were watching tv alone together. i knew that something unthinkably wrong had just happened. that i couldn't take back. >> reporter: collins also confesses to exposing himself to a teenage girl in 1992 and again in 1994. he tells couric that after extensive therapy and religious consultation, he has not had an impulse to act out in such a way since 1994. >> i did not choose this to come out. not wanting to deal with this publicly. i had dealt with them very, very strongly and commitedly in my private life. i'm a human being with flaws. >> reporter: and overnight, his estranged wife sent this statement in writing. saying i hope that stephen gets the help he needs. their divorce proceedings, guys,
7:34 am
have been moved to next year because of the drama. >> thanks very much. and you can see more of the interview on yahoo and on abc's 20/20 at 10:00/9:00 central. and now the search for a man who shot a tv meteorologist in the parking lot of a waco news station. patrick crawford is recovering in the hospital while police hunt for the gunman behind the brazen attack. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: patrick crawford just finished the early morning shift in waco, texas. it was a fun morning. he just won an ugly christmas sweater contest over his colleagues at the anchor desk. proudly posting these pictures on facebook. but when the 35-year-old walked to the parking lot, something happened that he could never predict. >> gentleman walked up and started firing at him. multiple times, striking the
7:35 am
vehicle and him. >> reporter: he drove his bullet-ridden car far enough to flag down construction workers who gave him first aid and called 911. he was a weather man in new orleans and is in stable condition at a texas hospital. at his side, his wife, a meteorologist at the same station. >> heat index not playing a big role. >> reporter: this morning the gunman is on the loose. and just as elusive, his motive. >> for him to be out there. nobody knows where he went. >> reporter: police say he walked up behind crawford as he was getting in his car. the victim tells investigators he didn't recognize the gunman, a white man between 30 and 35 with a receding hairline. he fled on foot. it's right off a busy texas highway. police aren't sure if this is a random crime or more to the story. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> hopefully they get answers
7:36 am
really soon. you were talking about this as well. >> big news in the weather community. wish him and his family the best. so many people and asking me, will we have a white christmas? i can't answer in a lot of places. but who had 8 inches of snow in 24 hours? that's snow valley in i want to look at the probability, historically, this is not a forecast. of what has a white christmas. the rockies, do well. chicago, new york, not the best of chances. we do not see much snow in a lot of these places. a week from now, week talk about it now. what's going to happen this weekend, heavy snows in the mountain areas. heavy rain is the headline in the west. coastal washington state and california and oregon could see three-plus inches in the next
7:37 am
few days. reno may get showers. that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thank, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. we have cloud cover and early sunshine. temperatures are around the freezing mark with windchills in the 20s. this afternoon, 44 is the high. windy and windchills in the 30s later on. 43 tomorrow, 40 on saturday. whs very mild. has been in the great lakes. not looking so wonderful for them, even. but things change dramatically in the ne'er new year pafrmts white new year. >> yeah. coming up, angelina jolie and brad pitt going to extremes to keep their kids safe online. what you need to know to protect your children. and layaway problems. why people are being told they're out of luck just days before they're pick up those gifts. ♪ earlyfit ♪ latefit ♪ risefit ♪ fallfit ♪ ballfit ♪ wallfit
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we're back now at 7:41 with the holiday nightmare for some layaway customers. shoppers at kmart and toys 'r us finding out the orders are canceled days before they were going to pick them up, sometimes after they were paid for. mara schiavocampo has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so many shoppers use layaway as a way to reserve the hottest toys before they sell out. some are empty-handed, orders canceled, gifts gone.
7:42 am
tis the season of giving. >> happy holidays. >> seriously? >> oh, my god. >> reporter: with so many getting into the spirit as layaway angels, including here at "gma." helping to pay off layaway accounts for total strangers. >> we're going to take care of this layaway for you. >> reporter: but while holiday dreams are coming true for some, others say they're facing a layaway nightmare. >> now's the time to go to kmart and put those gifts on layaway. >> reporter: with just days until christmas, some kmart customers are learning their gifts may not make it under the tree after all. an e-mail from the big k saying some of the items from your recent order are no longer available online and they've unfortunately been canceled from your order. and it's not just kmart. >> holiday magic comes to life at toys"r"us. >> reporter: this mom of three did her shopping way back in september. though she says she paid for her
7:43 am
kids' gifts in full, she recently saw online that her items were no longer available. >> i went on to check my status and noticed line by line everything was canceled. >> reporter: similar layaway dismay has been flooding facebook. >> it's a big mess. people aren't sure what's coming when, if anything's coming, how they're going to buy christmas presents at this late date. >> reporter: telli inin ining a there could be items on back order. but being a toy retailer, we take that responsibility very seriously. as for kmart, it only affects online layaways and they have processed refunds. that doesn't solve everybody's problem. >> i assume they put the items aside. not knowing they would sell out and pull from my order. >> reporter: a layaway letdown, making santa's job a little bit harder this year.
