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tv   Action News  ABC  March 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the latest on the germanwings crash. this was not an accident. cecily tynan with the latest accuweather forecast
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>> flames were spreading to three other buildings and debris and shards of glass went flying and one restaurant customer said we're still shaking hours later. thursday night, and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on massive explosion and blaze in new york city's east village. 250 firefighters converged on the scene but they could not prove enter two of the four affected buildings from collapsing.
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a total of 19 people were injured including four firefighters. four of the injured were critically hurt. authorities say all indications are that gas caused the blast. and 7-alarm fire. live open the scene is "abc news" correspondent lona zach. what is the situation now. >> well, jim fire fighters are still very much on the scene here. they may be getting help from mother nature. it started to rain. cause see behind me their work continues and commissioner says that will continue throughout the night. it was just after 3:15 when the explosion tore through the first building. >> it pushed me forward. i was sitting by the window. i saw the window kind of like vibrate like rubber. >> passers by rushed to help an injured person on the street. the explosion and fire were so intense thick clouds of smoke enveloped the new york sky line. police handed out masks
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breathing difficult in the heavy smoke. gas is believed to have caused 7-alarm fire that destroyed two buildings and evacuated several blocks in new york's east village. the resulting fire spread rapidly and second building collapsed as neighbors scrambled to safety. it took hundreds of firefighters hours to bring that blaze under control. >> they made extremely dangerous searches of these buildings to search for any victims. >> residents like matthew and nora brooks say they lost everything. >> i'm very upset my whole life was in there. i lived in that building 23 years and yeah i'm just numb you know. it's all gone. the building is completely destroyed. >> reporter: and there is one positive sign, jim, though we've been standing here for hours for the fivt time we're seeing police officers are allowing people in surrounding buildings here back in their home tonight. live in east village of new york city.
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lona zach, "channel 6 action news." back to you. >> lona thank you so much. it was one year ago when another building blew up in new york and at that time 8 people were killedch the explosion leveled apartment in east harlem. the ntsb investigation continues to this day and they have found a gas leak in pipes near the sivt blast caused the tragedy. >> firefighters battled a blaze in eavesham township burlington county tonight that damaged three homes. it broke out at 7:15 on 200 block of fox wood lane. firefighters had it under dmrol 45 minutes. nobody was hurt. >> well, this is the news that shocked the world. the crash of that germanwings air bus into the french alps was not an accidentch the copilot locked the pilot out of the cockpit and sent the plane into a death plunge that claimed 150 lives. "action news" reporter shar he williams has been following the latest developments and shar he, officials have learned what happened but they still have no
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idea why copilot andrew lubitz did this unspeakable thing. >> officials are trying to figure it out. they're digging through her financial records, medical history. any extreme political views. investigators going through his home in germany looking for any possible evidence this as report says he program the autopilot to go from 38,000 to low altitude of 130 feet. >> in those moments before slamming into the french alps the cockpit voice recorders picked up screams of passengers and thud of pilot knocking on the door locked out by the copilot lubitz who stayed silent as he hit the button to bling the plane down in 10 minute long deadly decent. >> deactivated that we don't
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know why which can be analyzed as willingness to destroy the aircraft. >> once at cruising altitude the pilot is heard asking copie tlot take control as he stepped out presumably to use the restroom. when he returned investigators say the copilot did not respond and kept the door locked. >> they're listening to breathing and considering the pattern they're hearing is consist went somebody conscious alert, and doing something that they intend to do. >> could this pilot lockout happen in the united states? after 9/11 a number of changes were mandated on u.s. airlineers. including if a pilot levers the cockpit for any reason, a flight atnd apt must enter and stay there until the pilot returns. so there's two people in the cockpit at all times. >> those two options have been working one reason why is you don't close the door if you have less than two people in there and i think that no loan zone
