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tv   Action News  ABC  April 9, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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listerine® total care helps prevent cavities strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. and for kids starting at age six, listerine® smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing. >>his it last vio thahas outged peop ars thunited ste i the showsouth caroli
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ple oicer mhl thas sar firi his gueight tmea fally shoing wlr scotin the bk. sar h be fir a caed with murr. tnht, we have leard th h gw up in unt laur new jeey. wedsdanitnd e big so on "ai ns" toght i word of lal roots for frr cop chard with murr wlr sct in north caesto "cti news" repoer shrie wlams live in frt o te laphigh sool in mdrd sharrie. > port: and ji we he conrdonht tt miael sagea attded gh scho hrat lenape high but he gew up inhe town over in mu lael. nighbo there tls th terememr the slers bi a nice faly. tealso recalled miael as a ung boy w went o to be i the coasuard. a pice oicer charged with soi unmed a n in te ba in sth carina lv part of his li rig hre in this untael nigorhd. > ihk it is a samehat
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hpned. >> poer: tonight nghrs soed to leard su a big ntnal sto has ties to teir quiet strt. > surised me becae i didt know tt was cnctetthe strt. > roer: michael sg haseen fir om the nor chaeston poce deptment ad is now hind ba facg mrd chges afr cell pone vid suaced showg fn secondothe fatal ecnter beten he an50 yaold walr lemar scot i srted as a traic stop bt sler says thin ecatednd th scott raed f his stun gun. theeparent sa ager fearefor his li and oped fir > ots fir, bject is dw h abbed tar. > port: buvideo tes a dffent sty and shs so running othe ofcer ad then slager fing eight so kiing sct. sott devaated mother said selmost cod not wat the vd. > justore my hea to
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pes. i pray that this never hps to otr peon. tis s got to st. > porterthree three-year old ar gr up in unt laul a gradued from lne high scol in meor > isll over faceo eebody is talng abt it. > poer:o is also gaate of lepe hh and he silearning tt the acced ofer grew up in his hmewns shk. > wei to hear about smeo lehat that grew up aounhere and did sething thateous, who rerse. the y s runng a aw. > poer: neigors tell me tat michael sg le new jrseas a young adt. he d beenn the nth charlton pole deparent fr fi-year before he was fr. he and his wi is now pegnt. w' ve in medrd, n jry, shrie wilams cann six "tn ns" jm. > anks, sharrie. >> pladelphia a pi rsolvea dangers indent i a center citank tig wtut the ne for fce.
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a man pulled out a knife and saed sshing a aha isehe td brah at 11th ad chtnut. h tn aegedly ben swii at offir oside te bank butn theme hr abef chase then hpened, sver blocks down to3th adart where office took te suspt into cusdy. e haveome brking news from t norern libeies secon of phadelphiahe a ort time ago a driver sruck ree ople in the itercoof theifth a sri gaen. i haened an ho and a half ao two men and a chi we rsh to haemann unirsity hstal wi serus ijies. therivewasak in csdy about a blk ay. w have no word y of a caes. >> phidelphia police ter rsd a4 yr-old gl f alegly kiapping herne yaold cousin la toy in knngton. livat et dective hauarteris "action ns" rporr dann cllar da wahaen he. > port: welshgim plicareallg th a
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fmy afir th got o ofhaednd of all thin a fur ye-old iinhe cente o the vtation. gtewis the e ye-old i l righ tnks to police ad trking tenology that lced the ca pli y thathe dma fold aut 2:20 this ateoonn th3900 blo of eseoege nen knngn a rert th 14 yar-d kidnaped h coin one ar-old baby y and took of t 2005 nian. > she'14. she n havhave a drer lcse. toooung to dve. > porter: fortunely the car w equiped with on star adas in the lg bore teyrkeit. frot oks of it, shwas gingll a ovet ple. > e vicle was trk trghouthe city it was in te9th dtrtinest pideli and it was ru one south of route on nar city li avue. > port: ultimately the cr d pk in the700 bocof sideaand poce syhe t 14 yr-ol runng do the aly crrng the babe a code by an 1 ye-old male. pole say they haed the bby ta cplete strangea
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a 25 ye-old woman sitng hr pch in the700 blk of nr tstetnd th ran into r hou. > e both male and fale, tokhe jaets off t yaold fema al took his sirt f. tewere tryi to disgse theeefromhe the ple. >> porter: t e baby s tk to childr's hoital t ke sure he was a rh i rns out he was. nws to why the the yao tk t child to bg with. > y she did th? wyhe to t cld is ukwn. > rerte lice have been itviewing the moer of th ci ll as others in cnneion th this invtigation. pesely it is determid whath14 yeaoldi caed wi t she cod be fcg kiapping a related ofees. w' live in east dectes in huing park i'm dann cearor cnnel six a "con ne". >> tnk y. >> small fe bre o in te rse stae in e mant scti philelph. i haein the 00 blk of od se. tehed contaid 13 hses adix poes. frtatelnone re inred in e fire.
