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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  March 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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rian taff. >> and i'm shirleen allicot, we are following a new round of corruption charges against philadelphia lawmakers they were indicted as part of a statewide investigation, david henry is following this story all day long, on a lot of levels today was personal for the top prosecutor. >> on one hand it's an all too familiar case of corruption in philadelphia but it has taken on the added dimension of a political smack down of the two most powerful prosecutors in the state. >> don't want to say much about the attorney general -- >> seth williams picked up the case when it was dropped by cage kathleen kane. when she dropped the case she said it was racially motivated.
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>> i am insulted when someone would allege something to be racist ben they know it is not. >> the latest is louise bishop and michelle brownly. they were arranged in district court in harrisburg today all three are charged with accepting bribes from a lobbyist they did not know he was wearing a wire and three others were indicted earlier williams says the lobbyist offered bribes to 60 lawmakers and some were as low as $250, and one was $2000. long time observers see the case as politics as usual. they say we are hopefully turning a corner.
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>> i am hopeful we are at the beginning of a new day one thing we are seeing is a great upwelling of an talent of this younger generation for whom integrity is really important. this is an ongoing investigation, one of the previous three indicted. thomasina tynes has plead guilty and is sentenced to almost two years in prison. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you david. it is time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets get over to adam joseph live at the big board. not as nice as yesterday but still no complaints around here adam. >> temperatures almost at 60 this afternoon that was before the rain arrived and now a solid wall of green no matter where you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan in fact as we close in a little bit closer we don't need to go all over the place
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everybody is seeing the exact same weather with the mild temperatures and light steady rain anywhere from you headed out of philadelphia over the schuylkill or the ben franklin bridge heading into new jersey or south on 95 towards wilmington everyone is seeing wet roadways for the evening rush hour, low pressure is over parts of the ohio and tennessee valley near kentucky some heavier rain on the northeastern ridge of the actual low pressure center itself. that is tracking to the east tonight and we are set to see a soaking rain through the rest of this evening and through the first part of the overnight tonight, what to expect here? a quarter to three quarters inch of rain, the heaviest is 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., a lot of ponding on the roadways because of the rain and snow melt and with the potholes out there you won't see them so take it slow on the roads, it begins to taper off before we get to the morninging rush home.
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southerly wind took over and we are still at 55 degrees and even rain to the north with buffalo 46 degrees and richmond at 61. when i come back, we'll talk about a big turn around for your weather on wednesday and even warmer temperatures to come and we'll talk about that in accuweather. >> all right adam, can't wait no secret that old man winter really weathered our roads here and there is one massive pothole that is quite the repeat offenders in east falls tearing up the tires of six cars in 20 minutes. this really does a number on a slew of commuters, i thought it was vandalism but here it was people trying to get to work and they keep going into the same pothole, it sneaks up on you. >> we are getting flats and bent rims. he had a bent rim and tie rods and ball joins and axles,
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everything falls apart when they hit these potholes. >> some people were able to get back on track and others had a date with the tow truck a big day for aaa the city is launching a major pothole campaign and penndot says that drivers can help by calling their hot line to report a pothole in their area, the number is on the bottom of the screen 1-800-6-road. >> thank you alicia. police have made the arrest in the accident that kill aid pennsylvania turnpike worker last year. ephraim jenson was found guilty for riding his truck through a lane two workers were hurt and one survived and one was killed. the suspect was released on
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$100,000 bail pending a preliminary hearing later this month. and firefighters went to a scene that tore through a montgomery county business they determined that the blaze started in a mechanical room in lower providence the flames destroyed the maintenance building last night crew his it under control in about an hour and no one was hurt. the exact cause remains under investigation. >> we are following some pretty extraordinary breaking news surrounding the philadelphia eagles there are reports that the birds are just about to make one very big trade. sports director ducis rogers is live. >> reporter: exactly this is coming from espn's adam schoeffler, the eagles are trying to trade up in the draft to get marcus mariota, and in are report thagt eagles and st. louis rams are working on a
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trade that would send nick foles for quarterback sam bradford a former number one overall pick but his career is marred by injuries, he suffered a second torn acl last season and he is good on the field and we know nick foles he digressed a little bit before breaking his collar bone, but espn is reporting that the trade that the eagles and rams are working on now and nick foles and perhaps draft compensation going to st. louis and the eagles will soon list signing of byron maxwell, will he get a major, major deal some six year $60 million and $25 million in guaranteed money.
