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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  March 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 67:00 a.m. thursday, march 12. we're following breaking news. >> two police officers have been shot outside the ferguson police department in missouri. >> a stray bullet narrowly misses a grandmother and two young children in their philadelphia home. "action news" has confirmed that a really good running back from a big rival is coming here today. >> we'll get to that in a moment, but first let's check in with david murphy and karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody we're off to a chillier start than yesterday. take a look. cloud cover is disbursing from overnight, and we've a breeze digging in. 44 in philadelphia. wilmington, 41 'and we've got 40s in a lot of spots like millville, wildwood and allentown and reading. of course with the breeze
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blowing out of the northwest it feels like the 30s maybe extra gear on the kids and yourselves. by 8:00 a.m. 41 degrees, noon, back to949 and today's high will be seasonable 52 by 3:00 p.m., plenty of sunshine and breezy and cooler than yesterday. >> reporter: burlington bristol bridge, a bridge opening in 45 palestinians. we have a water main break in lansdale, you need to be careful and watch out for the restrictions with the water main
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break, it's cannon avenue shut down between west main and second street. stick to mitchell avenue. look at the size of the hole they are working in. you know it will be shut down for a while there's a lot of to fix. stick to missilele -- mitchell avenue. the blue route roadser clear and dry southbound traffic heading toward i-95. light volume to start you off. we have a nasty accident in burlington county. four vehicles were involved. 130 northbound was shut down, that has cleared traffic is moving better right now there matt. >> we begin with breaking news, two police officers were shot and wounded during a protest in ferguson missouri, it happened during demonstrations outside the city's police department. "action news" reporter, eva pilgrim is live in the satellite center with the details. eva? >> reporter: matt, the ferguson was celebration the police
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chief's resignation and calling for more dismissals. the authorities are looking for the gunman who fired multiple shots who hit two police officers who were there to keep the peace. protesters say they were packing out and clearing out when suddenly at midnight gunfire. >> we saw the muzzle fire from the gun up top of the street we all kind of looked down and once we looked down we saw the cop was shot next to us. >> reporter: the youtube video posted show the chaos after the shots were fired. >> based on on the fact these officers were standings together, and several officers standing together when this happened these were shots that were parallel to the ground not up in the air they were not stiff shots and i would have to make an assumption that these shots were directed exactly at
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my police officers. >> reporter: they were to keep watch over the protesters after the resignation of tom jackson the 6th employee to resign or be fired after a scathing justice department report. ferguson erupted in a protest after the fatal shooting of michael brown by a white officer darren wilson. police say this morning at least 3 shots were fired from north of the police department. the gunman is on the loose and dozens of witnesses shaken. >> bullets were going right past my head. it was kind of traumatic i'm still kind of in shock because of it. >> we're hearing reports that there are investigators and crime lab units on a house on a hill across the street from the police department. no word on how the home is connected to the shooting. eva pilgrim channel 6 "action
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news." >> thank you for that update. new this morning a fast-moving house fire injured a woman in west philadelphia. the fire started on the first floor restaurant on the the 4500 block of locust street. a woman who lived in one of the apartments suffered smoke she is in stable condition. there's smoke and water damage to the launder -- laundromat next-door. residents of a southwest neighborhood say they live in constant fear. last night two bullets hit a church wall at elm wood avenue and another through a bay window of a row home. inside a 4 and 6-year-old little girls were watching television. their grandmother taught the girls to duck and cover if they heard gun shots. >> i heard them screen. they ducked and ran in the
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kitchen and hit behind a fridge. >> police are asking neighbors to help in the investigation. police have not been able to locate a shooting victim. >> a preliminary hearing for the man who was charged can secretly recording dozens of women and girls in the p-a suburbs. shawn moses is accused of sneaking around on his knees and video taping women and girls in dressing rooms. he was arrested when he snuck up to the windows in bryn mawr and video taped them. a lindenwald mother received a call that her daughter was kidnapped she needed to pay $1,000 for her daughter's safe return this happened as lindenwald middle school was letting out for the
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day. the investigation revealed the call came from puerto rico and it was a scam. powdered drinks are about to get a lot more high powered than cool aid and baby drinks and tang. stacy delacott is live at the nasdaq in time square. >> reporter: the powder drinked is expected on store she was is this summer. several states including pennsylvania have already moved to try to ban the product. am zone is launching a -- amazon is launching a store with exclusives, they will have innovative items from inventors and early stage start up companies, there will be
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products from shark tank. stocks fell for the second day in a row. futures are reporting to a higher open and today we'll be getting reports on jobless claims and retail sales for february. >> happening today, "action news" has confirmed that cowboys free agent demarko murray will be in philadelphia for a visit. he helped dallas win the nfc east title for last season. if if they don't get murray they are hoping to drive up his price for the cowboys. bradford is trying to recruit his friend for the team. >> lesean mccoy it takes two people to replace me. [laughter]. >> reporter: you know, to be honest, i loved lesean mccoy, just looked like he was off a little bit to me last year. else still a great player.
