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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday march helpth and we're following some breaking news. >> search is on for 11 people in the aftermath of a blackhawk army helicopter crash in florida. >> a father is hauled out of a bucks county casino in handcuffs charged with leaving his child in the parking lot while he gambled. >> eagles quarterback nick foles is the latest big name to be sent packing. either fans see this as a move
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of genius or preposterous. >> let's check in with dave murphy for accuweather and karen rogers is taking a look at your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and it's still chilly outside but not as bad as it's been recently. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan. we've had app couple sprinkles lingering stuff from that rain that came through. most of it's off the coast right now. don't be surprised if you get a little drizzle drop on your windshield here or there. looks like the last of the rain is pretty much drying out at this point. out to the west of us east of pittsburgh you see a little break in the clouds. we'll see some sunshine return as we go through the day. 44 one timely, cool enough for coats. 38 degrees in allentown. 44 wilmington, 44 trenton. 49 degrees in wildwood. these numbers a lot better than we've been a lot of recent mornings. as we go through the afternoon it looks like it's going to be very comfortable later. 45 by 8 o'clock but by noon 57 and by 3 o'clock that's your forecast high, 61 degrees today with some sun returning and still close to 60 by 6 o'clock. karen rogers no refreezing of
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that melted snow like we've had the last couple mornings, temperatures just didn't get anywhere close to freezing overnight. >> so nice to be able to say that for a change, right. we're moving in a good direction. that doesn't mean the roads aren't damp and a touch of fog. slow it down as you're heading out. looking live in delaware county this is i-95 at 291. traffic moving fine but the ramp from 95 to 291 are closed and that's because we've got 291 eastbound at bartram avenue closed. they've shut that down for emergency construction. it's going to last two weeks. stick to i-95 northbound instead. let's take you over to hilltown township bucks county. our accident here cleared. it was an accident involving a deer and with roads being a little damp and visibility a little bit reduced in some areas you need to be careful of deer out there. live on the ben franklin bridge looking good. not too much fog. really not seeing an issue with that here. that's westbound traffic coming into the city and moving all right. we've got malfunctioning traffic lights that are an issue in pennsauken. they shut down 30 westbound white horse pike westbound
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blocked right at the airport circle. stick to federal street to get around that. >> thank you karen. an army helicopter has crashed in the florida panhandle and no one is saying where the members of the crew might be. it happened last night during a training exercise at eggy englund air force base. rescuers are searching for seven march reins and four soldiers the. their status at this hour is missing. debris from the blackhawk chopper like the one seen here was discovered at 2:00 a.m. we have just learned that the chopper did not issue a distress call. stay with "action news" and for updates. >> turning to coach chip kelly swapped quarterbacks with the rams. >> the trade isn't the first and likely won't be the last. "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live outside the linc in south philadelphia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. what will wednesday bring? is there a method to this madness
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that chip kelly has or is he really just the smartest guy in the room? at this point a lot of fans are weighing in some of them saying they don't want all these changes. they don't want to lose their favorite players. other fans saying maybe at the end of the football season next year, chip kelly will be the one laughing because maybe the eagles will get a win. here's the latest bombshell. nick foles traded for a quarterback from the saint louis rams. that's going to be a big bombshell. a lot of people hearing that's the latest one but of course some favorites have already left todd herremans shady mccoy and there's already an impact by the logo, the fan gear that they're seeing at modell's. they're seeing a shady jersey go from 100 bucks to just 30 bucks. of course we checked in with eagles fans to hear what they think. >> it's exciting. i'll say that. i've never been this excited for the season in march. >> i think a couple of the moves are questionable. i think shady had a tough year
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this year but i think foles was his man. it was a tough trade. but he knows what he's doing chip. >> reporter: and again, nick foles traded for sam bradford. a lot of eagles saying they're going welcome him with open arms along with all of the other new eagles that are coming our way and some fans sticking to their guns saying they don't want to see all these changes. maybe we'll see a win at the end of this season and also this is the first time that the eagles have gotten this much buzz in march. for now reporting live outside of the linc, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news". >> lots of new new new jerseys to buy. a philadelphia man accused of leaving his seven-year-old son al flown car while he gambled for three hours at a bucks county casino. 32-year-old brian bolds had nothing to say as he was carted off to his bail hearing. a passerby contacted police yesterday after seeing bolds' seven-year-old in a car parked at the parx casino screaming
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for help. police took the boy to the police station and then went looking for the dad. >> we then monitored him on parx security cameras playing blackjack for the next three hours. he never made any attempt to go to the vehicle. at one point a decision was made around 6:30 p.m. to go in with our detectives and the state police to apprehend mr. bolds. >> the child is now with his mother. police have dealt with several cases of people leaving their children alone in cars while they gamble inside parx. >> it's now 6:06 and changes are coming to a berks county facility that has been the site of several recent prison breaks. the state has decided to move all parole violators out of the wernersville correction center. the 35 inmates will be housed in york county. officials with the department of corrections said they made this decision in the interest of public safety. a father in the poconos faces child abuse charges. police say juan vasquez beat this three month old son so badly that the little boy stopped breathing.
