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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  March 7, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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chris is going to iowa to talk with other presidential candidates. we could talking mid 50s by the time we get to next week. >> reporter: this is the first time in 6 weeks i've been able to bring a seven day forecast to you guys with no snow or ice in it. i'm sure plenty of you are tired of old man winter. he has been flex be -- flexing his muscles over the last couple of weeks. the sun is high this time of year so it won't take much to melt this way. with that said we had a snow melt yesterday. the temperatures were so cold overnight, we have a refreeze. be careful out there this morning, especially on back roads, sidewalks and parking lots, things of that nature. anything untreated if it looks wet it's more than likely ice.
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9 degrees in lancaster. got down to minus 1. 15 in reading. allentown, 19. trenton, 18. wilmington set a new record low up to 20. atlantic city broke a record up to 19. we're showing a pair of 2s in philadelphia. satellite and radar again with the high sun angle we'll see sunshine today and that will get the temperatures up there. we're talking about highs in the low 30s and 40s much better than yesterday. the clouds from the west sneak in later this afternoon. generally speaking this is a nice day. look for a high of 39 degrees in philadelphia. low 40s south anticipate -- and east. mid to upper 40s north and west. we get into tomorrow and we're in the 40s and have 50s in the seven-day forecast to show you i'll talk about that about at any minutes. >> new this morning firefighters in montgomery had to deal with icy conditions
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while battling a fire at a vacant building, action "action news" on dekalb pike at 4:30. the temperatures turned the water to ice on the roads and sidewalks. flames were shooting from a roof of a vacant apartment building in delaware, this broke out at 1:30 at the woods edge apartment in he had more. in edgemore. the blaze went to two-alarms. two buildings were destroyed no word on what started the fire. new this morning philadelphia police open fire on a car after a shooting in old city. officers were routine patrol when they heard shots coming from a parking lot at second and chestnut streets. when they got there they found a man shot in the leg and a car speeding way. they ordered the car to stop before firing a shot.
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nobody was hit. the car crashed into a nearby fence. three people were taken into custody, the shooting victim is in stable condition at the hospital. a young man was shot in the back and killed in north philadelphia. police are looking for the gunman. the shooting happened after 2:00 a.m. on west indiana avenue. the victim had no i.d. on him. he died at temple university hospital. now the latest on the killing of police officer robert wilson. we know why he was inside the game stop does or. game stop store. sharrie williams has the details. >> reporter: balloons blowing in the wind, candles lit part of a memorial at the shopping plaza where officer robert wilson was murdered. willie wilson has the same last name as the officer and planned to go to the plaza at the exact
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at the same time of the shooting and changed his plans at the last minute. >> that could have been us in the store. >> reporter: officer wilson went inside the game stop at 2 #st #st -- 21st and lehigh shopping for a gift for his son whose birthday is monday. two armed brothers walked in and announced a holdup. officer wilson pulled his weapon confronting the two now caught in a raging gun battle. >> he is moving back and forth firing at both suspects, they were both firing at him. he was taking rounds, he was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire he continued to fight and shoot until the fatal wound was fired. williams and hipps were charged with murder. at the 22nd district where officer wilson was assigned a steady food of -- steady flow of
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food and flowers. >> we wanted to give our condolences. >> reporter: he saved lives. >> i've seen a lot of heroic officers over my years as a police officer i never saw what was done on that video. >> reporter: black bunting hangs at the front of the buildings in honor of their fallen brother both suspects have been charged with murder. the d.a. tells us he will likely seek the death penalty. in north philadelphia, sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> we received the police recordings from the deadly shooting, you can hear the raw emotions from the scene and response from radio dispatchers in the moments after officer wilson was shot.
