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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  March 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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we'll take you there as friends family and colleagues pay their respects to officer robert wilson iii. cyclone pam leaves a trail of destruction in the south pacific. first the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's raining and a not a good hair day. >> reporter: stay indoors and play nintendo. do a board game, something indoors that will keep you occupied. we'll see lots of this lots of low-level clouds and periods of rain. some of it will come down heavy at times that will lead to ponding on roads and poor drainage flooding. not a nice start to the weekend. there's the view on storm tracker 6 live double scan. looks like we decorated for st. patty's day. rainfall totals up to this point have been in line with what we were forecasting yesterday.
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millville, philadelphia, pilots half inch of rain. up to this point in doylestown, .43. as you can see there's plenty more to go. this extends into the ohio valley pittsburgh, cleveland troilt -- detroit all seeing wet weather. that's the back edge pushing through washington, d.c. the metro area. that will swing through this afternoon. the steadiest rain shut off around 1:00 p.m. give or take, and then we have scattered showers. 56 degrees morning rain, afternoon showers, it will be on the mild side, however. when i come back in just a few minutes, i'll let you know when this moves out and drier weather moves in and cooler numbers in the seven day forecast. >> now the final goodbye for officer robert wilson iii. the caisson procession started marching early this morning to the palestra. that's where a viewing is underway. this is a live look inside. annie mccormick is outside the palestra with more, annie?
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>> reporter: eva officer robert wilson was an # year veteran of the force, when he died in the line of duty he was working in the 22nd district. not only are his brothers and sisters in blue from that district, there are police officer from across the city and other conditions across the country. this morning mourners filed through the university of pennsylvania palestra to pay respects to officer robert wilson iii. earlier commissioner charles ramsey and mayor nutter and the men and women of the 22nd district led a procession with full honor including a horse-drawn carriage carrying wilson's coffin. it was a little over a week ago when two men attempted to rob the game stop barged in with weapons drawn unaware that wilson was in the store being a gift for his son. police say wilson's heroic
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actions during the shootout saved lives. a home townl boy -- hometown boy leaves behind two sons. officers saluted his family. today friends family and fellow officer from around the region are touched to see the outpouring of support. >> it's good to see he is loved by everybody. he is loved by everybody and everything that is going on now these police officers, it doesn't make any sense at all. that's the family friend coming to pay her respects as well. family and friends inside the palestra. as you can see out here, on 33rd street leading up to the palestra. you can see a number of police agencies, maryland new york, we've seen bus loads coming in here of officers coming around the region to show their respects. now if you were not able to make
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it out here, and you are a member of the community or pay your respects, head to, we're live streaming the viewing and the service that happens at 10:30. reporting live university city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> looking one more time inside the palestra, the service for officer wilson starts at 10:30 watch it live at, it is streaming there live right now. new overnight a man jumped from a burning row home in the nicetown section of philadelphia. flames began ripping through the home in the 1500 block of cuyahoga street. a man escaped the fire by jumping out of the window before firefighters arrived. hes being treated for chest pains ascertain smoke inhad ahalation
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at einstein. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a clams and pgw is handling natural gas at the scene. a fight outside a west philadelphia nightclub turned deadly. the fight started outside the tropical heat nightclub at 53rd and market around 1:00 p.m. one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed the other in the head and chest. the 55-year-old victim died at the hospital. police say thanks to the club surveillance system they tracked down the suspect nearby. they found the knife in the trash can. chopper 6hd was above a seen of an accident involve a pedestrian in broomall, delaware county. police say the victim was trapped under the vehicle after being hit. it took nearly a half-hour to free the victim who was flown to presbyterian hospital with serious injuries. a vigil was held last night
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for a man who was gunned down walking his dog. alarmed residents walked with their dogs down woodcrest street where james stillman was killed. he had tan the family dog out for a nightly walk when he was shot. >> my understanding his daughter goes for a walk with him every night. but for whatever reason it's late tonight i don't want you walking with me, so in effect he possibly saved his daughter's life, as well. his dog molly remained by his side as he laid dieing ton the sidewalk. they don't have a description of the suspect or possible motive. at least 6 people are dead after tropical cyclone pam made landfall in the south pacific island chain. the storm pounded the island
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with rain and whipping winds for showers. the australian red cross said the destruction is unbelievable and warns uman attorney needs will be enormous. we have learned that a new jersey marine was killed in the blackhawk helicopter crash henry shaw of baskin ridge went down. also on board andrew seik who a e received the silver star for combat valour one week ago. three people died after eating contaminated ice cream at a kansas city hospital. she said the hospital did not know that blue bell ice cream was contaminated with listeria all the products have been recalled. new video shows the
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dramatic rescue of a little gicial that crashed into -- girl that crashed into a river in utah. >> come on! come on. a police officer's body camera captured first responders pulling lilly grobech from the wreckage. lilly was revived thanks to a fisherman who saw the accident and called for help. the fisherman and three police officers and two firefighters jumped into the river getting her life saving help faster. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. in the market for a new car. consumer reports breaks down the best picks of 2015. have you ever seen anything like this. amazing video of a massive solar flare. it happened just this week, chris. >> reporter: pretty impressive,
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unfortunately leisure dealing with wet weather around the delaware valley. the second half of the weekend at least looks brighter. could be some sunshine out there, but a chance of a shower. i'll have the details from accuweather when we come right back.
