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tv   Action News  ABC  March 6, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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ne of duty. and new jersey senator robert menendez could be facing corruption charges and that's next. >> friday night the big story on "action news" is a family, community and city grieving death of philadelphia police officer. and at the same time, charges have been level against the two alleged killers.
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and "action news" reporter sharee williams is live at the 22 district tonight a police prep sinkt in mourning, sharee. >> and likely still in shock. it may time time before raw emotions begin to simmer down. those in blue that work here at the 2 district said officer wilson had a smile that could light up the room and at the time of his murder we're learning wilson was actually thinking of his son looking for a presents for him as histh birthday is days away. >> balloons blowing in the wind, candles lit. all part of a small memorial at the shopping applause awhere officer robert wilson iii was murdered. willie wilson came buy to pay his respent. he has the same last name as the officer. he planned to go to the applause aat the exact same time of the shooting. but he changed his plans at the last minute. >> that could have been us in that store. we was going to come and get a game. >> officer wilson wented in the
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gamestop at 21 and lehigh avenue shopping for a gift for his 8-year-old son whose birthday is monday. police say moments later, two armed suspects, brothers, carlton hips and ramon williams walked in and announced a holdup. officer wilson pulled a weapon confronting the two now caught in raging gun bat. >> he's moving back and forth firing at both suspect that were firing at him. he was taking broundz and being hit during the exchange and continued to fights and shoot until the fatal wound was fired. >> williams and hipps were both charged with murder. at the 22 district where officer wilson was assigned a steady stream of people brought food and flowers today paying respect he to the 30-year-old female of two boys. >> just wanted to reach out and pretty much give our condolences and say we appreciate the service. >> the department says officer
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wilson saved lives that day as customers and employees wereed in the store. and the shootout all captured on surveillance video. >> i've soon a lot of heroic actions on part of police officers over the years. very proud to be part of this profession. i've not seen any that rose above way saw on that video. >> and nothing short of a hero is how wilson is being remembered here at the 22 district black bunting hangs at the fronts of the building. of course in honor of their fallen brother. and both of these suspects have been charged with murder. and williams was actually arraigned and is being held without bail. hipps who was shot in the leg is still in the hospital. he's been charged with murder as well and is in the hospital still and they tell us he is actually wearing happened cuffs of officer wilson. we're live in north philadelphia, sharee williams, "channel 6 action news." jim. >> sharee, thank you.
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officials have released recordings the police recordings from yesterday's deadly shooting you can hear the raw emotion from the scene and response from radio dispatchers in the moment after officer wilson was shot. >> charlie i'm on location need a medic a sap. >> give me medic asap. >> get that medic here asap. >> where was he shot at. >> in the head. >> get that officer to the hospital as soon as possible and no one moves. keep every on the ground. >> first responders from across the river honored officer wilson tonight with a moment of silence at the camden county hero scholarship annual awards dinner the event recognizes individuals for extraordinary acts of bravery and raises money for children of emergency personnel killed in the line of duty. organizers pledged support for
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his family. >> sad reminders of dangers of the job. i know this year the scholarship committee will be here for them and well as other school orship hero organizations will be there for them as well. >> a church in the neighborhood where officer wilson is killed is holding a service in his honor sunday. 10:00 in the morning. st. martin. a special collection will be type benefit his two young children who are are 8 soon to be 9 and 1. >> the philadelphia police department has also established a trust fund for wilson's family. you can find this information along with new developments in the case on the "action news" facebook feed. go to "action news" and if you like the page you will get updates on your feed. and montgomery county firefighters are at the gwynedd school nursing home right now. they were called there an hour ago going because of smoke in the building they were in the
