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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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grind on in the case of scotty mcmillian, at this tiny courthouse gary lee fill-in he died november fourth, the prosecutor says from systematic torture in their trailer with punches to the face and stomach and scourges with a homemade whip and tied upside down by the feet and beaten more, bruises on top of bruises the prosecutor says. the prosecutor is seeking the death penalty. >> there are two factors here the able of the victim. he was only 3 years old and the second is torture. >> his ex-wife, amber who also lived in the trailer watched the abuse but waited too long to report the abuse.
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they appeared on close circuit tv all with court appointed lawyers. activists wither here. >> this put a not in people's stomachs, we took off work it's tough during the holidays. >> i'm sad, it's -- people don't realize how much it happens every day and the cases that don't get reported. >> a trust fund is set up for the surviving brother 6-year-old ryan, so far $25,000 has been raised. >> reporter: ryan mcmillian has been placed in foster care in chester county, the arraignment for these suspects is set for december 31st. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have breaking news now from new york city, firefighters
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are on the scene of a four alarmer, this is 97th street in queens new york, it broke out at 4:30 at an apartment building with 24 units. there are 160 firefighters surrounding the building dousing it from rooftops and every angle trying to take out this queens new york fire. and there is an elevated train line that is impacted. heavy smoke and flames are pouring from the building, no word of injuries, we have a fire not under control kurncurrently huge nightmare for people trying to get to their homes and use that elevated line. we'll keep an eye on it and get back to you with our sister station, w abc in new york. president obama announced
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yesterday that the u.s. will normalize relations with the island's communist government and open a u.s. embassy in havana sometime next year. but that left some wondering what that means for the fugitive joanne chessmarred, nora muchanic is here with more on the convicted killer granted asylum in cuba. >> the people here want the united states to demand the return of joanna, she is described as a domestic terrorist who gunned down a police officer in the early 70s. >> i was convicted of -- killing a new jersey state trooper. this is joanne in an old interview, she is now in exile in cuba, and a member of black liberation army, she was convicted of the murderer
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trooper forester, after a shooting on the turnpike. she shot two bullets into him execution-style. >> it's awful for the family, like this wound has never been closed. >> with the help of the bla, chessmard broke out of the huntington prison. >> i escaped and nobody was hurt. >> she landed in cuba and was granted political asylum by castro and now they see a way to bring this convicted murderer back to the united states. >> we owe it to the family to bring this fugitive back to the u.s. >> congressman chris smith is among those that tried to pressure cuba to deport her. >> we have to make sure that
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president obama raises the issue of joanne and does it by name and publically. because we have not been able to get him to raise human rights cases in a way that has meaning. >> it's been years since the trooper was murdered but the case will never be closed until joanne is back in a jail cell. >> this is a pledge on behalf of members that we will not rest until she is brought back to justice. >> state police have made contact with the fbi to begin planning a strategy to try to extradite her and it could take more years but they won't give up. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> it will be interesting to see if anything develops, in the meantime, tonight on world news, we'll hear more about david muir's exclusive interview with president obama, about the changes with cuba. over to rick and monica.
