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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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big board. >> we don't want rain during the evening commute the good news is it's just rain and temperatures in the 40s and 50s and stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the rain overspread the region this afternoon and we do have light to moderate rain across the arteries moving out of philadelphia affecting your commute, route 13 and route 30 and the schuylkill expressway and i-95 and the rain will be getting heavier tonight, 3-d and double scan showing the low pressure causing the rain is over kentucky, it's moving to the east and it will be a gradual process before we begin to dry things out. there is heavy rain in the ohio valley and west virginia that is moving in as we move through the evening hours you don't want to forget the umbrella tonight, we are looking at rain a quart toward three quarts of rain, the heaviest at 6:00 to midnight. ponding on roads especially
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areas where the snow is clogging up the drain pipes the good news is this is tapering off before dawn and we won't have a wet morning commute, the problem tomorrow morning it will be warm 8:00, 45 degrees and fog could cause a lot of problems but once that fog breaks get ready for the warmest weather so far this year, i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> cecily thank you. >> before heading out be sure to check the 6 abc storm tracker app. along with live radars and forecasts, you can report what are you seeing in your area, the 6 abc storm tracker app is a free download for your device. we are following a developing story on the philadelphia eagles there is word that nick foles has been traded. ducis rogers is live in the
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"action news" sports center ducis perhaps another controversial move by the eagles. >> this is something else, chip kelly is mad at work that chip kelly was looking for a quarterback but putting on a trade for sam bradford in exchange for nick foles, he is a former number one pick, was named the offensive rookie of the year in 2010. and bradford missed all of last season for tearing his left acl for the second time, and his best year was 21 touch downs. nick foles is on his way to the rams he lit the nfl on fire in 2013 and it earned him a trip to the pro bowl and last season he struggle behind a banged up
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offensive line and suffered a season ending collar bone injury against the texans, we have heard that there will be draft compensation. it's not too often you have two quarterbacks traded for each other and chip kelly is overhauling the eagles roster, only time will tell if it works. >> we'll continue the coverage of the eagles trade coming up in sports, and at 6:00 a live report with fans reaction to the nick foles news. in other news, a jury found a feltonville man not guilty of attempted murder in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer but he was found guilty of other charges walter perez is live outside of the criminal justice center in center city. >> reporter: the jury started deliberating last friday and returned not guilty to the
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serious charge and despite that eric torres is going behind bars for a long time. >> i'm happy it's over and i can move forward with my family and make up for lost time. >> that was officer davies only reaction after the jury convicted torres of aggravated assault. >> this after two officers tried to arrest torres during a traffic stop that is when torres shot officer davies who ended up shooting officer davies despite being cleared of attempted murder he was charged on every other charge including assault of an officer, and the d.a. says that that works for him. >> assault on an officer, is 20 to 40 year mandatory. we asked officer davies if and when he'll be back in uniform. >> i still have a few more
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surgeries and we'll see after that. >> prosecutors say the bare minimum is 28 years behind bars but because of the laundry list of charges including weapons and drug charges he faces a maximum of 122 years in prison. reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meantime the action cam was in chester county as jenson was charged in connection with a deadly crash on the pennsylvania turnpike, last june penndot crew member william mcwiggin was working and the tractor trailer entered the lane and killed mcwin igand hit another employee jenson was behind the wheel according to prosecutors and he is now free on $100,000 bail. this is footage from inside
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the bark adelephia. the thief pretended to look around and when the employee when to the back of the store he took the register. if you have tips please call police. funeral arrangements are made for philadelphia police officer robert wilson the 22nd district officer was gunned down during a robbery attempt at a video store. chad pradelli is live outside of the university tonight where officer wilson's funeral service will be held this weekend. >> reporter: rick, the services will take place over to days here on saturday and there will be a viewing following by the service you are talking about and thousands are expected to attend to pay respects to robert wilson iii, family member as rived at the funeral home this afternoon making final