7:44 am
kmart says if they're able to find out of stock item welcomes they will sent them for free. that mom was able to get a refund, but it's not about the money, it's the gifts for your children. >> you were expecting to give those gifts. >> such stress. >> finding those. >> iou doesn't work. >> not for a kid. >> thanks. >> thank you. and coming up, finding miss right. how one woman landed the trip of a lifetime because of her name. why she's going on a trip with someone, she's never met him. plus number two on the epic viral video countdown, a man who did it all by himself. ♪ ♪ they are a glowing example of what it means to be the best.
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♪ all by myself now to our epic viral video countdown. the top five videos of the year. we're down to -- i love -- i know. >> welcome to this -- >> wgma. we're down to the top two. usually what happens in las vegas stays in las vegas, but not this viral video. and t.j. holmes is here in the social square to tell us about it. >> this guy went viral by doing two things that a lot of people
7:49 am
don't do, going to vegas and recording it. and admitting they're celine dion fans. it was one of the biggest viral videos of 2014. ♪ all by myself he became an internet hit overnight, literally. ♪ all by richard dunn rocking out to the soft rock classic "all by myself" while stuck overnight in the las vegas airport in june. 20 million views later, he's no long all by himself. celine dion who famously covered the song in 1996 posting this message. >> i have to say that the video was hilarious and very touching. >> reporter: and then -- >> what a surprise. >> reporter: inviting dunn and his family backstage at the vegas concert in july. and dunn doesn't done there. he went on to write a viral
7:50 am
video how-to book and busy crafting other parodies, including the latest one with another familiar voice. >> i'm robin leech, may you have champagne wishes and caviar dreams. >> reporter: we caught up with him. >> i love to make people laugh and senimile. and to know that this video is doing this, that means a lot to me. >> reporter: a video that took off all because his plane never did. ♪ now you all interviewed this guy earlier this year right after this happened. and people thought how did he do this? three or four hours all alone in the vegas airport. that time could have been spent on the strip. that's just me. had an iphone, taped it to a ruler and put it on a wheelch r wheelchair. >> the rest is "gma" history. >> remember the walrus? >> oh, now that's coming back.
7:51 am
>> coming up, though, tory's here with deals and steals. and starting at less than $10. come on back, everybody, to wmga. ♪
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and still ahead on "gma," music star rick ross opens up about his incredible weight loss. how he lost nearly 100 pounds. we'll tell you how he's doing now. and if you need to work on your rapping skills, we have the best tips and tricks to wrapping impossible gifts. wrapping skill the best tips and tricks to wrapping impossible gifts.
7:56 am
>> good morning, 7:56 on this thursday, december 18 i'm tamala edwards. let's head over to karen rogers there's a school bus accident in new jersey you've been watching. >> reporter: that's right, tam, there were no kids on the school bus, but we're looking at chopper 6 that is up overhead. this accident involving a school bus and another vehicle on jackson road at cooper road. if you're in the area stick to route 30 and white horse pike and atco avenue. let's go outside and check on the traffic on 422. there's the accident. 422 eastbound traffic jammed approaching royersford to 23.
7:57 am
the ramp from 422 westbound there's an accident involving a vehicle that went off the road into a wooded area. be careful of that. mid county we have an does he want that has cleared, but we're jammed on the turnpike from past bensalem to approaching mid county. the speeds 18 miles per hour. last time it was in the single kiddings, i guess that's an -- single digits, i guess that's an improvement but not much. that's painful to look at. sky 6 looking out across philadelphia international airport. it's nice out there, but it's a cold morning. >> reporter: it is, 35 degrees in philadelphia. 36 in allentown, 36 in wilmington. a light breeze, but windchills in the 20s, mid to upper 20s. this afternoon, 44 brisk and chilly feeling like the 30s. and staying chilly tomorrow, 43. looks like the weekend storm will miss us to the south saturday which means we have a
7:58 am
good chance of staying dry. increasing clouds, but chilly. >> need help with last-minute gifts, well they have steals and deals for procrastinators out there, we'll see you in 30. (vo) nourished.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and brad and angelina hire a cyber security team. the lengths they're they'll go to protect their children. how you can monitor your own kids when they're online. and celebrity extreme weight loss. "gma" exclusively reveals how this heavy weight music star shed nearly 90 pounds. what you can learn from his dramatic lifestyle change. and lucky ticket. how this man's search for someone with his ex's same name scored one woman a trip around the world. how he's found his winning travel partner. >> it's strange, but i'm excited. >> all the details as they get ready to take on the world. and tory's here with the last minutes deals and stealss.
