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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with
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thoon with breaking news a 30-year-old philadelphia woman is facing terror charges investigators say she tried to join isis, david henry has the new information for us. he joins us live with the details. >> reporter: she lived here on north 10th street in a home with her mother a home that is ironically festooned with american flags. the feds say she tried to join up with the terrorist group isis. the fbi agents raided the suspect's home and the complaint filed in court said that the 30-year-old woman wanted to be a martyr on the battlefield in syria. she communicated with a fighter in syria that asked if she wanted to be part of the operation. she replied that would be
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amazing a girl could only wish. she did online searches for indirect routes to syria through turkey. two weeks ago she bought airline tickets to fly to spain and that is when they moved in and raided her home, this is after two years of monitoring thomas's online communications and twitter messages, the philadelphia police department and the task force. thomas faces arraignment in federal court this afternoon if she is convicted of the charges she could get up to 15 years in jail. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. two people were shot at a large house party near the temple university campus early this morning, two men ages 19 and 23 were wounded along the
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2200 block of north park avenue two people have been take and into custody and temple university tells "action news" that none of the victims or shooters were temple university but there were students at the party. >> saint joseph's university is looking into allegations of hazing involving the women's softball team. the bus in virginia was delayed for seven hours and four athletes were suspended and not allowed to board the school would only confirm that an internal investigation is underway. chad pradelli has more on a live report at 12:30. time for a first check of accuweather on a warm but gloomy, wet and windy -- that tells the whole story there. sky 6 hd looking live at atlantic city, there are light showers across the area as we head into the holiday weekend, lets check in at the big board and monica malpass in for david
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murphy. the easter bunny can't walk out wet. >> i think we'll have changes into the weekend but today is have your umbrella on stand by type of day. this is stormtracker 6 live double scan we do have light rainfall across the delaware and lehigh valley, we go in tighter along the 95 corridor it's not a lot of heavy rain at the moment but it's light and steady moving through philadelphia down into wilmington and riverside, and florence at this hour across interior sections of new jersey we widen out the pictures you can see what we are tracking here, rounds of rain on friday and an area of low pressure through the indiana border and one in ohio, the waves of energy is working its way to a northeast to southeast direction as we go throughout the day and more precipitation moves in this afternoon and the evening hours despite the moisture overhead,
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61 in the city and 60 in millville, with the shore facing communities and temperatures there are in the upper 40s and 63 as you head inland north and west into allentown and temperatures are mild 3:00 this afternoon mostly cloudy and same thing at 5:00 this evening, there is a stray thunderstorm overhead, temperatures tonight are holding into the 60s, periods of showers on the way today, temperatures will be in the 60s, cooler and drier as we head into the holiday weekend, the details are coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you. as you plan for the holiday stick with can you find live storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast and the latest from our team of meteorologists. authorities had to rescue more than 300 people before sunrise in kentucky today. more than 6 inches of rain fell in the louisville region and emergency officials say that drivers tried to go through it
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but got stuck. many public schools are closed for the day because of those storms. >> the copilot repeatedly accelerated the germanwings plane before it crashed into the alps the black box data recorder was found in the wreckage. more evidence that andreas lubitz intensely destroyed the plane. 140 people were killed in kenya when al-shabab gunmen stormed the university yesterday, they are taking finger prints from the bodies of four suspects that died in the shootout. investigators a they targeted christians. a man missing to months after he went missing at sea he was re cued and he is back with
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his family abc news correspondent marcy gonzales has this incredible story from new york. marcy an incredible story of survival for two months. >> it really is incredible alicia, this guy says he did everything he could to keep the boat from sinking and have enough food and water and he wanted to make it home for his parents, they were starting to lose hope. >> rescued after 66 days, lost at sea. >> had many moments i thought i would die. lewis jordan back on shore in north carolina sharing the incredible story how he survived to months alone in the atlantic. the 37-year-old set off from south carolina to fish, he woke up one night to his boat capsizing and i was flying through the air and somer
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assaulting and all my gps devices were rolling around in the water. jordan managed to stay with the boat rationing out his food and collecting rain water and catching fish. after ten days of no sign of jordan or the ship the search was called off. >> thought it's over i lost my son. >> then a cargo ship spotted jordan two miles off of cape hatrous. overnight an emotional reunion with his parents, thankful after sitting on his boat fittingly called angel were answered. >> so wonderful my baby had come home. >> jordan has a broken collar bone and is treated for dehydration but has already been released from the hospital.
