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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news
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two students apologized for leading a racist chant at the university of oklahoma. >> and a safety precaution for students after reports of a man with a gun at a philadelphia elementary school. >> but we begin this noon with a developing story 11 marines and soldiers presumed dead after a military helicopter crash in florida. rescuers already recovered some of the bodies and wreckage. here is the very latest. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the coast guard said that debris and human remains are recovered off the coast of the florida panhandle. they are continuing the search for the 11 troops that were on a special training ops mission last night. it was 8:30 last night when their chopper went missing in heavy fog after leaving elgin air force base innence encenence
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pensacola the marines were from camp lejeune in north carolina and the marines were from louisiana. >> a reminder to those that serve put themselves at risk during training and in combat. the helicopter when down near pensacola and destine. there was fog and i don't know if it was a contributing factor but when the search and rescue personnel arrived on the scene, there was limited visibility. >> they are not yet commenting on the cause of the crash. a philadelphia elementary school is taking precautions after a report of a man with a gun near campus this morning. a construction worker reported the sighting near loesh elementary in the bustleton section, the school was locked
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down during the investigation, they lift that at 9:40 but recess in held indoors to be safe. and an accident on the new jersey turnpike left a truck overturned in the grass but nobody was hurt. the cab flipped on to its side in mount laurel this morning it went off the road and stopped short of the trees. a pennsylvania supreme court hearing is underway about a grand jury against kathleen kane. if she -- and justices will decide the legality of the special prosecutor investigating the case. "action news" reporter john rawlins will have much more coming up at 12:30. >> turning to accuweather now and the warmest day so far this year. sky 6 hd looking live at the
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center city skyline, the sun is trying to break through the last of the clouds then could be the first time we hit 60 degrees for the first time in two months. >> it's really nice, i am able to stand here on the terrace without a coat on there are clouds and thin enough to show blue through and lets go ahead and start you with satellite and rain down south for the southern reaches in delaware clouds are thicker and there are darker shades of gray, and a field of white cloud cover we expect to see a sun and clouds mix, and the temperatures are really feeling good compared to where we have been, 55 in philadelphia and we started out in the mid-40s for lows and even
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those lows were higher than recent high temperatures, it looks good and we'll continue to go on up with a high of 61 degrees that is 10 degrees over the average high of 51. watch the potholes this afternoon and this evening, but if you are out during the afternoon, lower the windows and stick your elbow out there and enjoy it. i was able to do that on monday and it breathes a breath of fresh air into what is the end of a very brutal winter especially the cold february. when i step inside it will get cooler, enjoy it while you got it and rain coming in friday night and that will hinder part of the weekend. all of those details coming up in the accuweather seven day. and eagles fans talking about yesterday's big, baffling trade that sent nick foles to
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the rams for their quarterback sam bradford. jeff skversky is live in south philadelphia with all the details. >> reporter: hey guys, everybody is wondering what in the world is going on around here. chip kelly once said that nick foles would be the starting quarterback for the next 1,000 years, that went by quickly, he only started two seasons for chip kelly and when 14-4 and 27 touch downs and only 2 interceptions, and that was not good enough he shipped him to st. louis for sam bradford lets look at bradford, he is injury prone, that is one of the baffling things about this trade, he has missed close to 50% of his starts over his career in the nfl. and he tore his left acl in the last two years he has not play
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aid full season since 2012. and he is owed $12 million, you have to wonder what chip sees in this guy and if he will be used as a quarterback and will he be used as a trade to get marcus mariota, and maxwell will also be introduced later today and both guys will talk to the media about the latest moves the eagles have made and they agreed to terms with walter thurmond who played two games for the giants another former oregon player now ten former oregon ducks on this eagles roster, and they will get a visit from ryan matthews due for a visit today and tomorrow. no deal yet for matthews. we are live at the nova care complex, jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> there is no shortable of
