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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 29, 2015 2:40am-4:01am EST

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good thing i'm not a bitch. oh, yeah.
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a $29 value -- when you use promo code go. call now. over 200,000 people are hospitalized every year with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill 80 germs, including viruses that can live on surfaces for over 4 weeks. so help keep your family healthy with lysol. it's mysterious and appears to be the driving force behind some of the most powerful movers and shakers in hollywood. >> here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it's the documentary the church of scientology doesn't want you to see. an hbo film that makes a critical look at the controversial religion including its most famous follower tom cruise. according to the documentary, the church was at one point so concerned that cruise was being drawn away from scientology by his then wife nicole kidman that
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church officials strategized about ways to bring him back in the fold. the star couple eventually got divorced. the statuesque kidman later joking about it on letterman. >> i can wear heels now. the movie going clear now. sign tolgsing to and the prison of belief makes the explosive claim the church operated something called the hole. a pair of double wide trailers in the california desert where church officials were allegedly punished for perceived misbehavior. >> the windows all had bars on them and there was one entrance door that a security guard sat at 24 hours a day. >> reporter: former scientology official debbie cook testified in court she spent seven weeks in the hole and she spoke exclusively about her experience with abc news. >> people are screaming at you. sometimes slapping you. in some cases you are made to stand in a trash can and water is poured over you. >> that happened to you? >> yes. >> reporter: the church sent abc news a letter saying flat out
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the hole does not exist and attacking debbie cook as an apos state and liar. the same thing they are saying about the officials interviewed in the documentary calling their allegations entirely false. the movie is set to air march 16th. despite all of the pressure from the church hbo says it is pushing foreer ward. this is dan harris in los angeles. >> all right. coming up here, can a dad do everything a mom can do? >> it's an age-old question fraught with stereotypes. some stay-at-home dads are speaking out about taking care of baby. you are
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[bell chime] ting
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♪ the chicago bears quarterback jay cutler lit up up social media over the weekend after he ran in to trouble taking care of his two kids on his own. >> he texted his wife who was judging the miss universe pageant that the kids were out of control and she posted the texts on-line sparking a firestorm. we're "up all nightline" with abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: some are crying foul at the quarterback's fumble at home. >> i believe there is a stereotype from the '50s that the dad needs to go out and make the mother and the mother is the
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only one that can be nurturing for the kids. >> these stay at homes dad doing everything that moms do with pride. sam turner regularly hosts dates in the home he shares with his wife and he said he would never dream of sending her an s.o.s. >> if he needs food i make him food. if he needs a diaper changed i do it better than my wife. >> reporter: the stereotype of the helpless mr. mom is outdated. ♪ >> reporter: these days you are more likely to see dads owning the stroller. like this scene from "what to expect when you are expecting" ♪ throw your hands ♪ >> reporter: most working dads are accustom now to doing their share. tonight, i'm on homework duty for my 6-year-old libby. >> read this. >> number 10. >> great. your turn. >> call all the while keeping little ben busy and making sure
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he eats. >> don't eat that. >> reporter: but not that. actual food. balancing all of this stuff, two kids dinner time bath time bedtime, kind of tough sometimes. >> you have a lot of families where the dad is actually doing all of the caring and nurturing and that is something we need to recognize and accept and be happy about to be honest. >> reporter: the number of stay at home dads doubled in the last ten years and makes up 16% of at-home parents and advertisers are taking notice. >> dads alone with their babies. >> reporter: in 2012 huggies pulled this commercial depicting dads as diapering dummies after it sparked outrage. >> how do huggies products hold up to daddyhood? >> reporter: now marketers are tapping in to the new super dad demographic. >> peanut butter cheerios are awesome. that's why it is the official cereal of dadhood. >> reporter: cheerios targeting
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dads who do it all. >> since i'm the one that has to do the laundry i do what any expert dad would do. i let her play sheriff. >> you are free to go. >> advertisers are recognizing, there are more and more men being primary care givers of children. so they are targeting these guys in ads. >> reporter: this super bowl sunday the biggest advertising day of the year a tear jerker from dove. >> dad? >> dad? >> arguing the strongest men are the ones who care for their kids. i'm matt gutman for "nightline" in miami. >> he is a cutie. >> that's cute. >> he is a cutie. you are a dad who juggles it all. >> you have no choice. sometimes it can come off as offensive that we don't know what we are doing and can't handle things. the child is in danger at home with dad. we do things differently. i may leave the diaper on an extra hour and a half. >> you are a very dedicated dad to your sabine. >> i don't have a choice.
