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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  February 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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below zero and for wilmington, atlantic city the coldest wind chills were around 10 degrees below zero. we still value light wind out there this afternoon. we have recovered quite a bit but it's still very harsh out with 7 degrees in allentown and reading feels like 11 in philadelphia, 13 in wildwood. and in the poconos it feels like 4 degrees. but this coming weekend it is going to be anything but quiet. tomorrow afternoon we're going to track another powerful arctic front that comes in just around the 3 o'clock hour in the western suburbs and then swings through philadelphia during the evening hours. this will bring a band of very intense snow squalls and then very powerful winds. we'll see a general 1 to 3 inches of snow with these squalls tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening and then it becomes a down right blizzard again for boston and new england bringing hurricane force winds to cape cod and it will also bring those very gusty winds sunday morning for us with wind chills dropping again between 10 and 20 degrees below zero.
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so, because of those very intense winds and that low developing, a high wind watch goes into effect for the entire viewing area saturday evening into sunday where winds could gust 50 to 60 miles an hour. that could create some power outages saturday into sunday morning and you combine that with the intense cold, you may want to have some alternate plans to stay warm in case that happens because by monday morning our forecast slow 2 degrees and that will be the coldest start to philadelphia's let's just say morning in 21 years. the coldest since 1994. we'll talk a little more about the timing of those snow squalls tomorrow and let you know if there's any warm up in that forecast in a bit. >> we'll be waiting with baited breath for that one. thank you adam. the "action news" team has been out across the city today. we haven't noticed many people stopping for long conversations in the street. it's all about staying bundled and getting back indoors as fast as possible. david henry is live in center
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city with more on how people are dealing with these brutal temperatures. david. >> reporter: yeah, shirleen, it has been windy and gusty out here all day making matters even worse and as you said people have been just running around rushing as quickly as possible to get back indoors and get themselves warmed up. >> it's too cold. it's way too cold. >> reporter: yes, we can handle winter's cold weather but this has been a real test. the wind cut through heavy clothing like a knife and the bright sun didn't help much. >> i'm freezing. >> reporter: it's not so cold out here, a bright sunny day like this. >> i'm freezing. i would rather be back home in florida. >> reporter: why are you here? >> interview. >> reporter: the interview is over. , go now. >> yes. thank you. have a good day. the wind and cold were enough to bring tears to your eyes. can i ask you why you're crying. >> 'cause it's cold. >> reporter: okay, nothing bad happened to you. >> no, no, when the wind goes
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in inn my eyes they tear up. >> reporter: you can do without the wind. >> i'm trying because i'm happy because it's so sunny day. plenty of layers appear to be the key to surviving this brutal weather. how do you find theed. >> i really don't find it a problem. actually i like winter better than summer but this is extreme. >> reporter: you can put on layers on the winter. there's only so much you can take off in the summer. >> rightism while most folks scurried to get indoors others had no choice like kevin who works outside all day. what is your best advice to people who don't have to work out in the cold? >> stay inside, stay warm. >> reporter: gee, why didn't i think of that. that's exactly what i'm going to do as soon as i say goodbye to you all. live in center city, david henry, channel6 "action news." >> getting back in that warm news van for sure. david thank you. this bitter cold can be
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bad for more than just your body. it can be hard on your plumbing. while you're keeping yourself and your family warm, it's also important to keep your pipes at a reasonable temperature. plumbing experts say to keep your water meter above 40 degrees. pipes can freeze if water is moving through them, so turn your faucets to a drip. >> as long as it's a steady flow of water it won't freeze. once it does freeze and it has time to thaw out that's how the pipes burst. >> other things you can do is insulate your pipes with heating tape and keep a blow drier theobald periodically spray your pipes with warm air. you can even use a space heater but be sure to use proper safety precautions there but anything you can do to make sure that you have got running water especially through all this weather we're expecting, brian and shirleen. >> don't want to use that alicia. thank you. much more coverage still ahead throughout the evening. john rawlins has high tech ways to keep yourself warm in this bitterly cold temperatures. nora muchanic has more on how people in new jersey are
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coping with the cold today and ali gorman has medical advice on how dangerous this weather can be. as temperatures drop and they'll continue to drop be sure to stick with we have both the hourly and seven-day forecasts so you can be prepared no matter how cold it might get. >> a missing teenaged mom and her newborn twins have been found safe. 16 year old ruth johnson and her seven day old daughters disappeared last night. investigators say johnson took the babies and left after she had a fight with someone at her northeast philadelphia home. today police in gloucester city, new jersey confirm they were found in good condition. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf put a stop today to the death penalty in the keystone state. he says today's moratorium will remain in effect until his concerns are satisfied. vernon odom live in center city with more on what those concerns are and how the people in the legal profession are reacting to this. vernon some pretty strong
