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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  March 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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day this is much better than the ice from yesterday evening and the heavy snow we'll deal with during the day tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the stripe of green across the heart of the delaware valley and less to the south it's a general light rain for that evening rush hour, temperature-wise we are melting that ice we accumulated yesterday evening, 42 in philadelphia and 44 in millville, near 50 degrees down in wildwood and even to the north and west, temperatures right now on either side of 40 degrees, no problems traveling around other than puddles on the roadways, with that light rain and areas of fog for the evening rush hour, 5:00, 41 degrees and 7:00 temperatures will still be above freezing in the upper 30s but there is a humongous battle zone going on with the warmth battling the spring warmth and memphis is down to 35 and 24 in
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st. louis and where you have that clashing air mass you have this almost conveyer belt of heavy moisture between the two zones and the northern end of that cold enough for snow on the brink of it and ice and south of that you have the rain and all of this is moving straight up to the northeast to the mid-atlantic and our area. and ta touk more about the timing of that change over and when winter storm warnings go into effect for where you live lets bring in cecily tynan. >> the further south you are the more snow you see. the weather service has posted winter storm warnings for almost the entire area, the exception is the areas we typically see more snow like the poconos and the lehigh valley this is how it advances this sets up the low pressure moving to the south and this brings in the
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additional moisture as the high pressure pulls down the arctic air this means a changeover to snow and it will happen to the north to the south the lehigh valley a change over to rain and sleet and then snow happening between 10:00 tonight and 1:00 tomorrow morning. the philadelphia metro area, any area about 25 miles away from the i-95 corridor the change over from 1:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the morning, central and southern delaware in new jersey from 4:00 to 7:00, areas like millville and atlantic city, you probably won't see the change over until dawn, as far as the impact the morning commute a major impact. we expect the heaviest snow to be falling and stay off the roads if you can. by the evening commute, light snow and accumulation and a moderate impact for traveling friday morning the snow is out of here and nothing falling from the sky and there is still slick spots and minor problems for the
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morning commute. adam is talking about the snow coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> if are you tired of the winter imagine how road crews feel they are gearing up again today and now it's all snow and not the ice we saw yesterday. sara bloomquist is live in norristown on how penndot is preparing for this storm. >> reporter: you see all the salt behind me getting ready to go out on local roads yet again this is where it will happen at 5:00 this evening i did speak with a penndot official ahead of time and we have details on how they plan to attack a challenging storm during what has been a challenging winter. penndot is working to replenish the salt supply moving it around from stockpiles, many weather events have involved ice and they have used a considerable
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amount of salt. meantime this winter is rough on the equipment as well. it has been used so much, so today maintenance crews are making sure plows and trucks are in good condition to hit the roads again. according to penndot this is the 25th weather event and the 21st since january 3rd that is an average of three winter weather events per week, penndot is keeping records for 33 years and this is the second in use of salt second only to last year. penndot expects this to be a plowing operation tomorrow they'll have the full fleet out about 400 vehicles we are anticipating a news conference at the salt yard and we'll have that live on the air and online at live in norristown i'm sara bloomquist channel 6 "action
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news." >> all right sara thank you. by now everyone knows the drill, pick up a few groceries and fill up the gas tank but there is one item in short supply eva pilgram is live in haddon township, where everyone is looking for salt. it's not just here in haddon township it's everywhere, here at the ace hardware store they got another shipment of ice melt, just a pallet, they are limiting how much people can take so they can spread as much of it around as possible. >> this is the "it" item of the day. snow melts. >> went to home depot and i was going to the lowes but that was far away but i was fortunate to fine that. killans got a shipment of ice melt this morning and in hour its was all gone.
