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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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more. >> reporter: it's a familiar scam it's around for a long time and often times it targets elderly people but for the crime to work it requires distraction. >> police are alerting residents what to do if a worker should turn up at their door uninvited. >> ask for i.d. and call 911. >> a man in a simple blue uniform a man told a homeowner he was putting up a fence at a neighbors and could he come out and help find a power line. he broadcast that he and the homeowner was out of the house. >> the victim was obviously distracted which allowed for a second suspect to enter the residence from a side door. >> the second suspect met by the wife was also distracted.
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that allowed a third suspect to come through and rummage through their personal property. >> they say there are reports of others including two in neighboring plymouth township. east east norton officials say -- >> they were successful occurrences, and we felt it was appropriate to alert the residents. >> the chief says if someone you don't know comes to your door unannounced, don't let them in and call 911. >> let them know you are calling 911. if someone is there legitimately they will wait for the police to arrive. but if not they won't stick around long enough for us to get there. >> john rawlins, channel 6
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"action news." >> thank you john. police believe that south jersey mother erica crosby was murdered but her body has not been found. she went missing after having dinner with her husband in cherry hill and crosby disappeared but was found and arrested last night. police raided his home in chester township and took the couple's child from the home and bagged some evidence. a charter school will stay open after going through a financial scandal involving to former leaders. chad pradelli is live in wilmington to explain. >> reporter: rick these were tenuous times for people at the academy parents and teachers and students were concerned that the school would shut down after financial inproprietaries. the state board of education
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renewed their charter and the new leader in lamont brown. >> this is not about the school but two individuals that made bad decisions the school is strong. >> an independent audit found the school's leaders sean moore allegedly used school credit cards to pay for personal expenses like car payments and grocery items. >> they say that moore spend more than 175,000. both have since been fired. we tried to get comment from a dozen parents that showed up for parent-teacher conferences and none wants to go on camera. >> several teachers attended the vote today. >> we are delighted and we are working hard over the past couple of weeks to rectify the problems that came to light. i think monday night's board
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meeting showed that the school has what it takes to stay open. the secretary of education and officials refused a request for an on air interview and said in a statement that the school met academic standards. however the school will undergo a formal review to see if its violating its charter. >> we'll continue to investigate and analyze every detail of the operation and make a strategic decision for what is best for the school. we have until the end of year to finish strongly and make a decision for what is best for the school. >> attempts to reach moore and brewington were unsuccessful and both could face possible charges. live in newcastle chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the u.s. postal service is offering a hefty reward after the gun point robbery of a letter carrier in kingsessing
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it happened on greenway avenue and the suspect is describe as a black man in his late teens 6 feet tall and investigators say he wore a ski mask during the mugging a $1500 reward is offered for information. chopper 6 hd through over the willow woods trailer park this morning, where flames broke out at a trailer at 6:15 a.m. and to more were damaged, one person was sent to the hospital with burns no word yet on a cause. at the "action news" big board now, good news gas prices are still sliding, in delaware 2.39 down from $2.50 last week and south jersey $2.01 and drivers are now paying $2.22 compared to $2.33 last week.
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this action cam, we sent it out today to see what drivers were up to. this is south jersey in mercer county today where gas is well below $2 a gallon one driver was filling up for $1.89 and others paying $1.97 both of those prices are well below the national average. >> thank you sharrie. turning to the forecast the sun managed to peek through the clouds and temperatures were above normal for the middle of january. >> what is on the way for tomorrow? cecily tynan is outside the studio with details from accuweather. it was a bit warmer. >> yesterday we never made it out of the freezing mark and today we made it to the upper 30s and temperatures above normal but it felt a lot better and the return of sunshine this morning satellite 6 along with action radar showing us we woke
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up shrouded in clouds but as we head through the day the drier air mixed down and broke up the clouds and even the clouds over south jersey are very thin right now we managed to see sunshine and that had an affect on the temperatures right now we are beginning to cool off and above freezing in philadelphia 33 degrees and wilmington 34 trenton 32 and allentown and read currently down to 31 degrees so your evening planner showing that the temperature is not dropping all that quickly. 32 degrees at 7:00 and at 8:00 and 9:00, 31 and 10:0030 degrees with patchy clouds around. the next system i'm tracking satellite 6 along with action radar showing that massive clouds over the great lakes with some of those snow showers, that is a cold front than will push in during the day tomorrow than will have an affect on our friday and on the start of the weekend. friday with that cold front moving in the winds are really going to be picking up and behind that cold front on
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saturday, it will be calm, clear and it will be down right cold, on sunday another system bring a possibility of rain for parts of our region and i'll talk about where to expect that rain coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. >> remember you can keep track of the accuweather forecast any time by downloading our free 6 abc storm tracker app it gives you weather alerts posted for your area. a big protest at philadelphia international airport, hundreds of airport workers marched outside and inside of terminals they have yet to get a wage increase that was approved by philadelphia voters eight months ago. they invoked the name of martin luther king jr. saying that the theme of their march was a dream delayed and many wore or held signs calling for justice and equality
