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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  March 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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y today. >> reporter: what in the world is going on with the philadelphia eagles that is the first time since letting jeremy maclin lesean mccoy, and nick foles go. he says he got keiko alonso. and it allowed them to get byron maxwell. here is more. >> you can't keep everybody and that is just what it's all about. i think when our guys get here on april 12th our job is to win games. you don't want to lose nick foles but have you to give something up to get something. >> lets dispel that right now you guys are going with that all along.
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marcus mariota is the best pick in the draft but we won't mortgage our future. >> how about that, chip kelly says they are not looking to land marcus mariota, and that he did not bring in bradford to trade up. is he the quarterback of the future, kelly says he doesn't know he is taking the wait and see approach but bradford is coming off tearing his acl each of the last two years bradford will talk for the first time today, and we'll carry it live on 6 abc. will he ever play a snap for the philadelphia eagles, at this rate who knows what chip kelly and his front office is up to more moves are in the works for the philadelphia and the eagles. >> i'm jeff skversky channel 6
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"action news." >> thank you jeff, those changes are coming about as fast as chip kelly's offense and leaving fans with no time to catch their breath. david henry is live in center city. >> as you can imagine they are eagles fans, and they are all over the map. and some say it's time to shake up the team and bring in new blood, and other people are saying what the heck is chip kelly thinking. >> it's scary i'm a little scared. we need a quarterback. >> we had a quarterback but foles is gone and bradford is in. >> he is building a new team. >> okay we'll wait and see. >> the fans have waited long enough and they want a winner and some are worried he is making the right moves. >> i look at it he is trying to get the team back for championship mode, it's time the
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eagles need to rebuild. >> what do you think of all the moves that chip kelly is pulling here. >> i think he knows what he is doing so i hope it's all good. >> is that an educated guess or blind faith? >> probably blind faith. >> so long foles and see you later shady and until we meet again maclin. >> still an eagles fan? >> yes yes. >> what do you think of these moves? >> i don't know but trust in chip right. >> we found a guy that was for chip's radical moves but for all the wrong reasons. >> who is your team? >> dallas cowboys. >> are you happy or sad for what chip kelly is doing? >> happy. >> you think he is blowing up the team? >> exactly. >> exactly what you think from a dallas fan, but fans are putting their faith in chip kelly until they run him out of town.
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>> they will be smiling when we get that ring. we are waiting for sam bradford to take the podium we'll bring it to you live as soon as he started talking, meantime keep track of the ever changing eagles roster at from the foles and bradford swap to mccoy's departure we have all the news to keep fans up to death. >> they hit the nail on the head supporting chip kelly until they one him out of town. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. lets go outside. >> we wish we were with you adam joseph. >> we don't want the warm temperatures to run out of town but unfortunately they will by the end of week. the sunshine and temperatures so far if philadelphia, 61 degrees, the sweet 60s are back and it's the warmest day in philadelphia. the warmest since christmas.
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59 in new york city and 66 in washington. temperatures are only in the 30s tonight, the temperatures will cool over the next couple of days. the boundary is to the south and that brought the heavy rain the last couple of days and now mainly sunny skies and high clouds around the region now. if you are stepping out on the town skies clear overnate as temperatures fall from the 50s to the 40s between 9:00 and 10:00, specifically at 46 degrees we'll talk about a refreeze overnight with the really chilly temperatures and talk about the next round of rain and when it arrives in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane was inside of a supreme court today hearing if it could derail her career. she is charged with violating
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sensitive information during a grand jury investigation, kane admits giving the information but says it was not governed by privacy laws and that those that gave the information had no legal authority to do so. >> i'm grateful that the court took the time to listen to this case for me and for pennsylvania. >> kane to face perjury and obstruction of justice. >> a military chopper crashd this morning off the florida panhandle, investigators are fearing the worst for everyone on board marcy gonzales has the latest. >> all 11 troops on board of the helicopter when it crashed are presumed dead, and searchers are not giving up hope, scouring the coast along the panhandle. >> we found remains and aircraft
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parts but we are still in search and rescue mode. the seven marines and four soldiers took off in the darkness near pensacola last night, taking part in a special ops training exercise when their helicopter disappeared at about 8:30 p.m. it was hours later when they found the first piece of debris. >> people that serve put themselves at risk both in training and combat. >> they were from camp lejeune and louisiana. >> the crew had 1100 hours of flying the black hawk combined. >> they are not releasing their names yet. the president expressed condolans and confident that there will be a detailed and thorough investigation into this and what caused it. >> they say that the dense fog
