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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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suspects. brothers ramon williams and carleton hipps are both charged tonight. listen now to some of the police radio calls moments after the shooting happened. >> give me command. >> police say both suspects had prior arrests. >> "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live outside the 22nd police district with more on officer wilson. chad. >> reporter: monica, officer wilson was an eight year veteran of the force, a father of two young boys but for his brother's and sisters in blue here at the 22nd district he was man who made them laugh and made coming to work enjoyable and he'll sorely be missed. outside the 22nd district bunting hangs out front the flag is at half-staff. officers are mourning a steady stream of people have been arriving bringing flowers and food offering condolences and paying respect to officer robert wilson iii. >> i've seen a lot of heroic
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actions on the part of police officers over the years very proud to be part of this profession. i've not seen any that rose above what i saw on that video. >> reporter: police say carleton hipps and ramon williams entered the game stop at 21st and lehigh and announced a robbery just before 5:00 p.m. they were unaware officer wilson was inside. >> officer wilson drew his service weapon and became engaged in a fierce and violent gun battle with both armed suspects. >> he was take rounds. he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire but he continued to fight continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired and it brought him down imcommissioner charles ramsey says store surveillance of the gun battle shows wilson moved moved weigh from patrons so they wouldn't be hit. the two suspects fled the store. wilson's partner damien stevenson was outside. he engaged in another gun battle hitting hipps in the leg. >> the second suspect who has been identified as ramon
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williams ran back into the store, trying to act as though he was a patron in the store. >> reporter: officer wilson is the second officer from the district to be killed since 2012. a plaque for moses walker is out front and sadly another will likely be added. >> i mean, it's traumatic. we're going to do everything we possibly can to see to it that the men and women of the 22nd district are taken care of. >> reporter: and a fund has been set up for officer wilson's two boys. if you would like to donate and help out, you can go to our web site at i'm live in north philadelphia, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> all right chad, thank you. we have been updating this story since it happened on right now we have the latest information about the shooting of officer wilson and reaction from officials along with photos from the crime scene. you could find it there right now at >> to the weather now and the view from up above on sky 6 hd
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today captured snow covered rooftops roads and trees. >> it was a beautiful sight but it's also been a lot of torque dig out and clean up after yesterday's storm. n correspondent nora muchanic joins us live tonight from mount holly with that part of the story. hi, nora. >> reporter: hi there rick. 8.3-inches, that's how much snow fell here in mount holly yesterday, one of the highest totals in burlington county. now the sun today has been helping to melt some of that snow but most people had to grab a shovel and dig out. betty was putting the finishing touches on a shoveling job she started yesterday during the storm. >> it's not the snow that i mind so much it's the below zero temperatures and the wind chill. i can't deal with that. >> reporter:. >> reporter: a look at the picnic table in betty's backyard tells you it will be awhile before she hosts a barbecue. all around mount holly people are shoveling and sweeping out from under the snow. >> it's been a workout trying to get it all off. >> reporter: and taking a while. >> yes, definitely.