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turning now to accuweather. the sun peeked out a bit today but the chill in the air returned in a big way. many folks are wondering what is in store for this final weekend before christmas. an important weekend for shoppers. cecily tynan is at the "action news" big board monitoring it all for us. >> the good news is, for shoppers and travelers this weekend, it's going to be a dry weekend and a cool weekend. we had a real it check, tuesday and wednesday, our high soaring up to 50 degrees and today's high 41 degrees, definitely a chill in the air and it felt colder than that with the winds. winds from the west northwest at 12 miles per hour. wilmington 12 and dover 13 and millville reporting 13 miles per hour. so you add that with the temperature, the windchill make
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its feel like 33 in philadelphia, feels like 28 in millville and 29 in sea isle city and 26 in reading and feels like 29 degrees in wilmington. if are you heading out tonight you'll want to bundle up. the chill is in the air. the evening planner showing we have patchy clouds around at 7:00 and 8:00, 37 degrees by 9:00 and 10:00 and overnight lows in the cooler suburbs will be dropping down into the 20s. so what is ahead. it's a cool and dry weekend, early next week, temperatures are up however it gets cloudy with the moisture moving in and if you are hoping for a white christmas, well unfortunately i'm tracking a wet christmas eve and then the winds of change on christmas day. i'll talk about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. dropping gas prices and rising confidence in the economy could translate into record travel in holiday season, aaa
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expected more than a million delaware valley residents will travel this week alone. nationally 98 million will hit the road and 50% will travel by car. speaking of travel lets check it out right now with the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down, and its not looking too bad. >> because there is an accident there so back there the traffic is not looking so good. >> what you can't see? >> exactly. it's slow rick and monica, moving west on street, on the vine tonight all is not fine on the vine. also in paoli by the walgreenwa a crash by 252, slow speeds on the blue route and speeds in the
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teens in king of prussia on the schuylkill. and this is the scene on 29 heading down to the new traffic path earn on 401, new pavement on the right side of the roadway. also, a couple of crashes along county line road this afternoon right on the bucks county border, i think i would use street road or byberry road instead. there are plenty of things to watch out for. thank you matt. the only surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing speaks out. his outburst in the courtroom is coming up. and reporter and registered nurse is talking about tanning beds. and we'll check in with cecily tynan with an update on the changing forecast.
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and a free 30-tablet trial. back to our breaking news
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story from queens new york, the fire is raging at five alarms and it was four alarms and the flames are not yet under control, we mentioned this was an apartment building containing 24 units and close to 200 firefighters are on the scene and no word of injuries but the concern here is that the fire had not only consumed this apartment building it was halting subway traffic on the nearby elevated line during rush hour, we are looking live at queens new york from sister station's chopper wabc, we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. in other news, boston marathon bombing, dzhokhar tsarnaev, was in federal court today for the first time in more than a year. it was his first public appearance since july of 2013. a woman was escorted out of the
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courtroom as shooting encouragement to the suspect. he and his brother war accused of setting and deadnating bombs near the finish line of the race last year. his older brother was killed in a shootout with police, his trial is set to begin on january 5 and his trial is set to lafl several months. and a south carolina judge exonerated a young teenage boy convicted of killing to girls 40 years ago. he was put to death by electric chair in 1944, just three months after being convicted. stinny, a young black boy was accused of killing two girls while they looked for wild flowers, but his supporters say that that confession was coerced and he did not get a fair trial. his sister who lived in new
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jersey, testified she was with her brother when the murders occurred and maintained he was innocent. >> his name is cleared in heaven but i want it to be cleared here on earth and i thank god for the judge and everything else. she did it. >> as you can imagine, the families of the victims are not pleased with this change but the judge said that she found several violations of due process in stinny's prosecution and sentencing him was cruel and unusual punishment. 70 years later. health check tonight researchers found 50 existing drugs may have the power to block the deadly ebola virus. ali gorman is at the big board with the details. >> reporter: this is exciting because right now we don't have a vaccine so researchers here in the u.s. screened samples of 2000 compounds already approved by the fda, drugs including
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antihistamines and antibiotics and cancer drugs were shown in a lab to stop ebola virus from entering cells. because these drugs are already in use, the process could be faster. meanwhile, senator chris couns took amtrak today he is traveling to liberia to help the troops battle the outbreak, liberia has seen significant drops but that is not the case in sierra leone, where the director of the cdc is visiting, they are going out looking for sick people and the president there canceled holiday celebrations to prevent the sprez of the virus. >> we need to be reminded that our country is at war with a vicious enemy. >> and in other news back home we know that indoor tanning
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increases the risk for skin cancer, including the deadliest form called melanoma, and now they are asking students to stop using debit cards to pay for indoor tanning sessions, one is penn state and the lawmakers are a bipartisan group of lawmakers including dent of allentown, the letter to the university press says it endangers the health of students, a spokesperson for penn state says they have seen the letter and are looking into the issue, but for something for everyone to consider, one study shows people that use indoor tanning beds are 40% more likely to get melanoma than someone that never used a tanning bed. some disabled kids enjoyed a party in liberty today. and they came to sang christmas carols and fill up gifts, they
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are feeling the holiday spirit with their holiday hats, a local law firm is donating $10,000 to frankie's world and the spirit can continue all year long.
