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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  February 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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officer 0 opens fire after being hit by a car in bucks county. >> authorities in canada say they broken up a mass shooting plot targeting a shopping mall. we're tracking dangerous snow squalls on this bitter valentine's day. this is not looking good for daylight night. >> reporter: looking like some of the coldest air we've seen in two decades. that arrives behind the snow squalls this afternoon. we have interesting weather moving in the in the next 24, 48 hours. in the meantime, there's the view from wilmington, the clouds are moving in and the winds are picking up. 14 is the number for the poconos. dover, 28. wildwood, 30. but it feels like 19 in the city. feels like 13 in trenton. 6 in allentown, 8 feels like in the poconos. big story today we have another
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arctic front barrelling through. during the afternoon hours we'll see snow showers and squalls aligned with the front. always it passes through it will bring the snow squalls in with it. what to expect. there will be snow showers developing around lunchtime moving west to east. that transitions over to snow squalls. it's a quick-moving heavy burst of snow. one minute the visibility is fine, the next thing you can't see a thing. it will produce one to two inches in a short period of time. slippery roads, you can belt you'll encounter that. it will be windy into the evening and overnight. as a matter of fact, the national weather service issued a high wind warning for winds gusting from 50 to 06 miles per hour. hurricane force is 74, it's not too much off that. i'll talk about that in the seven day forecast.
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>> now to a developing story a police officer in bucks county opened fire hitting a man after the man hit him with the car. this is the suspect's car up the embankment with a bullet hole in the back door. the incident started when the officer noticed a suspicious vehicle at a 7-eleven on bridge street in morrisville. the officer ran the license plate and discovered the car was stolen. when the officer approached the car, the driver threw it in reverse and hit the officer. >> the car was stolen out of bristle township aye aye bristol township with the keys left run in it. >> the police say the entire incident was captured organ video and corroborates the officer's officer's story.
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now back to the cold, road crews are preparing for today's snow squalls. when it gets too cold, the normal salt application doesn't work too well. penndot is mixing salt with calcium chloride. >> it is valentine's day give yourself plenty of time and don't be in a rush and drive at a slower speed. >> many people like to warm their cars before they head out. philadelphia police say be careful, they have sent out a warning that theives are on the look out for cars with the keys in the ignitions. this cold is down right dangerous, if you're heading out for valentine's day you need to programmed. john rawlins complains how to stay safe while getting out. >> there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. >> reporter: we went to rei to talk to those who love the
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outdoors in any weather. first windy resistant groves, outer coat wind resistant. >> below that i have a couple of insulating layers. this full-length jacket. >> reporter: under that an insulated vest. the layering retains body heat and this coat keeps the wind from stealing it away. >> put your hand on the inside and try to breathe through it, if you feel your breath on your handle it's not wind proof. >> reporter: from conserving body heat adding battery power to it. there's an electrically heated insole. >> battery operated. it has setting and adjustments
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the battery lasts around 4 could 6 hours. >> reporter: that's just the beginning go to the internet you can find a an entire battery powered wardrobe, sock also, jacket vest. home office cool? how about a heated computer mouse. when the day is done, how about heated slippers. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> the weather can take a toll on your pipes. make sure your water heater is set above 40 degrees, pipes can't freeze if the water is moving through them. so let them drip over the weekend. keep a blow drier handy to spray your pipes with the warm air. the free storm tracker 6 live app will keep you informed of any snow squalls this week, plus it keeps you up to date on the temperature and hour by hour forecast to plan your day. philadelphia water department crews braved the brutal cold. another water main break closed
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rising sun avenue in hunting park. the water department worked to shut off the main. no properties are damaged but the 4300 block is blocked because of repairs. a water main break knocked out service to 8 old customers last night. the break in the 6-inch main sent water gushing into some basements. new overnight police are looking for two men who took off after a destructive hit and run in north philadelphia. the suv slammed into a route 15 trolley and the such hit two parked cars. both men abandoned the suv no passengers were on the trolley and no injuries were reported. overnight we learned that a crime stopper's tip helped
