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tv   Action News  ABC  December 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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one-on-one with filmmaker m one-on-one with filmmaker m knight >> they dime frankford and cottman tonight in the mayfair section of philadelphia. they said this was not a political statement and not a comment about furgeson or new york. what this was was demonstration in support of men and women of
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the 15th district and oh, yes a way to get toys to kids at chop. friday night the big story on "action news" tonight is a big rally in support of police. "action news" reporter sharee william was there and has this ngt. >> jim, the man who organized this is grandson of former philadelphia police detective. this started on facebook with a post he put out for rally he calls way overdue tonight a different type of demonstration compared to those held most recently in mayfair residents took to the streets not to protest police, but to support them. >> they're out risking their life that's a big thing. >> donald garvy is the best organizer. >> this is completely positive we don't want to focus on bad cups there's bad cops and racist cops and i believe 99% of cops are good we're here for them. hundreds turned out with
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signs and posters and opinions. >> we're here because we want to be heard. let's make ourselves heard and we draw the line we respect our sglees all ages taking a moment to thank men and women in uniform or all they do. >> they do so much for us. sometimes we don't even understand how much that means to our city. >> there have been hundreds of demonstration as cross the country in protest of law enforcement following the deaths of several black men at the hands of police officers. but, organizeersers here are say this rally is not in response to any of that. >> it's a neighborhood. neighborhood of mayfair and our friends getting together just to let the neighborhood police know that the neighborhood and community backs them. >> philadelphia police stood watch ensuring everything went well and even though the demonstration was in their honor they say they only came here to do a job. >> they have a viewpoint like the protesters that we've been dealing with for the last few weeks have their viewpoint.
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both groups have the right to go out and express their views and we're here at all of these to ensure there's no property damage and no one gets hurt. >> and in conjunction with the rally, dozens of toys were collected for the children over at chop. police saying that this was a peaceful demonstration. in mayfair, sharee williams. "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, sharee. two people were injured this a crash on route 70 haddonfield road tonight. police say a pickup truck and car collided in westbound lanes at 9:30. this in cherry hill. the victims were taken to cooper university hospital for treatment. we have no word open the extent of their injuries yet. >> a 46-year-old woman is fighting for her life after being run over by her own suv in driveway of community center. chopper6hd was over the scene 5:30 at the somerton section of philadelphia. police say the woman was picking up her children at the kleinjcc
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and when she got out of the vehicle it started the to room. she tried to stop it and he became trapped underneath and her chest was crushed. she's in critical condition at aria torresdale hospital. >> a 34-year-old bucks county man is charged with perpetrating a hoax that brought police to doylestown in their search for mass killer bradley stone. it led to waste of resources and very frayed nerves. >> live at the bucks county prosecutor's office is annie mccormick. any. >> reporter: jim, according to the district attorney 34-year-old luke sandersland causedring in the community and a man sglunt luke sandersland is responsible for a hoax that diverted police away interest a manhunt of pradly stone wanted for killing ex-wife
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and five family members. bucks county district attorney dave heckler says it brought numerous agos away from montgomery county where they believe stone was hiding and hospitals and neighbors were put on lockdown. >> the cause -- he kus kus caused an enormous amount of expense, ankle wish, anxiety and very real risks. >> he said while walking his dog he was approached and demand keys to the vehicle. he called 911 saying his dog bit stone. the motive attention for financial game. defendant des sfroot raise money for alleged medical condition. >> and the fundraising was not going well and we're contending mr. stone's terrible crimes gave the opportunity for that something else to happen. >> heckler says by coincidence there was an acquaintance of stones in the same apartment
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complex and they thought a sighting may be credible. there was no apps at his residence tonight. neighbors were not pleased or surprised it was a hoax. >> there's no tron make that up you know? >> and tonight, the suspect remains in jail on 250,000 bail. he faces a list of charges including making false reports and also reckless endangerment. for now reporting live in doylestown, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> jim. >> thank you, annie. in delaware a newark tow truck driver got a surprise this afternoon when he discovered two children in an suv that he had just repossessed. the driver says he looked inside and saw nobody before towing the vehicle from the pen cater shopping center and when he got to the toe yard he heard a 5-year-old girl calling for her mother. that's when he saw the 1-year-old girl in a booster seat. >> i'm like nervous talking about it now i have kids. i can -- i would not leave my own kid unattended for a minute
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let alone 15, 20 he said she was inside bjs it's not right. >> the man told his boss who then called police and police have not released name of the daycare provider. she now faces 2 counts of endangering welfare of a child. >> this is video we very never seen before. this is security video obtained by "abc news" of ray rice and his then fiancee now wife, jeanea palmer, immediately after rice punched her inside the revel casino elevators. palmer sake protected by hotel security which keeps rice away from her. she is visually angry and then later she begins to cry. but as they share the elevator to be escorted to waiting police cars she afeerns experience change of emotions moving in to kiss and newsle rice. >> today the fbi confirmed north korea was behind the cyberattack on sony pictures.
