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tv   Action News  ABC  March 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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saturday night i'm walter perez. we are dealing with the remnants of yet another weekend weather event, fortunately it was not snow this time but rain, lots of it, soaking the tri-state area.
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also an investigation is underway in ocean county after an apparent explosion blew a home wide open. but the big story on "action news" tonight is heartfelt and emotional final farewell to a fallen hero. philadelphia police officer robert wilson the third now elevated to rank as sergeant. >> i have been in policing for 46 years and i have never witnessed a act of bravery like i saw that day. never. >> he made the ultimate sacrifice, and stayed true to every word that was recited. we were sworn in upon graduating from the academy. >> just a awesome police officer. >> today loved ones friend, officers from all across the country turned out to say good which one final time. wilson was remember as someone who earned the title as being one of philadelphia's finest as well as being a good man, a good father and a wonderful friend.
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you see here today started early this morning, horse drawn carriages carried officer wilson's body through the streets of university city. around his coffin thousands of philadelphia police officers marched in the show of solidarity to honor the the memory of one of their own. those thousands of officers along with family and friend gathered at the the palestra for today's final farewell and amid memories shared happy and sad about robert wilson the third there were three major pos must honors for the man who died doing the the job he loved. "action news" reporter annie mccormack was there for the services. >> reporter: shortly into the service commissioner ramsey posthumously promoted officer robert wilson to the rank of sergeant. the the accolade continued, commissioner charles ramsey awarding the fallen sergeant robert wilson the third with a two highest medals. >> the medal of honor, which is given to officers who make the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: medal of valor which effected immediately is now renamed in wilson's honor. this is after topo lease brass
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watched the the videos of murder of the sergeant wilson after two armed men storms the the north philadelphia game stop, and opened fire on a uniformed sergeant was inside buying a gift for his son. he in managed to fire a shot and save customer's lives. ramsey and mayor michael nutter recounted wilson's final moments in the emergency room. >> i saw his heartbeating. he for the valiantly. just as he for the in that store. two cowards came upon him. >> i have been in policing for 46 years and i have never witnessed an act of bravery like i saw that day. never. >> reporter: emotional services included several of wilson's fellow officers and his partner damon stevenson at first was too overwhelmed to talk. >> you see from these pictures, that is all we did,
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we had fun. there is no other car like 2222. i'm telling you like every single day. >> wilson a nearly nine year veteran, in the between the second district is now a hero but father of the now ten year-old and now one year-old will always be known for his softer side. the song smile played as mourners filed in. >> that smile everybody knows that smile. i can go on and on about the the stories we had about that smile. >> reporter: loved ones, strangers and police officers from across the country showed their support too. >> to see everybody come out and honor him, all of the cops, all of the community, i just want to thank everyone for paying their respects to my nephew robert wilson the third. >> reporter: in university city anni empty mccormack channel six "action news". officers from all across the the the country showed up to pay their respects. "action news" spoke with the group that came down from connecticut and they say wilson's death struck a cord with officers from coast to
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coast. >> when you lose one officer, the country loses an officer and we should all be in mourning. >> we're all brothers and it is one big brothers. we're all the same. >> reporter: after today's services sergeant wilson's body was escorted by motorcade under the american flag. hundreds of officers line the street in full solute as his hearst passed by. wilson was then buried in fern wood cemetery in lansdowne. we streamed viewing and funeral for sergeant wilson live on 6a about our coverage continues right there with full details from today's tribute video reports from the coverage and collection of photos from the funeral, procession and both viewings. we invite to you plea check it out at six now to the accu weather forecast, a damp dreary tart to the weekend. taking a live look outside sky six in high definition giving us a a foggy wet look in the center city sky line g news is most of the rain already passed through. the meteorologist melissa magee joins us from the big board tracking the dry out for