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i am with her as soon as i get out of here. >> two babies in one day. >> i didn't say it. >> said it for you.
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♪ the jack black comedy hit "school of rock" is coming to the stage and casting is in full swing bl hundreds turned out for the open casting call. sara haines got a look at those with talent beyond their years. >> reporter: it's the classic comedy about a wannabe rock star turned substitute teacher who taught his students how to rock 'n' roll. ♪ now "school of rock" is coming to broad day.
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>> i think i got a call back. >> oh my. >> reporter: we had exclusive access to the open casting call in new york city. the rain couldn't keep away the nearly 1,000 rock stars that showed up ready to jam. these amateurs most with no auditioning at all hoping to land one of the 15 spots. >> 473. right up at the front. they start at one. >> i'm going to sing "hit me with the best shot." >> that is my go-to karaoke song. can we do a duet ♪ why don't you hit me with your best shot ♪ >> how did you get ready for today? >> i did my hair. >> your hair looks amazing. little product up in there? >> i'm a singer who can play the blass. >> that's a double threat. >> reporter: then it was time to rock. ♪ i'm so excited ♪
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♪ there's a fire ♪ ♪ >> reporter: then came the call backs. >> go crazy at the same time. >> you want to do your silent crazy dance with me? >> reporter: we even caught up with one of the original cast members. >> >> billy, let's move on. >> you are tacky and i hate you. >> you are tacky and i hate you. >> not every kid will land a spot in the andrew lloyd webber production. what's your best tip for auditioning? >> make sure your child understands this should be a fun experience in addition to being a professional experience. >> reporter: sara haines abc news new york. >> i'd go see that with sara haines, starring sara haines. can you imagine? >> i'd see any production starring sara haines. >> let's shoot her an e-mail. encourage her. >> we will. >> that's the news for this half hour. hi, anne. how are you doing?
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this morning on "world news now," the dramatic deal involving isis. a hostage from japan, a terrorist in jail and another life or death deadline them latest developments overnight. family tragedy. the mansion that went up in flames killing a couple and their four grandchildren. investigators now know what caused the inferno. >> the fire was a result of a tragic sdhaent occurred at the absolutely worst possible time. >> what's to blame? something that's found in millions of homes. super bowl countdown. the final preparations the star player who's not feeling well and the buzz about deflated footballs. >> the controversy will have no bearing on this game. >> reporter: the excitement and extreme security measures before sunday's showdown. it is thursday, january 29th. >> announcer:s from abc news
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this is "world news now." good morning, everybody on this thursday. glad you are spending time with us. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm reena ninan. last-minute sdramable to with free two hostages. isis striking a deal for a prisoner swap. >> jordan is demanding proof its captured pilot is still alive. we get more from brian ross. >> reporter: the life of this tv correspondent and this jordanian air force pilot hang in the balance after the can king of jordan gave in to isis demands for a prisoner swap. >> this is a propaganda victory for isis. >> reporter: isis is demanding the release of this 44-year-old terrorist sajida al-rishawi who blames america for the deaths of her three brothers in iraq. authorities say he was a determined killer taking part in a 2005 attack in which 60 people were killed. many of them attending a muslim wedding. she's said her only regret is
3:02 am
her suicide vest failed to detonate and if set free could emerge as a terror role model. >> it may lead women who are inspired by her to want to emulate not being a wife or caregiver but an actual martyr. >> reporter: before the swap happens, they want proof that their pilot captured by isis is still alive. to date there have been only still photos of him, one held up by the japanese hostage. the pilot comes from a prominent family in jordan which protested outside of the palace pleading with the king to give in to isis despite u.s. opposition to any deal with the terror group. now there is a new ultimatum delivered by the japanese hostage saying on tape that unless the female suicide bomber is at the turkish border by thursday morning, turned over to isis the jordanian pilot will be executed immediately. brian ross abc news, new york. also in the middle east there are new fears the violence
3:03 am
in syria will spark another war between israel and lebanon. two israeli soldiers were killed when hezbollah attacked a convoy. hezbollah said the attack was in retaliation for deadly israeli strike on fighters inside of syria earlier this month. outgoing u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel has a final word for u.s. troops safeguard the military's reputation. at a farewell ceremony president obama called him a true american patriot. hagel referred to himself as this old sergeant. he will stay on at the pentagon until his replacement is confirmed. speaking of confirmations the president's choice to replace another cabinet member promised better relations with congress than her predecessor has had. at the confirmation hearing for loretta lynch he said she backed president obama's recent actions on immigration. lynch promised to provide honest advice to the president even when he might disagree. the northeast is bracing for another round of snow even as residents are digging out from this week's blizzard.