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reactions today. >> reporter: very much so, brian. the new governor did not highlight this issue during his campaign last spring summer and fall but today he put out this word on a friday afternoon kicking off a holiday weekend considered a savvy time to put news out that's expected to generate hot button reactions. there are nearly 200 people now on pennsylvania's death row. sentenced to die by lethal injection but there have been no executions in the commonwealth since 1999. all now on death row are getting a temporary reprieve. today governor wolf said his moratorium will remain in effect at least until he gets a report from a state senate panel that has been studying the topic for about four years now. the pennsylvania state troopers association called the governor's move today a "travesty" saying it is right for prosecutors to seek the death penalty for cop killing suspect eric frein accused of ambushing and assassinating trooper corporal bryon dixon
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back in accept in the poconos. various local d.a.'s are also blasting the governor who says he's not expressing sympathy for the guilty on death row but "the decision is based on a flawed system that has proven to be an endless cycle of court proceedings as well as ineffective unjust and expensive" f a pair of veteran did he first lawyers today this response. >> as a defense counsel i have my problems with the death penalty and its inequities in many respects so i think it's a good idea. >> i think it is timely and i think it is -- it was very negligence it's very necessary and i think the fact that it's -- he's not leading a campaign on abolishing the death penalty. he's talking about a moratorium which says this needs to be revisited and it should have been revisited administrations ago. >> reporter: tonight the pennsylvania district attorney's association called the governor's actions today a "misuse of power." live at the courthouse in
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center city, vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon thank you. we'll have more on that throughout the evening tonight. in the meantime 81 new police officers are now preped to patrol the streets of mercer county. this was the 12th graduating class of the mercer county police academy. each new officer successfully completed 21 weeks of the foremost training and instruction available. and here in trenton today there were lots of proud loved ones on hand to celebrate the beginning of what they all hope will be long and very safe careers out there on the streets. >> yes and congrats to them. it is time for the "action news" traffic report. it's a cold one out there but at least it's friday. >> yeah, matt pelman live in the "action news" traffic center. icing has been an issue in some places. >> it has. we have to take it easy rounding corners on some of the drives especially where the water comes down off the rocks, can create slippery conditions. yeah watch out for slick spots as you head out this afternoon on this friday the 13th. we don't know exactly what we're going to get and so far we have been getting a number of accidents like one here on
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95 northbound side right by the exit for washington avenue and columbus boulevard. the good news with this one is it's all off to the side. the bad news is up ahead as you get toward the betsy ross bridge there's another crash taking out the left lane and that one is causing more substantial delays. on 95 in new castle county this is not a good situation. overturned vehicle crash is taking out a lane on the northbound side right by 896 in newark. you see that travel time of zero minutes. it's not actually zero minutes. that just means that the traffic is stopped coming away from the maryland state line because of that overturned vehicle crash again 95 northbound at 896 in newark. in salem county the ramp from 140 eastbound to the jersey turnpike southbound to head towards the delaware memorial bridge is closed because of a crash. also in east green wish gloucester county on mantua road. past tw 95 past the black horse pike a wreck taking out the left lane. let's grab the ipad do you commuter report on this friday afternoon. you can see the slow speeds here.
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six, eight, 7 miles per hour, jersey turnpike southbound is going to be a better bet. you can always watch those speeds with the waze app. download it for free. we'll check it again brian and shirleen in the next half hour. >> some women are beating the biological clock with an unusual backup plan. last night we told you about an egg freezing party at a local bar. society hill reproductive medicine hosted the event to answer fertility questions and we've gotten a lot of questions about the story. so coming up after 4:30 we're hosting a facebook chat. experts will be here answering any questions you may have. join in by going to the 6abc "action news" facebook page. >> and that facebook page has been loaded with questions thon topic. bad news for valentine's day shop sers. why the price of one very popular item is going up. >> plus, it's a sure sign of spring on this frosty february day. we're with the phillies as they pack up for florida. >> and a supreme court justice
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explains why she fell asleep during the state of the union. why she blames the other judges for the fact that she was, and this is a direct quote, "not 100 percent sober" >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> a new jersey thief suspect who allegedly staged his own disappearance has turned up alive and he is free on bail right now after his first court appearance. 45-year-old andrew biddle vanished in july during a boating accident in longport shortly after he was indicted on criminal charges. investigators believed biddle orchestrated the crash to escape after he was accused of stealing from clients of a boating company and it turns out he was in fact, alive and well. he surrendered yesterday reportedly telling his attorney he wanted to take responsibility. he just posted $50,000 bail this afternoon.