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the delaware valley, hi melissa. >> hi there walter. it is definitely wet, soggy start to the saturday. storm tracker six live is showing you the light rainfall, in trenton down to philadelphia and wilmington. especially areas south and east. we will go to the street level and storm tracker and you can see light to moderate rainfall moving across area of south jersey wrightstown, browns mills, medicine toward lakes hammington and area of surf city and coastline. we are tracking the showers. that will be for the early half of the evening hours. then after that the the precipitation will start to stop. rainfall so far, new castle 1.28 inches of rain. woodbine in cape may county 1.21. same thing in west grove. chad forward 1.13 inches. and in philadelphia a .86 of an liquid rainfall. the as we look at what we can expect out and about on the town, thon saturday evening temperatures for the most part will be in the middle and lower 50's underneath a mostly cloudy sky. we will talk about what is ahead for the rest of our weekend. we will track the spotty
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showers that will continue for the rest of the evening hours, tracking and watching out for areas of patchy fog across the region with so much low level moisture. good news conditions will improve for the the second half of the weekend about if you it will be wind which a gusty breeze through sunday. all of those details with the full exclusive accu weather forecast walter. and, vacant house collapsed this morning in philadelphia's mantua section. the it happened at 8:30 in the 600 block of union street there were no reports of anyone getting injured, and officials are investigate to go find out, how the building collapsed. meanwhile officialness ocean county are investigating what is reported as a house explosion. the the the action cam was on the scene here in seaside heights, on sumner avenue. parts of the home were torn opened, leaving the inside exposed. officials say it happened at 10:30 last night on the first floor and there was someone inside the home at the time. we're told that victim was taken to the local hospital with unspecified injuries. the cause has not been determined yet. a quick thinking nurse helped save a home for mentally challenged children
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in bucks county. police there say a nurse smelled gas inside of a home or inside the home in plumstead township and found a toppled propane tank inside the back of the building so she called 911. officials on the scene said enough gas had leaked to cause a massive explosion. thirteen children were evacuated, some were taken to the nearby hospital others were moved to the home in milford no word on why the tank toppled and in reports of any injuries. from our delaware news room officials say this morning's fire in marshall ton was accidental. fire started at about 7:30 this morning, at a house on stenton road. investigators say faulty wiring in the home's kitchen toys blame. two women inside were hospitalized for smoke inhalation and they are expected to be just fine. officials say the fire caused about $30,000 worth of damage along the way. winter will come to an official conclusion in less than a week and society i leaders with members of the community are gearing up for some spring cleaning...
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>> ♪♪ >> officials from the philadelphia streets department held a rally today to kick off this years spring cleaning obsession more than 1,000 block captains from all across philadelphia gathered inside center city for this event. it marks 70 years since the formation of the philadelphia, more beautiful committee. downtown wilmington was a wash in green today for cities 40th annual st. patrick's day parade. >> ♪♪ >> this years parade was sponsored by irish culture club of delaware. it kicked off at noon despite the the the wet weather. the city and state official where is there to celebrate as well alongside clowns irish dancers, even a leprechaun or two. meanwhile philadelphia will hold its 245th annual st. patrick's day celebration tomorrow. it is the second oldest st. pat i a's day parade in the country. the it starts at noon at 16th and jfk boulevard and crosses the the parkway before heading past the art museum and up kelly drive.
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all right. much more to come on "action news" tonight, island communities in the south pacific are reeling after they before hit head on by cyclone sam. the help they are now asking for. a shocking statement from pope francis, his plan for the future he is hinting at just two years after becoming leader at the roman catholic church. jeff skversky has a season ending jer for the flyers when "action news" comes right back.