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equality. and now a check of the traffic and i-95. what is the latest matt? >> we are not bored today and we reich to be bored. i-95 remains shut down here at woodhaven road and from chopper 6 hd they continue to force all the northbound traffic off on the westbound side of wood haven road and they are sending you to route 13 northbound to get back to northbound 95 the reason is the overturned truck accident with the scrap metal all over the roadway north of here approaching street road that is blocking all the lanes even though the accident happened at 1:15 this afternoon. this is the schuylkill expressway we see extra westbound traffic with people detouring away from i-95, people approaching the roosevelt boulevard and that is heavy because of the 95 closure, i would still use the boulevard but if you are only going as far as northeast philadelphia and cotman avenue i would stick
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with 95 northbound, the jam really kicks in north of cotman to the closure point of wood haven road. and a closure at swamp road and a crash at westchester pike at route 3 and five points road. >> thank you matt. more to come on "action news" tonight, we are learning more about the man that plotted an attack on the u.s. capital. the latest is coming up in a live report. this time of year means doing all we can to stay healthy. one doctor shows us an alternative way to fight the flu. and we'll check in with meteorologist cecily tynan with an update on the forecast.
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new images out of ni jeer yeah shows the widespread destruction by boko haram. it shows the structures industried by the recent attacks. each red speck is scarred buildings and vegetation as many as 2,000 people were killed.
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they faced condemnation when they kidnapped close to 300 school girls last year. and now the full medicaid expanse by tom wolf. he and other state lawmakers talked about growing problems without going governor corbett's pa initiative. saying that people are having a hard time getting the treatment they need. six buck county hospitals are taking new steps to slow down the spread of the flu, area health doylestown and saint lukes and grand view wants everybody that is sick or has flu-like symptoms not to visit patients at the hospital and if you must come they want to you wear masks. they are available at the hospital entrances. this year's flu vaccine offers
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even less protection than previously thought. it's only 23% affective during the current strain and less for some able groups health officials say that vaccination is still worth it because it can lessen complications and protect against other strains. we know there is no cure against the flu we are looking for ways to fight it. some doctors are using hands on techniques to give patients relief and to help them get better sooner. >> dr. laura bell uses her hands looking for tight spots in the body those knots can hamper a big part of our immunity. >> these are different connecting channels andducts and lymph nodes.
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that carry anti-virals and other toxins. >> an inflammation like flu can block the channels so she gets it flowing freely again and that helps the body itself fight the flu studies show that this technique jiggling the body from the feet to the chest stimulates the lymph node channels. they won't always give immediate relief but patients say it helps even with a stuffy head. >> they start to drain and they are grabbing for the tissues a lot more than they were previously. >> a different approach. all doctors are trained in these body manipulations but not everybody practices them. if you want to know, call your doctor. still to come on "action news" tonight, target is
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shutting down more than 100 stores in one country, when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back.
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target is giving up on their expansion in canada the largest retailer is shutting down their operations the business there they said would not be prove itable in the long run and they employee 17000 people and those stores will remain open during the liquidation process. if you spend a lot of time on twitter it could help your stress levels a new poll shows that women that regularly tweet season share pictures on their mobile devices are 21% less stressed. the study looked at 1800 adults and were looking if social media somehow increased the stress levels but were surprised to find out that the opposite was true. it's easier for americans to travel to cubeacuba the obama
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administration announces some changes. you will not have to get government permission and you can use your debit cards in cuba and limits on what you can bring out are still in place. there is still more to come on "action news" thursday night. outside we go from sky 6 hd from the jersey shore a pretty package tour as the sunsets in atlantic city.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here, the sun made a couple of brief appearances today. >> it was nice to see the sunshine and the temperatures made it up to 36 degrees, that is still 4 degrees below normal but january so far has been a cold month the first five days temperatures were above normal with the afternoon highs. we had a mild start to the month but since then, afternoon highs have been below normal and that means that the average temperature more than 3 degrees below normal. it has been a relatively cold month although not much snow, only an inch and a half of snow in philadelphia. allentown and reading dropping
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down to 31 and trenton 32 and millville 33 and wildwood 33 degrees, the windchill factor knocked it down a little bit. 26 in philadelphia and 24 in reading and 27 degrees at the atlantic city airport. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a lot of things first of all you can see how the clouds moved out by the afternoon and if you look down to the south you see the rain storm near florida and parts of georgia that low pressure is moving due east. that will not be affecting us however what will affect us is a cold front that is moving through the great lakes region you can see clouds and a few snow showers with this, that will be moving in tomorrow and what this will do here is kick up the winds future tracker showing you wake up tomorrow morning and the winds are already picking up 23 in philadelphia and 34 in reading and 26 at the atlantic city airport.