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>> first responders from across the river in new jersey honored officer wilson last night with a moment of silence at the camden county hero scholarships 49th award dinner. the event recognizes extraordinary acts of bravery and races money for children of parents who were killed in the line of duty. >> it's sad reminder of the dangers of our job. we honor officer wilson and his family. >> a church in the neighborhood where officer wilson was killed
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is holding a service in his honor. it's at 10:00 a.m. at saint martins. a special collection will be taken to help the two young children. a trust fund has been established for the family, go to facebook/6abc "action news." federal air safety investigators begin interview with the crews of the delta airline jet that skidded off the runway. the plane smashed through a fence during the snowstorm and came to rest feet from the flushing bay. the incident could have been much worse. the feds are looking into whether the runway was slippery possible mechanical problems and whether the pilot came in too fast. governor chris christie is in iowa seeking financial
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support for a possible presidential run. today he and other prospective candidates will take part in the agricultural summit in iowa. hillary clinton will take part in the clinton global initiative conference in florida. she's is accused of using a personal e-mail account while secretary of state. bob menendez is speaking out about being under federal investigation and insists he is not going anywhere. a report surfaced that he could be indicted in the next couple of weeks. he has been under scrutiny for two years for his relationship with dr. salmon melgen a big contributor to democratic candidates, including bob menendez. bob menendez failed to reimburse men again for two trims on his private plane.
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bob menendez agreed to reimburse men again $58,000. >> i have conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law. >> the fbi raided melgen's florida office two years ago records show he got more reimbursements in 2012 than any other doctor in the country. the ncaa punished the men's basketball program at syracuse for drug problems and other issues. the coach is suspended for nine games and the program will lose several scholarships and face recruiting restrictions for two years. the program has forfeited wins between 2004, 2007, 2010 and 12 the years the violations were
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committed. a teenager accused of gunning down a mother of 4 in las vegas has been indicted. he faces murder and attempted murder in the death of tammy miles per hour. last month's shooting was thought to stem from a road rage incident, but it was later found the suspect and victim were neighbors. a spotlight is shining light on depression among college students and how facebook could be playing a part. you may be sick of the snow but one family in illinois is using it to build a masterpiece. here's a look at the headlines this morning. we have a quiet weekend coming up, we're warming up and there's no snow in the seven-day forecast. i'll have that weekend call from accuweather when we come right back.
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wow, that's got a kick. spicy. hot. mucho caliente. you speak spanish? oui. that is not spanish. dunkin's new spicy omelet flatbread, made with habanero and jalapeño peppers. spice up your day. america runs on dunkin'. who wants a regular old snow man when you can have the simpson also instead. a father and son from illinois wanted to be creative. it took seven hours of packing and carving snow and spray paint to make that masterpiece. i don't think 7 hours is that long. >> they are a little strange out there. i kind of like the regular snow man. i like the hat -- and the nose, i don't like the simpson also.
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search -- simpsons. give me a super hero. here's wilmington, we have temperatures down in the single designates. we'll see things rebound, but it's a cold start because of that, because of the snow melt we have black ice out there. take your time this morning and be cautious, get to your destination safely. 22. dewpoint, 12, the winds out of the west/southwest. we'll see sunshine out there we'll see milder temperatures with the breeze it will make it feel chilly. 22 in philadelphia. reading, 15. 19 in allentown, 9 in lancaster and millville showing 10. movement mid atlantic is still pretty cold. these numbers are better than where they were a couple of hours ago when all the areas were count in the single digits. richmond, 32, washington d.c.,
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24, this is the last real cold day and this will pull to the north we'll see the winds shift out of the west/southwest anne milder numbers move in and the snow will start to melt. lots of sunshine up and down the coastal plain this morning. there's a small system pushing through the eastern great lakes. all this pulls to the north maybe a few clouds passing by this afternoon that's about it. look at the snow coverage across the country. 52% of the country had one inch of snow to the ground. look how far to the south i tell extends, places like dallas, nashville, raleigh charlotte north carolina, we're less than two weeks away from the start of spring. keep in mind a lot of these areas didn't see a single flake during the month of december. now baltimore is 115% of normal. we're above average, as well. new york city, 1# -- 170% of
