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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  December 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in this case. hey chad. >> reporter: hey sharrie, here at septa headquarters is the operation center and there is an arsenal of computers and officers. and she used her head and hands to help catch alleged thieves, they were nabbed on the subway line there on 3rd street. this is 18-year-old raykwan jackson running from the terminal. one of his two alleged accomplices keeps a lookout and he just snatched a cell phone from a young woman but keeping a watchful eye was shakira jones a dispatcher from the septa center. >> we assumed he had on all black clothing until another video of him coming out of the roller gate. the suspects were wearing
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distifrnive jackets, jones was able to send photographs to all septa officers but two hours past and no luck. jones spotted the trio from the subway line in philadelphia right below the operation center. i was like wait a minute -- >> a sergeant was near jones and ran downstairs, the suspect seemed to know something was up and was arrested without a fight. this is a great idea and image of what we do. videoo-tech knowledge. >> leon jackson and a juvenile were arrested for theft and conspiracy and other charges, they may have managed to get away with the crime if not for technology and jones's
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awareness. >> it's nice to find them so they can get off our systems and they can get their phones. >> septa police say that jackson did admit to stealing that fon. >> i'm live in center city chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> meantime in indonesia tonight crews are waiting for day break to resume what they are calling a recovery mission for the air asia airline that crashed into the scene they pulled body as well as debris from the sea they confirm that everything they found so far is from air asia flight 8501, family of passengers and crew were overcome when they saw images from the crash site. >> it's a scar with me for the rest of my life, it doesn't change anything but very little there was at least some closure
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compared to not knowing what happened and holding out hope. >> search crews confirm from the air they can see the silhouette of the entire plane. there is much more on the crash investigation on world news tonight with david muir, at 6:30 technically after "action news" at 6:00. a man suspected in three rapes in pennypack park is extradited to philadelphia to face charges. robert palin was jailed in madison, wisconsin and dna linked him to attacks here. he resisted coming back to philadelphia and is now held on so million bail. berks county authorities are investigating a suspicious death in douglasville police responded to a death on creek road at 12:30 today after
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passerbys discovered human remains. the body is badly decomposed. and police in dover delaware are hoping you can identify this suspected identity thief surveillance photos were obtained after charging fraudulent charges to a woman in new york, the suspect opened credit cards in the woman's name and charged items in ken county under her name. if you have any information on this case please call police. the number is on your screen. a driver managed to walk away without injuries after a serious crash in philadelphia spring garden neighborhood. the action cam was thereafter the driver lost control this morning. they ended up driving into a nearby building and leaving a
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hole in the wall. 2014 of course is drawing to a close and we are about to say hello to a new year and ushering the coldest weather so far. cecily tynan is live now with more. >> remember sunday we had clouds and drizzle but the high was 56 degrees yesterday's high 48 degrees today we dropped another 10 degrees our high only 38 degrees, that is 3 degrees below normal. it gets colder as we get to the new year, right now philadelphia 35 degrees and allentown and reading and lancaster 31 and millville 35 and the poconos big ski week, the current temperature is 22 degrees, there is even colder air lurking well to the north and west. bismark north dakota only 1 degrees chicago 18 and omaha 5 degrees, you factor in the
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winds, dangerously cold winds bismark it feels like 25 below and 29 in philadelphia. hate to complain about our warn, but that colder air is moving in our direction. it won't be that brutal but as you usher in the new year, mostly clear skies and 6:00 fireworks at penn's landing and by midnight down to 28 degrees, we'll have a breeze really all evening so windchills are right around 20 degrees, it will be clear and cold for the new year, we are tracking a storm system for the first weekend of 2015, i'll have more details in the full accuweather forecast. stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new, you can visit for storm tracker 6 radar both the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologist and our collection of weather related
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photos and videos. >> it may be cold but the skies are clear new years eve and new years day that means that philadelphia's fire work shows and mummers parades should be quite a treat this year. "action news" reporter sara bloomquist is in center city with more on the preparations. >> reporter: sharrie, that is right, the city of philadelphia is getting ready to ring in the new year. here at broad and market these barricades are going up to get ready for start of the mummers parade and if you head down broad street work is underway to get the fireworks show ready. here on a barge here a company called pyro techno is putting music to match the fireworks it started high above the delaware river. >> we had 3,000 pounds of equipment to bring on board and we are loading the shells.
