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tv   Action News  ABC  February 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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trouble shooters get action in a case of faulty kitchen cabinets and that is next. which takes her to storytime at the library across town, where she connects with some of her biggest fans. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like free and reduced-fare shared rides, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. the papers were littering the streets in the grays ferry section of philadelphia, papers with social security numbers, address is, phone numbers papers all over the the place on 29th street from grace fur toy wharton.
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what were they? where are they from? and did they expose people's private information. that is what we wanted to know. tuesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a whole lot of questions surrounding the discovery of discarded documents laying in the street. "action news" reporter kenneth moton is live at 29th and grays ferry and kenneth, you've got the exclusive story tonight. >> reporter: jim, thanks to the wind it was quite a mess. sensitive court document all over this neighborhood. tonight the the city has cleaned up those papers, but where did they come from, and how were they mishandled. on this grays ferry street they were under cars, on the sidewalks, and even on the stoops of homes. >> every where all over the place. >> reporter: resident hasi m hasan the spotted those papers hundreds scattered across his neighborhood at 29th and wharton street. he turned them over and spotted documents from the philadelphia courts. names, addresses, dates of birth, social security
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numbers, and signatures. >> people always complaining about stolen identity, you don't to have steel identity when identity is floating up and down the street. if you wait licensing enough you can scoop it up. >> reporter: we followed the neighbor trail which led us two blocks down to the grays ferry avenue. we saw a steady stream of trash trucks from the cities streets department this were dull pink a at blue mountain recycling center. the the streets department says it is investigate to go see if the documents fell off a truck but not responsible for redacking or shredding sensitive information. it appears that the paperwork came from the philadelphia adult probation and parole department at 1401 arch. patrick austin, a supervisor listed on several discarded e-mails told us he could not comment on trashing procedures and he contacted his boss. >> you have to shred personal information. i have no idea how it got out here. >> reporter: the streets department didn't waste anytime after our calls, and sent crew toss clean up the documents. >> it can be quite
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embarrassing for the city, in a variety of ways, to have such information just floating around. >> reporter: it starts but this is a view of the recycling center. manager told us even with the strong wind the documents could not have come from his landfill because of how they handled the trash. we contacted the philadelphia adult probation and a parole department once again but still no response jim. reporting live from the grays ferry section of the city tonight, kenneth moton for channel six a "action news". >> thanks, kenneth. the family of the pennsylvania pennsylvania state trooper killed at the hand of another state policeman is furious tonight over what they say are weak charges. in september, four three-year old corporal richard schroder's gun discharged during a firearms class at the the montgomery county public safety training campus. the bullet struck and killed 26 year-old david kedra prosecutors argued that as an instructor schroder should have known better but didn't ensure the weapon was unloaded, nor pointed away
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from people. a grand jury indicted schroder today on five counts of reckless endangerment but not for homicide or inn volume will try manslaughter. >> this is a slap on the wrist for this man and a slap in the face for david our family and for justice. richard schroder shot my brother to death and he is being charged for a lesser crime that won't even prevent him from owning a gun. my baby brother wasn't just endangered, he was killed. >> trooper kedra's family blames the montgomery county district attorney for not pressing more serious charges and called for an independent state prosecutor to look into the case. d.a. risa vetri furhman told "action news" 20 minutes ago that she is quote terribly sympathetic to the family but that she must follow the the law, and the charges recommended by the grand jury. a two vehicle will crash brought traffic tragedy to bucks county tonight. one person was killed and two others were hurt when the vehicles collided in richland township.