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normal. boston, 2358% of normal. the last few weeks have been crazy. we don't have too much to talk about over the next 24 to 48 hours. future tracker 6 showing high clouds that's about it. partly cloudy overnight tonight. tomorrow morning we'll wake up to sunshine temperatures in the mid 40s. lehigh valley, sun and clouds, cold, 36 degrees a lot better than where you topped out yesterday, yesterday you had a high of 24. same thing for the jersey shore a few clouds mixing in later on, otherwise, must mostly sunny and chilly. 39 degrees, same thing for philadelphia. sunny and breezy, the winds will make it feel like the low to mid 30s. 26 degrees outlying suburbs, 30 for center city.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, no snow or ice over the next few days, as a matter of fact every single day with the exception of today we're back in the 40s. 46 degrees milder sunday. 49 monday, keep in mind those numbers for the city south jersey and delaware you can probably add two or three degrees to everything you see here. 46 tuesday, maybe a few showers it's a coastal system, the bulk of it stays offshore. not a big deal. 56 wednesday thursday, 50, and friday sun to clouds, 46 degrees, that looks a whole lot better. >> a nice little break for us. thanks chris. get this, a chihuahua stowed away in a suitcase and almost made it through the flight. the suitcase was handed over at the check-in counter. the owner walked away and walked off. the owner's hulls was called to
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get the dog, she is okay. theaters are boy coating the reese -- boycotting the release of a major motion picture. one college is turning soccer into a full contact sport.
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jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students. dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education?
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to be masters of a test? >> a new study says too much facebook can lead to depression in college students. the study surveyed 700 students. some developed facebook envy, when person use the site to see how well others are doing. that envy could lead to feelings of depression but they say facebook can be a fun and healthy activity if it's used to stay connected and share interesting and important aspects of their lives. netflix beast of no nation in theaters and online. amc is refusing to show the film
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about child soldiers in africa. traditionally, films are not available to home viewers but netflix acquired it. in consumer news if you're thinking ahead, to do spring cleaning you may want to put up tidying up your finance and credit scores on that list. >> reporter: after digging out of winter, spring brings opportunities to dig out of credit card debt. maintaining good credit goes beyond paying bills on time and some consumers may be sinking their credit scores without knowing it. looked at the common missteps americans make when it comes to credit scores. if you pay off a card in full, congratulations, don't close it,
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it's a positive thing to keep it open, as it widens the ratio how much you owe to how much credit you have available. using too much available credit can cause the score is to drop. consumers with good credit are targets for more cards. any good spring cleaning for your financing include a check of your credit score in your credit report. they can clue consumers into anything on the part of the of an error to identity theft.
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good morning to you, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us at cape may, you can see a lot of snow on the beach there still. it's not quite time to be heading down the shore and hanging out on the beach and getting some sun yet but hopefully it's coming soon. 29 degrees, 9:25. sports, the flyers face off against the bruins this afternoon. both teams are battling for the final playoff berth.
9:26 am
yukon visitors temple -- yukon visits temple. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, the sixers get to enjoy home cooking for a week or so. last night's game began a five-game home stance. clean up, clean up, if you got kids you know that song. nerlens noel sixers up by 3. ten points and 11 boards for the big man. gordon hayward the sixer also also -- sixers lose 89-# 3. the hawks are here tonight. spring training is not about the losses it's about working on the little things that will make you you successful come the regular season.
9:27 am
hamle also gives up one hit it's a blood pressure single. he walks -- it's a bloop single. hamles is happy that the game has begun. >> batting practices are great bullpens are great but there's extra adrenaline and focus you need when you have a guy in there from the opposing team. >> reporter: yankees scalder 3 3 -- scored 3 in the 4th inning the phillies lose. flyers chase the bruins, they are 4 points behind the bruins for the final playoff spot. >> it will be a great game. it's the types of moments that hockey players make the game fun. >> that's why you play hockey to have big games like this and have that rush you want to win.