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the bulls were stampeding, rose with 24 points riding on a wave of the feds decision not to raise interest rates and the nasdaq was sharply higher today. a decision with the city of philadelphia and a private social network company will make communications as easy as calling someone next door, that is the name of the social network company, next by entering into this partnership, the company will build a stronger relationship with their residents on facebook and other forms of social media. they talked btd partnership in center city and demonstrated how it will work online, it will enhance safety in the city by improving communications with town watch groups through social media. it was the grand opening of a new office building in center city philadelphia in honor of
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samuel staten sr. he held various leadership roles in the business community. they were on hand for the open house and celebrated the man this man this building was named after. hundreds of children in wilmington have new coats thanks to their local firefighters, the action cam was there as a local fire department helped them pick out winter coats. the firefighters partnered to raise money for coats. >> operation warm has put 1.5 million coats on kids since we were founded and we are doing 300,000 children every year. >> the coats were distributed today at the latin community center.
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board, meteorologist, cecily tynan, standing by and winter is three days away but it felt wintry by and winter is three we kept the winter chill officially when winter arrives. i asked viewers to send me in pictures of sunsets, with the
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studio you can't see it here. brent sent me this photo from chestnut street, center city, you can see the beautiful colors in the skies, the pinks and oranges and the schuylkill river there with the light reflecting on the river, a great shot from john in cape may, new jersey, showing the sunsetting in cape may new jersey. it looks really nice. temperatures feeling like winter, philadelphia 39 degrees and allentown 36 and millville 36 and trenton 37 degrees and cape may 38 degrees, you factor in the winds and the windchill feels like 32 in philadelphia and the windchill dropping down into the 20s in delaware it feels like 29 degrees and reading currently the windchill is 26 degrees, the winds will be diminishing tonight and temperatures dropping down into the low 30s in philadelphia and upper 20s in some of the cooler subu suburbs, and we have clouds and no threat of precipitation, if
5:27 pm
you look out across the midwest, you can see the snow flurries, and upper level disturbance moving through, and then the focus shifts to what is going on over texas, this low pressure is beginning to gain a little bit of strength from the gulf of mexico and like i was saying yesterday, this system stays well to the south, at 3:00 you can see moisture developing near new orleans but then the moisture all tracks off the coast of georgia and then ots out to sea, sunday we'll have a little bit of cloud cover but this system completely misses us that, is great news for shoppers, for travellers not great news if you want a white christmas. the historical average for a chance of a white christmas only 7.9% for our region and this year it looks lower, i'm tracking a system on christmas
5:28 pm
eve that will track to the west and bring in warm air and bring rain and not snow. patchy clouds and diminishing wind and cold, 29 in reading and the five-day at 5:00 showing a mix of cloud and suns and chilly and 41 degrees and saturday 41 and sunday 44 and monday 46 and rain and tuesday we make it up to 50 degrees but it's a tradeoff with clouds and drizzle. i'll talk about what to expect on christmas day coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> i expect a lot of presents. >> if you are good. >> never mind. not so much.