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concept is something that needs to be universal we need to do this all over the planet as absolute standard. >> international carriers seem to now aagree with regulations u.s. has in place as multiple european airlines announce today they are changing their cockpit rules to mandate that 2 crew members be in the cockpit at all times. that includes lutansa. britain air shuttle and air canada and fbi is joining this investigation at this point only in a support role. as we know, three americans were on board. >> of course the irony here is it's so hard to get into cockpits because of enforcement and security after 9/11. >> that's what makes it ironic. there are those calling for cameras to be in the cockpit as auto measure. >> shar he thank you. >> well the mind of murderous copilot will be the subject of tonight's "nightline" at 12:35 after "action news" and jimmy
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kimmel. >> philadelphia police are trying to sort out an apparent abduction in fairmont park this afternoon. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at central detective headquarters, dann what's the status of this? >> reporter: well, jim, police now say a woman was grabbed by the throat and thrown in the back of a car. they're not treating this as stranger abduction based on witness accounts they do believe the woman knew her abductor. this all began 2:45 this afternoon 3200 block of segle in fairmont park and a man and well were arguing she was doing mowing of of the talking: the man never struck her but grabbed her bit back of the throat and sped off last seen girard avenue near callly drive. witnesses describe the man as light skinned black male wearing white tee shirt and black skullly cap and drivering blue 2004 pontiac grand prix with dark tinted windows. witnesses were only to get first
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two let he's of pennsylvania tag letters jn, t as in tom. if you see the car know it's whereabouts or otherwise have information helpful to the investigation you're asked to call 911. right now police are treating this as priority call unless they otherwise find out that the woman is okay. live in september ral detectives i'm dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> a line of spring storms twept through much of the area bringing a torrent of water with it. it was no fun caught in tonight's downpours secureying to your car without an umbrella. drivers had to take it easy on the roads like here route 202 king of prussia. there was minor dmrod there was minor dmroding and that was a problem and there's tale of temperatures. meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking it all tonight with live double can skapry dar. >> jim heavy torrential downpours and blinding downpours earlier this evening moved over
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new england. actual cold front triggering wet weather is still out west. and you can see it is moving very slowly. that means we'll deal with round of showers not only through the overnight hours but even into the morning. and closer up on stormtracker 6 no lightning strikes with this next round moving. so it's philadelphia right now really along the i-95 corridor through wilmington and newark there's more down acrosser virginia moving through in the overnight hours and this is definitely a contrast in air mass when's you have a front you have a clash of air masses and you can see where they streamline ahead of the front winds out of south. richmond 67. that was high in philadelphia today. 54. then behind that front winds out of northwest with temperatures in the 30s. so once that front moves through it will be pulling down cold air and i would not be surprised if tomorrow morning we see a few snowflakes mixed in with showers. this is what to expect overnight. remains damp occasional showers. temperatures tumble.
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mixture of snow and rain for the morning commute. lots of clouds for the afternoon and saturday is really going to feel like winter perhaps more snow showers. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> thank you. philadelphia police are hunting for a predator tonight that broke into a woman's home and tried to rain her. this is a sketch of the suspect released by the special victims unit tonight. investigators say that at 3 a.m. the 25 to 35-year-old man broke into a home in the 1700 block of chadwick street in point breeze through a front window. he demanded money, choked and tried to sexually assault the victim. police say for some reason he was forced to flee before it got even worse. >> and the man police say ran over a good samaritan in upper chichester smon now behind bars. authorities say 31-year-old shawn mcguinness of chester robbed be shell gas station on 3300 block of market.
