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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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lice officer. we're live at police headquarters. >> accuweather is tracking record cold settling in a day after the season's largest snowfall. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed as people dig out of the snow. other delays and closings are scrolling at the bottom of the screen and >> let's head over to david murphy karen rogers is off, matt pellman has the commute. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, a lot of kids are off from school because the roads are in a lot of cases still snow covered. if you go out, you'll see the sun coming up over the horizon the storm is gone, as are the clouds. but brother is it cold. 3 in allentown is a record low. 7898 in wilmington is a record, with the. i think the airport atlantic city has hit a new record low. there's a little bit of light wind. when you start out that cold it's easy to get raw numbers. 12 below for the current
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windchill in lancaster. zero in philadelphia. definitely on the bold and cold side this morning. if you're heading out for the morning commute expect delays, we have snow-packed side streets, the temperatures are so cold, the salt is less effective, the main highways look pretty good, but we have a plow truck going by on monument road. there's still snow coverage on monument road. 26 is the high, that will be at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. all right, matt pellman give us the skinny on the roads this morning. a lot of them had snow, right. >> reporter: i don't mind the bold, but this cold is for the birds. because of the cold, the salt is not helping us on the secondary routes. here at dekalb a pike, ilsd watch it, at intersections like this there's a lot of ice of snow, a few minutes ago we had an accident. the accidents cleared out. everything is reopened.
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i saw a salt truck go through they are trying to put the salt down even though it's too cold for the salt to do too much. you have to creep slowly through intersections like this. there's an accident at valley forge road 363. and west goshen, west chester pike. this scene by the blue route, we had so many issues on the ramps connecting 76 with 476 yesterday. you can see on the westbound off ramp to the southbound blue route there's snow and schush. there snow and slush. there will be slippery, even though the main travel lanes of the schuylkill are wet. we're watching an overturned vehicle crash on the new jersey turnpike burlington. the speeds are slow through that neck of woods. >> we have new developments in the murder of a philadelphia police officer.
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detectives searched the home in connection with the fatal shooting of robert wilson. eva pilgrim has more on the story. >> reporter: matt, philadelphia police are mourning the loss of one of their own an officer who was remembered as someone who was always willing to help others. >> the entire garment is in shock and mourning. >> reporter: robert wilson the iii was killed in the line of duty. >> i knew him, i had met him he was one of the best police officers this city has to offer period. a very, very very brave hero individual. >> reporter: wilson was on his shift in full uniform when he went into this game stop when two men came in and announced a robbery. >> he engaged the suspect and there was a exchange of gunfire. >> wilson's partner heard the gunfire and fired his gun as well. officer wilson was hit several
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times at close range and pronounced at 6:25. police searched a home in brewerytown that may be connected to the robbery and shooting. >> this is a sad day for the officers that i command in the 22nd district. this is a sad day for the philadelphia police department, this is a sad day for the city of philadelphia. >> i ask that you keep officer wilson in our thoughts and in our areas prayers his family, and never forget him. >> reporter: officer wilson leaves behind two children, a 9-year-old and one-year-old. as for the two suspects both have priors, they are well-known to police. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> officer robert wilson was one of 30 officers in the 22nd police district who were tell using body cameras. commissioner ramsey announce the the program back in december. officer wilson attended the event where the department
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showed off the equipment. the department tweeted out a picture that same day. here it is. officer wilson is seen on the left. it is not yet known if his body camera captured his murder. pennsylvania governor tom wolf released a statement on the killing saying this senseless act is devastating and a stark reminder of the danger faced everyday by the brave men and women in uniform. >> it is 6:05. people love the easily of apple pay, but unfortunately theives are loving it, too. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in time square with the details. >> reporter: good morning, tam apple pay has been hit by a wave of fraudulent transactions, thieves are putting stolen credit card data into phones and using apple pay to by items. in some cases it's credit card stolen at home depot and target. apple pay let's you make purchases without having the physical calendar.umers are saving
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money at the pump and paying down debt. u.s. markets managed a slightly gain. economists predict there were 200,000 jobs added last month. stay warm, tam. >> we'll do our best, thank you maribel. let's see where mobile 6 is. a lot of cars are snowed in. snow pack on the ground it makes it a tight go trying to get through the streets. it takes longer for plows to get out there and do their work leading to a number of school districts, saying you know what, kids stay home, the list is running at the bottom of the