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some people are wondering what is chip kelly's game plant trent cole is gone andan mccoy is traded. >> it appears that chip kelly has a plan and we have to let the plan playout, this team has won 20 games over the last two years so it's a great football team but i have a great respect for a coach willing to make big decisions and change to win a championship. >> and frank gore was thought to come here and now he is reportedly signing with the indianapolis colts, the deal is similar to the one he would have got here. the top story here, our jaime apody working the phones, says that a nfl source told her that the deal between the rams and
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eagles for sam bradford to come here and nick foles there, is done. the new quarterback will be one sam bradford. reporting from the sports center, i'm ducis rogers. >> pretty extraordinary stuff more on the news tonight. but extraordinary stuff nick foles could be gone and likely it gone at this moment. it's time for the "action news" traffic report today. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> luckily nothing too extraordinary on the traffic front, a few little issues on this tuesday afternoon brian and shirleen, a vehicle that broke down on the eastbound side of the schuylkill at south street was blocking a lane for a bit and now it's off to the side and the tow truck is there westbound you see plenty of headlights and volume coming down from bear avenue to the vine street expressway. slow speed as long 95 teens in both directions at the betsy ross bridge today they began
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the construction, the emergency work on 291 eastbound near bartram avenue. that means the ramps to 291 are closed. a crash along the roosevelt boulevard on the northbound side by 9th street and northbound it's in the inner drive and a vehicle is out here blocking the inner drive tough to see with the visibility being down, and a crash in bryn mawr along airdale road and one in mount laurel on the southbound side of 83 near the turnpike but that one just cleared. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report one of our friends the member of the 6 abc commuter team, says watch out for a flood along haines street in philadelphia that is probably more like a big puddle. we are seeing a lot of them with the rain and melting snow. >> thank you matt.
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>> still ahead hillary clinton talks about the scandal surrounding her emails for the first time. find out what she had to say. >> plus, new construction leads to a stunning discovery as crews find thousands of skeletons, where they came from. as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance to get $200 back when you upgrade to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back.
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these years? kfc popcorn nuggets. 100% white meat, extra crispy, and made from the world's best chicken. try our kfc bucket and popcorn nuggets meal. these don't even come with a toy and i don't care. just about an hour ago hillary clinton addressed her email controversy because she wants it all out there. she responded to the alligation that while secretary of state he used a private email address for her government business. clinton says she made the decision to use her personal account because it was allowed by the state department and for her it was more convenient to carry one device for work and person emails instead of two, there were no security breaches of her server and also says when she was asked to hand over the
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work related emails she printed more than 55,000 pages and asked that they be made public as for the personal emails she says she deleted those. >> i chose not to keep my private, personal emails emails about planning chelsea's wedding and my mother's funeral arrangements and the other typical things you find in inboxes no one wants their personal emails made public and most people understand that and respect that privacy. >> clinton says looking back she hoped that having one device would have been simpler, and clearly it did not work out that way and never sent classified information from her private account and people are waiting while the 55,000 pages of emails should be released for people to
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read. >> all right alicia. u.s. ambassador mark lippert walked out a south korean hospital five days after being attacked by a man with a knife. lippert was slashed in the arm and face, and would not comment on attack because the investigation is ongoing, the u.s. will take a hard look at security procedures to see if anything needs to be changed. lippert is a popular figure, he regularly walks his dog down the street and even gave him newborn son a korean middle name. they found 3,000 skeletons buried in the panel of a train line, they were from the 16th and 17th century they will test the bones before re burying them in a london cemetery and to get more information about the
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beaubonnic plague that claims in lives. it was a disastrous day on wall street the dow was down 321 points and the nasdaq lost 82 and the s&p was down 85 the three main agencies that track your credit will follow new rules to track disputes on credit reports. they all agree to the guidelines under a settlement agreement. they have to used trained employees to find out when a consumer finds a mistake, it's used to see if someone can get a mortgage or a credit card. but they say they don't know enough to address mistakes inconsider credit reports. >> a national study found that rider ship is down statewide, and the biggest is in
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philadelphia where ridership is down 5% from last year, and that shows the government transition is at the highest in 58 years. they are racing with a different mode of transportation in alaska the 1000 mile iditarod dog sled race is off and mushing, through the old gold rush town of gnome it usually starts in willow but organizers moved it further north, because there was not enough snow there that is only the second time that has happened. >> hopefully we don't see anymore snow here at least this month. >> you had enough? >> we had plenty. >> you had enough? >> a little over 20 inches or so in philadelphia boston 100 inches would i say we deserve a little more. i won't say that. double scan live radar shows no