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doctors caring for the baby says he has brain and head injuries. there's no word yet on the infant's current condition. >> we have more news on what the government has been doing to try to hack into your stuff. stacey delikat is in for maribel aber and has our market watch report live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning, statements good morning, matt. the cia teamed up with the justice department to develop technology to spy on cell phones in the u.s. now the wall street journal reports that the spy agency helped develop a device called the dirt box that was used on especially equipped planes. once airborne the dirt box was able to scan data from thousands of cell phones. the cia worked with the u.s. marshall service which is an agency of the justice department to develop the technology. meantime commercial air travel is predicted to hit a seven year high this spring. trade group airlines for america predicts 2.2 million people a day will fly in march and april. that's about a 2% jump over last year.
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the group credits higher employment and a jump in personal income for the rise in fliers. checking the markets on wall street it was the worst one day point drop for the dow since october as investors worried about the impact of a potential interest rate hike. right now though futures are pointing to a hire open. matt and tam back to you. >> thanks stacy. >> thanks. let's talk about the accuweather. >> yeah. we had fog earlier it's kind of breaking up right now. lancaster county still a bit of an issue. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you most of our rain from yesterday is gone. might be a little sprinkle on your windshield here or there. radar basically drive. as we take a look outside we have sky 6 looking at the platt memorial bridge in south philadelphia and most of your road conditions in pretty good shape. other than the potholes we've had spring up all over the place. 36 degrees in allentown right now but in philadelphia 44. and in fact most of our neighborhoods are starting out in the 40's. so milder this morning than we've been in quite some time. satellite showing you most of the rain gone.
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there's still a little bit of shower activity south on i-95 moving into southern delaware and parts of south jersey might get clipped with that. but this is all going to be less of an issue over the next hour or two. and then out to the west we do have some breaks in the cloud cover and we are looking at an increase in sunshine as we go through the day. clouds and sun today in allentown 54 degrees is your high. you were stuck in the 40's yesterday so it will be milder today. down the shore about the same as yesterday. mid-50's overall clouds giving way to some sun. pleasant though, certainly and in philadelphia, we do see a bump in the numbers today. we were in the 50's yesterday but today we're going for a high of 61 and depending on whether or not we get a whole lot of sunshine this afternoon, we might even get a little higher than that. the more sun you see the higher that number is going to go. either way it's going to be mild. winds out of the southwest at eight to 16 miles per hour. here's how we're going get there today. we're going to be at 45 degrees by 8 o'clock. but then 54, so almost a 10-degree bump by 11 o'clock. and then 60 by 2 o'clock. with that high of 61 around 3:00 and still close to 60 by
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5 o'clock. so a nice afternoon out there and i got some drivers tips for you. of course you want to avoid those potholes because they haven't gotten around to patching all of those yet. my advice lower the windows when you're out driving this afternoon and just enjoy it. i got a chance to do a little of that on the way home from work on tuesday, so it was really refreshing. tomorrow gets a little bit cooler 51 degrees is your high with high pressure building down out of canada and circulating air down out of the north a bit more and then on friday we'll be on the lookout for this rain down to the south. it will be inching its way in our direction and getting us wet probably friday night. your exclusive accuweather seven days, very mild today, 61 degrees, a really gorgeous afternoon. tomorrow a bit cooler, 51 degrees is your high. lot of sunshine, though. and then 50 on friday with cloudy skies and that late day or evening rain arriving and that will continue into saturday. by the way, in the lehigh valley there could be a little sleet mixing in at times on friday night. that's something we'll keep our eyes on probably not a super big deal. then on saturday it looks cloudy and kind of damp. we get up close to 60 for a
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high. we'll go 58 but there will be some drizzle and occasional showers around. gets better on sunday, though. clouds and sun on sunday. we're cooling down to 52 with a little bit of a breeze and just a spotty shower around but it will be a better day overall i think. and then monday's dry. tuesday saint patrick's day looks a little damp with some showers. >> yeah, irish potatoes will be moist. >> correct. >> thanks, david. 6:11 now. developing a fire bomb investigation in philadelphia. >> and now he says he's sorry. a college student expelled over a racist chant speaks out. karen. >> looking live here on the boulevard at fox street and we're drying out. traffic's moving pretty well right here. we're going to talk about some other problems and look live outside and see if we see that fog coming up. >> and a car goes for a spin in san francisco which is news because no one was in it. next in tech bites. >> ♪♪ picking three things is easy. you... pick three. annnnnd... that's pretty much it. so the pennsylvania
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it doesn't get much easier than picking two things. you pick two, and... you're basically done.
