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tv   Action News  ABC  December 20, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> brent: now for the tallest capital one player in many a year. 6'7" travis wilson! come on down! 17-26, 158 yards and a touchdown and is a runner. five carries. 86 yards. i mean, wilson was unbelievable. 91 yards and three touchdowns. incredible performance for our player of the game. meanwhile, colorado state going to try to tack one up on the board here at the end of this game. that was jason oden in as their running back. >> jesse: you can't help but feel good for wilson. last year at the end of the season, he had a look at kyle whittingham. nate orchard gave him the handshake to try to get his attention. a good move by a veteran senior.
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kyle whittle ham fell for that hook line and sinker. >> brent: ball loose. that was another sack here by this very, very talented defense. >> jesse: number 50. orchard's backup. getting a chance to see the depth that utah has and we talk about how good they have been. you have got to give credit to defensive coordinator. he's the guy whose name is starting to surface. there's rumors going around that he deserves it. >> brent: 45-10. utah has now won the las vegas bowl five times in the last 15 years.
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great job by the utah players. the staff. kyle whittingham. the head coach. let's check in with maria. >> maria: coach you're soaking wet. what impressed you most about your team's play today? >> the way they prepared for the ball the last three weeks. that's what it comes down to. they handled themselves great all during the preparation. today it was just a matter of coming out and making plays. >> maria: quarterback travis wilson was coming off his best games and counts for three touchdowns. >> he plays with confidence and poise today. when he's feeling that and gets in a rhythm he's a very good player. >> maria: your defense applied pressure the entire game.
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how did you feel. >> not bad. they got explosive players on their team and the quarterback is exceptional. we did a nice job of never allowing him to get into a rhythm. >> maria: what does it mean to send the seniors off on a win? >> it's huge. nine-win season. you know, winning their last couple ball games as a ute. there's a lot of positives. they got their degrees. that's the most important thing. >> maria: congrats on the win coach. >> appreciate that. >> brent: every senior on this team has already earned a degree at the university of utah and that's something for a team to be very, very proud of. and booker with 162 yards and a record. he averaged 6.2. as a team, utah rushed for 359 yards and colorado state, 12. once again, the royal purple l vegas bowl won by utah 45-10. for maria and jesse, i'm brent
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musburger. so long from las vegas, nevada.
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saturday night i'm walter perez. city of wilmington marks a grim milestone. plus a a protest interrupting holiday shopping at king of prussia mall and we are live with the latest. we will begin with breaking news from new york city where two police officers were executed while sitting inside of their patrol car. officials say officers were ambush. sus publishing then shot and killed himself. this is scene in brooklyn new york where hundreds of officers are swarming the scene trying to piece together, exactly what
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happened in this tragedy. it happened at 3:00. they were in their a mark vehicle when suspect whose name is not yet men walk up a and fired several shots in the car. that man then ran into the subway station, where he shot himself in the head. the streets were shut down, and residents are being kept inside. >> thinks unacceptable behavior of anybody, to go and shoot innocent police officers who were in their vehicle and ambush them and take their live the way they were taken. >> this comes, of course, at a time when police are criticized for tactics following the death of eric garner in new york and michael brown in ferguson, missouri. motive of this case has not yet been known. we will have a press conference coming up later in the newscast or details of which we will have on "action news" at 11:00 o'clock tonight. moving on to our area right now in a clash between shoppers and protesters at the biggest mall in the area while thousands of people try to squeeze in last minute christmas shopping, demonstrators staged a die in at the king of prussia a mall. a "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at the mall with the full story,
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kenneth. >> reporter: walter, there were more than 100 protesters, marching around this very packed and busy mall this evening. there was also a large security and police presence but they sit back, and a allowed protesters to rally. die in demonstrators took over the large owes mall in the east coast, on saturday to disrupt one of the busiest shopping days of the year. >> i think that they shouldn't be, out there, trying to make us a stan on something that it is supposed to be a fun time. people are supposed to be outside having a good time today. >> reporter: protesters made a stand by laying down in certain high traffic areas of the king of prussia mall in this saturday before christmas. mall security and police were right there, law enforcement set up a staging area in this parking lot before the organized demonstration. we saw officers from all over montgomery county and even the major incident response team on the scene. >> i mean, people make a stand about how they shut down the roadways and everything. it is hurting people than it is helping people that are
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trying to help. >> king of prussia mall loud.t on this private and we are doing everything we can to mitigate any disruptions of the shopping screens our customers are expecting. it was a day of protest around shopping centers, near target in wynfield heights and outside six abc, elementary and middle schoolers staged a die in right on city avenue. the organizers, eight year-old a any a ayers her hot mother wanted to get involved after after eag other rallies on the news. >> she said mom, i can do this. i want to go. i want to participate. i was a little will fearful because you never know what goes on. >> reporter: so she teamed up with true way youth empowerment foundation and inn righted kids from all over the city. >> i hope kids know that they are the future and this their lives matter and that we just need more love in the