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snow this go around and it's a soaking rain entering parts of the western ohio valley and taking its time moving west to east, as we look closer on double scan live radar we have a solid area of steady rainfall for the beginning of the evening rush, even pops of yellow approaching middletown and smyrna and delaware there are heavier pockets of rain developing in the evening hours lighter rains as you head north into burlington county and as we head north and west of philadelphia pretty much the same here, i-78 to points to the south and north in the poconos, this go around seeing plain old rain and no ice and no snow threat as the temperatures are on the mild side. 54 in philadelphia 52 in millville, and 50 at the shore. a little bit cooler to the north and west but not bad with temperatures in the middle 40s. future tracker shows at 9:00 rain is in the area and you see
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the darker greens and some of the yellows with the steadier rain developing as we get into the later part of the evening and early overnight hours you see heavy rain setting up in chester county and right across camden and burlington county at 11:00 11:30 the rain is out of here in time for the morning rush tomorrow at 7:00 off the coast but there is another concern we are watching for the morning russia side from that rain moving out. tonight soaking rain but on the mild side, our normal lows this time of year should be near the freezing point we'll be well above that if philadelphia at 44 and 43 in cape may and upper 30s to the north and west. this is the issue that develops once the rain starts to ease a bit, by 10:00 tonight notice the visibilities dropping to near 0 allentown trenton, less than a quarter mile in wilmington a mile in philadelphia and during the rush hour tomorrow there are many areas at zero, that will
4:21 pm
cause a lot of issues on the road with dense fog number one we are starting to melt the snow and rain and warm temperatures colliding with the cold solid icy ground and as it melts we get rid of the fog, temperatures are off to the races, to 63 degrees, it's a little cooler on thursday. hey we'll take 51 with sunshine at this point. friday turning cloudy again with late evening, sleet mixing with rain until it all changes to rain at 48 and then a rainy saturday now with temperatures in the 50s. >> seven day in the next half hour. >> thank you. >> national constitution center is paying tribute to the fight
4:22 pm
for equality. the debate over gay rights starting in 1989 when courageous activists picketed in front of city hall, this exhibit is the centerpiece of upcoming events planned by the lgbt community center. a gold heist in broad daylight. how a man stole from utility trucks in plain sight. and the derailment of a train that was coming through philadelphia the conductor was from philadelphia also more coming up. this guy has one in his own restroom the case that prohibits him from lighting up in his own home.
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police in camden are looking for the people that stole from a construction truck in broad daylight. you can see the two men walk up to the utility truck they took copper cable and connecters and an extension cord one man was wearing a paul vi jacket. anybody with information is asked to call them. there say lasting tribute for a police officer that died 340 -- 30 years ago. in january of 1977 he stopped to dig out a stranded drive from the snow and 30 minutes later he died of a heart attack when he got home, his children and family spoke at the ceremony today they called their father a wonderful man and a dedicated officer. and still ahead emoji
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it's 4:30, are you inadvertently turning your kid into a narcissist, the one parenting mistake that could make children self centers. >> and why a washington d.c. court says if this man wants a cigarette he better go outside. >> and it's something that simba waited 7 months for the adorable moment that a south jersey dog sees his soldier dad for the first time. >> and the surveillance video sending chills down the spine of parents and care takers everywhere a man running down the street with a 22-month-old boy down his arms, a boy he snatched from his stroller for more on the kidnapping attempt, we turn to alicia vitarelli live at the big board. >> absolutely frightening fortunately the toddler is safe
4:30 pm
thanks to his brave brother and sister and it's a race to find the suspect before he strikes again. >> the man hundred is underway for the man in this video in a kidnapping attempt. this is the grocery store in the small town of sprague, washington he runs off with 22-month-old owen wright in his arms you see his older sister followed close behind by his brother pushing an empty stroller. >> i can't explain the anxiety and everything that goes into finding out that your child is missing. >> owen's father says his three children were with a baby sitter that let them play at a park unsupervised that is when cops say the man scooped little owen out of a stroller and took off. the sister gave chase and alerted passers by including
4:31 pm
two teenagers that followed suit. >> i don't consider myself a hero just a person doing the right thing. >> i told that little girl, honey you did exactly what you needed to do scream your head off, while the mystery kidnapper got away for now the sheriff's office is still on the case and little owen is back home safe with his family after a terrifying ordeal that could have been much worse if not for his quick thinking brother and sister. >> that is what saved that baby, her screaming and us running. >> sprague is a small town with less than 500 residents there is no indication that the kidnapper knew the children or their parents, they believe the suspect was staking out the playground and may have had a get away car parked nearby. thanks to the brother and sister of that little baby. >> scary stuff.