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may have played a role the second black hawk backed out of the exercise because it was so bad and returned to base. all right we have breaking news out of nether providence delaware county. this was a house fire at golf view road. firefighters arrived on the scene with heavy fire coming out of house no word on injuries or a cause just yet we are following details on this as they develop. we'll bring you the latest right here. we are talking about two men armed with a gun robbing businesses across philadelphia and today police are asking for your help to track them down, take a good look at three pieces of surveillance video they say that these men hit up three different bars and restaurants
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including elvena bar on park side. back on february 2nd the to men in the video ordered everyone on the grown and they took money out of cash register and stole a wallet and cell phone from patrons before fleeing and on march 7th one man wearing a black ski mask entered vincent pizza, pointing a handgun at the employees there demanding money from the cash register with a second man in a mask waited outside waiting as a lookout. and took the money and ran and less than an hour later they believe the same men robbed jim steak, they cleared the register again and no one was injured but police do believe that they are the same men involved in all three if you recognize anyone in these surveillance videos you are asked to immediately
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call southwest detectives. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report today. >> lets go live to autumn marisa in for matt pellman. >> reporter: hi shirleen and brian, every construction crew and road crew are out on the roads, because of the beautiful weather a lot of volume and people trying to get home, and here we are at 95 around allegheny we had a disabled vehicle moved from the center lanes, it's heavy taking you not too bad travel wise to go from woodhaven to the vine street expressways and northbound not looking too bad. the big picture, speeds across the region down into the 20s, schuylkill expressway we had construct approaching the blue route earlier today and that gave us a long line on the eastbound lanes and that has not cleared up from earlier this afternoon. in boyer town and montgomery avenue an accident to report and
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trenton new jersey 295 northbound and south warren street a tractor trailer taking out the right lane there and in elkton, delaware avenue and crestwood avenue all lanes are blocked because of flooding route 13 is your alternate. taking a look outside at the ben franklin bridge looking great in both directions we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thank you autumn. we are still waiting for new eagles quarterback, sam bradford to take the podium. >> plus, a jewel heist out of hollywood how gunmen pulled off a major crime. and the phillies pops welcome a special friend.
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we have breaking news in chester right now chopper 6 hd is live over the 1100 block of
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chester avenue where you see a vehicle crash right into the side of a brick home, this happened 7 minutes ago, apparently there were three people in the car and all three of them were injured. no word on the extent of their injuries at the time but they were all taken to the hospital police continue to investigate the scene but down on the ground now there is still quite eye scene, emergency professionals are on the scene and the emergency vehicles are at the house, no word on how the accident happened. we'll keep you updated on the breaking story out of chester. >> one person was trapped after their car flipped over in westchester, the action cam was there as the cars were towed on west concord road, it happened at 10:00 causing one car to end up on its roof, the person that was trapped and went to a nearby hospital, police have not told us the condition of anyone involved. here at the big board with
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the latest on the international fight against isis today in iraq soldiers made major head way breaching one of the major strongholds. they went into the city of tikrit it's about 80 miles north of bagdad and one of the largest cities held by isis and they are trying to retake mosul the country's second largest city. and on capitol hill, president obama is looking for authorization to take military force against isis, it has been met with skepticism by both parties. they will set up the first war vote in congress in 13 years. >> all right alicia. jurors in the boston marathon bombing saw another
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chilling piece of evidence today. they got a look at the tattered pieces of the backpack that dzhokhar tsarnaev used to detonate the bomb. he admitted he detonated a bomb in april of 2013. the jury saw parts of the pressure cooker and the bb's and wires that killed three and wounded more than 260 others. police are looking for a men that held up vans that had jewelry it was worth $9.5 million and no one was hurt and police found the vans empty nearby. dozens of people are joining in the planning process for the pope's historic visit to
4:18 pm
philadelphia. for the meeting of families they have everything from visitors to security. the committee meetings begin next month and last through the pope's arrival six months from now. of course stick with "action news" as we continue to cover all the events surrounding the world meetings of families and we'll have compete coverage of the historic visit by the pope this september. and the phillies pops announced plans for their season at the prime rib and includes a collaboration with bocelli he is returning for the first time in a decade to sing with the pops at the wells fargo center and they will pay tribute to icons through their concert series including frank sinatra and carol king. >> that is incredible. a great draw.