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that's why the pennsylvania lottery created pick 2. just pick two numbers. done. pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. >> ♪♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here down the shore into atlantic city and boy is it going to feel great if you happen to be down there today. right now it's 47 degrees and the temperatures are just rising. >> let's take the atlantic city expressway up and see what's going on there karen. >> yeah, you're going to make a pit stop in winslow because we have a new accident. this is in winslow township in camden county, route 73 right at cooper folly road, watch for this accident coming into to us right now.
6:15 am
roads are a little damp. no big weather impact affecting your roads. we have mall -- malfunctioning traffic lights in pennsauken. on the big picture we've got a new issue in nicetown tioga section here, wayne avenue near berkeley street a downed overhead street light causing a little bit of an issue so use some caution in that area. also in tinicum township in delaware county 291 eastbound closed at bartram avenue. doing emergency construction. will it last for a couple weeks. stick to i've night. northbound. speeds on the blue route and the schuylkill mostly in the 50's. i-95 just noticing a 26 miles an hour starting to get kind of slow here. southbound near girard 24 miles an hour near cottman so kind of those first signs of morning slowing out there. looking outside live, traffic moving okay, roads a little bit wet in this area but no big problem on doylestown road at county line road. we can take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan and
6:16 am
see not a lot of rain. it's mostly left of the region but we have a little bit of drizzle to the northwest and down near dover you've got a light shower. roads starting to dry out. visibility has been a bit of an issue. it's improved at philadelphia international airport. now 7-mile visibility. still just half a mile in trenton, that's been kind of the bad spot most of the morning and 1.5-mile visibility in lancaster so you're seeing a touch that of fog, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. >> ♪♪ developing this morning philadelphia police say they have one person in custody after someone fire bombed a home in the juniata park section of the city. this happened around 1:30 this morning in the 3900 block of palmetto street. witnesses say a suspect then ran northbound on luzerne street. fire crews quickly put out a small fire that was in the rear of the house. firefighters found a suspicious device and that's what prompted them to contact police and the fire marshal. no one was hurt. and the university of oklahoma's president has expelled two students over a racist chant seen on video at a fraternity event.
6:17 am
the two students have been identified as levi petit and carter rite. wright said saturday's incident was likely fueled by alcohol but that's not an excuse. petit's family put out a statement as well. they say their son made a horrible mistake. the entire fraternity has been kicked off campus. >> android programmers have increased anotherlipop. >> android 5.1 lollipop it has high definition voice calling enhanced security feature to protect lost or stolen devices and the ability to use multiple sim cards on a single device. >> most people have no interest in apple pay. >> they don't even want to use this thing. they don't want to use their phone to make purchases. credit finds almost two-thirds of us would never or hardly ever use a service like apple pay.