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>> because of the omplet -- o-line. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us we're precipitation free. we have sunshine coming up over the horizon but at the same time it's cooler and breezier. we have windchills in the 30s you want to bundle up out the door. obviously lots of sunshine on the way, keep the sunglasses handy when you step hind the wheel. as we roll through the day, 52 high around # p.m. that's standard for this time. year. that's close to normal. 46 is the normal temperature we'll have to wait until lunch time before we get into the 50s. high temperatures in the lehigh valley will stop in the mid 40s 47 in reading. 49 in toms river. a lot of 52s across the south
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jersey and delaware portion of the region and 50 on the peninsula in cape may. clouds will start to build in as the system to the south begins to push rain in our direction. the rain itself probably doesn't arrive until later tomorrow night. it's one of those situations where you head the door tomorrow evening to dinner and a movie it's probably dry but then you come back out of the restaurant or movie theater late it's starting to get a little bit wet. 7:00 p.m., future tracker 6 has clouds, the rain is coming in around 10:00 11:00 p.m. from the southwest. overnight saturday night everybody gets wet saturday afternoon there's a half inch to an inch of rain coming midday saturday into saturday night. there's a chance we ease back then to spotty shower activity. but starting point looks cloudy
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and -- but saturday looks cloudy and dreary. 52 today, 52 tomorrow, the rain arriving later tomorrow night and into saturday morning. saturday, most of the rain is centered in the morning and in the afternoon spotty shower activity, high of 58. sunderland, 54, cloudy and still a little bit on the unsettled side with an inis itstability shower. saturday is the wet one sunday, light spotty stuffer. monday, sun to clouds, 52. tuesday, st. patrick's day clouds and showers around 50 degrees. >> a lot of stories you didn't see last night a chase between a fire truck and police van ended badly. looking outside live, 26
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the street at penrose avenue about to head over the platt bridge no problems right here. we'll we're seeing delays on i-95, we'll talk about a new problem that just popped up. >> barbie backlash, hear how some are concerned about how much a new barbie could learn about your child. that's next in tech bytes.
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>> welcome back, taking a live look here, down the shore into atlantic city, the lights are bright this morning, a nice start to your thursday, 6:14, 44 degrees. >> something came down in south jersey. >> reporter: yeah, a pole and a wire. that's not good, right. a car ran into it. we have a nasty accident in spring feel township, burlington county. when you have down pole and wires it takes longer to fix it. if you're out on jacksonville road and gilbert there are restrictions. stick to 639 instead. douglass township montgomery county, smith road at harder road. restrictions there, as well. the schuylkill expressway is in good shape for the most part. we're starting to see delays on i-95, 30 miles per hour at cottman, 38 at girard. i-95 a live look southbound traffic as everybody heads toward center city. we don't have any accidents or
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big problems on i-95, but jammed to approaching past cottman and allegheny to girard. morning delays are starting to take effect. on the commuter traffic report we found people, talk about animals near the road. yesterday we had a nasty accident involving a deer. susquehanna road reported by disney girl, don't forget to join our team when you go on waze. 44 degrees in philadelphia. that's not too bad. 40 in millville. 40 in allentown. it's going to be breezy today we're starting to see the breeze already, lots of sunshine and 52 right where we should be not always mild as yesterday. >> take a look at the new video of a deadly crash involving a fire truck in l.a. police were chasing shooting suspects when their van crashed into the back of the truck. the suspect's van driver was killed and one was injured. police are investigating a
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hotel murders in the lehigh valley. homicide detectives spent the night searching for clues at the quality inn in easton. all guests were able to to have a room in the hotel overnight. police are not releasing many details on the death investigation at this time. >> if you have a problem downloading songs from itunes you were not alone. that tops tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes an apple outage for an unusually long time yesterday. customers couldn't access itunes and the app store. ibooks and icon mails were affected apple had server problems, the stores are back online now. google has opened it's first retail location in london. you can check out the complete lineup of phones and laptops. you can use digital spray cans to paints on the google walls.
