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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, rick is off in the news this noon, new
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information about the death of his father and seven children, why an unpaid bill may have led to the tragedy. and the sale of the revel casino is expected to close today. and the big story is one last mild day before chilly changes move in. sky 6 hd taking a live look at atlantic city this noon, the warmer weather is sticking around this noon, it's a little bit cloudy as you can see and damp with occasional rain around the area and we are expecting cooler temperatures tomorrow. for more on that lets check in with david murphy at the big board. >> the mild air is still in place today and cloudy skies conditions as well. a lot of area is dry in allentown and south jersey as you get farther to the south and south jersey and delaware work have light sprinkles and showers in lancaster county most of what you are looking at is light
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and fairly quick it may be 15 or 20 minutes, and one of these cells are past you if you look farther to the west another rounds of precipitation is more pronounced and should be here in the evening rush hour and this evening and continues through 11:00 and midnight we have more to get through, all of this forced through a frontal boundary sagging in our direction and bringing the rain down closer to us. we are mild though because the cool air associated with the front is up to the north in new york state and beyond. 65 in-month-old and 67 in wilmington and lehigh valley, allentown over 60 degrees, cooler at the shore because are you getting a draw off the ocean to bring the cool air in from the cool ocean water in philadelphia we are looking at a mild one, yesterday in the 70s and today we are close a high of 69 well above the average high of 61 and 45 is the average low.
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if you look at the northeast temperature map right now you can see you don't have to go much north to get the cooler air new york 53 and boston 42. that will occur tomorrow and we are looking at a couple of much cooler days, we are back in the exclusive accuweather forecast to talk about the cooler change and when it gets milder too. we'll check in with stormtracker 6 live double scan at you can fine hour by hour forecast along with the exclusive accuweather forecast, and video reports from our team of mode gift. police are looking for a teenager missing since yesterday morning, jose has autism and attends the olney school in philadelphia he was last seen boarding a school bus at 7:30 a.m. 45 minutes later his
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mother was alerted he was not in class, he was caught on a camera leaving the school near the loading docks. we are following developing news in boston a jury is now delibrating the fate of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> reporter: deliberations started with the sights and sounds of the boston marathon bombing's aftermath, fresh in juror's minds. >> this trial is emotional and it's deliberations will be hard for these jurors. >> the bloody victims were among the last thing shown to the jurors. the prosecutors told the seven women and five men that this was part of his plan to punish america, showing it was proof that he planted one of the bombs
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knowing a family was standing nearby that these children were not innocent to him, they were american. prosecutors played what they called jihadi music say that is what dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother listened to when they plotted the attack but the defense said he was just a follower and that forensics showed that his brother was the mastermind and that he play aid role, and that planting bombs were an senseless act. >> that was marcy gonzales reporting. a man shot in montgomery county has now died. the victim was wounded in norristown last night police say he drove 3 miles to a gas station for help. "action news" reporter waltder
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perez is live at the norristown police station with more on this story. >> reporter: hi sara, investigators are trying to determine a motive behind the shooting which someone walked up to a car with at least one person inside and simply opened fire. >> it was right around 9:00 last night when neighbors along the 1200 block of locust street reported a commotion. >> i heard it and it sounded like firecrackers. >> but that sound was indeed the sound of gun fire, a vehicle pulled up three miles away at the lukoil gas station at plymouth meeting, the clerk saw someone badly injured and called 911. the victim was taken to the hop where he died a few hours later. the neighbors in the area say the senseless gun violence has to stop. >> you have a lot of outside
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people moving in and they have not adjusted to a way of life that you don't have to carry a gun and shoot at everybody. >> there are reports of a second person inside of that vehicle that was shot and wounded and neither the montgomery county prosecutors office or the police have confirm that information. reporting live from norristown, walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> walter, thank you. police have not identified the suspects in a center city abduction, a 53-year-old woman was kidnapped from a parking garage on chestnut street after she left her job on jewellers row saturday afternoon the men wanted the codes to the safe but she didn't have them. she was beaten and choked and tasered. now rutger university is banning party at fraternity and
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sorority houses for the rest of this year, this after incidents this year including a death. this includes 16 organizations at rutgers, nora muchanic is gathering reaction on campus and she will have a live report at 12:30. the revel casino sale is slated to close today florida developer, is buying the failed resort for $82 million, it's worth 4 cents on the dollar compared to what it cost to build revel. the fate of the tenants including bars and nightclubs remains unknown. the 2015 subaru cherry blossom festival is underway in fairmount park, there was a lesson in sushi making in center city. the cherry blossoms represent
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the end of the winter and the entrance of new life in spring. the festival ends on sunday. still to come here on "action news" at noon a child with autism spends four night as loan in the woods. and meet the middle schooler whose college basketball bracket beat thousands of grown ups the young winner of the espn bracket challenge.