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police fool a plat by two suspects planning a valentine's day massacre. the two were planning to go to a nova scotia mall and kill as many people as they could before taking their own lives. one suspect a 23-year-old american woman from illinois was arrested at airport. the two suspects were obsessed with killing and had many photos of mass killings. authorities are not calling it a case of terrorism. >> i would classify it as a group of individuals that had some beliefs and were willing to carry out violent acts against citizens. >> two other men are in custody, one of them a 17-year-old male was wanted for threatening to shoot up a high school and had an outstanding want. suspect boko haram militants have staged their
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first attack in chad. yesterday an assault left a jordanian soldier and two militants dead. boko haram has threatened any nation that's joining the fight against them. chad is contributing the most military muscle to the effort. police in north carolina say the man charged with gunning down three muslim students had a cachet of weapons and amunition in his home. 46-year-old craig hicks had a stash of a dozen firearms. he was neighbors with the victims. he is accused of killing them allegedly because of a long-standing dispute over parking space. he is charged with three counts of murder. police are investigating whether to charge him with a hate crime. governor tom wolf is talking about his decision to place a moratorium on the death
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penalty in pennsylvania. the governor said pennsylvania's system of capitol punishment is error prone and anything but infallible. the moratorium is in effect on the death e death penalty in pennsylvania. >> this is not anything, people who commit heinous crimes should be punished and punished severely and we ought to bring that to a force. conclusion. i want to make sure this type of punishment is appropriate. >> the pennsylvania district attorney's association condemned the moratorium calling it a misuse of power. new jersey governor, chris christie may be about to take a new step into a presidential run. he may run a super pac perhaps as soon as next week. it allows the governor to raise unlimited amounts of money for a
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white house bid in 2016. the governor has not said if he is running for president. a north carolina woman said she is one of the winners of the 564 million-dollar powerball drawing. marie holmes is a mother of four. she plans to go back to school to make a better life for her children. the jackpot will be split with two other winners. each get $127 million if they take the lump sum. more to come on "action news" saturday morning. the waffle house is looking to wine and dine couples on valentine's day. we'll have more on the chain's special service. sea isle city is holding their annual polar bear plunge. >> reporter: on a pollstive note. at least it's not tomorrow. this is what it feel like tomorrow morning. believe it or not it gets worse come monday morning i'll show you how cold it gets in the
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seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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something hams today, thousands will take the plunge into the atlantic ocean. many will run into the ocean at 2:00 p.m. it features a vendor's market
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anticipate costume contest and pep rally. it's cold today. >> reporter: the ocean temperature is only 33 degrees, it's a true polar plunge it's ashame they are not doing it tomorrow, i guess i can say that, because i'm not participating. if it was tomorrow the folks would be hurting. windchills 10 to 20 below zero. there's the ben franklin bridge we've clouded over. as we go to storm tracker 6 live double scan we're watching another polar front that will be blasting through this afternoon. snow showers will develop ahead of it as we are starting to see across the far western suburbs and snow squalls develop this afternoon. here's the satellite and radar the squalls have developed across western pennsylvania. all that pushing east during the course of the day. should arrive in time for the plans for valentine's day. may have been you have dinner plans or movie plans, it will
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impact the traveling by that point. 3:00 p.m. we're looking at snow showers. these are lighter a general one to three inches is expected by this right here, 6:00, 7:30 this is when we'll see the squalls. a squall is a quick-moving burst of heavy snow that will last 30, 40 minutes but within that time frame it could produce 3 inches of snow. if you're traveling be prepared for rapidly changing visibilities. snow squalls between 4:00 p.m. and #9:00 p.m. strong gusty conditions on the backside of the front and it will make for dangerous travels. the last couple of storms the models had horrible concensuses. they are forming pretty nicely. for the lehigh valley, the city will go one to two, lehigh valley 2 to 3. it's nice to see the models
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agreeing for a change. the last couple of storms they have been all over the place. again, looks like a general 1 to 2, programs 2 -- perhaps 2 to 3 in the lehigh valley and the poconos. later this evening, we're down in the teens, first thing tomorrow morning teens below zero. tomorrow afternoon below zero with the windchills. monday the poconos an estimated 30 degrees below zero. allentown, 16. reading, 17. philadelphia, 14 below. trenton, 13 below. millville, 13 below. as you can imagine there's a windchill advisory sunday into monday morning. these windchills around zero north of the pennsylvania turnpike. 3 in philadelphia. 5 below in the poconos and 5 in millville. the snow squalls hit first later this afternoon and the arctic cold arrives sunday into monday.