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#. >> reporter: the union open their season this afternoon against the colorado rapids you can camp it here on 6abc, at 4:00 p.m. that's sports, i'm ducis rogers, you have yourself a good weekend. >> there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning authorities in russia have taken two men into custody in connection with 89 murder of a prominent on -- in connection with the murder of a prominent opposition leader. plus a check. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and meteorologist chris sowers "action news" saturday at 9:00 a.m. continues.
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bloody sunday 50 years later, thousands are gathering in selma alabama to remember the landmark event in the civil rights movement. the search continues for the 13-year-old boy missing since wednesday in newtown delaware. a robber held up customers and employees at a steak shop in philadelphia. let's go outside to chris sowers with the accuweather forecast. you don't look like you're shivering like a few hours ago. >> reporter: 22 degrees doesn't feel too bad. the angle of the sun is nice and warm. you need a coat and gloves and scarf and a hat.
9:31 am
we're in the upper 30s this afternoon, it will feel a lot better. be very, very careful. there's black ice everywhere, some of it has to do with the snow melt yesterday take it easy this morning. once again tomorrow morning as temperatures drop below freezing overnights tonight. record lows this morning lancaster, minus 1. allentown set a new record, 1 degree. reading, 2 degrees, atlantic city at the airport setting a new record 8 degrees. the lowest temperature i saw was 2 -- no it was minus 1 in lancaster, 2 was reading. you get the idea it was a bone-chilling start to your start. we're rebounding nicely with the sun, but the numbers are well below where they should be for this time of year. satellite and radar showing a few clouds sneak in here if you look at the left-hand side of the screen, nothing turns threatening. all the 340eu6789 pulls on by --
9:32 am
moisture pulls on by to the north an misses the delaware valley. 39 degrees, combination of sun and clouds, within out of the southwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. # p.m., 38 -- 2:00 p.m. 38. 5:00 p.m., 38 degrees. tomorrow promises to be nice, if not better, the temperatures in the 40s and we're in the 50s later next week. i'll tell e show you that when i step back inside. >> president obama and the first lady are among the thousands to gather in selma bam bam. alabama, 50 approximate years ago today -- 50 years ago today police beat frielts activists. >> reporter: #r a years
9:33 am
50 years ago today brave men and women walked toward the bridge they were attacked with tear gas and beaten with clubs what has become known as bloody sunday sparked outrage. it was memorialized in film selma. >> how many judges in alabama. >> 67. >> name them. >> reporter: today president obama will join tens of thousand here to remember their courage and bravery. >> selma is now about the courage of ordinarily people doing extraordinary things because they believe they can change the county they can shape our nation's destiny. >> reporter: racial tensions have been laid bare in the recent killings of black men by
9:34 am
white police officers. many say the right they sought to secure are in jeopardy after the supreme court struck down part of the voting rights act. >> now it's not protected again. >> reporter: mary bruce abc news selma. >> two men have been detained in the murder of russian opposition leader boris nemtsov. he said the suspects were from the north. it's not clear if either suspect was the gunman that killed him last week he was gunned down walking near the kremlin. a robber pulled a gun on customers and workers inside jim's steak on the 400 block of north 62nd street. police say nobody was hurt. surveillance cameras are being checked for clues jim's opened
9:35 am
in 1939. the search for a missing 13-year-old boy in newtown square is set to begin in a half-hour. last night a professional search and rescue team from new jersey joined the search for him. his parents said he left home because he was upset about trouble with school work. >> he is not experienced at being out on his own. this is the first time he's been you know on his own for any length of time. >> reporter: he was last seen wearing a gray ski jacket black pants and boots his family was created a facebook page to help in the search. a 13-year-old from philadelphia is missing. this is nysira harris, she suffers from depression, she hangs out in the area from 60th to 6 # between market and locust. if you know where she is, call southwest detectives. police are planning to lay
9:36 am