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arrangements. and it's at the francis funeral home, and after a procession saturday morning another viewing will be held from 7:00 until 10:00 a.m. followed by a 10:30 service and officer wilson will be buried in the cemetery in landsdowne. >> i know the commissioner will speak and the mayor will speak and i'm not sure if anyone from the family will speak but we'll make sure that officer robert wilson is put to rest with the best possible funeral service available. >> officer wilson was killed during a shootout at that philadelphia game stop on thursday he was in the store when williams and hick as tempted an armed robbery and the veteran leaves behind two sons ages 10 and 1, and leaves behind many brothers and sisters in blue. >> his family is hurting and his co-workers are hurting big time. there is not much we can say
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except lend a shoulder of support and let them know we'll be there for them. >> the fop has heard from police officers across the country that say they will attend officer wilson's funeral. i am live in university city, chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. a police officer who died in the line of duty in 1977, was honored today. a hero plaque was unveiled for the officer when he was on his way home from duty when he stopped to dig out a stranded driver from the snow in 1977 and 30 minutes later he suffered a heart attack at home and died. his children spoke and said his dad was a wonderful man and a dedicated officer. >> time now for the traffic report and matt pellman. >> you guys know how well wet commutes go not so well. we have a number of accidents we are watching on this tuesday
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afternoon including a new one on the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill and a trash truck and a vehicle partially sticking out in the right lane and giving you extra traffic on the vine away from broad street and eastbound is heavy as is the schuylkill with speeds of 11 miles per hour. on the northbound side by the betsy ross bridge in tinicum township, 291 eastbound blocked today for the next two weeks for emergency construction a crash in north wales montgomery county and middletown county bucks road is closed because of the water main break and yardley road up top gets you around that. and vineland a downed pole is closing delsy drive around west chestnut avenue and on the mass transit front trolleys 10 11
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and 46 are being diverted. we'll check it again in the next half our. >> thank you matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, there is a new warning about the safety of a popular drug used to quit smoking, the fda's concern over chantix. >> a dog is now safe and sound in a wilmington shelter, how a community worked together to rescue her from the woods. and cecily is back with a closer look at the soggy forecast.
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iraqi security forces recaptured a town near sucrete. they enerred early this morning and were controlled later this morning, the battle for the town, the home town of saddam hussein. archeologists discovered thousands of skeletons buried in the path of a train main line
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the bones will bed tested before being reburied. health check new warning are posted for a popular drug to help people stop smoking. ali gorman has more from the "action news" big board. >> hi guys, chantix is a popular drug it helped many people quit smoking and the maker of the drug asked the government to remove the black box warning, the strongest warning for the medication, but today the food and drug administration said no and issued a new safety alert on the pill and warned pfizer of a risk of seizures and users should cut back on alcohol while taking the drug, the fda says they will not remove the black box warning until it sees the resultses of a study of psychological side effects.
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and a push from capitol hill to remove rules against medical marijuana in states where it's already legal. ran paul joins two democratic senators including allows doctors and veterans to prescribe it. they hope to bring them up for a vote and admit it won't be easy to pass it. if you are still trying to catch up on the hour of sleep into daylight savings time you have a lot of company sleep experts say that a nap could help you recharge your energy if you do it right. you should only be napping 10 to 20 minutes so you don't go into a deep sleep that makes it harder to wake up and don't do it later in the day or you may have trouble doing it at night. studies show that naps could help you improve your mood.