3:04 am
power crews are busy in massachusetts where there was record snowfall. thousands of customers lost power and the service is not fully restored. brutally cold windchills are making matters worse. they are digging out two -- some areas close to three feet. most schools are reopening after classes were cancelled on tuesday and wednesday. crews are working to restore commuter rail service to the area a. in the middle of the country there was record warmth before a cold front moved through. golfers enjoying 60 degree conditions where? in iowa. >> that looks gorgeous. a brief taste of spring as the midwest and northeast get more snow. here now justin povick from accu-weather. good morning, justin. good morning. just as we had our snowstorm roll out of new england, here comes another winter storm. thankfully this will be weaker but will produce a couple of inches of snow with travel delays stretching from western new york state, pennsylvania to the interstate 95 corridor.
3:05 am
i think the snows won't get going until late thursday evening, thursday night from new york city to boston. the southwest for a change dealing with some rain. that's good news for the drought around l.a. and san diego. toward flagstaff and phoenix and in to las vegas. but there will be some travel delays along 10 i-40 and grapevine including interstate 5. later on this weekend potentially another big storm. reena and t.j. back to you. >> thank you so much. new details on the dead lie fire in a maryland mngs. it was caused by a faulty check call outlet and 2-month-old christmas tree. investigators say the outlet ignited the skirt around the tree and the tree caught fiemplt abc's bazi kanani with more. >> reporter: investigators revealing the cause of the devastating fire that killed a couple and four grand kids that started with an electrical spark near a 15-foot christmas tree. >> the christmas tree itself
3:06 am
created a significant amount of fire and heat. >> reporter: the flames racing through the mansion's large rooms and wide hallways. plenty of oxygen and plush furnishings to fuel the blaze. >> the fire was the result of a tragic sdhaent occurred at the absolutely worst possible time. while the pyles and their grandchildren were sleeping. >> reporter: there were fire alarms in the mansion but whether the victims heard them is not known. the children ranged in age from 6 to 8. the exact cause of their death not yet confirmed. fire experts say most house fire victims are killed by smoke inhalation that can render them unconscious in seconds. the parents of the children grieving privately for their immense loss but saying in a statement, life is fragile. make time today to embrace your loved ones. a makeshift memorial now here at the end of the road which is closed to keep people away from the decimated home as investigators continue their work in the ruins. bazi kanani abc news annapolis, maryland.
3:07 am
police in dallas are taking extraordinary steps to combat a rash of atm thefts. there have been 20 attempted atm robberies this month alone. primarily at convenient stores during early-morning hours. robbers got away with two atms one found after it was emptied of cash. the dallas pd has created a new unit and special task force to catch the thieves. >> this is where we are, we need an atm unit. >> whatever it takes to get your money back. to denver now. airport officials are not feeling the marijuana-themed souvenirs you can get. they don't want the boxer shorts tirs shirts and other items to be the first thing that visitors see. so sales of pot souvenirs at the airport have been banned. actual marijuana products were already prohibited even though recreational marijuana is legal in colorado they say there is more than pot. when you think colorado what do you think. >> snow veil. >> how far before you get to pot?
3:08 am
>> some would say they are disappointed by the decision because some wanted the mugs or t-shirts that said mom and dad went to colorado and all i got is a diechl bag. >> is that a real thing. >> i would print those t-shirts if i got a shop there. >> a indictment bag would be the best gift i got. >> not your parents. oh my gosh. i'm going to have you call your mom to apologize. plenty about the super bowl this half hour, start with a couple of animals making their predictions. >> let's go with animals. starting in dallas where this pore porcupine, named teddy bear. he had to choose between seahawks and patriots helmets stuffed with corn. they say teddy bear has been correct the past three years. next illinois and snow shoe leopard named kyra. she crushed a box with the
3:09 am
patriots logo on it. so she is picking new england and we bet if she talked she would say that teddy ber the pork wine doesn't know what he is talking about. >> who's your pick? >> i believe this mark it here. tampa bay buccaneers. >> she's from atm tampa, folks. she knows who's play ing. don't tweet us. coming up in "the mix," building a miniature super bowl stadium out of food. if you are really out to impress everyone, feast your eyes on this one of our favorite chefs is here putting a gourer may spin on game day feasting. it is incredible. can't miss this one. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. ll the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back.