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watch out kilts your barbie -- kids, your barbie doll may be a spy. it stores and to your kids. >> what have you done with ken? >> you'll never know said barbie. 6:18. this is a strange heist. theives are taking the tales and mains of horses in -- manes of horses in handgun county. >> this afternoon looks do you recall than yesterday i'll have the day planner forecast and the airport call up next. knows a guy. hey guy. i know a guy
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easy to play. simple to say. it doesn't get much easier than picking two things. you pick two, and... you're basically done. that's why the pennsylvania lottery created pick 2. just pick two numbers. done. pick 2. easy to play. simple to say. >> three space travelers returned to earth after spending 6 months in orbit.
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two rush yarns and one american touched down on a frozen landscape after unducking from the international -- undocking from the international space station. it's hard to come back after all that time. >> reporter: here's something from gravity. we have all kinds of problems on this morning's commute. looking live on the eastbound vine expressway, this accident just came in, look at all the vehicles we are seeing, i saw the ambulance pull up. looks like one of the cars there, the first one next to the penndot facing the wrong way on the ramp. an accident involving a few vehicles. we have penndot and ambulance here, police on the scene. you can see traffic trying to squeeze by, watch for that accident not looking good. in lower milford township, another new accident involving an overturned vehicle elementary road stick to
6:22 am
chestnut hill church road. >> reporter: it's cooler this morning, windchills in the 30s. we'll see sunshine today we'll get a high of 52 which is around average for this time of year. it will be cooler than yesterday. with winds gusting to 25 miles per hour you'll want to put extra gear on before you head out. sat satellite and radar showing the central portion of the county looking good, light snow showers in the rockies. rain in houston. dallas, new or leenls getting affected by -- new or new orleans affecterred by that. no, no precipitation in any of our most frequently traveled destination. two masked men came into a gas station and demanded money and fired a gun.
6:23 am
the clerk managed to lock them in the store. once they realized they couldn't get out they shoot the door and got away with nothing. >> the flyers are a long shot for the playoffs, nine games behind. laugh yet's basketball team is going dancing. they beat american university 65-63 to take the patriot league title. this is the 4th trip to the ncaa tournament and the first since 20000. shots are fired during a protest in ferguson, missouri, striking two police officers in the crowd. a report from our satellite center at 6:30.
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what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> travelers in long island new york are fighting traffic tickets they got that date back a decade. a woman got a ticket from 1993. nasau county officials refused to elaborate on why the tickets are being sent now. lawyers say there's no of limitations on tickets like these. police say a person took a
6:27 am
post office kiosk as an atm. he threatened the woman with a knife. the woman screamed, and he ran away. police found him in a dumpster. the search for crooks hacking off the manes and tails of horses. the hair on the pony used to go to the brown. the bandits broke into the barn and chopped off the horse's hair. this is the second time this happened. thieves cut off the other mane and tail down to the bone. it's used in jewelry and vial lynn bows -- violin bows and wigs. the shooting of a police officer, actually two in ferguson missouri. a car crashes into building in trenton while injured behind
6:28 am
the wheel. we'll tell you how it all ended when "action news" comes right back.