8:01 am
last minute deals. and jaime foxx is with us as we say -- >> buenos dias, america. look at this great crowd that's joining us on friday-eve, this thursday morning in times square. and tory johnson, what's in that box, tory? one final deals and steals before christmas. great last minute gift ideas, all 50% off. and i don't know how to break this to you, christmas is one week from today. >> snuck up on us, right? >> i know. >> somebody's not done. and so it is time to think about wrapping the gifts for those of us who have to buy some, get on that. we are going to tell you how to wrap the impossible ones today. >> wrapping to me is daunting. >> daunting is the word. >> you put it off. yeah. but anyway, that looks like a bike dressed up like a reindeer.
8:02 am
and we have a lot of other fun ideas. because there are gifts that are just awkward to wrap. >> that's a great idea. >> that was a great idea. get more in just a little bit. first the news from amy. good morning, everyone. we begin with new fallout from the cyber attack against sony pictures. the justice department could formally blame north korea for the devastating hack as early as today. one administration official telling us north korea directed a third party to hack sony. the movie studio is facing criticism for canceling the moefl. hackers were threatening people who saw the movie. it could cost sony $100 million. and mixed reactions to the seismic shift in u.s.-cuban relations. diplomatic ties being restored in more than half a century. there were surprise talks, and a surprise prisoner swap and the release of american contractor
8:03 am
alan gross. pope francis playing a role. and sanctions will be eased and some cuban products allowed into the u.s. but president obama's attempt to re-establish relations will not help them. and lawmakers pushing, shoving, hitting one another. riot police responded and several arrests are reported. in florida, police say a man faked a heart attack in this walmart to distract people so his accomplice could steal toys. take a look. that's him on the floor, pretending to collapse while police say his friend, wearing a red vest, took off with a shopping cart full of hundreds of dollars in barbie toys. the video helped police track the men down and arrest them. there are cameras everywhere. a viral video that has
8:04 am
everyone laughing has everyone talking online. it's a man who falls off a treadmill, and immediately starts doing pushups, hoping to impress her. we showed it a time or two yesterday. a few times. the claim is that it's a hoax. it remains a mystery. the folks behind the video aren't talking. i enjoyed my laugh. i thought it was funny. if it was a hoax, it was a funny one. >> we love getting suckered. >> if even if i have a big s for sucker. speaking of an s, a 16-year-old landed a huge interview. sting joined the cast of "the last ship," and trying to boost ticket sales, sitting down with an interview. >> but trying your best is enough. >> i really think it was a great show and i can see that you tried your best and you did it. you nailed it.
8:05 am
>> thank you. >> he's so cute. little ian there. he called him mr. sting which i thought was very sweet. which made me question, what is sting's real name? >> gordon matthew somnir. i never knew that. >> i have a poster or two. >> i love the bow tie. >> can i tell you, i think that the george must have been -- >> i may have. news now for parents who struggle keeping kids safe online. angelina jolie and brad pitt tell people magazine they have hired a cyber security team to monitor their kids. to the everyone can do that. abbie boudreau has more on that and what you can do to protect your kids. >> reporter: brad and angelina's kids may be red carpet ready, but the unbroken director and mother of six worries they may not be able to navigate cyber
8:06 am
space on their own. telling people magazine they have hired a security expert to monitor their use, describing themselves as old-school when it comes to technology. it's a scary new world, we wouldn't know what to look for. what can you do to protect your kids? keep your location services on for the map application, but turning it off for the camera app. to prevent predators from knowing where your child is when they post photos online. >> if you take the photo and post is online, you're broadcasting where it was taken to the world. sfwlr. >> reporter: she suggests removing laptops and cell phones from the child's bedroom at night. and check the privacy settings every six months. and the most important thing, make your children aware. >> understand that just there is no immediate threat, that doesn't mean there's not threats to your information and your devices and your kids.
8:07 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> monitor it all the time. "pop news" and weather coming up, but now robin's in the social square. >> i am. i will tell you what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." in "pop news," the new breeds being thrown a bone by the dog world. and the rapper sharing his weight loss. lost almost a hundred pounds. he'll tell us how. and tory, the last one before christmas? >> last one. 50% off. >> wait -- >> no peeking. >> wait until you see. all less than $10. come on back here to "good morning america."