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world. >> reporter: back here at king of prussia mall protest lasted about an hour, it was peaceful and upper merion township police say there were no arrests, walter. reporting live tonight, kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> all right, thanks kenneth. shoppers today had a chilly but dry day to get their shopping done. meteorologist melissa magee is live at the big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast, hi there, melissa. >> hi there walter. it is chilly across the dell will wear and lehigh valleys. most locations had temperatures in the 30's all day. still stuck in the 30's in philadelphia our high temperature today, 35 degrees is a good 8 degrees shy of average. thirty-three in allentown. but 25 in the poconos along the coast and beach haven is 33. lower 30's as well at the freezing mark in dover. so here's satellite six with action radar. we've got a mostly cloudy to partly cloudy sky across most of the region. the clouds will thin out through the the the overnight hours and for the second half of our weekend. so we will talk about what is ahead if you are stepping out identify on the town. we've got you covered with that out look you can see at
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7:00 o'clock tonight or in the 7:00 o'clock hour that temperature around 34 degrees. thirty-three at will o'clock tonight. mostly cloudy skies. partly cloudy at 9:00 we will drop down to 33. hold that 33 degrees once we get in the 10:00 o'clock tonight. here's what is a ahead, winter arrives on sunday we will talk about details of that with the the winter solstice. milder for you next week and with the threat, of the milder air, on the way, comes a chance of some rain, the the day before christmas, we will talk about all of those details with the accu weather forecast, walter. >> thank you, melissa. stay on top of the holiday forecast at six visit six forstrom tracker six radar, both hourly and seven day forecast is, latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and our collection of weather-related photos and videos. from our delaware news room tonight a massive fire engulfed the home in mill creek, new castle county tonight. you can see it right there it started on the 4500 block of pickwick drive just before 6:00. you can see the flames spread to at least one of the vehicles parked outside on the
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driveway. no word tonight if anyone was hurt or what may have sparked that fire. the city of wilmington has in mark a truly grim milestone, victim of the shooting late last night died this morning, becoming the city's 28th homicide of the year, setting a a new record for the the city. the shooting happened at 10:30 last night, at north spruce street and then beaver avenues. someone opened fire striking four three-year old derek call. he was pronounced dead this morning. no arrests so far and in word on a possible motive. in philadelphia's tacony section a man was shot and killed when a home owner caught him breaking into his garage. it happened at about 2:00 this morning the at a home in the 6100 block of van dyke street. the resident of that home witnessed the 23 year-old man strike to steel tools from his garage. they for the and then police say the resident shot the man in the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. no word tonight if the shooter will face any charges in this case. meantime, in our later an shooting in the city's
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nicetown section ended with a man killed. it happen in the 1600 block of cayuga a street. investigators found the victim on the street, shot repeatedly. no arrests so far, and no known motive in this case. well, police in philadelphia need help identifying a john doe who was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. doctors think the man choked on some food before he was brought to temple university hospital, last friday, december 12th. he remains unconscious, and neither hospital staff nor police have been able to establish the man's identity. anyone who recognizes this man right there in that photograph should contact philadelphia police. a septa police officer is hailed as a hero after saving a man's life at 69th street station overnight, officer matthew ryan sat down to speak with "action news" reporter wendy salts man. >> it was 12:45 earlier this morning and officer matthew ryan was working his typical shift, which started like any typical night. >> friday night, you know, normal friday, and it was
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just, we will go out and do what they tell me to do. >> a man officer ryan estimates was 50 to 60 years old tumbled down the stairs going to the platform to catch a train. >> there were people there, they were just standing there. nobody wanted to help. >> reporter: what happened next, he says, seemed to take place in the blink of an eye. he immediately spotted, there were signs of a heart attack. >> he wasn't responding. he didn't have a pulse. the his lips had turned blue. he was not breathing. we did a finger sweep of his airway to see if he was choking but he wasn't. >> reporter: he began administering cpr. to be certified you only have to go to training once every two years but septa officers are trained every single year, and ryan says that helped his instinct, to immediately kick in. >> and, mostly instinct i guess. you don't really think about much. we just remember what you are trained to do and you do it. >> reporter: lucky for this man that officer ryan was there, too. right now he is believed to be in critical condition, at the hospital. >> i'm here to help people, so is everyone i work with.
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>> reporter: now officer ryan is credited with saving someone's life. he says he would not call himself a hero. >> i'm not here to be heroes we are here to help people. >> i'm sure officer ryan would say he was just doing his job and did he a very good job. >> reporter: at septa headquarters i'm wendy saltsman for channel six "action news". it has been nearly a month since shane montgomery disappeared in the thin air and today a renewed effort to find him was launched. 5k fundraiser began this morning at 9:00 in main street in manayunk. runner wore green and collect donations to support shane's parents in the search for their son. the 21 year-old disappeared more than three weeks after leaving kildare's pub early thanksgiving morning. much more to come on "action news" tonight, spirit of the season has set upon the delaware valley. how dozens of people took time from their busy holiday schedules to give to others. but first dozens of people were injured during a meg bus crash in the midwest, investigators say, may have been behind the accident. plus the eagles taking on
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the redskins right now trying to keep their playoff hopes alive, jeff skversky has the update when "action news" comes right back.