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snow showers during the afternoon, snow squalls during the the evening. 36 degrees is the high. overnight tonight 9 degrees for the outlying suburbs. 12 for center city. tomorrow morning into monday morning, # degrees for philadelphia. windchills monday morning you saw those numbers, they are well below zero. tuesday, cloudy, 34. maybe snow showers wednesday with a coastal system we'll have to watch that closely 32, looks like it stays offshore, and thursday and friday, icy cold with highs in the 20s. these are days you hide inside. >> yeah, space heater. houses around -- waffle houses around the country are hosting valentine's day dinner with white table cloths and
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candle. they have 145 locations but there's not one in our area. a brazen burglary caught on camera, but the getaway it wasn't exactly easy. dozens of people will be cuddling up to complete strangers in oregon, this valentine's day.
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>> google is offering customers two extra gigs of storage for free. to get it they must perform a security checkup before tuesday. you can do that by going to your security setting. when you're done, google will send out the extra storage around the end of the month. postal service is accepting individuals for the replacement of its mail trucks. they meant it bigger and better
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mileage and lower emissions. it could cost between 5 and $6 billion. they are hoping to pick an automaker by 2017 and have the new trucks in place by 2018. bigger bird meets the blue bird. sesame street has begunking tweeting -- begun tweeting. it said, what else, tweet. seems that the love birds has gotten the hang of the social media. at bigger bird has collected 14,000 follower also. cundle con -- cuddle conn was created by a professional
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cuddlers that provides a client with cuddling sessions. jeremy maclin gets a special honor from his alma mater. those stories coming up in sports.
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>> sky6 live hd taking a live look for us at penns landing. you see the river rink there and the ice looking all nice and slippery for us if you want to go ahead and ice skate. it's ice cold out there already, you might as well take add advantage of it. sports nova takes on butler and
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the flyers honor a former player. >> reporter: the flyers need to play playoff type hockey now. scott hartnell honored for having appeared in his 1,000th career game. his former teammates did him his due. flyers take the lead 2-1. five minutes into the third period, wayne simmons comes on the power play. 51st goal of the season. 3-1. but the blue jackets pour it on from there. we're as you as you suddenly tied at 3 and go into overtime. the flyers pick up a point could have been two they lose 4-3. jeremy maclin was in
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missouri inducted into the university of missouri hall of fame. he is due to become a free agent in march. he was asked by reporters if he would consider a reunion with andy reid in kansas. >> i've always said i want to be an eagle. they have expressed the same. hopefully something works out. i understand this is a business. i understand anything can happen. obviously one of ties to people you work with in the past it's intriguing but my heart is in philly. >> nba all stars weekend. last night it was the rising stars challenge. robert covington and nerlens noel. ncw did not play. noelle finished with four points covington two. 89 sixers play friday against indiana. >> number 11, mo anyway --
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mo'ne davis. >> reporter: mo'ne davis makes fun of her missed free throw. don't make her angry she takes the comedian to the rack and looking good there that's a look at sports this morning i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend. >> new on "action news," police in britain are looking for a group of slippery bandits. this surveillance video shows the thief skidding and falling on a polished floor on a smash and grab. some ran out to grab the loot sliding while others stayed in the stolen car. the theives slipped out before the police could catch them. >> much more to come on saturday morning including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: this is cody from
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the siberian rescue. meet some of cody's friends later on "action news." plus a check on the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m. continues.
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>> happening now on "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m. one person is dead after a house fire in southwest philadelphia. officials think the victim was trying to keep warm.