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thing. >> brooms -- somebody -- brooms? who's taking brooms? >> maybe glenda the good witch is coming to the super bowl i don't know. does she use a broom? i don't think even brenda the good witch uses a broom. >> don't miss the super bowl on sunday. you spot a drone or a broom. the game a few days away here. the patriots and seahawks preparing to duke it out on the field. new questions are adding fuel to the fire and the controversy surrounding patriots qb tom brady over the deflated footballs. cecilia vega is in arizona. >> reporter: preparations are underway for super bowl xlix's kick off but on the field controversy casts a shadow over game day. >> does it bother you at all that there is a national perception that the patriots are just a bunch of cheaters. >> right now our focus is totally on the seattle seahawks
3:15 am
and this game. >> reporter: coach bill check not touching deflate-gate questions. brady says he is fighting a cold. >> trying to get some rest. >> reporter: the scandal centered on a locker room attendant an investigation that won't end for weeks. >> will they be punished, probably not. >> reporter: richard sherman made headlines when he accused the patriots owner having a close relationship with the commissioner but say deflate-gate will have no bearing on the game. >> how much of the controversy do you think brady will take to the field on sunday. can he shake it? >> zero. >> sherman said at this point strength and mechanics matter for the players, of course. four days out from the big game he says it is a mental battle and we will see when they face off come sunday. cecilia vega, abc news, phoenix. >> once the ball is in the air people are going to forget about deflate-gate. >> don't you think there is a cloud hanging over -- they are
3:16 am
not going to care. >> football fans are ready to watch football. see katy perry. >> wings and all. >> focus on the chicken wings. game day treats with a twist with. and head this in the next half hour super bowl ads are gaining traction on-line. that is bad news for godaddy. what they did with this puppy that has fans crying foul. you are watching "world news now"
3:17 am
next to thanksgiving super bowl sunday the next biggest day for food consumption in america. if you are having a party or thinking of what to bring to somebody els we have some that are sure to stand out against the usual stuff. here with amazing ideas and
3:18 am
alternatives is chef from the super power city sandwich in new york city. these look incredible. >> thank you. >> i wanted to come up with something different for the viewers this super bowl season something out of the norm. >> never thought of tacos. >> this is an interesting taco. took a traditional recipe called chicken scapaelli. it is a reduction of white vinegar. it is simple. these are the raw ingredients, peppers, raw sausage, chicken, onions. this literally goes to a frying pan with a cover. keep mixing it. salt and pepper. as soon as it is cooked white wine vinegar and this is what you are left with. >> i'd never think of sausage instead of ground beef. >> if you don't eat meat substitute for tofu for vegetarians. and fill them in the tacos.
3:19 am
is very simple and little tomato on top of that cilantro and you are set to go. i think it is nice you can keep it this way with a bowl so people can serve themselves and doesn't get soggy. >> takes the pressure off the host. >> fancy buffet. over here is a sandwich that's a little out of the norm as well. a chicken, basically cut in to bits them trick is this here. this is called pidi. the portuguese have taught me what to do with the hot sauce. it is an oil with pepper flakes. puree it in a blender and that's what you have. you have to be careful because it is super hot. before you make the sandwich this is how we get the spiciness to this. and then we mix it up and pretty much the chicken is all ready. >> oil oil and red pepper. >> the sandwich is simple as well. put the chicken on the bottom
3:20 am
roasted peppers and onions. and this is a beauty. this is a sauce made out of yogurt base. but we're not going to tell the public that. i should say the men. >> it is not mayo. >> it is pure yogurt with blue cheese. >> i have to try this. >> you let it marinate the night before. you will never know this is yogurt. i almost guarantee sglit it is fantastic. >> lovely. i bet nobody will know. it is the same thing. if you decide you like to prepare the sandwiches this way you can do so. leave them for people to take. this makes it really nice and you can prepare them and get a big hero. what is nice if you get a bread and you want to make them big and have somebody cut them up the size you like them so you don't have to worry about it. >> portion control. hot dogs, huh? >> this is out of the norm. everybody will love. this doesn't get simpler than this. little pros chet toe on a
3:21 am
cutting board and mozzarella and you can buy it in the supermarket already sliced. i will do this one and you can do this one and we can see how easy it is. basically rolls up and you are done. >> fantastic. really easy. >> what with is really nice is you can take this here. this is cole slaw with a little dried cranberries. put this on top, pop it in the oven and this is what you are left with. >> inkredsable. >> once it comes out, you can serve it on a plat flat /* platter the way it is there. this is the beauty of it. if i you have people that don't want to eat bread, a person can walk around and eat it this way. at the end of the day if you have buns you can take this and do this. the guests can put it right on the bread and then of course top it with a little bit of you know cole slaw toppings or whatever it may be. and this is basically what with we have for this. >> amazing ideas, michael. thank you so much for coming out. we want to thank you. these are incredible original recipes. you can find all of them at our facebook page and if
3:22 am
you are in new york city check out city sandwich and happy super bowl sunday, everyone. we'll be right back.