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well, it is beyond frigid here. perfect timing for the phillies to head south. it was much needed sign of spring and a reminder baseball season is around the corner the phillies packed up the clubhouse. they're headed to clearwater. the action cam was there as the team loaded up the truck. what to pack? here's a roster. 2400 baseballs, 1200 bats, 10,000 powerade can you please, 600 pairs of pants and 25 sets of golf clubs. i guess do you get a little r and r right. this packing job is a big one and it takes months. >> you start this process in early november, december when we place the orders for all the things that we need for the season. that starts rolling in in january, we mark them off our list. we put them on the pallets dan we simply take the pallets right to the truck we load it up and we're gone in four and a half hours. >> takes a lot of manpower. of course you need all the
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help you can get and spearheading it all that by right there the phanatic, the phillies truck will travel more than a thousand miles to clearwater. it's expected to get there on zip. pitchers and catchers report on wednesday. perfect timing to get out of this cold weather. >> i kind of thing we should do "action news" after 4:00. >> can we do it. >> from clearwater. >> on the road. "action news" at 4:00 on the road yes. >> brilliant. >> yes. >> take us with you. >> we'll talk to the phanatic. >> are the bosses listening. >> jump on the truck. >> alicia thanks very much. on that note time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> let's go over to meteorologist adam joseph. >> oh, that would be so nice dreaming of warmth and sunshine because as we look at double scan live radar you see our next clipper system near chicago with some slow. doesn't look that was mighty but as it sinks to the south and east it will gain steam and will bring another arctic invasion our way this weekend. right now we recovered some from the this morning but still a brutal 23 in philadelphia, 19 in allentown 25 in dover, 10 in the
4:17 pm
poconos, atlantic city 24 degrees but you factor in the winds, which have calmed down some since this morning but even with speeds of 10, 13, 15 miles an hour around the region, it is dropping those wind chills. it feels like seven in allentown and reading, nine in lancaster, 11 wilmington, 14 in millville and four lonely degrees in the poconos. we are timing that system for tomorrow. again, it's an arctic front but this one has a lot of energy with it and as it pushes through, we'll start to see some of those snow showers and snow squalls developing in the early afternoon far to the north and west and then it will start to break out around 3 o'clock along i-95, wilmington philadelphia, trenton and they will drop a general one to 3-inches across our region and then we'll start to see some bands set up during the evening hours. this is 6 o'clock and those snow squalls in the small bands will be very intense as they pass through and at 8:30 it clears to the west. we're still seeing some of those snow squalls east of philadelphia and with a lot of folks out and about tomorrow
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afternoon and especially in the evening, if you're heading out to dinner for valentine's day you need to watch these snow squalls want to 3 o'clock and 8 o'clock. they'll create whiteout conditions very strong wind gusts and dangerous travel because of the reduced visibility and the quick accumulation they can drop. then behind that the winds crank up here saturday night into sunday morning, wind gusts at 7:00 a.m. sunday could be in the upper 50's in southern areas even 50 miles an hour in allentown. otherwise, most of us seeing greater than 45 miles an hour wind gusts and those wind chills will also headway south here on sunday morning. nine below in philadelphia, 12 below in millville, 11 below in wilmington, 11 below in lancaster and with such strong winds and such bitter cold, dangerous air we could see some power outages because of those winds snapping some limits causing the power to go out and if it does it's going to be so cold you want to have plan b in the back of your
4:19 pm
head just in case. tonight eight in allentown, 12 in trenton, 10 in millville. the clouds will be picking up and there will be less wind overnight tonight so we get a little break tonight and as we look at the four day at 4:00 snow squalls tomorrow and temperatures they're going to be in the 30's and then as we head into sunday, wind chills will be below zero through much of the day with sun and clouds and then on monday wind chills near 10 degrees. that is it for the holiday with a high of just 19 after starting at 2:00 in the morning and then clouds will be thickening up as we get into the afternoon on tuesday so overall it is a brutal weekend hopefully have that loved one that will keep you warm at your heart despite mother nature giving us the cold shoulder. >> all right. >> thank you adam. >> to business now. pretty extraordinary day. stocks ending the weekend in record territory. dow up 47 points to gain over 18,000. nasdaq at a 15 year high. the s & p up eight and a half
4:20 pm
