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tv   Action News  ABC  February 27, 2015 1:36am-2:12am EST

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that turkey looks good. yeah i'm eating right, i'm doing the tough dodger. what's the tough dodger? oh it's a triathalon but with dodgeballs. however you're staying fit, start with a delicious subway fresh fit sub like the protein-packed turkey breast. subway. eat fresh. > hiis just t last lcion the 1800 bcof nth
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sre in t spng rden scti of philelphia. tiis whe a won was mcd, asued and robbed td. ad poli tnk she l ltt viim of a ck of serl baits. thud ght aunt big sry "con news" tonht is polem hunt now inighe tyg to ack down four or more dividualsho haveeen peng on vtims in the same niborhd. "aconew rert shar wlamis live at8 and north strt. shar at ki of infoation d li ve th this pot. j, srs telle tt they ha noidentified who th sscts arthat they actuly hvnames at this pot. and you mentiodaut th aslttaen toy, jm it haedere th up bock on 18 ssion d just dwthe street onblocaway hre in the 19 blo whe plexutea sech warrant tnitnd theyent insi of ahe llg me th were loki foedce ncted t e cres.
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> itas the fst ti i saw o hed it a i'not good vusly. > rerter: plelph pice srunding a home nht ne 19 and noh stet athey try adrack do suspects bend a srg of rece stronarm rbries ithe ar. >> i'm ncerned beuse i'm out alhe tim i gerally fe fenhis are >> rerter: dectives sain the lasthr weeks spng grn was taet ofix diffent roees an a gu tey say was ashed in t icenta institors belve a grp teene cou be bind it al teatest attack haened today i bro ylight he in 1800 bo of noh strt. ple say a won was maed. bt in a adlock and then rbd. > he isheyl catc the ki soon andhat the wm victimid wi rece qickla fuy. > rerter: just any tns i qson were cted on
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surillance nor andairnt aee. ple say thteens hajust attacd a 1ye-d boy fm behind anrobbed him of s clhone. >> nd ofonceefor fe o wen d i ho something can bdo. > poer:nd as yojust ha resents waing this go oteegs toe dsplid and f thetets aa pice te me th they aeakg proe and that tedid this timeave nas i's ju a matt ofollowing trgh onhe institn. we' livin spng garden. sar llia "chann 6 acti ws," jim. >> k y shee. >> li are seching for somne o to off fr the senof this crhnhe hlsburg secti of pilehi i haened tog. invtato s a 23-yr-old mnas dring a olen je when he lt corol at 8:. he pw into seral parked vehles stton woodnd ln srt before thje fledch te drer watrapp minu
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and ty aria torresle in srus coition anpaenr i e jpook off ruing. > a w to belehem, pennlnia where ener was ot in the baside. i ppen 30 in 3600 bloc o soutstreetnd teener was tk tohe hospital wi nnife-reatening injues. ple veot yema any arts. oef t ar's st kwn an mshighly regaed high schlitryi to co with uly indent tog. smo ote a vilrial sur on batoom wa atadr hgschool. dannuear s details. >> rerter: schoolistrict ofisay the discery was mde sterday in o the schl's batooms. dscable d grhic ssa rakl all the n's. stunts and pants spoke wtwere ve upset somee wu wre that atadr a pa providing it sevl beg dvse > it blkistormon and aeng prce pl pal mr aeng myrin p
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m.kullingger and geral schl sociy. >> dnois prey- weave a ltf od pple. fr thiso happ -- i know i ept bad pele but dot expecthis kind sui to go as fa >> gh sool prcal mark sheingger said heas planning t adess it at aassbly tisftnn and e-ma stat i rt rnor high school an dsict as a whole condemn any ad all sses th prote htand inlae. ill reerate messages of ts sris inlerable anwi not b torated. >> oer dfe clr co here a i gus w ha a sil incint last yai think was same ki of ist. >> grfi was phographed and erad d bi calalo says plicwe nonotified ivtigate what could be a hate cime. asool strict ofcial says
