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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  February 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news
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this noon a delaware pileup leaves one person dead and six others in the hospital. >> a dramatic emergency landing from a jet liner in philadelphia, we have new reaction from passengers that had to get out fast. >> but the big story this afternoon say large water main break that flooded a local highway, all lanes of the roosevelt boulevard were blocked forcing many commuters to take a detour during the morning rush. david henry is here live with more on the inconvenience and the cleanup. >> reporter: the inner lanes of the boulevard remain closed and the outer lanes opened midmorning and the water crews continuing their work to repair the water main that ruptured just before the morning rush hour. this was the view from chopper 6 hd as the water was gushing on
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to the boulevard it turned a busy highway into a big muddy a river of mud that starting freezing up. it started at 6:15 this morning, just as rush hour as heating up and traffic came to a stand still on one of the busiest roads in the delaware valley, fortunately for the homes and businesses in the area it's not a distribution line. >> it's a 16-inch main, a transmission main, there was no impact to customers. >> but the impact to commuters was immense, side roads also became parking lots, fortunately the water line runs down the median and the lanes of the boulevard. if it was under the pavement it could take a week to get it repaved and fixed. they hope to get this fixed by the end of the day.
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if it's a blowout it's not so quick. they have to pump it out before they know what they are dealing with. >> the mains are set below the lines and the temperature does not impact the main from above but the temperature going through it. once you see the water temperature going below 49 degrees, you see more water lines breaking this time of year. >> we got an update they got a closer look at this main and it appears to be a blowout and it will take a while to fix it probably not until 8:00 or 9:00 tonight, that means the evening rush hour will be a jam up as well through this area, just the outer lanes are available as you head back home in work this evening. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meantime, the investigation continues into a multivehicle collision that left one person dead and six others hospitalized
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this morning in delaware. the accident happened at 7:15 on south dupont highway near bear. it's intersection was shut down for several hours and now all roads are reopen at noon state investigators are investigating the cause of the crash and all lanes of pennsylvania turnpike are reopen after 12 hours after a major pileup here involving 40 vehicles, it happened in cranberry, middlesex county jordan williams was killed and temperatures were below freezing at the time and icy conditions certainly were a factor. yet again freezing rain led to ice across the region this morning people had to spend extra time scraping their cars before they could leave for work and many sidewalks were covered in a thin layer of ice. for more on the cold, lets go to
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the big board and david murphy. >> i had a heck of a time scraping the ice off it was thick and adhering strongly. some of you on twitter said that to me. all of that rain is gone now nothing showing on stormtracker 6 live double scan, this was the problem not that it was the worst precipitation in terms of volume and coverage but you had this light precipitation, in some case its was freezing rain and sometimes sleet and a few snow showers as well. in the interim we had a lot of surfaces freezing including sidewalks and side streets and some main arteries. 28 was the low this morning, so pretty easy for this stuff to adhere to the surfaces. the precipitation is now gone and the clouds are breaking up a little bit and reports of sunshine poking through we saw it outside of the station and we expect more sunshine to break
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through the clouds into the afternoon. right now up to 36 degrees, we have finally eclipse the freezing mark and allentown is even at 33 but with temperatures continuing to climb this afternoon, the winds blowing a little bit it looks like most of that ice should melt and become less of a problem. 38 is the high and that is below average, but mild enough to encourage the melting, we have a couple of chances for winter precipitation and a couple of cold snaps we'll have that coming up. the city of boston is still digging out from record breaking snowfall. today the massachusetts national guard is called in to help. marcy gonzales reports on the cleanup. >> reporter: the snow has stopped falling and now this part is far from over. >> we have been shoveling since