to close at a new record high today, so a very good day on wall street. there is some bad news if you're looking to do some last minute shopping for valentine's day. you could expect to pay more for chocolate. higher demand in china and other asian markets is driving up the prices and supplies are down because cocoa producing countries are dealing with drought conditions and disease that has taken quite a toll on crops. >> another celebrity chef bringing his business to atlantic city. gordon ramsey just opened his pub and grille at caesar's casino and hotel today. the casual eatery features ipad menus and a bar accented by british telephone booths. ramsey is planning to visit his new restaurant next month. >> pretty nasty one here. rats took over a south philadelphia home so the homeowners called the "action news" troubleshooters to get some help and we gave it. here's a preview of our special report tonight at 11:00. >> reporter: i'm nydia han. you know what this is? it's a weapon the owners this house
4:21 pm
made to kill the giant rats that are coming from the house next door. >> we really need help. >> reporter: the rats have driven out the south philadelphia family that lives here. forcing them to pick up and find temporary shelter elsewhere. >> because i didn't want them to get sick or the rats might bite them or the diseases the rats carry. >> reporter: find out what happens when the "action news" troubleshooters get involved and what you should do if an unoccupied home is causing problems in your neighborhood. tonight on channel6 "action news" at 11:00. >> luckily they called nydia. she was caught napping during the president's state of the union and now supreme court justice ruth baeder ginsberg says it wasn't just because she was tired. cameras spotted ginsburg nodding off during the president's speech last month. during a lighthearted moment after an events at george washington university ginsberg admitted she wasn't " "100 percent sober at the time" and she blames it all on her fellow justices. >> we had dinner together and
4:22 pm
i vowed this year just sparkling water, stay away from the wine but in the end the dinner was so delicious it needed wine. [laughter] >> one glass for me too ruth. i hear you. ginsberg said the culprit was justice anthony kennedy who brought the wine to dinner. she says when she got home she had a call from her granddaughter teasing her for falling asleep on tv. a man from south jersey has overcome sickness and tragedy and he continues to fight to do what he loves. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live now in the news room with his story. hi monica. >> hi, shirleen. he suffers from lupus. he also lost a leg and it is the sport of kayaking that has kept him going all this time. very inspirational. 42 year old brandon holiday from maple shade. he was virtually inactive until a marlton company fit him with a proper prosthetic that aloud him to compete. coming up after 5:00 lisa thomas-laury tells to us about the many hurdles brandon has
4:23 pm
had to overcome and plans for his next kayaking competition. plus there's a battle over plastic bags in princeton. why activists say shoppers should pay up if they really want to use plastic. those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5 o'clock tonight. brian and shirleen we'll see you then. >> monica thanks. still ahead a massive fire at the jersey shore and firefighters had to battle american just flames to get that blaze under control. >> alicia has preview of what's coming up in big talker. >> yeah guys it looked like a homicide scene blood on the car, a body in the trunk. why police in eastern pennsylvania are fuming over a friday the 13th style prank that was far from phonism you won't want to miss this coming up in big talker.
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>> ♪♪ >> high winds helped fan the flames of a house fire at the jersey shore this morning. the action cam was in avalon where a fire started on the 4700 block of fifth avenue around 11 o'clock last night. firefighters say the flames
4:27 pm
started in a house under construction but 30 miles per hour winds helped it spread to a second home. we went back during the day today and you can see the whole area is now a block of ice. it took crews from all over cape may county until 3 o'clock in the morning before they finally got the flames under control. no one was hurt. and still ahead from the practical to the pricey, we have tips to stay warm this weekend. >> and they're dancing in into six decades marriage. a delaware couple gives their secret to lasting love on this valentine's eve. >> how an inspiring young woman is strutting her way into the history books.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph alicia vitarelli shirleen allicott and brian taff. >> ♪♪ >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with something you'll love this valentine's day weekend. freebies. >> speaking of the holiday we've got a big talker question that's blowing up our facebook page today. should valentine's day be banned in schools. why some parents say the holiday has noplace in the classroom. >> plus, it's all fun and games until the police show up. two pennsylvania pranksters learn the hard way that officers don't find homicide very funny. >> but first this half hour, bitter blast. the coldest air in two decades is about to descend on the
4:30 pm
delaware valley. >> and if you didn't know any better you might think that sunny center city shot from sky 6 looks warm, but as you can see from the video warm is far from it. it's down right painful out there and unfortunately it is only going to get worse. let's get right over to meteorologist adam joseph for the freezing forecast. adam. >> yeah, in addition to that arctic air that lingers through the weekend and if not gets worse by the second half of the weekend we add a little snow on top of it as well. double scan live radar all is quiet locally here right now and for tonight but another clipper system is near lake superior and you see limited moisture with this right now but as it sinks to the south and east, because it will have such a powerful force of wind behind it we'll really get the atmosphere excited to bring a band of snow quickly through here tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. it won't last long but it will quickly drop 1 to 3 inches of snow so a winter weather advisory was just issued for saturday afternoon and saturday evening basically for the entire viewing area,