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♪ hi, fellas. hi, virginia. why are you on the floor? [ female announcer ] bring your letter to santa into macy's and we'll donate to the make-a-wish® foundation. together, we'll collect a million reasons to believe. welcome back to "good morning america." time for "pop news." and this is your song. robin roberts. >> oh, nice. ♪ it may be -- sorry. how wonderful for elton john and his long time partner, a rep confirming they plan on officially tying the knot. john dropped a hint that a wedding may be in the cards back in march after england legalized same-sex marriage. they entered a civil partnership in 2005. it was a bash in this edition of "pop news." we understand it will be a private affair.
8:14 am
elton and david now parents to two young boys, zachary and elijah. and that is the circle of life. >> you brought it all around. you really did. >> thank you. and it is the most wonderful time of the year for everybody except these british officers. they have been assigned a job -- those are not the officers, that's the royal family. they must identify the royal family, every member as they arrive for the queen's annual pre-christmas feast. it's easy if it's harry or william. no big deal. they cannot insult members by not knowing who they are, can't ask them to wear name tags. my name is -- hello, my name is the duke of boston. the officials took the pressure off and could be seen using cheat sheets. they had little books, photos of the royals, their names and proper title. here are some of the pictures of
8:15 am
royals you don't normally see. see if you can handle the job. >> philip's brother. >> that's the duke of kent. >> exactly. philip's brother. >> i was a little quick on the trigger. robin? >> that's my uncle harry. >> that is prince richard. you know him by his other name -- good old -- duke of glouster. there you go. and finally, the american kennel club has four new breeds set to officially be recognized in january. i'm so excited, more dogs. the first is the spanish water dog. >> cute. >> described as a happy fella. lots of energy. like the portuguese water dog. and then there's the cher neck co di let that. they call him the sneak you one. elegant and slender, he's a hunting dog. this guy not elegant or slender,
8:16 am
he's the burgamasco. has wool-like hair that smells like a sweater when it's wet. online people say it smells like pi chew lee. and then the burble is from south africa. they're known for their strength and their courage. >> yeah. >> so four new dogs for me to choose from. and that is "pop news." >> i was going to say, you were a hot mess this morning. you loved every second of it. >> compliment from you. >> that is a compliment. >> enjoy. >> that is a compliment. entertaining. speaking of heat, the heat index is coming up. but to ginger first for the weather. >> lara, i love every moment of your hot messes. how about we talk about and it is my birthday. they say from lancing michigan. let's check the forecast that's not in michigan but from texas north of dallas. the hail of yesterday moving to
8:17 am
the east. some strong storms will move along the gulf coast. colder, i don't know if you're starting to feel it. it's chillier today than it's been him we'll get cooler going into the 30s as we start the weekend, not only new york city, pittsburgh, philadelphia. it's that time of the year. that's the big picture, let's check closer to home. >> reporter: thank, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. 44 is the high. brisk and chilly. windchills making it feel like the 0 this afternoon staying chilly tomorrow, 43. saturday, looks like sun gives way to increasing clouds, but our southern storm system will stay to the south we will likely remain dry. 40 is the high on saturday. 44 on sunday, winter arriving in the evening. maddy.
8:18 am
>> her first time in new york city. we are celebrating. she just got here this morning and came straight to "gma." that's pretty cool. >> good to have you here. welcome here. now to the "gma" hit heat index, and rick ross has a new album and a brand new image after shedding nearly a hundred pounds. now sharing the secrets to his weight loss success in an exclusive interview with our sara haines. >> reporter: hip-hop magnate rick ross is a music industry heavy weight. ♪ pushing the boundaries for nearly a decade with hit after hit. ♪ and now the big wig music star, famously known for his big size -- and hustling his way to, well, a smaller waistline.
8:19 am
telling "gma" exclusively how and why he shed 85 pounts pounds. >> two years ago i suffered two seizu seizures. and i woke up from that, wow, i really need to, you know, re-evaluate what i'm doing. so and so the larger than life rapper made some drastic lifestyle changes. >> i wanted to cut back on some of the drinking i was doing, sleep more, watch what i ate. >> reporter: what is a typical day? >> eat breakfast, maybe three eggs and turkey bacon and get ready for the workout. >> reporter: you do ross fit. >> put my own way on it. >> reporter: i see a rapper, and i don't want you to be eating kale. i need you to be hitting the steak, spraying champagne over the room. has anyone reacted like, come on, this isn't cool. >> i had a few chicks. come on. you already know i'm still -- i still got it. ain't nothing nowhere, just
8:20 am
better with it. >> reporter: looking more in shape than ever. people might bounce coins off you. >> the pecs. >> reporter: maybe a little gun show. ♪ i'm to the a bad guy he's running full steam ahead musically, churning out album after album, the latest, "hood billionaire." does this weight loss affect your music? >> no, the music comes from my heart, my mind set. after i sit down and absorb this great interview, there's something that's going to come to me that's going into a record. >> reporter: you're going to rap about me? >> i might. >> reporter: i'm done here. oh, my gosh. now, some of the main things he talked about, he was fun to interview. he talked about getting rid of soda. that was the number one, eating at 2:00 a.m., ordering steaks and -- it's hard.