3:23 am
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♪ now it is time for "the mix." you know about the boston yeti. >> we have been talking about it. >> dresses in a scary white costume and looks scary. little spooky with in the snow. apparently he's a fan of the snow. he put together a mix with you and me in it. take a listen. >> back here of course it is blizzard. >> little krais crazy, case and point. boston yeti 2015 getting all kinds of attention right now. it has been sighted wandering the streets of massachusetts. >> the sound is on cloud. and it is streets of somerville. >> do we get credit. >> i don't think he will come to our house. i'm grateful he doesn't know where we live. he's spooky to me. >> we shouldn't be surprised the
3:26 am
yeti is a fan of the show. >> on par. >> we get some strange ones. that's a compliment folks. we love you to be up at this hour with us something has to be a little off. continue here. turn to corey mcclos i can is his name. you probably don't know him but he is out in phoenix. they have to use computers to get their job done and sometimes the computers go wacky. listen to this guy. >> frankly wiccanburg is a total loss. you may as well get out here. starting to heat up at 1300 degrees. the safe spot seem to be chandler and mesa. >> he went it. 1600 2300. he had fun with it. he had fun. he didn't crack a smile. a real pro. >> he's a pro. that's hard to do. how do you do that sometimes. >> it happens so often that you learn to go with it. >> is that right? >> yeah. presentation is everything when it comes to food
3:27 am
especially on game day. here's the ultimate snack holder. take a look at that. this is a do it yourself. apparently you can do it half drunk is what they promote. it is a handy do it yourself -- they promote it that way. >> it is easy you can do it half drunk. hours before kickoff. >> that is cool. >> you can do it half drunk. >> this is a big deal for the guys in television. we have to wear ties every single day. you have to get the knot right. the dimple has to be perfect. i tie a half windsor every day. but there are 29 ways to tie your tie and these guys put a video together showing 30 ways -- this is from you tube from a couple of tie experts. 30 ways to tie your tie. 26 you wouldn't want to wear to a business meeting but they are interesting. >> why? >> they are extravagant, over the top. >> i like that. >> you
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" oh no not again. another storm is moving in. agonizing news after some areas got three feet of snow. hostage drama. the deal involving a japanese journalist and a terrorist in jail. will the demand set by isis be met? we have late developments. and a warning from the irs about people who claim to be experts in filing tax returns. how to avoid a ripoff and audit. later in "the skinny," little too much information from 80-year-old florence hen derson. you know carol brady. she is revealing secrets about sex with younger men on this thursday, january 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> how do you recover from that last story?
3:31 am
>> we are going to spend the next 30 minutes trying. we haven't scratched the surface of that story yet. yes, florence henderson is talking. >> good morning everyone. i'm reena ninan. this is t.j. holmes. we start with tragic news. we are not going to start with it. we will get to it later. "downton abbey." heart breaking for me. i thought it should lead the broadcast. one, it is apparently in c 5 --? >> it's not that big of a deal. >> it is a big deal for some people. >> that's why it is lower in the show. >> you haven't seen it yet. i have been trying to get him to watch. >> okay. we will start with something else of concern to many of you. weather. the big dig in the northeast. a lot of people trying to bounce back from the monster blizzard as another round of snow is headed their way. >> parts of long island and new england are buried under mounds of snow this morning as crews clear the roads. the massachusetts coastline is still a frozen mess. here's more from marci gonzalez. >> digging out from under three
3:32 am
feet of snow. >> i can't do it. no way. >> stephanie turner is one of the millions of people in new england coping with windchills in the single digits, all while trudging through the aftermath. >> up to my head. so hard to walk. >> reporter: of the blizzard that battered some communities for 14 consecutive hours. >> despite the fact we had record-breaking snowfall in many parts of massachusetts, we've come out of this in relatively good shape. >> reporter: it doesn't feel that way for the coastal communities in massachusetts still dealing with frozen floodwaters. >> it's another world could be here. pretty devastating. >> reporter: the thousand of people still without electricity. wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour to blame in some places and elsewhere the power lines are simply frozen. >> we had to shovel to the generators. >> there's a lot of shoveling going on from long island to queens, new york. >> getting a workout. you can see every day i do. >> up through new england. >> where they are working hard
3:33 am
to clear the roads before more snow moves in this week. >> nature's fury. >> mother nature at work. >> reporter: air travellers know all about mother nature's impact but after 8,000 flights were cancelled yesterday was better. just about 650 flights were cancelled nationwide and most major airlines say they expect things to be almost back to normal by today. t.j. and reena. >> thank you so much. a mystery has been solved after a moving symbol of boston strong emerged in the middle of a blizzard. this man took it upon himself to clear the iconic finish line of the boston marathon. two feet of snow covered the the city streets. the police department tweeted out the picture. with the hashtag who shovelled the finish line. a local bartender named chris. he said he did it because he loves boston and everything it stands for. >> love that story. >> the little things, took it upon himself. >> one man with a big heart.