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opinions from eagles fans they are trying to digest all the wheelings and dealings especially yesterday's trade. annie mccormick was in center city sampling fan reaction. >> reporter: already at the modells, there is price cuts for shady mccoy jerseys, from $100 to just $40. and there could be more trades and cuts. >> they are imploding the team, you got rid of everybody that we know of. that is ridiculous. >> i hope that chip knows what he is doing weight and go for the ride and see what is next. >> chip kelly is in the driver's seat and we are all along for the ride. he is the latest casualty traded for sam bradford after losing jeremy maclin and lesean mccoy. >> i think it's great a step in the right direction. >> some fans might think that
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chip's changes are a hail mary. >> go eagles! >> super bowl we made it there a long time ago and we just need a win. i'm tired of hearing these giants fans and dallas fans, can't stand them. >> mode els started to slash recent eagles merchandise and if chip kelly is listening he is hearing the names he wants to see and the jersey next. >> mariota that is the goal for now. >> if are you excited to hear of a new member on the eagles team, many are going to wait until the end of the season to see if the player is on the team for keeps. annie mccormick weekend. >> keep track of the ever changing landscape at from the foles and bradford swap to mccoy's departure
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has all the news to keep fans up to date. and stay with us as eagles give us an update this afternoon the news conference is set to start at 1:00 and we'll bring it to you live. . >> thieves get away with thousands of jewelry at a dairy highway robbery. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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$9 million in jewelry is missing following an armed attack by criminals in france said they ambushed two vans connecting paris and lee own. they set the vans on fire, and the police say the suspects escaped in four different cars. >> there is word of progress in the fight against isis in iraq today. iraqi soldiers are trying to retake the city of tikrit from military control, the forces were able to enter the city for the first time and that gives iraqi forces a supply link to retake mosul. meanwhile the top security advisers for the u.s. are
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talking about new war drafts against isis. levi petit and parker rice are both from texas and they apologized for the racist video and rice apologized and said alcohol play aid role but it's not an excuse the entire chapter of their fraternity was kicked off campus a school board meeting got out of hand in new york as parents accused administrators failing to protect their children. >> sit down. she has the mike. >> parents are furious after their high schoolers got into a violent brawl over the weekend involving baseball bats and knives the fight was off campus but parents say it was the result of a long time rivalry that the school has done nothing to stop. the school disputes that saying they connected all the families
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involved. now a new report showing how lucky harrison ford is to be alive. he no choice but to crash land his plane last week after it lost power he made the critical decision to bring the plane down on a golf course instead of turning right and landing near homes in the area. it sustained substantial damage and he is expected to make a full recovery. a man gets a scare in washington, d.c., you can see the man highlighted there he stumbles around next to the train before falling between two cars. it happened on march 1st and other passengers were able to help the man back on to the platform. he was not seriously hurt. >> coming up we'll take you to a place for coffee lovers. it will transport you to italy.
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yesterday's ruling against the song blurred lines could have a lasting impact on the music industry they found that robin thicke and pharrell williams copies marvin gay's song yesterday's decision could lead to new restrictions for
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artists in the coming years. airlines are expecting a big jump in spring travel over the next few weeks nearly 130 million passengers are expected to fly during march and is a 2% increase from last year and the highest since 2011. they increasing flights to meet the demand. a new report accuses the sugar industry to cover up a link from sugar to cavities the research comes from the university of san francisco saying it was anti-cavity treatments that swayed the administration in the 70s and they are confused about their attempt to bring up history. it's smart eating and responsible dental care. and now the "action news" team is working on stories for
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tonight beginning at 5:00. hi alicia. a pair of men armed with a gun and they are robbing businesses across the city, police say they hit three different bars and restaurants over the past month including an iconic cheesesteak shop. they are looking for your help to track them down. and now bringing down a controversial form of execution, a state that voted to kill priss prisoners with a firing squad. take us with you on the go download our news app. see you guys at 4:00. >> accuweather is coming up and it's shaping up to be the warmest day of the year so far. sky 6 looking live over atlantic city. clouds hanging around but we are looking for sunshine. in just a few months we'll be up on the beach won't we.