8:21 am
but new foods. he's got a thing for pears. there was a big hashing to shout out to the beof the pears, he f love with nature's candy. >> it's a pear-themed -- >> you too, sara, waiting for the rap. >> good to see. >> thank you. next up, an update on the toronto man who made headlines by offering a free trip around the world to any girl who would go with him. here's the catch, had to have the same name as the girlfriend that broke up him. they found a match, and linsey davis has the details. >> reporter: shakespeare skd, what's in a name, if it's elizabeth gallagher, it's a free trip around the world. elizabeth quinn gallagher is planning to travel the globe for three weeks with a man she's never met. his original plan was to take the love of his life to prague,
8:22 am
vienna and other places. he bought the tickets, but the relationship ended before they could pack their bags. since the ticket was non-refundable, he offered anyone with a canadian passport who happened to have the same name as his ex-to join him. >> finding somebody who would make the most of it and pay it forward. >> reporter: he described himself as a totally normal 28-year-old guy from toronto who's friendly, trust worthy, and not looking for anything in return. it instantly went viral, resulting in more than 40 million clicks in the next 48 hours. >> i woke up to hundreds of facebook notifications. people whoa wanted to change their names, and hollywood producers. >> reporter: he's launched a ticket forward. >> a ticket forward is a charitable movement to send
8:23 am
deserving people on the trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: but as for his trip of a lifetime, after getting responses from 18 elizabeth gallaghers, he chose this elizabeth gallagher to accompany him. >> we have chatted a little bit. so i know i will be able to get along with him very well. >> reporter: they will have separate rooms because she already has a boyfriend. >> he's not happy about the whole traveling with another guy. >> reporter: nonetheless, she's going. she has to pay for her own food and at some point pay the good deed forward. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> wish them the best. and one week until christmas. this is the woman to talk to. tory johnson has great deals and steals for any pro kras nate ors out there. go to on yahoo for the info and the codes. may i? >> what i love about this, this is a two-step gifting.
8:24 am
for every company, you can send a notification e-mail before christmas or whatever date you choose, and then in january the gift arrives. so it's two steps for every one, free shipping. >> the gift that keeps on giving. >> love that. first up, from kiwi crate, this is the frozen fun crate. anything "frozen" we're good, right? it's fun. two different projects for kids. i love the little things, really fun stuff to keep kids busy for an entire day. normally 20 to $92. depending on the one time or the four-time. slashed in half. for the one-time, $46 for four months. >> nicely done. >> i love this company, it's foot cardigan. >> great stocking stuffers. >> socks. they send a package, and on the package outside it says your feet are about to get awesome. socks just make people smile. you get to choose men or women.
8:25 am
and then a surprise pair of socks comes. and you can choose one or three months. >> go for three. >> exactly. are 11 to $33, or one time, $5.50 plus free ship. really fun gift. >> little box, big package. >> exactly. from julep, this is the maven box. lara. from julep, choose, two polishes and a mascara, depending on your choice. beautiful box, normally $25, slashed in half, 12.50, free shipping. and for the coffee love every. you get to choose light or dark roast, or you can allow your recipient to choose it. and you will get either two or four packages depending on the size you choose. normally $20 to $30, these are slashed in half, $10-15 plus free shipping.
8:26 am
and last but not least, the big one getting oooh and a hs. this is from taste truck. so gorgeous. the executive chef, the big daddy, or the barbecue premier, or sausage trunk. starting at $62, slashed in half. and $31, plus four bonus deals at they are deals you have wanted that we brought back. >> we will be back with jaime foxx.