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>> no matter what you have on you can't get good balance. >> at hardware stores across the delaware valley folks are on the hunt for ice melt. >> it's hectic and we have small contacts throughout the area that we have been able to stay supplied. we are temporarily out of it now but at 5:00 we are expecting a load of small bags, we should have enough to service our customers. >> the hunt for food is easier. >> normally not this crazy this time of the day. >> oh, my god we can't get out of our houses we are going to starve. we have to stock up. we go out and buy some food. >> many shopper says being stuck in their homes makes them want to eat more. >> totally bored and are you going to eat and are you going to make five meals a day. >> i got here live they got the
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shipment at the ace hardware if you can't get over to get your bag of ice melt, they are expecting to get another full shipment sometime tomorrow. eva pilgram, channel 6 "action news." >> ice melt, the highly coveted item. thank you eva. >> mobile 6 is out driving around once again today, right now it's on wharton street in philadelphia braving the side streets that could use a little bit of that ice melt, it looks slick but not terrible. we'll keep mobile 6 on the roads to give you a look at conditions now as the storm moves in tomorrow. for now lets get a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. >> so it's better than yesterday brian and shirleen that doesn't mean it's good. roads are very wet therefore
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they are slippery and therefore we have accidents. here many montgomery county northbound side at 309 still approaching route 1, you can see police and penndot on the scene knocking out the right lane, there is slowing northbound on 309 away from ambler and reports from my twitter followers that there is foggy conditions up at 309, watch for the gas main break the fire and police are out there helping you around it in quakertown. and buck county some accidents one along 322 near state street and one in southhampton at bristol road at second street pike and on 95 you can see the fog in the great northeast and building volume down towards the work zone at cotman avenue the travel times are well above what they should be. ideally it should be 14 minutes
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in either direction. and we are watching downed wires at greentree road at barclay drive. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day. an accident in norristown on dekalb street. >> i forgot it was hump day. >> snow make its feel like a monday. >> is it sort of does. >> we have much more coverage ahead throughout the night tonight and chad pradelli is talking with the private snowplow drivers who are seeing extra business thanks to this next storm and david henry is talking to crews in new jersey to see how they are getting ready and the "action news" morning team is getting ready they are on earlier than usual join the team at 4:00 a.m. for the latest on weather and traffic and conditions across the region. >> when you see breaking news or severe weather, join the action
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and email your pictures to join the or use the #~ 6 abc action. and don't forget the 6 abc storm tracker app has you covered during the storm. you'll get alerts for severe weather watches and warnings, it's a free download for your mobile device. still ahead "action news" continues today mcdonald's makes a big decision about its food why it's making a major change to its chicken. >> and the head of the philadelphia school district lays out his vision for the future of education in the city. we'll break down his plan. and the council meeting got heated at the jersey shore, it caused one member to resign on the spot.
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the justice department says they will not prosecute the
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former ferguson missouri police officer that killed an unarmed teenager saying there is no evidence that darren wilson did not fear for his safety and they established that michael brown did not have his hands up when he was shot. they found racial bias in the city and its police force including what they called systematic mistreatment of african-americans. he is on the road laying out his budget plan tom wolf is a major agenda in his spending proposal unveiled yesterday, he is asking lawmakers to allow $4 billion in new taxes to boost aid. they have called the budget dead on arrival. >> meanwhile, dr. william hite pitched his own plan for the public schools and included some of the the tee dales of wolf's
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budget proposal. vernon odom break its all down. >> i'm thrilled with the governor's proposed budget. >> william hite hailed the governor's proposal to heighten the school budget by $4 billion. he says he can launch the kind of district wide organization he has had to delayed during the district's cash strapped days that forced 5,000 job cuts and shutting down of schools. well performing schools will be given autonomy so they can focus on the chronically underperforming schools. >> we will use it for things we think are extremely important. >> for the first time the district will end the fiscal year in june with a balanced budget but storm clouds are on the horizon. >> we will end this year with a
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balanced budget but july 1 starts a deficit again. >> to get the district back on its feet with the proper number of teachers and nurses, dr. hite says he needs $206 million from harrisburg harrisburg. >> mayor nutter will try to honor the request by proposing a property tax increase of 9%. at city hall, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> a wild city council meeting in cape may ended with the police chief denoted and a council member resigning. cape may council voted 3-2 to demote police chief robert sheehan to captain. they made the move because prosecutors are investigating sheehan but prosecutors say that is not true. councilman jerry underwise called for the investigation and
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demotion and it led to a heated exchange. >> an opportunity -- great -- you don't like it because i'm going to speak any way i'm not going to sit here while a witch hunt crucifies that man and if i have to remove myself from the council i will do it. >> i resign effective immediately from this council. >> wow he had just joined the count ill in january and sheehan will continue to run the police department despite the demotion. >> here at the big board a few big cases happening today day one of the boston marathon bombing trial and today an admission of guilt his attorney told the jury he did it and called the crime senseless he said he was coerced into carrying out the attacking by his older brother tamerlan.
