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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 19, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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peppermint payout. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪ >> good morning, everyone, it is are 5:00 a.m., friday, december 19. we have new stories from the overnight. >> police in south jersey are looking for the armed robbers who thought they got away with the crime by changing their clothes. officials have killed isis
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leaders and u.s. troops are overseas in the fight against the terror group. >> the eagles are getting ready for the must-win game against washington. >> and we're getting you ready with david and karen. >> reporter: i'm ready, which is nice. satellite is showing there are clouds out there, but breaks in the clouds north and west. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds during the day. 37 degrees as you head out the door. 36 in wilmington, 36 in allentown, 37 in sea isle city. a little bit of a breeze out there, not strong, but enough to give you windchills around the freezing mark in the city. if you're dressing the kids bundle them up. i've got gloves and a hat. this afternoon, keep a heavy coat on we'll maintain a brisk afternoon feel. as we head to the train station, 37 degrees on the smart phone app 40 at noon, the high today will be at 41 degrees we'll it
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hit it at 2:00. wind not as strong as yesterday, but brisk out there. looks like a chilly weekend, karen, i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: all right, dave, traffic moving nicely on the schuylkill expressway. we had a nasty accident in the overnight hours. the action cam was on the scene with this one, it had the schuylkill expressway shut down for a little while. it happened at 2:30 a.m. the action cam caught the tow truck towing away one of the vehicles involved. now as we look at the scoiks -- schuylkill expressway under 30th street station, it's all clear. in willow grove, we have a water main break closed between fitzwater town road and park avenue. stick to new york road to say void the problem. cape may county, closing down
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the garden state parkway, southbound sea isle boulevard use shore road there. 42 at creek road northbound work is scheduled to clear, which is good, because you had to detour off 42 there. construction has been a mess there. police are looking for two armed men who held up a grocery store. camden county police say they held up the grocery store on federal street. they were wearing all black but entered the store wearing different clothing. a robber is on the run this morning, police were called to the pts store on comly street. the armed man walked in and demanded money and ran off with a few hundred dollars police are
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checking to see if this is related to a robbery of a metro store on torresdale. officials say more than 1,000 u.s. troops will be heading back to iraq soon to retake areas seized by isis. a plumber is threatened with phone calls and threats, the plumber said e*traded in the pick up truck three years ago and never took off the decals. he said he has no idea how it ended up in syria. the eagles have not lost to the redskins in two years and this weekend would not be a good time to change that. action reporter, eva pilgrim joins us outside the link in south philadelphia, with details. eva. >> reporter: matt, this is not just about fighting for a top
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spot in the nfc east, the eagles are fighting to even have a chance to play in the playoffs, and eagles fans are going through win loss scenarios, what would happen what wouldn't? , the bottom, the eagles need a win. eagles face the washington redskins, the skins are the worst team in the east, the eagles have to show up to bring a w home. >> there's been a lot of small mistakes, the play not developing how it should little things. >> got to get rid of negative plays. we get rid of negative plays and get rid of the turnovers, we're still the same offense you saw the last two weeks. >> reporter: while they are playing for a spot in the post season they have a lot of to approve. head coach jay gruden is coming
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back for another day, despite what fans feel. >> it's great to his the young guys compete on saturday afternoon against a division champion or playoff team it's going to be a great test for a lot of them. >> the way we approach is another opportunity to go out there and get better. we have to create positive momentum going into the off season. they have a lot riding on the line. they are going to come ready we have to make sure we match that intensity. >> reporter: the eagles defense know this is not a game or team they can take lightly. >> if we show up sitting on our hands we'll get punched in the face. >> they are playing well and robert griffin looked good last week when he played. he has a lot to play for, obviously. we'll get their best shot and
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they will get our best shot. >> reporter: one man not cheering for the birds taking that top spot, new jersey governor, chris christie a boys fan is heading to dallas to cheer for the cowboys on sunday. and clearly, governor christie, chummy with cowboys other than jerry jones. -- owner jerry jones. he got a lot of flack for the his fandom. he called into to many sports shows defending his allegiance. >> we'll see who laughs laughs. chris christie or jeffrey lori. storm tracker 6 live double scan we're looking at dry