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process of moving residents to another wing. fortunately we had no reports of injuries. a driver lost control and slammed into a tree. this was the scene in the 1400 block of trenton road. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and investigators are looking into what led up to the accident. >> firefighters are gloucester county battled flames that were shooting out of the home tonight. they were called to the 600 block of hesston road 8:30. it took firefighters 30 minutes to bring this fire under control. fortunately nobody was hurt. >> there is still no sign of a 13-year-old boy from newtown square who was missing since two nights ago. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the latest on this. >> tonight a professional search and rescue team from until energy entererd the church for cayman energy entererd the church for cayman naib the eighth grader left his house upset about
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school work. he vanished. >> they are finding a place to set up command center tomorrow morning and try toy do a more organized and thorough search and rescue. >> cayman wacked out of his home into the awful wednesday night storm and not seen or heard from sense. we'reing a gray ski jacket, black boots and pants and left his iphone and wallet behind. >> he's a great kid. he was upset over a homework assignment and went out into the storm wednesday night and has not returned. we're deeply, deeply worry idea. >> his parents say he has never done anything like this before. dozens of friends neighbors volunteers joined police in the search and turned up nothing so far. >> he's not experienced at being out on his own. this is the first time he's been you know on his own for any length of time. >> he has really good friend and they're all deeply concerned and have been part of the process of trying to find him. >> the family create aid facebook page, find cayman and
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more volunteer search parties are formed for sglom bruce newman was out today. >> a lot of people spent a lot of time outlooking in cars, on foot, throughout the whole community. >> the large scale volunteer search for cay sman set to begin 10:00 tomorrow morning. in newtown square, i'm vernon odom "channel 6 action news." >> a 13-year-old from west philadelphia is also missing tonight. this is nasayre harris seen last wednesday night at 8:30. that's when last seen. the teenager suffer from depression. police say that she hangs out in the area from 60 to 63 street between market and locust street and if you know where nysirah you're urged to call southwest detectives. >> despite the sun it was 20 degrees lower that normal today setting us up for record cold temperatures this evening and warmer weather is on the way.
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meteorologist cecily tynan has the latest at the big board cecily. >> we'll be warming things up. not going to happen at some time. tonight is a bitter cold night. philadelphia allentown reading, lancaster dropped down to 8, and millville dropped down to 7 degrees and clear skies that brought us blue skies skies and bright sunshine today this will lead the way to dramatic radiational cooling. any heat the earth absorbs from the son goes straight up to the atmosphere and temperatures nosedive. we'll number record territory. probably not for philadelphiach the record low is 9. drops down to 13. trenton not quite a record and rain will lookly set a record low of 7. wilmington and atlantic city airport likely tying record low for tomorrow morning. so it will be a bitter cold start to the day. but temperatures will be warming as we head through the weekend. and this is what is ahead. timely it will be a dry weekend and have not had one of those for a while and we do begin
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daylight savings time. the sun will be setting on sunday evening at 7:00 and yes i'm tracking milder temperatures and one day next week temperatures arrive into the mid 50s. i'll let you know when he in the full accuweather 7-day forecast, jim. >> thank you cecily. new jersey senator bob menendez says he's not going anywhere. a report surfaced today menendez could be indicted on federal corruption charges within the next couple weeks. he's been under federal scrutiny for two years for his relationship with a florida doctor sal owe monday melgin. he's contributor to democratic candidates including menendez. he failed to reimburse him two two trips prompted by senate scrutiny he agreed to reimburse him 58,000. >> let me be very clear. very clear. i have always con doubled myself appropriately and in cord answer
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what the law. >> the fbi rated melbegin's florida office two years ago and government data last year showed melbegin got more medicade reimbursements in 2012 then any doctor in the country. >> the face of the plaque madame is in happened of philadelphia jury. closing arguments wrapped up today in the murder trial of path winslot accused of killing 20-year-old dancer from london by injecting her buttocks with industrial sill cope at a hotel near philadelphia international airport. tonight there's video of a bus aida caused of stealing from students. police in millville say 33-year-old rosa rios rummageed through preschooler bag snatching lupchs and money the. they locked at footage after a driver explained someone stole 400 dollars from her. rios has been let go from the