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definitely some work. >> reporter: roberto torres was giving his shovel a workout. >> it's not that bad. i mean, sometimes there's ice but it's not that bad overall. >> reporter: who are you helping out? >> just neighbors and friends. >> reporter: corinne was flipping over the fact this was another day off from school. >> well, i think it's really fun. you get to just like hang out at home, drink some hot chocolate play with my dog. >> reporter: these kids were sledding down a hill near rancocas valley high school. it remains just as slippery. trees and bushes everywhere are sagging under the weight of this. just look several inches on top, a few swipes of your hand and they pop right up again: the snow didn't stop garbage pickup in town but it does add extra weight to the cans. >> don't really bother me too much. i mean, it builds muscle for me for later on keeps me in shape so i can't explain. >> reporter: if stray cats start hanging around dave's rental properties you'll
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understand why. >> i've been everywhere trying to get rock salt. that's not going to happen. so kitty litter. >> reporter: while cleanup may be a pain just take a moment to enjoy the quiet at the park, the only sound here the chirp of a singing bird. now, that sound reminds you spring is just around the corner. it's just hard to believe when there's so much snow everywhere. happy shoveling. live in mount holly i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> nora thank you. and they were busy cleaning up the snow in phoenixville chester county today. first it was clearing off the car and then digging out from the advertisements others were busy putting salt down on the sidewalks to keep people from slipping. let's head over now to meteorologist cecily tynan at the "action news" big board with a look back at the storm and hopefully some nicer weather ahead, cecily. >> and sharrie this morning with temperatures really adding insult to injury we had the snow on the ground and the morning low in philadelphia dropped down to 11 degrees. that's just 1 degree above the
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record low set back in 1978 and this is the coldest temperature we've recorded in philadelphia in 21 years since right after the 1993 super storm that dropped around a foot of snow. so, philadelphia didn't set a record but we had a lot of record lows. allentown hitting a record low of 3 degrees. reading two trenton six wilmington dropped all the way down to 5 degrees and atlantic city airport also a record low down to 8 degrees and a lot of these records that are -- that were broken were set way back in the 1800s. and despite wall to wall sunshine temperatures really struggling. 26 degrees the current temperature, that's the high so far. that's 23 degrees below average for this time of year. allentown is only 22, millville 22, trenton 24 and wilmington 23 degrees. and after the sun sets, temperatures will be dropping down into the teens very quickly this evening. so, it's a friday night. friday finally. what a long week. if you're out on the town
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tonight at 7 o'clock 21 dries. by 8 o'clock 19, 18 by 9 o'clock and down to 17 degrees. i think we'll be setting a few record lows early tomorrow morning but then finally we get a dry weekend. no storms over the weekend and i am tracking welcome milder temperatures. i'll talk more about this come youing up in the full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> cecily thanks. don't forget the 6abc storm tracker app as you head out for the weekend. you can get live radar and forecasts plus automatic alerts for any severe weather watches and warnings. the 6abc storm tracker app is a free download for your mobile device. >> time for a check of our "action news" traffic report friday night. >> let's take it live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. been a busy place over there for you, matt. >> anybody happy to see friday come. >> all of us. >> sure. >> all hands in the air. >> good afternoon. this commute is looking better than the last four or five, rick and monica. we're doing okay. we just have a few issues out there. on the schuylkill expressway there was a broken down vehicle here in the left lane
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by gulph mills eastbound. police officer just came along and pushed the guy out of the way so just as of about a minute ago we have both lanes reopened but still jam packed conditions coming eastbound on the schuylkill away from the valley forge tolls to the pennsylvania turnpike. elsewhere on 76 westbound side normal delays, too just 12 miles per hour. as you pass city avenue. there was an earlier disabled vehicle on 95 southbound in the work zone at cottman that's gone but we haven't recovered yet. speeds there still just in the teens as well. we're watching a crash in northeast philadelphia now along woodhaven road, eastbound side approaching 95. taking out the right lane here by the exit for route 13 bristol pike. you can see a tow truck already on the scene. and let's talk about the mass transit situation because of the unfortunate weather we're still on a modified schedule on amtrak dam patco is on a normal friday construction schedule. septa regional rails they say because of the weather and because of people heading home from the flower show delays are possible and still some scattered detours on some of the septa buses. we'll check it again rick in
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the next half hour. >> see you then. thank you matt. two lucky lottery ticket holders in pennsylvania are now $500,000 richer tonight. two cash five tickets matched all five balls picked in yesterday's drawing. one of those tickets was sold at riverside beverages here in pottstown, pocket county. the other was sold in western pennsylvania. riverside beverages will get a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. so far neither of the winners has come forward. >> still ahead on "action news" at 5:00 the philadelphia police department has a new tool fight crime. how these devices to gather surveillance video will help police find suspects more quickly. >> also, eating certain types of food could help your digestive system. ali gorman tells us about a diet rich in fermented foods coming up in health check. those stories meteorologist cecily tynan is back with the full accuweather forecast for the weekend. >> looking better. >> it is. >> it is monica. >> couldn't get worse. >> that's right. monica has decided. >> all right. wheelage commercial and be right back