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the defense says its goal is to get him a sentence of life in prison and this trial is expected to last several months and lsz happening today for the second time the supreme court is taking up president obama's signature health care bill trk was signed into law in 2010 and four people in virginia are fighting the penalties they incurred for not joining the program. instead they sent those people to the federal market place and the supreme court will issue a new ruling in june. it's time now for the exclusive accuweather forecast, as we await the arrival of the snow. adam joseph is joining us with the timing and expected totals tomorrow. >> we are dealing with rain across much of our area, looking at double scan live extending back to pittsburgh and parts of west virginia and the southern ohio valley are you starting to see the colder air working wlt storm and that flips to snow and
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that happens locally but not until close to the midnight hour as we look at double scan live radar, in philadelphia and points to the south dealing with light steady rain in the evening rush hour from wilmington 95 and route 1, down to smyrna and interior southern georgia, near medford lakes and glassboro and the atlantic city expressway a wet drive and the garden state parkway if are you headed away from atlantic city especially north to seaside heights. we are in the 40s now, and if you had the ice on the ground and then the snow and the warm air on top of the cold ground you get the fog to develop, visibilities are down to quarter mile or so a mile and a half in millville and two miles in atlantic city and you got the low ceiling and the low clouds in edition to the warmer temperatures 48 in wildwood and 45 in the atlantic city airport and lower 40s in the lehigh
4:20 pm
valley, we have a good eight to ten hours before we see the numbers slide enough to see the snow and to create some icy spots. temperatures though are dropping to the north and west. that boundary right now that pushed to the south yesterday, you can see it right here, you have the southerly wind meeting the northwesterly winds and it's the northwesterly winds that take over, the temperatures are bitter cold over the great lakes and we'll watch future tracker cut the numbers back by 11:00 and 38 philadelphia we start to change to snow reading and allentown 11:00 to midnight and it collapses to the south near wilmington and trenton at 3:00 in the morning with accumulating snow at that time and still rain in southern new jersey and by 9:00 in the morning, still mixing as far south as wildwood but snow taking over much of the area with temperatures falling in the 20s and lunch time tomorrow afternoon snowing to
4:21 pm
the south but we'll try to dry it out from the north and west as temperatures stay cold and by the evening rush everybody is done with that snowfall. we really haven't tweaked our map all that much since the genesis of it yesterday 2 to 4 inches for the lehigh valley a good general 4 to 8 inches for much of the area and if you etch in where we see the best bet closer to the 8 inches wilmington to dover glassboro to chads worth and on the edge philadelphia and closer to the lower end as you work to the north and west of philadelphia. falling temperatures tomorrow in the first half of the day and friday full sunshine and 24 degrees below normal a bitter day of 24 degrees, but very good news for the weekend sunny both days and 40 on saturday and sunday up to 44 degrees as we turn the clocks ahead one hour
4:22 pm
and by sunday evening, the sunsets at 7:00. even better news. >> love that. >> extra time to melt the snow and ice. >> thank you adam. to business on this wednesday afternoon another down day on wall street and the dow is falling 106 points and the nasdaq down 13 and the s&p lost 9 points on the day. mcdonald's is making a big change to its food supply the fast food chain will phase out the use of antibiotics in its chick and many use the antibioticses to help the animals grow but it makes it less effective when humans actually need them. the phaseout will take about two years. could the bankrupt revel casino finally have a new owner? we'll have details next. and he is a gentle giant named hulk how this 175 pound pit bull is changing people's
4:23 pm
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former pennsylvania congressman joe sestak threw his hat in the ring for u.s. senate for 2016 at independence hall setting up a rematch with republican senator, pat toomey sestak pledged to walk 400 miles across pennsylvania to show people he understands their concerns irk the former navy admiral started his journey today wearing a pair of army boots. the revel casino is back in court today and hoping the third time is the charm. the bankruptcy judge is considering the sale right now florida developer glen straub wants to buy it for $85 million
4:27 pm
and another investor from california made an offer and he is in the courtroom today. john rawlins will have a live report on this at 6:00. and more coverage of the winter storm including the recent snow removal that crews are looking forward to tomorrow's system. and jailed for doing his job, why an atlanta garbage man is spending his time behind bars for being an early bird. and alicia vitarelli shows us the service for delivering hand picked affordable clothing on demand.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with a stunning study with kids in boston and caffeine, how many parents are filling their baby bottles up with coffee instead of milk. and a father's fury why this pittsburgh dad flew into a rage for someone attacking his teenage daughter. >> and we'll introduce you to a 175 pound pit bull named hulk, and how the puppy is changing perception about the breed. and on everybody's radar is the weather, in less than eight hours most of our region will be under the winter storm gun.