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>> marcy gonzales channel 6 "action news." >> an angel indeed. a drug resistant strain of a nasty stomach bug is spreading in the u.s. and pennsylvania is one of the states with the most cases, it's not responding to antibiotics including cipro that knocks out such infections six patients were in philadelphia most were traced to people that recently valved to the dominican republican or india. and it can spread easily through contaminated food, questions continue to swirl about john sheridan and his wife joyce the high-profile couple was found dead in september. their new jersey home had been set on fire. last week prosecutors ruled it a murder-suicide, they said that john stabbed his wife and then torched the house before
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stabbing himself but the sheridans four sons are calling that conclusion impossible. they believe it was a double murder with the killer still on the loose. >> the community should be scared. the prosecutor has no idea what happened at the crime scene and he was out telling them they were safe. >> there is a list of unanswered questions about their death coming up in a full report at 12:30. the florida developer buying the revel casino has his sights set on a better atlantic city, he will reportedly buy the showboat, next door to the revel. part of a plan to remake the north of town. richard stockton bought showboat casino to open a campus there but the taj mahal blocked it.
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the calendar brings two holidays together, passover arrived at sun down tonight coinciding with good friday. pope francis will preside over the catholic mass at st. peters basilica in the vatican city today. and still to come on "action news" this noon, a wrongly convicted man walks free after 30 years on death row the new forensic technology that cleared him of murder plus a touching way a photographer brought a family back together after a tragic death and firefighters are battling a massive blaze at a general electric building when "action news" comes right back.
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imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. a massive warehouse inferno is burning in louisville, kentucky the g.e. appliance plan ploys a lot of people and today is a holiday where few employees were there. look at it crumble there. cameras captured the moment that one wall collapsed. this building was used for storage. not manufacturing appliances.
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an american couple was founded on a cruise ship docked in puerto rico, they were found in a cabin aboard the windham boat of holland america. authorities are still looking for a murder weapon and a motive and the fbi is leading this investigation. an alabama man that spent 30 years on death row is a free man today, ray hinton was convicted in the murders of two fast food employees but the case was recently dismissed because of modern forensic they failed to prove that the bullets came from hinton's gun and those were the only bullets linking him to the crime. he was one of the longest standing inmates on death row. the results is touching
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hearts around the world this is the original image sierra posing with her 6-month-old son, there was a gaping hole of his father lane who tragically died the previous summer they found a picture of lane that fit just right and soup imposed him into the picture and now the image has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on facebook. that is beautiful. still ahead on "action news" this noon, one family's cautionary tale, what happened to their baby monitor.
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topping financial news today, it's a weeks that the jobs reports that the federal government has out they added 126,000 jobs in march, the fewest since 2013, the labor department says the unemployment rate stayed the same as 5.5%. now won mom is giving a warning for baby monitors. it could stream video and audio in their home. one day they heard strange music playing in their home tonight was coming from the monitor, they determined the camera was hacked by an overseas ip address and images were posted on a website that had similar
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pictures from other people's living rooms and bedrooms. >> if you can access it outside of the home, it's possible for someone else to access that camera as well. those hackers in this case were also able to control the camera's movements, the family faced it to a wall and a few hours later they discovered it was turned to face the closet. health news this noon a new medication, for melanoma patients targeting their unique dna. it appears to boost the number of t cells that are key to the human immune system and attacking tumors. the "action news" team is working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00 including the first freebie friday of the month and with easter around the corner the average american kid is expected to eat $5000
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calorie of junk food. you know the jelly beans we are aiming to cut the calories and still keep your kids happy.