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time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> lets go live to adam joseph. >> beautiful afternoon out there. a mixture of sunshine and high clouds looking live on sky 6 hd right now with temperatures in the 60s and with high clouds it creates a nice sunset this evening this evening it will set at 7:03 p.m. we noticed the change since the daylight savings time began over the weekend and in one month our sunset will be at 9:35 p.m. and the sun is as strong as late september, if you are out doing yard-work eventually or hitting the slopes, put on sunscreen because you can start to get a burn this time of year. 58 in trenton and 62 it millville and wildwood a pleasant 62 degrees. our winds though are slowly draining in from the west, high pressure is near chicago so some
4:20 pm
of this cooler air is filtering in back tonight and the next couple of days, the 60s this go around is a one hit wonder the high is west of green bay and crystal clear skies and with the high settling in it's a beautiful day and overnight tonight that sky is clearing as well and with a clear sky it's turning chilly it's seasonable for this time of year, or if anything melted, it will refreeze. 29 in the lehigh valley and 32 in millville with philadelphia sitting at about 36 degrees, future tracker temperatures though tomorrow afternoon far off from where they are this afternoon but still not bad. 42 in allentown and 48 in philadelphia and 50s in delaware and southern new jersey the forecast is bright and breezy with high pressure in control and that is average.
4:21 pm
the clouds thicken up late friday afternoon and rain arriving late in the evening friday into the overnight hours and periods of rain and the weekend now not looking the best, 58 on saturday and a lot of clouds lingering on sun as the heavy rain moves out and there are some peeks of sun and there could be a scattered shower in the afternoon watch for patchy black ice in the suburbs tonight and temperatures slide but 50s are not bad for this time of year. >> it's all relative to business on this wednesday afternoon, another down day on wall street the dow losing 26 points today and the nasdaq off about 10 and the s&p dropping 4 points on the day. >> u.s. airline carriers are expecting business to take off this spring airlines are expecting 135 million people will travel in march and april. that is up 2% from last year, the highest level since 2007
4:22 pm
when travel peaked. the forecast includes 17 million international travelers and airlines say they are increasing their seating capacity to keep up with demand. there is a new list of top business schools, pennsylvania is near the top. the u.s. news ranked wharton number three and only stanford and harvard above it the university of chicago and mit round out the top five, wharton was tied for first in the same survey last year. we expect sam bradford to speak soon and we'll bring it live as soon as he is at the podium. and more on the video from the university of oklahoma how local colleges are reacting. >> and the label that sparked outrage, how an indonesian sports company is explaining
4:23 pm
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a south jersey man accused of murder is being held on $1.5 million bail antonio cunningham was arraigned today. he is accused of beating a man to death that he killed harry hogans inside of a company office in order to steal $500 to cover the tolls of other truck drivers. witnesses statements led to his arrest. the collision of a tractor trailer caused problems on the pennsylvania turnpike chopper 6 hd was over the scene in mount laurel at 8:00 this morning. you can see where the tracks of the cab went off the road and into the woods there and it's cab ended up on its side and no one was hurt in this accidents. >> still ahead, fraternity
4:27 pm
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and when you sign a two year agreement, get an incredible $300 bonus. this great deal won't last. visit to learn more today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v "action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot and brian taff. >> it is 4:30 and "action news"
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continues with some ingenious tips and services guaranteed to whip any closet into shape and the shirt was bad but the apology was even worse. but a company that came under fire after saying that it's a woman's job to wash clothes upset even more people. and a canada banned the three s's spitting swearing and screaming. >> but we'll begin with the shakeup at linc. chip kelly confirmed he is fully backing sam bradford as the eagle's new quarterback this is a live look at the podium where he is expected to address reporters, we'll bring it to you live the head coach touched on the swap this afternoon in his own news conference saying that bradford would never have been
4:30 pm
available if he didn't tear his acl, and he was offered a first round pick from another team for bradford this morning. and people asked if he was trying to move up in the draft to acquire marcus mariota. >> we didn't acquire sam to be a chip here. >> we'll hear for from chip kelly and sam bradford coming up in the news conference tonight at 5:00. >> turning now to the fraternity firestorm at the universe of oklahoma, when the fraternity was filmed singing racist chants and that african-americans should be lynched rather than be in their fraternity. parker rice apologized say what