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services are being held today for a millersville university student who place say was killed by her boyfriend. a rabbi in washington, d.c. faces charges accused of secretly video taping a naked woman. outside we go to chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. you're not jumping too much at this hour. >> reporter: i've got the beautiful channel 6 buildings blocking the wind. i'm benefiting this morning it's not too bad. if you're out in the wind it's brisk out here. the winds will pick up later this afternoon. 14 is what it feels like in slatington, 15 in martins correct. hammonton, 28. buena 28 and glassboro 26. it's cold, but not as harsh as yesterday morning. that will change big time tomorrow morning. quick changes over the next 24 to 48 hours.
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double scan live showing flurries across the far western suburbs, reading fleetwood kutztown reporting flakes. these are not the squalls, they are back to the west out across western pennsylvania. as we go wider we set it in motion. that's the after tick -- arctic front. because of that the national weather service issued a winter weather advisory for snow squalls, a heavy burst of snow that will drop one to two inches in a very short amount of time. which means there will be traveling issues later on. the visibility may be fine one minute and the next minute you can't see. the best chances of seeing the squalls is between 3 and #-- # 8:00 p.m. this evening. we haven't talked about this, the coldest temperatures we've seen in more than two decades
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are on the way. we're forecasting a low of 2 degrees monday morning. that would be a record-low temperature. it would be the coldest air we've seen in two decades. we'll see whether or not we get the low. one thing is for certain regardless of how cold the air temperatures are windchills will be 15 to 25 degrees below zero. when i step inside we'll talk about that. >> another story we're following all morning, a police officer in bucks county opened fire hipght a man after he was hit by the suspect's car. police say the incident started at 5:30 when the officer noticed a suspicious vehicle at a 7-eleven on west bridge street in morrisville. the officer ran the license plate and discovered the car was stolen. when the from approached the car, the driver threw it into reverse hitting the officer and his cruiser. the officer fired two shots one
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hitting the driver in the chest. the video shows the bullet hole in the back of the door, the driver underwent surge rip and listed in stable -- underwent surgery and is in stable condition. the officer is in the hospital with an arm injury. the action cam was out at broad and walnut in center city where people were bundled up against the cold. road crews are preparing for the snow squalls. when it gets too cold, the normal salt applications doesn't work very well. so penndot is mixing salt with calcium chloride. bruise wagner at the king of prussia home depot said it's the best bet for homeowners in these temperatures. >> calcium chloride is safer for the environment and animals and everything, it works up to 25 minus. >> 25 minus degrees calcium chloride. >> yes. >> it's valentine's day there
9:34 am
will be many people out and about, take your time on the roads and drive at a lower speed when you're dealing with weather. code blue alerts are in effect across the region because of the bitter and dangerous cold. if you see a homeless person outside you're under to call the hot line (215)232-1984. this is a good time to check on any elderly neighbors to make sure they are warm, as well. and just because animals are covered in fur doesn't mean they are not in danger from the cold. if you see an animal chained outside call the animal control team a kerosene heater is blamed for a fire on kingsessing avenue after 10:30. the house did not heat, they
9:35 am
think the man was using the heater to keep warm. >> what we wanted to is stress when you use kerosene heaters fill them outside and space heaters need space, at least three feet from anything that can burn, including yourself. >> officials say the house had no working smoke detecters. at this point they are not releasing the name or age of the victim. this is the city's if it fire fatality. the search is on for a man who held up a linen store in the rawnhurst section. it happened at anna's linens in the 2100 block of cottman avenue. it's not clear fed a weapon, but he did make off with $1,300. happening today family, friends and classmates will gather for a final farewell for a slain millersville university student. karlie hall's funeral will be held in kennett square.