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the people of the area cleaning up after sigh clean pam, delivered a blow to the nation. aid workers there say many homes were damage or simply blown away after wind gusts as high as 170 miles an hour and power is still out over the country and some areas are still without water. officials there are asking the the u.n. for help. pope francis has been dropping hints that he may eventually retire rather than serve as pontiff until his
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death. during his two years as pope francis has done much to breathe new life in the roman catholic church but now he is saying his days may be numbered. >> i have the the feeling my pontificate will be brief, four or five years, or two or three. >> how about that. pope francis points to the example set by his predecessor pope emeritus benedict. benedict became first pontiff in centuries to retire and francis says that should not be the the exemption. in the meantime philadelphia is preparing for a visit by the pope this coming september, for the world meeting of families. dozens of middle and high school students put months of hard work on the line today... that is the reaction after a demonstration from one team's submission to the inaugural rube goldberg machine contest in philadelphia's wynnewood section. the students were challenge with making a mechanical contraption to can erase the
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chalkboard. winners qualify for national competent thetition held next month in wisconsin. today is pie day, p-i day which is celebration of course of the mathematical constant known as pi. at the franklin institute in sent iser city philadelphia, kid and adults celebrated by measuring and reciting pi and then launched a few pies. it refers to the ratio of the circumference of the circle to the diameter. several kid took part in the pie eating contest. still to come on "action news" temple is on the bubble less than 24 hours before selection sunday and today the steaks were high against larry brown, jeff skversky explains next up in sports.
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and he is not having a good day, as well. any last ditch playoff run will have to be done without flyers forward rj umberger. is done for the year. the the guy they got the for scott hartnell last summer will have season ending surgery on his right hip and abdominal muscles. flyers on fire today begins red wings. first period mark street shoots. it is tipped in by brayden schenn originally credited for the goal. remember this goal. to the second, here comes schenn again, on the rebound, dives, and then tips it in. so that is his second goal of the game. flyers have a two goal lead. then just 11 seconds in the third, schenn, yes again, from jake voracek. schenn scores that hat trick. the flyers fans throwing hats on the ice. but oh no, everyone in the building then informed that schenn is no longer getting credit for this first goal, do you remember this? they gave to it wayne simmonds, so no hat trick. schenn only two goals.
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what about all those hats. hats off to the flyers today, they scored seven times on detroit to win seven-two. how about all of those hats the fans lost. >> well, what a trick that was. there is a lot of hats on the ice, and i was talking to someone in the first intermission, you know i tipped it, and tipped it right after me. so, he is not trying to chisel that one. lou was late to the mike costing people their hats. >> getting expensive too. despite waking up with a 23-nine record today, temple is on the bubble. the it is selection sunday a day away. owls could help their cause by beating larry brown and 20th ranked smu today. temple walk in the rain to get to the arena for their american conference semi finals game begins smu. larry brown and smu trailing the entire first half. temple's will cummings drives the basket and the foul. temple off as many a as ten. lb livid. second half slips away from the owls. ryan manual with the slam,
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hopefully doesn't slam door on temple's tournament shot. temple goes down 69-56. their third loss to smu this season. now they have to hold in play the selection commit thee, thinks their 23-ten record goodies enough. delaware state can clinch their first trip to the tournament in ten years with a win over hampton. they were tied at the half but hampton out scored them by 21 in the second. delaware state goes down and out, they lose 82-61. it is fun to watch. the only question surrounding villanova these days will they get a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. nova is making a strong case to be a top seed. they are 31-two heading in the big east tournament title game. villanova plays xavier at 8:00 in new york. cats are going for their second big east championship game in school history. their only other title came 20 years ago. nova has won their last 14 games, heck, what is one more, they have not lost in two
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months. so what else does chip kelly have have up that sleeve? the eagles coach has traded away his star running back, his quarterback and let's not forget he let his top receiver go in each of the last two off seasons. kelly claims eagles are not done despite at additions of byron maxwell, sam bradford and demarco mur toy name a few. eagles need a wide out and safety. they could use salary cap relief as well. that is where howie roseman and his staff come into play. >> howie and jake and those guys have done a good job explaining what we have where we are going as we articulated our plan from the player's standpoint and a vision they have done a great job putting together models and how we can do it. we feel very comfortable with where we are. it is march. we still have the draft. we have other opportunities before to add to this football team. this isn't the final prod new jersey terms of putting 90 guys together. >> phillies starter aaron harang scratched from the
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start with lower back discomfort. lets take a look the at the highlights speaking of being scratch, jeff francoeur is out with oblique issue with the tigers. the his replacement brian bowsevick, that is a tell up. career journey man trying to make a roster. phillies win five-four. the the season starts in just three weeks. >> that means spring is coming. >> can't wait. >> all right, thanks jeff. accu weather forecast is coming up.