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conditions, as we look outside we have the camera bouncing a little bit down the shore and sun poking through the clouds later on in all likelihood. overall we're looking at a mixture of clouds and sun, brisk but the wind not as strong as yesterday. 36 in allentown, 37 in sea isle city, north to south, east to west, fairly even numbers, fairly close to the freezing mark in lancaster because of the cloud cover we have out there. we have sun expecting to poke out from behind the clouds. in allentown, high of 39 degrees, brisk. feeling like closer to the freezing mark. down the shore, 42 degrees, partly sunny, brisk, not as windy as yesterday, but chilly enough. in philadelphia, going for a high of 41. partly sunny, brisk, winds running north/west 8 to 16 miles
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per hour. yesterday we were talking about windy gusts at 30. obviously coat weather. we'll be in the 30 until 11:00 or so, by 2:00 p.m. high 641. we stay there for a couple of hours and back in the upper 30s by 5:00 p.m. saturday, chilly conditions, calm, high of 39 degrees, it will be on the cool side and again that low pressure center we've been tracking all week long will be so far south we do not get any weekend precipitation. of course, the winter solstice is sunday evening 3 minutes past 6:00 p.m. this is the point when the sun's direct rays are way down south over the tropic of cancer. that means up north we'll have the day where it's not only the shortest amount of daylight, the sun makes it's lowest arc in the sky. monday, the sun comes up higher. brisk and chilly today, 39 degrees, staying chilly tomorrow, mixture of clouds and
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sun, 42 degrees on sunday. winter arriving early in the evening. monday we get an easterly flow that pushes the rain in in the afternoon or evening. 46 if is the high. kind of cloudy an drizzly on tuesday, 53. wednesday, is when we get the rain bands. it will throw rain bands through the region at times in the afternoon and evening. rainy and windy, wednesday, looks like we're dry in time for a blustery an cooler christmas day, 44 degrees, mixture of sun and clouds. it's now 5:10. there's much more coming on "action news," you heard the warning not to leave children in hot cars, police in ohio fails a similar problem, this time they found a toddler in a freezing car. philadelphia police praise a police officer for handling a
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man armed with a military assault rifle. >> reporter: we have construction on the ramp i-95 northbound to cottman is reopened. we see the crews blocking the right lane on i-95 northbound this should be wrapping up pretty soon. of we'll take you to chester county coming up. >> the flyers and the sixers, boy, boy, boy, boy, we expect to learn more about the new year's eve celebration in the area all when "action news" continues.
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>> 5:13, taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. pretty glad it is friday because
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you've never seen more of a group that loves the weekends than us. we get up at 2:21 in the morning. >> we have the suburban traffic report, we know you have to get to work, let's help you do that. 202, no overnight construction you're getting cruised to that traffic pattern. no delays, roads are clear and dry, we can't blame david for any problems this morning, as much as we try. looking at the maps white marsh township, montgomery county we have an accident with low-hanging wireless you want to watch for that -- low-hanging wires, you want to watch for that. this water main break is causing a problem. easton road 611 is closed between fitzwater town road and park avenue. stick to york instead of easton
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road. let's show you what it looks like in new jersey, 42, northbound traffic looking good, they were scheduled to clear the construction at 5:00 a.m. it's been a headache in the overnight hours, you have to detour off 42 take the ramp to 295. it only takes a few minutes. avoid that in the overnight hours. for now you're looking good, scheduled to clear, looks like they did that. let's check the commuter traffic report. we have the waze app on the ipad. as people are out there reporting problems, we get to see it here. directle hill, upper darby, you're taking the blue route, northbound toward west chester pike you're not seeing any issues out there. marple township looking good. nobody reporting any problems that's the way we like. 36 in allentown. 35 in millville, but dry and clear, tam. >> thank you, karen. well, new this morning, a toddler in cleveland was rescued from a freezing hold car after a
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parent left the baby there. passers by found the child yesterday morning who called police who smashed in the window to get the little boy out safely. mother works nearby and she forget that the baby was in the car since the father takes the child today care. the mother could be charged with child endangerment that's a misdemeanor. with excessive force being a hot topic, charles ramsey is praising an officer who was faced with a suspect with a military assault rival on wednesday afternoon. according to police, the officer was working by himself that day, heard gun shots. he came face to face with the gunman, 39-year-old eric barns who was firing rounds with an ar-15 into the air. >> announced police, drop the weapon.