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president barack obama says the u.s. will respond proportionately. and at the end of the news conversation today obama said sony's decision to pull the movie "the interview" from theaters was a mistake. >> we cannot have a society in which some dictator some place can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> obama said sony decision could set a dangerous press department and the sonny ceo said it was made by theaters nationwide that would not hold the film. >> we have not caved or given in we have persevered and not backed down. we have always had every desire to have the american public see this movie. >> hackers september a message to sony executives saying they made "a very quiz decision not to show the movie" ford and chrysler are continuing to
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recall cars because of air bags, 2.9 million models including ram pickup 2004 to 2007. ford added additional $450,000 to the recall list. that includes 2005 to 2008 muss tapingz and 2005 or 2006 or should i say gt sports cars. recalled vehicles have air bags made by tacata that can explode with too much force. staples says 1.2 million credit cards may have been compromised during the security breach earlier this year. they may have used malware to confirm transactions at 110 towards and that's in our area. it affected july and september stores. it is offering credit monitoring to customers that may be at risk. >> cherry hill police are
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woorning shoppers to keep close tabs on wallets. they investigated several cases of pick pocketing in the last month. investigators say the women in the surveillance picture lifted a woman's wallet from panera and then went up to rack up does 14,000 in credit card charges. >> still to come on "action news" tonight you know him from his work in movies but m. knight shunaj lon is passionate about education too i'll speak with him next. >> and his departure from the phillies and with the dodgers, jeff skversky talks to him ahead. >> temperatures to the west in chicago are in the 20s. 34 in philadelphia. so that dry, chilly air sticks around for the weekend. wet changes up ahead next week. details with the accuweather forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" cop continues in a >> those stories and more when "action news" cop continues in a moment.
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>> tonight we continue by one-on-one. he's a philadelphia boy that became an international phenomenon with the 6th as soon as in 1999 after last airbender and after earth he is returning to his roots with "the visit" visit" next september. it's not his movies we're talking about tonight but rather something else that profoundly moves him. >> that huge dmivrns stimuli and learning and proactive nature of the environment is gigantic. >> his foundation was founded in 2001 and describes mission as empowering communities one leader at a time. the foundation formed
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partnerships with organizations in places like south sudan, liberia and tanzania. originally driving force behind the foundation was his wife. >> i don't wake up in the morning you know with a philanthropic drive that's my wife. she is the one that kind of has brought a bigger world and said you know it's more than movies, basketball and your family. there's something else out there. >> and one of the other things out there is the education achievement gap in america. they wanted to know why some students, why some schools fail and what's needed to help them succeed. so they spent five years conducting research and this book "i got schooled" details data and conclusions. >> it's still a country that has racism and inequality built into againetics. it's part of history of this country and it still exists. >> shamalan says racism
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america's history of sin lies at the heart after chiefment gap. in his book he outlines five keys suffering schools need to adopt to close that gap. letting low performing teachers and having good principals and giving them time to teach teachers and using good and frequent data on student performance. smaller schools and topping the list, more time in school. and according to shamalan's research it may be paradise for kids but it puts development in reverse. >> there's african-american low income city child and white at fluent suburban kid at the same level when they graduate in june let's pretend. when they nrurn september, the low income african-american kid is three months behind where he was. and the white suburban kid is one month ahead of where they
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were in june. there were other teachers in life that the teachers in your classroom right? these two kids in september are four months apart. four months apart. had nothing to do with teachers, principals or school. ma'am inthat constantly happening year after year after year until they get -- they hope to graduate. you know they don't look like the same species of kid at that point. you cannot win unless you extend the school year, unless you extend the school day, and you have preschool. >> he obviously devoted two things in addition to 34506 movies and his profession. entire uncut interview is posted at and i must say he makes the issue and outcomes of research very readable in his book "i got schooled" there's hundreds of books on ed ration reform out there and only one by writer and director of movies.