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it happen in the 14 hundred block of southwest end boulevard at 8:00 o'clock. twenty-nine injured persons were taken to st. lukes hospital in bethlehem. philadelphia police say that this is the man who beat and sexually assaulted a a woman yesterday who asked him for directions, at a subway stop. the attack happened inside of septa's jefferson station in center city. he allegedly walked the victim to a train platform and pulled her in a secluded area. if you recognize this man i know it is hard, but if you can recollect nice that face you are urge to call police. well all lanes are back opened tonight after a water main break floodedded roosevelt boulevard but crews will be making repairs again tomorrow. all 12 lanes were closed between grant avenue and red lion road this morning, after a 16-inch transmission main burst creating a muddy mess. two northbound and one southbound inner lanes will be closed, again tomorrow. last night's deadly pile
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up on the new jersey turnpike is now prompting a review of how the turnpike handles winter weather operations. authorities say that icing was a factor in several chain reaction crashes near exit eight and cranberry. it involved 40 vehicles. state police say that this man five two-year old darryl williams of bordentown was killed nearly 70 victims were treated at local hospitals. this u.s. airways jet skidding down the runway at houston international airport last night had flown there from philadelphia. fifty-three passengers and four crew were on board. the ntsb is on the case tonight to figure out why the nose gear didn't work. pilots knew about the problem on approach, and they prepared everybody for an emergency landing. a evacuation of the passengers on to the tarmac when the plane came to rest. the passengers credit the pilot for the the perfect touchdown. despite the scare and the sparks nobody was hurt. a bankruptcy court hearing
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tomorrow morning in camden, will sort out whether there is any chance to salvage the revel casino sale, but as of right now the deal appears to be dead. today the casino's owners canceled their agreement with florida developer glenn straub saying he missed their midnight deadline machine to complete the the 95 million-dollar purchase. revel plans to keep straub's ten million-dollar deposit. but straub plans to ask the judge tomorrow to extend the deadline, giving him until the even of the month to resolve a legal fight overlieses with the nightclub, restaurant and utility supplier so he can close the deal. police in south jersey want you to take a good look at this man 40 year-old daniel sheehan has been charged with theft in what police are calling a multi state mortgage loan modification scam. gloucester township police say eight victims are owed more than $50,000 there are likely more victims in south jersey and philadelphia a police say
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sheehan collect fees, payments from homeowners and never passed them on to mortgage companies. the a "action news" spoke with two alleged victims evening one asked that we not show her face. >> it just seemed like a really nice guy. he didn't seem shady or anything at first. >> the checks were just cash at different banks, nothing deposited. was just taking checks, cashing them and then taking the money. he did this to me for a year. >> sheehan is being hell in the camden county jail on $50,000 bail. he will have a preliminary hearing tomorrow. there was buzz about this last summer during the little league world series but now it is an official investigation. authorities are trying to determine if the world series championship team from chicago added ringers from the suburbs. of course this was the same team that eliminated the taney dragons. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live at taney dragons headquarters in center city philadelphia, sharrie. >> reporter: jim, taney
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dragons brought a a lot of pride to the city of philadelphia and this is their baseball diamond here behind me. as for these allegations against the the reigning champs jackie robinson west, well little league world series officials said back in november that they were in compliance, case closed, but now we know that the same officials held a meet to go day, citing new information. it is moment taney dragons fans remember, the loss that brought their magical run to an end, on the road to a world series taney fell to jackie robinson west in doubly limb nation. jackie robinson west then went on to win the u.s. title but now there are mounting questions of whether jrw played fair and square. eric lip son's son plays for the taney dragons. he also pitched in that heart breaking loss. >> as a team you have to play by the the rules and you want to definitely teach the kid to play by the rules. >> reporter: jackie robinson west is accused of stacking
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the team with players from the suburbs. red flag was first raised by chris james, is vice-president have of another south side of chicago league, the evergreen park athletic association. >> prior to us deciding to go public we dig privately behind the scenes. last thing we wanted to do was make an accusation and feel like we didn't have all of the facts and possibly be wrong right? because this is a tough accusation. >> reporter: jane says after going through public record, including voter and vehicle registrations, he concluded some of jrw's players were from outside of the approved area. allegations, continued to persist to the point for little league world series officials went to chicago to investigate and today a meeting was held here in pennsylvania, to discuss the fine goes. this taney father had has a suggestion, if the findings show wrongdoing. >> to me to decide if they fine that they broke the rules i don't think that they should just hand the title to las
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vegas, i think that las vegas and taney dragons should to have play another game. i don't care if they play it in the snow. >> reporter: rain, sleet or snow sound like the taney dragons would like another shot. after the the committee they say they met today to discuss quote possible resolutions regarding jackie robinson and a answer could come as early a as tomorrow but we do expect at minimum by the end of the week. we are live from center city, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". >> jim. still to come on "action news" tonight one suspended one stepping down, shake ups for two prominent television personalities. plus hostage heart break family of a american woman learns with certainty that she was killed as a captive of ice is. also the ground level view just feet away from last night's wild carjacking in california adam. jim, arctic air is building in northern canada and it will be released in the lower 48. we will talk about an extended stretch of below freezing
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temperatures in that accu weather forecast. tonight i have the story of a home owner who decided to give her kissing husband a face lift. why did she ask the action naus trouble shooters to step in. and ducis rodgers with the latest on the flyers goalie the situation, plus some college basketball when "action news" continues tonight.