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breaking now on "action news," new video is coming in from ferguson, missouri, you can see paramedics surrounding one of the two police officers shot overnight. fire burns in a restaurant and smoke fills the free library of philadelphia. we're gathering details on the investigation. >> rival cowboy is in town to meet with the eagles today. >> good morning everyone, 6:30 on this thursday, david and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, it's cooler out today there's a bit of a breeze around. 44 in philadelphia. 40 in millville. with winds as high as 20 miles
6:31 am
per hour. we have windchills down around the freezing mark in spots like allentown and wilmington. 36-degree windchill in philadelphia, bundle up. as we roll through the day, 44 on the storm tracker 6 live app. we have a chance of dropping to 41 by 8:00. close to 50 by lunchtime. 3:00 p.m. that's the high 52. cooler than yesterday but seasonable and of course a bit blustery at times. we have rain arriving late tomorrow night. looks like it hinders part of the weekend. i'll have more on future tracker 6. >> reporter: let's get the latest on the eastbound side of the vine street expressway. i thought the car was facing the wrong way. looks like that's how this accident was caused somebody going the wrong way on the ramp. we see penndot police on the scene. they are currently trying to clear it out but they havement right part of the lane blocked so the eastbound vien -- vine
6:32 am
expressway to 8th street. that's the latest on that accident. we have other problems in the area. i talked to police in allentown. even though we're talking temperatures in the 40s in the low-lying areas they have reports of slushy conditions causing it to be slippery. the issue is in horsham county line road and keith valley road. in bucks county they have a similar situation that's happening in birmingham. if you have a situation like that it could be slushy in that area. even though temperatures are 40 degrees, county line road a pothole here. we've seen so many, eastbound county line road at stump road you want to avoid that. >> we're starting with breaking news out of ferguson, missouri, the city for months the sight of protests and outrage yet again on edge. overnight a rally ended up
6:33 am
violently with two police officers shot. let's go over to "action news" reporter, eva pilgrim at our satellite center she has the latest on what happened here. >> reporter: good morning, tam yeah, the two police officers are recovering in the hospital after shots were fired during a protest in ferguson celebrating the resignation of the police chief there calling for more dismissals. this is new video you're seeing here, of one of the officers being put into a ambulance overnight and rushed to the hospital. police say three shots were fired north of the police department. two officers both seriously wounded were not from ferguson, they were from neighboring dparnlts who -- departments who were helping with the protests. a saint louis county officer was shot in the shoulder, 41 years old. 14 year vet. a webster grove officer was shot in the face, 32 years old.
6:34 am
>> the police officers were standing there they were shot, just because they were police officers of we are conducting an investigation right now and i will have more on that later on. >> reporter: now we are hearing reports that there are investigators and lab techs across the street from the police department at a house on the hill. as to why they are at the house and how it's connected to the shooting, we have not heard back yet. live in the sat slight center, eva pilgrim -- satellite center, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> this story is just developing smoke spreading from a restaurant fire damaged the nicetown branch of the free library of philadelphia. crews say the fire started on the first floor of a chinese restaurant. apartments above had to be evacuated. no injuries were reported. a man was shot while driving ending up crashing into a building last night. i dried at the hospital. this is the 1 # hundred block of
6:35 am
of -- 1100 block of hamilton avenue. there was damage to the first floor of a nail salon. the search for the gunman is going on. another embarrassment for the agency whose job it is to protect the president. two senior secret service agents are accused of driving drunk. they crashed into a barricade near the white house. officers on duty wanted to arrest them, but a supervisor let them go home. joseph clancy took charge. agency after several missteps at the white house. >> when you fail, we have failed, we own it. it's up to us to correct it. >> the white house said the president is aware of the incident and supports director clancy's decision to turn it over to homeland security. "good morning america" continues the coverage after "action news."