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-- we'll go to commercial and be right back
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>> the heaviest floods to hit argentina in half a century has forced thousands of people to flee from their homes. it's happening across three provinces in the central part of the country. residents continue to wade through streets that have been under water for more than a
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week now. many of the locals removed to safety but a large number are using tractors and small boats in an attempt to return to their homes. there is a fierce battle happening in iraq right now as government troops try to retake the city of tikrit from isis. the terror group has controlled the city since last summer and since then, most civilians have fled. tikrit was actually saddam hussein's hometown. this is iraq's biggest offensive so far against isis. iraqi troops have gotten training and weapons from iran. they have not asked for help from the u.s. in this fight so far. in jerusalem several people have been injured in what police are calling a terrorist attack. authorities say a number of people were hurt when a driver ran them over with his car then tried to stab them. four police women are among the victims. the suspect is described by police as a young boy from east jerusalem. he was shot and wounded by a security guard. >> health check tonight. there is a growing trend in
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healthy eating. more people are eating fermented foods in order to promote what's called good gut bacteria. >> and for more on these foods what they can do who they're good for we turn to health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman at the "action news" big board. >> many people have heard about how eating yogurt may help improve digestion and overall health but there are other foods that may also have these benefits: i met juliet berg the nutrition director for unite fitness to talk about the growing popularity of fermented foods. things like yogurt and sauerkraut. they carry can good bacteria known as probiotics. >> the benefit is trying to create good healthy gut bacteria. >> she says it can boost immunity and overall health. the book pursuit of gut happiness focuses on probiotics. i spoke with the doctor via skype. >> if you're healthy and doing
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well this will be a supplement to help you maintain health and wellness. >> he explains the human gut has about 80 percent of the body's immune system which leads to the theory that a healthy gut will boost immunity. not all medical experts agree these foods will make a significant difference in your health but for a healthy person they won't hurt so if you want to try juliet suggests yogurt and kefir. the doctor says read the label. >> the key word is active cultures. >> other fermented foods include miso sauerkraut and other pickled vegetables. tempe has protein. >> for vegetarians and vegans you can kill two birds with one stone. >> kambuchi is fermented and is a trendy drink. the doctor says there's not enough evidence for him to
5:16 pm
support the tea yet but as for the others he's a fan. his book includes recipes to include fermented foods in your diet. you can find more information on as for why some doctors aren't sold on the benefits of probiotics many want to see more scientific evidence. there's a lot of research going ton better understand the probiotics we know and to design new ones. monica back to you. >> thank you ali. delaware county firefighters gave a financial boost to the burn unit at crozer chester medical center today. last fall the folsom fire department held its annual battle of the boulevard softball tournament. they raised money for the unit and today they were on hand to present a check for $4,000.
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>> ♪♪ >> apple's new payment system makes it easier for to you buy things but it appears that apple pay is also easy for criminals to use it with your stolen information. the wall street journal is reporting that cyber thieves are using stolen credit card data to make unauthorized purchases on apple pay. according to the report, hackers stole the credit card information from major retailers including home depot and target.
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>> u.s. employers added more than 200,000 jobs for the 12th month in a row. the labor department says 295,000 jobs were added in february and the unemployment rate fell to 5.5 percent down from 5.7. but the rate went down largely because some folks out of work just stopped looking for jobs and they are no longer counted as unemployed. one chester county bank of america is going high tech to make banking for convenient. teller assist allows customers to video chat with bankers in realtime right there at the atm. those tellers will be available outside regular banking hours seven days a week. some of the tellers on the screen will be based out of newark delaware by the way. right now the only teller assist atms are in kennett square but the technology is expected to come to center city in the next few months. >> pennsylvania congressman ryan costello celebrated the opening of his newest district office today. costello represents parts of
5:21 pm
lebanon berks county. he opened his second district office in west chester in the historic chester county courthouse. anyone in his district can now drop by there for help with government affairs. costello also has an office in wyomissing. his staff says the new office will help him better serve his constituents. >> up next on "action news" at 5:00 we will check that forecast for your weekends ahead. >> meantime let's check it out outside. sky 6 hd looking at a pretty picture of center city as the sun is setting on a friday. meteorologist cecily tynan has the details of your weekend in the accuweather forecast when we come right back. >> ♪♪ and that's my typical day. [kids cheering] you're up. you wanna... nope. at our 1 for everyone sales event, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2015 prius. offer ends march 31st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit this is out of this world. you bet your asteroid. toyota. let's go places.