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hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. sony has shelved "the interview" and the federal government has pinpointed the hacking culprits that issued threats against movie goers. and with their economy in free fall, russians showed their
5:31 pm
frustration with vladimir putin. and dozens of families in our area will have food on their table and gifts under their trees. we'll have that story. >> we begin with breaking news we want to update you from queens, new york, you are looking live at the scene, firefighters seem to have the upper hand on this huge fire, this is how it looks a few minutes ago, more than 160 firefighters were battling a five alarm inferno at a 24 unit complex. fire trucks lined up and down the street and were trying to get water on the flames from the ground and air as they could. and firefighters had to punch holes in the roof to contain it. a serious seen here and that fire is impacting subway travel in that area. it's disrupting the evening commute and right now the fire and flames are not evident, it appears under control and at
5:32 pm
least partially we'll monitor the situation and bring you updates from new york as soon as we get them. >> and the latest from the sony hacking scandal. they are considering their next move now that it's determined that north korea is behind the throats against sony's movie, "the interview" they are taking down billboards that promotes the controversial film. they took down the film when hackers promised a 9/11 style attack on any theaters that show tropical disturbance. abc's marcy gonzales is live in new york with the latest. >> rick, to many this decision is just as controversial as the movie, and sony says it's not just pulling the film from theaters but from any potential release online or dvd's or any other format. >> it is a movie ending like hollywood has never seen. hacker who's threatened to
5:33 pm
attack theaters that showed the controversial comedy "the interview" winning the cyber war and sony decided to pull the film. they say they were the victim of an unprecedented assault. and they are disappointed by the outcome. they are not the only ones disappointed. rob lowe tweeted everyone caved and others saying it's a blow to our freedom of speech. >> understand the need to be safe and make sure that film goers are safe but you can't buckle because someone makes some threats. >> that with the leak of private email information, they are retaliating on the fictional plot to kill that country's leader and now they are figuring out how to respond. it's treated by the investigative agencies by the fbi and department of justice as
5:34 pm
seriously as you would expect. they are considering a range of options. >> it seems that sony is taking more precautions and for today, for now, they are canceling all of their studio tours. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> okay marcy, thank you. to the economic crisis going on right now in russia, today protesters gathered outside of the venue where president, vladimir putin, was delivering his annual news conference but they were quickly whisked away by police, he took to the airways assuring citizens the situation was being handled despite sanctions imposed by the u.s., the sanctions stem from the continued conflibt with ukraine and mr. putin says they are doing nothing more than protecting their interest. >> we are not attacking anyone, we are not war amongers we are
5:35 pm
only protecting ourselves. meantime, more than 1,000 u.s. troops are heading back to iraq soon, military officials say they will train iraqi forces to retake areas seized by isis, currently there are 1700 american military members in iraq and authorities say it will take at least three years to build up iraq's army. to california now, what is happening there, margo fromstein is facing vehicular homicide charges after plowing into a group of people leaving a christmas pageant.
5:36 pm
she hit a group of people including children while they were trying to cross the street and then the suv struck a vehicle head-on and bronstein was among the others taken to the hospital for treatment. she is held on $300,000 bail tonight and is expected to be in court come tomorrow. world news with david muir will have much more on the deadly pedestrian incident in california, and more on the sony hacking scandal. >> thank you sharrie. in other news, the red cross is helping ten local people with food and clothing and a place to stay after fire damaged their hom. chopper 6 hd was off the scene of saint david's street in manayunk, the firefighter as rived and attacked smoke and flames and everybody got out without getting hurt. the cause is under investigation. police departments across the area are joining forces to keep you safe on the roads this holiday season, officers along
5:37 pm
with penndot and the dui association showcased their operation safe holiday campaign in king of prussia today. the victim's moving memorial was on display to honor those that lost their lives because of the impaired drivers. officers will be in full force to keep the drivers off the roads. what has started as a labor of love has blown into a fission more the police. today they staged a big toy and food drive. and "action news's" katherine scott was there. >> reporter: santa left the sleigh in the north pole this morning. he brought a load of toys, it arrived in norristown by police escort. waiting children got a delivery from saint nick. >> what is that? >> a kitty? >> is there a whole pallet?