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how cool is this, nasa said the sun released its first significant flare of the year.
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the observatory captured the flare and registered as intense. they create powerful bursts of radiation. they sculpt communications, but they can't pass through the earth atmosphere. if you have a cell phone issue this week, plame the -- blame the sun. >> reporter: you said it just happened. my cell phone is terrible, anyway, i have disruptions. philadelphia international airport, wet runways, we have no major delays, just a few. we're not seeing any flooding at this point now. this is just a soaking rain today, just a miserable starting point unfortunately to the weekend. double scan showing the greens overspreading the area from west to east. really there's not any reason to make any zooms here, the whole area is seeing the same thing. we'll zoom into south jersey and delaware, we'll see the heavy to
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occasionally steady rain falling from elmer to middle town and glassboro in south jersey, hopefully by afternoon things transition over to shower activity and things taper off. 42 dewpoint, 40. wind out of the southwest apt 6 miles per hour. one thing you'll notice this afternoon there will be a contrast in temperature north to south. places like the poconos allentown and the lehigh valley staying in the 40s dover west of wildwood, hitting 60 degrees, we'll split the difference in philadelphia. mid 50s chilly to the north mild to the south. two miles in allentown,.# in -- .3 in the poconos. millville, 3 miles west to east rains heavy at time. every now and then you pick up this yellow here that's a
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heavier cell pushing through bucks county that will work east into new jersey, but again everybody seeing the moderate rain right now. future tracker 6 as we time it out, midday, 12:30 1:00, that's when it begins to taper off. 47 degrees midday in philadelphia. allentown, 43. the back edge through the far western suburbs that races out to sea. later this evening, we'll see pop-up showers maybe patchy drizzle, otherwise cloudy and damp. 55 in philadelphia. 5:30, 60 in dover. 44 in allentown and 40 for the poconos. if you're traveling today the biggest concern would be now through the middle part of the afternoon, slower than normal conditions if you're on the roads again because of the rain or the fog. tomorrow you wake up to sunshine and drier conditions. not expecting any traveling delays for tomorrow. one thing to note if you live north and west in the lehigh valley and the poconos there
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could poor drainage flooding because of the snow melt, plus the rain. the combination of the two adds a lot of water to a partially frozen ground. there could poor-drainage flooding over the next couple of hours. if you see that in the lehigh valley and the poconos it would be minor at best. for today morning rain, afternoon showers mild. 56 degrees in the city. cooler to the northwest milder to the southeast. lots of clouds tonight leftover evening showers. 37 degrees outlying suburbs, 42 center city. once we get past an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon, most of the next week is quiet. 56 today, 54 tomorrow. with the wind it will feel like the 40s. sunday fairly chilly. monday we rebound nicely, 58 only to drop ten by tuesday we're down to 48 again. we have a couple of fronts pulling through wednesday
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chilly 46 degrees and then we're getting in the 50s. >> one of the signs of spring trout fishing season is underway at the delaware's state-run ponds. there are nine of them. anglers of all ages are welcome. up next, the chevy volt is the latest car to hit the recall list. spotlight is shining on radio tailors and how they are not doing enough to protect your information. easy to play. simple to say.