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company. >> annie mccormick mall fell into a ditch off middletown road 5:30 p.m. and officials told us the rider was not hurt but the horse could not get out open its own it took crews an hour and they finally pulled the horse to safety. >> just in time for the weekend you can buy a twelve back of beer in finance pennsylvania. state liquor control board made that ruling today. two sue the board to get definitive answer about what constitutes a case. their answer, anything over 128 oupss. >> louisiana lemon is back in business this evening the company opened a temporary location in 1400 block of walnut in center city philadelphia. special events are planned all weekend long to bring attention to the reopening. last month the roof of lul you tube lemon collapsed in its location injuring several people. >> owners of the taj mahal in
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atlantic city are appealing a court order in favor of donald trump and his daughter ivonka. trump entertainment resorts which they do not run and don't roll and don't own allowed taj mahal to fall into disrepair and they say that damages their personal brand and reputation. the case can now move on to state court. >> and monthly jobs report shows unemployment really gaping stream. employers at 295 jobs last month biggest number in 7 years. and the jobless rate fell from 5.7 to 5.5% and robust numbers prompted fears of electric rate hikes. and the dow jones arm lost 279 points. masks were a much have accessory tonight on the red carpet at pennsylvania convention centerch the action cam stopped by the 3rd annual united negro college
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found. mayorer's masked ball. before the party got started mayor nutter invited individuals that support the mission of minority. education and development. and among the honorees former philadelphia school superintendent dr. con stance clayton. >> still to come on "action news" tonight fallout from the justice department report on furing season and what president obama says feeds to happenen after a pattern of racial discrimination is exposed good actor harrison ford coming up. >> and meteorologist cs will have more on the accuweather forecast. cole hamels has start of the spring. sixers played tonight. duce dice with highlight when "action news" continues
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>> the police chief of furgeson, missouri is still open the job tonight. two days after a scathing justice department report. president obama says the report exposed a "broken and racially biased system."he said city officials need to figure out how to fix it. so for a court clerk is fired and two police officers have resigned over raceest e-mails. >> and this weekend marks 50th anniversary of the civil rights milestone known as bloody sunday. president barack obama and george w. bush will join civil rights leaders in selma alabama to remember the 600 marchers attacked by police as they crossed a bridge. they were trying to secure vote rights for african americans. and two weeks later, dr. martin luther king successfully wed over 3500 people from selma to montgomery. >> russian president vladimir
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putin is taking a 10% pay cut and opposing it on state officialsen including himself in the face of a $250 billion def sixt russian xee is suffering because of lower oil prices. fall of the rubel and sachings against russian government. u.s. am bar door mark ripper will remain hospitalized until doctors are ready to release stephen from his face. the man shouted south and north korea should be reunified as he lunched at the bam bar door slashing him with a 10" knife knife. >> actor harrison ford is spending his night in the hospital. there is new video of the vintage claim before his carsh santa monica golf course. the wreckage will be analyzed. harrison ford is expected to make a full recovery. >> let's get the latest on the
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full weekend atlantic city. meteorologist cecily tynan. >> jim starting with bitter cold but i guess as we heed through the weekend nice next week. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we have dry conditions out there tonight and clear skies tonight. so "action news" photographer john ruane taking a gorgeous shot of fearly full moon. it was full last night and earlier this evening when the moon was closer and it appeared orange. that was moonlight getting scattered to parts in the at months tier. gorgeous. today was a pretty day to look at inside looking out. window blue skies sunshine, high only 6 degrees. that's 3 degrees below normal. the normal low this time of year is 32. so, our afternoon high deposit reach the normal low and tonight another frigid night. allentown, reading 12 philadelphia 17, millville 7 and lancaster down owe to 8. we'll have another night of record lows.
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>> satellite 6 and action radar showing the eastern half of the country is quiet. we have a broad air of high pressure and this finally brings us dry weekend. we'll see some cloud here and there during the day tomorrow and on sunday. tonight a few patchy clouds and temperatures near record lows, 6 to 13. frigid tomorrow morning. the afternoon high not bad. still more than 10 below normal. but above freezing that helps melt things out with mixture of clouds and sunshine. 38. if you head to ppl park for the union home-opener definitely want a jacket or sweatshirt it will be on the chilly side march mixture of sun and clouds and end of the game dropping down to 35. on sunday, front moves through. that brings us morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and temperatures warm up to 45 degrees and you have plenty of time to enjoy it. since the sun will be setting at 7:00 daylight savings time.