4:32 pm
thank you. abc will have more on that manhunt coming up on world news after "action news" at 6:00. we are following breaking news, a big one involving the philadelphia eagles sports director ducis rogers first reported at 4:00, a nfl league source has confirmed that the eagles made a quarterback swap with the st. louis rams nick foles is going to st. louis for sam bradford after a flurry of moves by the eagles many of them controversial. we'll follow this throughout the evening here on "action news" and of course at in the meantime we are learning more about the collision of an amtrak train bound for philadelphia and a truck. officials have identified the tractor trailer driver as john devon black, a california man
4:33 pm
who had his license revoked once in 1994, and we learned the conductor of that train keenan tally was the -- from philadelphia. the cars derailed and injured more than 60 of the passengers ornboard. the tractor trailer being escorted by the state patrolman was struggling to make a turn for several minutes, now they are trying to find out if anyone alerted amtrak or studied the intersection before giving an oversized truck a permit. police in upper providence confirm that 20-year-old dierdra has been found safe and sound in philadelphia. the news follows several sightings in kensington friday night she took her sister's car on friday and it was found
4:34 pm
abandoned. investigators have not released any other information. mike fitzpatrick is pushing for a new law to keep kids safe, the new legislation at a child advocacy conference, it was aimed to strengthen sexual assault and background checks for schools. >> a group known for the freedom of religion foundation the seal's use of a cross at its center and they call that unconstitutional and demands the county stops its use and redesigned the seal. the pasters network called the demands a bullying tactic and they have not responded yet to the freedom of religion foundation. it's time for a look at the accuweather forecast. and a little bit of rain to deal with now. >> we get a soaking rain tonight and then fog is a big issue into
4:35 pm
the morning rush tomorrow. we have a couple of problems on our hand and we'll try to wipe them clean tomorrow afternoon on sky 6, can you see the fog developing and warm at 52 degrees, a calm wind that aids in the development of that fog and the windchill really not out there, with a calm wind and as we look at northwestern chester county and honey brook you can see snow on the ground and the ground is still frozen and with the combination of wind and rain, double scan live radar the rain arrived over the last few hours this low slowly works from the west to the east, we have a long line of rain to pittsburgh and cincinnati, to chicago and it will be around for much of the overnight we'll talk about how much rain to expect from that fog tomorrow morning and how much of a beautiful recovery we'll have tomorrow afternoon in the
4:36 pm
seven-day forecast. >> best thing we could have hoped for. all right adam thank you. >> before you head out this week, check the 6 abc storm tracker app, along with live radar and forecasts, can you report what you are seeing in your area, 6 abc storm tracker app is a free download for your mobile device. as we told new our first half our at 4:00, late this afternoon a jury found a feltonville man not guilty of murder in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer. lets head to monica malpass with the latest on this. >> that verdict came down late this afternoon while eric torres was not found guilty of attempted murder but he was on the lesser charges torres was accused of trying to kill philadelphia police officer, edward davies, coming up we are live with the latest on the jury decision and the punishment that torres could face at sentencing. and the fda issues an alert for
4:37 pm
a popular drug to quit smoking, the concern is chantix side effects. we'll have that and more coming up at 5:00. see you then shirleen. >> thank you monica. today's pizza party at la salle university was a lesson and giving back, it was hosted by mason hortman the pro pry ter of mason's pizza you could get a slice for a buck and get a slice for a person in need. that is what students did they gathered their dollars to help this growing cause. curiosity nearly got the best of a chubby raccoon in ocean county check out where this critter got its head stuck at the intersection of marine street and otis avenue in
4:38 pm
tuckerton and they made the hole bigger and pulled the pudgy raccoon out be it ran away unharmed. it was going after a nut that another animal left behind. >> lesson learned hopefully. day after day a south jersey dog sat by the door opening his soldier dad would walk through. after seven months the dream came true. >> where is daddy? is it daddy? >> simba! >> are you watching the joyous reviewon of u.s. army special forces paul depalo and his beloved pit bull simba she said
4:39 pm
that simba cried and moped around and now all was forgiven when his best friend returned home. if you want to see it again go to >> they say a dog does not have a long-term memory but obviously not the case. if are you in the market for a new car stay tuned we rundown the list of great buys. >> and a washington d.c. man felt that a court ordered him to stop smoking inside of his own house, why a judge says he what has to take his cigarette breaks outside of his own house. and telling kids how special they are could actually backfire. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast.