6:18 am
customers are concerned about security and how many retailers accept these services. mercedes new driverless car spotted on the streets of san francisco. the futuristic vehicle features six touch screen displays. >> rotating lounge seats allow passengers to carry on face-to-face conversations. do you think this has heated seats. >> this is all you care about heated seats. >> that's all you really want in the winter. those are your tech bites. >> don't need them to today. >> no. 6:18. a final writing revealed. the marathon bomber's suspect note left behind. >> police left with the clue at the scene of a house fire that made it almost too easy who their prime arson suspect should be. david. >> we have coats on the kids. don't go overboard on the extra gear. most of us are in the 40's and this afternoon nice and mild. your day planner forecast and your airport call coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> today marks four years since that devastating earthquake and tsunami disaster in japan. new video shows a ceremony held in tokyo this morning. the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami killed nearly 19,000 people. it also badly damaged nuclear power planter. 230,000 evacuees are still at this state out of their homes. >> wow. >> hard images to see. let's take a look outside right now and show you what it looks like right now. this is the vine street expressway at eighth street. we are drying out. talked about some of those showers that moved through the area and looking pretty good right now. let's take you over here to rockledge montgomery county huntington pike, 232 at penn avenue, we've got a problem right now. a vehicle engine fire here in the process of clearing out but just watch for them. this is right by the sunoco station parking lot in that area. mass transit's on time dave. >> all right, karen, on the big board we've got nice numbers this morning. already in the 40's in most neighborhoods and up to 47 by 9 o'clock. then by noon, 57 degrees and it's looking like a high of 61 today at 3 o'clock. we are going to see some
6:22 am
sunshine reemerging and if we get enough of it we might even go a little above that 61-degree high. first time since christmas day we've been in the 60's in philadelphia. satellite shows that you there's no issues in the west. we have some rain along the west coast and in the southern states and cruising up in through the virginias a little shower activity. nothing major out there in any of our major travel destinations though. on the big board it's all green aircraft this morning. at the airport no major delays none signs of precipitation in any of those most commonly traveled destinations. matt and tam. >> thank you david. going health check tainted bottles of tylenol produced at a montgomery county plant are the basis of a $25 million settlement. mcneil consumer healthcare of fort washington pleaded guilty to a federal charge that it sold over-the-counter medication contaminated with metal particles. the company is a subsidiary of johnson and johnson. particles of nickel iron and chromium showed up of bottles of infants and children's tylenol and motrin. the company admitted it knew
6:23 am
about the problem for nearly a year but failed to take steps to fix it. the medicine was recalled. justice department says no one was hurt. the fort washington facility was shut down in 20's 10 and is still not opened. >> the sixers host the chicago bulls tonight. the sixers have lost nine of their last 11 games probably doesn't surprise you but were able to snap a four game losing streak with a win over the hawks on saturday. the flyers lost to the dallas as a result last night two to one their third straight loss as they come bell further out of playoff contention. the flyers are nine points behind the bruins for the eastern conference final playoff spot with just 14 games left. >> it is 6:23 and another fan favorite as an eagle, eagle no more. >> we have reaction to the latest trade plus word that a rival player is interested in coming to philadelphia. >> ♪♪
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>> a colorado homeowner under arrest facing first degree arson charges. the home exploded and caught fire yesterday morning. they believe the homeowner had also spray painted the side with those words my wife is a cheater. firefighters say no one was injured in the fire. the man's ex-wife and her children were not home when the fire started. >> philadelphia police release surveillance video of a man violently attacking another man in hunting park. this happened at the golden city chinese takeout on the 4100 block of north broad and hunting park on friday. the suspect wearing a green sweatshirt walked in and placed an order.
6:27 am
another man started to attack. you see it right here on video. the suspect in the end runs off. if you recognize that man in the green sweatshirt call police immediately. jurors in the trial of the boston marathon bomber saw photos yesterday of a note that he scrawled on the inside of a boat where he was captured. dzhokhar tsarnaev deck cried the actions of the u.s. in muslim countries and wrote he was jealous of his dead brother because the brother was in paradise. tsarnaev's lawyer admits dzhokhar took part in the bombings but says the older brother tam merlin was the master gliend 6:27 on the clock. the search for survivors at the scene of a military helicopter crash in florida. >> up later a police officer in the path of a moving car makes a daring decision. >> ♪♪ every cup has a story... dunkin' k-cup packs are my life. we're a good fit. a single serving for myself.