8:27 am
>> new jersey officials hope the cuban fall will lead to joanne chesmar who killed a police officer on the new jersey turnpike. she had been sentenced to a life sense. 8:27, thursday, december 18. let's look at where traffic is now with karen rogers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we're jammed from route 30 to 29 in chester county. southbound we have a traffic pattern i warned you about, you can see the cones watch for that one. in white marsh township we have skippack pike closed between josh where -- joshua road and sf
8:28 am
lane. we have construction blocking two right lanes in the process of clearing out. that's good, it was supposed to last until noon, so looking better on 495. >> let's look outside to david murphy looking like he is glad to have the jacket. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, tam. temperatures has dipped to 34 across the condition. this afternoon we get a high of 44. there will be a chilly wind blowing at times. it will feel like the 30s even at the best of times. tomorrow, chilly, less wind, 43. looks like the weekend storm system will miss us to the south probably centering itself in georgia. look for increasing clouds, high of 40. 44 sunday. coming up on "g.m.a.," jamie foxx is there to talk about his new movie a remake of annie
8:29 am
we'll he you in 30.
8:30 am
♪ hang a shining star above the highest bow ♪ ♪ and have yourself a merry little christmas now ♪ [ cheers and applause ] incredible. yes, super star soprano singing "have yourself a merry little christmas" with her friends over there. happy to have you, renee. she classes up the joint. she has a fantastic new holiday alb album. >> she's going to sing coming up.
8:31 am
and also ahead, jaime foxx, talking about his new role in "annie." it's a big christmas movie. we love it. >> it's a big movie. >> it is. and day one of short cuts to make your holiday better. all kinds of ways you can get creative with holiday gifts, decorations and so much more. this morning it's about gift wrapping presents. they come in all shapes and sizes, as you know. and it's tough to make them look nice. tony reali paid a visit to buzzfeed where the lifestyle experts gave him secrets to success. >> would you like it gift-wrapped ? >> reporter: perfecting the art of wrapping can be a pain staking process. >> in the christmas box. >> but i don't want a christmas box. >> reporter: believe me. so i went to buzzfeed and got the 411 on some holiday wrapping hacks. that's not right. here's my problem, okay? you need wrapping paper, you need tape and you need scissors to wrap.
8:32 am
but only two hands. how does it work? what's this? >> this is the handest contraption ever. it's called the scissor tape, and double-sided tape that's your best friend. >> that's not just for j.lo. want to straighten a ribbon? >> run the ribbon through this guy, and it's so much prettier. a lightbulb will work. it's going to get the kings out. >> gift tags. >> don't buy them. things like paint strips are free from the hardware store. take your paint chip and put out -- >> the cards here. >> and punch a little hole in the top corner, and tie it on with a ribbon. and, you know, you have yourself a gift tag. >> reporter: how about tieing a perfect bow? >> so the first thing to do is wrap it around the fork this way. perfect. perfect. >> reporter: working, working. >> okay, make sure each end is
8:33 am
the same length. bring the back one in front. so over, under and through. then you flip it over and you're going to tie that. just tie a single knot. slide that off and trim it. >> reporter: victory. the first christmas gift is for you. >> so wonderful. >> reporter: for "good morning america," tony reali, abc news, new york. >> but wait, we're not quite ready to wrap things up yet. time now for the holiday anchor challenge. you are going to pick an unwrapped item. don't look. don't look. look in here. and you're going to have 45 seconds to wrap. whatever you pick in there. >> oh, come on. >> come on. >> you got it? >> oh, yeah. >> this is not right. >> oh, that's tough. >> last one you know, got it. >> yep. >> oh. nice. so let's put 45 seconds up on the clock. >> 45 seconds. >> and see what you can do in three, two, one. go, go, go.
8:34 am
>> 45 seconds. >> have to be creative. >> i'm just trying to survive. >> talk survival. >> time is ticking. >> does it have to be pretty? >> 30 seconds, ladies. 30 seconds. >> not good. >> 30 seconds. >> you know what? i shouldn't have done this. >> come on. be creative. be creative. >> i'm trying, robin, the pressure. it's too much. >> 20 on the clock. 20 on the clock. that's not going to help you win any points. oh. five, four, three, two, one. put your ribbons down. ribbons down. >> yours looks like a duck. that's cute. >> lara, can you describe what you were going for here and here? >> i was having a tough time with olaf, so i decided to distract you. >> mission accomplished. >> and go in a different direction. >> i just tried to hide it so --
8:35 am
>> it's not bad. >> the little bow. >> i like the choice of color. >> how about you? >> a christmas goose. >> i like that too. >> that's like takeout. >> really is good. >> thank you. >> did you really mean to make a goose? >> no, you said duck and i just ran with it. >> impressive work by you all. >> thank you. >> a little testing here. who thinks it should be lara? oh. amy. >> right, it's ginger. >> ginger. oh, man, christmas goose. >> two for two on the holiday showdowns. >> she had the ugly christmas sweater and now the goose. >> she doesn't play. >> yes. thank our friends at buzzfeed for those great tips. and now, ginger, the champion, give us let's check the forecast, there have been beautiful sunsets coming in all week.
