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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  March 26, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, police fear a missing woman from delaware county was a victim of a crime. new detail as nouned this morning. and a woman's abduction turns out to be fake what we know about the hoax in california. prosecutors confirm that the pilot was locked out of the cockpit the voice recorder caught him banging on the door
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while the copilot intentionally sent the plane into the side of a mountain. lets go to marcy gonzales in new york. >> reporter: good afternoon, investigators don't know the motive it is clear though that this tragedy was not an accident. in the final moments before germanwings slammed into the french alps, the voice recording picked up the screams of passengers and the pilot locked out of the cockpit frank particularly pounding on the door silence as he hit the button to bring the plane down in a 10 minute long deadly decent. >> what activated i don't know but it could be analyzed as a willingness to destroy the aircraft. >> the new revelations gleaned
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from the black box voice recorder found at the scene. it started out normally and the pilot is asking the copilot to take control as he stepped out presumely to use the restroom the copilot then ignored the pilot's attempts to return and then heard breathing normally leading them to believe he did not suffer a medical emergency. >> we are forced to come to the conclusion that the flight was deliberately crashed. >> a horrifying realization of the families of the 150 people on board including three americans the remains still being recovered today. an airline official says that the copilot underwent psychological testing as part of his training and there were no red flags and that he had no
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links to terrorism. marcy gonzales, back to you the family of the drexel university student is asking for privacy and prayers. emily selke and her mother yvonne, were killed on the flight. >> what people should know about them is they were not two americans on the plane and not a mother and daughter on the plane but yvonne and emily two amazing loving people who left behind friends and family who love and miss them a lot. >> at drexel emily was the member of a service sorority gamma sigma sigma they said she put others before herself and will be greatly missed. can you see more by going to
12:04 pm and see more vote owes and video from the scene in the french alps. tornadoes tore a path of destruction in oklahoma one twister killed a person and injured nine others in the tulsa suburbs yesterday. the national weather center is just starting to assess the damage. a children's gymnastic studio collapsed and firefighters carried them to safety after the storm. >> was scared and all we did was praise god we were still alive. >> tornadoes were also reported in arkansas 80,000 people were left without power. the same weather system is affecting our region on a much smaller scale we are dealing with rain and the chance for thunderstorms. david murphy is tracking the latest at the "action news" big board. >> we did have a cluster of
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thunderstorms that was not a severe storm but the storms were producing a lot of lightning and we were talking about the importance of getting inside. of course whenever the lightning strikes, that is pushing off away from us in ocean county and precipitation in southern chester county and maybe a thunderstorm eventually out of that one but this is just spotty nuisance showers and we'll get into a break before too much longer there is a second piece of precipitation south of richmond and washington but uncertain if this will shoot off the coast but maybe catch a little bit. parts of region may get a dose of that and maybe a thunderstorm we'll see out to the west we have the cold front portion of the system pushing towards the east and this brings the band of rain in this evening and this is mainly straight rain and another rumble of thunder is not out of the question i want to show you the version of this
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that includes the cloud cover, we are socked in today. down here to the southwest you see there is a little bit of a break in the clouds right down in there and it is possible between this rain this morning and now into the early afternoon and the second batch coming in this evening, we break out some sun this afternoon. that will help our temperatures that are already looking pretty mild. 54 in philadelphia and 57 in wilmington over 60 in dover and close to 60 in millville. the mild air is sweeping up from the south in allentown and reading. a high of 69 degrees today and we can say it's well above average for a change. i'll be back sara in a bit with the future tracker 6 showing how this weather will behave tonight and tomorrow. and cooler air coming in time for the weekend. >> thank you. as david just mentioned the other part of the weather, warmer temperatures
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correspondent nora muchanic is live in mercer county. hi nora. >> reporter: hello there it's 52 degrees out right now but it started to rain a couple seconds ago, it's pouring here and it has lightened up a light. we came to a garden center the perfect place to bright and up this gloomy day another go around on this roller coaster we call our weather. on misty morning lane, the richter kids are playing in snow left outside of the house and spring flowers are next to it starting to sprout. >> oh my goodness it's suppose to be nice today and obviously suppose to rain but come saturday it's suppose to be cold again. >> and snow possibly. >> i know when will winter be open? i just don't know. >> her marigolds and tulips are way behind and the cold weather
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lasted long and delayed their growth. >> my tulips, not coming up. they just aren't coming up like they usually do i want it to be over with and have my flowers come up. >> at the oasis garden center there are plenty of flowers, they are finally being moved outside, so customers can come and shop. >> we were not able to get our flowers out but we have this week and we are getting our easter flowers ready to go. >> the weather is changing nice i like that. because we have a lot of snow. >> you hear maybe 70 today. >> 70 is okay, but the weekend is the busiest and that is suppose to get cold again we'll be moving stuff in and out constantly. hopefully after the long winter people will be ready to go and start planting stuff.
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if only mother nature would cooperate. >> garden centers like this will have to move all the beautiful flowers like this back inside. if temperatures dip this weekend, it's great that the weather is warming up but not really the kind of day you want to spend much time outside. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> we will get there eventually, thank you nora, check before heading out find live storm tracker 6 radar and the latest from our team of meteorologists. all right we have breaking news out of upper darby where police say that a 25-year-old woman that was reported missing last year is likely the target of foul play. she is the mother of to small children and was last seen by her family last june her family is just trying to get some closure, chad pradelli was at
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this morning's news conference and he'll have more coming up at 12:30. more breaking news here at the port richmond section of philadelphia you are looking live at east cambria street where a teenager was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the head. a suspect was seen leaving on a bicycle. we'll bring you details as soon as possible. still to come on "action news" at noon, a reported abduction turns out to be a hoax. what the police are saying about a woman that turned up safe and sound miles from home. and a former congressman is out of prison where jesse jackson jr. is headed next.