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two of those unidentified students were permanently kicked out of school today and the rest of the fraternity has until midnight to get out of their house while the rest of the fraternity was suspended. >> and it shows the house mother was laughing and using a racial slur this was uncovered one day after knowing any racist behavior. >> did you ever get any indication that there was anything like this? >> no never heard the song. >> that was the video from yesterday, officials are still frying to identify others involved in this chant and the delta sorority are investigating
4:43 pm
sisters seen in that video. a pittsburgh emergency room doctor is getting attention for tackling the serious problem of pain killer abuse in a unique way. ♪♪ we are never ever giving you drugs in the er. >> the parody of taylor swift's never getting back together. barton says it's not meant to be insensitive to people with real pain issues but to let people know that the hospitals are aware of their ploys and raising awareness of the need for more addiction help. you see no smoking signs everywhere and this man in washington, d.c. has one in his home. edward gray has a court order
4:44 pm
from a judge keeping him from smoking in his house his neighbors file aid claim saying they are getting harmed by smoke coming out of his basement. so if he wants to smoke in the home he owned for 50 years. >> you want me to stop what i have been doing in my house all my life. >> the neighbors are seeking $500,000 in damages and they say this sets a precedent that what you do in your own home is not your business anymore. there is no shortage of feelings being shared on facebook and there is emoji outrage can you feel excited blessed annoyed or sad but this one on the top has people angry the feeling fat emoji.
4:45 pm
they called facebook insensitive and accused them of fat shaming, they want to have the double chinned icon and that fat is not a feeling but a condition. it gathered 50,000 signatures, the creator of that petition say they are thrilled. when it comes to raising kids with confidence is there something as too much praise according to a new study they suggest that telling them how special they are, backfires and causes her children to be narcissistic and entitled. and telling them they are great makes it an all about me situation. reenforce the idea that they are loved and special to you but show them their place amongst others in the world. >> praise but not too much i
4:46 pm
guess. >> alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt pellman is in the traffic center with an update. matt you are very special to us. >> you guys to me so many warm feelings going around. this commute is not so special and not so loved either. a ho-hum wet afternoon as we lock live, we see the tow truck ready to toe it away and the tow is gone and the vehicle is still here, westbound is the busy spot at the moment from the bear to the vine street expressway. and the schuylkill is blocked up but the crash is gone and had a water main break in northeast philadelphia, still restricting traffic along robbins near walker and we have this construction that began today it's emergency work on the bridge deck that was in sad
4:47 pm
shape on 22 eastbound on bartram avenue. if you are trying to get through the southbound side from the airport, will you not get through industrial highway. and the ramps for 95 to 291 eastbound are closed for the next few weeks a crash in brenmar is one to watch out for at peoples drive. >> thank you matt. meteorologist adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
meteorologist adam joseph with the accuweather forecast rain gets out here soon enough. >> i have some issues with mother nature, beyond the winter snow with how it looks rain and
4:50 pm
fog and this commute. >> a leather couch over here. >> we need a session. i like your idea here, as we take a look. what is beautiful here is earlier from hammonton new jersey, from the lens of the action cam, you can see the rain drops hitting the particular pond and the beautiful shot and fairly soon we start to pop the trees with color, double scan live radar here is the issue from the shore the lehigh valley and the poconos and the city and all points to the west as a steady rain has arrived and this will turn heavier as we go through the evening and overnight hours the good side of this temperatures are warm and we help to melt the snow 54 in philadelphia and 52 in millville and 55's in dover and allentown. and even the poconos it's rain at 43 degrees, you can see the surge it pulled in the warmer
4:51 pm