4:31 pm
meaning that some slick travel will be expected during those hours so what to expect any time after the lunchtime hour tomorrow, through the early evening hours we're looking again at a general 1 to 3 inches. all the models have good consensus saying it's between that one and a half to two and a half inch range for philadelphia and it's going to be that light fluffy snow because temperatures will be so cold and then behind that come sunday morning the winds will really crank up. this low is really going to deepen and bring another blizzard with hurricane force winds for boston and cape cod and bring us even 60 miles an hour winds and that will drop the wind chill back down to nine below zero for philadelphia and even colder in those northwestern suburbs. we'll chat more about the timing of the snow squalls tomorrow and let you know if there's any warmup, shirleen n-that seven-day forecast in just a little bit. >> whatever i do no matter how much i bundle up i just can't feel warm enough. >> you can only put so much on. >> it's true.
4:32 pm
thank you adam. speaking of which from plain old long johns to high tech toys, there are certainly ways to stay warm if you plan on braving the bitter cold this weekend. "action news" reporter john rawlins spent the day uncovering tricks of the trade. he joins us live from conshohocken with the details and john we are all ears. >> reporter: well, shirleen, obviously when you go out in this weather the secret is to conserve your body heat. you've heard this before, i'll say it again layering, that is the key. we'll show you why. we'll tell you what to avoid and as far as those high tech toys think battery power. for decades rei has been outfitting mountain climbers and others who deal with cold and wind. daniel showed us how she dressed. first wind resistant gloves. her outercoat also wind resistant. >> below that i have a couple of insulating layers. the blue is a full length jacket insulating layer nice
4:33 pm
and thin. >> reporter: thunder an insulated vest. >> the advantage of layers is giving me more places for the heat to get trapped. >> reporter: sippers also help to regulate the amount of heat trapped so you don't overheat when you're inside. something to stay away from, cotton as a base layer. it traps moisture that can kill you if you perspire. better wool or less expensive synthetics. >> this one is 40 and this one i believe is 100. >> reporter: okay. >> 105, two and a half. >> reporter: synthetic works as well as natural. >> absolute ill. the number one rule dress to confirm your body heat. skiers know all about that and know in some cases it can be smart to add heat. at buchman ski shop we saw gloves with built in compartments for chemical hand warmers. they also have what's in this box, electrically heat the gloves. >> battery operated. >> reporter: so you have a little battery that fits in there. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: heats it up. >> yeah. and it has settings, adjustments. it will tell you what your setting is, where you're at, whether you're on high, medium
4:34 pm
or low. >> reporter: nice and toasty i presume. but all that battery powered heat comes at a pretty hefty cost. those gloves $329. those who have them love them, though and they are part of a whole growing number of things that are battery powered that heat up in the wintertime. we'll take a look at that at 5:30 when i come back. live in conshohocken, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> expensive stump i'll stick with the little hand warmer packs, yeah, that's more my budget. before you bundle up, be sure to check the 6abc storm tracker app. both the hourly and seven-day forecasts are there to help you get ready for the frigid temperatures. you can download it now for free. >> other news this afternoon pennsylvania state police say a trooper fatally shot a fugitive sex offender from arizona in berks county this morning. it happened when police tried to serve an arrest warrant at a row home in reading around 4:00 a.m. investigators say the trooper opened fire when 35-year-old
4:35 pm
richard carolyn refused to follow his commands. he had been on the run since threatening two officers with a sawed off shot gun. officials say he has been convicted of child molestation and robbery. police are still investigating that deadly shooting. millersville university campus is paying tribute to a freshman killed in her dorm room. karlie hall's classmates wore purple to promote awareness of dating violence. hall died of strangulation and other injuries after a fight with her boyfriend 19-year-old gregorio orrostieta is charged with homicide now. buses will be provided for students who want to attend hall's funeral in kennett square. >> officials are trying to figure out why a chunk of maribel crashed down onto a center city sidewalk overnight. the slab broke loose from a store front along the 1500 block of chestnut street just before midnight. it then fell through the awning of a handbag store and
4:36 pm
