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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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in the news another local doctor and his receptionist is facing charges, the undercover operation that led to their arrest this morning. and a winner is crowned at wing bowl 23 who took the prize this year in philadelphia, but the big story is another winter blast in the accuweather forecast. sky 6 hd is live can live at penn's landing with clouds around and it's getting windier and temperatures take a big dive ahead of more possible snow on the way for super bowl sunday. melissa magee is in for david murphy at the "action news" big board. >> it's about the plunging temperatures and the blustery winds out of the northwest of the 39 in the city and 40 for wilmington and 42 in dover to the north and west, 35 in allentown and 27 in the poconos if you look at the sustained
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wind speeds sustained from 14 to 24 miles per hour in philadelphia these will continue to gust out of the northwest especially once that arctic front moves on through the winter weather advisory goes up at 4:00 and lasts until 6:00 a.m. saturday we are looking at winds as high as 52 miles per hour as we go throughout the day and keep in mind. fast forward to stormtracker 6 live double scan radar 3-d, there is rain out in the four corners and this is the moisture we are track that is linking up with northern energy and could turn into potential snow for the end of our weekend. but we'll talk about what is ahead now blustery winds up to 40 miles per hour this afternoon and into tonight, a cold start for our weekend and the snow starts on sunday, we'll time out the details coming up in the
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full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. this reminder, the 6 abc storm tracker app has you covered this winter from the live radar to the path of the snow to the latest hourly and seven-day forecast. right there at we are following breaking news from delaware county where a doctor and his receptionist were arrested for selling pain killers out of their officer. dr. friedman and his 77-year-old receptionist were arrested for writing prescriptions for oxy oxycodone for patients they never examined. both are due in court next week. vice president joe biden arrived in philadelphia to address house democrats during the annual policy meeting, this one day after president obama
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gave a pep talk at the same forum in society hill. now vernon odom is live with more. >> reporter: as this democratic confab wraps up the vice president was here to give a lecture and pep talk to leaders that ran away from what the white house accomplished and got trounced by the gop in the midterm election despite the dramatically improving economy. >> mark my words the republican party is going to try to claim this resurgence and they will misrepresent that it was because of quote, policies that they supported. as paul ryan we learned, the word it's a bunch of malarky,
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absolute malarky. >> reporter: the vice president told the small gathering to embrace what the obama administration has done policy wise over the last six yours and get ready for the 2016 race to try to win back control of congress, especially the senate and possibly the house joe biden never rules out by the way being a possible candidate for president in 2016. live in society hill, vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. after months of speculation, mitt romney announced a short time ago he will not run for the republican nomination in 2016, he told his family and inner circle that he wanted to run again and it would be his third attempt. but he did not want to make it more difficult for someone else to emerge that may have a better chance of capturing the white house in 2016. >> and now a new warning in the
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measles outbreak that spread to several states doctors are looking at children that are not vaccinated against the contagious disease. marcy gonzales is following the situation from new york. >> concern growing across the country with more than 80 cases of measles across a dozen states. this is a critical point in this outbreak. >> the thing with measles is that it's extremely contagious. >> after an unvaccinated family was infected in disneyland, because measles is spread through the air, she may have exposed nearly 200 children to the virus when she visited a clinic in phoenix. >> what they are being told to watch for signs and symptoms of measles. and with super bowl fans heading to phoenix, medical students will be out looking for anyone
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with measle-like symptoms including runny nose, pink eye and rash. >> the risk is small if you are vaccinated your risk is basically nonexistent. >> and now the question of the vaccinations. >> there is risks getting the vaccine versus getting an illness that they could actually recover from. >> it's a personal decision but you have to look at the greater good as well. >> and now in phoenix and across the country doctors are warning people potentially exposed to the virus and not vaccinated to stay away from public places for 21 days. channel 6 "action news" rim back to you. >> thank you. atlantic city could get a much needed financial boost if a proposal passes in the senate it would encourage entertainers
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to not pay income tax on all of their shows in new jersey for the entire year. it aims to bring more visitors and people to atlantic city. after the closing of four casinos. the 2015 philadelphia auto show has rolled into town and now we get a sneak peek at what this show has to offer. there are vehicles on display and it opens to the public tomorrow at 9:00 and runs until february 28th. join ducis rogers karen rogers and alicia vitarelli for a full preview of what you'll see at this year's philadelphia auto show. tune in to our special tomorrow night at 7:00. it's the presuper bowl event that is a stomach turning tradition.