4:30 pm
chad pradelli is talking to folks that are trying to keep the roads safe out there but we start with the track and timing with adam joseph. >> it's a triple whammy, yesterday snow and ice and today the rain and tomorrow the heavy snow all part of the same system stretched out across the country, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows the boundary from philadelphia to the south to pittsburgh, the colder air is beginning to link in and change it to snow in pittsburgh that collapses the rain-snow line across our region late tonight and this stretches all the way down to dallas, we are talking over 2,000 miles being impacted by this particular storm. that is really a battle of the cold arctic air to the northern and the spring warm to the south. typical for the month of march. warnings and advisories are all the way down to odessa in texas and dallas and the tennessee
4:31 pm
valley and nashville they are expecting a major ice storm out of this, and warnings extend to philadelphia and the entire delaware valley but the lehigh valley is under an advisory and the poconos where less snow is expected to fall with the heaviest totals being south of philadelphia yet again. here is the storm timeline in and around the area this is the heart of the delaware valley, the change over time is 1:00 in the morning and the heaviest accumulating snow from 6:00 a.m. until noon and at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon the snow tapers off into the evening rush tomorrow. we'll take a look at the totals we have not moved them much but put a bull's-eye area of who we expect to see the most snow. >> i don't want to be in the bull's-eye. >> in this business of snow tonight is a welcome change the reason is many of our local storms have been all about this.
4:32 pm
as "action news" reporter chad pradelli found out removal crews would much rather deal with plowable snow than any amount of ice. he is live in havertown to explain. >> reporter: well ice means more worthy about last night trying to get the ice off your car it took 15 to 20 minutes, you have some snow it takes about 5 minutes, it's a busy winter for snow removal contractors the sounds of salt spreaders are prevalent this winter we haven't had the proverbial big one with you a bunch of nuisance storms and contractors that clear snow and ice for businesses and homeowners. >> you have last year you couldn't get a break, it was a big volume year. >> ask any contractor and they will take a foot of snow over a
4:33 pm
trace of ice ice means work and man hours and product. >> the salt is not effective, where out on the roads everybody is running it over and getting mixed in everywhere. >> we try to buy enough salt but we are using so much salt this year because of the news an storms we need more salt. >> joseph was among the dozen contractors waiting for salt to be dropped off at the supplier in havertown. but mother nature's latest blow appears to be cooperating 4 to 8 inches of white powder is expected. >> this is more our speed hit it, not suppose to get mixed precipitation, none of that. >> despite all of that, the contractors say the money is good but not great it's a cut throat business with lots of players involved and homeowners and businesses want the best
4:34 pm
price and if you don't come with the best price you lose the gig. >> all right thank you chad. >> some people are having trouble finding salt after all the smaller snow and ice storms this winter. richard's paving in newcastle is contracted to clear and treat local roads they called nine different places for a bulk shipment. they resorted to posting a craigslist ad and as of this afternoon no one has responded to that request. over in wilmington, diamond chemical sold 40 pallets of rock salt this morning, more people were lined up to buy it when the action cam stopped by the owner stocked up when he heard about the next storm it looks like a feeding frenzy with ice melt. this storm is a surprise you don't usually get a storm of this magnitude this late in the
4:35 pm
season and when my wife informed me we would get a foot of snow or 10 inches i made sure i had product here. >> they will have a dozen pallets of salt delivered before the end of the day. >> stick with website/weather can you always find storm tracker radar and the seven-day forecast and check our list of local school closings and delays, and the action news morning team will be up to guide you through the morning commute. we have the latest from accuweather and the hardest hit regions and constantine updates on the roads. >> a man charged with child pornography is facing new allegations and "action news" learned he will be locked up until his trial. they argued to keep mark haines in jail after the judge game him
4:36 pm
bail yesterday. that haines continued to solicit images of young girls online even after he was release on bail. and works recently at saint simon, and three people accused him of sexual abuse and that it happens when they were children. >> one northeast philadelphia homeowner will have to find a different way to clear their driveway thanks to a cold-hearted thief surveillance video shows a thief back on valentine's day a short time later the suspect can be seen walking out pushing the snow blower he stole. the thief also shoved a power washer and tool kit and two propane heaters into his bag and police are looking for the man that stole a woman's 5-month-old puppy in kensington on monday. the victim left the gray and white pit bull tied to a pole
4:37 pm