4:31 pm
he did was wrong and reckless and fueled by alcohol. he and another brother levi petit were expelled from the school and the fraternity was shut down. chad pradelli is live at penn for more on that angle. >> reporter: shirleen students with whom we spoke were appalled by the behavior at the university of oklahoma while racism exits on all campuses it wouldn't be tolerated here. >> it happens, but it shouldn't, it's ridiculous. >> that is something that shouldn't be happening that song was offensive to a lot of people. >> on campuses across philadelphia students are calling the lyrics both disgusting and disturbing. >> students say there are campuses in drexel and penn and
4:32 pm
temple are diverse and they don't suspect that there is much difference at the university are the same. >> we are a very understanding culture here, maybe it has something to do with being in the city. >> at the center of the oklahoma scandal is the sigma alpha epsilon fran earnity, we were not able to get comment, but fraternity members say that the scandal gives the greek culture a black eye. it disgraced our community. >> we were worn ed not to do anything stupid like that, but
4:33 pm
obviously we wouldn't. that it would be accepted because it was a frat is just insane. >> and the sae fraternity in oklahoma is shut down and two students are expelled. i'm live in university city, chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. surveillance cameras were rolling as two men opened fire on a parked car hitting two people that were sitting inside. it happened back on sunday as the two suspects pulled up in the dark car, and the men got out of car and walked to a nearby corner and both started shooting at that white car there. both people inside of the car were hit and listed in stable condition, if have you information philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> charges are not yet filed by a person in custody after an attempted fire bombing overnight. and it happened in the juniata park section, a molotov cocktail
4:34 pm
bad thrown through a basement window before no one was hurt here. a new jersey man is facing two decades behind bars, for not learning from his mistakes. christopher miller was charged with robbing the stride right store in 1999, what does he do after his release? he went back and robbed the same clerk and is facing another 10 to 20 years in prison. new video of an amtrak train slamming into a truck stuck on the tracks. that was it's dinner view of mon's collision in north carolina involving a train headed to philadelphia and new york. investigators recovered the black box and trying to determine why a tractor trailer
4:35 pm
was stuck in its path. the truck driver is a convicted felon with several other crashes. lets get you caught up on the news sam bradford addressing the media. lets listen live. >> once i get healthy to start learning the offense, whether i'm ready to get on the field, it's to compete for the starting job, i don't want anything handed to me i want to earn it that is the way i'm approaching this. >> how are you 100%? >> it's up in the air we have not sat down and talked about it, i was in st. louis and i was rehabbing and taking it day by day and week to week, i'm sure when i start rehab we'll talk and come up with a plan and they want to look at me and see where i'm at in their eyes. and then we'll go from there.
4:36 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. >> i had an opportunity to talk to coach kelly for 10 minutes, and we didn't get into that. he is excited i'm here and i'm excited to be here. when i get back into the building and get healthy and on to the field we'll talk about what my role is going to be. >> what was your first reaction? >> equipment. >> this was in the works for a while, so it didn't catch me totally by surprise, i think any quarterback in the league would love to play for chip and his offense it's extremely quarterback friendly the tape i've watched looks a lot of fun to play in and it looks like what i did in college in oklahoma, and i'm excited to be here. >> what do you mean by that? >> the way they set up progressions and it's way the
4:37 pm
ball comes out of your hands and the running game, i haven't gotten into details but from what i have seen everything goes through the quarterback what do you like and how do you see things they never put you in a bad situation where you have to hold on to the football back there for five seconds. >> [ inaudible ]. >> yes, obviously that is one of the reasons i'm excited. when pat was in saints lose, we had a great relationship and it was great to see him here today. and i look forward to continuing that relationship with pat. >> continue about this being in the works for a while was that coming to the eagles or the rams trading you? >> coming to the eagles. >> how long did you know this was a possibility? >> i knew maybe three or four weeks ago. >> your sense is that -- [ inaudible ].
