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tv   Action News  ABC  February 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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s weekend and the "action news" troubleshooters tackle a house playing with rats >> it's cold and going to get colder and snow equals will
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leave several inchs of snow on the ground. february weather continues. the big story on "action news" tonight is weekend of wild weather in the offing and yet it will get even colder in the tri-state. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is staked out in philadelphia's university city but first let's get the latest information from accuweather and meteorologist adam joseph. adam. >> jim before we get to up tense wind chills again we have to get through snow equals and powerful winds and we're tracking now on double scan live radar powerful low with a strong arctic front swipinging through here tomorrow evening and intensifies south and east. because of possibility of those snow squalls tomorrow afternoon and evening winter weather advisories have gone up for basically the entire viewing area which means again those visibilities will reduce and as
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you travel around tomorrow, and tomorrow evening. it could turn treacherous. in fact that low in the front will approach 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and as it swings through we could see a quick 1 to 3" of snow and that could nal short amount of time and then this low becomes a blizzard yet again for new england and boston and cape. hurricane force winds with feet of snow. and at that time sunday morning wind chills locally here will drop 10 to 20 degrees below zero on sunday morning. jim when i come back we'll have timing of the squalz and harsh wind. >> let's go live toy dann cuellar university city. dann how are folks coping with the cold tonight and what is penndot's strategy in advance of the squal s tomorrow. >> there's not about a lot of people walking a round. it could mean
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hazardous driving tomorrow. >> you could say it's perfectly made for come by. >> we don't field cold or extreme street. cast members from terror behind the walls eastern state personry were hosting a zombie skate. there were few others bracing the cold temperatures. it's forecast calling for whiteout snow equals that has penndot officials concerned. >> there will be period. s of time a squal may come through the region that may reduce visibility and drop heavier snow for short period of >> there's a point where salt doesn't work too well. >> once temperatures are into the 20s teens, salt normal application of salt does not work as effectively. >> so penndot is prescribed to
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mix swalt calcium chloride which dramatically lowers temperatures that freezes. this is true for what homeowners use to melt ice and snow. rock salt works to a certain point. >> that works down to minus 5 degrees. >> although it's a lot more expensive he says calcium chloride is best bet. >> it's 25 minus. >> 25 minus degrees. >> calcium chloride. >> yes. >> people were scambleing to find stuff for the ice and snow wiping out this king of prussia home depot of everything. >> sold like hot cakes. >> wow. >> it's gone. >> gone. >> and of course it's valentine's day tomorrow. there likely will be a lot of people out and about. be careful on the roadways. take time. don't rush. drive at a lower speed. we're live in university city, dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dann as you said the warning about the cold is not just about comfort.
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these temperatures it's dangerous. with wind chills to minus 15 sunday morning frost bite can snet on exposed skin 15 to 30 minutes. >> it might include numbness, tingling, change in color of skin and pain as well. >> you lose the most heat from your head and torso. layers help maintain your core temperature. smaller ears like ears, happened toes, nose typically suffer affects of frost bite first. outta door exercises need to remember hydration is still vital. check on loved one and elderly they're at greater rick of hypothermia. baby can not shiver to keep warm so they need to be kept in warmer rooms inside. >> few things car battery power like extreme cold. aaa recommends running car for ten minutes before bed saturday night and the am bee aunt temperature under the hood can help theen jip weather cold
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spell. other tips check the air pressure and tread on tires. a mechanic can run a test to see if battery holds charge or stars in extreme temperatures and keep your gas tank half pull to prevent freeze-ups. and if do you break down you'll be thankful if you have a blanket on hand. and make sure your cellphone is fully charged to call for help in a roadside emergency. the free 6abc stromtracker app will keep you informed of snow squalls this weekend and plus let you know the current temperature and hour by hour forecast that you can plan your day. icing is a concern in south philadelphia neighborhood tonight where a water main braekd knocked out service to 880 customers. crews are starting to restore the service. sometime after midnight, standing water got into basements 2400 block of south lambert after the 6" main broke at 5:00.
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any water pumped into the street will freeze. there is other news that hour pennsylvania governor tom wolf place aid moratorium on the death penalty and that means 183 men and three women on pennsylvania death row will escape any chance of execution for the time being of course the last excuse in pennsylvania was 15 years ago. "action news" reporter sharee williams is here and predictably wolf is being both hailed and sharply criticized for his action. >> capital punishment, of course is polarizeing issue and the numbers show the use of death penalty is on decline across the current any recent years. governor says the state needs to study the issue more. he's waiting to hear the findings of a task force on whether the death penalty does anything to improve public saferty or deter criminal action? >> i cannot accept the statement he made today and he's obnoxious.