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>> ♪♪ >> happening now on "action news" morning fog clearing out and when the clouds break, temperatures could top 60 degrees. >> farewell to foles. eagles fans brave the trade as chip kelly continues to transform the team. >> e-mail explanation. hillary clinton defends her use of a private account while serving as secretary of state. >> good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday march 11th. let's find out about 60's, temperature in the 60's with dave murphy and karen rogers is watching your commute. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. feeling pretty comfortable out here right now. you still probably need a coat heading outdoors. take a look at satellite. rain of course overnight now satellite shows you a lot of cloud cover, might be a lingering sprinkle over the next half hour or so. looks like most of us just stay dry. there are breaks in the clouds out close to pittsburgh. we're expecting to return some sunshine into play as we go through the day. temperatures right now not too shabby. 44 degrees in philadelphia. same thing in wilmington and trenton. still 37 in allentown. 47 in millville. and 49 in wildwood, new
6:31 am
jersey. and as we roll through the day, looking at a beautiful mild afternoon. 45 and fairly cloudy by 8 o'clock but by noon some sun probably coming back, 57 degrees and by 3 o'clock sun mixing with perhaps a few clouds and 61 degrees is your high. if we break out into enough sunshine this afternoon we might actually go over that 61-degree high and first time in a long time around here we've been in the 60's. karen, a beautiful afternoon ahead, then it gets cooler tomorrow and some rain by friday. details coming up in the seven day. >> all right, nice to say the roads are just damp. that's the least of the problems we've got right now so far this winter. as we look outside live not seeing any fog in this shot of 422 past oaks. there's a touch of it here or there but no big problems affecting the traffic right now. the eastbound traffic slowing from past oaks to 23. we've got a downed overhead street light causing a problem in nicetown tioga. wayne avenue near berkeley street so watch for that. let's go on outside on i-95, that's your southbound traffic getting busy here as people are heading here towards the city. you're jammed academy to
6:32 am
cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard so the normal spots on i-95 starting to slow down. it's a little wet but in most areas the roads are drying out a bit. in pennsauken camden county we've got a problem with this malfunctioning traffic light so they've blocked 30 westbound right at airport circle here in pennsauken. just stick to federal street to get around that. in winslow township camden county an accident here 73 at cooper folly road so a few issues out there but the main roads are in pretty good shape, tam. >> thank you karen. and we continue to follow breaking news. an army helicopter has crashed in the florida panhandle. the military says seven marines and four soldiers were on board. they were involved in nighttime training exercises. two blackhawks like this one were due at englund air force base. as of now only one halls made it there. the military says the missing chopper did not put out a distress call but some debris was discovered around 2:00 this morning. still the military is calling the 11 missing and the mission to find them a search and rescue. we're working to get more information on this breaking
6:33 am
story. stay with 6abc and abc news for the latest. >> now let's head to the big board to break down the eagles quarterback swap. nick foles is headed to the rams and sam bradford of saint louis is coming here. coach chip kelly has been a busy man since he gained more power with the team. he's released a lot of fan favorites or traded them in the past week including well, nick foles is one, lesean mccoy, jeremy maclin, todd herremans, i'll throw cary williams in there too. foles responded to the move on twitter. he says he's thankful for the opportunity to start my car here in philly. going to miss my teammates and eagles fans who supported me. saint louis thinks they got a real big deal getting nick foles. now, some eagles fans say the bradford acquisition is just part of a larger plan for the eagles. >> they'll either cut sam bradford or they'll trade him to a team with a higher pick in exchange for a top pick that guarantees them mariota. >> i give them six to eight games into the season to really tell.