outside of the rite-aid and moments later a man in a blue suv pulled up and took the puppy into his car. if you recognize this dog thief call philadelphia police. it's one year since a massive explosion rocked one ewing neighborhood. one woman was killed and anchor rick williams is live in the newsroom with more on this. >> thank you that explosion was triggered by some contractors who accidentally hit a gas main at a condo complex, some 55 homes were destroyed or damaged and now a year later some of the homes that survived the blast are still boarded up and being repaired. coming up tonight at 5:00, new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic talked to one man hurt in the explosion and has nightmares about what happened. coming up tonight, a presidential candidate makes
4:38 pm
controversial remarks about why people are gay. why dr. ben carson says people choose to be homosexual. some stories we are following on "action news" at 5:00. until then back to the studio. >> thank you. yesterday right here we showed you the 400 foot ice luge built by a berks county dad and here is another example of a dad check out this igloo bar in new hampshire. a crafty resident of stafford built the digs out of a giant snow drift and includes caves and tunnels and lights and decorations and of course booze the so-called dam bar took 65 hours to finish. >> he will be sad when this all melt as way i'm sure. still ahead style on demand how you can get a personal shopper to ship you hand picked clothes
4:39 pm
for just $20. and he couldn't get to the man accused of victimizing his daughter but he could get to his car. the source of this father's fury straight ahead. he is a big puppy with an even bigger heart. how this gentle giant is changing perceptions about pit bulls.
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4:41 pm
police say former prison guard was behind a shooting spree in mand. investigators say he fired bullets on occupied vehicles and near a movie theater and mall and hit the headquarters of the national security agency the locations were in a 12 mile radius in the baltimore-washington suburbs
4:42 pm
they said it brought back painful memories of the d.c. sniper attacks of 2002. no one was seriously hurt. the father of a rape victim took out some of his anger by smashing her attacker's suv. the enraged dad destroyed dustin moffit's car. he says he repeatedly raped his daughter since the age of 13 and stalked the girl and slapped and chocked her on occasion they only caught him because he posted a video of one of the rapes online and her father says she was too scared to come forward. >> a sanitation is behind bars for getting to work too early kevin mcgill was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating an orderance, saying workers could only haul trash from 7:00 a.m.
4:43 pm
until 7:00 p.m., he was cited for picking up the trash at 5:00 a.m. one morning he couldn't believe when the prosecutor asked the judge for the maximum punishment. >> i was stunned and shocked. >> fines don't seem to work. that prosecutor there bill reilly makes no apologies for locking up garbage collectors, they are a nuisance to sleeping residents and mcgill was on the job for three months and now has to spend the next 14 weekends in jail while he works during the week of course after 7:00 in the morning. oh boy. here is the big talkers and an apology from a ceo for the way she treated working moms before she had a child alone. she is embarrassed by her previous actions like scheduling meetings and when mothers could not go out after work, now for mothers in the workplace it's
4:44 pm
death by a thousand cuts and sometimes it's other women holding the knives and she didn't realize how horrible she had been until she had her own daughter. and now auto new tech company that allows women to work from home. and milk in a baby's bottle and more babies are drinking coffee they found 52% of 2-year-olds drink coffee every day and some getting as much as a half cup. researchers think it's likely associated with cultural practices and most of them that gave their babies coffee were from outside of the u.s. and most of them were hispanic, they highly recommend against caffeine for kids because it could lead to depression or obesity. >> this is poke, you can see how he earned the name. the new hampshire pup is a pit
4:45 pm
bull he is 175 pounds and just 8 months old and his parents run a kennel called dark dynasty canines and they say he is a gentle giant and his best friend is his 9-month-old son jordan. the family says that hulk went through extensive training and no matter the breed it's about how you raise them, but breeding dogs this large can lead to health problems and a shorter life span, he is technically a puppy and could get bigger than that. >> he is a good musician as well. >> i like him. thanks very much. lets get a check of the roads now. matt pellman is in the traffic
4:46 pm
center. as we look outside we can barely see here on 422, the bottom line is it won't take as long to get home as it did yesterday but it will take extra time especially on 422 westbound is a parking lot from this point at 29 a disabled bus up ahead and it's off to the side and it's causing extra heavy delays for the westbound travellers headed out towards pottstown getting dense fog reports, one of them 309 in quakertown and in quakertown itself a gas main break along franklin street. also having traffic light troubles again along the roosevelt boulevard at front street, that means no cross traffic is allowed there. red conditions with speeds like 11 and 12 miles per hour on the vine and schuylkill westbound you have a broken down vehicle in the right hand lane outside of 30th street station.