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2:00 in the morning. >> the city was hit with nearly two more feet of snow bringing the total to a record breaking 74 inches so far this winter that is more than d.c. baltimore pennsylvania and new york city combined. people are still trying to figure out where to put it all. >> we can handle snow but we are running out of room to push it and we keep having storms. >> three consecutive storms leaving this home buried and officials had to shut down commuter train service today. and it's another dangerous day for driving and shoveling out. with so many digging left to do one penned a breakup letter to the snow, writing maybe next winter we can be friends but for now please lose my address. >> there is more snow in the forecast for boston later this
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week. marcy gonzales channel 6 "action news." the white house has confirmed the death of an american woman held hostage by isis. kayla mueller was taken hostage, isis claimed she was killed during a jordanian air strike. president obama confirmed her death this morning but did not confirm how she died. he offered condolences to the family. now flight 1825 landed in houston late last night after the nose gear failed to deploy. everybody had to get out using the plane's slides on to the tarmac, 56 people were on board and one of them were hurt but the injuries were not serious, john rawlins will have reaction from passengers coming up at 12:30. >> from our delaware newsroom
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fire investigators are back on the scene of a deadly blaze that damaged several homes in wilmington flames were shooting from the apartments on north market street last night. a 52-year-old man died and an autopsy is scheduled. they estimate the fire caused $400,000 in damage. the reds cross is helping residents displaced. police are looking for suspects that left two men hospitalized in critical condition it happened at 1:00 this morning at east ontario and jasper streets, a 26-year-old man and a 23-year-old man shot several times. they found casings from two separate guns on the ground and a white car that the suspects apparently abandoned was found nearby. the deal on whether to sell the shuttered revel casino will go before a bankruptcy judge
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tomorrow, the deadline of the sale for a florida developer passed at midnight. they will decide whether to extend the deadline to the 28th of this month. straub was trying to buy the casino for $95 million it cost nearly $4 billion to build the revel and closed last september after two years of operation. >> still to come on "action news" at noon new information about a student from the university of virginia police announced murder charges against her suspected killer. plus, a demolition failure in las vegas, what went wrong when they tried to take down an old casino. and david murphy is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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a dramatic and high speed police chase is it all caught on camera. it all began with a carjacker took off in a camry and veered into on coming traffic and hit four cars the carjacker eventually lost control and spun out there. videos show him get out of the car and tried to carjack another vehicle, the suspect then forced
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another driver out at gun point and the chase is out again until the suspect wedges the car between two others once again he tries to run for it and the police surround him and take him into custody. a virginia student is now charged with her murder jessie matthews was charged this morning with it's murder of hannah graham the student went missing in september and her body was found a month later. matthews is charged with first degree murder and abduction with intent to defile. the first appearance is scheduled for february 13th. and a teenager is arrested for sexually assaulting and robbing a pizza delivery driver. the woman was making a delivery in the san francisco bay area when it happened. the gun was pulled on her and she was ordered back into her own car and then ordered to
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drive to another location and she was then attacked. please founded the teenage suspect a short time later and arrested him. harry reid is facing for surgery as doctors try to restore vision in his right eye, he will have a followup procedure tomorrow in washington, she says the surge very necessary to help him gain full vision in his right eye he suffered injuries when he was hurt exercising at his home on new years day. explosives were not enough to bring down a hotel in las vegas. >> the blast reduced most of the clarion to rubble this morning but one tower is still standing and a second demolition is expected. the 200 room casino hotel was opened in 1970 and was briefly
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owned by debbie reynolds the new owner is planning a tower that could be the tallest occupied building on the strip. an oregon couple delivered their baby in a supermarket parking lot, their little bundle of joy would not wait. damon was a paramedic and this was his first field delivery and it did not take time for little hen henly to arrive. >> mom and baby are happy and healthy at home. still to come on "action news" at noon, a new study questions the amount of fat recommends for the american diet. that is coming up in health check. and could your tv be spying on you? more when we come right back.