4:38 pm
>> that is the way i'm looking at it. i'm excited for the opportunity and i think that chip and the eagles wanted me here and i'm excited to be here. >> rehab -- [ inaudible ] compared to that experience -- >> it's similar, obviously it's a lot of the same exercises and i'm familiar with the process itself and after talking to dr. andrews and the training staff in st. louis we decided to take this slower per dr. andrew's recommendations and i believe that the team doctor here spoke to dr. andrews today and i'm sure the training staff will talk to him and myself. i would say it's slower th >> there was a guy on the local tv show that said, the closeness of the two is very alarming
4:39 pm
would you say that is old news? >> how do you respond? >> that is the first time i ever heard that. that is not alarming to me you have seen players come back with acl's, from two and even three's. i am just working to get back to healthy. obviously an athlete -- -- [ inaudible ] you can come back from that? >> i would be lying if i said i wouldn't be a little nervous the first time i stepped on the field, i think anybody that has gone through what i have gone through would be nervous but once i get out there and take the first hit i'll probably be just fine. >> it's just one of those freak deals, our team docs in st. louis, dr. andrews, they thought it was one of those things i got hit a certain way
4:40 pm
two times and regardless of whether it's was an original or a repair it was going to tear. >> [ inaudible ] you still you have something to prove? >> absolutely i think i have a lot to prove prove to everyone in this building coach kelly took a leap of faith bringing me in here and now it's time for me to prove to everyone else in this building that i belong here. >> did they come to you with a contract extension? >> i have not gotten that far yet, i'm still trying to comprehend this, and until that happens i don't know. >> given your injury history -- do you take that as motivation or ignore it? >> i think it's motivation but i understand from this standpoint, i would be apprehensive too, but i know how hardy have worked to get back
4:41 pm
the second time around i'm ready to go as soon as they clear me i can't wait to get on the field i don't think anyone should worry and when they see me on the field and how hardy will work to get back i think all the doubts will be gone from their minds. >> there he is it's eagles incoming quarterback sam bradford speaking to the media. >> dropping a couple of bombshells, saying he knew the deal was in the works for three to four weeks caught eagles fans off guard and certainly nick foles and addressing concerns about his acl, he says he is ready to go he sounds really excited to be in philadelphia and more people than in st. louis, he meant in the room. >>
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
this pay look like an
4:44 pm
ordinary scene a man carrying a plastic bag around an arizona hospital but it turns out what was inside was far from normal that father was trying to sneak that infant out of the ward. they knew they would try to take the infant from them because they found drugs in her system at birth. police arrested him as soon as they discovered the baby was missing. the big talkers, a big about face after a big backlash over the cleaning instructions of the soccer jerseys saying give this to your woman to wash because it's her job. people went wild on social media especially women calling it sexist. they have issued an apology, saying it was actually an insult to men because they don't know how to do laundry, it said
4:45 pm
instead of washing it the wrong way give it to your lady because they are more capable. we want to tell men to learn from women on how to clean clothes, the apology is sparking a whole new debate on twitter. screamings swearing and spitting may give you a slap on the wrist from mom but now a town in alberta, canada could give you a fine. first offense, $150 for foul language and it's second is $250, some residents argue that this law is illegal but the mayor insists that it's on the books and leaving the enforcement up to the officers. more than 25 cents in the swear jar. >> all right lets get another check of the roads right now. >> autumn marisa is in for matt pellman with the latest for us.
4:46 pm
>> hi shirleen and brian we are out on the schuylkill expressway these are the west lanes, a disabled vehicle on the westbound side and penndot is there to help. it's taking you 30 minutes right now going over to the big picture, speeds in the 20s in the region and the blue route is slow at villanova and springfield in the eastbound lanes as you make your way to 90 is also a slow go and over to 95 we had a slow going in the southbound lanes before we had a disabled vehicle, the last go around we are moving nicely now and taking you 20 mines to go from the vine to woodhaven or woodhaven to the vine. that is good news. and elkton at crestwood avenue all lanes are blocked because of flooding, you want 218 to get around that, here is septa new jersey delays because of a truck
4:47 pm
into a transformer back to you. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. with nice temperatures.