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screen, the full list at the biggest snowstorm left the roads compledz and made the roads treacherous. but some people are profiting from it. >> a lot of pennies from heaven today. >> reporter: it's a good thing. >> so mother senator saved the best for last. >> "action news" found this business in wayne delaware county, that was able to remain open for people to walk there. it seems cabin fever drove people out of their homes and into the seats. >> got to get you tell and get the kids somewhere. a lot of them are home and parents are going sledding today. >> reporter: we saw kids going by the house yesterday. i turned to my son asked well i get to be 16 and i guess i had a
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enough. storm tracker 6 live double scan, no snow out there. we have pleasant on the ground. that includes down the shore. there's enough down in atlantic city to shovel on the highways and by ways. 12 degrees in philadelphia. three in allentown. 8 in wilmington, a lot of these numbers you're looking at right now are records in fact let's check out a few of those. the record that exists on this date for all of these communities is on the left. these are the current numbers 12 in philadelphia, as low as we've officially gone so far. we have set a record low of 3 in allentown and 8 in wilmington, and 9 at the airport in ac. trenton is close trenton is one of those places that might go into record territory this morning. and then we starting point to bounce back under the sun today. you can see that the cloud cover and the snow is gone. unfortunately there's a lot of snow on the ground. in king of prussia we got
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10.4 inches. tendon the nose in chadds ford. -- 10 on the snows in chadds ford. and mount holly 8.3. 7.5 was the official total in philadelphia. we'll get to 23 in allentown mostly sunny skies and not much wind, but very cold. down the shore, high of 26. not a lot of wind, but lots of sun, cold and uncomfortable. you want to bundle up if you're heading out. philadelphia 26 degrees, frigid winds generally running north at 6 miles per hour. 15 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 21 by 11:00. # p.m., 25 high of 26. striking at 3:00 p.m. things get better, though, tomorrow in the morning, it will be bitter cold. later in the day we get up to 38. 4:00 p.m., 37 degrees down to 35 in the 90th minute for the union against the colorado
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rapids. bundle up. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we have a high of 26 today, lots of sun bitter, tomorrow not as harsh later in the afternoon high of 38 and then you set your clocks forward one hour as you go to bed on saturday night sunday milder, afternoon high of 43 degrees. from there, 47 by monday, 47 by tuesday, wednesday partly sunny, how do you like 53 in there are times of the year when i put a 53 in the seven day. people say that's cool, but not this time. some of the numbers are still below average, but definitely better than what we're looking at today. >> 53 is more than double what we're getting today. scary landing we have reaction from passengers who were on the plane that stopped feet from freezing water in new york. >> we're getting dramatic look from a fiery tanker crash that caused traffic trouble in new
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jersey. >> reporter: they are worried about fishtailing in fishtown. it's slippery with a significant amount of snow pack along delaware avenue and columbia avenue. we have a crash on the new jersey turnpike and downed poles to talk about. >> a long time circus act is coming to an end. details later on "action news." you've probably picked "five things" a million times without breaking a sweat. no problem. so the pennsylvania lottery changed the name of "quinto" to "pick 5". no sweat to play. pick 5. easy to play. simple to say.
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>> welcome back, the sun up, as we take a live look across penns landing. weyou can see the snow pack alongside the roads. swu look over the ben franklin bridge. 14 degrees out there. >> any of the ice out there isn't going anywhere. >> reporter: what a shame this is the last morning commute of the week. we're going to miss this week, aren't we? it was something else. thank goodness it's friday. we're looking live at the montgomery mall in montgomeryville. there's a substantial amount of snow and ice along 309 at dekalb pike. you can see it as we zoom in with the penndot camera. if you turn on this there's a good chance you will go sliding. i'm sorry i sound a broken record allow for extra time as you head out.
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hope willfully we won't have to say that much more this winter season. we have an accident old york road at woodland road. goshen, chester county, one stop tire and auto at west chester pike and spring lane. no issues on the 30 bypass, 202 but they have slush to contend with. we have a bad accident new jersey turnpike, northbound direction approaching exit 5 541, i wanted to warn you in burlington they will close beverly road this afternoon starting at 4:00 p.m. and again throughout the day tomorrow. it's a viewing and funeral for the formle burlington township fire chief that's going on. beverly road is closed, stay on 130, starting at 4:00 p.m. route 48 is closed between
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dupont road. day. there's a downed pole in stafford ocean county, watch out for it along route 72 near more rules boulevard. >> a terrifying moment on the tarmac, 6 people were hurt when a delta jetliner skidded off the runway at will a graduator airport and -- laguardia airport and crashed into a chain link fence. passengers say the plane landed hard an took a sharp turn. >> we felt the wheels hit the runway and the wheels did foot not take traction and started to skid. new on "action news," the delaware river port authority has released new video of the tanker explosion in pennsauken, cam dental county. one video shows the gasoline tanker overturning and erupting into flames.