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including vision changes or eye pain while taking anoro. nothing can reverse copd. the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at
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>> meteorologist cecily tynan here with accuweather at the big board. we're ready for a breather at this moment. >> we are. and we're going get one. it's the weekend now and i'm tracking warmer air on the way. it's still cold out there but we are live on sky 6 taking a look at spring mountain ski resort. a lot of folks on the slopes enjoying the fresh snow and probably a lot of kids out there who didn't have to go to school today with a lot of the schools canceled. temperatures though stuck in the deep freeze. 26 degrees the high so far that's 23 degrees below normal. allentown and reading is only 22. it's 20 in lancaster. in dover it's 24 degrees and millville currently 22 degrees. so, not getting a lot of melting out there. satellite6 along with action radar, it's been awhile since we've had a view like this. there's practically nothing going on. very strong area of high pressure really taking control of most of the country and
5:25 pm
that will keep us dry through the week, finally a dry weekend and it also will progressively bring us warmer air. that being said, tonight is going to be very cold. overnight low 13 degrees in philadelphia. nine is the record low so i don't think we'll set a new record in philadelphia but reading down to seven. likely new record. wilmington 11, a new record. atlantic city airport if you drop down 10 degrees that's also record lows. so very cold night but future tracker showing it gets better tomorrow afternoon. good amount of sunshine by 3 o'clock temperatures in the upper 30's in philadelphia, likely in the low 40's across parts of south jersey and delaware. so this will begin the march thaw. if you are heading to the poconos for skiing tomorrow mostly cloudy, a cold start to the day. at 10 o'clock 19 degrees on the slopes. some scattered flurries. temperatures up to about 31 degrees at 3:00 and sunday still a lot of clouds, a light breeze. temperatures really not bad for skiing. 10 o'clock 28 degrees. by 3 o'clock reaching a temperature of 34.
5:26 pm
and don't forget we begin daylight saving time officially 2 o'clock on sunday morning so spring forward one hour when you head to bed saturday night. also, a good time if your smoke detector has the batteries you do want to change them as we head into daylight saving time, change them twice a year. association the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow mixture of sun and clouds with a high of 38 degrees. so, decent weather for the philadelphia union home opener. on sunday first day of daylight saving time we make it up to 45 degrees. that sun setting at 7 o'clock. monday bump it up to 47 degrees. on tuesday system from the south will bring us more clouds, perhaps a shower, best chance will be south of philadelphia. 46 degrees but look at what this does on wednesday. it opens the door for a surge of very mild air. 55 degrees. i think everyone should get the day off on wednesday. we have some time to work on that. that is going to be the peek of a warmup though. adam will talk about what to expect i don't understand that coming up in the full
5:27 pm
accuweather 7-day forecast. >> it should be some kind of holiday. >> rick is going to talk to the boss for us. >> cecily will you write us a note. >> i don'ti don't think it will do much. >> it's worth a try. much more still to come, two people are sent to the hospital following a crash involving a public transit bus and an suv. >> plus, new video of the dramatic seconds following an explosive tanker crash in south jersey. >> also passengers of that delta flight that skidded off the runway at a new york airport are talking about the pilot's heroic actions. >> we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" tonight. he redefined the meaning of hero. today the philadelphia police department's top brass is honoring officer robert wilson killed in a confrontation with two suspected robbers yesterday. south jersey authorities say the man in this picture was looking for more than love when he asked a woman on a day. we'll explain why they are looking for him tonight. and harrison ford continues to recover after crashing his world war ii era plane on a south california
5:30 pm
golf course. we'll have an update from crash investigators. >> now to the details. we're learning more about the bravery of philadelphia police officer robert wilson who sacrificed his life to save others. this morning police commissioner charles ramsey talked about wilson's encounter with the suspects brothers ramon williams and carleton hipps, two allegedly targeted the north philadelphia game stop armed with guns. this while officer wilson was inside buying a present for his young son for getting good grades. police say one suspect announced a robbery without noticing the officer standing at the counter. but when officer wilson stepped into plane view a gun battle erupted. commissioner ramsey says the officer's actions saved many of the lives in the store. >> he's moving back and forth firing at both suspects that were both firing at him. he was taking rounds. he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire but he continued to fight, continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired and it brought him down.