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well, the pentagon tonight says it is certain that american hostage kayla muhler died at the hand of ice is not an alleged jordanian air strike. the last week the terror group said that the 26 year-old aid worker had been killed but didn't provide proof. that change when photographs were sent to muhler's family. u.s. officials still don't know exactly how she died. her family says they will work every day to honor her legacy. >> the world wants to be more
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like kayla and if that is her legacy and footprint that she leaves on the world then that is a wonderful thing. >> her family has also shared a handwritten letter from kayla smuggled out of her captivity last spring. the at that time he told them that she was unharmed and healthy and had a lot of fight left. police say that the man who led them on this wild car chase in los angeles last night was a known gang member. officials say 29 year-old aaron was arm with the pistol when he crashed one car and then carjack a woman just driving by. >> he just came up to me and pointed the gun at me and told me to get out of my car. he just took off with it. >> police say that lorda was being persued for stealing another car. he was shot and wounded by officers after trying to flee on foot. nbc a announced announced tonight that brian williams will be suspended for six
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months without pennsylvania pay for misleading viewers about his experiences in the the iraqi war. network memo said williams actions were quote an not excusable but nbc feels he deserves a second chance. meanwhile comedy central a said tonight that jon stewart would leave his signature daily show later this year. stewart made the a announcement to his studio a audience at the end of tonight's broadcast but said nothing about his future plans. he has hosted the show since 1999. now to the the story of a local home own shore decided to give her kitchen cabinets a make over. a "action news" trouble shooter nydia han is in the "action news"ing about board to explain this one. >> reporter: tonight we're tackling a cabinet crisis in south jersey. home depot advertisements something called enhanced revolutionary wood renewal. here's what it claims for fraction on of the cost and time of the full kitchen remodel, and hand held restore cabinets back to the original brilliance and, change color of are cabinets.
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>> we were getting a little orangey looking and oak will do that. >> reporter: lorraine ferrell did not like the color of her kitchen cabinets so when she saw a ad foreign hans she decided to give it a try. >> on the paperwork it does say, you know, hundred percent satisfaction guarantied, or we will make it right. it says it right here. this was the worst one. >> reporter: she says color didn't really shift. you can see the before and after photos look pretty much the same. plus. >> they put so many layers on it, it is starting to peel. that is real wood. >> reporter: she said she contacted home depot and was offered $400 off the original 1,700-dollar bill. still unsatisfied, she contacted the "action news" trouble shooters. >> i would like my money back and not to have pay any more on this. >> reporter: i call the big box store to inquire about ferrell's situation. >> i'm grateful to trouble shooters because the very next
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day after they came out and spoke with me i did hear back from home depot. >> reporter: i'm happy to report home depot has agreed to give ferrell a full refund and we sincerely wanted to make sure she's satisfied so we are looking forward to work with them to find a solution they will be happy with. we have talk to enhance which tells news part that customer satisfaction has always been our first and foremost priority. this was an isolated incident that is in the a reflection of our service standard. we take all possible and necessary steps to provide an excellent experience. enhance does maintain a 9.3 to 9.5 customer service rating a and has excellent reviews on the home depot web site. if you help from the action news trouble shooters we would like to help you. cause by going to six abc dot/trouble shooter or call 866-wpvi-cfa. i'm nydia han. channel six "action news". >> phones will ring off the hook. >> she's little but she's
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mighty. >> all right. >> we should be okay by friday in the even of the week. >> first round of arctic air comes in and second half of the weekend in to early next week. we will look at double scan live radar out there tonight all is quiet. that is the the way we like it especially in the had heart of the winter season. twenty-six in allentown. twenty-seven in reading and lancaster. thirty-four in millville. thirty-three beach haven. temperatures in the the that bad at 11:00 o'clock hour. tomorrow will be a nice day with decent amount of sunshine. you can see that sliver avoiding cloud. cloud to the north of the mountains, cloud over the the opened waters of the atlantic. so wednesday is looking good but then thursday this is a system, a clipper system coming from the central part of canada, buried -- very moisture starved. limited amount have of moisture to give us rain or snow showers here on thursday. it is what is behind that clip their will be the bigger story for the end of the week.