6:36 am
milton street plans to announce his run for governor. he ran for the democratic primary in 2011. he was defeated by mayor nutter. before that he served time in federal prison for tax evacation. sources tell "action news" cowboys running back demarko murray will visit philadelphia. sam bradford hopes to convince murray a former teammate to join him here. >> are you recruiting him here? >> absolutely, i try him my hardest. i've done everything we've been in communication if we could land demarko it would be a great pick up. else a great person and great player. i think he could help this ball club. >> coach chip kelly addressed
6:37 am
rumors that the team want to move up in the draft and select marcus mariota. kelly said he would never mortgage the club for a highly ranked player. >> i think there's something crafty going on. >> reporter: i would not be surprised. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we're looking at dry conditions, as we look outside lots of stars over the region and the sun is getting up over the horizon shortly. bright day ahead it's going to be cooler yesterday, and we're experiencing an uptick in the wind. 44 degrees is the current temperature. the winds are out of the north northwest at 20 miles per hour. you meant to grab your coat and extra gear with the windchills in the 30s. the closest cloudy cover is down below washington. we're looking at a bright start and bright day overall. a lot of sunshine and sweeps of
6:38 am
clouds during the day. 46 degrees by 11:00. 2:00 p.m., 51, the high of 52 is cooler than yesterday. we only hit the 61-degree forecast high yesterday. seasonable, and feeling a little chilly with the breeze blowing around. we've had worse though, in the recent past, haven't we? 46 in allen totown. 52s from the i-95 down to atlantic city. 50 on the nose is what to expect in cape may. tomorrow we'll have sun, during the morning and afternoon the clouds get thicker. high of 52. with high pressure receding over the coast and frontal boundary inching toward us. most of the indication for our models are for the rain holding off friday night. 7:00 p.m., cloudy conditions, a little on the cool side. the rain comes in fairly late in the game. if you have plans to go out to dinner and see an early movie it's possible to get home before the rain starts.
6:39 am
if you hang out until 11:00 p.m. you'll get wet. overnight we all great wet. saturday morning it's coming dow jones good in neighborhoods. looms a half inch to an inch of rain friday night into saturday. saturday afternoon there's a chance we break it down from a steady rain to a spotty shower activity. but overall the day looks cloudy and damp. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast breezy and cooler today, high of 52 degrees, lots of sunshine. tomorrow, sun and clouds, 52 is the high, as you just saw the rain holding off until sometime at night probably later at night in parts of the region. cloudy and rainy on saturday, most of the rain centered the first two-thirds of the day. 58 is the high. sunday, spotty shower is possible. mostly cloudy skies, kind of an instability shower, 54 is the high. of the two days, sunday is drier than saturday. monday that's dry clouds increasing 52, st. patrick's day, tuesday, high of 50.
6:40 am
cloudy skies and spotty showers around. >> thank you david. 6:39. more news stories coming up. a p health care system a grad students is accused of a running a drug ring on the side. >> reporter: starting to slow down on the schuylkill expressway, this is westbound traffic at city avenue. boulevard to belmont as you're traveling. starting to -- 42 is starting to slow as well. >> breaking bad fans are creating a scene the show is saying please stop. #
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>> center city philadelphia is starting to see a glimmer of sunshine from the horizon. the sun won't be coming up until the 7:00 a.m. hour. 6:43 right now. >> let's see what it's looking like if you're heading out to the car, good morning karen. >> reporter: it's starting to get busy on 42, volume building northbound as you can in near creek road and head toward 295. you'll get a jump up. no big accidents on 42. cannon avenue is closed in lansdale between west main and west second. you have to look at this, the crews are on the scene. look at the size of this water main break. they are standing in the hole right there. you know how long this will take to if i can. you can expect west cannon to be closed for a while.
6:44 am
stick to mitchell. we've seen so many of them this winter and causing problems out there, the crews are working straight through the night with that one. mitchell avenue is the west way to avoid it. i talked to police in montgomery county and bucks county. even though the temperatures are 40 degrees, some of them are saying we have areas that are slick where to them in the low-lying areas. i talked to a police officer in hill town township, bucks county. she said on the way in she looked at the thermometer it said 40 degrees, but she hit a spot and skited. i've been tweeting the details with the harsh the guy 6abc traffic -- #6abc traffic. it's a pretty day sunshine, not as mild as yesterday, 52, right around average. we'll take it, matt and tam. >> we will.