robert wilson iii to rest hours before his son's birthday. he died in a shootout while buying a birthday present for his son. two men robbed the game stop. officer wilson was near the register knowing other customers were nearby he moved away from the register before exchanging shots with the suspects. >> he moved back and forth firing at both suspects who were both firing at him. he was taking rounds and being hit, but he continued to fight and continued to shoot until the fatal wound was fired. officer wilson's partner shot and wounded one of the suspects carlton hipps is charged with murder in the hospital. his brother is in jail arraigned on a murder charge. officer wilson leaves behind two young sons. a church in the neighborhood where officer wilson was killed is holding a
9:37 am
service in his honor tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. at saint martins a special collection will be taken to benefit officer wilson's two young children. surveillance video from inside the game stop provided critical information in the shooting death of officer wilson. philadelphia detectives have a new tool to obtain that evidence quicker than ever. vernon odem explains. >> reporter: august 2012 of surveillance video of off-duty police officer moses walker heading to a bus stop after his overnight shift at the 22nd district. you can see his killer stalking him, but surveillance video led to the arrest of those responsible, response of video from several local sources. computers are helping to download from a wide variety of video machine as attachment and put on a laptop. on that laptop we're able to edit the video so that it can be
9:38 am
disseminated quickly to the media. >> the digital imaging recovering system known as divert are hailed as new tools in a step forward in disseminating critical video. the computer was developed in philadelphia by the local fbi and philly police working in tandem. it's breath taking in it's ability to cut down the time it takes to get the video edited out and on the tout -- out to the public. police officers picked up computers today it helps in hayat boumeddiene profile -- it helps in high profile abduction cases like carla gaither. the divert technology is already
9:39 am
in more than a dozens field offices nationwide and being distributed to more and more major city police forces. it is the kind of technology that is making sure fewer and fewer chris are getting away with it, at fbi headquarters in philadelphia, video video channel 6 "action news." # stay with "action news" as we continue to cover the loss of officer wilson. information is always available on the 6abc news app ready to download for apple and android devices. police in western pennsylvania say a 13-year-old boy was beaten by his father and forced to stand in negative 3-degree cold for an and a half. the boy's father and stepmother are facing child endangerment police say the dad had the boy hold dumb bells. the step mom locked him out of the house. the boy felt disoriented and went to police, he is with child
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a long lost japanese battleship from world war ii is believed to have been found in the philippines. historian also think this is the remains. warship that was the largest warship that was ever built. they are loving this. >> reporter: you want warm qul are you ready for warm weather? i've been ready for warm weather. >> reporter: we don't have it now, but we've got it in the seven-day forecast. there's the center city skyline lots of blue skies and sunshine of we're closing in on the start of spring. less than two weeks away. our normal high for this time of the year is 50 degrees, 40 was it on monday, windchills in the 20s, tuesday we stayed in the 30s, wednesday 43, thursday, 40. yesterday we only had a high of 26 degrees, a couple of these
9:44 am
mornings we were down in the single digits. it's been bone-chilling cold over the last 4 to 6 weeks. 20 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 12. winds out of the north northwest. it's making it feel colder than you're seeing. reading, 15, allentown 19. millville stuck in the low teens, trenton 18. dover, 23 and wilmington about 20 degrees that's the last time i can promise you, that's the last time you'll see temperatures down in the single digits like what we saw this morning next winter we do it all over again but that's it for this winter. there's clouds moving from the west getting in here around 1:00 2:00 p.m., not a big deal. as we go across the country look where the cold stuff is this has been in the great lakes and the mid atlantic for weeks on ends.
9:45 am
it's bottled up in the hudson bay that's a good sign that old man winter is retreating. we have the high sun angle and closer to spring and temperatures above freezing. this is february, i haven't had a chance to hit on this because i've been so busy with the snow and ice storms approaching. it was the 6th coldest february ever recorded. 12th coldest overall. look at chicago hartford and cleaved. it was the coldest for those cities. what makes that more impressive, these are very cold cities to begin with. chicago it's bone-chilling during january and february. so to see this is the coldest months ever recorded in chi town, that's impressive. it's going to continue they have 12 inches on the ground right now. it's brutal across the country.