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you've picked out four things before, right? one, two, three, four, and you're done. simple. so the pennsylvania lottery changed the name of "big 4" to "pick 4". it's that simple to play. pick 4. easy to play. simple to say. >> a new report shows retailers are not doing enough to protect customers from hackers. according to a cyber security report customers should bulk up their security before passing industry tests. the report said 29% of companies keep the added security after passing the test. it says companies regularly fail
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to fix bugs or update passwords or fire walls. thousands of chevy volts are being recalled partly of the problem they are too quiet. they forget to turn the car off that can be dangerous. if cars are left in the garage and the hybrid gas engine kicks in it could cause carbon monoxide problems. consumer reports is out with 2015 top pick cars. nydia han has a look at the winners. >> reporter: these are the best of the best, the 270 cars consumers reports recently tested. the engineers identified ten winners, this year's list contains three models built by american car makers. consumer reports top picks list hadn't had this many american models since 1998.
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the buick regal is the top pick. it gives the feel of driving a high end european car. the chevy impala rides like a luxury car. for the second year in a row the best overall cargoes to the tesla -- car goes to the tesla. >> we tested safety performance and government industry tests plus we drive them for thousands of miles and evaluate them in 50 tests. >> reporter: these top picks are dominated by japanese car makers with subaru. the subaru legacy is the top pick for mid size does an -- sedan. the toyota highlander wins for
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best suv. top luxury cargoes to the only european car on the list, the audia6. i'm nydia han channel 6 "action news." #. >> still ahead on "action news" this morning nova and temple have big wins last night but la salle couldn't hold on, highlights coming up in sports.
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dave: the effect that standardized testing is having on our students is already coming through, it's already showing, and they haven't even taken the test yet. my first-grader came home the other day and cried, because he couldn't - he didn't feel like going to karate practice. after he was done with his work, he said, "mom, i'm just tired," and started to cry. in first grade. what are we doing? what are we doing to our kids?
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rain rain go away, right? no it's here and it will be here for at least a little while. that's a live look sky6 live hd wilmington, delaware, you can see the rain coming down, a dreary day today if you're heading out make sure you grab a rain raincoat or umbrella. milwaukee spring training the team has banned pink eye in the wake of an infection spreading through the team.
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temple coach has something to celebrate this weekend and e ducis rogers has that and hope for the phillies. >> reporter: nova will likely get a number one seed in the ncaa tournament thanks to reaching the final in the big east tournament. josh hart has been money off the bench over the past week or so. the cats lead by 13. providence gets back into it. under 20 seconds to play, a costly turnover, chris dunn scores a game high 22. nova gets a two point lead. cats escape 63-61. good game there. moving on now temple in memphis, the owls trying to solidify their tournament resume owls up 6. now a tie game late, a scramble for the loose ball, temple wins
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by 5. coach dunphy 500th career victory. heartbreaker for la salle, la salle hanging on to a 1-point lead. at the buzzer, explorers lose 67-66. the sixers five game home stance continues against sacramento. third quarter sixers get the one-point lead. nerlens noel the big man 16 points and 12 boards, the sixers win 1-107. phils and rays chase utley making his spring training debut as the dh, the bum ankle doesn't prevent him from getting a base
9:27 am
hit in the first inning. ryan howard's first home run of the spring. utley says he is getting back into the griewrve. >> it felt -- groove, it felt good to get out in front of the crowd and hit bats off an opposing pitcher, it was nice. >> that's a look at sports this morning, i'm ducis rogers, you have yourself a terrific weekend. >> much more to come on "action news" this saturday morning including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm monica malpass with peewee and jasmine from the top vote getter this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" contest, you see how they are saving exotic pets on "action news." meteorologist chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" saturday at 9:00 continues.