3:34 am
>> took it upon himself. >> the sad thing is the finish line will again need to be shovelled. >> he'll be out there. probably have help this time around, as well. because we have more snow on the way. check in with justin povick at accu-weather. hey there, justin. good morning. the northeast prepping for another winter storm. this one will be weaker. nonetheless, it will produce extensive travel delays. on thursday, as the western portions of new england are dealing with light snows from buffalo and syracuse and rochester. looks like the coastal portion of the northeast will wait until later thursday night before it is said and done. many spots will experience one to three inches of snow with higher amounts across the mountainous terrain. reena and t.j., back to you. >> justin, thank you. warmer than usual temperatures in the middle of the country haven't been enough to break an ice jam in nebraska. so today crews will try to blast it out by dropping bags of dynamite from a helicopter. the mile-long jam could cause floods along the platte river. hundreds of homes are at risk.
3:35 am
dropping dynamite is a last resort. a major grass fire near tulsa is threatening homes. the rough ground is keeping firefighters away from the blaze that consumed 100 acres in less than an hour. it destroyed one building and a few cars. it you caused by a pile of old tires. strong winds that are spreading the flames are expected to continue today. a fire in san francisco's mission district has killed at least one person. the four-alarm fire broke out just before 7:00. families lived on the third floor and offices occupy the second floor. ground floor housed restaurants, shops and markets. crews let the fire burn itself out. excuse me. deadly fire in maryland was sparked by a faulty electrical outlet that caught the christmas tree on fire. the 15 foot tall tree was likely dry since it had been cut down more than two months prior to the fire. the overnight fire killed the couple and four grandchildren who were spending the night. turning to another isis deadline. this time giving jordan until today to turn over a convicted
3:36 am
terrorist. it is part of a deal that could save the lives of two hostage s. karen travers has the latest. >> reporter: here's a new audio recording from isis with a new deadline, sunset iraq time. >> i'm kenji goto. >> reporter: the terror group says it will kill japanese journalist kenji goto and a jordanian pilot unless jordan releases an iraqi woman held on death row. sajida al-rishawi was sentenced for her involvement in an al qaeda hotel attack in 2005 that killed some 60 jordanians. here's a new video released by isis shows goto shackled. and forced to read his own death sentence. he's holding a photo of the jordanian pilot. prime minister abe met with his cabinet and said his government was working closely with the government of jordan. the white house wouldn't discuss can but they noted a long standing american policy. >> we don't pay ransom or give concessions. >> this is the first time isis
3:37 am
asked for a prisoner exchange. yesterday, the obama administration made it very clear that it will not be an option for the u.s. in the future. t.j., reena. >> thank you so much. even the mayor of beijing says the city is not a livable city. the smog in china's capital is so thick that cancer rates are skyrocketing tourism is plummeting and even visible from space. there are more private cars on the streets. u.s. embassy's measurements of beijing's air quality says the smog is off the scale. rick perry says his legal troubles will not overshadow a possible presidential campaign. perry is charged with felony abuse of power while he was still governor. at issue is his threat and subsequent carrying out of a rhee toe of state funding for public corruption prosecutors in 2013. perry will make a final decision about the white house in may or june. mitt romney is looking more and more like a presidential candidate. speaking in mississippi last night, romney attacked a likely democratic rival in the race. he accused hillary clinton of
3:38 am
down playing the threat from russia while she was secretary of state and said clinton would not be able to provide economic opportunities since she doesn't know where jobs come from. mcdonald's sales are down. the ceo is out. the fast food giant is suffering the worst slump in more than a decade. reporting a sharp decline in sales and earnings last week. don thompson has been with mcdonald a's 25 years and ceo less than three years. he's officially retiring at 51. mcdonald's problems include changing tastes health concerns and supply problems in asia. >> they say they want to target millennials and a lot of them are turning to chipotle slightly fancier, how do you keep this fresh. this is the new guy who took over. people trumpeted him. first african-american to take over mcdonald's. he had worked decades in the company but only three years in the job as the head of mcdonald's. >> yeah.
