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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 15, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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girl scouts program has officially begun there was a kick off party held in center city an "action news" reporter katherine scott was there to tell us about the big changes this year. >> you can get your cookies now, girl scout cookies season is officially, opened and you can see there is a booth set up at 16th and chestnut, old favorite, a new addition and new ways to buy this year. >> this girl scout cookie time and everybody likes cookies. >> reporter: they sure do and fred ramsey didn't waste anytime to pick up his favorites in center city. he wanted to go early while supply was fresh, and the word got out. >> let the the word get out that they are out here everybody in the building will be out here. >> reporter: girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania set up a booth outside shops of liberty place, the cookies they called to people, to wait all year for this window to buy. phil le bar likes to keep some at her desk. >> this is for the the office. don't tell my husband. >> reporter: he doesn't have any. >> he can get his own girl
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scout cookies. >> reporter: for second year in a row glue to be free option is being offered. tree on has chocolate chips in the peanut butter oatmeal cookie. >> demand is great. >> reporter: ken anderson senior director of product program says is what also new is digital cookie platform. girls can take orders on the spot through a mobile app or invite customers to purchase cookies on line, and have them shipped directly to their home. >> beautiful thing bit is girls still get full credit for the the transaction, so that way she can use on line sales, as well as her cookie booth sales to reach her goals. >> reporter: this booth at 16th and chestnut will be opened until 2:00 o'clock and if you don't see a booth in your area, not to worry the girl scouts do have have a cookie locate or, on their web site, for a link to that, all you have to do is visit us on our web site at six a in center city, cat the lynn scott, channel six "action news". cookies she was holding in. >> hopefully there is some in
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the news room. much more still to come on "action news" at 12:30. woman arrested after police discovered she had been living in the wal-mart nor two days. trouble for the nfl days before the the conference champion ship games, a player on the colts, has been arrested on rape charges. plus meteorologist david murphy returns with your exclusive accu weather forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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charlie hebdo killed in last weeks terror attack at their paris offices. meanwhile customers line up for a second day to get copies of the the satyrical magazine's latest issue featuring prophet mohammad on the cover. once again the addition sold out, before dawn. and now to a big shake up at the secret service. four of the agency's highest ranking executives have been reassigned. the move comes in the wake of
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the series of security breaches and reports. the acting director of secret service says he is making changes after one report described the agency as starved for leadership. the the agency's former director was forced todd resign last year, after a man armed with a knife was able to make his way into the white house. a player for the indianapolis colts faces felony rape charges today. prosecutors say that backup linebacker josh mcnairy raped a 29 year-old woman after meeting her in the bar. she was only able to identify mcnairy after taking his cell phone. colts say they were a aware of the media reports about the incident. the the nfl says the matter is under review. a michigan woman is back with her family after living inside of a wal-mart store for two days. police received a call about the the 45 year-old woman and did not believe until they found her inside the story fuse to go leave. she was placed under arrest and taken to a police station where her son later pick her up. he told officer he kick his
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mother out because she allegedly has a drinking problem and that is when she went to the wal-mart store. wal-mart says it ace wear of the incident and that customers were never in any danger. health check the f.d.a. has a approved a device that uses electrical pulses to make weight loss easier. it is called maestro, electrodes are surgically placed in the abdomen they send pulses that tell the brain whether the stomach feels empty or full. in a study the the device helped about half of the patients lose about 20 percent of their excess weight. and still ahead on "action news" at noon hollywood is buzzing with excitement, find out about the the oscar nomineeses coming up. there has been a change in the sequels of oscar winning film find out why director james cameron is not going to deliver the next avatar movie when he planned. xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe
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no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. owes cars are out and bird man and grand budapest hotel are ties for the most nominations. also, nominated this morning in hollywood montgomery county native bradley cooper.