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>> the largest shoot 300 feet in the air exploding with a diameter of almost 600 feet, the first fireworks display happens at 6:00 and the second at midnight and as always expect surprises every year our purchasing department goes to china and spain and italy and we design new things. heading north to city hall it kicks off this year, members of the quaker city string band making sure they measure it all for their route on. we do final preparations for the parade and verifying the measurements we perform in and making sure we fit and everyone is safe. >> for the first time the mummers perform here first before making their way down broad, the prsh is on but they are excited. >> the pressure is on but we enjoy it it's a fun time. >> once again there are two
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fireworks shows on new years eve the first at 6:00 and the sbtd at midnight. can you watch them from the fltd side of the delaware river or over in camden again the mummers step off here at city hall on new years day. live in center city, i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action news." >> sara we have breaking news now happening in drexel hill, looking at chopper 6 hd police are on the scene of a shooting at garret road, it only developed over a half hour ago so details are coming in as you can see a heavy police and fire presence as the shooting investigation is underway in drexel hill, fire officials tell us that medics are on the scene. they are treating one person at least at this time. a victim they tell us no one has been transported at this point. there is no confirmation where
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the person was shot or who may have fired the shots this is happening at 4:30 this afternoon and it's an active investigation and with all the police activity it is affecting traffic at this point and we expect heavy delays in the area, police are investigating this is happening along garret road and shadeland avenue. all right speaking of traffic lets get a check of the roads and highwayed out there on this evening. that is a job from matt pellman in the traffic center. >> i'm ready on this new yours eve eve. a bunch of accidents giving us delays not the least of which is in newcastle county, southbound lanes of 95 and at this point the right lane is blocked and the southbound travel times are double what they ideally should be on 95 and spilling on to southbound 95 and
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295 depending on where you are going you may want to use kirk wood highway. and this is the normal northbound backup approaching the vine to cotman avenue and locked up on the roosevelt boulevard on to broad street and a crash on the inner drive near adams avenue is cleared out. but in lower south hamilton bucks county a crash at street and harding avenue. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight, a case of ebola emerges in britain, the latest on the opinion and her condition is coming up. plus, hear what local doctors have to say about the flu in our area and how to protect your family ali gorman has the story next and we'll check back in with cecily tynan.
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want to get back to breaking news we are following here at 5:00 chopper 6 hd over drexel hill updated information on
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this shooting investigation, we do now know this is confirmed this is a police involved shooting and we know that police were telling us they were attempting to apprehend a suspect when the shooting happened and the suspect is shot. we are trying to figure out what the alleged crime is police tell us this is a suspect they were trying to apprehend you can see the police activity at drexel hill at shadeland avenue, this began at 4:30 this afternoon. health check now some experts think this flu season could be a rough one for children, and we find out what families around here need to know. ali gorman joins us with more at the big board. >> reporter: we are in the thick of it now nationally the cdc says that 15 children have died from the flu this season we
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typically see 100 kids die of complications from the flu and it has to be taken seriously. and now is the time to do what you can to protect yourself and your family. the flu has hit the epidemic level. chances are you or someone you know caught the virus this season. at the childrens hospital philadelphia dr. julia salmon director of infection control says their numbers are up. particularly in the last week we saw a dramatic rise in the tests for influenza. >> my brother-in-law jason who lives in virginia talks to me via skype. >> it hit me hard. >> fatigue, body aches cough fever and chills. dr. salmon says this year could
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be particularly bad because the strain going around is known to cause severe illness and the vaccine does not protect against all cases but if you did not get the flu shot yet, it is recommended. it includes three to four influenza strains and you may see other strains dominate. and it's vital to wash your hands frequently and if are you sick stay away from others. the flu can be contagious a day before symptoms and up to 5 to 7 days after your ill and. >> one goal is to get better and the other goal is to not spread it beyond me. >> we did not get to see him at christmas but he is on the men. >> tamiflu can help but it has to be given in the first 48 hours. if you or someone you know has
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the flu be on the lookout for severe symptoms like rapid breathing or shortness of breath this is especially the case for someone very old or someone with an underlying medical problem. >> thank you ali.