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there's another video of first responders getting to the thick black smoke and flames at the scene. the explosion happened two weeks of a from the off ramp of route 90 to route 130. >> google has a new tool for drivers. that tops tech bytes. >> reporter: a new way to search for lower car insurance. google compare provides user with customized quotes based on on their vehicle and location. >> rock bands have reason to celebrate. there's a new version of the popular game featuring 2,000 songs. it will be available for the xbox 1 and play station iv. google wants to help you to make a better bartender you can make everything from a side car to a manhattan. the instruction appear on the top of the results page, i don't
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even need how to explain how glorious that is. >> those are tech bytes. >> it's 6:18. slip sliding away, a woman survives a close call with an out-of-control car on the ice. >> the results are in on milk, find out what what the fda says is really in the glass. >> reporter: it's our biggest snowfall in philadelphia. 7.5 inches. some neighborhoods going as high as 10. we are 3 1/2 inches above normal. a late year snow usually doesn't happen to us, but it did. i'll have the day planner forecast coming up. # ortillas. so good you don't dip 'em you air dip 'em. pringles!
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his >> the lehigh valley is cleaning up some of the higher snow totals from the storm. in bethlehem the goal is to keep the streets from refreezing. public works hopes this is the last snowfall of the season, the
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city doesn't have enough rock salt to get through a storm. >> i wanted to mention we are all wearing blue today it's dress in before you for colon cancer. it's one we need to be aware of and get screened for. checking out the blue route this is 476 the media swathmore interchange, northbound come 89 headlights. the blue route is just damp. up in the lehigh valley on the ramp from 47 # the northeast extension southbound to the allentown service plaza the ramp is closed because of a crash. amtrak is on a modified schedule. septa regional rails on time we're seeing scattered delays, five of the septa bus routes are not running. >> reporter: matt, it's very cold, a lot of the streets are organ the snow covered side, as matt pellman mentioned so be
6:22 am
careful especially on the side streets. 17 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 22 by noon. 26 degrees is the high with all the sun we'll do melting today. i am concerned that will refreeze as the sun goes down. keep that in mind as you travel around later tonight or walk around. not a lot going on across the united states not a lot of precipitation that will cause you problems airplane wise. we have light rain in orlando. no major delays, but because of the snow and the fact there were delays yesterday i would check online to make sure my flight is on time today. >> the fda said no worries milk still does a body good. the agency took samples of raw moirk and tested them for 31 drugs, less than one% evidenced illegal drug residue
6:23 am
antibiotics can end up in milk from dairy cows in order to keep them healthy. the flyers beat the saint louis blues 3-16789 they are four points behind boston in the eastern conference. in fact they take on the bruins tomorrow in boston. >> a philadelphia police officer was killed in the line of duty. >> eva pilgrim is working on an update to the investigation. eva? >> reporter: philadelphia police are mourning the loss of their own, we'll have the latest on the investigation coming up. # #
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coming up on 6:26 we're on columbus boulevard heading north. all the stuff on the left, all the shops and stuff. look at the roads still kind of icy and slushy and crusty from yesterday's storm. surveillance video captured a terrifying moment when a car sliding down a snowy street in rhode island crashed into a park vehicle and skidded and struck a young woman. the woman was standing on the road the second car hit a slick spot and careened toward her. she was not hurt. ringling brothers are sending all the elephants into permanent retirement. animal rights groups have sued over the issue, they are not happy this move they say they want them phased out of the show
6:27 am
immediately. there will be no arrest for kirk busch. the delaware's attorney general office ruled there was not enough evidence to find criminal charges against busch. >> there are new developments in time killing of a philadelphia police officer. we have an update on harrison ford's condition after a crash landing on a golf course in california.