4:47 pm
95 in delaware, southbound side looking at speeds like 9 miles per hour because of a crash at mlk boulevard taking out a lane and washington township gloucester county downed wires along greentree road. >> thank you matt. lets step outside, mobile 6 is on the move in south philadelphia it's braving the roads on two streets right now, you can see the roadway is pretty slick out there. and it looks clear for now. meteorologist adam joseph, has the exclusive accuweather forecast coming up n. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker? i look around this room and i see nothing but untapped potential.
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tty/v caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. meteorologist, adam joseph seems like we have a fair number of upside down storm, more snow to the south and east and
4:50 pm
everyone will see something tomorrow. >> everyone will see a healthy amount of snow, most kids will be off tomorrow but still do the homework because then you cannot have to do homework tomorrow night. exactly get it done now. you can enjoy the day tomorrow. double scan live radar showing we are dealing with the light rain in much of the area, philadelphia down to the south to vineland and wilmington north of dover and extending back towards lancaster we can see a wall of green and the good news here is in the form of liquid and it's rain and temperatures in the 40s and no icing concern, unlike yesterday evening we are starting to see pops of yellow in parts of maryland and that expands as the rain intensifies tonight with the light rain and low cloud cover you can see live now on center city's sky 6 making out the taller buildings
4:51 pm
and liberty one and two and the comcast center there we are dealing way dreary evening rush hour, the visibility down to two miles one mile in reading and less than a half mile in lancaster and it's slow going around and if you are heading out this evening, by ways of the airlines check in with your carrier because there is some delays because of fog. 43 in millville and 46 in wildwood and 40s in the lehigh valley and it will be some time before we tap into the colder air in the storm. it's stretched out like a piece of taffy here from the shores of new jersey to boston all the way down to dallas many areas over 2,000 miles being effected by this storm it's really a battle zone of the arctic air to the north and the spring warmth to the south and the arctic air wins out again but that doesn't happen until midnight for the
4:52 pm
lehigh valley we change it over to snow with a temperature of 33 and rain still elsewhere, that line sinks down to the south by 4:00 in the morning, changing over in wilmington the verge of millville to lakehurst and all snow in philadelphia by 4:00 a.m. and at 0k we fall into the 20s north and west and we flip it over to snow in the wee hour of the morning and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon drying out to the north and west and cloudy and no snow falling but snow continuing at the shore. and a few pops of sun how much to expect? we haven't changed this map since yesterday 2 to 4 inches from the lehigh valley to the poconos, a general 4 to 8 inches through much of the delaware valley to the shore we added an area now that we could see the upper end of that 4 to 8 inch range, it's in delaware and
4:53 pm
interior southern new jersey where you can see the higher end from plasbro hammonton and smyrna and wilmington tomorrow what to expect for the stretchous travel snow up to an inch an hour and crashing temperatures into the 20s and lighter snow until the afternoon as it moves out. the exclusive accuweather forecast, falling temperatures tomorrow with the snow heavy at times in the morning and sunshine on friday. only 28 for a high on friday and 40s in the weekend and the stretch continues next week as we welcome back the 50s, some good snow melting going on this weekend in next week. >> you said 50? >> i think i did. >> i kind of feel like clapping. >> we missed it. >> finally. [ applause ] . >> it never felt so good.
4:54 pm
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. here we are go again stormtracker 6 live double scan tracking the next winter blast coming our way and this storm has the potential to give us the most snow we have seen this winter wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is the storm that will greatly impact our region overnight into tomorrow, the snow will get in your way of work and school tomorrow, delays be cancellations are very likely and our team of meteorologists
5:00 pm
cecily tynan and adam joseph continue to watch the storm for us and they have the latest when the snow will arrive and how much we'll get. cecily lets start with you. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's not a pleasant day, rain falling generally south of philadelphia and it's just rain and not freezing on contact, temperatures generally in the 40s, 42 in philadelphia and 40 in millville and allentown 39 and wildwood 46 and wilmington 42 degrees. the evening commute tonight a lot better than last night. we are dealing with light rain and a few areas of fog and the main concern is reduction of visibility. by 6:00, 41 and even by 7:00 it's 40 degrees, no concerns for the evening commute for frozen precipitation but if you look at a wider view, it's 42 in philadelphia but you can see there is cold air waiting in the wings, chicago it's 20 bismar


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