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accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you it's everything to us. the xc60 crossover. from volvo. lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. >> happening now on "action news," saturday at 9:00. hundred of people paying their respects this morning to fallen philadelphia officer robert wilson iii. our live coverage continues. tragedy in allentown police say a homeless man has died after being crushed inside a garbage truck. changes coming to pennsylvania it could mean a boost in business for local pizza shops. >> let's go over to chris
9:30 am
sowers at the big board. >> reporter: i'm read to teach. we have rain coming down, every now and then you see yellows and darker shades of green. it's just about the entire delaware valley. we'll slow up the yell yellow caution flag this morning if you're going to be traveling take it slow. allow yourself extra time. not only are we seeing the rain, we're getting reports of ponding on the roads and reduced visibility because of the fog settling in. because there are puddles on the roads it's hard to pick out the potholes. you don't want to slam into one of those. here's the satellite and radar the back edge is wait out here to the west through pittsburgh and charleston. that's where the area of low pressure is sitting right now. we have a warm front right here, that will pull to the north. it's probably only going to get as far to the north always south jersey and -- as south jersey
9:31 am
and delaware. the temperatures in the north and west will stay in the 40s with most areas in between 50 degrees or better for philadelphia. chilly to the north, mild to the south. everybody seeing a soaking rain this morning and showers this afternoon. i'll have the complete seven day forecast when i come back in just a little bit. eva? >> thanks, chris. now to the final goodbye of officer robert wilson, iii. this is a live look inside the university of pennsylvania palestra. of a long line waiting to pay their final respect also. "action respects. "action news" annie mccormick is outside the palestra. >> reporter: eva, officer wilson was a hometown boy an 8 year veteran of the force. he he died in the line of duty serving the 22nd district. this morning mourners filed through the university of pennsylvania please extra to pay
9:32 am
respects to officer robert wilson iii. earlier commissioner ramsey, mayor michael nutter and the men and women. 22nd district led a procession with full honor and a horse-drawn carriage carrying wilson's coffin. two gunmen attempting to rob the game stop barged in unaware wilson was inside in full uniform buying a game for his son. they opened fire, and wilson's hero i can -- his or heroic actions saved many lives. wilson leaves behind two young boys. officers saluted wilson's family. today, friends family and fellow officers from around the region are touched to see the outpouring of support. >> this is what brings police officers together. when someone passes away, when
9:33 am
someone is killed in the line of duty. guys from all over the county, all over the world to be by each other's side and show respect. and this has been a long morning already, the procession began around 6:00 a.m. the viewing began around 7:00. it is going on as we speak. now the services start at 10:30 you can see behind me there's a lot of activity always more and more officers from many many states, we've seen officers from maryland to new york new york to virginia coming out to pay their respects. reporting live in university city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> you heard annie mention the service for officer wilson starts at 10:30, you can watch it live at, it is streaming there live right now. 13 children were taken to the hospital after their bucks county nursing facility had to be evacuated this morning. the action cam was at the pedi
9:34 am
manner in plumstead township. propane tank began to leak. the chin's conditions are not known. our delaware news room sent in video of smoke billowing free a home. fire investigators are searching for the cause of the blaze. investigators in lehigh county have the suspect involving a hit and run of a little girl. the girl was hit in the 600 block of hanover avenue as he she walked to -- as she walked to school. no word if charges have been filed. a homeless man was crushed to death inside a garbage truck in allentown. a crew was collecting trash when they heard noise and yelling from the back of the truck. they saw a man's hand sticking out.
9:35 am
firefighters were able to free him from the trash compacter. the 53-year-old was taken to the hospital where he died. the death was ruled an accident. hundreds of people are expected to attend a funeral for an unarmed teenager who was killed by police. he was shot to death after march 6th. after authorities said he assaulted an officer in madison. robison is by racial the officer is white. the shooting is under investigation. ten teenagers are facing charges in a sex assault scandal in los angeles, all of them swells the victims attend venice highly. four others are under investigation but not in custody. the alleged attack also happened on and off campus dating back to 2013. >> some of these were forced sexual assaults, others were consensual with individuals who are too young to give consent. >> the lapd would not confirm
9:36 am
reports that instagram photos shared by students broke open the case. it's a new era for beer business in pennsylvania along with food delveries people can have beer delivered to their homes, as well. last night the was the first night under the new regulations. >> reporter: it was a normal bustling night at car mine's pizza. the phone orders are higher than normal because it's new day in pennsylvania in the in the prepared food to home delivery business. you can a buy beer and have it delivered at the same time of the food. >> it's a huge convenience for us every pennsylvanian i'm sure, pizza and beer goes hand-in-hand on friday night. >> reporter: carmine's has long had alcohol license but the merchants sense a jackpot. they project a 20% increase in
9:37 am
revenue because of the new law in the quaker state. they've lobbying the liquor control board for ages. >> i sell a ton of beer as it is right now. everybody asks for to go beer. i sell a lot of this now it will go higher. >> reporter: there are regulations, you must pay at the time you order. payment at the time. delivery is prohibited. 192 ounces per purchase. two 6 packs. all must be 21, the delivery person and the customer. >> if you're getting your food delivered get your beer and other drinks delivered also. >> it will help out the community and get people to stay inside while they are drinking. it took about to months to get the new phase of beer sales.