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witness intervened trying toy keep the crook from getting a way and the suspect took off in volvo dragging samaritan under the car and running him over. the victim was treated for his injuries. eagles linebacker conner bar yn win helped kickoffant eye violence initiative today on the philadelphia museum of art steps. he announce winners of cease fires hash tag cop test that asks social media to ask the question why our future matters. he said gun violence was part of up grippinging in deproyt and he posed for pictures with those that came out today. >> a new war flares up in middle east and also the cause of this deadly bridge collapse in texas 2-d today and new jersey lawmakers take a step to making controversial student testing optional. ducis rogers hears from some former eagles plus meteorologist cecily tynan will be back with a
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dramatic drop in temperatures when "action news" continues tonight asss
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pass >> it happen in texas today an oversized tractor-trailer slammed into a bridge under construction sending beams falling on to the road crushing several cars. one person was killed. three were injured. it happened this morning just north of austin on interstate 35 a major highway that runs all the way to minnesota. tonight, traffic is still being diverts around the scene. a suxt ni shiite war is threatening to over take the middle east. saudi arabia and allies are bombing rebels in yemen even as thousands of supporters massed in the street of sena to protest the bombing. the rebels are supported by iran and long simmering rivrlry with
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saudi arabia could be ready to explode. two cousins appeared in chicago federal court today changed with conspiring to support islamic state. federal prosecutors say hasan edmonds member of illinois national guard was arrested chicago midway airport trying to get it to egypt. his cousin jonas was supposed to carry out an attack against a u.s. military base here. >> there was some frustrated flyers at philadelphia international airport tonight over delays with bags and all kinds of long waits. weather forced several connecting flights to be cancelled leaving passengers stranded in philadelphia. many requested that their luggage be pulled from the plane. a lot of passengers were going through philadelphia to other destinations. some waited up to 8 hours trying to find out where their bags wentz. we spoke to one employee that said airlines were short-handed in dealing with broken luggage
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car sell. that's small consolation from one family from ireland supposed to be on their way to dance competition in monts reel. >> we need the bags. >> how frustrating has this been. >> we could cry that stage. >> an american airlines spokesman apologized for the inconvenience but tonight the issue is still unresolved. >> from new jersey newsroom assembly lawmakers today unanimously passed a bill allowing parents to opt out of standardized tests for their children. it's in reaction to the back lash against park scam. just last month trenton prevented that test from being used as graduation requirement for at least the next three years. new bill now needs senate approval before sent to governor christie. >> very good news for doctors tonight without congressional approval face 21% cut in med kate okayed payments by april 1
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and normally grid locked house of representatives today approved a bill to permanently block those cuts. compromise was negotiated by normal political enemies john boehner and nancy pill's write. the bill now goes to senate. >> this year is turning out to be the worst flu season in delaware history. health officials announced more than 230 0 lab confirmed cases of flu so far that surface passes number of cases during 2009-2010 outbreak from swine flu. 28 people died of flu in delaware this season. four times more than recent record from that swine flu outbreak. on "healthcheck" tonight new research suggests that parents might want to have their children order off the full menu rather than kids meal. virginia tech university study looked atmospherely 10 restaurants scoring kids menus for nutritional value. they found typically five
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openings for youngsters that barely one in between restaurants offered a subject healthy choice. the researchers say even which vegetables were kline included they were almost always fried. less than half the restaurants offered fruit. only a third of kids menus offered helmy drinks like low fat milk. obviously important information for parents of young children. >> i always stress to children that potatoes french fries they're not vaelly vegetables they don't count. they're not vegetables but they're not healthy. >> storms moved through earlier this evening. we still have more showers. not done with this quite yet. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing severe weather no thunderstorms. there's another around of showers moving autopsy long the i-95 core for moving out of maryland newark, delaware has heaviest downpours. you can see how this extends through wilmington into philadelphia and into south jersey hammonton and more showers are on the way overnight
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and into morning rush. today, philadelphia, 67 degrees that warm front finally lifted up north. wilmington made it up to 71. folks in the lehigh valley, my facebook page are complain explaining the warm front did not advance north of allentown until this evening the high in allentown only 50. so a big difference when you head up to north. philadelphia currently 54 degrees. allentown 45. wilmington 53. millville 58 and wildwood 48. and temperatures will be tumbling as we head towards the weekend. satellite 6 along with akry dar showing the band of showers it's a cold front and taking its time macking it through our region. tomorrow morning the rush hour it's going to be cloudy and damp and with cold air beginning to move in, in addition to the showers. could have wet snowflakes mixing in in northwest suburbs. will not amount to anything. temperatures in 40s. don't be surprised if you see a flake or two. future tracker timing it out
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around 6:00. you see band of showers with a little bit of blue. that's mixture of snow in there. again not really big deal. by lunchtime get rid of moisture in the form of clouds or form of showers i should say but still here in the form of clouds and faenl faenlly by late in day much like today right before sun sets we could see breaks in clouds and then things change as we head to the weekend. this is pattern we've been stuck in most of winter and it's coming back for last weekend of march. this big dip in jet stream called a trough and it's opening door for air from canada to stream right dmun the region. temperatures on saturday 15 to 20 below average and with possibility of even flurry or a snow shower. so it's definitely going to feel and look like winter on saturday. so the sdlusive accuweather 7-day forecast. morning showers afternoon clouds high of 50.