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>> developing overnight detectives raid a house connected to the investigation into a philadelphia police officer's murder. >> mobile 6 is making it's way through this morning's record cold commute. taking a look at what the storm
6:30 am
left behind. >> philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed. there are delays and closing scrolling at the bottom of the screen and >> karen rogers is off and matt pellman is in for her, david murphy is outside. how does it feel? >> reporter: not good. you want to bundle up. we have plenty of sunshine you can see how the clouds are clearing, i'm just about ready to see the sun pop up over a horizon to my left here. 12 degrees in philadelphia. we set some new record lows this morning, one of them is until allentown with the reading of # # -- 3 degrees that shatters the old record. philadelphia is close to ten but not getting there at this point. there's a windchill to worry about, but it feels like zero here in and in trenton and dover an lancaster.
6:31 am
for the morning rush hour, expect delays, the weather is okay in terms of sunshine, no precipitation, but we have pleasant of snow-packed side streets leftover from last night. some main and secondary roads are partially snow covered. temperatures are so cold, salt is less effective if temperatures were warmer. some of the snow stuck on the roads may be a while before it gets off there. today's high, 26 degrees, not a lot of wind, but lots of sun but obviously cold. matt pellman let's get a look at the roads. >> reporter: funny you should mention the snow-packed side streets. that's what we're looking at chalfonte, bucks county. it's bristol road, you have to do it slowly which is what you have to do because of the snow and ice on the secondary routes. you have to drop the speeds which requires extra time as you head out. we've seen a number of accidents one in would worcester township.
6:32 am
there's one at spring lane near the one stop tire and auto. on the big picture we have speeds dropping 37 miles per hour southbound on the boulevard by broad street. we have traffic light troubles at 40th and market and 41st. we're in the 30s by cottman and in the teens near girard. this is the scene philadelphia international airport. the sun is coming back making an appearance, very happy to see that. mainly travelings on i-95 is damp but the shoulder is ice we have icy conditions on the ramp i-95 to philadelphia international airport. we have the overturned vehicle crash on the new jersey turnpike northbound, approaching exit 5, 541 taking out the left lane, a sample of what can happen if you go too fast on these icy roads. matt and tam. >> a routine stop turned deadly
6:33 am
for philadelphia police officer robert wilson, as department mourned detectives were searching a brewerytown home overnight. eva pilgrim is live at police headquarters she has been watching this with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, philadelphia police are trying to figure out what led up to the killing of that officer this as the mayor calls for an end to the violence. >> senseless level of violence from some people. it is of course, completely unacceptable in this great city. >> reporter: overnight detectives searched the home in brewerytown on the 1200 block of north hollywood street as crime teams searched the scene after officer robert wilson was shot inside this game stop. he was on his shift in full uniform. he stopped into the store when two men came in and announced a robbery. >> he immediately engaged the
6:34 am
suspects, there was an exchange of gunfire on both sides. both alleged gun mern -- gunmen are in custody facing a list of charges. >> i knew him, i had met him. he was one of the best police officers this city has to offer period. a very, very, brave heroic individual. >> i ask that you keep officer wilson in our thoughts and in our prayers his family and never forget him. >> reporter: now, officer wilson leaves behind two children a 9-year-old and 1-year-old. as for the suspects, both of them have priors they were well-known to police. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> thanks eva. this just in, philadelphia archbishop charles shah pew released a statement on the
6:35 am
shooting he said i pray that the lord will pour his boundful mercy -- bountiful mercy on the soul of officer wilson and watch over the brave men and women who wake up every day ready to face dangers. police said robberies have occurred at the game stop in the last two years, it is unclear if they are related. >> the last police officer to be killed was a member of the 22nd police district that officer's killer is sentenced today. he faces a mandatory life sentence for the murder of moses walker junior. a second man admitted his role and testified against jones at a bench trial last year. stay with "action news" for any updates on the investigation
6:36 am
into officer wilson's murder both on air and online we have complete coverage. case at >> time right now 6:36. harrison ford is recovering after crashing his vintage plane on a california golf course. the 72-year-old film star's plane lost power and attempted to return to the airport. the folder made a crash landing. witnesses say the actor had a significant head wound but able to speak. he talked about his love of aviation to barbara walters. >> i love seeing the world from an airplane i'm in love with flying. >> investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. >> the delaware and lehigh valleys went from falling snow to falling temperatures. many communities will see record cold and that doesn't bode well