3:39 am
he's a guy i had a chance to spend a lot of time with at events because a lot of people were proud of him and he went around and made the circles and doing a lot of events with the african-american community. proud to see him in that spot. a lot of people in our community at least, hate to see him go. he put a lot of time in at mcdonald's. >> steve easterbrook is taking over. he was ceo of one of my favorite chains out of london. >> what is that? >> wagamamas. >> i think i pronounced it right. it is a noodle shop. it is fantastic. >> never heard of it but it sounds right that you would like that place. >> am i saying that right? >> go with it. >> i just rechristened it to a new restaurant. hopefully sales will improve. we have been telling you for days about the blizzard that buried new england. it has been a tough couple of days for tens of millions of americans and it is hard on our four-legged friends, too. >> check out quinn. little mountain dog. this is dramatic.
3:40 am
he is trying to stay in control on a patch of ice. it didn't really work but the slo-mo is hilarious. >> amazing. quinn's owner shot the video on a walk around the neighborhood new hampshire. the slo-mo making it better. good try, quinn. >> a lot of human beings have been sliding up and down the ice. i bet if you slowed that down we could do an hour and a half show. >> oh, my gosh. almost doesn't look real when it happens. poor little guy. "the skinny" coming up. patriots superstar tom brady and a close member of his family who has no interest in football. and the super bowl ad you won't see. it stars a cute dog in an ad that drew criticism. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. er: "world news now" weather brought to you by resolve. does your carpet ever feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it. resolve it. our new formula with a special conditioning
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don't you worry about a thing. low oil and gas prices are taking a toll on jobs. b.p. is laying off workers many of them at its offices in houston. the company says the low prices are forcing it to simplify its operations particularly in the gulf of mexico. b.p. isn't saying how many jobs are being cut. other oil companies have is announced layoffs or cancelled projects. tax day fast approaching and many americans are downloading forms and gathering receipts. >> 60% of us turn to outside help to complete the returns >> this morning authorities are issuing a warning about what to look for when choosing a tax preparer. here now rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: oscar needed help and asked for recommendation. >> they told me she was good. >> reporter: the woman this engineer hired came to his house
3:45 am
and left with his papers. two weeks later, a $3,000 refund. >> she came over and paid me my refund in $20 bills. red flag. >> reporter: turns out, he says the unskrump louse tax preparer made up thousands of dollars in deductions. >> on there it stated i had a business, which i do not and said it lost money in my business. therefore, my refund was bigger. >> reporter: 4500 in fact. of which he says she kept $1500. the irs warning it's an all-too-common problem. >> the legitimate preparer should be charging you a fee tied to the amount of work it is going to take to prepare your return and fielt and the fee should be independent to any refund you are entitled. the top red flags, tax preparers who base their fees on the size of your refunds and can't provide a valid ptin or preparer tax identification number. even if you are the victim you are responsible. now oscar is stuck paying back his bogus refund.
3:46 am
>> she totally lied and now it's my fault that she wrote wrong information. and now i have to pay the consequences for that. >> reporter: a legitimate tax preparer this year should cost you about $270 that's on top of what you already owe the government in taxes, but there is help out this for people in need. in fact we have those free resources listed right on our website at rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> they say e-filing is one of the best ways to go and if your tax preparer has more than ten clients they have the ability to file electronically. >> i don't know why you still do your own taxes. >> because i save $200. >> by doing your own. what about the pain and suffering? >> then i can buy an outfit like that with my $200 i saved. >> isn't it better to pay the 200 to keep that look off of your face? >> you are probably right. >> sorry. okay.
3:47 am
new profile picture. okay, folks. we have "the skinny." i'm sorry. i'm not well. on medication. the shocking thing that tv's favorite mom is saying about sex. and the upsetting news we are hearing about downton abbey.". give me a kleenex. >> you really might be crying over this. "the skinny" is next.