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and by the way yesterday was national napping day and naps are beneficial all year long as long as they are short and not late in the day. >> good holiday to have. napping day. thanks. a stray dog is safe and sound in a wilmington shelter, after a community worked together to rescue her from the woods, this is corey first spotted by residents of bellevue state, residents were worried about her being out in the freezing temperatures and they tried to trap the dog and bring her in and she out smarted her all that is when they called in an expert for help, the track came with sensors that would send them information when the dog was nearby. >> we knew when we would find her and how she was evading the
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burger king says it will stop including sodas with its kids meals that puts them in line with mcdonald's and wendy's that already made the change they will offer fat free milk, apple juice or low fat chocolate milk soda is still an option but not listed on the kids meal menu. dunkin' donuts is removing an ingredient used in its powdered donuts it's used in sunscreen and paint the move follows pressure from an advocacy group that argued the chemical was not safe and could cause dna and chromosome damage when consumed. president obama signed an executive order aimed at making college more affordable, called
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the student aid bill of rights it drektds the department of education and other agencies to find ways to help students with loan repayments, one focuses on lenders and creating more repayment options. democrats in the state house of pennsylvania discussed early funding education, discussions centered around the importance of free k funding and steps that lawmaker could make to assure the funding in pennsylvania. this half governor wox said he wanted to increase the budget for pre-k education. looking live at sky 6 hd at the foggy ben franklin bridge covered in rain and mist tonight meteorologist, cecily tynan has the details from accuweather when we come right back.
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oo. time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has a closer look at the precipitation that is hopefully short lived. >> it will move out through the overnight hours, we have a ways before we get out of it. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that we have generally light to moderate precipitation across the region there are dry spots moving into baltimore and we'll get a lull in the action before the heavier rain moves in this evening, highs so far though, pretty mild ahead of this rain, we reach 59 in
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philadelphia, 8 degrees above normal and 55 in wilmington and 60 in millville and reading 55 degrees and temperatures will be warmer tomorrow afternoon. a wide view of double scan live, showing light to moderate rain, a break in the action but across the ohio valley in west virginia that is the heavier rain and that moves in tonight, you definitely don't want to forget the rain gear if are you moving out. we have periods of rain through the night 8:30 tonight, some moderate to heavy rain across philadelphia, the same by 11:30 and the rain clears out from the north to the south the rain is gone and the problem will be low clouds and fog and we have warm air moving over a cold ground and that creates condensation and visibilities tomorrow around 7:30, philadelphia more than a mile but some areas showing
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close to 0 visibility, i think the morning commute will be a problem with the dense fog but as we head through the afternoon the fog will lift and this will lead the way to a very warm afternoon. tonight the problem the soaking rain and temperatures above freezing and nothing is icing up and philadelphia 44 and allentown 36 and trenton 42 and cape may dropping down to 43 degrees. future tracker showing off to the races tomorrow afternoon by 2:30 and philadelphia in the low 60s, the last time we were that warm was midnight on christmas eve. this is going to be the warmest day so far this year, won't last too long though mild and clouds and fog giving way to afternoon sunshine and 63 is the high and thursday bright sunshine and not as warm, and not a nice day 51 degrees on friday the clouds roll in and 48 degrees, rain arriving friday night and the
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lehigh valley could be mixing way few sleet pellets on friday night and then on saturday periods of rain and a dreary first half. clouds break for sunshine with a high of 52 and planning for the weekend, the second half of the weekend deaffinitely nighter than the first. >> move to come in the next half our of "action news" at 5:00, officials release new details on the amtrak derailment yesterday that injures many people. and a south jersey man is accused of using a bus to steal gasoline.