9:38 am
there's a long line of businesses trying to get in on this. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00. if you use a selfie stick beware, more and more museumses -- museums are saying the stick has got to go. more and more people are suffering from heart failure right here in philadelphia.
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moments, that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss). italy's favorite cheese brand. now, america's number one block mozzarella. >> museums are joining forses
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to ban -- forces to ban the selfie stick. it's a precautionary measure to make sure none of the artwork is damaged. several museums have forbidded them. including the metropolitan museum of alter and the washington d.c. national gallery. channel 6 has not banned the selfie sticks. >> you came in wltsdz the other day -- the other day, i was like what are you doing with this? >> we'll take one 2 3 1 there's the selfie view, that's penns landing, you can see how gloomy it is right now. lots of fog and rain coming down at a good clip. a miserable saturday morning it's best to stay indoors and warm on the couple. there's double scan live lots of rain, steady shield of light to
9:42 am
moderate rain every nowfer and then it comes down heavier. 42 degrees in philadelphia. wind out northwest. chilly to the north mild to the south. martins creek 37. warrington 37. the farther south you go the closer to 50 you get. 44 in chester. 45 in gandys beach they are closing in on 50 in dover. this is the area where we could see temperatures approaching 60 degrees later this afternoon. large temperature contrast. we'll set it in motion for you again there's no break out there, so we have several hours of wet weather together. it's all thanks to this low pressure right here, which is still back across the ohio valley. we actually have to get this guy through in order to shut that moisture off. looks like a good soaking this morning and then just a few leftover showers later this afternoon. tomorrow promises to be a much better day. still the threat of an isolated
9:43 am
shower during the afternoon, but you'll see sunshine and drier conditions as our wind shift out of the of the northwesterly at 15 to 25 miles per hour. it will be blustery tomorrow, but none of this run of rain. future tracker, 50 in philadelphia. 43 in allentown. even there temperatures are too warm you'll see all rain. there's no frozen precipitation with this round of moisture. 0 degrees in dover. overnight tonight we'll see the clouds give way to clearing and that sets up at least a sunny start to your sunday before more clouds roll in during the afternoon and the threat of an isolated shower late in the day on sunday. what to expect today, morning rain, heavy at times ponding on roads we're seeing that right now. reduced visibility because of the fog that's settling on in, all this tapers off around
9:44 am
1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. rainfall totals up to this point we've seen twern .5 of an inch or .6 of an inch. there could poor drainage flooding in low-lying areas but minor, not a major event. morning rain, afternoon showers allentown, 48. philadelphia, 56. millville and dover 58. and cape may 56 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow promises to be much quieter no precipitation, but the wind will whip, so that 50 will feel like the 40s. a nice looking day on monday, 58 degrees. tuesday, cooler, 48. wednesday, chilly, 46. thursday insunshine, 50.
9:45 am
friday is the official start spring. 48 degrees. >> spring is on the way. >> i know lots of people are excited. >> reporter: i'm excited and i am a snow lover, i had enough, february was tough. time for 6abc's "shelter me rescue of the week" this week's rescue group is from williamstown, new jersey. monica malpass has their story. >> we don't do dogs and cats, there are so many other shelters that do. >> reporter: direct animal shelter rescue exotic pellets. chinchillas, people get these pets, they get them with the best intention they take good care, but the novelty wares off. >> many of them get abandoned. there's nowhere for them to go.