3:48 am
[bell chime] ting
3:49 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ >> okay now time for "the skinny" and topping our headlines this morning, what we never expected to hear from mrs. brady >> or wanted to hear from mrs. brady. one of tv's most iconic tv moms florence henderson is 80 years old and is telling "closer weekly magazining" that sex is better than ever at 80 years old. even revealed she has a friend with benefits. >> did she really say that. >> she said it. >> henderson says she feels like she's 28 years old. that sex is better with age and typically dates younger men, guys in their 60s. she turns 81, what, i do not believe that. >> she looks great. earlier when they said younger guys i thought she was like 30-year-old guy. in their 60s. >> that's 30 years younger -- no, 20 years younger. >> it's okay.
3:50 am
but still that's not so bad. 60 years old. not so bad. next up. a much younger guy making headlines. a child. the sons -- one of the sons of patriots quarterback tom brady. >> turns out his son benjamin doesn't like football or sports very much. >> however dear old dad won't be left out in the cold. on game day he told reporters on media day his 7-year-old son jack does love sports. as for the 2-year-old daughter it is too early to know what's going on there yet. she doesn't understand but we will see. all right. apparently time is ticking down for "downton abbey." >> go ahead an continue with this. this has been your story. >> i don't know if i can get through the report. the drama series will come to an after the sixth season. it comes days after the cast one big on sunday night. their second sag award for outstanding performance by an ensemble. according to the british tabloid "the mirror," downton stars are
3:51 am
eyeing up their next roles putting out feelers in the u.s. and julian fellowes is coming to new york to work on his next project, an american period drama titled "the gilded age." >> we don't know yet. they are actors of course they look for jobs. they need to know what else is out there >> but they have a hit right now. they need to hold on to this one. >> they need to hold on to this one. come on. i'm not so sure about "the gilded age" any way. a new arrival here at the abc disney television family to tell you about. >> will reeve, son of the late christopher reeve has joined our sister network as a correspondent for sports center. he said it is the fulfillment of a life long dream and he interned here with abc "good morning america." so welcome. good luck. >> wish him a lot of luck. he looks so much like his dad. don't you think? >> he does. 22 years old. >> incredible. look forward to his reports. stick around.
3:52 am
we'll be right back. rts. stick around. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card. and so does bill an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts, and stole her hard earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock has the most comprehensive identity theft protection available. if mary had lifelock's bank account alerts she may have been notified in time to help stop the damage. lifelock's credit notification service is on the job 24/7. as soon as they detect a threat to your identity within their network they will alert you helping protect you before damage can be done to your identity. lifelock has the most comprehensive identify theft protection available, helping guard your social security number, your money, your credit, even the equity in your home.
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than the competition. ♪ ♪ well, advertisers are paying $4 million for a 30-second commercial on super bowl sunday. many companies are previewing the ads on-line. >> one of those ads from godaddy has been getting such a backlash from animal lovers that the company is already pulling it
3:56 am
from the big game. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> reporter: it seems to have makings of a hit super bowl ad cute puppy, heart-warming story line and a big emotional payoff. >> look, it's buddy! go daddy's latest ad borrowing themes from last year's beloved budweiser commercial. the fourth most shared super bowl ad of all time. so the godaddy ad should be a hit, right? wrong. now suddenly sidelined less than a day after its debut, all because of the way it ends. >> so glad you made it home. because i just sold you on this website i built with godaddy. >> reporter: the twist created a wave of backlash on twitter. hey, godaddy you hit a new low one woman tweeted and i will never purchase a domain from you again. the spca tweeting with do you think puppy mills are funny? godaddy ceo wrote overnight, we're listening. message received.
3:57 am
pulling what it calls a multimillion-dollar campaign. >> as far as i can tell there's never been an ad pulled from the super bowl. this is really quite a situation on godaddy's hands. >> reporter: it's a surprising misstep for a company that scored super bowl gold before with danica patrick in the shower and a supermodel-nerd make out session. and they will air something in place of the puppy commercial for the big game hoping to make viewers laugh despite the first fumble before the game even begins. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> the super bowl is one place people get used to seeing sweet ads about animals and you take that turn with that cute little puppy. >> we should say godaddy said one of their long-time employees adopted the puppy. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much
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making news in america this morning, deadline looming. last-minute negotiations under way as we speak for the release of isis hostages despite opposition from the white house. who's the woman the terror group wants released? live with the latest. new details in the airasia crash investigation. turns out the captain was not flying when the trouble started in the cockpit. the pilot forced to ditch his plane in the ocean talking about that terrifying moment what he was thinking when the plane good thursday morning to you all. we begin with what


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