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hello again, here is what is happening now on "action news." the eagles are more, several trades are on the way. jaime apody has the very latest. and former secretary of state hillary clinton is speaking for the first time about the email controversy and the disturbing attack at a hunting restaurant, we'll explain what happened. now the details about a developing story we are following, hillary clinton says the use of her personal email account during her tenure as secretary of state has a simple explanation, it was the matter of convenience. she addressed the united
5:31 pm
nations, looking back she said it would have been better to use two accounts. marcy began >> reporter: she insisted she followed all the rules. they responded to the revelation that child she was secretary of state she used a private email address for all of her government business and that was run from a personal email server at her home. >> when i got there i wanted to use one device for personal and work emails instead of two and it was allowed and it was a convenience and it was my practice to communicate with state officials on their accounts so they would be immediately saved. >> she turned over 55000
5:32 pm
emails, only what she and her team deemed public business. >> it's established on a publically available website. >> some expect this controversy could hurt a possible presidential run. >> that she never came up with a full explanation for why she did it. >> in the news conference here clinton avoided talking about the impact that this could have on a potential run for the white house or if she may have done more damage by waiting a week to discuss this email issue. live in new york, marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there is more fallout tonight from the university of oklahoma racist fraternity chant caught on tape. they expelled two students identified as playing a leadership role in the video and the fraternity continues to move
5:33 pm
out of their house and the crews removed the letters from the home and the university president says that the investigation is continuing and others could be disciplined or expelled and we'll have more on world news with the clinton email controversy and the racist chant. more on the collision involving an amtrak train that crashed in north carolina and injured dozens of the truck on the railroad tracks was there 8 minutes, enough time to alert the on coming train we know the tractor trailer was having trouble making the left turn on to the highway there it's tractor itself is longer than half a football field trk was so long it needs a special permit and a highway patrolman to escort it to travel and both of those elements were in place at the time of the crash the trooper was trying to help the
5:34 pm
truck get across the track when the accident happened authorities are trying to figure out if amtrak was called or warned that the truck was stuck. most people treated at hospitals were released today and the final destination for the amtrak passengers for most of those people was philadelphia. >> reporter: midnight, weary passengers at 30th street station, hours earlier they were on amtrak train 390. >> there was a jolt and people were thrown from their seats and the woman was thrown from her feet. >> it was a scary moment in this video a 130 ton locomotive sliced it way from a tractor trailer stopped on the tracks the driver of the rig stopped and was uninjured. other cars stopped abruptly.
5:35 pm
>> we didn't know what we hit it was scary and we didn't know if we should get off the train and i had an asthma attack and you could see the front of the truck when we got out and on the other side you could see the rear of it. >> it was hauling an oversized modulure structure wrapped in plafrtic. it's not clear if the escort was in can't with the dispatch. >> that is something we'll look into. >> witnesses say that the crossing gates and warning lights were functioning. people that made it to philadelphia feel lucky. >> we feel blessed. >> it's hard to believe no one was killed. there were more than 50 injuries reported.
5:36 pm
there is startling new video tonight in the hopes of getting a vie lan man off the streets, this was taken at the chinese takeout on friday the suspect wearing a green sweatshirt walks in and places an order and another man walks in and picks up the food and tries to leave and the suspects approached him and suddenly attacks him the man was repeatedly kicked and stomped on the ground, it's not clear what led up to the attack but anybody that knows this man is asked to call 911. >> police are investigating a crash involving a police cruiser it happened at kirk wood street and taylor street. at one point the cruiser hit the back of another car. they caught up with the suspect. police are asking your help in tracking down robbers that
5:37 pm
stole a construction truck filled with valuable metal. to men walk up to a utility truck and they took copper cable and connecters and extension cord, one man was wearing a paul vi jacket. a new jersey man is behind bars after police say he used a modified bus to steal gas from gas stations. >> he replaced the seats on the bus with tanks and a pump and used the pump to syphon gas from underground tanks he is held now on $175,000 bail. now an update on the commute home tonight. matt pellman has the latest story. >> the wet weather is stealing time from us as we head home tonight. this is the vine street expressway close to the schuylkill expressway still the remnants of a crash in the westbound direction approaching
5:38 pm