broke apart when it hit the pavement. fortunately no one was walking or driving by t the sidewalk was blocked off for much of the night while l and i investigated. >> pennsylvania residents are being urged now to get the measles vaccine amid an outbreak in several states. the message came from united states senator bob casey and a leading vaccine expert at the university of pennsylvania. they say pennsylvania has the country's second lowest measles vaccination rate among kindergarten students. children who are not protected can easily contract and spread that highly contagious disease. we told you last night at 11 o'clock some women are beating the biological clock by freezing their eggs. in fact it's becoming so popular now that society hill reproductive medicine hosted a party this week for those either in the preservation process or considering it. our story generate add lot of curiosity and conversation. and today those experts are back to answer your questions. here's a live look now at a
4:37 pm
fertility facebook chat that started in our news room a few minutes ago. you can join in by going to the 6abc facebook page and asking your question until 5:30-ton right. >> a local couple will celebrate valentine's day as newlyweds after a visit to the wmmr radio show. the morning show hosts preston and steve donned tucks for the call. loyalist interjosh proposed to his girlfriend lauren this morning. after a flurry of preparation in a matter of hours the couple were married on air before 9:00 a.m. they were man and wife and the party got under way. next lauren and josh will headed to a fabulous honeymoon in sunny and warm florida and hopefully this couple can take some tips from this next couple i have to introduce you to. and on this eve of valentine's day a delaware couple that will bring you hope and leave you inspired. sid and ethel engle got married on june 30th 1957 and
4:38 pm
after 58 years it is pretty clear these two are still in love. they enjoy looking back at their old love letters that they've kept all these years also helping keep that spark going their passion for dance. but the couple says there's lots more to it than just doing the two-step. >> you just say i'm going to do whatever it takes to make this work and you do that. >> first of all she's a lot smarter than i am. [laughter] >> i treasure her mind. i love the way she looks and she's got a good heart. >> love them. as for valentine's day the two plan to celebrate by getting down on the dance floor at their retirement community's annual party tonight. >> they seem like a lot of fun. you can see it in the way she kind of looks at him with those loving eyes. awesome to see that. >> still ahead from skin care to candy we've got a valentine's day edition of freebie friday you'll be sure
4:39 pm
to love. >> speaking of free, should the classroom be free from valentine's day? why some parents say the holiday simply doesn't belong in the classroom. >> plus she's not struggling any more. meet the single mother of four turned multi-million fair thanks to wednesday night's powerball drawing. >> got a love that super psyched boyfriend in the background. meteorologist adam joseph back with that full accuweather forecast. their lives just changed didn't it. >> it did. >> "action news" at 4:00 will be right back. >> i'd be dancing like that.
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast totally half fast stop living with
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half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v ♪♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> ♪♪ >> one of the luckiest people on the planet came forward today to claim her powerball prize. marie holmes one of three people to correctly pick all of the powerball numbers for wednesday night's $564 million jackpot. the 26-year-old single mom from north carolina made a last minute decision to buy that ticket. who is that guy? needless to say it's one she does not regret.
4:42 pm
>> thankful that i can bless my kids with something that i didn't have. >> now holmes has four kids including one with special needs. she used to work at wal-mart and mcdonald's but was not employed when she won the big prize. holmes says she isn't sure how she'll spend the money but she first plans to donate money to her church. >> wishing them all the best. remember the brave texas mother who sit down a carjacking suspect after he rear-ended her minivan. her gutsy move is being rewarded. the owner of a dallas car dealer slip decided to give her a new minivan. the gift will replace her vehicle which was heavily damaged by the driver avenue stolen car. she says she never would have been able to afford a new car is that overwhelmed by the generosity. here at the big board with the big talker it's friday the 13th and in hazelton pennsylvania a prank meant to
4:43 pm
evoke the spirit of the spooky day turned out to be anything but funny and landed two guys on the wrong side of the law. here's how it went down. shane and codey put fake blood on a car. they took it to a car wash with a fake body stuffed in the trunk, all while recording the whole prank to put on youtube. well, people at that car wash called the cops and five officers sped there thinking it was a homicide scene. those two men are now facing disorderly conduct charges. in retrospect they said you know, we really didn't think this one through and we did go a little bit too far. and those cops certainly agreeing with that. now to a candy controversy. check this out. it looks like a valentine pretty heart with a message on it but if you read closely this one says i would have given you candy but the school won't let me. some local kids handed out these in class because of their school candy on valentine's day is banned. no sugar hearts, no chocolates.