air as we almost hit 60 in philadelphia. but you start to see yellows from charleston, west virginia and that is the actual low and pulls through here before the midnight hour, future tracker at 7:00, the steady rain is around and turning heavier at 11:00 tonight with pops of yellow especially near philadelphia points to the west and that will hit the shore around midnight and then thereafter we see the rain end in time for the morning rush tomorrow the big issue is going to be the fog and that is a cold ground with the snow that top layer it still frozen and when we throw in warm temperatures and rain and it interacts with the icy ground and that develops the fog with a calm wind and the fog will give way to sun tomorrow afternoon the warmest day so far this year, as we hit 63 degrees tomorrow and fresh high pressure doubled barrel high teaming up
4:52 pm
here on thursday lots of sunshine and a bright blue sky and wind out of the northwest and the high coming in from canada not all that cold with a temperature of 51 the soaking rain and dense fog developing by tomorrow morning, which will impact the morning rush home, 36 to 44 degrees, and the exclusive accuweather forecast low 60s here tomorrow as we rid ourselves of the fog and sunny and cooler and 61 degrees, we drop back to the upper 40s and clouds thicken up in the afternoon and a period of sleet in the lehigh valley as everyone sees a soaking rain friday night throughout the day of 52 and a lot of clouds left over on sunday. could be a spinning shower in the afternoon. kind of an unsettled weekend and early next week low to mid-50s and sunny on monday and st. patrick's day a lot of clouds around. and fairly mild. >> thank you adam.
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new car sales hit records in 2014 not seen since 2006 but more people are buying used cars, if you are in the market for one, nydia han has great choices. >> if your budget is tight finding a good used car is tough. but consumer reports reports found terrific options for under $10,000. >> consumer reports scrutinizes safety features and results. >> we looked at datas on thousands of vehicles here are ten used cars that consumer reports recommends for under $10,000. from you looking for a small car, the 2008 mazda 3 is fuel
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efficient and fun to drive and unlikely to end up in the shop. the 2005-2008 pontiac vibe is reliable and roomy hatch back and the volkswagon rabbit gives you auto sporty driving experience with nice materials inside for the price and consumer reports says the accura tl and accura cx and toyota avalon are good choices. >> the kia optima and hyundai son sonata, the best bet for suv's the honda crv and mitsubishi highlander and the honda pilot. but before youuyou buy any used car hire a mechanic to do an
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inspection check the price for that in advance and do an initial inspection yourself first can you find the checklist from consumer reports at >> and that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for shirleen allicot and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff, shirleen and i along with ducis rogers are back tonight we hope you'll join us for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with meteorologist, adam joseph with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the rain has arrived. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing the rain moving through our region tonight. sky 6 hd looking at philadelphia international airport, the airport is not reporting any delays the big story on "action news" is the rainy evening that is affecting the commute home. lets get the latest from cecily tynan at the "action news" big board.
5:00 pm
>> we don't want rain during the evening commute the good news is it's just rain and temperatures in the 40s and 50s and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the rain overspread the region this afternoon and we do have light to moderate rain across the arteries moving out of philadelphia affecting your commute, route 13 and route 30 and the schuylkill expressway and i-95 and the rain will be getting heavier tonight, 3-d and double scan showing the low pressure causing the rain is over kentucky, it's moving to the east and it will be a gradual process before we begin to dry things out. there is heavy rain in the ohio valley and west virginia that is moving in as we move through the evening hours you don't want to forget the umbrella tonight, we are looking at rain a quart toward three quarts of rain, the heaviest at 6:00 to midnight. ponding on roads especially ar


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