4:48 pm
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adam joseph is here now, i am used to this weather now. >> get used to the unexpected in march, because we have some changes in the next seven days but it's not all that bad. looking at double scan radar the sunshine is fighting the clouds as we get rid of the system that brought all the rain yesterday and pushing it to the south and off the coast. the march warmth started on sunday with the high temperature
4:50 pm
of 50 degrees, 57 on monday and 59 yesterday and today so far, 61 degrees in fact this given week we could average temperatures in philadelphia above normal when you talk about day and night temperatures, that is the first time in over a month we have seen weekly numbers above normal in philadelphia, a nice change 62 in atlanta city and 60 in dover and 60 in wilmington even in the poconos, temperatures at 50 degrees. satellite and radar there is the rain being suppressed to the south and north and west of the philadelphia the shore points clouds really taking over at this time but as high pressure settles in overnight, that allows temperatures to drop and tomorrow with the high in play, we have a lot of sunshine around here. there is a northerly breeze with the addition of that breeze and
4:51 pm
temperatures 10 degrees cooler it will feel chillier despite 51 and the winds switch out of the easterly direction sunshine in the morning and giving way to clouds if the afternoon and rain at night at 52 degrees, we'll watch this guy that will pull out of the deep south with heavy rainfall for the beginning of the weekend. and right now saturday looks like we'll see a half inch to inch of rain across the area, tonight the concern is with the cooler temperatures and the clear sky, the suburbs drop below freezing and any standing water with the melting going on this afternoon will refreeze and staying above freezing in center city and the exclusive accuweather forecast bright but breezy tomorrow at 51 degrees, 52 on friday and the daylight hours are dry and friday night the rain comes in and periods of rain all day on saturday, and 58 degrees, temperatures on saturday, depending on your location, a warm rain to the
4:52 pm
south, upper 50s to near 60 and a chilly raw rain north of philadelphia and lehigh valley only in the 40s. a few peeks of sun and there could be a spinning shower at times sunday afternoon of 52 look at this, as we go past the weekend, that is when everything clears out and monday and tuesday look good and low 50s with sun and clouds and a quick shower on wednesday and temperatures drop to 48 degrees, beyond that wednesday it looks like a cooling pattern is settling in. so enjoy the 50s guys. so much for getting used to it expect the unexpected around here. >> thank you adam. they this reminder first email your photos and videos to join the action at use the #6abcaction it's how you can be a part of "action news."
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will help you clean house. and can you start to make money, like is a new service that sends you a bag with prepaid postage to fill up with gently used handbags and clothes and offer you a cash value and whatever they don't take you can donate to the goodwill or they will send it back for a $5 fee. if you have things that are cluttering your closet consider make space air for $25 a month you send them your stuff, they photograph it and keep it in a secure facility if you want something back you can get it back by filling out a form and you have it in two days. >> nice. i'll be trying that out. thank you alicia. finally at 4:00, seniors are greeted by a surprise guest with their meals and wheels
4:57 pm
representative. bonnie joined meals on wheels to package and personally deliver foods to people in trenton and ewing, part of the 13th annual march for meals it aims to raise awareness for programs that keep seniors safe, healthy and independent. that does it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot and adam joseph and alicia vitarelli we'll see you back here tonight.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. pennsylvania attorney general, kathleen kane was in a courtroom today she faces charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. the big story on "action news" is the state's supreme court case to determine if kane violated state law she is accused of leaking information about a political rival during an investigation. john rawlins live with the
5:00 pm
latest. >> this is a high stakes battle it's a legal battle, no doubt about it who has the authority to investigate the attorney general, kathleen kane, he says she didn't like the outcome. >> the attorney general was up beat when she emerged from the hearing. >> am consciously hopeful about today and i am grateful that the court took the time to lift and to this case for me and pennsylvania. >> the argument was that william carpenter, overstepped when he named a special prosecutor to name a grand jury to investigate kane and they recommended that kane be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice after a probe. for a jobs training program. they argued that car


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