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he do t know y police wer nt instigated but said we wilinvestate fuy and cnct poce if necessary some prents we nrd about the rct graiti > 's not good it important to lk to uden and get th informeabthe thgs d hwad the things e. >> sometudents say tns of whacould be one sdent cod trsh ime of one scol becse they y it is a grt shool. rdr, dancuellar, "ann 6 actn news >> and anonouwestern offial h confm entity o jiha jo. w have become altoo faliar wtthe ecuti witthe exetioner stting witecion of jam foy. h's hoe mam ed emwa. no e answed at t mode
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hmhe liv. h's be known to brainis intlence for fi yes >> one of tee m charg th plottg thp is spent te in dor deware. h may ve done buness with 3-aold haba he opate adobile phone reir kio at dover mall ivtigo say had a ktcn ar kik uinfd ma. te gornnt sa habov codendantserpnning to jins inyria and legedly offed toill pridt oba, pole offirs a f fas teyou t make si crinal colat said he bout plantickets for ak pubcs and an ism sclar wonows him explns him as los > uple frids i reer wrng hiabout his thgs ad his undetaing of islam
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and undetandinof ismic you piiples. >> hab lid in is compl i dor deware inust he lefand shut down sh atov ml hbov opeted kiosks malls u d down theast cot. aes aeed him ouide jcoie yeerda >>t okli dertmentf hmand suty wi ge fnng befe fridamnight daine. hou reblins have raid whi fl in theiefforts to link sang deptment from shut dwto sctlinprident oama immigraon poli. > t won onrial for muer i phadelphia knn as black aatook sta toy in own dfen. pginslot is chaed dea o -year-old brish daer ivtigato say claudia aatiied t reivg ileg silicone buocks ijtion and itasone in a ht near iladelphia airrt
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i 20. wnot clas she'given toan ofnjections and told te jy "hi ia therwas dng " i ner reize today cu cause deat evebody lov what iadoing icding lots of celebts. i coicted she faces 4yrs i ja. >> from our new rsey nwoom latest attet tsel frr revel caso set a ptential sn. arnergy paners which owns cso por plant wants to bocseo florida deveper fl stw acrays latest sale coract wuld leavnothing for mo credo d cause power sppli 32 millio >> ha you se the low-eed caseverybody watalking abo this afrnoon. to as onhe lam dai trgh trfinear phoenix and ecang ng a of the law. baby and mama llara play
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otn live tevision dung lnch hourn izona anhooz o pp tried tooral th crear thselv wiout sucss. tesm to bplang ga of tch me if y coimal unt roo skil laoed th lma. theoth llama was stilin a hff oer plained how ey gt aw. > to em tolder ho here and re leing em show of anpet and onof the oes brokloe and ched. >> re's a otrapher of e lam us fotherapy visit bfe ty made their brk d srpring bus unty is a hted r raisg llas in tis eand wel hr fm a bc coty farmer in st a fwoments. stl to comen "aion nws" toght, federal inteet rgations e approd a wathey mean for yo pualicia vitarli gets a tuof the set how ge
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away with muer fm of it sars ande's fr delare couy. >> and iensts unver a cnr figi side efct of sat inugs >> d starting weend wi recd cold anending wi ms wiry mi details inhe foul accuweath forast. > yers spots o payo spot and thertaking
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> feral cmications cmssion is track crai down ount n priders. td fcvoted to impo ne rl prenting compi le comst and verizofm creing what they ca fas ln for ntent provide th pay mo. this is call net neutlity. aydy providingroadand cnction to me or phone mu
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fact pl intest and idusy offis and cneson reblicans we aast ts mo and sait cou eveuly cae users mreoney and oad nd indtry is expected su fr so time two yearthe penylnia hoe has proved apn to sell off atliquor ssm. t t move wou close mo sa stos ansell licenses fr reil staivrz wine d lqr. eethoh thhoe sigd o teilhas lite chce of beci la een if ge thrgthe snate whh it dinot last yar. gvn nor tom wfs opsed t it. > unrgraduate tuition is goi up athe unersitof penylnia. schoooffis say studts wll pay 3. mo for tui room d bod and fe. tt is $326. bt stoz offset cos it is irsing amou of fnci d avlable reco
