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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon we begin with rain on the way we enjoy another day of mild conditions and rain will dampen the mood. sky 6 hd looking at the center city skyline we had sunshine this morning but clouds increase this afternoon after wet weather moves in. david murphy is tracking this at the big board. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan already showing us that the atmosphere is beginning to get moist down by baltimore and gettysburg and dover delaware this initial precipitation may not be hitting the ground but we are setting the table for that precipitation coming in from the south and west. the system extends towards cincinnati and nashville. this is pushing past us and bringing us the majority of rain the low pressure is swooping by to the south as well. some clouds are rolling and we started with how this was this
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morning going to change and there is that rain, the initial onslaught of it is not all that heavy, enough to slow things down on the roads and getting steadier toward rush hour the wide view it moves in from the southwest to the northeast and at times there are steadier cells popping through and at midnight everything begins to calm down and how much rain are we expecting the models vary on this and a couple of them close toward a third of an inch we feel comfortable with the half inch to inch rain and i'll show you how this rolls and out, and tomorrow's weather with a nice
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upswing in temperatures. >> thank you. before head ougt this week, check the 6 abc storm tracker app, can you report what you are seeing in your area, the 6 abc storm tracker app is a free download for your mobile device. now to breaking news, where prosecutors just announced corruption charges against three philadelphia democrats. louise bishop and michelle brownly and howard james. the. >> the three are accused in an ongoing corruption investigation, david henry is live now with the district attorney's office with the new details. david? >> sara, the charges keep coming in this case, it has become a political football with the philadelphia d.a. and another dark stain on the political process here in philadelphia and across the state another three state legislators indicted by
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the grant jury. >> all three are charged with accepting illegal cash payments in exchange for agreeing to peddle their influence. all three are charged with taking bribes from a harrisburg lobbyist for exchange for future favors unknown to them, that lobbyist was wearing a wire and cooperating with an investigation initiated with the attorney general and kathleen kane dropped the investigation and said it was shoddy and tainting with racism and in now work for d.a. seth williams, he picked up the case and charged all five of the original targets including state rep james. >> to accuse investigators that
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now work for me to accuse prosecutors that work for me to be racist i think is gutter. and you know i can't say more than that viscerally it makes me sick. >> out of the three state officials formerly charged one plead guilty. thomasina tynes plead guilty. only bishop will be fighting these charges. live at the district attorney's office, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. funeral arrangementses are made now for philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii the 11nd district officer was gunned done on thursday at a north philadelphia video game store a
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viewing is friday at francis funeral home in southwest philadelphia that is from 4:00 until 8:00, the remembrance is moved to saturday and a viewing is held from 7:00 until 10:00 a.m. on the campus of the university of pennsylvania at the arena a service follows at 11:00 a.m. a case of a man charged with attempted murder in a shooting that injured a philadelphia police officer. 33-year-old eric torres is also charged with aggravated assault officer edward davis suffered kidney damage and a severed artery and the defense argues that the shooting was an accident during the struggle with officers. most of the victims of an amtrak derailment are in the hospital this noon it stalled on the tracks in north carolina and the truck got stuck when it was trying to make a difficult
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turn and 54 people were hurt including travelers heading to philadelphia, the train was scheduled to stop at 30th street station last night before heading to its final destination in new york. "action news" spoke with passengers last night. and we'll have more at 12:30. chopper 6 hd through over what is left of the valley crest landscaping company in lower providence this morning, fire officials are there investigating and the blaze erupted at 9:00 on the 400 block of north park avenue nobody was hurt. repairs are underway in a philadelphia neighborhood after a broken gas main was reported this morning pgw crews responded just before 9:00, they were fixing a 4 inch gas main, it's unclear how it ruptured there were no evacuations.