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as we head into the afternoon wind gusts of 30 miles per hour. the high tomorrow makes it up to 42 degrees and the windchills are around the freezing mark. we start off with light winds and 27 in philadelphia and 23 in millville and 21 in allentown and 25 in wilmington. a mixture of sun and clouds and 42 degrees and winds gusting, and the cold front slipping by in the poconos tomorrow night and behind the cold front high pressure settles in on saturday and it brings calm winds and sunshine and drops the temperature and the high only 32 degrees that is a 10 degree drop and it clouds up and 44 degrees on sunday and behind that system on monday for the mlk day of service, chilly and 39 and sunday's rain will not affect everyone i'll talk more about the path of that storm
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system and what it means for us in the full accuweather forecast. >> still more to come on our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. authorities in belgium say they thwarted a terror attack days before it happened. >> and thieves are deciding what to steal and this is all caught on surveillance. >> and we'll have the stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues with adam joseph jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. federal authorities are releasing new details about the ohio man accused of plotting a terror attack on the u.s. capital. and a thief storms into a local pizza shop with no intention of leaving empty handed. and weeks of hard work finally pays off for staff and parents trying to save their beloved school.
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and now a man from ohio, christopher cornell, a recent convert to islam knew what he wanted to do, he recently purchased weapons and sketched out how he would kill employees and lawmakers in washington d.c. karen travers is live. >> reporter: christopher cornell was under surveillance since last fall, he apparently told a government informant that he believes that congress was the enemy and was coming to washington to launch an attack. >> it's what officials fear, a home grown terrorist inspired by iceis this is christopher cornell, according to the fbi he was in the final stages to assault the u.s. capital with rifles and pipe bombs he was arrested after buying two assault rifles like this and 600
5:31 pm
rounds of ammunition. >> he came out and they tackled him in the parking lot and took him down. >> was under constant surveillance since last fall. the feds zeroed in on him when a confidential informant came with information that he was posting on twitter his support for isis and al qaeda. he said we should launch jihad under our own orders and attack. >> he cited as giving the up thises up for such attacks. >> his emotional father says that his son was lost and vulnerable and was set up by the government. >> someone put those plots in his head. >> cornell is charged with attempting to kill officers and
5:32 pm
employees of the u.s. reporting from washington, karen travers channel 6 "action news." authorities in belgium say that a terrorist plot to attack police buildings there is foiled. two suspects were killed. official in brussels say that to men were killed when they closed in on them. authorities in belgium say that the potential terror attack could have happened days or hours away and was thwarted. meanwhile in paris funerals were held for four people that worked at the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo one slain cartoonist was buried in a cartoon layered casket and people lined up to get the issue of charlie hebdo and it sold out before dawn.
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coming up on world news, more on the possible terror raid and on the plot against the capital. in other news tonight, berks county investigators are trying to determine what sparked a fire that killed a woman. this is the scene of the 700 block of chestnut street in reading last night. firefighters had to battle flames in the row home and the fire spread to neighboring homes as well. when the flame was out they discovered a woman's body. and a woman died when she slammed her car in hope well township early this morning. the car caught on fire seconds after impact. the truck driver awakened by the crash, ran and pulled the woman from her burning car, but it was too late. her name will be released when her family is notified. philadelphia police are looking for two thieves that
5:34 pm
targeted a pizza shop. one suspect held the door open and acted as a lookout while a second man walked in with a gun in his hand and demanded money after they got what they wanted the suspects ran off. authorities are looking for to burglars that cleaned out an old city bar the suspects broke into patty's bar on ray street and spent an hour inside deciding what to take. they walked out with an atm and two flat screen tvs they believe they loaded their new loot into a car parked outside. a man was found with a gunshot wound at the 56 hundred block of north tenth street. the victim was shot in the pelvic he is expected to recover and so far no suspects. a pennsylvania state police trooper was not injured in this crash with another car in media
5:35 pm