4:44 pm
the school saying, sorry healthy snacks only. say i love you with an apple. other schools banning celebrating the holiday. some you can hand out notes but there's a no hugging policy. there's a big conversation happening on the "action news" facebook page. some of you think it's too commercial has noplace in the classroom. others say it's a special day to let people you care for let them know you're thinking of them and some say it let's kids show affection and thoughtfulness. this hashtag is trending role models not runway models. this woman with the big smile and confidence to match is the reason why. jamie brewer worked it on the runway. she also made history as the first ever model with down's syndrome at new york fashion week. designer carry hammer wanted to shatter model stereotypes and found a dozen women from all walks of life like brewer to wear her designs on the catwalk. brewer is an actress famous for her role in american horror story and she posted some pictures on twitter as she got primped for her big
4:45 pm
moment. she said while she was nervous she kept thinking embrace the fear and go for it and she did an amazing job and it's a story inspiring so many people. >> i've seen her on american horror story. i love she's getting so much exposure. she deserves it. >> thanks alicia. let's get another check on the roads tonight. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an update for us. >> your heart won't be singing a happy tune if you're going for a drive on 295 this afternoon. southbound side brian and shirleen coming out of burlington county heading into camden county it's not where you want to be. let me explain why. 12 miles per hour, 8 miles per hour, 10 miles per hour, 8 miles per hour and it's all because of an earlier accident. southbound on 295 just past the black horse pike that crash is now gone but the sizable delay from past route 38 on down to past 168 the black horse pike is still very much intact. you want to think alternates like 130, kings highway the new jersey turnpike, all good options through burlington and
4:46 pm
camden counties instead of 295 this afternoon. elsewhere in burlington county by the walgreens where amy's house is on the southbound side of 130 they're still working on that water main break from this morning blocking the left lane on northbound 130 approaching high street which of course is 541. if you're trying to get to the new jersey turnpike in salem county you can't do so by 130. i would go up to 295 via harding highway and get drown toward the delaware memorial bridge. overturned vehicle crash on on the northbound side of 95 at 896 taking out the right lane. 95 in pennsylvania locked up with speeds at 10 miles per hour. at the schuylkill is the moment it's very dark but if we could see trust me it's jammed in both directions by the vine street expressway. we'll check it again brian and shirleen at 5 o'clock. >> the worst traffic conditions i've ever been. >> right. >> we're losing apparently. >> thank you my gleaned meteorologist adam joseph back with a slightly brighter accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> yes please.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> ♪♪ >> grab your loved one hold them tight this weekend 'cause it's going get nasty cold out there. >> it is. i've been trying to think of different adjectives to talk about the cold coming in. i've run out of them. >> it's just cold. >> just down right cold and eventually dangerous. as we take a look at double scan live radar all is quiet. we got a lot of sun out there today but doing very little to warm us up. 19 right now in allentown, 20 in trenton. the poconos 10 degrees. 25 in dover and even at the shore between about 23 and 24 degrees. wind chill, though, this is how it feels. this is the number you want the look at the next few days before you step out. feels like 11 in philadelphia, seven in allentown and reading, 13 in wildwood and only 4 degrees in the poconos. we are tracking another clipper system and this particular arctic front and associated low pressure center once again doesn't have a lot
4:50 pm
of moisture with it right now but it is very intense with its cold arctic air behind it that it's going have a lot of power with wind and that is why this is going to get a little extra lift in the atmosphere to squeeze some moisture out. so at noontime tomorrow we'll see some of those snow showers breaking out in the far northwestern suburbs. then they approach philadelphia wilmington, trenton around 3 o'clock. now, the initial snow showers may be on the light side. but as the front approaches late afternoon and evening around 6 o'clock you starter to see these bands setting up. those are what are called snow squalls. they're known as snow squalls. they can quickly drop one to 3-inches of snow as they pass through and by 9 o'clock they'll be pushing off to the east and we'll be drying out but a lot of us will be out and about tomorrow with valentine's day and dinner dates in the evening and when these snow squalls pass through between about 3 o'clock and 8 o'clock they can create quick whiteout conditions. that he reduce visibility. the winds will be very strong with the squalls and it will
4:51 pm