5:31 pm
>> officer wilson's partner also exchanged shots with the suspects one of whom was wounded. both williams and hipps had prior arrests and are charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery. we've been updating the story since it happened on right now we have the latest information and reaction from officials along with photos from the crime scene. you could find it right now at >> and surveillance video from inside that game stop provided critical information in the shooting death of officer wilson. now philadelphia detectives have a new tool to obtain that type of evidence even more quickly than ever. "action news" reporter vernon odom has details. >> reporter: august 2012 surveillance video of off duty policeman moses walker heading to a north philadelphia bus stop after his overnight shift at the 22nd district. you can see his killer stalking him on cecil b. moore avenue but surveillance video quickly led to the arrest of those responsible. the result of video from
5:32 pm
several local sources. the increasingly improving computers are helping directly download from the wide variety of video machines and attachments and be put quickly on a laptop. >> on that laptop computer we're able to immediately edit the video so that it could be disseminated quickly to the media. >> reporter: the digital imaging video recovery systems known as divert are new tools being hailed as a tremendous step forward war in gathering and disseminating critical evidence video so the public can help in investigations. the computer was developed in philadelphia by the local fbi and philly police working in tandem. it's breath taking in its ability to cut down the time it takes to get the video edited and out to the public. >> very short off-load between 20 and 30 minutes after the off-load we can have it edited out on the street. >> reporter: 11 units of the philadelphia police department picked up their divert computers today. training now complete, so many detectives are handy with it. it helps in high profile cases
5:33 pm
like the three day abduction odyssey of carlesha freeland gaither. the thoughts of a veteran detective. >> some of these stores are still using pretty older equipment so we have to know how to use the older stuff and the into your things often they're more user friendly. >> reporter: the divert technology is already in more than a dozen fbi field officers nationwide and being distributed to more and more major city police forces. it is the kind of technology that's making sure fewer and fewer criminals are getting away with it. at fbi headquarters in philadelphia, vernon odom, channel6 "action news". >> two people taken to the hospital following a collision between an suv and a dart bus in wilmington this afternoon. this was the scene just after 12:30 at the intersection of 11th and orange. still not clear what led up to the crash. you could see the front of the suv was ripped off as a result. a man -- right there. a man and woman inside the car suffered neck and back pain. no one on the bus was injured.
5:34 pm
also from our delaware news room tonight 19-year-old tiki highland facing charges for allegedly stabbing another man in pike creek. he was fighting with his girlfriend when the victim tried to break it up. highland allegedly stabbed him with a steak knife. highland is free after posting a $40,000 secured bail. >> camden county police say a man wanted more than a love connection from a woman that he met through an online dating app and they need your help tracking him down. the man claimed to be 53-year-old gennaro aladano on his ok cupid dating profile. waterford township detectives say he used that profile to meet a woman at rack's restaurant and sports bar in atco on february 26. the man who went by the nickname gooch and his date eventually went back to her home and that's where he allegedly stole her jewelry and her red toyota solar are a featuring a new jersey tag
5:35 pm
reading jrsygrl. we're getting a closer look at last week's tanker explosion. the delaware river port authority released this video of the moment that overturned tanker exploded. another video is from the dash cam of first responders right here as they arrived to the thick black smoke and flames. check it out. that explosion happened two weeks ago on the off-ramp from route 90 to route 130 at the base of the betsy ross bridge. >> well, quick police work led officers to a suspected bank robbery in southwest philadelphia this afternoon. investigators believe the man robbed the wells fargo branch on the 2700 block of south third street in south philadelphia around 1:30. witnesses say the man jumped officer the counter grabbed a bunch of money and ran. the suspect made it to 72nd and dix in southwest where he was later apprehended. fire investigators are still trying to determine what touched off a fire inside of a tacony church overnight. it happened inside of the holy