5:38 pm
>> what can do you with this kitty. >> this was part of the annual law enforcement food drive, the drive was renamed for patty simon, who always poured her heart and soul into the effort. >> a chance to help the needy and a chance to keep her memory alive. the salvation army band helped to welcome the donations now collected and loaded into montgomery county. the police want to give back to the community, they see the families that struggle, and they see the people that are walking the streets that need a place to be warm and eat. >> since the end of october, law enforcement will be gathering goods from schools and businesses and the final tally, ten tons of non-perishable food. the bulk of which goes to the
5:39 pm
salvation army. >> it's a big help for my fam. >> the toys and food goes to this family and to replenish supplied for next year. >> did you get a skateboard? >> yes, i'm going to ride on it. >> it's a good thing, santa elves were police officers one of whom quickly provided the 5-year-old with a helmet. >> this fits me. >> cute. time for a check of traffic out there thursday night. >> matt pellman with an update. >> how is mall traffic looking? >> my present? >> exactly. >> same thing as last year. >> the mall drive is looking great head in that direction. from the food drive to the drive hom, it's not so nice, in a number of spots, heavy traffic near cotman avenue and a construction warning for tonight.
5:40 pm
they are closing this ramp on 95 to cotman avenue, they will shift the barriers around there and send you to academy road. the slow speeds on 95 and the schuylkill, and the crash on the westbound vine has cleared and no need to worry about that anymore but worry about the tacony palmyra bridge opening. a bad accident in trap this afternoon along main street. and in gloucester county, one crash is cleared on 295 southbound and one near center square road is still there. head for the southbound new jersey turnpike but northbound on the turnpike the construction is slowing us down. and 2 closes down northbound to 95 t rick and monica have fun heading to the mall. >> appreciate that. >> thank you. still ahead on "action news," new jersey governor, chris
5:41 pm
christie is not afraid to show his love again for his favorite football team. we'll explain. >> a well deserved holiday celebration for boys and girls in center city philadelphia. and we'll take you there. cecily is in for adam. and winds from the northwest bringing down cool air and dry conditions, i'll let you know how long the dry conditioned stick around in the accuweather forecast. >> plus, jeff skversky has the eagles as they get ready for washington this weekend. first here is another holiday greeting from one of our troops serving overseas. >> hi my name is technical sergeant eric knight i'm from air base japan, i want to wish all of my friends and family in margate, new jersey a merry christmas and happy new year.
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well, despite criticism and controversy, new jersey governor is sticking by his favorite football team, the dallas cowboys, he plans to travel to dallas for the big match-up against the cowboys and the
5:45 pm
colts. he has caused controversy when he sat next to the owner this past weekend. he says he has been a fan since he was a kid and is not apologizing for his allegiance. now here is jeff skversky with sports. >> just a few weeks ago the eagles looked like a lock to make the playoffs, now everybody is worried that the eagles could be headed home in a few weeks, huge game saturday accident the red skins, mark sanchez has to cut down and mistakes, 11 turnovers in seven games and the eagles have the most in all of football, if they don't turn it around quickly this once promising season will be lost. >> there is a lot of just small mistakes, maybe on a play, not developing how it should and little things we need to get that going. >> got to get rid of negative
5:46 pm
plays, get rid of the turnovers, we are still the same explosive offense you saw prior to the last two weeks. >> we are just one play away or one block away, and we haven't had the play. >> the big supplot on saturday is desean jackson, all eyes are on the former eagles receivers, he is down playing it saying it's just another game. he is looking forward to playing the eagles, he went over 100 yarded last time and scored a touch down. he is worried about winning in washington after a 3-11 start. >> we have to figure out a way, find a way, and there has to be accoun accountability it everyone in the locker room.
5:47 pm
just be there and go over and beyond. >> eagles red skins for a rare saturday game. countdown to kickoff is saturday at 2:00 and then eagles game day final is after "action news" at 11:00 saturday night. remember vinny lacavalier, a scratch the last few weeks, he is back tonight for your flyers after missing the last seven games, he will suit up against the panthers. he is looking for his first goal since december 1st coming against this team. a tough season on this 15 year veteran. >> that was tough especially the first game and after that it was kind of -- you know a mental game. stay positive and work hard and you know, being ready as much as possible. >> i think it's good for him and
5:48 pm
for us too he can obviously help us win a lot of games, when have you a veteran like vinny coming back not lineup it's exciting. >> hopefully he gives the flyers life. the second worst team right now in the eastern conference. >> thank you jeff. hundreds of children attended philadelphia's archbishop chaput's benefit for the children. they enjoyed a great performance and got gifts and took part in fun crafts. it is the 58th year for this benefit. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network.