6:34 am
>> other people think bradford is going to be the franchise quarterback. now espn reporting that the eagles and the cowboys demarco murray have mutual interests. the free agent running back led the nfl in rushing last season with more than 1800 yards. is he going to be an eagle? state tuned. way in on the many moves on our facebook page. news feed filled with breaking news including the latest sports headlines. >> philadelphia police are looking into two drugstore robberies. these happened within the last week and just down the street from one another. last night a man robbed a cvs on the 5800 block of rising sun avenue. police say he handled an employee a demand note and got away with $10,000 in cash. on monday night as well an armed man held up the rite-aid on the 5400 block of rising sun and it's not yet known if these two robberies are indeed relate gld 6:34 now. funeral arrangements have been set for murdered philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii. a viewing will be held on friday at the francis funeral
6:35 am
home on whitby avenue in southwest philadelphia from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. a second viewing will be held on saturday at the palestra on the campus of the university of pennsylvania. that will last from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. with the funeral service to follow at 10:30. >> hillary clinton has finally addressed her e-mail controversy and her first public comments about her exclusive use of her personal e-mail account for government business clinton conceded one point. >> looking back it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> clinton insists she never e-mailed classified information. she says the 55,000 pages of e-mail that she turned over to the state department include all of the ones related to government business. clinton says she only withheld or deleted personal e-mails. still critics are not happy. they say there's no way to verify the contents of the
6:36 am
deleted e-mail. happening today, a pennsylvania supreme court hearing about the grand jury case against state attorney general kathleen kane. it will take place in a courtroom in center city and kane does plan to be there. the investigation centers on whether cane leaked confidential grand jury information to embarrass a political rival. another grand jury recommended criminal charges against kane. justices will decide the legality of the special prosecutor investigating that case. kane claims she's done nothing wrong. >> we suffered through the month of february. >> yes. >> for days like this. >> yeah, no kidding. today is absolutely gorgeous, definitely roll down the window as you're driving around this afternoon. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that you we are mainly dry across the region at this point. we had some early fog and that usually results in some drizzle. the only active showers we have right now are these real light spotty showers building in across the chesapeake bay and heading toward the southern two-thirds of delaware maybe surviving into cape may county but this really isn't much and nothing that's going the cause all
6:37 am
that much trouble and the only dense fog we still have is out in lancaster county, everybody else seeing improving conditions on that score. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies to start out down at the shore and elsewhere across the region but we are going reintroduce some sunshine into the picture a little bit later on. now, in philadelphia the temperature is 44 and the dewpoint is as well so that's an indication that the air is still fairly saturated. again the fog lifting and we think things are in the process of improving. winds out of the west at three. the barometric pressure is steady below 30-inches. as we sake a look at satellite and radar, most of the rain gone a couple sprinkles down south. out to the west starting to see a hint of a breakup in the clouds and we're expecting to transition from cloudy skies to start out the day to more of a sun and clouds mix later on and and the mild air is going to be here. 45 degrees is your temperature by 8 o'clock and then by 11 o'clock, 54 bien 2 o'clock all the way up to 60 and we expect a high of around 61 degrees at 3 o'clock and if we can manage to break enough sun out from behind the clouds we might even go a little bit higher than that. so, a real nice afternoon
6:38 am
ahead. even by 5 o'clock, we're still close to 60 in philadelphia. and your high temperatures a little cooler up in the north and west but mid-50's, that's not too shabby up in allentown and reading and 56 in atlantic city and cape may also a tad above average. as we take a look, it's been awhile since we've been in the 60's in philadelphia. the last time was christmas day when we hit 65 degrees so been a long time and you guys feel like christmas today? sure you do. all right. >> ho-ho-ho. >> we'll see if we can't get back up into the 60's this afternoon. enjoy it while it lasts. tomorrow we'll get a drawdown from the north an high of only 51 degrees under a fair amount of sunshine and then these clouds that you see to the southwest are going the swing up in our direction on friday and some of that rain will arrive by friday night. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast going for a high of 61 this afternoon. very mild and very comfortable later on with a mix of clouds and sun. and then tomorrow a bit cooler fairly bright but a high of just 51. 50 is your high on friday with a lot of clouds around and
6:39 am
late in the day and at night there's rain. in the northern and western suburbs, places like the lehigh valley could even be a little sleet mixing in on friday night. not totally sold on that but it's a possibility. saturday cloudy and today, a mild high of 58 but at times there will be some drizzle or a shower. sunday breezy and cooler, clouds and sun just a hinder of a spotty shower on the models, mainly dry on sunday, breezy and cool, 52. back to the mid-50's under the sun on monday and saint patrick's day tuesday looks cloudy with a couple of showers erin go bragh. >> we'll all wear our green rain or shine. it's 6:39. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the police officer who dived into a suspect's car as it starts to move away. >> a motorcycle gang place guardian angel a stranded cop. karen. >> westbound traffic on the schuylkill slow a little bit here at belmont. we can see the truck off to the side here on the on-ramp but traffic is getting by in this area, a disabled vehicle elsewhere on the schuylkill. i'll show it to you coming up. >> give me your best blue
6:40 am
steel. >> blue steel. >> yes. >> i've never seen that movie. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh really. >> an update on zoo lander. we'll see this when "action news" comes right back. >> i don't have time
6:41 am
6:42 am
>> ♪♪ >> hey everyone, it's wednesday, 4:42 on the clock. that's phl live on sky 6. get out the cocoa butter, baby we're head to the 60's today. work on your tan. >> yes. >> but within reason. >> okay. >> nice. you you know, all winter my son wanted to wear short
6:43 am
sleeves to school in 2-degree weather and today he actually can so he's pretty excited without getting in trouble. looking outside right here we've got a problem on the schuylkill expressway. it's just a little one for me for this guy who has a flat tire it's a bigger problem but we've got to watch for that. i have a friend that got a flat tire yesterday with all the potholes out there. look for that to be an issue today. but this guy off to the side. not too much of a problem schuylkill eastbound at south street, just a little slow here approaching montgomery to south street. let's look at the big picture right now. speeds are starting to slow down. we see those speeds mostly in the 30's on the schuylkill expressway. i-95 looking a little worse. we're down to 14 miles an hour southbound from allegheny to girard. even 22 miles an hour there at cottman so slow there. watch for this one we've been warning in you nicetown tioga wayne avenue near berkeley street a downed overhead light causing a problem in in area as well. bartram avenue they're doing some construction here 291 near bartram avenue.