9:36 am
her boyfriend is charged with beating and stranding himming her. new this morning a rabbi is accused in a sex scandal. prosecutors say he may have recorded 150 woman nakedness washington, d.c. synagogue. he used cameras in clock radios and other items to record the women undressing. they were preparing for a ritual bath. else a professor at talison university. >> it's very upsetting and disrupting that i may have helped him in his evil scheme. >> he is due in court next week, he has already pled not guilty. in the midst. nationwide measles outbreak, senator bob casey is urging
9:37 am
pennsylvanians to give vaccinations a shot. he was in university city to talk about the importance of immunization. pennsylvania has the second lowest vaccination rate in the country. only 86% of kids have had the measles shot compared to 95% nationally. he is urging the state health department to look at why pennsylvania's vaccination rate is so low. a love story that will make i smile this valentine's day. >> november 7, 1942, u.s.s. oregon. the my dearest darling. here i am writing to you again because i haven't anything else to do. >> reporter: eric kenny got this letter in the mail a love letter written in 1942 from his grandfather to his grandmother. >> it turned out to be a letter that my father had written to my mother before they were even
9:38 am
married while he was in the service. it was like winning the lottery. you hear about letters like this, but until you see something it brings you back and reminds you of the two of them and the love they had for 64 years. totally surprised i have no idea how they found the letter, but it was addressed to my mother at the house she was raised in. >> reporter: the letter was mailed from missouri with this potion -- post-it note. hello found this in an estate i bought and thought you might want it back. the family said they can't thank the sender enough for giving them this note. it's like he's here right now. it's a great gift. >> reporter: jim and mary kenny were mailed three years after the letter was mailed 1947 in
9:39 am
maryland. the two were together for 64 years, this letter, a piece of history, a glimpse into the early love of a couple this family will always mills. >> loving i always, and always closing with millions of kisses and all my love to you. love jim. >> much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. if you're having trouble sticking to your new year's resolution, we have a story that might inspire you. plus this guy is on the road for recovery, he is looking for his forever home. find out if you're the right fight in the "shelter me rescue of the week." and we're looking at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a cold one when "action news" returns.
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>> new on "action news," new york city has broken a modern record of days without murder, the city that never sleeps went 11 days without a homicide. the city went ten days without a murder last february also during a cold snap. forecasters say the worst weather of the wirmt is ahead this weekend. so homefully people will -- hopefully fema of people will -- hopefully people will stay inside and stay out of trouble. >> reporter: there's the view on sky 6. there's the center city skyline. we have snow showers approaching
9:43 am
from the west. we'll flip it over to double scan live. you can seem the shades of white and gray. far western suburbs lancaster reading, west of allentown a few flakes. those are not the squalls, they are the snow showers. the squalls arrive later in the day. 16 in reading # in allentown. poconos, 14, millville, 28 and wildwood 30. there's the arctic front knocking on the door. clouds rush in. overnight low dropped into the teens most locations. 79 clouds will prevent the temperatures from climbing too high later this afternoon. with most areas below freezing a brief, heavy burst of snow moving in, you get the idea it will create tricky travel temperatures later on. this is the arctic air mass that's moving in here. international false 16 below. look at this windchill. 35 degrees below, 25 below in sault st. marie.
9:44 am
that's the air mass that will travel south and east. poconos could see windchills as low as 30 below come monday morning. future trash showing light snow snow showers after lunchtime that's when it should start to form. the burst come in late in the day between the hours of 4 and 8:00 p.m. from west to east. you see the darker shades of purple that's a burst of heavy snow where it's coming down at a rate of 1 to 2 inches per hour. fortunately it's morvelling allong quickly. it should snow long enough to produce one to three inches in this swath here, 3 or 4 in the poconos. maybe a little more, coating to an inch across delaware and extreme southern portions of south jersey, 90% of the viewing area expect to see 1 to 3 inches of snow. the winds start to rush in here, once the arctic front puzzle through, these are the gusts out of the south at 30:00 windy 20
9:45 am
to 30 miles per hour. we shift out of the northwest 55 miles per hour overnight tonight millville dover and wildwood. as we add vacant this through first thing tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m., 6 # miles per hour in millville, dover wildwood, 6 4 of a in allentown. we're expecting gusts 45 to 0 -- 60 miles per hour. make sure you have your electronic equipment charged once the power goes out there's no telling how long it will stay out. make sure your electronics are charged. windchill advisory in effect sunday night. windchills from 15 to 25 degrees below zero. cold weather tips here. you looks like a lot of body heat from your head. put on a hat if you're outdoors.