9:46 am
36 by 10:00 in philadelphia. reading, 36 all these numbers climbing above freezing, 2:30, 3:30 38, 39 topping out at 39 degrees overnights tonight we have the slick spots, black ice showing up on back roads sidewalks and parking lots. you'll have to deal with the same thing tomorrow morning as we drop back down below the freezing mark tonight. winds pick up out of the southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour make the upper 30s feel like the low to mid 30s otherwise it's a nice quiet day reading, 36. allentown, 36. trenton, 38. millville, 39. dover you're the warm spot at 40. cape may 38. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast very quiet weekend for a change, 39 degrees, 46 tomorrow, monday cloudy and sun 49. tuesday, there's a coastal system that will work its way off the carolinas it's not moving up the coast it's heading out to sea. it could come close enough to bring clouds and showers, 46 and
9:47 am
wednesday, 56 degrees, a quick reminders this is the worst night of our lives we're going to lose an hour of sleep tonight. don't forget to spring ahead one hour and check the batteries in the smoke detecters as we say hello to daylight saving time. >> to be positive we say lose an you're a gain an hour of sunshine. new video a helicopter heading to a missouri hospital crashed killing the pilot. the chopper burst into flames after going down on the street behind the saint louis university hospital. the video of the fireball came in overnight. the chopper was en route to pick up a medical crew. there's no indication on what may have caused the crash. # play pick 2. easy to play. simple to say.
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annual 5k run and walk, both kick off at 11:00 a.m. and wind through downtown mount holly and later a st. patrick's day proceed. proceeds benefit mount holly recreation programs. this weekend is the final chance to see the flower show. all the floral creations have been crafted after disney films. the show is open today from 8 to 9:00 and tomorrow 8 to 6:00. the bad weather has driven you out of the gym and the park and the couch. there's several ways to build movement into your day. >> few watching tv every time you see a commercial stand up, even if you do it half commercial you get enough non-sitting time to be effective. >> the risks from being
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sedentary includes heart disease and some cancers treadmill desks are another way to get moving, standing or walking or take phone calls while you're standing, around here everybody sits on the bouncy balls. can marijuana be an allergin? according to studies published weed is an allergin similar to other flower pants. it has resulted in symptoms including nasal congestion and sneezing and asthma. up next, chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> people are loving you today. >> reporter: they were not loving me last month. >> no. >> reporter: another sign spring is around the corner. the young get their season started today. ppl, taking on colorado. sun and clouds, this is better than yesterday when we topped out at 26. temperatures around 38 degrees, with the winds cooler. if you're heading to ppl park bundle up as the union take on colorado for the first game of the season. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 46 degrees sunday turning milder. monday, 49. we have a system off the coast we'll watch it. about it it comes up the coast it will be rain. we'll add ten degrees to tuesday's number. wednesday, warm front punches through, we're up to 56 across
9:56 am
south jersey, i wouldn't be surprised if some areas get close to 60. 50 degrees thursday, friday look for increasing clouds and high of 46 degrees. fun thing there's only one day in the search day where the actual temperature is above average. that shows you how cold it's been. >> doesn't feel above average though. soccer has become a full contact sport at one washington state university. chances are you've never seen a match like this. i don't understand it's the latest sports offering in washington university. you can see players are protected inside giant bubbles. late hits and blocks are banned, other than that it's a free for all and teens seem to love it. >> how do you kick the ball? jack had jack hanna's "wildwood
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-- wild countdown is next. a memorial service will be held for fallen police officer robert wilson, we'll be there live. dirty dancing comes to philadelphia, we'll have a preview of the show. for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim, have a nice saturday! (woman) ready for another game? (woman)
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