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how can do you this to the people that lost a loved one in the line of duty. >> grepen la claire with strong reactions to governor tom wolf and changes in procedure for death row inmates and pennsylvania. governor wolf announced he's suspected death penalty for 186 inmates awaiting execution that includes darian houseer what was convicted of shooting and kill be sinclaire. the moratorium is not expression of difficult gi on death row but the decision is based on squalled system that's has proven to be an endless cycle of court proceeders. but gretchen calls the governor's decision wrong and hurtful. >> this is you have closure i said what closure you cannot get closure you never will. unless this guys is executed. the governor says his moratorium will reneighbor effect at least until he gets a
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full report from a state senate panel that has been studying capital punishment nearly 4 years. >> it's a bold step in the right direction. >> terrence griffin president of philadelphia black clergy stand with governor. he says every life is important and carrying out a death sentence is serious and deserves proper scrutiny. >> you need to have a moratorium so people can a take a closer look, more patient more per sipingt look at the situation so independent people are not executed. now, philadelphia da seth williams issued a statement saying governor wolf has no moral or legal right to issue this moratorium. pennsylvania state trooper association is also against this and jim the next execution was also scheduled to take place march 4 in the case against convicted killer terrence williams. not scheduled to happen any more. >> and that's why prosecutors
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across the state are upset about this. >> out rainld a bit yes. >> family and colleagues braved the cold tonight to honor a brave police officer. "action news" was at the olney transportation center in philadelphia where they held a vigil for late police officer john paloski. it was here he was shot and killed in the line of duty in 2009 and his killer rashid scruggs is serving a life sentence. >> isis launches attack where few americans are separationed in rye look. a little boy ran over by a trolley in an accident yet. >> president obama has efforts of keeping us safe. >> winds gusting 50 to 6 0 miles across the board. that's one issue. other is cold and intense snow bands. >> i'm nydia han. desserted homes in disrepair can
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cause big problems. he's responding to call for help. the philadelphia ownerer who was overcome with rats coming from the property next door. >> punxsutawney phil trouble and susquehanna took blew jack whets "action news" continues tonight
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>> they released blue and white bloopz into the sky tonight at a west philadelphia intersection in memory of 2-year-old boy who was killed by a septa trolley. dozens of people came out to 51 and lancaster the scene of yesterday's traumatic death of little isa luck. he was killed when he broke free from mother's hand and plan to path of oncoming trolleych the driver could not stop in time.
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>> fbi is looking into whether murders of three muslim college students was a hate crime? 40-year-old craig stevens hicks has been charged with shooting death of daia allicott and rub an alsala. a search of vick's home turned up at least a dozen firearms. >> 25 isis fighters tried to storm a military base in iraq where 400 troops were there. >> officials say american forces were nowhere near the fighting. president obama is calling for new efforts of increasing cyber security and says the private sector must be a partner of government in policing the internet. and it comes in the wake of major ak hack ago tacks open companies from target to home depot and soapy pictures to anthem health insurance and even
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pentagon syntax com. tim cook vowed to protect users at the cyber skurnty sim mit stanford today despite resistance from silicone valley. the hacking threat is getting worse and no single institution can take it on a loan. >> there's a political shakeup in oregon. governor john kithopper resigned under intense pressure because of suspicions his fiancee tried to land contracts for consulting business. resignation clears the way for secretary of state kate group to takeover as governor. she will be first openly bisexual in the country. >> unof course wide homes fallen into disrepair and all too come on problem in the city of philadelphia and can cause major problems for neighbors. the "action news" troubleshooters got a call about one such home and nydia han is at the big board with the story. >> we're calling this one rat
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house rescue. >> there. >> oh, oh, look, oh, yeah. >> god. >> row dents like these ram nant center city family home have them worried about their helm and safety they moved out of their south philadelphia home. >> all my neighbors on this side of the block has all these rats run ago around in their houses also. and we really need help. >> donaldson says the rats are coming from unoccupied house next door. >> hi to build this to attack anything moving and wish it would work well because i caught one at least as big as a boot. >> they began seeing so many rats they contacted "action news" troubleshooter. we called aardvark trust company and look what the exterminator found on his visit one 340us and two tlats one pulled out of a
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drawer. >> oh, look, look, yup. >> it's a health risk. >> the "action news" troubleshooters then contacted philadelphia licenses and inspection. >> all the debris is der tieriateing. >> construction code sdpeshllist shane mcnawlty met us at the house. >> we're homeless pretty much right now because of the situation. we need help. we need to be released. >> l & i issued a violation. legally, l & i must give the absentee homeowner a month to pro sowed and got a judge to have them look at the products and find something. >> they put the -- >> the city's legal point should compel the sum city.
