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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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that i'm tracking is a pretty sizable storm the center is near new orleans and there is a big area of precipitation with this and that low pressure is moving off the cape hatteras coast. this will have an impact on the morning commute tomorrow. the timing is a problem, by 8:00 the snow is here generally south of philadelphia the good news is it's a fast moving system. by the afternoon it's history and clouds break for sunshine but the problem is the morning commute. the national weather service posted winter weather advisories for cape may and cumberland counties. this is the area in purple we expect the highest accumulation of snow but even in philadelphia we could get a coating of snow. the light snow moves in between 4:00 and 6:00 in the morning and moving out around lunch time and the heaviest is south and east
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of the i-95 corridor and it will be falling during the morning rush hour, the morning rush hour will be affected and the roads are slick and low visibility. we'll talk more about what to expect as far as amounts in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> when winter weather hits keep an eye on our storm tracker radars at and we have the hourly and seven-day forecast and the latest call from the our team of meteorologists. police in new york arrested three men that lawmen say were trying to join isis, at least two of the men have tied to philadelphia. sara bloomquist is live in the satellite center you have the full story. >> reporter: that is right. new york police commissioner, bill braton announced these arrests this afternoon. to money are accused of trying to travel to syria and trying to join up with isis and the third
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is accused of trying to bank roll their efforts. >> the plan was to travel abroad and join the islamic state part of the group leaving home to join the jihadists today the three residents of brooklyn were arrested and plotting to join isis and wage war against the united states. >> one was arrested at jfk airport attempting to board a flight to istanbul. and the other had a flight scheduled for next month. and they have appeared in federal court here in brooklyn this afternoon. they say that the two also threatened to carry out attacks on u.s. targets if they could not join the islamic state. >> if they were not able to go
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they would seek to acquire weapons here and seek to attack very specifically police officers. >> according to the criminal complaint, the men spoke of attacking president barack obama. the alleged money man operates kiosks that sells kitchen ware and repairs mobile phones in philadelphia and savannah georgia and jacksonville florida. they employed him in savannah philadelphia pennsylvania and chesapeake, virginia. >> we don't know the exact location of that kiosk that he operated here in the city of philadelphia just that it is located inside of a retail mall and that the men were largely inspired to join isis because of the messages the groups are posting on social media, they are compelling and working to entice sympathizer to join the islamic state. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6
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"action news." >> thank you. this was the scene today as 3-year-old elinor trotta arrived at newcastle police with her mother dawn burke, they returned after being found safe and sound in massachusetts after an amber alert. chad pradelli is live now at newcastle police police department. >> reporter: everybody is breathing a sigh of relief scope michael trotta, talking to her mom dawn, she says it was the great of the gift she could have received. >> 3-year-old elinor trotta is dancing around in her frozen boots. >> it was anightmare i never
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felt pain like that, and i appreciate everything everybody has done. >> the ordeal began here at the apartments when michael trotta assaulted his ex-girlfriend and carjacked her and took his daughter. relatives said he called and wanted to visit. >> he was talking about doing something to harm the baby and himself. >> kim pleaded with himself to turn himself into authorities but the fbi was already moving in state police said when he was arrested, he had a knife and was trying to kill himself. despite the manhunt, dawn says her daughter is quote perfect. >> she is happy to be home. that is all she kept asking me are we going home. she got to fly on the plane for the first time and she loves planes. >> while trotta appeared to be
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trying to harm himself, he told police in massachusetts he would never harm his daughter. >> thank you chad. we got a close-up look at all that is left of a guest house that blew up in stafford township new jersey and new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live at the scene. >> reporter: jim the debris field speaks to the power of this explosion up close and it's unbelievable. it looks like a bomb when off. the gas line at the street is responsible for the terrible explosion and all the damage it has caused. >> never seen anything like that, i seen tornadoes go through and that looks worse than a tornado. >> it started with this a massive explosion caught on a police car dash-cam. >> one down critical. -- >> this is the aftermath the
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house at 59 oak avenue has disappeared, obliterated. this neighbor's house suffered stural damage. >> a lot of our things broke but it's just things we could have gotten hurt, so i'm grateful that nothing worse happened. >> barbara lives next to the blast site and her relatives were looking to salvage medicine and documents for her. >> the bathroom is destroyed and the bedroom is wrecked and there is glass all over the house. >> our on site investigation identified a cracked two inch main officials say that leaking gas traveled from the street to the home where it build up and ignited. it injured 14 people and one man remained hospitalized in critical condition. >> where we live the whole house shook. >> peg and her family spend a