9:46 am
40% to be exact. dress in layers and don't forget about your pets they get just as cold always we do. 34 in trenton. cape may 37. cloudy windy, snow squalls developing late in the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 36 degrees today. 19 for tomorrow. that's it. with windchills bloap zero all afternoon -- below zero all afternoon. 3 degrees monday morning. north and west, below zero. the next system we're watching is a coastal storm for wednesday. most of the modeling takes the majority of it off the coast. the heavy snow right now looks like it slides out to sea. >> that three degrees will feel worse than that. >> a lot worse there will be windchills 15 to 20 below. >> wow. >> stay inside. >> who needs to go to work, right? it's time to meet our "shelter me rescue of the week" david murphy has the specific crew that's been in the rescue
9:47 am
business for two decades. >> reporter: picture this, 20 years of joyful unions that's how long the delaware valley siberian husky rescue has been saving the lives for this special breed. >> the right home is out there for almost every dog. >> reporter: with thousands of adoptions this breed specific rescue is made up of experts on what it takes to own a siberian huskery. breeds like golden retrievers want to please you huskeries do it because they want to. >> reporter: this rescue is in four states, pennsylvania, new jersey delaware and maryland saving huskerries from a -- husky from a variety of situations. while there's a waiting list of huskeries, the rescue would like to save. first they would like to find a home for durango.
9:48 am
he plays well with other dogs and looking for a home with room to run. he needs an active family someone that's committed to giving him the exercise that he needs. >> this is shadow he is 6 years old. shadow was abused by his previous other than. but since rescued more comfortable in his surroundings. this is cody a huskery 1 to 2 years old. he is house and crate trained. he loves being outside like most huskers, he is an escape artist. if you're interested in cody go to the siberian rescue website or goe to the "shelter me rescue of the week" of the "action news" facebook page we'll feature the top vote getter on "action news." with cody, i'm david murphy channel 6 "action news."
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>> feels like skiing weather that's for sure. sky6 live hd taking a live look for us at spring mountain. 28 degrees in the city. 9:51 right now. here's a look at what's happening in and around delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. golfers can get are ready for the spring and summer at the expo in montgomery county. it's happening today and tomorrow did he greater philadelphia expo center in oaks. the doors open 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the tattoo arts convention gets credittive at -- credittive at -- creative at the pennsylvania convention center. are you sticking to your resolution, by february many are
9:52 am
not eating as healthy and getting exercise. alicia vitarelli has more. >> i am a yo-yo dieter. >> reporter: at 290 pounds her son inspired her weight loss journey. >> trainers at the jewish community center got her started. but at first a few minutes on the treadmill was tough. >> my legs, my hips. >> reporter: but abbey pushed ahead with help from unexpected guardian angels like abbey. >> she said you inspire me, i was like, wow look at her she inspires me. >> reporter: another came from an article a local newspaper wrote about her initial 100-pound weight loss.
9:53 am
a body builder saw it and added strengthen training to her daily workout. this helped her lose another 45 pounds. >> i feel like i have an extra pep in my step. >> reporter: with the exercise and sensible eating she went from a triple x to a size 6. and last year her son was proud when she made contact with the baseball team. >> for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. ♪
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9:55 am
>> a lot of people plan fun but there's serious stuff to look out with this. >> reporter: snowshowers throughout the afternoon and
9:56 am
during the even hours just in time for the valentine's day plans. the snow squalls will move in. it creates whiteout conditions for a brief time. what to expect, snow showers and squalls throughout the afternoon, quick-changing visibilities again, you can be fine one minute and not the next. once the squalls pull through the arctic front blasts through and the wind roar. 36 today, 19 tomorrow windchills below zero all day. as you can see temperature wise, 3, 4 hours all week past freezing. >> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next. we'll be back tomorrow, here's some of the stories we're working on for you. going green has never been so extreme. we'll introduce you to a woman who is carbon footprint is
9:57 am
reduce to almost zero. a baby is born completely inside the am knee -- am amniotic sack. i'm eva pilgrim have a great valentine's day.
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." sea cucumbers are red. ooh hoo hoo. dart frogs are, too. >> i can't see it. >> i see it, i see it. >> i've got more red animals on today's show for you. red isn't only the color of romance; it can also serve as a camouflage... >> you can hardly see that other bongo. >> or even a warning. >> it's not frightened of predators. >> today, 7 remarkable red animals. >> we have a very successful breeding program with these guys. >> and later, my blooper


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