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well, more than two dozen people were injured, when this mega bus overturn in southern indiana. the the bus was driving on i65 about 60 miles south east of indianapolis when it ran off the road and rolled on to its side. investigators say icy conditions and speed, seemed to have been the primary factors leading to this crash. north korean leaders are responding to allegations that they are responsible for that sign's tack against sony pictures. officials there say they didn't do it. they are demanding a joint
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investigation with the u.s. to find out who did. north korean officials say they want to help fine the person responsible, saying they will be quote serious consequences if the u.s. does not cooperate. yesterday meanwhile president obama said sony pictures made a mistake when it canceled release of the movie the interview. >> speaking of the president, he landed in hawaii for a two week vacation and has no official events on his schedule. by and large we're told the obama family license soaking up the sun at a beach front home in honolulu. well, proud parents learned about the meaning of kwanzaa today in germantown. they were i been varietied to the celebration organized by the students of imani charter school. each class created a station with hand craft gifts called one of the seven symbols of kwanzaa. some deserving children are getting an early christmas surprise today, deptford township police department in new jersey brought more than 600 gifts to patients at children's hospital in philadelphia fire trucks and police cars, arrived this
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afternoon this drive has now become an eight year tradition to the deptford township police force. police in philadelphia dipping in the holiday spirit, officers from the 26th district brought gifts and hot meal to families at ame church on north seventh street today. their kindness brought smiles to the face of a whole bunch of needy children there. update to the eagles game is next tonight. plus, villanova takes on syracuse and college hoops. jeff skversky has highlights when "action news" comes right back. hiiiii.
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well, okay jeff skversky has a check on sports and eagles are keeping it interesting. >> really interesting. this is a crucial game for eagles must win, you better believe it. eagles need to beat desean
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jackson of the redskins tonight, it is not dallas, will be able to clinch nfc east tomorrow with the wind and that is last thing we need around here. right now eagles could come back from down ten in the fourth and tie it at 24 with you mark sanchez was just pick off with 90 seconds to go, and so the redskins are now driving, and threatening to take the lead, that would not be a good scenario for eagles. it could get ugly. full recap with exclusive interviews on eagles game day final later tonight after "action news" at 11:00. college hoops villanova and syracuse may no longer be conference rivals but things get heated between villanova and syracuse. orange would love to upset the cats. jay wright and villanova down 15 to syracuse. they come all the way back, second will half, darren hillyard the put back slam. take another look. nova within three. and, crazy finish against the
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syracuse, down five, josh with three, yes. wildcats within two. on the inbound pass, seven seconds left, ryan archie arcidiacono to steel, pinkston the finish. tied at 69. nova scores five points in 14 seconds to force overtime. they will go nuts at wells fargo. their first lead until overtime, that is pinkston, and 25 for him today, and he seals it with a block. villanova wins 82-77 in overtime, they are 11-o. >> syracuse and villanova it has never been anything but what we just saw, and good team, man. i don't think we were well prepared. players i thought didn't come with great intensity. so we have a lot of work to do. and as does drexel, drexel down double digits, as well as pep state and allentown today on the run, jordan dickerson with the dunk, penn state up 20 with seven to go. dragons go on fire.
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how about a 15-o run. mohammad with the slam to get them within five. pep state hangs on reading native donovan jack slams the door on their come back a tell. penn state wins. drexel have lost eight of ten to start the the year. jimmy rollins is the first of many iconic phillies players, general manager ruben a amaro is trying to trade this winter. a amaro has gone as far as telling ryan howard the phillies would be better off, without him, on the team. that is right. rollins said good bye to the city. he pick up the the philadelphia inquirer you may have seen this, j roll's love letter to the fans in the one page ad he thanked the city for his time in philadelphia phillies are now trying to rewrite history by rebuilding. >> we're working on trying to do some more things. i think that is pretty clear. again, the goal, to try to get young it and more athletic and build that new core that is necessary to have, you know,
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long term success. >> flyers are just underway in toronto without starting goalie steve mason who will miss at least their next two games with the back injury not the best of news as struggling flyers are trying to get back in the playoff race. mason out with the start of their season, mason is out for the the start of this season long eight game road trip. he had to be helped off the the ice at practice. ron hextall says he doesn't anticipate this being a long term injury but mason will see a specialist on monday. sixers will spend the holidays on the road and that is probably a good thing. sixers are only team in the nba without a win at home, zero and 14. sixers start off a seven game road trip tomorrow in orlando, and with all of their losses and all of the roster changes brett brownies trying to keep it all together. kids, like this, decisions like this, are inevitable, and so, you know, you step back and you are reminding why you took the job, belief that i
7:29 pm
have in sam, and the long lens of the ownership that all have of us to build this thing. it is just part of the pain. >> and a lot of pain, for the sixers. it will be pain for eagles fans if they were to blow this game against the worst team in the nfc east. >> thanks, jeff. >> much more to come on "action news" including meteorologist melissa magee with the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, stick around.
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