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about the second time i yelled it he was looking over his right shoulder, as we looked over his right shoulder i was 8 to 10 feet of him, at that point he realized me coming out of nowhere being right there, i had the drop on him, he immediately dropped his weapon. >> commissioner ramsey said this is an example of unbelievable restraint on the part of officer, the officer said he was doing the job he was trained to do. >> the sixers will try to win their first home game when they host the charlotte hornets tonight. after this they start a road trip that spends -- and he exteo 2015. flyers are faces toronto tomorrow night. >> new jersey is disputing the
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studies findings on preparedness for a health outbreak. >> reporter: if you're dressing the kids, put on gloves and hats it's on the cool side. i'll have the day planner forecast for you, and the look at the philadelphia airport board that's coming up next
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>> happening today the mayors of philadelphia and camden plan to unveil their new year's eve plans. the event includes the sugarhouse fireworks on new year's eve and the mummers parade on new year's day. they plan to make it the best places to celebrate. >> i'm going to celebrate. >> reporter: i'll be here. >> reporter: david is working instead. let's go outside and check out plymouth meeting, blue route approaching the mid county tolls. no problems here.
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on the turnpike by norristown, construction blocks the right lane. camden county, walnut avenue at lake view avenue, watch for that, dave. >> reporter: if you want to celebrate you go to another job, it goes with the territory. storm tracker 6 live double scan, 35 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we're dry this morning. right now we're around the same temperature, 35, 36 degrees. 3:00 p.m., 41 this will be the high, i think we'll sit on that for a couple of hours. it will be brisk a mixture of sun and clouds. across the country we have action in the pacific northwest houston and dallas has rain, everybody else from philadelphia to florida looking good. the on the big board at the airport we're checking all green aircraft. which is nices because the airport is busy with holiday travelers, and we have most low cloudy skies in our most commonly traveled destinations.
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>> a study released yesterday by the robert wood johnson foundation shows new jersey falls short on getting children and adults vaccinated against the flu and planning for climate change. new jersey health officials question the report saying new jersey was relative healthy and low infectious disease rate. >> wall street is having a santa claus rally, we have america's money. >> reporter: stocks surging, the market opening today after a 400 point surge. >> reporter: the dow was up 700 points the last two days thanks to the fed's statement about holding interest rates. recall has been extended by ford. >> total automakers have recalled 20 million vehicles
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with the japanese made air bags. >> move over black friday, tomorrow is super saturday. >> super saturday will be the biggest shopping day of the year. >> consumers are expected to spend a billion dollars more tomorrow than they did on black friday. >> it's like a full cangt -- contact sport. >> isn't that the rocky theme? >> yeah. >> see why certain types of men make spicing food. >> we're working on a breaking story out of new york state. a kidnapped boy has come to a tragic end.
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>> a crafty soldier from bucks county decided to fool his mother for his surprise holiday homecoming.ded to fool his jake henry hasn't seen his mom in a year. he was deployed to the middle east, the orderses were cancel and he has been stationed in for the riley ever since. last night his mother was eating dinner at the red robin. he went under cover by dressing as the mass cot bird to surprise
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her. he began picking on her before the big reveal. >> i didn't know why he was all over me like that. when i heard his voice, i heard his voice that is that's my boy. henry has 18 days to visit family and friends before heading back to service. well done soldier. >> indeed. a little argument here, the guys wants to put spice on the food. they study everything, they studied men who have more testosterone seem to like -- >> i like spicy foods. >> reporter: of course you do. they gave men mash potatoes, the guys who put more pepper sauce on their potatoes, have a higher testosterone level. if you want to up the ante in the bedroom, eat spicier foods.
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>> a dog that traveled hundreds of miles and ended up in delaware county. find out where's heading next. parents and students at a local school are reeling over a sex tape that's been circulating. more when "action news" comes right back. so, your mom and i thought you might like this.
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my dad brought me out here when... anyway. ♪ ♪ i get a strange magic dad! did you see that?! ♪ got a strange magic hey dad! wait up!
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>> developing right now, tragic developments in the case of a missing boy in upstate new york, police find the body near the home and the mystery deepens from there. >> australia is dealing with another horrible crime. 8 children are found dead in a queens lands home. >> a local police officer and his son break up a drugstore holdup. >> let's go over to david and karen for what else. >> reporter: why not. we have cloud cover you let 0 there, guys, overall we'll look at a mixture of clouds and sun. 37 in philadelphia. very even numbers from north to south. poconos cooler, lancaster closer to the freezing mark.


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