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$06 miion nely afr of pe udgraduat recee nebad grants. > we were as caivat toy a anydy withhe llam on the loe. bt, d u kno that bus cuy is a lol hot beof la fas. the s. depamenof agrulre latest listock cns sa bucks kosy isome t 111 llas thmt inps delare and south jeey. "cti ws"isited aora alpaca and lla in otsl toy to g prectiven whely cecuz sl it surpring wead ails that will lve th out hrtgys anthey li to stay hom tey real areome boes an don gerally ruway. i's unual ihk th go soed or sothing. rneing a lla not sy a apars >> d wenow that's tr havg en what went onoday
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naphoenix ardz arona. cindy has ic sa peoe tygohase llama from behd will le th ft rac se saysnimals can be seral huned pounand they don't ge soed cars buthey hate bei chas. > youit have jtatched tonht's psive file of hthow how to t away with mrr didou nowak tore th pls sm keing isrom haer tn, dlare coty a nooy tatom verareingts an poc epodes of scdal. "cone" rerter alicia vitelli g toisit him on theet. > lme to thev ofce. > it's after da ts poctn lot inoss ane less ant is sti ha wrk a ursday night tripl thrt dirtgnd oducg saal byay and stri in hwo geaway with murr at ngh > wren da ld. >> whe all the mic happs. >> lk aboutagic of shd ahes the chaer sam keing wadead epode
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one and bein thehole seas. > ueot really ev . >> da of scandal arja pcd with pro d post podtn. >> is white hse floor pla > 's able tg do in lon dy work beuse bo shows sa thsame li. > if wee ing lit heg st i'llun to scand an ceck in a see what gng o. >> iso busy heooks forrd to aying . >> i actuly fod m kino paful beuse one timi can ly dn annot ha deal with althe meeting and cr andne time i actuly fell alp whhas fuy. >> get t the tu > i gging you - > healls chce tar along to te oscar minee via dvis a ce in a litime. > visays she wacolete h harmn orded whur ci when herehtg pilo >> s a eat life d ch
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clre. > theah townate atg for cas and late nig host jiy kiel duthis up of him busna mo on lc show daing on air. > tried to kp tt inle seton qte sotime. >> enhoh living la t deces 'a mor phls sportfan anfeeling is mtl. > yohave flyers here. >> ye great fa of the sh wich thought somebody was plang me. r burger anclad giux teya visit and i lk tem ound and i uldn't belieow much they know about te sho > heoots for evy ne hmteam anhe big on tier. twe with him d cast members o both show evy thursd ngs he on 6a. alia vitarelli, "cnnel atn ne." >> heah che tit a cmnly prescbededication fr hi osterol y have iptant secondary benet. briti rearchs arsang
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i may prect thefrom liv cnr. stainusers may ha lower re o v canc and nor lily >> itas a ght of fun an hrd heth air whness. ha ew tut sd the pinof to red evt. women got tohop zens of loc boiques d ndors wi mili with lauage gaw het ecialists toghtch te hope isomen tk messag o het healy ling. >> jeey ordmrd wte tnht sval ihes th mrng. "con news"toein atlaicity and pele r bssholg selks whe powcad rts evybody w taed to sd th cnot wit for spngi od ran. te go news it 2 dso go > we su have counsgloun se that up lile bi > unrtunely itill
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likwinter fehile. cpmay 5" of snow this mrng. > d trace if pidelphia. >> srmtcker 6 liveouble sashowing sn is t of hr jst a w flries no of lncter whas moving s cd a. rghtnow not bad in pidelphia. 2 wn from hi of . ad alntown 20. bea ven 23. mlille dropp downo . rang 23. wlmiton currently 27. stli 6 anaction radar sowi fa moving stem th boht sn to par of dlare ansouthern new jsey thamov f. i you lo we though il cos and ill few snow shorshere'spper level disrbce movi throh tmorw a at brin us a ltf clou. w ve a coup flures d brief snoswer poible a i wi be easi moing cmte and b stop tomr morng thawas th morning fr pts of w rsey and dlawe. ku and coldith ray flur of 6: 21 by 8:00 a 2