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people turned out at the wells fargo center and people came in on floats before the big event. pat from chicago took this year's crown. >> i own a restaurant and i have been cooking wings in the restaurant all week and i ate 300 in the last practice i knew i would hit 400, i don't know how many i ate today. >> he downed 444 wings to unseat last year's champion molly exiler, she ate an impressive 420 wings. he walked away with a check and a harley and no indigestion. the excitement is building in phoenix as super bowl weekend kicks off. the patriots and tom brady are preparing to take on the testing champions the seattle seahawks.
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coming up we'll have more on the extra security at the big game including guarding the game balls, that is coming up in the next half our of "action news" at 12:30. a rap mogul surrenders to police. the charges against suge knight after a deadly hit and run. and meteorologist, melissa magee, is back with a closer look at the weekend snow in the accuweather forecast. when "action news" at noon continues in just a moment.
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there is it still no proof of life for two hostages being held by isis the terrorists said they would kill both if jordan did not release a prisoner from death row. jordan said they would only agree to the swap after proof of life of their pilot. they have not released any updates. testimony continues in the trial of former patriots star aaron hernandez is he charged in the murder of odin lloyd. a prosecutor told the jury that his dna was found on a marijuana
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cigarette near his body and unveiled surveillance video showing him carrying what appears to be a gun on the morning of his death. hernandez pled not guilty. rap mogul suge knight is facing a murder charge in a hit and run in los angeles. authorities say he struck to men during an argument in a fast food restaurant parking lot and one man survived but the other was killed. knight's attorney says he was trying to escape an attack and hit the men by accident. he is held on $2 million bail. a minnesota flight from las vegas had to make an emergency landing after the pilot was locked out of the cockpit, he took to the inter come to let everyone know what happened. the copilot this to take over and make the landing solo he
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brought the plane down safely in vegas and much to the relief of everyone on board needless to say. >> the whole aircraft started applauding and howling and hooting and saying thank god. >> the steering controls are on the captain side to the jet had to be toed to its gate. two pilots of a hot air balloon managed to surpass a world record this week and are trying to start another one. an american and a russian made a historic trip across the atlanta ocean yesterday and now they are going for the world record for the longest time in the air thank though left japan on sunday and are due to land in mexico sometime on sunday. new competition for uber, we'll explain the controversial
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debut of lift coming up.
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the ride sharing company called lift arrived in philadelphia tonight despite a ban against it. the service features pink mustaches in front of its vehicles. lift has temporary permission to operate across most of the pennsylvania but not in philadelphia. the company is coming to the city despite the parking
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authorities push to crack down on such vehicles they call it an illegal taxi operation and threaten to impose $1000 fines on the drivers. the campbell soup company will try to revamp sales and they reorganized in three product divisions, meals and snacks and packages fresh products. they had five groups ridgely and the company sales are down in three of the last five quarters. coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 nydia han is on the trail of a bogus business that is leading to heart break across the country, this is a special report that every pet lover needs to see. >> a growing number of people are looking for pets online i have a big buyer beware hear from a local grandmother that paid a big price.
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>> she and many others paid big money for puppies they never severed. we tracked down the bogus breeder and there were surprising along the way. >> i was shocked because i don't have dogs. >> turning to health check this noon, a sobering look at the affect that alcohol has on your body, people that drink more than two alcoholic beverages per day were 30% more likely to have a strike. swedish researchers followed the habited of five sets of twins over 40 years the american heart association recommends two drinks for men and one for women. they cut the risk over a third in three years according to the study taken by an insurance group looking at deaths by newer model cars in
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2011. the "action news" team is out working on stories for today at 4:00. that includes the final freebie friday at 4:00. and a woman was invited to join a weight loss program based on her bmi, see her scathing response to the school coming up later at 4:00 and most of us cringe when a telemarketer calls but an oregon woman says she would not be alive if it weren't for the sales pitch. how the people in a call center saved her life. as we continue to take a look from sky 6 hd from the jersey shore, melissa magee will be back with the seven-day forecast and a closer look at the bitter cold weekend.