6:37 am
getting out there and cleaning up after the storm. let's go over to mobile 6 south philadelphia is famous for the tight streets. between the tightness of the streets and the cars it will be hard to get the snow off the roads and sidewalks. so that's why we're advising you take it slow wherever you're out there going this morning as you go through your commute. let's look at video in from camden county, new jersey, the action cam found crews outside the cherry hill mall. moorestown mall take a look at this their parking lot a solid sheet of ice. >> we have clear blue skies not a cloud out there. >> reporter: it's going to be nice and sunny today. it's not going to feel good today we're looking at a a lot of cold. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we are precipitation free. as we look outside we're looking at the sun coming up bright over the horizon and we
6:38 am
are definitely looking bright sun glass weather but definitely cold, as well. here's the current number, 1 degrees, the winds are out of the north at 8. the barometer is on the rise right right now. an indication that the storm system is on the way out. the ten is the record, we dropped to 12, in allentown we're down to 3. trenton, 8 close to a record there. wilmington we have broken that record. in atlantic city we're close to a record low. we'll winds up with four or five records set this morning, we'll see about that when the official numbers come in. get prepared with the sunglasses, you're going to need it. you'll have snow on the ground reflecting that bright sunshine which makes it more kind of like squinty if you don't have the sunglasses on. ten inches of snow in huffs
6:39 am
church. 8 inches in pitman, 5.5 in woodbine, 5.2 in cape may. 7.5 in philadelphia is the largest snowfall of the season and in fact in most areas you're dealing with the most. you usually don't get the biggest snow in march but we did this winter. slick streets are an issue, some of them are snow covered always matt pellman is talking about expect slow going and use extra caution. even on the secondaries and main roads you may find snowy patches that could get you slipping and sliding into the car in front of you, if you're going too fast. sunny and cold, high of 26. we'll break into the 20s and staying there through 5:00 p.m. look for melting with all the surn out despite sub freezing -- sun out despite sub-freezing
6:40 am
temperatures, but the refreeze tomorrow morning. 28 in cape may, 23 in allentown. 26 today, 38 is the high, philadelphia union have their home opener at colorado at 4:00 p.m. you'll need layers and coats but tomorrow will be better in the afternoon than today. and then on sunday, mile an hour with a mix of clouds and sun 43. don't forget to set that clock forward one hour hopefully celebrating a nice union win. 47 on monday and tuesday, 53 wednesday. 46 on thursday, nicer number numbers coming up. we'll have news concerning the union coming up at the end of this half-hour. >> 6:40. huge flames force evacuation when a train goes off the tracks. >> a father offering a primal response to the man accused of preying on his daughter.
6:41 am
>> reporter: looks like a winter wonderland, this is eastbound traffic 422 slowing at saint gabe's curve. we have a disabled you go truck on the eastbound shoulder. >> we have more on the schuylkill expressway coming up. >> hall and oats has an action to grind with again knoll will gren gren --
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6:43 am
>> 6:43, recovery time for philadelphia international and
6:44 am
many other airports across thement country after all the cancellations, still some leftover, but it will take a while to get back in shape. 14 degrees on city avenue. only getting up to 26 today. >> matt pellman we're seeing speed restrictions out and about getting over the storm. >> reporter: we're looking for happy on another difficult morning commute. it's national oreo day. hold only to the oreo also take it easy as you head out on the roads. this is the ramp on the schuylkill expressway wednesday of the blue route southbound it's mostly covered with snow and ice. the new main westbound travel lanes on the schuylkill expressway heading toward king of prussia they are wet. you won't have problems with them. did you catch the penndot truck moving out of the shot, putting down salt on the ramp. you could find slippery patches on the highways this morning. on this ramble northeast
6:45 am
extension southbound there was a crash, no access to the service plaza, the ramp is closed. we have a crash bucks county, warrington at street and taylor avenue. new jersey turnpike there's another crash this time in the southbound lanes approaching 7a for 195. we have the overturned vehicle wreck on the northbound side section of 5 for 541 that's taking out the left lane. we have a fire location in woodbury highlights along boundary road. they have that extinguished. a crash on 55 has cleared heading toward the 42 freeway. 42 is drying out but plenty of northbound traffic heading toward 295. matt and tam? >> this is new this morning an electrical fire video to a church in philadelphia's tacony section it started on cross on the 7000 block of torresdale
6:46 am