6:44 am
that lasts about two weeks they're doing that emergency construction. stick to i-95 northbound instead. we've got an accident here in winslow township in camden county. route 73 at cooper folly road. watch for that. let's yo' gout side live 42 not looking too bad a touch of fog some one or two spots. you see a hint of it here and it's a 17 minute ride currently from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge if you're traveling northbound on 42 so starting to get a little bit busy. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing most of the area is really drying out. your roads are drying out. we have a couple showers towards southern delaware and they may hit south jersey right now. the fog has been looking better and better. 7-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. allentown up to 2-mile visibility. it was about a quarter mile visibility earlier so things are improving out there tam. >> thank you karen. new here on "action news," dramatic video shows a wisconsin police officer taking quick action to avoid being run over. two officers were questioning a man in a running car. watch as one officer jumps
6:45 am
through the passenger side door when the driver hits the gas. the car crashing into a parking lot and finally the suspect was arrested. the police officer thank goodness was not seriously hurt. >> new this morning, fire crews come across a burning suv with all the windows smashed in delaware county. the action cam was where they found it on the 2000 block of edgemont avenue in chester this morning. the interior of the ford expedition was on fire and glass was all over the place. the fire marshal quickly labeled this one suspicious. no one was hurt. and happening today, a court hearing for the mayor of paulsboro, new jersey, who is accused of driving while intoxicated. police arrested mayor jeffrey hamilton in december during a traffic stop in woolwich township. they say he failed a field sobriety test and refused a breathalyzer. hamilton also faces reckless driving charges. he has served as the mayor of paulsboro since 2012. another official named in the justice department's report in ferguson missouri is out of a job this morning.
6:46 am
ferguson city manager john shaw agreed to stepdown yesterday. the federal review claims shaw had the power to change personnel and policy within the police department but did nothing to stop a pattern of racial bias on the force. ferguson also fired its city clerk last week plus two police officers resigned. >> new this morning an old form of capital punishment could be back on the books in utah if the governor signs house bill 11, that would make utah the only state in the nation to have a firing squad. though it has a long way to go and he hasn't said that he would do so but supporters want this to be a backup to lethal injection in case of a drug shortage. the bill sponsors argue that trained marks men will perform a faster execution than drawn out deaths from botched injections. critics call the move barbaric. again it's unclear if the governor is on board to sign this bill into law. take a look at this new video here on "action news." bikers scrambling on a busy highway to save a pup in a bad position in the middle of the highway.