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abc news reporter todd role minutes los angeles with the run down of all of the nominees. >> we are pleased to announce the films selected, as the the best picture nomineeses. >> reporter: two films tied for most oscar nomination was nine west anderson grand budapest hotel and bird man starring michael keaton was also nominated for best actor. >> let's make a come back. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: joining keaton eddie red mayne steve carol and bradley cooper who earned a third straight oscar nomination for his role, in american snipper. best account rest felicity jones, maryann, and reese wheater spoon joined julianne more than nominated for her role as a doctor struggling with alzheimer's in still alice. >> well, my good days i can you know, almost pass for a normal person. >> reporter: robert duval is up for best supporting actor for his role in the judge, joining duval jk simmons,
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edward norton eat on hawk and mark rufallo. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: merrill streep picks up her 19th oscar nomination for into the wood, joining patricia arquette, emma stone, key a knightly and laura dern. eight movies will battle for best picture american snipper imitation game, bird man, selma, boyhood theory of everything, grand budapest hotel and whiplash. the academy award will be handed out february the between the second, right here, on abc. ted rollins channel six, "action news". topping our people scene at 12:30 avatar fans will to have wait longer for sequel to heat theaters. james cameron says writing three avatar sequels is such a complex job that he has to delay the first new film until late 2017. cameron plans to film the movies at one time and then release the three films over consecutive years. the original avatar which was
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released in 2009 was named best drama at golden globes and won academy a word for cinema, visual effects and art direction. well, the cyruses and schwartsenagers are keeping things in the family. miley cyrus and patrick schwartsenager went public with their romance in november and now their siblings are an item. the on line sources say, cristina schwartsenager patrick's sister have also been seeing each other. snoop doggies officially at grand pop, rapper's eldest son, corday welcome his first child, zion, this is the four three-year old rapper, currently working on his next album and is due out in the spring. you know snoop dog's favorite weather david. >> i don't know. >> drizzle. >> yes, i knew you were going to say that. storm tracker six live double scan and we are looking at dry conditions. in drizzle out there, rick we had a couple light in misty
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snow flakes in northeast philadelphia a little while and some other spots, but not there anymore. taking a look outside we are waiting for the clouds to break up and every now and then looking over ben franklin bridge and elsewhere we will see brightening in the cloud. we have to go out west by harrisburg and in that direction to get a little bit more sunshine but i do think we will see more up in the clouds. we should get some sun. couple highlights to your forecast, two milder days. i mean mild for this time of the year. our average high is 40. we will be around there the next couple days which is better then we have been in the past. it will get colder gannon saturday before the next bounce up. as we look the at current temperatures still holding 32. freezing mark in philadelphia wind light at 7 miles per hour. there are the wind across the region. we have to look after the the perimeter of the area to find anybody seeing double digit wind. is there not a real big deal wind chill out there. it is coat weather with a wind chill of 26 in philadelphia as you step out. is there wide view on satellite once again and you can see sunshine beginning to open up in central and western
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pennsylvania. we do expect a little bit more of that as we go through the the day here. your high temperatures across the region will only get up to 33 in allentown and around 34 in reading. forty in cape may though. is there a big range from north to south. i-95 corridor likely close to 40 for highs later on. assuming we can get at least a little bit of unbehind for a while. thirty-nine by three. thirty-five by 5:00. 7:00 o'clock temperatures 32ment back to the freezing mark there back down to 30 at 9:00 with an overnight low of 27. that is cold but that is also several degrees better then this past overnight period. so tomorrow we will go for that high of 42. wind out of the west. it will be blustery. it might feel cooler on account of the wind tomorrow. this high pressure center will move over to our north. the the wind around it are actually going to wrap down out of the north, for saturday and that will give thaws saturday chill, holding our temperatures to closer to the freezing mark. the the exclusive accu weather seven day, 39 today. clouds and sun. not an over abundance of wind which is nice. tomorrow chilly wind with a high of 42.
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probably feeling cooler then today. and then sunny and colder saturday. perhaps brisk. high obvious 32. it will be a good looking day. the clouds increase on sunday as warm front passes and we have a chance of some rain in the afternoon and at night. but 46 is the the high. the at least it will be a lot milder. the the better chance of heavy rain is probably over toward the coastline but there is one mod that he will has it pushing back to the west of philadelphia too. keep your eyes on sunday. monday, sunny and windy. high of 39. behind that departing system it gets cooler as is of the case when storm system is leaving and it is windy too so blustery and chilly for mlk day activities, ceremonies and all that volunteer stuff that goes on. okay good all right. >> thank you, david. >> stay on top of the changing weather situation on six there you will find storm tracker six radar for both hourly and seven day forecast. watch the the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologists, and also view our collection of weather-related images.
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a brand new mustard boutique is turning heads. they have sold mustard since 1747 and now they have opened their first u.s. store in the big apple the boutique offers several kinds of mustard. ge and keurig teamed up to combine to appliances, a fridge and a coffee maker they showed off the new compliance in louisville kentucky and it takes a while to heat up but helps people on the go. >> we'll have an app on your mobile phone or device that can you program your fridge to be
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ready to go at 6:00 a.m. >> the fridge will be available later this year and will cost $2300 and will be bought at the company in louisville. >> next it will be yogurt. >> meteorologist, david murphy is back now with a chilly forecast. >> lets look at high temperatures the rest of the way in order to achieve these the closer you get to the i-95 corridor, i am fairly confident we'll see that this afternoon. it's brisk in the northern and western areas and spots are only getting to the mid-30s, on the i-95 corridor we go 35 degrees and a better chance of low 40s the closer you go to the coast. that is the way it's looking today. >> thank you david. by the way if are you looking for a distraction this afternoon. check out these stories at a photo of a couple's creative baby announcement is the latest internet sensation and two
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adorable toddlers do this disney photo shoot and there is something wrong with the state seal in this shot. go to and don't forget can you take with you wherever you go, the smart design changes size to fit any device no matter how small or large your screen. check it out by visiting, any time anywhere. go and check out the stories we are are presenting to you online. >> any time anywhere. >> i am ordering girl scout cookies. >> a look at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00 from yelling when you go into the fridge and fall off the wagon it's a gentle way to shame you into eating healthier. and he may be known as one of pennsylvania's two senators here
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but on capitol hill pat toomey is known as the candy man how he is responsible to satisfying the senate sweet tooth. >> that is "action news" at noon don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for rick williams and david murphy and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist. see you at 4:00. and
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