avenue. no reports of injuries. >> a federal judge is recovering from being shot during a robbery attempt in detroit michigan. the struggle took place outside the home of the judge last night. he was shot in the leg. president obama pointed him to the u.s. district court in 2012. police do not believe the men targeted him because of his job. >> new on "action news," the move many people can understand, a pittsburgh father trashed an suv it belongs to the man cooled of rape -- accused of raping his 13-year-old daughter. 32-year-old was arrested this week, police say he raped the girl multiple times and video taped it and upload it to a website. police are looking for more victims. a train carrying crude oil
6:47 am
crashed bursting into flames. the train had 103 cars loaded with crude oil. crews battled the blaze, they could only access it from one way from a nearby bike path. nobody was hurt. >> 6:47 we have an overnight update on the verdict for convicted boyfriend killer jodi arius. >> reporter: all right guys, some kids have the day off mine is going in two hours late. if you're dressing the kids, make sure you bundle them up. down around zero. temperatures in the single digits, only heading to the 20s later. i'll have the day planner forecast coming up. # #
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>> reporter: we've been talking about the union home opener, this is the brand new third uniform just released. that's the new one. the union are looking interesting this year. i love the union, they have a striker who has been doing well in the preseason games and defender and veteran guy is on the team now. interesting changes for the union. >> don't eat spaghetti with that that. >> reporter: no it's not good for pa gety. >> it's warm when they play soccer. we like that. >> reporter: the goal is to get
6:51 am
safely to work, we have slick spots that could hamper that effort. there's snow and ice on the roads. the highways in the city are drying out but in the burbs we have slick spots on the highways. ben franklin bridge 25-mile an hour max at all area bridges. seaport at that's cynwood line not running because of power problems, that joins 6 septa bus routes that remain halted. >> reporter: satellite showing that the cloud cover is disbursing, we'll get sunshine in play which is good. temperatures are cold, 12 in philadelphia. 6 in millville. 3 in allentown. this afternoon we're going for a high of 26 degrees, lots of sun. i could see this being a day where we get melting because of the sun and refreeze once the sun goes down, be careful on the frozen spots and walking around on them. >> 8 minutes shy of saying good morning to "good morning america." >> let's get a check with amy
6:52 am
robach and get a preview of what's coming up. >> reporter: good morning, tam and matt great to be with you on this friday morning. we'll have the latest on harrison ford injured in a small plane crash over a golf course outside of los angeles logs, we are live organic -- we're live on the scene. a blast of arctic air bringing bitter cold to the eastern half of the county today. temperatures 30 degrees below average. that is creating icy roads. i heard you have problems in the philadelphia area. there are problems everywhere, our extreme weather team tracking everything. a reprieve for jodi arius second time a holdout from one juror means she will not receive the death penalty. speaking out paula patten opening up about her split from robin thicke, her side.
6:53 am
story and her newest project when she sits down with robin all next on friday morning "good morning america." >> there will be no blurred lines. >> no there will not. >> 6:53. a brooklyn based granola company has hit road block early bird called it hall and oats. they are offering a don't on hall haulin' oats with the coupon code say it isn't so.
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>> our top stories philadelphia police search the home overnight in the connection with the deadly shooting of robert wilson killed during a robbery at a game stop in philadelphia yesterday. police arrested two suspects. >> secondary roads and side streets are covered. even the highways still have snow and ice take it easy as you head out david. >> reporter: temperatures are on the cold side this morning 12 degrees in philadelphia. we've set a couple of new records in allen torn. and there's a little bit of light wind adding to the windchill making it feel like zero. today's high, 26 degrees around
6:57 am
3:00 p.m. lots of sun but cold from start to finish. >> a reminder when we are not on the air we're at for karen matt, matt, david i'm tam. we hope you have a warmer weekend!
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ay. spring good morning, america. and new this morning, harrison ford crash landing his small plane. >> oh no. >> witnesses capturing thehe "star wars" legend going down in the middle of a golf course shortly after takeoff. his call for help caught on tape. >> 53-178 engine failure. immediate return. >> the vintage world war ii era plane missing homes barely. we hear from the doctor who helped save one of hollywood's biggest stars in a real-life hollywood drama. happening now, frigid friday. temperatures plugging for half the country. up to 30 degrees below normal turning roads into ice rinks. this bus slams into a house and this highway in kentucky a parking lot. back on track, nascar superstar kurt busch cleared of criminal charges in the alleged assault of his ex-girlfriend. the woman he claimed was a


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