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saturday we struggle to hit 40. wind chills in the 30s. sunday, still chilly brighter, better of two days this weekend. 48. on monday, seasonable weather moves in. 56 degrees. increasing clouds and tuesday a possibility of late day or evening showers. 56. and wednesday we welcome april pretty itty nice day. partly sunny and seasonable. 58 degrees. thursday, clouds with some sunshine and temperatures back up to 60 degrees. it will be a wintry weekend. but next week all in all looking pretty nice. >> not an app fools joke is it. >> i don't kid about the weather. >> never. >> all right. >> the audience that went to tonight's performance of dirty dancing at the academy of music it the time of its life tonight and for one woman it was life changing moment. philadelphia native murray threw from loss ankle less to mack a surprise appearance on stage. is that the he hiding behind the poster and when he finally showed his face he had a special
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>> sounds strivrping use that term former eaglesment restaurant in sent ert city scene of eagles reunion. guys on the team a few weeks ago. todd herremans brought them together to raise money for his foundation. >> his third annual hoops for help charity event tonight turned into somewhat of a going away party in center city. the former eagles offenceive lineman is joined by jeremy maclin, lesean mccoy and trent cole. >> it's different. it is. i would not say it's strange though just a different feel to it. >> it's a little different. i'll be a eagle forever. >> maybe at heart. cole and todd play for colts and mccoy buffalo and maclin reunited with andy reid in kansas city. >> i was shocked like i said if you would have told me two cerz ago all these guys would be gone not even just these guys but ty,
11:29 pm
trent, i would have bet against that. >> these former eagles taking the high road as they hit the road. not one former player we talked to had anything negative to say good chip kelly. they believe eagles will be successful next season. >> i think everybody has been hard on chip for things he's done. but he has a plan in his mind and whether you agree with it or not ease he's going to put it into action and see if it works. >> he'll be able to win here and like i said on the back burner i'll be a philly fan. >> no hard feelings just business but cole has one last things to say as he leaves town. >> hopefully you will see me and todd in up super bowl. >> we'll see. jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news." >> eagles' fans got a chance to say good-bye to chuck bednarik in bethlehem. there will be a private service for family and friends tomorrow. he exeld on both sides of football. >> he's not only icon but
11:30 pm
everything you wants for nfl franchise this man represented. toughness, passion for the game, pride in the city. humble in every way. >> still ahead the flyers lose two players for remainder of the season. plus, cole hamels looks like cole hamels
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jim kenney. son of a firefighter. first in his family to go to college. he's been councilman at-large, representing the whole city. a progressive voice who'll be a mayor for our neighborhoods. bringing philadelphia together... expanding pre-kindergarten improving our schools... ...and partnering with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs jim kenny, the block by block mayor we need to move philadelphia ahead.
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>> it's a lost schb for flyers and they lost two key players for the rest of season. forward wayne simmonds and andrew mcdonald went down trying to block shots simmonds blevrd to be a broken leg and mcdonald a broken hand. >> minor phillies injury to report we hope it's minor. scratched from tonight's game with tightness in his back. >> cole hamels who had a rough spring dialed in for this one. pitches five inning of shut out ball allows two hits trike striking out four. phillies lose 4-1 hamels looks
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good. >> finally tonight as your inner voice ever gotten you in trouble by forgetting to be inner. wisconsin forward nigel haze is at the podium when someone catches his eye. >> gosh she's beautiful [ >> gosh she's beautiful [ laughter ]. >> did you hear that? >> all right. >> oops. >> oops it right. >> sgloops thank you ducis "jimmy kimmel live" is next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". and "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner, good night pass pass
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- zooey deschanel. from "scandal," jeff perry. "this week in unnecessary censorship." and music from charlie wilson featuring snoop dogg. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i'm warning you, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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