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chilly night without gas service. >> we had to have the electric heaters on thank goodness we did not lose the electric. >> they spent the time restoring power to customers. >> it was cold, freezing in here. >> it will take a while for the house to heat up? >> yes, it's getting warm. >> back live now new jersey natural gas says all but a handful of customers had gas restored and crews are standing by to take care of those that were not home today to get it fixed and one gas crew members that was air-lifted out of here yesterday was released from the hop. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> good news thank you nora, bucks county water main break closed a school today students at neshaminy high school in langhorne were dismissed at 10:00 because there was no water service, there was no flooding
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or damage to the school classes will be back to normal tomorrow. a school bus and another vehicle collided on roosevelt boulevard this morning, the accident happened happened at 8:20 near ridge avenue and ten special needs children were on the bus at the time. nobody was hurt and they were all checked out as a precaution. coming up on "action news," it was a rough ride as a horse becomes stuck in the muck in south jersey. we have details of the rescue efforts. and how in game will help students in uganda. i am following a thursday morning commute with a surge of cold air. all the details are coming up. and for the first time, it's sixers versus mcw, ducis rogers has that story when "action news" continues tonight.
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a gallop in the wounds in washington township, new jersey this horse was being ridden in the wharton state forest and got stuck. after 90 minutes they managed to free the horse but one ems worker was kicked in the face. new jersey governor chris christie was back on the town hall circuit he took questions frtd morristown recreation center he took time to free the pensions for government employments in favor of a 401(k) style investment option. this is his first town hall
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since august but his 128th since taking office. governor tom wolf unveiled a plan to attract employers to the state. wolf laid out proposals that he will present to the legislature next week, including reducing the corporate net income tax from 9.99% to just under 5%. that would make pennsylvania's corporate tax one of the lowest in the country. >> we'll be a magnet for economic growth for entrepreneurs that want to come here and create good jobs, i want to do that for pennsylvania and do it fairly and really effectively. >> the plan will have to pass the republican controlled legislature. >> pennsylvania lawmakers debated amendments to try to privatize state liquor stores the house control committee advanced the republican backed bill and a vote could come as
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soon as tomorrow. they rejected a similar bill in 2013. some of philadelphia's finest were honored for going above and beyond the call of duty 86 police officers were awarded commendations for their service. winter may be trying to hold on but spring is about to bloom insides of the convention center, the 2015 flower show opens this weekend, crews were hard at work settling up the spectacular floral displays and this year's theme is celebrating the movies all the themes are movies and disney pixar theme. please join cecily tynan adam joseph karen rogers david murphy and melissa magee for a sneak peek inside of the flower show they will show you the beauty growing inside.
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with 20 exhibits inspired by disney and disney pixar join us for a special preview saturday at 7:00 on channel 6.
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sixers out of the midwest to meet an old friend. >> and old friend no longwer them. they get a look at their past, the past that was suppose to be their future. they visit michael carter williams and milwaukee. mcw was traded in a three player deal. he says he enjoyed his time in philadelphia as short as it was he has nothing bad to say btd sixers and he has moved on. >> it's tough to swallow and understand why and what happened but it is what it is i'm not going to dwell on it i'll go on with my career. it's exciting to be out there and i want to get on the floor and play the game i love and it
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happens to be against philly. >> it's going to be odd. phillies spring training continues and ben revere will be back in his customary center field position but takes on a new role. >> ben revere is not a power hitter center-fielder only hit two home runs but only two guys had a higher batting average. >> just like aaron roland once did ben revere will do whatever it takes. he played with two screws in his right ankle but nobody in the league had more hits, he comes to camp determined to be a more vocal leader in the clubhouse and. >> you know we'll always have guys like that come talk to you
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you better listen. >> revere wants to take his game to new heights, 50 to 60 stolen bases and revere hung out with the st. joe's cheerleaders and did this stunt. >> someone took a picture of me screaming like a little girl. >> he is a good sport and admits it's not his first students and would like to take the field this season like ozzie smith used to. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." the flyers of saint anthonys are back to lehigh valley that indicates steve mason or steve emory will be back from injury. >> temple owls when from being a likely naacp pick to a team on the bubble. tulsa is the cause with three season games remaining tomorrow in houston, the owls can not
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afford any missteps. >> we have to do our job and take care of business, we have to protect our home court and you know we need a win. >> might need a little help to get in the tournament at this point. >> guts glory and goodwill were on the line in delaware county this afternoon. spring lake middle school in media held their hoops for hope, for a school in ugan a, the teachers squared off with the girls and boys basketball team. since 2004, hoops for hope raised $17,000.