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another update from drexel hill in pennsylvania officers shot and killed a suspect they were pursuing there was a confrontation and the suspect was shot and we are told that he or she died. it happened at 3:45, about 45 minutes ago that is heavily traveled and they are choking the scene with investigators. no cars are getting by and one suspect is shot dead at the scene at drexel hill. a scottish nurse is being treated for ebola at a special facility in london she contracted it while working in
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west africa, she returned to the uk on sunday and started to feel sick yesterday people that through on fights with her are being traced but the risk to others is low. she is the first patient diagnosed with ebola in britain.
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cecily tynan is at the big board and telling us to bundle up. >> the cold air is returning
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currently if philadelphia 35 degrees the high today only 38 10 degrees cooler and 31 in millville and trenton 32 degrees the winds are diminishing but enough of a breeze to create a windchill of 29 in philadelphia and 24 in allentown. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we woke up with lots of clouds but now the skies have cleared out nicely as a weak disturbance moved off the coast but when you don't have clouds overhead and you have clear skies this leads the way to pretty good radiational cooling temperatures are dropping tonight mostly clear and cold, the coldest night of december so far. 26 degrees and allentown 29 and millville down to 20 could be a little bit colder tonight. it's dry and ironically, there is a better chance of snow on christmas eve and las vegas and
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southern california, low pressure near los angeles will start to tap into moisture from the gulf once it moves over texas and this has created widespread winter storm warnings and watches from san diego to texas and even las vegas is under a winter weather advisory and could get a trace of snow in vegas tomorrow that is certainly unusual. it will be dry tomorrow and cold and windy windchills tomorrow at 8:00, 22 in philadelphia 17 in reading and 19 in trenton. heading into the afternoon it stays windy and cold and 3:00 windchills in the 20s and as we rin in the new year, definitely put on a few extra layers at midnight. 21 degrees in philadelphia and windchills in the north and west suburbs in the teens it will be clear and dry and cold for new years. the five-day at 5:00, chilly
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winds and windchills in the 20s, we keep the blustery cold weather and bundle up for the mummers parade and windchills in the 20s, friday a mixture of sun and clouds and not that bad at 44 degrees, this is when we get the storm system in southern california it could be a mix northwest of the city, 40 on saturday and changes over to rain on sunday and windy and mild and behind this system. we had an extended period of cold weather, talking about the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. there is much more coming your way when we come right back. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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perdue. we believe in a better chicken. now more on the breaking news story from drexel hill, chopper 6 hd still over the police involved shooting happened at 4:30 at shade road. they were trying to apprehend a suspect and the suspect was then shot and killed by police we don't know if the suspect was armed or why they were wanted by authorities, police officers have swarmed the scene and there are dozens of them. we have an "action news" team on the way. meantime a pregnant woman walking in philadelphia had no idea she would be the target of a thief who police say was just looking for someone to rob. this surveillance video shows the 41-year-old victim carrying
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groceries and in the matter of seconds, the suspect makes his move leaving the woman wounded on the sidewalk. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live on the scene in south philadelphia with more on this story. >> the residents here remain traumatized tonight in the wake of a brutal attack on the sidewalk three nights until christmas. it's pretty worry some, fear and anger brought on by this brutal attack on a neighborhood resident, the pregnant mother of two was walking home with food, the suspect was stalking her from behind and hits her on the right side of the head and knocks her to the ground and grabs her pocketbook and food before fleeing. this brutal assault is a shock that has neighbors worried and on guard. >> we sent out an email be aware
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and cautious when going out. it was about 9:00, that to me is not late for runninger rans and coming home from dinner. >> everyone is watching what time they walk their dogs at night and not having head phones in and definitely something to be aware of. it's terrifying to know this is happening in our backyard. >> after the assault the suspect was seen jumping into this vehicle and fleeing the scene. the same vehicle could be seen before the attack obviously looking for a victim. it appears to be a dodge durango from the 2004-2009 range if you know the suspect call police. the victim remains hospitalized. >> it's terrifying to know you always have to watch your back.