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okay. time for a final check of the accu weather forecast and
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melissa tells me the word on the street is, still cloudy tomorrow but less rain. >> always save the best for the the last. >> yes. >> we have some inside information there to pass it a along. >> it gets better tomorrow walter. we have storm tracker six live double scan radar showing thaw we have some spotty showers, across the delaware and lehigh valleys. they are mainly to the east of the 95 corridor. we will go in tighter on street level with storm tracker and see light rainfall in south jersey and medford lakes, things are starting to dry up there. but to the south of that region in glassboro hammington, mays landing, down to atlantic city and west ward into areas of delaware, we still have some light rain to contend with for early half of the evening hours. we will show you the the picture outside the action cam outside earlier today nice shot of the ben franklin bridge on this sat the day but it has been a soaker all day to day. watching out for areas of patchy fog visibility will be reduced if you are out and about early on the the road. we're down to 2 miles in the city, half a mile in reading,
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two and a half miles in allentown, down to three in trenton. so you want to give yourself some extra time. we are dealing with the moisture, low level cloud, as well and that will definitely slow you down. temperatures outside, despite the rain we have climbed up to 50 degrees today in the city. we're coming in at 49. forty-three in allentown. forty in the poconos a long the coast in wildwood 52. fifty-five in dover. middle 50's in atlantic city. the satellite six with action radar show you the the moisture we have overhead. the it is departing to the north and east. but we have still left over showers, that we have to deal with for the rest on have this evening hours. then we will look up to the north and is there an upper level low that will migrate the to the south and east as we get in the second half of our weekend. we will time rest of the the precipitation out for you. 7:00 o'clock this evening notice showers still for philadelphia a areas to the east of our region. by 8:00 o'clock we are dealing with left over moisture, otherwise, mostly cloudy most of the time for the rest of tonight and then conditions will slowly improve for sunday
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n fact, tomorrow definitely the better half of our weekend. problem we have is an area of low pressure to depart. high pressure over ohio valley that will work its the way eastwar. we are stuck between the two. we have a tight pressure gradient. we could find wind of 30 miles an hour. there will be breaks of sunshine and spotty shower likely if you are north of the city otherwise we will max out at 51 degrees. call from accu weather for tonight we are tracking stray showers and mostly cloudy, 42 in the city and 38 in the suburbs suburbs for the overnight the low. the the exclusive accu weather forecast showing you tomorrow wind which some sun breaks by the afternoon. high temperature of 51. on monday partly sunny and mild up to 58. some spots close to 60. tuesday, for st. patty's day cool with a shower around, from time to time a high of 40. wednesday it is cooler chilly, behind that and windy as a high of 44. thursday a nice mixture of sunshine and cloud, 45. the vernal equinox meaning spring yes finally begins on
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friday. mostly sunny. high of 48 degrees. tell temperatures near normal as the start of the next weekend. >> sometimes i ask myself where can a guy go to get a good cup of joe. >> i have a good place for you. >> yes. >> coming up on fyi philly, we will check out the new places to get your morning coffee. plus, don't drive all the way to the city for dinner. the the suburbs are booming with these restaurant, these days and we have got hot new look for spring, now officially a week away. join myself and alycia vitarelli tonight on fyi philly at 7:00 after abc world news saturday. >> you always have the answer for me. >> good show. >> thank you melissa. don't miss "action news" at ten on p hl17 tonight and then we're back here at six abc at 11:00. for melissa pennsylvania magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." rivers rising. the heavy rain surging waters and now swamped roads and flooded homes. who's on alert for more flooding tonight? breaking news the blown tire seen from a window on a flight from denver. the passengers bracing for impact. and what they did when they landed. high flying pastor the popular televangelist under fire tonight. his $65 million ask, what he told his flock he needs to preach the good word. and, miracle moment. the heart-stopping video -- >> pass her up! >> rescuers pulling that little girl from the icy river, the desperate rush to save her life.


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