5:36 pm
innocent saint paul's episcopal church of torresdale. not only did the sanctuary suffer smoke damage a cross on the outside of the building was also burned. >> at the "action news" big board now actor harrison ford is recovering today in a california hospital after crashing a small world war ii era plane onto a golf course yesterday and we now have new images of the moments that followed and we now know who stepped in to help the famous actor. the 72-year-old had just taken off from santa monica airport when his plane began experiencing some engine problems. ford radio the tower for help to return for an emergency landing. air traffic control cleared a runway for him but the actor could not reach it. instead, he landed on a fairway of a golf course next to the airport. ford was pulled from the plane by doctors who happened to be playing golf on the course. the crash investigation is now in the hands of the ntsb. >> the aircraft will be
5:37 pm
examined. the engine will be examined. the records of the aircraft will be examined. >> ford's piloting skills and love of flying are well documented. he owns eight airplanes and he has been in two crashes before. he is expected to make a full recovery. la guardia airport returned to full operation today, this as the ntsb is investigating a near disaster when a jetliner came to a halt just shy of the plunging into a nearby frigid water area. crews spent all of last night working to remove a delta plane that skidded off a snowy runway thursday. cranes were used to remove the md88 plane and get to it a nearby airport hangar. officials say flight 1086 from atlanta to la guardia was carrying 127 passengers and five crew members when it slid off the left side of the runway during landing thursday. everyone on board had to use the emergency slides to exit. >> the pilot came out of the
5:38 pm
cockpit, the flight attendants were incredible and the pilot to me showed what an incredible leader he was. not only did he navigate a very difficult tumultuous situation but he came out he gave clear calm orders on how we were going to deplane and obviously we could only deplane on that one side because the other wing is hanging over the water. >> a scary situation but the pilot helping to keep calm. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the la guardia runway incident as well as the harrison ford plane crash as well. you could watch that after "action news" at 6:00 over to rick and monica. >> thank you sharrie. >> thanks sharrie. >> time to get a can check on traffic. friday night everybody just wants to get home. >> i know i do. >> wait a minute. >> well, okay, monica. matt pelman how are we looking behind that you. >> another 20 minutes and then you can run out. no flying on the way home, that's for sure because we do still have some slippery patches out there this afternoon and a few accidents like one near northeast philadelphia along woodhaven road, 63 eastbound headed towards 95.
5:39 pm
it's off to the side but you can see the other driver slowing down to see what's going on. those flashing lights will always do that. on 95 itself we're looking at delays in both directions, just normal afternoon volume, maybe not quite as bad as normal because we don't have school buses out there on the city streets today. schuylkill westbound by city avenue just 8 miles per hour and watch out for volume around the convention center of course because of the flower show. here near exton chester county this is the 30 bypass. i want to warn you tomorrow they're going to close the eastbound side of the bypass between business 30 and route 100 starting at 6:00 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. stick with business 30 or the turnpike instead and this evening and again tomorrow beverly road is closed in burlington for a funeral. 130 by the dolphin diner gets you around that one. rick and monica, have a good weekend. >> same to you. >> still ahead on "action news," a sure sign spring isn't far away. folks in chester are gearing up for the union season opener. >> and a special guest stops bite philadelphia flower show. we'll tell was message dan
5:40 pm
akroyd shared with the crowd. >> a nice picture as we head into the weekend. numbers warm as well. i'll have them for you on accuweather. >> ducis rodgers has phillies news in sports when we can come right back
5:41 pm