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>> you're doing everything you can to sxetd diet the matter. >> yes. >> this family is not back in their home yet. >> i feel beder that they're following through. >> thank you very much. >> we'll follow up on this one. now, if desserted home is causing problems in your neighborhood go to troubleshooter's page on to a link where you can get help. there you can e-mail troubleshooters about any issue and issue the call for action hot line 1-866-wpvi-cfa. >> another rodent is making news in pennsylvania. you may have heard the mary mack police department issued an arrest warrant for punch tawny phil. that's right. they were not happy with the forecast of six more weeks of interest winter and after a brutal season so far in new england it only get worth. governor tom wolf posted on facebook and demanded they drop
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cold hearted policy. he calls 23eu8 american legend and pennsylvania hero it's not of the first time he was in trouble with the law. two ears yaing go a prosecutesers bunished from lying. he later dropped the charm. >> oh, boy. >> was going to need a mrankset and space heater to keep warm in this borough over the weekend. >> temperatures dproping big time it i feel for the folks in new england. we have around this weekend double scan lifery dara round the region is quiet friday night and winds calmed down and in fact how to feels when you step outside right now it's the warnlest it has been all day. 1 in fall, 1 allentown balmy 18 in wilmington. 9 many millville. feels four be lee in mount poke
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toe. if you need help clothes to -- you can sigh snow breaking out satisfieded south and east ahead of the polar express arctic attack outbreak, whatever you want to do it. it's mooching in our direction. future tracker at 50. and initally you'll see a light band of snow developing 3:00, wilmington top, philadelphia, trep top, this is not the joe equals. after this passes through you may capture break. don't let your guard down because snow squalls start to set up between 5 6 7 pbg and you see banding effects in the atmosphere and such a vigoroustransition and 1 to 3" over the coast by 10:00 tomorrow night as the snow squalls push through again a quick band of heavy snow
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falling between 3 and 8:00 creating wite-out conditions and reduced visibility and strong winds and creating dangerous travel. winds crank up behind that front saturday night and sunday morning and speeds of over 50 miles an hour across the region and we'll have our own concerns with the powerful winds saturday night and sunday could bring branches or trees down and have a backup plan in case becauses it will be so intensely and dangerously cold if you lose power you need a heat source in your home. sunday 6:30. 1 below allentown and 11 below reading and 10 below and 15 below south of philadelphia and not much improvement sunday average we stay below zero the entire day with the wind dhilz. and the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast it was intense bands of snow tomorrow afternoon and evening and 36.
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be cautious if you head out for valentine's evening cold, degrees monday morning would be coldest start to philadelphia history in 21 years. monday holiday is dry. wind chills stay near 10. clouds thickening up tuesday and we'll watch southern system to bring some snow tuesday night into wednesday blorng another slam down in temperature thursday and friday with highs back into the middle 20s. pretty intense 7 days ahead. >> time to think memorial day. >> aw is right. >> fundraiser in delaware county tonight helped raise money for parents struggling with tragedy of a terminally ill child. benefit was in honor of-year-old addison kelly of havertown who died when her intestines ruptured. the proceeds benefit the j foundation which paid for experiences. their efforts to pay for the
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and do so for most of the game against the blue jackets against the blue jackets. >> second of night comes with power play and goal season. 3-1. blue jackets game tie at 3. two minutes into ot. beats ray emorry. flyers pick up a point it should have been two. they lose 4-3. jeremy maclin is in his native missouri tonight and alma mater is recognizing amazing college career. eagles receiver is inducted into university of missouri hall of
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fame. maclin is due to be free agent in march and he's asked by reporters there that he would consider a reunion with andy reid in kc. >> they express the same you know so hopefully something is worked out. and anything can happen. obviously when you have ties to people you work with in the past most intriguing and like i sed say my heart is in philly hopefully we get work there. >> we shall see. >> nba all star weekend and and robert covington and nerlens noel. he finishs with four points. covington two. but world team wins sixers return from break friday against indiana. >> for west number 11 mop a
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>> under watchful eye of fanatic phillies loaded a tractor-trailer and left for clearwater. hopefully they recycle. pitchers and catchers report on wednesday. back to florida sunny california bill murry looking like beached cow at pro-am. tiger woods taking eye hiatus, best stanford grad with a stick. and she can punt at well.
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matt jones and red ker are leaders. >> finally only to it's all about ink this weekend in the pennsylvania convention center. 17 annual philadelphia tattoo arts convention brings together some of the industry's top artists. 25,000 people are expected to walk through the doors over the next few days and many will walk out with a design that will stay with them forever. the show runs through sunday. "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline". "action news" continue at 5:30 a.m. for ducis rogers, adam joseph, cecily tynan i'm jim gardner, have a good night and great weekend.
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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kerry washington, dave salmoni and wild animals, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from ne-yo with cleto and the cletones. and now, mark my words, here's jimmy kimmel! s [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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