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but for tomorrow morning sun and high cloud ahead of that system coming from the a afternoon. temperature of 37 degrees. the the front blast through on thursday afternoon with some snow showers around, coat to go 2 inches at max but what will happen when the the snow showers fall in the afternoon as the the peak heating of the day temperatures will be at 39, so a lot of that snow will melt on the pavement surfaces and then behind it that is when arctic high pressure comes in with that cold air in canada under lock and key will be released to the south and east. in fact, that arctic attack arrives thursday evening and overall, it will last through tuesday afternoon when we expect temperatures to remain below freezing point and in fact machine morning we will start at 4:00 degrees in philadelphia that is in the the wind chill. coldest of the winter. got news about that being on monday, it is a holiday so most people not heading to work or to school during the peak of that cold. as we look at bus stop
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forecast for tomorrow wind chills in the teens. bundle up in layers. twenty-five to 26 degrees. that one or two hour period in the morning. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 37 tomorrow. we will bump up to 39 with light snow showers on thursday afternoon. but behind it that is when wind chills are near 10 degrees, on friday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock teens to the north and west are single digit the but teens down to the the south. on saturday we will bump up to 32 ahead of the next arctic front but it could bring round of snow saturday afternoon into saturday night and wind chills are below zero here all day on sunday with a high of 19 bitter cold monday morning, but for holiday 22 some unshine and cloud and another little round of snow coming in on tuesday at three 36789. >> adam, thank you. high schoolers in radnor showed their love for love for those who served tonight. valentines day coincide with national solute to veterans patients week.
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radnor high schoolers decided to do something special. they hosted a dinner from vets from the coatsville va medical center and each guest received a special thank you valentine on their plate. power ball jackpot has jumped closer to half billion dollar tonight because of of growing demand. top prize for tomorrow's drawing is estimated at 485 million-dollar up from a 450 million. new number ranks as third richest in the games history. lottery tickets will be sold until 9:59 tomorrow night and then you can make sure to tune in at 10:59 to channel six right before "action news" at 11:00 for the the live drawing. it is the only place to see the winning numbers actually drawn right here.
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v tight suspense full game for flyers north of the border tonight. >> take on the montreal a canadiens. like it or not ray emery will be in net for flyers for a while. more on steve mason's situation in a moment. flyers in montreal emery has gotten that determined look on his face tonight.
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opening minute of the conn death, wayne simmonds and matt reid hook up, result is reid's fourth goal of the season. flyers lead one to nothing. it the stays that way deep into the the third period. off the rebound thomas he beats emery, and we're now tied at one. we will go to overtime. 1:40 left in the overtime session, emery who has made 39 saves. he needed a 40th. he end the game right there. the flyers lose a tough 12-one in overtime. the team says that they expected steve mason to miss two to three weeks as he recovers from what he believes to be a knee injury. there are eight weeks left in the nhl season and flyers remain out of the playoff spot. yesterday, temple guard will cummings mentioned how awful it felt to lose by 31 points. that was the spread when owls last faced cincinnati. a different story tonight. cummings honored for his 1,000th career point. did he not play in that first meeting with baiter cats.
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he does tonight. he drops in 21 points. temple lead the entire way. owls up ten here. later jesse minister again tosses a alley hoop to one. he had 16 points. that is six wins in a row for temple 75-69 the final. drexel at towson. a low carbs diet. late second half they try to save rebound but mohammad ba h, look what i found? drexel wins its straight straight as will 63-49. delaware and james madison this is a one side add fair. loose ball will end up in the hand of tom delaware falls behind by 20, blue hens eventually lose 67-64. still to come in sports nova getting ready for tough stretch, five of seven on the road. plus not a bird not a plane, it is a dog. we will meet sixers new mascot.
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villanova has a big week ahead. cats now ranked sixth in the nation will face providence tomorrow at providence. then they will travel to butler on saturday, both of those teams are right behind cats in the big east standings. looking out five of the next seven will be on the road. a as for tomorrow we will awe know providence is a tough place to play. >> i think our guys loved the games up there. they just seem to be vicious games. the just physical. they are tough. the crowd, wild. if you can win there it is a great feeling. you know you are battle tested if you can win there. >> finally tonight sixers added a new member to the team today. a mascot. franklin the dog made a splash from the ceiling of the franklin institute. phillies fanatic was there to welcome franklin to town. franklin is rather unique, he is blue and he was created by
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a very special design team made up oven doorly of kid. >> absolutely. finally dad's night out in the montgomery county school tonight but it was still all about the kid. hill top prep in rosemont hosted an evening called dinner with dad. fifty fathers of children with special need and autism came to the table to connect to discuss challenging and talk about plans for their children's if you tour. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six filled by night line jimmy's guest anna fures, mark jackson, music from ann lennox. action naus continues at four credit 30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- anna faris from espn, jeff van gundy & mark jackson -- and music from annie lennox -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, here's jimmy kimmel!


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