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unusual and yes worth noting. other news tonight carmel apples being linked to a wisteria outbreak that killed four people and sickened dozens of others. they're trying to nail down which brands are inininfected. the outbreak affected people in ten states. the apples are most popular around halloween but because they have a long shelf life many could be on store shelves. >> michael phelp plead the guilty today to driving under the influence. he avoided jail time an a judge placed him on 18 months probation. they arrested him in september after he left a baltimore, maryland casino. his blood alcohol level was .14. this is s his second dui in ten years. >> it lose like jerry sandusky won't get his state pension after all. state employee retirement system
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issued a 122 page decision which denies him his pension. hearing examiner ruled in june sandusky should get his pension despite his convention for child molesting. his lawyer perhaps to appeal today's decision with a sglawt it was well sdevbed hop hor of camden catholic community. current and former players of the boys basketball team honored monsignor bob mcdermott for years of service tonight. monsignor mcdermott was head coach in the 19 70s. and he then served as assistant all the way to last year. players say his service and dedication have inspired their lives both on and off the court. >> in camden, new jersey, children inroad a holiday parade and party tonight courtsey of the camden city garden club. the parade marched down market street ending at children's garden. once there the youngsters enjoyed making christmas craft
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and even took a spin open the merry go round. it was not too cold for the event tonight how about the rest of the weekend? >> seasonably cold, chilly, nonetheless we can handle it, dry as well. that's good news for last minute shoppers. stromtracker double scan radar showing no issues with precipitation and we'll stay dry saturday and sunday but we are tracking wet weather as we get into next weekend. more on that in a moment. we'll show you the picture outside and this is in camden county hadden township municipal building gorgeous and definitely gets you in that holiday mood with the lights decorated all over that building and it looks like as we get closer and closer to the holiday and closer and closer to christmas we're tracking wet weather. outside tonight, temperatures are in the 30s after a high today in philadelphia of 42. two shy of average down to 34 in the city and norm and west in poconos, 34. allentown and lehigh valley and 32 in sea isle city one degree
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below freezing mark. you factor in wind chill northerly wind in philadelphia and does feel like wind chill of 28 in city and teens north and west of poconos feels like 27 trenton and lower 20 current wind khildz in beach haven. he's satellite 6 and action radar dry and chilly across the mid-atlantic region. high pressure over the great lakes and drifting further and further east. we have calm conditions and def in thely cooler. touch cooler than average. good news with the ridge of high pressure north it helps to suppress the moisture you see across the southern states well away from the region for the rest of tonight and as we head to the weekend. here's setup for us on saturday. high pressure snaiz control. cold, calm, pots et cetera of sunshine. high temperature of 3. as we get to sunday high scoots east. partly sunny and lights wind overhead and high temperature of 42. we'll fast forward and showing
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you the setup as we get into the day on sunday. because it's pretty important sunday officially marks beginning of winter. winter solstice arriving 6:03 in the evening shortest day, longest night and sun at lowest point in the sky. something to keep in mind as we get to sunday evening. now here's setup as we get to christmas eve. tracking the storm system to the south. it cuts inland to west of the region as we get to wednesday. those winds coming in from southerly direction. winds on wednesday as high as 40 miles an hour. it's good soaking rain on the way. on the backside snow showers developing across areas in the midwest and great lakes. not a white christmas. but definitely wet the day before christmas on christmas eve. here's day planner showing you temperatures throughout most of the day in 30s and limited sunshine overhead. we'll max out tomorrow with accuweather forecast showing you 39. clouds and sunshine on sunday. 42. winter beginning by then. monday afternoon rain and evening rain as well high of 46.