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>> where will the brutal thug resurface police want to get him off the street as soon as possible. live in south philadelphia vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> detectives are also trying to find thiefs that grabbed a pizza deliveryman's car in west philadelphia it happened in the courtyard of north 54th street and once the victim saw there was two men he ran off and the suspects ran off and took the delivery man and the car and the man himself was not hurt and they took his delivery bag. a father charged with a deadly crash that killed three council rock students appeared in a courtroom today and michael ware is waiting for a ruling on whether he should face trial for allegedly letting his 15-year-old daughter drive his suv in the poconos on labor day weekend the girl had several
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friends and none of them had their license and they flipped their vehicle. three students were killed. a little girl is in a delaware hospital because she was hit by a marked wilmington police cruiser this afternoon. it happened at dooefer avenue. the child is currently in stable condition. speed may have played a part in tioga-nicetown section, this is along wissahickon, the authorities say that the car swefbed off the road and down an embankment and into a pole, the female driver died at the scene. a female passenger that was pregnant also was injured. they found alcohol in the car. the philadelphia parents are spending holiday break at
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district headquarters in spring garden. the abrupt closure of walter palmer charter school leaves parents and students looking for schools. >> hopefully she gets in i hope and pray that she does get in. >> the office will be open again tomorrow and friday and enrollment can also be done online. an elderly delaware county man is heart broken after someone offered to take his dog to help the dog but never brought her back. walter says bess, a cane corso was his only companion she approached him and offered to spay her and clip her nails. he called the number that the woman gave him and nobody knew
5:35 pm
her. >> i should have smelled a rat, i can't sleep at night so i pray a lot. that is all i can do. >> police believe that bess was stolen for breeding purposes. a newcastle police dog is recovering after being attacked by another dog, the 6-year-old german shepherd monte was answering a call. the pit bull belonging to a homeless person jumped out of a tent and attacked monte monte was treated and released its unclear if the pit bull owner will face charges. the new tram will shuttle visitors along the atlantic city boardwalk but the electric trams could bring a sharp reduction to the number of iconic rolling chairs currently in use on the
5:36 pm
boards it's scheduled to start on february 1st and they will operate the trams with a two year contract with the city. it's expected to create 20 jobs. holidays are a cherished time for wilmington, delaware they performed the traditional nut cracker and learned one of their fellow dancers is legally blind. lisa thomas-laury has her story tonight. >> reporter: she performed with the ballet theater since she was 6 and she turned 21 on christmas eve she can't make out the image of the artistic director that taught her for years. >> i don't think about it very much. >> at age 13 jaime meyer was diagnosed with starguard disease it left her with no central vision only peripheral, but it has not stopped her from
5:37 pm
pursuing her passion. >> i knew i wanted to be a ballerina, that plan never changed and it wasn't a traumatizing experience. her teacher has known for less than a year. >> look at her maybe a year ago wow she is doing such a great job. >> she didn't want to be treated differently, when she is performing the only difficulty she has is locating the stage markings and leaving the stage i don't adjust as quickly to the light changes so i'll grab a friend and run off stage. >> her disease is now stabilized. her doctors say she will not go completely blind there is a possibility of color blindness. but i don't have that yet.