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>> preparations are under way for the philadelphia union's regular season opener. today grounds keepers took the tarp off the. they walked through the stands making sure the seats were clear of snow and the aisles for tomorrow's big game. and "action news" is your place for philadelphia union coverage. you can watch tomorrow's homeowner against colorado rapid right here on channel 6. it kicks off live at 4:00 p.m. philadelphia's newest starting lineup was introduced at citizens bank park today but it wasn't for the phillies. this year's 37th ballpark bankers were introduced this afternoon. the group is made up of selected citizen bank employees in charge of customer service for each home game. the philly phanatic is still in florida for spring training
5:44 pm
so his mom phoebe, there she is, stepped in to congratulate the group. the phillies open their season at home against the red sox on monday april 6th. you can see the family resemblance, can't you. >> she should keep her legs down. >> speaking of the phillies they took on the yankees down in clearwater today. >> ducis rodgers live in the "action news" sports center with more. yo', deucis. >> that made me smile right there. today's game is the phillies fourth in grapefruit league play. three have been against the yankees. makes you wonder are there any other teams down there in florida. two teams had to deal with the rain. you want a souvenir? the ball doesn't quite get all the way into his glove. cole hamels pitches two scoreless innings. hamels strikes out two. he does not surrender a walk. looking good. yankees put up a three spot in the fourth inning. all runs off mike nesa. dd gregorio. the phillies lone run comes off the bat of xavier paul a
5:45 pm
solo lower merion in the seventh. check out the catch by the fan. that's pretty good. the phillies lose the game though four to one. flyers continue to chip away at the deficit now just four points behind boston for that find playoff spot. they're only five weeks left in the regular season. the mood around this team is urgent but not panicked especially since the flyers visit boston tomorrow. the flyers came from behind to beat the blues last night. they scored three third period goals. two came in the span of 110 seconds. michael raffl and wayne simmonds. tomorrow against the bruins is a big one. >> every game for as you must win. we all know that in the locker room around the league, everybody knows that. obviously we know that boston is ahead of us four points but you know it's nothing new for us because we played like that for the last three weeks. >> it is a little extra 'cause you're chasing them obviously but, you know, we need to go in there and get two points and then we need to go to jersey and get two points.
5:46 pm
it doesn't end after tomorrow, you know. so we want the make the game bigger than it is, you guys can go ahead and make it bigger than it is. it's a big game. >> today was a special day for patrick cannon. he got to rub elbows with the flyers. the 15-year-old suffered a broken neck last week while playing hockey. he had to have surgery. doctors weren't sure he would be able to walk g as you can see, he's doing pretty well. >> it's crazy, you know. i mean, they said most people are paralyzed on ventilators so i walked out of the hospital. >> it's been ten days he seems to be doing unbelievable right now. credit to him and how strong he must be but it's also -- somebody must be watching out for him because he's obviously very fortunate. >> good for pratt particular. syracuse's basketball program getting a taste of ncaa justice.
5:47 pm
the coach suspended for nine games last season. they lost control of its athletic department for better part of a decade. violations include improper benefits academic misconduct and trug policy failures. the team vacates various wins over five seasons in which ineligible players participated. rory mcilroy can have an amateur moment like the rest of us. the world golf championships in miami. mcilroy with his shot on the eighth hole, he's upset. the ball ends up in the drink and so does his club. he flings his iron into the lake some 40 yards. the only difference between mcilroy and a weekend hack, a weekend hack is diving in that lake to retrieve that club. mcilroy can spare a club or two. rick back over to you. >> i know the feeling though, thank you deucis. we all do, don't we. tomorrow marks 50 years since a major turning point in the american civil rights movement. back on march seventh 1965 hundreds of protesters tried
5:48 pm
to march from selma alabama to the state capitol of montgomery to rally for voting rights. they were confronted by police and many were beaten to the ground. the day is now known as bloody sunday. and tomorrow leaders from around the country are expected to commemorate the efforts of those protesters. both president obama and former president george w. bush are expected to attend. >> ♪♪ i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on! see why fios is rated #1 in customer satisfaction in hd picture quality based on customer satisfaction studies. call today to make your house, the house.