8:36 am
look at pensacola florida. and kansas fresh snow. memphis, feels like 36 as did oklahoma city. west coast you can see right there, i got to get you a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. a fair amount of cloud cover with sunny breaks this morning. temperatures in the 30s and windchills in the 20s. this afternoon rasp high 44 with windchills in the 30s. 43 tomorrow, 40 saturday and probably staying dry. er brought to you by carmarx. these handsome folks aren't just standing here for fun. we have a point. there's still time to make someone's christmas just a little bit brighter. for more than 60 years, disney has supported the u.s. marine
8:37 am
corp. reserve toys fors to the foundation and and they are getting in on the action on the show. the cast and crews donating toys, even 9-year-old nicolas using his piggy bank savings, that's cute, to buy presents. and now we're all going to make our donations. go ahead and put those in the box. we encourage you to do the same for toys fors to t tots. thank you for being here. >> and thank you. and all season long we have been celebrating macy's national believe campaign. helping to bring joy to kids with life-threatening conditions. write a letter to santa and drop it in a macy's mailbox, and they donate $1 for every envelope, up to a million dollars to make-a-wish and can be submitted online. and we have the guinness world records adjudicator, making sure i got the right -- and gadget
8:38 am
the elf to help us with this amazingly long wish list. we understand that gadget is here on a special mission. >> as part of the believe campaign this year, to ask our customers to create the longest wish list. and so gadget was at macy's to make sure we were getting the wishes in. and now joined by alex here today to tell us what the final tally is on the wishes. we set our goals to break that guinness book of world records for wishes. >> and alex has the big announcement. go for it. >> yes. with a scroll that weighs 484 pounds, measures 1.88 miles in length and consists of 121,138 wishes, macy's has set a new guinness world records record for the longest wish list to santa claus. >> congratulations!
8:39 am
all right. [ cheers and applause ] you have got a plaque and everything. >> give mess great pleasure to welcome macy's to the guinness world records family. you guys are officially amazing. >> thank you. >> and truly everybody wins in this. because the children win and -- congratulations to macy's for making it all happen. >> and merry christmas to everyone. thank you. >> may all of your wishes come true. coming up next, we have jaime foxx joining us. stay with us.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
annie first hit theaters more than 20 years ago, now revamped, reinveigh rated to reflect the times. and jaime foxx is with us
8:43 am
playing multi-billionaire william stacks. annie is there, and sandy is there. the movie is great and the songs are terrific. take a look. >> thank you. >> it's okay. i'm good at this part. i've had a lot of practice getting kicked out of places. >> oh, annie. listen. put your bag down. you're not going anywhere. >> sandy's got to go. >> stop it. you and sandy are staying here. and i don't care what happened last night. >> no, i mean, sandy's got to go. >> no, i mean -- oh, sandy's got to go. okay. is it champagne or je la to? >> what? >> is it mountain dew or plain old due? lemonade or chicken nuggets. now i want to go because my bladder is full. let's go. >> such a pleasure to have oscar and grammy-winning actor jaime fox with us. welcome to "gma." >> hey. >> what made you want to be a part of this? >> will smith, jay z.