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the fallout falls from a video of fraternity members chanting racial slurs at the university of oklahoma. some students could face expulsion. marcy gonzales is following this story from new york. >> reporter: yes the investigation into this continues as fraternity members there have to be out of their on campus fraternity house by midnight. kicked off campus they are getting the last of their belongings out of their house in the university of oklahoma. >> are you embarrassed? >> extremely. >> the chapter shut down after video was released of members singing a racist chant. >> something that has been rehearsed and well known everybody on that bus was singing this chant proudly and confidently some students say
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it's indicative of this frat's history. >> nobody is shocked to see it. >> no. >> the house mother says she was surprised. >> i'm in shock. >> did you ever get any indication that there was anything like this going on? >> no, no never heard the song. >> a member of the chapter says the same, that this is not representative of the other 15,000 members, it's sad because this is not what s.a. is about. now the university is considering expulsion we show zero tolerance when it comes to racism. >> some think that o.u. has take and their response too far. >> that is the fraternity's cook out of a job after 14 years it could be a violation of the students students' freedom of speech. >> back to you.
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>> thank you. for that report. a police officer who died in the line of duty in 1977 was honored this morning a hero plaque was unveiled for raymond mokdeli. he suffer aid heart attack at home and died. >> his children spoke and said their father was a wonltderful man and dedicated officer. still to come on "action news" at noon, a child is snatched from a public park and it's caught on surveillance how this was thwarted by some high school freshman. >> a burning building rescue in los angeles, firefighters face the flames to save a woman and two children. and back here david murphy will be along with a closer look at the seven-day forecast including a big warm-up tomorrow.
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you've picked out four things before, right? one, two, three, four, and you're done. simple. so the pennsylvania lottery changed the name of "big 4" to "pick 4". it's that simple to play. pick 4. easy to play. simple to say. firefighters rushed to save a woman and two children from a fire at a second story apartment last night. a woman can be seen from a window and carried the child to safety. firefighters knocked down the blaze within 15 minutes, the cause is still under investigation.
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>> police say that a kidnapping is stopped when teenagers came to the rescue. >> surveillance video came to the aid of a child that was kidnapped by -- the child's brother and sister ran after the suspect and two high school freshman joined in the chase he was scared away leaving the boy in an abandoned lot and praising the teenagers as heroes but they say they were in the right place at the right time. >> i didn't care there was a kid's life in danger. >> i don't consider myself a hero just a person do the the right thing. >> the police are still looking for the abduction suspect. olympic medal winners are among those killed in a helicopter crash the choppers collided in a remote part of argentina they were carrying french athletes on route to film
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a popular reality show. one of france's most beloved athletes. and a diplomat slashed by a protester last week is now out of the hospital. mark lippert needed 80 stitches to his face. he was attacked at a breakfast forum, allege by an activist. >> it was a scary incident but i feel good, i'm walking and talking and holding my baby, you know hugging my wife. so i just feel really good. >> lippert went on to say that the attack strengthen the bond
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americans are spending more these days, but a new report shows they are carrying more debt. it shows that credit card debt
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soared to $50 billion by the end of last year. and it will soar to $60 billion this year, household income has only gone up 2% in the last ten years. a fast food chain is changing the menus for its younger customers they will no longer market soda with kids males, they will offer milk or apple juice or low fat chocolate milk. sodas are still an option but not listed on the kids meal menu. for the third time in less than two months an ecigarette exploded in california burning the man smoking it in bed, it sent pieces into the ceiling and started a fire at the man's apartment. he had injuries to his hands and face and firefighters are still investigating a cause they say
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that e-cigarette users should avoid overcharging. it could cause those devices to overheat. they are criticizing men and women that give their children unearned praise could be turning them into narcissist, those that overvalue their children tend to raise naturesist, if they give simple warmth and raise children with strong self esteem with a realistic understand of their place in the world. >> my 3-year-old knows her place in the world she is the boss of me. >> "action news" is working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is live with a newsroom. >> we have a 1-year-old ceo in our house coming up at 4:00 in big talkers emoji outrage.