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>> and we're back with weather if we can just get through tonight it will be the big melt. >> yes, over the weekend. we're above freezing every single afternoon for the next seven days. we're doing something right finally. rick is like whatever. >> i'll believe it when i see it. >> you always believe what i have to say rick. >> i do. >> i know do you monica. as we look around we have a lot of blue upstairs today a-nice contrast to all that white that was pasted on everything. beautiful scenery around the area dan right now some high clouds are beginning to push in as we are taking a live look in center city, westbound you see a little sliver of that sunshine but those high clouds will play off of the longer wave lengths as we hit sunset so you may actually grasp some really beautiful pictures with the snow on the trees right now and that red sky that is about to take over. as we look at the rare march day that we had
5:52 pm
across-the-board here in philadelphia our high just 26 degrees this afternoon 23 degrees below normal and then again it is very rare because the sun angle is much higher this time of year in march and it typically would melt the snow pretty quickly but today did not drop any of that snow off the trees even with that full sunshine. 26 in trenton -- or 24 in trenton, 22 allentown, lower 20's along the shore so bitterly cold and another night where we will see some records fall tomorrow morning with generally a clear sky but we have a couple of those high clouds that are hissing in here this evening but overall tonight the stars will really take over and the temperatures will plummet with just a few patchy clouds we could see a record in allentown -- excuse me atlantic city of atlantic city tomorrow morning of 10. 11 in wilmington, seven in reading, 8 degrees in millville, not a record but still bitter cold and in the lehigh valley 6 degrees to start your weekend. then tomorrow afternoon we'll watch another warm front try
5:53 pm
to arrive in the afternoon and that will slow some high clouds our way but still a decent amount of sunshine. not as bitter with a temperature coming in at 38 degrees and not bad for the union which their home opener is tomorrow afternoon. you can watch it right here on channel 6. sun and clouds chilly for march but again with those temperatures going above freezing and in there upper 30's it's much better and dealing with the -- than dealing with the 20's. then on sunday we're off to the races, up to 45 degrees decently mild high pressure comes in from the west. morning clouds with that frontal system that passes by late tomorrow afternoon. will give way to some breaks of sun in the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast still a chill around here tomorrow at 38 degrees with high clouds before you head to bed on saturday night flip those clocks ahead one hour. yes, we lose one hour of sleep this weekend but the sun sets at 7:00 p.m. on sunday at 45 and then own monday, milder with some sun atrophy and a week week disturbance passes through in the atmosphere on tuesday to throw a lot of clouds our way maybe a
5:54 pm
scattered shower, 46 degrees. but then we hit above normal finally on wednesday of 55 and we stay in the upper 40's on thursday and friday. that's still a little bit below average but you know what we'll take anything. >> you got that right. >> over what we had this week. >> thank you. >> thank you adam. actors juliet louis and ryan philippe are heating up sunday night's here on 6abc. the two star in abc's new drama called secrets and lice. -- lies. it follows hard nosed detective searching for the truth. both louis and philippe said their roles pushed boundaries they never experienced as an actor. >> this character goes through absolutely everything imaginable emotionally and that was a little taunting. >> if i had to research it and high spent time with detectives and i changed the way i physically behaved. >> ryan philippe of course from new castle delaware.
5:55 pm
secrets and lies airs sundays at 9 o'clock right here on 6abc. you can also watch special web episodes during the week on at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. >> philadelphia flower show wrapping up this week. funny man dan akroyd announced he and his company will be making a donation set up for a fund for officer wilson's two children. >> much more coming up next at 6:00 continuing coverage on the death of officer wilson. how his colleagues and members of the community are remembering the officer killed in the line of duty yesterday. plus the arrest of two suspects. >> parents from delaware county plead for the return of their 13-year-old son who walked away wednesday evening. those stories coming up next. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great weekend. >> ♪♪
5:58 pm
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. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> when you look at the actions of the officer i think he redefined what a hero is all about. >> philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey describing police officer robert wilson, iii and how he protected the lives of others even as he lost his own. it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is new information about the last moments in the life of philadelphia police officer robert wilson, iii and the wheels of justice are quickly turning for the two alleged
6:00 pm
killers. brothers ramon williams aged 26 and 30-year-old carleton hipps have been charged with first degree murder, attempted murder and conspiracy. "action news" reporters david henry and chad pradelli are covering this evolving story. we start with david at the scene of the shooting late yesterday, 21st and lehigh in north philadelphia. david. >> reporter: yeah, jim, more than 50 shots were fired inside and outside this store and police say officer robert wilson saved many other lives by maneuvering that gun battle away from half a dozen customers and employees. >> when you look at the actions of the officer i think he redefined what a hero is all about imofficer robert wilson was in the store shopping for a gift for his eight-year-old son whose birthday is monday. police say the two suspects can be seen on video surveillance walking in and announcing a holdup. officer wilson pulls his gun and confronts the two. he was immediately caugh


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