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samsung has a warning for customers today your tv may be spying on you. the company's smart tv has the potential to transmit conversations to its technology, words are sent to a third party translation before it's sent back to the tv for command. samsung says it can be disabled before that happens. netflix is going to cuba
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one of the first to take advantage of the relaxed relations ss with that country. the long standing guideline about the amount of fat in our diets is being called into question decades ago said that fat should only account for 30% of your daily calories but a new study argues that the recommendation created in the 1970s were based on little evidence, and challenging the belief that fat is the enemy and asking for new studies to revise the current guidelines. coming up tonight, "action news" troubleshooters is helping our viewers once again this time with a home improvement battle. here is nydia han with a preview. >> tonight the story of a homeowner that wants to give her kitchen cabinets a makeover she
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some rare artifacts from the first moon landing are back in the spotlight after they spent decades tucked away in the closet. the widow of astronaut, neil armstrong found items he took with him including a camera he brought with him when he stepped on the moon for the first time. the items are now on display at the smithsonian. >> imagine that in the back of the closet. what is this stuff? oh he went to the room i remember that. >> david an icy start but it's getting better? >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that the precipitation we experienced overnight into the morning rush is now gone, as we look outside, the action cam is out earlier and down along the manayunk area along the canal you see ice along the water there some of that will melt away as we continue to see the temperatures rise a bid this afternoon.
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temperature right now in philadelphia 36 dew point at 26, the air is starting to dry out a bit and the wind northeast at 15 miles per hour, you'll want to get that coat and a couple of layers on if are you walking today. 35 is the current temperature in trenton and 33 in allentown, close to freezing up there and be careful of lingering ice on side streets as well as you drive around and things are in the process of improving. and winds coming down the north-northeast and giving you windchills in the 20s, bundle up a bit. as we look at the precipitation, there it goes fading off the map and slinking down to the south of us and a thinning of the clouds and it's getting brighter, that is the case with increased sunshine. a high of 37, we'll be above freezing in allentown. down along the shore 38 in atlantic city, clouds mixing
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with sun milder than yesterday. still breezy and chilly certainly. 40 is your high in philadelphia, a mix of clouds and sun and milder than yesterday, winds running 10 to 20 miles per hour with the windchills in the 20s and partly cloudy and cold, the winds are falling back a bit under cloudy skies for the evening commute, and looking at chilly conditions by 4:00 and even after dark, at 7:30, we are still just above the freezing mark that is good. what comes next? we are not done, the possibility of snow showers in the afternoon and evening, maybe small accumulation there thursday afternoon and evening, a chance of snow showers a small accumulation there as well. on sunday cold air comes in and friday and sunday represents a couple of cold days and sunday takes the cake with high temperatures in the teens lets talk about that, breezy and milder and sun returning and
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not bad, sunny on wednesday and high of 39 not bad and thursday we are on the lookout for showers high of 38 and snow showers built in and could see anywhere from a coating to an inch of accumulation and arctic step on saturday up to 32 and a chance of an afternoon or evening snow shower or flurry keep your eyes on the forecast sunday windy and frigid and that is where we bottom out. a high of 19 degrees and the overnight low in the single digits. president's damon cool and 28 degrees but it looks dry. >> thank you david. there is more ahead in our next half our. a showdown over gay marriage in alabama. the ruling from the state judge that is going toe to toe with the supreme court's decision and.
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what we can expect from jay z and beyonce.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again, here are the stories we are following for on "action news" at 12:30 developing right now confirmation from the white house that the last known american hostage being held by
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isis has died and 45 terrifying seconds for passengers on board a flight for philadelphia. the mechanical failure that the pilot found in the air that forced him to make an emergency landing and the feet upon feet of snow in boston turns dangerous for sheet metal workers and now they are turning to the national guard for help. president obama has confirmed that isis's last known hostage has been killed. kayla mueller was captured in northern syria in 2013, last week the islamic group claimed she was killed in an air strike launched by jordan. according to officials her family got a private message from isis over the weekend. it's unclear how or when she was killed. in a statement released this morning, mueller's family said this, we are


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