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an is he-year-old boy with autism was found alive after spending four nights alone in the woods. a team of 120 searchers were combing the dense woods finally a police officer in the helicopter happened to catch movement out of the corner of his eye he spotted the boy near a lake rescuers slid down an embank embankment to reach him. he is exhausted and dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia. senator ran paul is entering the presidential race, is he about to the make the announcement in his home state of ken.
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that is a thorn in the side of some in the republican leadership ted cruz is the only other declared candidate and marco rubio is expected to jump into the race next week. an unpaid bill may have led to the death of a family in maryland. a father and his seven children were found dead in their home. they say it was carbon monoxide its man was trying to keep his family warm with a generator, because the power was turned off for an overdue payment. the explosion is now being investigated as a homicide in new york. the blast that killed to people was caused by workers illegally tapping into the gas line and they are prepared to bring criminal charges against whoever is responsible. one family's fast food dining experience ended with an
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unwanted sight. gerald ramon was enjoying a meal with his wife and twin sons at a kfc in oklahoma. that is when they noticed pornography playing on the television. >> i looked up from my plate and there was full nudity. there was a wall from frn of the tv. >> someone notified the manager before someone unplugged the tv the show lasted less than a minute they believe it was an honest mistake a premium movie channel was left on too long, kfc apologized and called it isolated. a college basketball bracket beat millions of people around the country. sam filled out the bracket.
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>> i didn't think i would get in the top 100,000 when i made the brackets, i didn't think i would make it this far. sam will be entered for a chance to win a $20,000 gift card, espn contest is for people 18 and older, but he entered with his dad's consent and email address. we'll see what happens. a measure that could force all california parents to vac nuys their children. and the new evidence that two popular programs do work.
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starbucks is expanding its free college tuition plan for employees now offering them a full ride, they will cover a four year bachelors degree from arizona university instead of just two and they will be reimbursed after each semester. even part-time workers are eligible. california state lawmakers are considering a measure that could force parents to vaccinate their children current laws allow parents to opt out because of personal or religious beliefs the new proposal requires all kids to be immunized for diseases like whooping cough and exceptions
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would be made for medical reasons, the bill faces its first key test tomorrow scheduled for a vote. similar bills failed in oregon and the state of washington. a review of diet research added weight to the evidence that two programs are worth while. it gives high marks to weight watchers and jenny craig, they found with jenny craig dieters lost an average of 15 pounds and kept it off for at least a year. followers of weight watchers lost an average of 8 pounds and other plans are not studied long enough to draw conclusions. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> they love lucy but they love her statue why fans of lucille ball are calling a new bronze
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statue made in her honor absolutely terrifying. and a new mishap lands a drexel university professionner hot water, the explicit message she accidentally sent to her students. and she was told the love of her love would never wake-up. how a newlywed who refused to pull the plug on her husband defied all odds and battled back from the brink you don't want to miss that, take us with you he on the go with the new free 6 abc news app and i'll be back to talk about "dancing with the stars" in this week's elimination. your accuweather forecast is coming up when "action news" comes right back.