township in delaware tonight between routes 1 and 352 still not clear what happened and the other driver was not injured . atlantic city is ready to rebrand itself in 2015, mayor don guardian delivered his state the city address at the winter kickoff at caesars. guardian focused on a.c.'s objective to focus on conferences and not just a gambling destination. >> we are focusing on growing atlantic city way beyond just gaming. we have the wow factors. coming back to atlantic city. >> it includes repurposing the boardwalk casinos that went dark last year. richard stockton college bought the show bought to create a second campus. and a school in burlington
5:36 pm
county will stay open, the st. paul school had until today to fill a $250,000 deficit or be forced to close in june well an announcement went out last night to parents they met the goal, they will work on a registration push to bring in more students this fall. harkem college kicked off their centennial celebration in bryn mawr, a celebration was held for students, faculty and staff. it will celebrate its 100th anniversary throughout the year. they celebrated the birth of martin luther king jury today with a moving performance at the kimmel center. 50 regional students and singers and dancers and musicians took the stage for the twib out. it was entitled living the
5:37 pm
dream. king was born on this day in 1929 and he would have been 86 years old. now a look at the traffic scene and it has been sad today. >> sad and quite messy. maybe things are clearing matt? >> that would be nice but they are not. i-95 northbound is still shut down this accident happened at 1:15 this afternoon the northbound lanes remain closed and the scene is approaching street road. they are forcing all northbound traffic off at woodhaven road sending people to route 13 northbound and they can reenter via street road. here is what is interesting our northbound delays are not usually as heavy around the betsy ross bridge and cotman people are listening and staying away but if you are coming out of the city and you only need to
5:38 pm
get as far north as cotman use 95, its north of cotman to wood haven where you see the heavy traffic. if you have to go to bensalem take the roosevelt boulevard or head into new jersey. a crash in delco another one on westchester pike at sprawl road, a deer to steer around not bad on the pennsylvania turnpike and absecon a wreck at route 30 at shore road and no issues on the garden state parkway and an opening at the takoma palmyra bridge. i would expect delays and closures because of a bridge opening at the burlington bristol bridge. but 95 is still to be avoided. >> thank you matt. breaking news live in
5:39 pm
wilmington where gun fire was exchanged by police and someone at a traffic stop, police were not injured, but the man they stopped a 25-year-old male was hurt and taken to christiana hospital, it all happened at 5:00 p.m. police fired and had return fire at them. in wilmington, delaware one person is hurt. there is an active scene there. there is more to come on "action news" thursday night a montgomery county man facing an uphill battle against a life-threatening illness. but his buddies won't let him do it alone. and pat toomey has a new nickname on capitol hill that has nothing to do with politic. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing moisture to the south and this system misses us however another one brings rain for part of the weekend and we'll have details in the
5:40 pm
accuweather forecast. >> thanks sharrie. hollywood's best and brightest in film are honored with nominations, i'll break down who is in and a local actor with a film that hits close to home.
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it's one of the most anticipated press conferences in hollywood for the year. actors kept their phones close as the oscar nominations were announced in los angeles. it includes several heavy hitters and a few surprises including a local actor making history of his own and a delaware county tragedy brought to the big screen. lets start off with the nominations for best picture. they are "american sniper" "bird man" "boyhood" "the imitation game" "whiplash" and "selma" despite that nomination, the director was not nominated for an oscar. well that was jenkintown's own
5:44 pm
bradley cooper nominated for his third straight best actor oscorfor his role in "american sniper" joined by eddie redmane and steve carell in "fox catcher" he plays john du pont about the olympic wrestler a crime that played out at a delaware county mansion. >> i am desperate for it to be over -- >> moving to the best actress category, reece witherspoon already has an oscar for supporting actress. and meryl streep and julian
5:45 pm
moore. right now people are weighing in with their opinions and predictions for oscar night. go to abc action news and join the conversation and if you haven't already make sure to like the facebook page. we would appreciate that. and don't miss the action of hollywood's big night. the 87th oscars are on february 22nd with host, neil patrick harris. you can experience it all on 6 abc and through our website over to you rick and monica. >> it will be exciting. good for bradley cooper. and flyers injury problems continue as they take the ice against vancouver tonight. jeff skversky is live with more. >> they may need you too flyers are back home where they have the best power play in all of hockey and boy to the boys need power or what.