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david murphy is back inside and it was hard to get you in here. >> and i have been in here talking about the eagles. with all the news conferences. stormtracker 6 live double scan and we are still looking a little damp down south in the area with sprinkles and showers cruising through the southern tip of delaware and most of that is missing cape may as we look outside, we are in winslow township, new jersey down on the farm, you like that? all the remnants of snow on the field and turning into water and soaking in and letting the seeds grow in a little bit. a couple of highlights, the first one is truly a highlight
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and the mildest day in all likelihood, we get cooler on thursday and friday night the rain arrives and we'll get through all of that, 55 degrees and feeling pretty good out there on the terrace a minute ago. you guys are right it was harder to get me inside. winds northwest at 10 miles per hour and the pressure is on the rise as the low moves off the coast. 40s in allentown and reading but even up here you'll improve, 53 in trenton and 48 in wildwood and 55 in atlantic city. the winds are coming down gradually and lightly out of the northwest. normally we expect that to be a cool source region and you think temperatures will drop but in this case the air is not all that super cool off to the northwest, and as this air comes in and sinks into the mountains, warm air has a tendency to warm and that helps us out with a warming trend this afternoon we
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are seeing darker shades of gray showing up in the cloud there's and the sun is managing to get through the clouds and we are looking at a fairly bright looking day and a milky white sky with blue showing through. 54 is the high, and clouds mixing with sun and milder than it was yesterday. down the shore we are not changing the high temperature and mid-50s by the cool ocean water and a pleasant day. if you take a look at philadelphia, we are warming up here getting up to 61 degrees, better than yesterday's highs that stop in the 50s, very mild out there if we get a little extra sun, we might add 61 to the sun winds from the northwest at 16 miles per hour, and on the breezy side, overnight we get cooler, 36 degrees and above average, and an indication that this mild afternoon gives way to cooler conditions tomorrow. in the afternoon and evening commute, looks like we are holding on to the milder air and
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60 by 4:00 and 54 by 7:00 and again on the mild side. high pressure sets up to the north and west and that continues the northerly flow and we grab on to cooler air into the region a more seasonably 51 degrees and a light northwest wind overall thicker clouds and rain down to the south and west and this scoots up in our direction on friday and by friday night, it looks like it will get wet around here, your exclusive accuweather forecast, 61 is today's high, very mild and get outside and enjoy it if you can sun and 51 and then 52 on friday with cloudy skies during the day and late afternoon hours and at night we are going to see rain arriving.
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on sunday breezy and cooler and a spotty shower and mainly dry st. patrick's day the early call is for showers but that could change. >> luck of the irish we'll see some sunshine. >> still to come on our next half our of "action news" at noon a fire was foiled by firefighters overnight and new evidence introduced in the boston marathon bombing trial, the pieces left behind after the bombs went off are being shown to the jury. those stories and more next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with david murphy sara bloomquist and rick williams. here are the stories we are following at 12:30 now attorney general, kathleen kane is at the supreme court the allegations against her that she says are not true. and eagles nation responding to chip kelly's latest bombshell what fans are saying now that nick foles is headed to the rams and an apology from two fraternity members from the university of oklahoma after they were seen singing a racist chant on camera. and pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is facing at the pennsylvania state court.
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she was on hand for her hearing, prosecutors claim it's not true. john rawlins is live now with more. >> that hearing happened a half hour ago, did a montgomery county judge overstep his authority to investigate attorney general kane are is attorney general kane trying to position herself above the law, that brought people to the chambers today. >> i am consciously hopeful and grateful that the court took the time to listen to this case for me and for pennsylvania. >> kathleen kane's lawyers are claim that william carpenter, was outs side of the law when he appointed a


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