create some dangerous travel for a very short amount of time so you want to be very cautious if you start to see a wall of whiteheading your way tomorrow afternoon and evening. then the winds behind the squalls really kick up all night long. saturday night into sunday morning 50 miles an hour in allentown, near 56 in millville and dover and clocking in close to 45 to 50 across much of the area and with those powerful winds that will pick up overnight saturday into sunday, they could reach speeds of near 60 miles an hour. it could bring down some branches and trees very easily. that could create some power outages and with such intense dangerous cold, following that front and the winds, you may want to have a backup plan in the back of your head just in case you lose power with wind chills like this on sunday morning, six below in allentown, nine below in philadelphia, 12 below in millville and close to 20 degrees below zero in the poconos. not too bad tonight when you look at eight to 16 and light winds as clouds thicken up so
4:52 pm
we get a little break tonight and then on the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 36 tomorrow. we'll watch those snow squalls that will be intense in the afternoon and then the arctic invasion arrives on sunday. wind chills all day zero to 15. below zero with air temperatures at 19 and then overnight sunday night into monday morning, we're forecasting a low of 2 degrees. records to watch. it could tie or break a record from the late 1800s and we're also expecting temperatures from wilmington to trenton to be close to that 0-degree mark and at record and it stays cold on monday for the holiday. wind chills near 10 all day. clouds thicken up on tuesday of 34 and the system that wanted to come through here tuesday and wednesday looks like it may miss us to the south give us a few snow showers wednesday morning. right now not a big deal but then we're become into the 20's again thursday and friday so it seems like one arctic outbreak after another is kind of marching in from the north and west guys. >> thank you adam. >> thank you adam. freebie friday should warm you up.
4:53 pm
it's coming up next
4:54 pm
thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
4:55 pm
>> it is freebie friday and with temperatures plunging it's important to protect your skin, so origins is offering a free winter sample skin care kit on its facebook page. you can redeem that in department stores like macy's. show yourself some love this valentine's day. sam's club is offering free health screenings to everyone. no membership required tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. this tuesday wow this is coming up fast there's a free fat tuesday mardi gras party at the kimmel center. free music beads masks and hurricane cocktails for you. then on wednesday lots of fun here. it's the latest of the free target community nights at the franklin institute. the fun filled science extravaganzas run from five
4:56 pm
until 8 o'clock. now of course we're coming up on president's day weekend and all national parks are offering free admission and valley forge national historical park is celebrating general george washington with free events at the place where the first president would have celebrated his birthday. lots of fun there. details on that on and while you're there free cat food free reeses candy an free subscription to men's journal. happy freebie friday if did you say reeses gland free reeses candy. you can give to it shirleen. >> i don't think he will. >> that will be my gift to you. >> one for himself if one for everybody. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for shirleen allicott alicia vitarelli. shirleen and i along with ducis rodgers back on "action news" at 10:00. >> near here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's ahead after 5:00.
4:57 pm
>> coming up on "action news" at 5:00 you need to take extra precautions when you're out in the arctic air. ali gorman has what you can do to stay safe this weekend. the deadline is nearing to sign up for healthcare. >> borgata at getting in there business of basketball bet but it's not on the nba. we'll explain when we come up next at 5:00
4:58 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody. cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> it was a sea of cold students at the university of delaware today. everyone bundled up in this brutal weather and if you have to work outside, of course even worse. the low temperatures and the winds make conditions unbearable. friday night the big story on "action news" is the below freezing start to our weekend. >> we also have some snow in the forecast and more arctic air heading our way as well. and we have live team coverage tonight on the brutal cold. ali gorman joins us with how to stay healthy. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic talked with people about coping working outdoors.
5:00 pm
>> hi, monica, hi rick. >> cold moved in today and it sets up shop as we head into the weekend. the worst of the cold moves in saturday and sunday. check out morning wind chills. allentown this morning you woke up with temperatures feeling like they were 15 degrees below zero. philadelphia this morning it felt like 9 degrees below zero and atlantic city down the shore it felt like temperatures were close to 10 degrees below zero. and not much recovery this afternoon, even early this evening, most spots still feeling like they were in the low teens along that 95 corridor. areas to the south and east it feels like 11 in the city, feels like 7 degrees only in allentown and it feels like currently a wind chill of 4 degrees in the poconos along the coast in wildwood feeling like 12 degrees. so, the core of that arctic air moves in as we get into saturday afternoon and saturday night and here's part of the reason why. we're tracking a clipper system that's going to be working its way eastward. as this clipper system moves through we could find anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snowfall but in the wake of this clipper system moving on


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