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taking a check of the accuweather forecast it's warm and it's wet and windy. >> very wet it's one of those days we are in and out of precipitation, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you that we do have that moisture spreading across the delaware and lehigh valley we'll go in tighter on street level with storm tracker, can you see across newcastle and kent county in delaware a darker shade of green, that is an indication of heavier rain into smyrna and
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eastward into south jersey, millville and fortescue we have the light showers overhead sx a steadier band of precipitation moves in later this afternoon and into the evening hours and with that we can fine a rumble of thunder, we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd from the temple university camera gorgeous shot of the center city skyline, you can see we have a mostly cloudy skies and the lens is getting wet because of the rain we have overhead. currently outside 61 and dew point 67 and the air is saturated, allowing for that southwesterly wind to pump in the moisture the pressure is holding steady at 29.88. 60 in trenton and 63 in allentown and dover 63 and wildwood 59 degrees and 61 in the coast in atlantic city. and here is satellite 6 along with action radar showing moisture across the region currently but look to the west,
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there are two pieces of energy one wave coming out of illinois and indiana and another batch of precipitation and another wave of energy currently over ohio this moisture will work its way eastward and we'll have another round of rain to track future tracker 6 has you covered with the south facing wind, temperatures climb up to near 70 in the city and that wet weather will be overhead. 5:00 in the evening, we have another round of precipitation on the way and it looks like this round will occur around 5:00 right through the late nighttime hours and with this we can find an embedded thunderstorm with the precipitation overhead. still moisture to deal with across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys, in time for our holiday weekend, we clear out and sunshine and clouds and the breeze picks up and the winds pick up, and happy passover that is when we'll start to
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celebrate that at 7:27 this evening and warmer and clouds overhead and temperatures 66 degrees as we head into our weekend, easter is on sunday and the cool start 39 degrees and mid-day getting milder and 54 and once we get into the afternoon and sunshine and clouds, and no concern if you have easter egg hunts outdoors the temperature coming in at 62 degrees, here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, showers overhead and mild and damp and high near 70 saturday windy and cooler at 55 degrees, sunday and breezy and milder, 62. monday nice for the phillies and their home opener 67 degrees tuesday mostly cloudy and 65 and a touch unsettled address we get into tuesday, wednesday and thursday with a threat of showers, we are tracking the rain and we'll dry out for the
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holiday especially on easter. >> the easter bunny can't get his fur wet. speaking of easter you can buy your flowers and support a fire company at the same time. the easter flower sale started in goshen and you can check out the fire company and their trucks and equipment as well. tomorrow 10:00 until 7:00 and sunday 9:00 until 2:00. in there is more ahead dozens of people are under arrest with a major drug bust. and st. joseph's university is responding to allegations of hazing. 14 irresistible flavors. one for the mood. one for the moment. each one can make every day more delicious than the last. the taste could only be baileys. the experience could
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again here are the stories we are following this morning, police in delaware release new pictures of the man that they say held up a milford bank police say they made an arrest in connection with a fratd house at st. joe's university and the suspect is a student. and called for robert menendez to resign days after the democrat was charged with corruption. and a major drug bust
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involving a number of philadelphia neighborhoods, more than 50 people were arrested and a news conference was held this morning and vernon odom is live in german town with all of the details for us. >> reporter: police say they are now coming with a major crack down on drug buyers all over the city that is the major focus now as they try to dry up the local market. >> if your employer doesn't know are you a heroin addict and you are arrested the next morning they will know. >> they are hailing yesterday's arrest of 60 people where open air drug markets flourish they locked up buyers more than a third with suburban addresses and 20 alleged dealers were locked up as well. they confiscated 24 vehicles belonging to the dealers and their customers. >> we see where the open air drug sales are plaguing the area the


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