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milder tuesday with that drizzle around. 53. wednesday, wet, windy, high 58 and dry out for christmas, unseasonably cool friday. >> there is a competition going on tonight that combined faith and fun in phoenixville. christ community church where hundreds turned out to take part in bible based game show. you can see the tower drop where the wrong answer is in a pile of foam blocks being dropped on the the wrong answer is in a pile of foam blocks being dropped on the unlucky team
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merry christmas! thanks but this gift, it's kind of half-fast. what's wrong? we still have cable internet, so our uploads are half the speed of our downloads. so i'll be half-fast when i share my photos. and i'll do a half-fast job updating my blog. wait, is everything under this tree half-fast?
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who wants eggnog? don't settle for half fast cable internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch. uploads as fast as downloads. get this great price online guaranteed for two full years plus $400 back with a 2-year agreement. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> ends of era for for phillies and beginning of new chapter for jim jury rollings. >> how strange will that be to see him in a dodger that august. jimmy rollings calls himself a true philly. j-roll loss ankle less dodger tonight. the trade has gone through. phillies club house will never look the same. rollings number 11 locker is
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empty tonight. rollings the longest teb you'reed athlete in philadelphia wanted to stay but he had a change of heart when phillies changed redirection to build. after 15 years where he won mvp and world series. j-roll says he's not that sad to leave. >> it's business. i have shed my tears for the first time when billy braeu was trade it tore a piece of my heart out and brought home realization this is business and things happen and you can not be owe motional about them. >> he cannot have regrets for the career he had in philadelphia. i told him, go to la and and win another one. >> so, here's what the phils get for their all time hit liters. 33rd overall draft pick to years ago and lefty tom windle second round pick last year both threw in single a ball last season and
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both projected middle of rotation type players. >> chip kelly has not missed playoffs in 11 years not since offensive coordinator at new hampshire he's trying to avoid a heartbreaking finish with two games to go. here's chip kelly and eagles leaving 30th street station. they have a must win game tomorrow against the redskins worst team in nfc sgleeingt we need to win bad. so, it doesn't take much motivation. we played against couple good defenses you know we'll face a similar challenge this week where we have to be sharp and accurate. >> join us tomorrow at 2:00 for "eagles game day kickoff" we'll be back to wrap it up from fedex field saturday 11:35. >> still to come on sports, sixers believe it or not with
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>> the sixers make another head scratching trade tonight. they accepted guard alexi sved for a second around pick and ron toriof who will not play for the rest of the season because of an injury. >> wheeling and dealing while the team looks for first win. concernal walker around nerlens noel. sixers down 24. tony wroten air ball. sixers lose. they lost 23 of 25 games only team in nba without w at home. >> flyers starting goalie steve mason went down what appears to be a back injury write today.
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had to be helped off the ice. mason will not play tomorrow in toronto or sunday in win peg. flyers having all sorts of issues now. >> finally it looks like christmas morning tonight at the manda recreation center in strawberry mansion, philadelphia, smiles on these children's faces are real what i the holidays are all about. this is philadelphia prison system christmas party and many of these youngsters are battling illness and others affected with fire and this is 16th year for this event. >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline" and "action news" continues at 5:30 for cecily tynan, melissa magee, jeff skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm skversky, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner have a good night
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- chris pine. evangeline lilly. and music from pitbull and ne-yo. with cleto and the cletones. and now, one last thing. here's j.k. -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. thank you, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. appreciate you coming. thank you for watching at home. and this is -- very nice of you.


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