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tmrow afrnoon gh lite coor th tod 30 mrcu than suhine a isoted sn sw possle adhen tsighresre will be blng in fothe fir hlof weend. whathis wi do is brg loa of suhe on sard. beaiful datoook at wn you're inde loing o the wnw. youtepuide it wille cl 2 deees. clm wis turday moingment rcd lows are on ain in jeordy. allhror he fit four stck in 19 34 ani think we cu tie orreak recos. 9rerd w in phadelpaor stday morng. 3 readin 1 trento atlanci aport e rerd lw 2 anfor folks gog skii taterd low of5 below zer setck in 19 in poconos. ithink th wi hold anand tmratures drop 5 to 7 low zronoconos on tday morng. tejust w colts month fba? looksike we d nth me ta10 dee coer than
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nrl. tat makes thit fih cldt feuaryn reco in pidelph d tlh coest mnth orall nc rcdkeeping ben ba in 187. tinoureating wills will rfcth unfounately. so e skl ofccuweath frast cd lotf clou fuies anisated sn shors torrow. 30 thhigh and sarday los of sunsne and temperares clr, 8. sny, we bu up to 34 for fir day of march. cos roll iand late suay ng vy y monday morng lite wiry mi doe't look like loof pecitation but coulcae pobls for nday rning comte. b ternoo snsne rer 42. don get used to it. aoth stm syst mov in tesd afrnoon stai as biof wint mix for eving cme. ten inly rai ve. 3 hi tuday. wdneay veryet wh hi o 5 and ursday lots of clos. hgof 40 we stt t eke vy co. ande end it wi
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that ssy sl alright thk you ce >> i udents had a ecial ro tonht at pesyania convice ceer stunts from ao cer chter scho we gis foguests atnding for show sneapeek an cnnued well into night on ehib tmselv ancultur scty memrset previews tmrow a sh ens to pblion sarda ade're pring you a eak peeks wellhis ye theme cleang es. pleeo us fospecia peview broaast
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>> flrs in toroo inr isp fr aoint or tw >> ayers playing mucal goaes maly duto inries. tnht in tonto mil gaes becausof ieeiness. givg upwo gls on eit sho tyr he and coh seen
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eoh and he t anste ms back fromnry is in. scond ot man faces o si of dion fanuoes in. pw pl go. ti peod. lyers ce bc nw ban shenn the power pl. flys do lose this ga 3 24eu6 tein. bide was once a p prosct in t fi li he had a sardayeon and f te fiel jefskrsky rer om cearter. >> . ry nave jsibdle wn to toaw what wa wr ye of h li. lsmay former rst rou da pickas angts nas hil stm in reing and ev bidd caot lieve wha hapned as retls the so. >> front wdid waabt t ve inndopt an epded and ass eewhere anhoic not aythinand i had to geout thear i cod not dre it it soed woing. ad soy ran toi vera and
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wi rning i got ally sruy blted in the back of te he byail ste. >> ere did it t yocan you sow us > abt the ba of myead hr >> e wableeding and suered a coussion anhe was geto bue ba on e boun. i is aatt it iint he went 0- 9.82 erand pii cideto ge m menl brk and se him he to cleaater. >> 2014as toh. terear a t of tes i t saedegun thwl a held down. ad ju yoknow i was sruginto find air. bt fe ve od d i feel liki came tn top. >> ddle so sufred sqd andlbow ises th nr and nw heays here in camhe fe strong a alt as ee bid slxctedo stt the sann aa reading. in clrwaterjeff skversky, "hae6 acon ns." >> t burial coributions to 08 worlseries run will nob fortten he will on wallf
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> foba is a ynman ga and to h adodd hermans inlger young. h and trencole arold easn te te. the ve will crte $.8 milln i lyap spe. noiccup the th o to
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be temple mott te gl iso get in ncaa tuament. alls ow in transio to hook her fvh straitome win f ol tetake it 56-54. del hosng dela. pl anrson wi the stl. dla wi 584. >> thkou duceglis "jim kml liv foowed by "itline". jm's gut e oldavis us and musifrom liz working > conews" ntinues 430 wi tala edrdsmt odnell meorolistavid murphand karen gers wh taic. now focely tyn, dis rger the enre "aione" tam,'mim gdn, good
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