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police believe a california woman supposed abduction was a hoax and that she was in on it. denise huskins' boyfriend called 911 to say he was contacted by kidnappers demanding a ransom and today she turned up safe hundreds of miles away, and they believe that the scam was fake.
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and now they are trying to help them retake the city of tikrit iraq requested the extra firepower as they battle isis, who seized saddam hussein's former town last summer. they call it a final phase of an offensive to recapture the city. former congressman jesse jackson jr. was released from prison in alabama after serving 17 months of his 30 month sentence, the illinois democrat plead guilty to spending $750,000 of campaign money on personal items he will serve the rest of his sentence in a halfway house in washington, d.c. more than 30 students are in trouble for a scam to change their grades. one student hacked into the
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students can be allowed to skip standardized testing in new jersey kids with permission from their parents could opt out of standardized tests and schools could be forced to give them other options trk would need to clear the snatd before heading to governor christie for final approval. scientists have discovered a simple way to cook rice that cuts the acategories they put coconut oil in the water before cooking the grains and allowed it to cool in the refrigerator for 12 hours it reduces the digestible starch and calories
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by up to 50% they are successful on 38 different kinds of rice so far. >> the "action news" team is working on news stories tonight at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a look ahead. >> coming up at 4:00 on saving with 6 abc it's about bargains for babies we'll take you to an annual consignment sale in montgomery county giving parents a chance to buy items up to 90% off. and now you see shattered teenagers over zane maliks calling it quits from one direction. and you have been seen the parody of the one depression you'll see that in big talkers, we'll see you guys coming up at 4:00 funny and not funny. >> not funny. sophia loren once said it's
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the creativity you bring into your life, and now we meet a centenarian that is live that mantra. >> at 100 years old, frieda is enjoying her first solo art exhibition now on display at rosemont college. >> i am critical about myself but when i see it here on the wall it looks like, did i do this? frieda started painting in 1991 within she was 76 years old. >> i painted non-stop actually sometimes i would forget myself and even paint until 4:00 in the morning. she started taking classes at rosemont college and went to the pennsylvania university of fine arts and earned her sertd at the able of 83.
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>> she is chic and all of that but enormously self disciplines. >> a holocaust survivor she worked five decades as a nurse. >> i paint a lot and cook for the family and do the shopping and study hebrew keep my brains occupied. >> she published her auto biography at 85. >> now an addendum because there are 12 years -- >> if you have too much time on your hands you think back and you feel sorry about yourself and this way you don't. >> you can view frieda her life her art at rosemont college until april 7th. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here and even with the damp conditions it's nice to feel the mildness outside. >> yes the first time in a long time with over average temperatures. if we take a close view we see stuff riding up out of the southwest, most of it light to moderate and coatesville a
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heavier cell in yellow pushing north in the direction of pottstown areas to the south starting to dry out a little bit and cape may county and dover are you get ago way from the rain in the lehigh valley, you have quite a bit to pop through and light to moderate rain pushing through and the additional stuff out of berks county. and trenton you missed the boat on a lot of this rain of course our thunderstorm from earlier way up to the north and no longer producing lightning. we look outside we have cloudy skies down the shore and at times once the batches of rain get through you'll see the skies bright being a little bit we see that off the coast of atlantic city, the temperature is the story, up to 54 degrees even now at the noon hour, pretty nice, the winds are calm too and it's a comfortable 54 assuming you can get out there and dodge the rain drops still cooler up north but how about the numbers
12:26 pm
to the south 60 or over, down towards dover delaware future tracker 6 shows we will probably get into a lull, maybe additional showers, from the batch of rain from the south and as we get into the 60s period again a lull with a few showers beginning to redevelop to the north and west and maybe even peeks of sunshine for a while in the late afternoon hours we are on the watch for the last little thrust of rain coming down from the northwest and this is forced by the cold front coming at us and there is a brief but heavier shower there with gusty wind ahead of it and i would not be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder later on this evening and then we break it down to spotty showers and there is a little bit of that surviving into tomorrow morning, allentown today lots of clouds around and showers and thunder at times, 64 degrees is your forecast time and milder in the lehigh valley and down the shore you stay
12:27 pm
cooler, that southerly flow is coming in off the water enough to bring the cool air sitting on top of the cool ocean water you'll only get up to 58 degrees, some showers as well. philadelphia 69 degrees, some spots could go up to 70 and clouds and sunny breaks are possible. and showers and one thunderstorm crossing south jersey and we could see another one pop up later in the day. cloudy with a shower tonight then and perhaps thunder, 45 is the overnight low and like today's high is above average, we look at an evening commute, it's a bit damp and we are in the lull i just showed you and temperatures mild by 7:00 and we are tolding on to 66 degrees, today's high a mild 69 and damp at times with the showers popping through tonight and cooler tomorrow with shower activity in the morning and drying in the afternoon, a high of only 52 and saturday feels like winter again and a high around 40 and a brisk breeze
12:28 pm
giving you windchills in the 20s in the morning and 30s in the afternoon and there may be a passing flurry or snow shower, and 50s after that. >> david thank you. much more "action news" when we come right back.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. hello again. breaking news within the last hour a philadelphia teenager was shot in the head and torso and now police are investigating and stunning revelations of what happened in the cockpit moments before a packed plane crashed over the french alps and a search for a missing woman is underway in delaware county nearly a year after she disappeared. we begin with breaking news from philadelphia's port richmond section, police say that a 17-year-old man was shot in the head and several times in the torso he was taken to temple university hospital in critical condition. police are investigating, and we'll get updates for you and bring you the latest on air and online at now the latest on the


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