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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  December 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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hit that about 2:00. cooler than yesterday when we got to 56 matt, still okay and above average. chillier tomorrow. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i like that 56. i hope you liked your week off good to see you david. the construction is cleared the construction crews were back on the schuylkill expressway wednesday between south and 30th street station the crews have pulled away, do not fear they will be back later on tonight. no problems on the vine street expressway or i-95. no overnight construction to worry about. frozen on ice back in town this week three shows each day. you'll see people heading to from the wells fargo center. the ben franklin bridge is looking good. ben is ready for you if you want
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to go for a ride, good. we continue to operate on a modified schedule on new jersey transit northeast corridor and the city buses and subways but the septa regional rails and norristown high speed line and victory and frontier buses orrin weekday schedules. police in mount laurel continue to investigate the fatal accident on south church street. a man was struck and killed shortly before 5:30. he died at the scene. the driver remained at the scene. no word on the identity of the victim or whether any charges will be filed. we have new information this morning on a home invasion at a bensalem bucks county apartment complex it ended with the intruder being shot by one of the residents. it happened at the franklin commons apartment homes around
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8:30 p.m. bensalem police say the suspect broke into a sliding glass door and confronted by a woman inside the home. officers say he then started to touch himself inappropriately before stealing her dog and jumping off the balcony. that's when police say he broke into a first floor unit, a unit there shot the intruder twice. >> >> we have one bad guy with two bullets in him. the suspect is in critical condition, police believe burglary is the motive. a police officer struck and killed an 10-year-old boy an investigation is underway. katherine scott is live at the scene in franklin township with more. >> reporter: matt, witnesses are being interviewed last night. the mother told "action news"
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the boys were on their way to a sleep over crossing delsea drive when he was struck and killed by a police cruiser. an investigation into the death of a 10-year-old boy struck and killed why crossing delsea drive. the driver was a franklin township police officer. the gloucester county prosecutors officer said the officer was was responding to an urgent call. the three young boys were crossing delsea after walking down elmer street. one boy made it across, the victim crossed and the police cruiser hit the child. the father who was with the victim and his girlfriend say they were trailing behind the boys when the accident happened. when a young life is lost like this, it is tragic for everyone.
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they support the officer involved saying he is very shaken up and the thoughts and prayers go out to the family. >> we offer our deepest condolences to the family of that child. >> this investigation is underway. among the things they are looking at whether the officer's lights and sirens were on at the time. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you catherine. philadelphia police are trying to learn the identity of a victim in a hit-and-run doesn't on saturday night and fed anything to do with a robbery a short time earlier. the man was found barely alive along whitiker street in feltonville. a ski mask beloves and bb pistol was under the car nearby. before they arrived a pizza man was robbed.
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officials say they have spotted two oil spots in the java sea. they believe the airasia airliner is at the bottom of the sea. they are combing the waters searching for any wreckage. the flight windows heading from indonesia to singapore. 162 people were on board croogd 16 children and -- including 16 children and infant. the pilot was asking for another flight path when the plane vanished. relatives of those on board remain gathered at airports awaiting better news. so far no traces of the actual aircraft have been found. the low-cost air carrier and the plane itself have a good safety record. the longest war in u.s. history is over. even though the taliban continue
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to fight in afghanistan. ceremonies were held at nato 4ed quarts in kabul to give command of the mission over to the afghanistan army. the u.s. will keep ten thousand troops in support roles and afghanistan leaders are grateful for that. [ no audio ]. the afghanistan war lasted 13 years. president obama praised the soldiers saying our nation is more secure because of their service. sony gaming system is back up and running after being down since christmas day. microsoft xbox which went down thursday is back online, but has continuing problems. eagles coach chip kelly meets with the media just after
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8:00 to talk about the season and the season finale. the birds beat the giants finishing with a 10-6 record. kelly watched from the sidelines as the birds scored on the first two jobs. mark sanchez threw two touchdowns but he was picked off as the team gets the dube outlines record of the most turnover points in the league. nate allen was picked -- picked off eli manning pass. >> it will be interesting to hear what chip kelly says today. volunteers brave murky waters in the schuylkill expressway looking for signs of a missing college student. the interview on the internet over the holiday weekend, could this be marketing
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of reviews to come. >> reporter: i heard they might need marketing. there's showers light over south jersey and delaware. parts of south jersey are dry. we'll be back to let you know when the next chance of precipitation arrives for the seven day and the chilly air coming in tomorrow, that's all ahead.