9:46 am
we don't want people to lock them away in a room. >> reporter: because the rescue specializes in unusual animals they don't adopt them out. they find foster for life. they go into foster care until you tell me it's yours. shelby is a tortoise and native to africa. they can live up to 100 years and get up to 250 pounds. >> jack is a baby ferret looking for his forever foster. they sleep a lot and get up and play an hour in the morning and hour at night. >> reporter: these are peewee and jasmine adorable far he ferrets looking for homes. vote for your favorite "shelter me rescue of the week" or add a rescue group to our list by going to the "shelter me rescue of the week" of the "action
9:47 am
news" facebook we'll feature the top vote getter next saturday morning on "action news." with peewee and jasmine i'm monica malpass channel 6 "action news."
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>> taking another live look inside the university of pennsylvania palestra, where a viewing is underway for philadelphia officer robert wilson iii. a memorial service is expected to start in just over a half-hour at 10:30, you can watch this as the viewing
9:50 am
continues and the service happens on our website at here's a look at what's happening around the delaware and lehigh valleys. boats, boats and more boats are on display at the greater philadelphia boat show this weekend. if you're in the market for a new boat or want to look at boats, talk to experts or anything else, held to the expo center in oaks, montgomery county this weekend it's open today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. calling all pet owners, the tha is hosting a pet mixer happening from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the world cafe live at the queen in wilmington, delaware. heart failure testing is
9:51 am
underway using the body's own power to regenerate itself. these days it's hard to keep up with robert passion when he is walks down -- parks when he walks you down the hall. it's a big change since he got sick on a business trip. he suffered a major heart attack. >> on the left side of the heart, the muscle also are gone. >> reporter: three more heart attacks, the heart is very weak. so just before christmas parks enrolled in a study to see if his own stem cells could improve blood flow. john george of temple university hospital said doctors thinks that -- >> you can regenerate the heart
9:52 am
muscle. >> reporter: stem cells extracted from bone marrow are multiplied and injected into the muscle inside the heart. the target is used with a 3d mapping system. >> as you dip into the red that's a dead heart muscle. you can see the different spot along the the border where the stem cells are d. parks thinks he got the real deal. >> reporter: patients like robert parks will be followed to see if their heart function improves if they have fewer hospital stays and their quality of life improves. the trial at temple is he open for more volunteers, we have all the information original
9:53 am ali gorman channel 6 "action news." >> the next few minutes, chris sowers will take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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with so much to do stay where the action is. book one of our hotels at >> let's get a last check. weather. >> reporter: lots of rain this morning, just a few showers the steadiest occur between now and midday. you can see all the darker shades of green that's where we are picking up the moderate to heavy rain now, which is just about the entire area. slow it down on the roads this morning, there's ponding on the roads this morning. 56 degrees, morning rain, a mild afternoon. chilly in the lehigh valley. lehigh valley in the 40s. sunday we see the return of sunshine during the morning and
9:56 am
more clouds roll in by the afternoon. threat of a shower and cooler high of 50. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we do recover nicely for monday. monday we're back up to 58 degrees, south jersey delaware, probably going to hit 60. monday looks like a nice afternoon, tuesday and wednesday, it's cooler, 48 and 46. that's pretty much what you can expect this time of year. >> you were warning people to watch out for the potholes. they are hard to see. >> reporter: because of the water, you don't want to slam into those. >> this baby gorilla has a lot of to he will celebrate. she had a nerve wracking bitter. doctors had to do a c-section on her mother. she also doing a lot better these days. i'm guessing that's her momma there, a little big to be the 1-year-old. jack hannah's "wild countdown
9:57 am
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." boy, she's camouflaged good or something. hold it, there she is. people ask me all the time how i find all those incredible animals. today i'm going to show you. >> there it is. >> it's hidden right behind the mom. i couldn't even see it. >> yes. >> look at this. sometimes it takes high-tech gear... or good ole fashion know-how. >> you hear that chirp? that was the otter. >> yeah, sounds like a bird. >> it sounds like a bird chirp yeah. >> and a little luck always helps. >> all right, along that line there. >> yeah, i think i hear


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