6:47 am
the group stopped traffic in brazil the save a small dog as it scurried along a five lane motor way. the riders blocked traffic to try to prevent him from harm the dog gives chase you see them running around after him for awhile but finally they're able to pull him off to safety. >> good story. 6:47. following breaking news. so is "good morning america" we get a live "gma" preview with more on that army helicopter crash in florida. david. >> we're dressing the kids in coats but it's not overly cold this morning. most of us in the 40's and it gets a lot better this afternoonly i'll have your day planner forecast coming up next, good numbers ahead. >> ♪♪
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>> time to get a look at what's coming up on "gma." >> breaking news we're following and "gma" is f let's go to amy robach. good morning amy. >> reporter: that's right, matt and tam, great to be with you this morning. and coming up next on "gma," at least seven marines four soldiers missing after an army helicopter crash during a training exercise. it happened at an air force base in the florida panhandle. we'll have the very latest on that breaking news story and then a developing story as well hillary clinton speaking out for the first time on the e-mail uproar. the former secretary of state firing back saying she used the private e-mail account for convenience and did nothing wrong. we're live from washington
6:51 am
with the latest 6789 dramatic kidnapping attempt caught on tape. details from the hero siblings speaking out for the first time. it's an abc news exclusive. we have a morning filled with super stars. oscar winner common is here live as well as singer josh groban and vanessa hudgens here too. a big day wednesday coming up on "good morning america" matt and tam. >> looking forward to it amy. >> soming to get us through the week. this is chester county 30 bypass eastbound kind of heavy from 340 to 113. no major problem in chester county. in pennsauken we've had a problem all morning with malfunctioning traffic lights but it just cleared so 30 westbound reopened just in time for your morning commute at the airport circle so that's some better news there. and mass transit's on time, dave. >> all right, karen, we have off to a decent start out there. none of that melting snow refreezing overnight 'cause we don't have numbers anywhere close to freezing. 43 degrees in fleetwood, 43 in
6:52 am
pottstown, 45 in chester. across the river in south jersey similar numbers. in fact a little better down toward the shore. in woodbine we've almost touched 50 degrees. 47 in dover and 52 in hockessin delaware. if you're running errands today, great day to do it. 47 degrees by 9 o'clock. still probably fairly cloudy. by noon sun coming back 57 degrees and by 3 o'clock this afternoon a high of 61 with a lot of sun. in fact, if we get enough sun we might go a little bit above that high and tam it's the first time we've been in the 60's in philadelphia since christmas day so a nice one to roll down the windows and enjoy yourself. >> love that. thank you david. well ben stiller and owen wilson hit the runway and gave it their best blue steel. look at these ridiculously good looking models. zoolander and hansel. they strutted down the catwalk during the valentino show. the stunt coincided with the announcement of zoolander too
6:53 am
which is in theaters next february. we're back with your top stories. nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d? gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now? hey, i lost my debit card. do you guys do instant replacement?
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>> ♪♪ >> here are the top stories on "action news." eagles and coach chip kelly have swapped quarterbacks with the saint louis rams. nick foles is out sam bradford is in. what's the plan, chip? bensalem police arrested a
6:56 am
man for leaving his seven-year-old son alone while he gambled. he was left in a vehicle outside of parx casino yesterday. the boy who had been screaming in the car is now with his mother. pennsylvania supreme court justices will hold a hearing today regarding state attorney general kathleen kane. she's accused of leaking information to embarrass a political rival. kane claims she's done nothing wrong. >> got an update on this accident i told you about in winslow township. they've shut down 73 southbound at cooper folly road. you've got to stick to the white horse pike instead. they're doing an accident investigation. so 73 is a main artery for a lot of people much that's blocked right now at cooper folly road. outside we go and you can see the cones and barrels set up in delaware county. the ramps from 95 to 291 are closed. 291 eastbound closed at bartram. doing emergency construction dave. >> karen earlier fog pretty much gone. earlier sprinkles drying up. looks like a pretty nice day. cloudy by 9 o'clock. look how the numbers zoom. in the afternoon sunshine mixing with those clouds. 61 is your high today in
6:57 am
philadelphia, 58 by 6 o'clock. just really nice conditions out there. >> the only snow that will be left will be all those big piles in the malls that are all dark. >> they're melting. >> "gma" is next. for all of us here, see you later. >> ♪♪
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good morning, america. and breaking news. seven marines and four soldiers missing after an army black hawk goes down in heavy fog, crashing during a training exercise in florida. we're going to have the very latest for you right now. hillary on the hot seat. the former secretary of state finally answers questions about that private e-mail scandal. >> i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. >> admitting she deleted some personal messages but claims she broke no rules. the new questions this morning. >> an abc news exclusive. the family of that little boy snatched out of his stroller speaking out for the first time. >> i thought he was trying to kidnap him. >> the hero sister and brother who came to the rescue sharing their story. what they're saying this morning about those heart-pounding moments as they chased the kidnapper down the street. and trouble on the tracks. take a look at this.


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