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♪ >> it's almost time for the colorful philadelphia tradition the mummers parade. yesterday the action cam was at the ikea parking lot where the string band was working out the kensington for their performance. this will be there 100th year
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performance for the band. >> it's going to be cold. >> reporter: yes it will be cold but bundle up. looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have showers passing through southern parts of south jersey and delaware, there might be more coming in after this current batch passes through. overall not a lot of rain and not a lot of area covered by it. as we look outside we have sky6 live hd looking down the shore looking south. atlantic city is one of the spots we might see a little bit of light rain. it's light down there though, might be reflexes with the look of the moisture on the boardwalk. 42 degrees, this is rain down south and nothing else. document 28. winds out of the north at 20 miles per hour. saturday light shows you how there's more rain in the overnight hours. generally speaking what you have down there right now is the main
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batch that's not that bad. looks like we'll be in the 40s all day today. 41 by 8:00. 43 by 11:00 2:00 p.m. 47. that's the high today. 47. we have clouds and sun once we get rid of the current cloud cover later on this morning. 44 degrees in allentown, 44 in trenton. a little bit cooler in the northern areas. down the shore closer to 50 degrees we'll stop at 48. tomorrow it's cooler, high pressure sets up to the west of his encourages a northerly flow. we'll get a high of 40 tomorrow. after that we're down into the 30s. we stay there heading into new year's eve and new year's day. we're going for a high of 47 and well have clouds and eventually sun. tuesday, chilly, high of 40 degrees, there will be a breeze building up tomorrow that
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will make it feel colder. brisk and colder on new year's eve, high of 34. probably not going down to 29 by 12:00. it will be a midnight hour for coats. we welcome 2015 high of 38 degrees and on the brisk side. srm friday, clouds and a chance of precipitation at night wet snow mixing in and sleet and rain saturday mostly cloudy, 46 there's a chance of showers building in later in the day on saturday. sunday 49 degrees and at least early in the day maybe into the afternoon we are looking at a rather rainy one. so the weekend gets milder we have precipitation arriving at least it's rain and not the frozen stuff. >> thanks, david. i want you to check out the new
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features of the storm tracker 6 live app. you can tap the icon and match the weather you are and add a photo. download or update your storm tracker 6 live app for your apple or android device. divers were back in the schuylkill expressway looking for clues for missing shane montgomery. last week they found the keys around main street in the schuylkill expressway. he was last seen leaving kildare's irish pub on main street. hundreds gathered in philadelphia's bridesburg section yesterday to call for peace between law enforce him and minorities. the action cam was at the black lives matter community church service event. the church said they events will bring the gap between young black men arena police. time for a look at business, it was indeed a big holiday weekend for the movie
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the interview. sony said the online release brought in $15 million. people are saying it's not that great of a movie. took in 1 million at a limited number of theaters on christmas day. the movie was purchased 2 million times. apple's itune store carries it beginning today. gas prices are down, the decline is the longest on record. it has gone down 90 straight days. the current national average is 2.29. in the philadelphia, it is 2.60. mcdonald's customers in japan have something to look for in the new year, the end of french fry rationing. mcdonald was forced to limit orders to small fries earlier this month because of a labor dispute at ports of the company
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on in the u.s. fries are back. 4:46. "action news" continues this monday morning why a college takes the tuition bill for the son of a fallen new york city police officer. a young flyers fan makes his feelings known about a cross state rival. "action news" continues.
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>> >> reporter: well, how do you do i hope you had a nice weekend. some people are heading back to work. we're not seeing the school buses on the streets yet. on the schuylkill expressway looking good by spring garden. the ramp from spring garden to the westbound lanes of 76 remains closed.
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it was supposed to be reopened by thanksgiving, that diplomat happen. now they are saying the end of december. we're thinking any day it will be open. it's not open this morning. the westbound schuylkill expressway by south street has cleared. no issues on i-95 with speeds in the mid 60s. the construction crews are off on the pennsylvania turnpike, we head westbound speeds in the mid 50s, traveling past willow grove to fort washington, all in the mid 60s. >> the son of slain police officer rafael ramos will not have to pay for his education college in maine has waved tuition. the cost savings is $60,000 a year. student alumnae and local organizations has set up a fund through the college to go to the rafael ramos family. justin is expected to graduate in 2017. >> alicia keels welcomed a son
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over the weekend. the couple has a four-year-old son. in announcing the baby on social media, keys said the quote the joy of joy is joy. she is happy and grateful for her healthy baby. >> if you have holiday gifts and you don't have the first clue how to use them, the philadelphia library will offer free gadget sessions with gadget gurus. there are a lot of new year's celebrations happening this week on wednesday, new year's eve the please "the please touch museum" is 0 holding it's kid friendly countdown to noon. it's able to enjoy new year's revelry while getting to bed on
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time. philadelphia an camden will hold big fireworks extravagance as you'll be able to see the show from anywhere along both waterfronts. >> everybody gets holiday gifts they are not crazy about. this young admirers fan got the worst he can imagine. he opens up the package and sees a sydney crosby jersey. what does he do, ushes pushes it away. no matter what mom or dad said, the little boy has nothing to do with the jersey. >> it's a bit of the joke played on him. he didn't like it. >> 4:53. still ahead on "action news," monday morning merchants at the christmas village heard more than the jingling of balls this season. >> an old ferris wheel gets new life as a restaurant.
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>> it is 4:57, taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. 42 degrees. looking nice and dry we'll have a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up with david murphy in just a few. love park is closed, the park has been opened since thanksgiving. merchants say business was up this year thanks to people drawn to the skating rink at city hall nearby. they say the 7th year was the best yet and look forward to coming back next christmas season. diners who won't lose their lunch over the fear of heights. a restaurant with a 60-foot ferris wheel was opened over the weekend. it opens a tree top dining
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experience for thrill seekers. diners can enjoy warm beverages in the ferris wheel for now the rides start up in april. if you need a refill you have to go back around. 100 people await rescue during a smoke-filled ferry adrift in the adriatic sea. in the overnight flames set off an explosion inside a garage that leave two philadelphia police officers injured. "action news" will be right back.
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