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so the sun is out today. >> it was nice. >> 38 degrees, felt like a heat wave. it's over. it's getting cold and we are getting snow, it's over for a couple of days anyhow. hope you enjoyed it. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that right now we are dry however in 12 hours storm tracker will pick up snow in parts of you viewing area today the action cam along the ben franklin parkway and the thinker, you know what he is thinking, 23 days until spring the countdown is on. but we have winter weather to get through before that. the accuweather highlights show that the sis tame that is pulling through tomorrow, it's all about timing it's snow will be falling during the morning commute and you definitely want to use caution and snow is on the light side mainly south and
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east and could cause slick spots and to reduce visibility, you'll want to use extra time and pack your patience, we get the cold air that stays with us through saturday through the end of the month. projected temperatures through football 10.5 degrees below normal and that makes this the fifth coldest february on record since the record keeping began back in 1872. it certainly has been cold. right now not that bad philadelphia 35 and wilmington 34 and wilmington 29 degrees and millville 33 and wildwood 30 and satellite 6 along with action radar showing that we saw a good amount of sunshine today and if you look to the south though you can see how we are beginning to see the clouds moving in in advance of the storm system that clips our region tomorrow morning, there is a lot of moisture with this and you can see how this starts as rain in northern georgia and then the colder air gets pulled in and changes over to snow and parts
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of carolinas could get 6 inches of snow and we won't get that much but we'll see light snow for the morning commute. future tracker showing the snow falling from atlantic city and millville and dover and areas to the south it move tluz the i-95 corridor and it's a fast moving system and nothing to hold it back and capture it by 1:00 the snow is out of here and we'll see breaks of sunshine. how much to expect the north and west suburbs could get snow showers and a possible coating and a better chance of a coating alongt i-95 corridor and down to an inch in new jersey and down to far southern new jersey from hammonton, millville and smyrna and dover delaware this is where we get the most accumulation, still light 1 to 3 inches of snow and falling during the morning, the clouds continue to increase and the snow moves in between 4:00 and 6:00 from the south and it gets
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cold, 12 in the suburbs and 12 in center city and all the the precipitation is falling in the form of snow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we get the light snow for tomorrow morning 27 degrees the high and plenty of cold air in place and friday limited sunshine and 28 degrees, saturday the last day of february, plenty of sunshine but it will not help warm things up the afternoon high is only 30 degrees, sunday we bump it up to 36 degrees for the first day of march and sunday night into mondaying morning we are looking at light rain mixing with sleet and a more substantial storm moves in on tuesday and wednesday could bring a possibly of snow or a mixture depending on track allow extra time for your morning commute and i'll have an update on "action news" at 11:00. >> finally local students today had a chance to learn songs from
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the harlem renaissance in honor of black history month. ♪♪ ♪♪ that is the manager of the kimmel center's education carol frazier singing ain't misbehaving. students had a chance to learn how to scat. abc world news is next on channel 6 and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, shirleen allicot, adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team we hope you join us at 11:00.
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. breaking news on this wednesday night. the terror arrests right here in the u.s. three men in custody, one stopped at jkf airport. accused of trying to join isis. what they were allegedly willing to do here. the states of emergency tonight. the massive pileup. more than 70 cars, multiple injuries. guilty in the "american sniper" trial. the former marine convicted. tonight, an abc news exclusive, the jurors. and the audio we never heard. the convicted killer. did he know what he was doing was wrong? the gas explosion. workers called to that scene after the smell, then the explosion. and now, we learn the culprit was outside the home. the new warning tonight. and the concern in space this evening for an american astronaut. the discovery in his helmet.


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