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cecily is here with accuweather, the cold is coming? >> right through the weekend we stay cold but dry too. ricky know you have to get our presents. >> you better hurry. >> wait until the weekend. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have dry conditions tonight and rain free but wow what a reality check after two days of temperatures in the 50s, 53 degrees is the high on tuesday and 53 yesterday and that is above normal and today we got the flip side our
5:52 pm
high only 41 degrees, 3 degrees below normal and it felt cooler when you factored in the winds. philadelphia 39 degrees and allentown 36 and 36 in millville. and 37 in trenton and 37 in wilmington, reading 35 degrees, compare this to 24 hours ago, it's 9 degrees coolner philadelphia and 11 degrees cooler in millville and wildwood. and definitely feeling more like winter than it had. satellite 6 along with action radar showing us there is some snow over ohio, it's' weak disturbance and in western chicago the clouds are beginning to break, heading towards the weekend it's looking nice, high pressure is building in and it's breezy and not as windy as today and temperatures running 3 degrees below average, and a high once again of only 41 degrees, heading into saturday, the high pressure over us calms
5:53 pm
out the winds but the high is only 41 degrees, like i said yesterday, the low pressure to the south will stay down to the south and really head out to sea, we will not be getting any rain or snow from that low pressure over the weekend, great news for shoppers and travelers, for the next 12 hours, partly cloudy and the winds diminish, 28 degrees in the cooler suburbs, 38 degrees and winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow that december chill sticks around and a mixture of clouds and sunshine and not as windy as today but a breezy day. heading into saturday, a mixture of sun and clouds and calm winds and a high of 46 degrees, heading to fedex park as the eagles take on the red skins, it should be dry and kickoff 32 degrees and the fourth quarter
5:54 pm
29 degrees. sunday 44 degrees and winter arrives shortly after 6:00 and for the first day of winter on monday, the rain moves in 46 degrees and we bump the temperature up to 51 degrees on tuesday with clouds and drizzle and christmas eve wednesday, it will be rainy and it's windy, and the bulk of the rain is happening early in the day, a high of 56 degrees, very mild and behind the system on thursday, christmas, it will be mostly cloudy and howling winds and wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. sustained winds 20. christmas day your outdoor decorations get ripped off by the wind. it will be blustery. >> thank you cecily. the ranks of the salvation army bell ringers grew by two today and we knew both of them
5:55 pm
alicia vitarelli and wendy saltzman braved windy conditions to ring the bells in center city, part of the salvation army's red kettle drive, in edition to ringing bells, the ladies posed with selfies with donors.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the temporary life line for the taj mahal, why the casino will stay open longer than expected. >> and a sex tape scandal from a bucks county middle school. what we know about the disturbing video tonight. and a man carrying this gun, a confrontation in broad daylight. and for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass make it a great night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night and there is new information about the suv that struck and killed a buck county teenager and the work of a package thief is caught on camera in northeast philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" tonight, is the tape that has rocked a bucks county school district. the tape shows a student at roosevelt middle school having what appears to be sex with another child and that video showed up on cell phones throughout the school this week. "action news" reporter, chad
6:00 pm
pradelli is live outside of the school tonight, chad you have the full story. >> yes, jim. bucks county district attorney tells me the video is amateurish but shows two middle age students in what appears to be several and it could be a case of insist. >> it's awful and very, very scary, and kids that young shouldn't even be thinking about things like that today. >> a general sense of disgust from parents tonight after word of a sex tape investigation at roosevelt middle school. bristol officials say that several students were caught watching the video tuesday night. >> it's my understanding that the video is distributed to our students showing minors engaged in activities, they are inappropriate and in fact


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