8:44 am
they revamped it. for 30 years everybody has tried to do the remake of "annie," but couldn't get the license. and jay z, he redid "hard knock life." they went to the guys who had it, gave it over hto him. i thought it was smart. >> how would you describe the restyling of annie? >> i thought getting quvenzhane. she was nominated for an oscar at like 2 years old. when you get a great actress along with a great brand of annie and the great music. and cameron diaz, bobby, it was a lot of fun. >> okay, show time. >> cameron diaz is so good -- >> she is, she's amazing. >> she's naughty and she can sing. >> she's naughty and she can sing. we did "any given sunday" together in 1999. great to be back with her. she nails it. and her and bobby have great
8:45 am
chemistry. it was fun. fun for all the families. i just feel so warm. >> that's what it feels like when you're watching it. are you ready to go all in for a speed round? >> i am. >> what did you google last? go. >> what did i google last? i can't say it on camera. whatever you do, don't check my history. >> if you had a super power, what would it be? >> read minds. girl, what? >> yep. >> tonight? oh, my -- >> i hate it when -- >> i hate it when people say i can't do something. you should always be able to do it. >> or try. >> or try. >> yep. and on that note -- >> yeah. >> we want to say thank you for bringing smiles with "annie." everybody, do check it out. and jaime foxx, wonderful to see you again. >> thank you. >> you are fantastic. >> it's the right. >> and "annie" opens nationwide tomorrow. up next, super star soprano renee fleming performing live on
8:46 am
"gma." ♪ let your heart be light
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ central park ♪ you here it. we're back with the christmas tree from renee flem. remember her amazing performance at the super bowl. now she has "christmas in new york," topping the charts for nine weeks already. and here she is with gregory
8:49 am
porter for "a central park serenade." ♪ ♪ mmmm ♪ mmm ♪ central park serenade ♪ counting the minutes counting the days ♪ ♪ now i'm on may we back to you ♪ ♪ been away much too long ♪ another minute and i'll be gone ♪ ♪ my missing you days are all through ♪ ♪ an early light ♪ i'll take a taxi ride ♪ and i'll be there ♪ and i'll be there in no time flat ♪ ♪ good to be back good to be back again ♪ ♪ i don't know why i ever left ♪ but i'm coming back now ♪ slice of heaven rob the city
8:50 am
streets ♪ ♪ touch of magic under my feet ♪ and the band plays on ♪ and everybody sings along ♪ central park winter's day mothers talking while children play ♪ ♪ i take a hot chocolate to go ♪ take in all the crazy sights far from all the traffic lights and stop and tale stranger or two hello ♪ ♪ you'll never know the night someone might catch your eye ♪ ♪ walk in your world and change your whole world just like that ♪ ♪ good to be back, good to be back again ♪ ♪ i don't know why i ever left but i'm coming back now ♪ ♪ slice of heaven right up the city streets touch of magic
8:51 am
under my feet and the band plays on ♪ ♪ and everybody sings along ♪ everybody sings ♪ and everybody sings along ♪ sings along ♪ ooooo ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ everybody outside getting in the holiday spirit. we are inside as well with renee fleming. thank you for the christmas gift. >> thank you. >> this is your first holiday album. tell us how it came together. >> it's the thing we want to do eventually when we have the standard repertoire under our belts. this came together. i have to be in new york, i live here, my friends here. old friends, new friends who collaborated with me and it was
8:55 am
so much fun. >> tell us about your new friend here. >> gregory porter, he's got one of the most beautiful voices. >> thank you. >> our jazz grammy winner this year, male vocalist. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> he is a rising star. phenomenally fast, too. >> weren't you in a jazz trio? >> i was in a trio for a couple years when i was in school. i have been a lifelong fan. >> and singing for will and kate as well. >> yes, the duke and duchess of cambridge. it was an honor and a thrill. it was their first trip here. i got to sing for them at the metropolitan museum of art. it was great. >> did you talk to them? >> i did. i was at the head table with them. >> very exciting. >> an exalted moment. >> well, thank you for coming in today. good luck with the album. we hope you had a great day today. tomorrow on "gma," we're back to
8:56 am
"shark tank your life." daymond john is going to be here. thanks for watching, everybody. >> have a good day. >> good morning, a vegetablele was -- vigil was held at a bensalem intersection where
8:57 am
minete zeka was killed, she was hit by a truck that failed to stop for her school bus. we'll have a live update on "action news" at noon. 8:57, i'm tamala edwards. last look at traffic, karen you're in delco. >> reporter: i am on i-95 near the blue route, you're jammed to 320 where we had an accident. in white marsh we had an accident on skippack pike. one in hatfield on 40-foot road and another in lansdale at green street. the roads are clear and dry, but a handful of accidents this morning. >> well, david it was chilly when we started out the morning today, what is it like now? >> reporter: still cool, we're
8:58 am
up to 37 degrees in philadelphia, but the women's are in the ups in most case -- upper 20s in most cases. this afternoon, brisk and chilly, wind picking up a bit, 44 is the high windchills in the 30s staying cold tomorrow, 43. him the storm on the weekend will miss us to the south. high of 40 increasing clouds and cloudy sunday, 44. winter arrives sunday evening, tam. >> oh, my goodness it is that time. coming up at noon a mystery in north philadelphia police search for a man who disappeared leaving his burned out car behind. why shoppers at kmart won't be getting the gifts they paid for in time for christmas. "live" with kelly and michael is next on 6abc. have a great thursday!
8:59 am
huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know genies can be really literal? no. what is your wish? no...ok...a million bucks! oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the new film "selma," oprah winfrey! and from big eyes, academy award-winner christoph waltz. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [applause] ♪ kelly: thank you.


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