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the little icon sparking a social media movement. and a washington d.c. court says if this man wants a cigarette he better go outside. plus, it's something simba waited 7 months for a south jersey dog is reunited with his soldier dad. can you take us with you on the go and download the free 6 abc news app and watch us live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you alicia. your accuweather forecast is coming up.
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the winter woes continue after a giant icicle fell from a boston building, how about that? several cars were totalled after
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a frozen chunk melted in warmer weather it crashed into windchills into the parking lot below, nobody was hurt but the neighborhood was caught off guard by the drastic temperature change. >> they cannot catch a break there. we have had that happen here in january but not a chunk that size, wow. stormtracker 6 live double scan we are on the lookout for precipitation, it's not of the frozen variety, and west of philadelphia little bits and pieces of it trying to break through the dry air at cape may but falling apart before it does anything, you can see that the rain is on the way later this afternoon as we take a look outside we have sky 6 hd showing clouds over the ben franklin bridge we had blue sky this morning but that didn't last. 54 degrees currently that is probably where we hold for the next couple of hours, and then we'll see it slip a bit when the
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rain comes in winds not all that strong. and 53 in trenton and 51 in wilmington and 40s in allentown and reading, these northern and western suburbs you are probably staying in the 40s this afternoon. notice the winds they are coming in off the ocean and adding moisture and helping to kick up the clouds but they are not strong, and haven't been strong for the last several days, there is an air pollution alert. for people with asthma and other respiratory ailments limit your outdoor exposure because of air pollution. by 3:00 we think there is a possibility of sprinkles and showers and it could arrive sooner than this. by the time we get into the evening rush hour it looks like everybody is getting wet, not a
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strong rain but enough to slow you down for the evening commute and could be cells coming in tonight and future tracker wants areas highlighted in yellow and that is a good chunk of rain coming through and we'll let you know if that is indeed the way it will play out. it looks like it gets out of here and tomorrow we look at dry conditions, .75 inch in philadelphia and a half inch to inch is a good ballpark figure, not a huge rainfall but enough to wash the remaining snow into the storm drains. high today in allentown 46 degrees staying in the 40s, and afternoon rain moving in and the shore a high in the 50s, mid-50s in fact, in atlantic city 56 degrees and afternoon rain and philadelphia a high of 54 degrees and increasing clouds with afternoon and evening rain and then the rain tapering off overnight and we get fog and 44 is the overnight low big changes coming for tomorrow
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here is your seven day, 54 is today's high and afternoon rain moving in and staying through the night and tapering off before the rush hour tomorrow and mild tomorrow and sun in the afternoon and the big story is getting up over 60 degrees we have not seen that since december, christmas day was the last time we were in the 60s here. that will feel good, the next day 51 but that is still seasonably, 46 friday with rain friday night into saturday and then dry the rest of the weekend that friday night into saturday morning precipitation we are going rain for now but there is a hint that the air above the surface that may be cold enough to put sleet and wet snow in there it's still march we'll let you know. >> we'll let you know. >> coming up on "action news" at noon police just announced new leads for the search for a missing montgomery county woman and why they think the 20-year-old may be somewhere in
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philadelphia. plus a new perspective on the boston marathon bombing suspect after a new video surfaces.
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>> we are hearing from passengers on the amtrak train that derailed in north carolina. and a battle is brewing across the aisle over a nuclear deal with the u.s. and iran, the shot the republicans took at the obama administration and how democrats are now firing back. details on the amtrak train that crashed on its way from north carolina to new york with a stop in philadelphia, the tracks are reopen after the wreckage from the wreck was cleared. the conductor and 54 passengers were hurt. we are hearing from local people on board at the time of the collision. >> the collision occurred in north carolina shortly after noon on monday uninjured passengers were bused to washington and some were then put on a train to philadelphia they arrived after midnight with stories to tell. >> was sitting in the dining car


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