5:38 pm
>> jaime will perform up front a collection of excerpts from various ballets happening at the grab opera house in february. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." >> wow. great story. >> still ahead we have matt pellman in the traffic center and it's a busy night matt. >> hi guys, we have things going on and the mornings are quiet without our normal morning delays and the afternoons are busy and the normal delay is in affect on westbound side of 422 from 23 to this point at oaks and a crash in rock ledge along hunting ton pike and the one at roosevelt boulevard has cleared out but the police mash-up in drexel hill blocking shade road stay on marshall road to get around the garret road blockage. and 101 was the accident scene
5:39 pm
that is now gone but slow speeds on southbound 75 and 95. and barrington, camden county a broken down truck eastbound side past 295 taking out the right lane and a crash at the black horse pike off to the side and speeds there are in the teens. still to come, anger in moscow after the -- of one of vladimir putin's most vocal critics. here in international falls the windchill is 23 below zero, and we'll get a piece of this on new years. and jeff skversky has eagles news in sports. but first here is a holiday greeting from one of our local troops serving overseas. >> hi the private monique in
5:40 pm
germany i would like to send a shout-out to my family in atlantic city, new jersey i love you and miss you and happy holidays.
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the death toll is at 10 but
5:43 pm
could be more after the ferry fire from greece to literally. there is believed there are illegal immigrants on board. several thousand people rallied near moscow's red square against the top critic and his brother. this is one of the demonstrations in russia and anti-corruption campaigner were both found guilty of fraud and the convictions were seen as a political vendetta by president vladimir putin. a congressman found guilty in a tax scream is now resigning from congress affective next week he plead guilty in federal
5:44 pm
court to felony tax fraud and house speaker, john boehner says he made the right decision to step down, he could face up to three years in prison and he is scheduled to be sentenced on june 8th. david muir will have more on the resignation of michael grim, one of several shakeups you can watch that on "action news" at 6:00. and now jeff skversky with the eagles and changes to be made on both sides of the ball. >> hi guys the eagles have to shift gears and prepare for the biggest offseason in chip kelly's career as head coach. contracts and free agency and the draft is next on their to do list there is talk that kelly and howie roseman are not seeing eye to eye, they say they have a
5:45 pm
good working relationship and over the next few months they have to come together and identify potential free agents and kelly believes she can attract the best on the market come march. >> i think it will always be that way. >> we'll look at the big decisions that the eagles face coming up at 6:00. sixers big man nerlins noel is expected to play against golden state even with the sprained ankle. the flyers road trip well it's not going so well either they lost back to back games too after what he called a flat second period. they scored two in the third to make it a game. but still not good enough against one the worst teams in hockey and even head coach berube cannot figure it out. they are not rising to the occasion, the power play 0 for 4
5:46 pm
on the trip. >> we had a chance to fight in the end and these are points that are critical this time in the season and we fought to get to .500 and we need to get back there and get rolling. la salle is lighting it up against their big five rivals. temple is hitting the road for connecticut, the high flying owls play tomorrow at 1:00, they have won three straight including the huge upset over kansas and they hope to feed off that. >> does beating kansas give you guys more confidence going forward to face a team like uconn. >> i hope so i think so and hope so. the same thing i said about connecticut, an unbelievable basketball program that is what happened when we beat kansas and it helped us and we'll see how
5:47 pm
much. we hope we are better because of it. >> the first ever college football playoff happens on new yours, ohio state gets alabama and nick sabin and urban meyer has six championships between them. >> we are one of the top offenses in the country and certainly they are we are much better on defense and special teams are very good, those are two teams that are pretty well rounded. that is what you think of when you face an alabama team. both games are thursday on espn and oregon faces florida state in the rose ball and alabama ohio state face in the sugar bowl and the winners meet in the national championship game. if this is successful, down the road they may expand the four game playoff. >> thanks jeff.