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tomorrow night, when you head to bed don't forgot turn the clocks ahead one hour. we lose an hour of sleep this weekend also a good time to remember to change batterys in smoke detectors. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. mixture of sun and clouds chilly day not as nice as today. surprised, 45, morning cloud afternoon sunshine. again sunseting at 7:00. monday, even milder, some sunshine with clouds. 47. fly in the ointment for this forecast is on tuesday. wave of low pressure to the south and clouds and perhaps showers. best chance is south of philadelphia. 46 degrees. but then on wednesday just gore us mostly sunny 55. thursday more sunshine 49 and friday increasing clouds with high of 46. it's been several weeks as soon as we had a completely dry weekend. tuesday, maybe a few showers. and all in all a very nice looking accuweather 7-day
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forecast. >> thanks, cecily. >> on "healthcheck" tonight a reminder to stand up and walk around while you're at work. your heart will thank you later. researchers did a study on link between heart disease and excessive sitting. and they found that sitting for an extended feared of time can increase your risk of heart attack. and while exercises is important reducing how long you sit every day is key. and the study suggests taking a walk during lunch, pacing while you talk on the phone and taking the stairs instead of elevator .
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half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> sixers jazz at the he wells fargo center. >> retrain sexers come up short. >> no? >> sixers enjoy home cooking. against utah five game home stand. allen iverson in the house. looks like in pept house. even better. thomas robins klup, cleanup everybody wrevr ♪ do you know that song? i hear it every day. nerlens noel finds himself by
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himself. and to the fourth. gordon heyward leads all of 25 point and sixers lever 9-8. walks visit tomorrow. >> spring training is not about wins and losses and it's about working open little things more successful come the regular season. cole hamels seems to taken care of that. his spring training debut picks two scoreless innings and gives up one hit and walks one. 22 of 31 pitches are strike. he's happy the games have begun. >> i want to be able to go out and face hitters. bating practices are gate and bull pens great and there's a little extra adrenalin and focus you need when you actually have a guy in there from opposing team. >> after rest of the game the ankle hes put up a fourth inning all runs off mike.
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the flyers have been chasing brups for weekend. tomorrow afternoon they'll face each other in boston. bruins for the final playoff spot. >> it's going to be a great game to be part of. i think this is the type of moment as hockey players that make the game fun and i am looking for wartd to getting it going. >> that's why you play hockey big games like this and be able to have the -- you want to win? >> still ahead we check in on drexel and penn basketball teams and rory losses ball in water. why hes with a club short. rory mackel roy
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>> opening round of caa xwas ket ball tournament they lose 66-48.
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penn hosting columbia. quakers work the ball around to matt howard. gets a tough shot to fall. penn wins 54-46 columbia has nine points at half sglim snow forces union to practice indoors. union are preparing for tomorrow's opener against colorado. the team hopes to end a three year playoff drought. >> we need to get into the playoffs first and for most and win the first series. it's the number one playoff series. after that we can go toe to toe with anybody. >> catch the union opening match 4 p.m. here on 6abc. >> finally tonight, rory mcilory may be number one golfer in the world but he can have a moment like the rest of us. shot on 8th goal goes in the water he tosses his club in the drink. we've all been there before. the only difference a weekend
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hack like me would be reretrieveing sglat his sponz orr's are like what would you like. >> no one doing that for me. >> no. >> tsa agents come across strange things. this week it was furry stow awaych the chihuahua was found inside a piece of luggage at la guardia alarms wept offer tuesday when the agent opened the bag the little dog was staring back. apparently it climbed inside when the owner was packing. she had no idea until security tracked her down. the two were happily reunited. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30 with walter perez, nydia han and meteorologist chris sauers. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a good
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- will smith. from "marvel's agents of shield," elizabeth henstridge. and music from sam hunt. with cleto and the cletones. and now, for your amusement, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watchi


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