6:45 am
surveillance shows an out-of-control car striking a woman in colorado. she popped right up from the hood of the vehicle. this happened in aurora yesterday. the driver is expected to face charges today. a new father was caught on surveillance taking his newborn daughter from the hospital in a plastic tote bag. he encounter staffers along the way they caught him later when they discovered the baby was missing. the little girl was born with three i will will i will drugs in her system -- was born with three illegal drugs. a p-a mellon grad was about to get into drug distribution
6:46 am
after going and mailing the drugs back to him. he denies any involvement. rice has issued a public policy. the video was blamed on a horrible cancer that has plagued the fraternity for the last several years. city council will honor fallen police officer robert wilson iii. counsel will hold a moment of silence one week after wilson was gunned down at a robbery at a game stop. "action news" will be there. two brothers were charged with his murder. >> we're following breaking news and so is "good morning america." more on the two police officers who were shot overnight in ferguson missouri. >> reporter: we're dressing the
6:47 am
kids warmly today temperatures in the 40s and windchills in the 30s. we'll have the day planner forecast, get you set start to finish coming up next. # #
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why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. >> reporter: all right let's take a look at the roads right now and see what's going on. we'll head outside and looking live, looking good on i-95 southbound at cottman. we're seeing heavier traffic at
6:50 am
cottman and allegheny to girard. no big problems there as you head out the door. ben franklin bridge is busy coming into the city. eastbound we have the right lane blocked due to construction. if you're coming in from new jersey it's a slow go there, as well. >> reporter: chilly conditions in the northern and western suburbs, some of us are in the upper 0s. it's a windy morning too so the temperatures are not the end of the story. windchills are making it feel 6 or 70 degrees cooler. buena, 40. 41 in glassboro, 8 in woodbine and 42 in avalon. if you're running errands. 42 by 9:00 a.m. 49 by noon. the high is 52 at 3:00 p.m. there will be plenty of sunshine but a blustery breeze with gusts as high as 25 miles per hour bundle up a bit as you head outside. tam? >> going going on to the people
6:51 am
scene. dep is heading back to the united states. to have a little bit of surgery he hurt his hand in australia. he was there shooting the 5th film in the pirates of the carribean franchise. that move is supposed to hit theaters in 2017. breaking bad creator is asking fans not to throw pizzas. fans don't want to let it go, they are going to the real house and attempting to recreate that scene which would be funny except it person who lives there doesn't like it, they are tired of pulling pizzas off the garage. >> good thing they didn't
6:52 am
recreate the finale. let's get a preview of good morning. >> reporter: let's go to amy robach with a look at what's coming up. >> reporter: good morning, tam and matt great to be with you coming up next on "good morning america." we're talking about the tensions running high in ferguson, missouri after two police officers were shot during a demonstration out there. both officers are in serious condition. new trouble for the secret serve e service two agents accused of driving under the influence and crash into a white house security barrier of we have more on the investigation this morning. new this morning the grammy winning rapper lil wane is the highest pro fill celebrity victimized by a swatting hoax. we have a big announcement it will make every morning better on "g.m.a." and for the first time, scandals two leading
6:53 am
men turn the interview on each other. you have to watch this. and we have demi lavato here live, big morning on "good morning america." >> let's go to a break. #
6:54 am
6:55 am
top stories at 6:55, a rally turned violent in front of the ferguson police department. two officers were wounded by gunfire. more on "g.m.a." in moments. the fast-moving fire injured a woman in west philadelphia.
6:56 am
the fire started on the first floor of a restaurant and spread to the apartments above. running back demarko murray will come to philadelphia today. going outside, 422 jammed eastbound approaching 29 to 23. the action cam was on the scene. you have to see the water main break. there's a sizable hole in the road. this is cannon avenue closed between west main and west second. they've working on it through the night. use mitchell avenue instead. >> reporter: cooler today 42 degrees by 9:00 a.m. we're right around there. there's a breeze blowing, lots of sunshine. cool the high of 52. i think it's coat weather this afternoon with the winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. good looking day. >> a reminder when you don't see us here, we're still around.
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check out [laughter] we'll be back in a half-hour for the updates. for karen david matt, i'm tam have a great thursday. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once.
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good morning, america. breaking news a shooting in ferguson. two officers rushed to the hospital in serious condition. shot outside the police department during protests after the police chief resigned. the manhunt under way right now. happening now, secret service scandal. two agents crashed into the white house allegedly driving drunk. one reportedly a top member of the president's personal detail. another blow for the embattled agency and did other agents try to cover up the crash? flag firestorm. this picture sparking a debate. the navy veteran photographer under attack accused of desecrating the flag. she's saying it's all about patriotism this morning. have you seen a hazard like this on a golf course


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