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meantime, they have quite a mess to clean up in chicago tonight. look at the scene the white stuff coming through the wall, it's not snow but salt, the wall at the morton salt company collapsed and dumped salt on cars at the dealership next door. it's not sure what triggered the collapse and spill. but the cleanup can you imagine that crews will have their hands full. thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank you cable, because if we never had you... we wouldn't know the incredible difference verizon fios makes. the numbers don't lie. in customer satisfaction studies, fios is rated #1 in internet speed and reliability, and hd picture quality. so join the millions who enjoy the difference fios makes. get a fios triple play online at an amazing price guaranteed for two whole years. plus now get $400 bonus with a two
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meteorologist, cecily tynan is here with a cold stretch. >> a trace of snow expected in vegas but we have cold conditions with stormtracker 6 live double scan, there is no rain or snow right now and today after morning clouds we saw bright blue skies the action cam taking a look over the schuylkill river the art museum and boathouse row lots of sunshine and the winds were pretty brisk and the river was rippling with the winds and that was creating a windchill factor. winter has returned today's high only 38 degrees, 3 degrees
5:52 pm
below normal and the first time they were below normal in nine days we had a spat of warm air and now the cold air is settling in 33 in wilmington 32 in trenton and the poconos 22 degrees and then factor in the breeze the winds are diminishing and there is enough of a breeze to make it feel like 30 in philadelphia and 25 in wilmington and 24 in allentown and 28 in millville. you definitely want the winter weather gear. the morning clouds from an upper level disturbance thinning out and a picture like this with no clouds and winds diminishing and good radiational cooling, they are like a blanket that insulates the earth and temperatures drop quickly. mostly clear and diminishing wins and cold. and 19 in the cooler suburbs and
5:53 pm
26 for center city and we keep the winds at 6 miles per hour and it fells like the mid-20s within you factor in the windchill and a good amount of sunshine for new years eve skies are clear for the new years. high pressure is moving closer so the temperature is not quite that cold 38 degrees but still breezy and windchills are generally in the upper 20s so if you are heading to the mummers parade you want to bundle up. 32 degrees at 10:00 and by 6:0034, windchills will generally be in the 20s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chilly winds tomorrow the high colder than today, 34 degrees, and windchills in the mid-20s. new years day blustery and cold and temperatures recover well on friday and a mixture of sun and clouds and and saturday the
5:54 pm
storm system in the southwest currently will move in and bring us rain in the evening, however, north and west of philadelphia could begin as a brief wintry mix before it changes to rain, the high is 50 degrees and mild on sunday and don't get used to it, 36 degrees and tuesday 32 and temperatures stay on the cold side all of next week, thursday morning i am so confident on my forecast i will guarantee it's the coldest morning of the year so far. guarantee. >> guarantee? that was for paying attention. >> thank you cecily. >> stay on top of the changing weather tuation at
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more than 32000 led lights and crystal triangles to make sure everything goes as planned when the clock strikes midnight. you can watch it all it's live here at 6 abc, tune in to the annual tradition for dick clark's new years rockin eve with ryan seacrest. it should be fun. >> the "action news" team is standing by with more at 6:00, the investigation into a police involved shooting is still underway. and a suspected rapist is back in philadelphia to face charges. plus president obama a wedding crasher tonight a story of a
5:58 pm
new jersey man whose wedding was interrupted in hawaii because of president's golf game. >> that doesn't happen every day. i'm monica malpass join me for "action news" at 6:00 next.
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6:00 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. breaking news police forced to open fire killing the at the present time. >> lets go to chad pradelli live with the breaking details. >> reporter: hey monica we have one suspect dead and an active investigation in the officer-involved shooting officers from around delaware county were on scene and the body of that suspect was behind that emergency vehicle you see in front of us just moments ago upper darby police superintendant talked to reporters and he details what happened at 4:00 this morning. right on youtube where they are starting to kill police and fbi agents. they got the warrant for him and they were going to serve the warrant for him and he left the house in clifton and they


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