76 kind of sticking out into the right lane and a trash truck was involved up ahead and the westbound vine is heavy from west street to the schuylkill and that means things are backing up to the ben franklin bridge, to the mid span and 8th and vine and a sizeable delay on the roosevelt from the schuylkill up to 9th street the crash is long gone but the northbound side is backing up. and the crash in north wale as long 202, that is gone but east of 202 at blue bell at skippack pike there is a wreck so look for that. rick and monica, stay safe getting home. >> thank you matt. more to come on "action news" tuesday night a mother and her two young children are trapped inside of their burning home with no way out we'll show you the dramatic rescue. and big eagles news, several
5:39 pm
birds are now leaving the nest including quarterback nick foles. we are at the beginning of a wet night the rain extended to the ohio valley and another concern besides the rain for the morning rush home. >> all right those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. ♪♪ i've been driving a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. i didn't do it to be cool. i didn't do it to make a statement. i just liked it. lease an mkc for $349 a month, plus competitive owners and lessees
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an overturned tractor trailer caused headaches for travelers here south of the beltway the tanker was carrying diesel fuel when it overturned and two people including the driver of the tasker were evaluated at the scene but did not have to be hospitalized. 95 was closed for several hours. a helicopter crash killed several people in argentina including two popular french stars, among them was a swimmer,
5:43 pm
olympic gold medalist and a french boxer the two helicopters collided in a remote part of argentina. both french and argentina authorities are investigate snooging. watch as a woman hands her infant out to a firefighter and another child had to be saved and then moments later a woman climbs down the ladder herself. a tribute to what firefighters do out there every single day. eagles reportedly making big moves as we have been reporting all afternoon. jaime apody joins us with the details. >> malcolm jenkins likening chip kelly to a mad scientist a nfl source confirm that kelly has
5:44 pm
agreed to trade nick foles to the rams for sam bradford. this could get interesting the crazy thing about bradford he is coming out of his second torn acl because of how injury prone he is he only played in seven of the last 30 games the former heisman trophy winner was the overall pick in 2010 and won the offensive rookie of the year and he threw for 3700 yards in 2012, with 22 touch downs you have to wonder does kelly want to put his team in the hands of a underperforming quarterback with bad knees this ends the short but sweet nick foles era in philadelphia in 2013 he made the pro bowl after stepping in
5:45 pm
for michael vick, and he struggled last year before his season ended with a broken collar bone, leaving many asking if he was a one hit wonder. so foles is gone along with a slew of other players, that leaves people wondering what is chip doing? >> there is a plan, chip is a bright guy he has been a winner everywhere he has been, he is an outside the box thinker, his goal is to win the world championship not happy going 10-6 and makes the playoffs or just missing the playoffs, his goal is to win championships and i love that in a coach. how about frank gore, that did not pan out. reports are he is close to signing with the indianapolis colts with a $3.7 million deal after having second thoughts about the eagles offense, there are reports that the birds are
5:46 pm
interested in cowboy's running back demarco murray and lesean mccoy was introduced to the buffalo bills. and cliff lee does not need surgery on his aging elbow he threw long toss today if he opts for the surgery it could end his season and maybe his career ruben amaro jr. does not sound encouraged. >> we are not optimistic that he could come back and throw and throw with a minimal amount of discomfort we tried to do this, non-surgically now, the next order of progression would be to have a surgery. the tigers hosted the phillies today. and not good for gonzales that
5:47 pm
gave up a home run to fields and then he nails him with a line drive, the phils pitcher left with a leg contusion and the phillies were shut out 6-0. you would think that the flyers must some now regroup as they host the flyers grossman had a conversation with coach berube, flyers are now 7 points back of the final playoff spot with 15 games to go with back to back losses against boston and new jersey this weekend, how can they pick up the pieces knowing the odds. >> to sit here and think about it because i was like i said it's a tough pill to swallow but you know that is hockey things happen, and you have to make sure that we are being professional when we come to play today. as for the eagles, more things are coming up every minute we are back there
5:48 pm
working the phones in the sports office. >> you are working the phones? i thought you were calling your husband? >> well, if you ever just have one of those days where you wished you stayed in bed this raccoon in ocean county probably felt that way, he got his head stuck in a hole in a tree, tuckerton firefighters were called to marine street to free the critter, he had to chisle around the hole to pull the raccoons head out. he was embarrassed but not injured. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network. so you won't miss a second of that movie that game they love, or those moments with family. can we sleep over? please! come on!