5:46 pm
zero goals after a whopping seven on monday. they are without one of their scorers scott lawton left last night's game, he took a nasty hit and rookie gave up the only goal of the game and will be on the bench in favor of ray emery he was passed over the last two games, and you can't win if you have another game like last night. >> we played well. i don't know we missed opportunities offensively i don't know how many, 3 minutes to go it seemed like an empty net, we have to bear down and put those in and guys beared down and played good defensively. and phillies pitchers and catchers hold their first workout five weeks from today and cliff lee will be ready to go after an injury plagued 2014,
5:47 pm
lee only started 13 games because of an elbow strain last year. the phils are looking to move on with guys like aaron nola. nola, zach effen and ben nolan. >> this organization is great and i'll try my best, a great organization and great players. >> what is your timeline when you expect to be in the big leagues. >> when i produce and mat your and grow up. it's not up to me it's up to the man upstairs and the guys that run this organization and i'm looking forward to giving it my all wherever i am at. >> a good attitude. the top player in the system has
5:48 pm
shoes to fill. how jp crawford will attempt to live up to jimmy rollins. coming up at 6:00. after back to back games and back to back losses they get the day off before facing new orleans tomorrow they may or may not have drew holiday. temple has lost to straight they were taken down last night by larry brown's smu team. that is marcus kennedy, wow. came back to his home town and scored 21. and lost to a hall-of-famer that loves coaching at the age of 74. >> for me and my age, it's great to be around young kids that care. that is what tonight was about. >> marcus mariota is going to the nfl but what about his
5:49 pm
counterpart, cardale jones from ohio state will not be going. the third string quarterback went 3-0 he is not guaranteed to be the starter next season but is returning to ohio state. rick back to you in the studio. >> thank you jeff. talk to you later. a montgomery county fire department is rallying around one of its own who is fighting for his life. gary horning was diagnosed with leukemia, and is undergoing a second round of chemotherapy and needs a bone marrow transplant and his colleagues are hosting a bone marrow drive at the social hall located at 82 fifth street. people in good health can donate ben 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
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welcome back to "action news" looking at the forecast not bad 35 in philadelphia down from the high of 36 that is 4 degrees below normal but unlike yesterday and the day before we finally climbed above freedsing philadelphia 32 and wilmington 34 and allentown and reading all dropping down to 31 degrees. satellite 6 along with action
5:53 pm
radar showing that we have cloud cover this morning, clouds are breaking up this afternoon and this wide view is showing a soaking rain to the south and that low pressure will be moving due east. that is missing us and i'm tracking for tomorrow a cold front across the great lakes and this is moving in and this will have a big impact on our winds. the high tomorrow is 42 degrees, it is not going to feel like that it will feel 10 degreed cooler and wind gusts of 30 miles per hour. a decent amount of sunshine tomorrow and mainly dry and maybe a few showers in the poconos. behind it high pressure settles in on saturday and this calms the winds down completely and loads of sunshine and temperatures run 8 degrees below average and the high is only 32 and the good news is it will feel like 32 no windchill factor on saturday. and i am tracking a frontal
5:54 pm
boundary setting up offshore than brings rain to parts of our region the key is the track if it really hugs the coast that will bring a rain more most of our viewing area but some models show it moving farther out to sea and that brings rain east of the i-95 corridor this is rain and not snow and the storm system pulls up mild air and i'll have an update on the track on "action news" at 11:00. the call for tonight is partly cloudy and temperatures not as cold as recent nights 27 degrees for center city. future tracker 6 showing windchills in the teens and 20s and with the wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour, windchills in the afternoon only in the 20s and low 30s, it's definitely going to feel cold. blustery tomorrow and partly sunny and 42 degrees and on saturday we drop the temperature
5:55 pm
to 32 degrees and loads of sunshine though on sunday milder and 42 degrees and it clouds up and some rain again. especially east of the i-95 corridor and behind sunday's cold front temperatures drop back to 39 degrees, for mlk day day of service on monday. dry and 36 degrees and wednesday a fast moving clipper brings rain or snow showers and thursday near normal with a high of 42 degrees, right now it looks like the best chance of rain will be along the coast on sunday. >> thank you cecily.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
pennsylvania senator, pat toomey has a new reputation on capitol hill. they call him the candy man now he is the keeper of sweet treats the tradition dates back to 1965 when this california senator stashed a candy supply in his desk for fellow senators.
5:58 pm
and now jim gardner is standing by with this and much more. a crash on i-95 in bensalem we are live with the latests.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news in the city of wilmington. this is a live picture of the unit block where a suspect has
6:00 pm
been shot by police it happened less than an hour ago when what police said was a routine traffic stop. they ordered an occupant to get out of the car and a struggle ensued and the suspect fired and the police returned fire, the suspect was flown to christiana medical center and his condition is unknown at this time. at least unknown to us. we'll update the story as soon as we get more information. now this is a live picture from chopper 6 hd as the northbound lanes of i-95 are still closed in bensalem buck county backing up traffic to northeast philadelphia late word is it is expected to be shut down until 8:00 tonight. this is where a crash involving five vehicles including two tfs killed one


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