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meteorologist, melissa magee is here way forecast that is bad in more ways than one. >> snow is likely sunday night into monday. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar you can see we have flurries around earlier today and earlier this morning thanks to a clipper system and an arctic front that moves on through and once the front passes to the south and east the winds pick up later today and you are dealing with windchills and teens later tonight. we'll show you the picture outside, sky 6 hd showing a nice shot of penn's landing and it's rather cloudy, we have pockets earlier today and the winds are gusting early as well. at noon we are coming in at 39 degrees 31 at 4:00 later today and 8:00 tonight the temperature is 22 degrees, 19 degrees will be the temperature
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at midnight we are calling for a 23 temperature drop over the next 24 hours the numbers are plunging as the arctic front moves on through. the winds are coming out of the northwest and there say wind advisory that goes up through saturday at 6:00 a.m. we could find winds gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour. you factor that in it feels like 28 in the city and current windchill in the poconos at 20 degrees and 31 in wildwood and 32 in dover. here is satellite 6 along with action radar you can see a few snow showers lingering in the delaware and lehigh valleys, and there is an arctic boundary moving on through and there are temperatures that are crashing as a result and there say windchill guidesry that goes up saturday morning for carbon county and the poconos, these areas could find windchills a good 20 degrees below zero, later on this evening,
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temperatures along the i-95 corridor everywhere in the teens or low teens at 6:00 this evening you go throughout the overnight hours and 3:00 in the morning most spots are in the single digits there is that 20 below in the poconos, 9:00 tomorrow morning not much of a recovery we'll feel like the single digits and below. the chill takes over for the first half of the weekend and we have the storm potential. the cold air is locked in at the surface and we are tracking the area of low pressure and the track it's going to take and less likely that this is going to be a brush for the region and more likely to find a major storm system and where is the area of low pressure setting up just to the south of us that gives us snowfall and some models are hinting this could push to the north and that could lead to mixing. the accuweather forecast temperatures near 40 today and falling as we go through the afternoon hours, with blustery
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winds and high of 26 and windchills in the teens and single digits increasing clouds late sunday night into monday. a high temperature of 30 degrees and tuesday cold with a high of 24 37 on wednesday and 35 on thursday, and of course we'll have updates on the snowfall expected sunday night and possibly monday. >> we'll be home with food for the super bowl. >> more ahead on "action news" at noon, an emotional reunion from a child and first responders. and a stunning feat at niagara falls and it was all caught on camera. those stories and more coming your were a next on "action news" at 12:30.
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tiberius lauderwink can appreciate a simple name. that's why he likes pick 2 from the pennsylvania lottery, the simplest numbers game yet. they've given all your favorite numbers games new, simpler names. play pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. hello again sara is off and here are stories we are following for you at 12:30 we are tracking the start of the weekend with a potential blast of snow, melissa magee has the latest from ac warm coming unand a bombshell from mitt romney he will skip the presidential case and who he is set to meet with tonight and a big birthday for a
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montgomery county school. how one student celebrated 300 years of history in hatboro. we continue with the wind picking up in the tri-state area and the threat of snow into the weekend, sunday night. going outside and looking live at sky 6 hd at the jersey shore in atlantic city. it's cold out there and getting colder and snowier as we mentioned. meteorologist, melissa magee is outside of our studios with the latest. >> reporter: hi there rick, the wins are picking up this noon coming out of the northwest within you step outside extra layers are needed because the numbers keep on crashing as the afternoon wears on. temperatures outside 29 in the city and 26 in the poconos and 40 for millville and 42 in dover and to the north and west we go and 36 degrees as well in lancaster. check out the wind gusts gusting as high as 32 miles per hour


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