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the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at meteorologist adam joseph is here now for a closer look at the forecast that could affect tonight's commute and tomorrow morning. >> tonight it's the heavy rainfall and tomorrow the fog. the temperatures are warmer that is the brighter side. it's a wall of green no matter where you are we are dealing with the steady rain and that is affecting the evening rush with a lost wet roadways a slow go on 76 the blue route and 195 and the new jersey turnpike a light steady rain everywhere at this point. every now and then you get a pop of yellow this one from middletown to salem with a
5:52 pm
heavy burst of rain, we'll see the intensity of rain kick up a bit when we go deeper into the evening hours we are in the lower 40s to the north and west and no threat of ice or precipitation, even the poconos at 39 degrees, philadelphia and trenton down to the shore we are generally 50 to 53 degrees all the rain moving up to the south and west low pressure is approaching the ohio valley in west virginia you see a darker color so to speak on the radar and that is pushing to the east as we go to the next six hours future tracker at 8:00, again we have the rain around and a lot of ponding on the roadways and close to the midnight hour between 10:00 and midnight there were heavier bursts of rain pulling through and they won't last long but the intensity increases briefly and everything is off the coast and the problem here is the snow on the ground and the top layer of the soil is frozen, you bring warm rain on top of those
5:53 pm
temperatures and as the ice is trying to melt, it develops the fog and a calm wind and that could be dense here for the early morning rush hour, the winds mix the atmosphere and that scours out the cloud cover and sunshine in the afternoon and a mild high of 63 degrees the warmest so far this year and we have a team of high pressures coming in here for thursday supplying a lot of sunshine and a light breeze out of the northwest and temperatures right at average at 51 degrees, the forecast for tonight, the dense fog developing after midnight with the soaking rain of 53 degrees, the seven-day forecast we'll show improvement tomorrow afternoon at 63 a beautiful day is thursday and cooler and average at 51 we lose a couple more degrees and the clouds thicken up and late on friday rain is arriving for everybody and could mix with sleet up towards the lehigh valley in the
5:54 pm
poconos and before there it turns to a heavy rain and saturday at this point it looks like a washout to at least early to mid-afternoon hours at 52 on sunday unsettled and clouds and sun and a spinning shower in the afternoon, of 52 degrees, and we dry it on a monday and the luck of the irish on tuesday and cloud cover with temperatures of 51. hopefully that is the last time you see the word sleet for a while. >> lets hope. >> now he will say it on purpose.
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the national constitution center is fighting for lbgt equality, a fight that began at independence hall in 1995, mayor michael nutter was among the first visitors it's a partnership with the lbgt community center. now next at 6:00, more big news by the eagles word is quarterback nick foles is out and full details of the trade next. >> three state lawmakers are indicted on corruption charges and an internal report is revealed after a fire killed joyce craig.
5:58 pm
i'm rick williams have a nice evening. good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. to years ago he had a season for the ages, eagles quarterback nick foles threw touchdown passes by the bushels and had only two interceptions and then last year it was far less spectacular and lost half of the season to injury and next season
6:00 pm
nick foles will not wear eagles green is he traded to the st. louis ram. the big story on "action news" tonight is another bombshell dropped by chip kelly the eagles have traded nick foles to the rams for sam bradford he missed 15 games the last two seasons, to knee injuries do you expect to see bradford starting at quarterback for the eagles next year or is this part of a larger scenario that has not been completed yet is there yet another shoe to drop. >> if are you referring to it's heisman heisman trophy winner marcus mariota that chip kelly calls the best he ever coached. no, i don't think so they stand at 20. if sam bradford is to be the starter this year he is a risk,


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