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sfoo big news star war episodes from amazon and voodoo it hads added features including extras from each film and deleted scenes, our parent company disney and 20th century fox controls the right to the movies. star wars episode 7 will be released on june 7th. much better, stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that we have a shower off the coast of the cape may if we go in tighter, cape may is barely in the clear and there are sprinkles and showers popping through newcastle county delaware and some of this is reaching up into chester county but what are you seeing here is not going to last all that long and it's fairly light.
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as we look outside this is the action cam in fairmount park and the statues are beseeching the heavens and not now any way or not as of right now, 65 degrees and mild out there the mild air we enjoyed yesterday is still in place, a little cooler thanks to the clouds and windses are out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour and we anticipate as you look at these numbers, we probably add 3, 4, 5 degrees before we are done, 65 in trenton and 65 in atlantic city and 65 in dover as well. there are those southwest winds not all that breezy out there but again still continuing to draw that milder air in. to the north of us the wins are working their way down and bringing cooler air into place than will happen overnight and into tomorrow and we are looking at a cool down in terms of
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precipitation, up to 3:00 you can see it is not raining everywhere and just spotty activity here or there. by 6:00 there is a chance some of us are looking at pronounced activity as we get up to 11:00 11:30 you'll see this rain but from philadelphia down to the shore and every now and then a steadier cell is not out of question. allentown 64 and mostly cloudy and a spotty shower cannot be ruled out. as we look at the shore we are looking at mainly cloudy skies and 65 degrees, in philadelphia are you looking at a high of 69 degrees and mainly cloudy and a spotty shower cannot be ruled out. winds out of the east 7 to 14 not all that breezy out there. and again a spotdy shower and maybe a sunny break now and then and whatever rain we get is fairly scattered.
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overnight periods of rain is possible. and winds pick up more and turning out. cool northeast that brings in the cool air that stays with us tomorrow. for the evening commute looking mild for later on this evening, 67 by 4:00 and down to 65 by 5:30 and the low 60s by 7:00, and a pop-up shower or sprinkle on the way home, the cool air and turn and wind out of the northeast will do a number, it will bend this front all the way past us and we are stuck on the cool side tomorrow even though there is not necessarily rain around and drizzle. high temperatures in the 40s and thursday we also remain in the 40s. a quick look at the rain tomorrow not much just pop-up light rain sprinkles and drizzle tomorrow. here is the seven day today mild and a high close to 70 and mainly cloudy and pop-up sprinkles and showers, on
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wednesday and thursday a shower here or there and drizzle it will feel a lot cooler and damp with winds coming in off the ocean, on friday the front goes back up to the north and we zoom up to 73 and with the final cold front coming through late at night, there is a chance of a shower or pop-up thunderstorm that is friday, it looks like that system is off the coast in time for the weekend, breezy and sunny with a high of 65 good news for union fans and sunday 63 degrees and we'll extend that nice pattern into monday. >> thanks david. more ahead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon, new surveillance video shows a robbery suspect with a plan, the man police are looking for after they say he made off with electronics from a center city store and chris christie continues it push of reforming the state's pension sis im.
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hello again rick is off and here are the stories we are following for on "action news" at 12:30 a crack down on greek life at rutgers university. why officials say that fraternities and sororityies have to part kbri off campus for the rest of the semmest ever and the silent killer being blamed for
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eight deaths in a maryland home. and david murphy has your accuweather forecast. now the details rutgers university has banned house parties at fraternities and sororities for the rest of the semester after several alcohol related problems this year including the death of a student. nora muchanic is live now at rutgers with more on the story. >> reporter: hi there we are getting really mixed reactions today from students in and out of greek life, but one thing everyone seems to agree on that just because parties are banned from fraternityies and sororities the parties will not stop. >> there are 16 greek organizations here on rutgers, there were several incidents this year including the death of


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