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te is no word on a cause yt his is2-ye old kyme crbhe man pnsylnia sate poce say st his ftr it head ile they wrdriving on t scylkill eprsy last nigh toers say the elder cbin wsrivi his son to a dr ad menl hlth treatment cnt. kme was in thba seat. sven-six wesod was st dwor paially blkor hur crbin is now iled on aa mlon-dollar casbl caed wi aggravad aslt. h faer elbts in cital coiti. >>olice in cster coty ae concern tonht that te e adtial vii o alged seal prator tathey don yeknow ao. thaibecse thehe the ssct works as a pographer and dj. tey-eight ye-o dael mlowki has been acsed of aslting a yr-old woman ater pting a moli ad on craigs lt. ivtitors say they fod a sasochd porgrhy and u irt vids in his chter
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cuy hom d also a human sz ce in his bement. >> e city of philelia i fering a $,000 rard frt re d convtion of the spect who kiaped ad jeler'sow emoyee and toher on a nitmarish rde. te the the men, beat the tei the-ye old vcm, terd h and dmand bank des. tethen dump hein the cmery in darby bo. se rovering a the the hstal. this gan at 4:00 olock stday ashe lked into thiparkingage at th eghtand chtn. srvelance vio show the sspes distinct red paned vnut dettes s thatn thenter the t suspts my have wipedhose whe swi maslea n boston today the jury fu dzkhar tsarev giy of l crges, in the bsn mathon bombi tri. te vdicts were alst a for gone conclusn the qstn i will he be stenced to da. mnaaass a has details o at haen toy in
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curtnd reaction to e jrs decion. >> repterjim some vts syhis verct ds puone morsp behi them but oh svirge het beantestimony about lsing mbs or watcng the lv ones die, a for the tey y there is no su ting as close anotr. te are the victs kied i the bosn marhon atck when two presre coebos wnt off thr fami say thewill fever be haunby tihorf video and eptiss th stl fee jrs reject dense argunt tat tsnaevas just a pn i s older brher dely gm tis video ofzhoar paing a bomb filled bcack nr on eight yaold viim w ju too dmn >> ere has been chi ren tk and pare that will nver t to put them to b a a nig agn. i is t somei that you wlev be or, you kn yu wl feel it fover. te wilalways be sothi
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tabrgs it back to the fon > porter: tsarnvas fu guilty kiing a mit pli man dung his broer'set a aw atmp oh key pce of evence ws a cfession sclled in teard boathere the wued trnv hid da at the tre. fl in cot ss he owed n remoe. > rougho this whe thin he has bn to use my word arant waing in and outf te cotroom and complely dsterest. >> its not a day to clrat it a bitr set victy. nt out the cheeri f wahappen but i' stisfd >> w dense attorys will pent mitating evince tying toave tsnaev'le cle bry rode his fami hs chilooin the former svt reblic and rlionship wh s brher btou prosutors wi count teiwh agavating eince inclung e killing hveh chd and will tlyou the ouome when it hpns. > at palty a face couldeg nt we. >> ats right. > an, mic >>ely 1 litary
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meds, rbo a bges were hand out to desving vtans in glouster coty new rse frreice membs and har filies gher at t bnk bdge regnal scol in swl r th event held by cuy freolders. tey-six verans we hnod in tot, fo them psthously with some of te mels dating ba for hrsm during wod war two. >> wcherof thatlant cty casi turn arod ner ept to be ea. tnhtwo mar delopmen po there isore drama ae. the at theast mite cy couil scrapp a vo tnht at uld have helped te foer show boat cano to reon as a coege camp. rchardtockton university purased the at in dember bt contrt provion from te980's aowed nehboring tumpaj mahal to blk that pa thefresh off his pchase of teevel cano flida dvoperln raub swooped in la week and ught e ste iend to go let stkn oethe cams ithe show
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ba tu still rest. te lanc city laakers seed in with a rdelopme plan that was spsed to be paed tonit te t even th plan is off teable for no and the lg mboontinues in alanc cit >>heow plt supying elerity to e revel csoa it will shut o te jui effti nn tmrow. acr ergy ptners said it ti treach an agement witthe n owr glen srb but fail. stra s saidn the past he cu connect ectcit thrgh oboatext dr or ue portle genats but te is a fe of burst pis o mduild up witho clite conol. >> sll to me on ction nw tight two trton ssrs are target the but gang being, pole aeoping this vid c help ieifthe attaers. >>nd water dowou we wlsh you more of tonht's neyo ci suby foodg recoed by commers
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teelves. ry sho tall somhere in beeen. yu prab kn your heit b heart. o hlth che night sienstsxpln w the pects your chce of crary deas cely >>ouble scan li showg sow is faing in pas the nthern new ena so sve stms o tohe west adur weaer ll get mo itertinovethe ne few dy ilexpln t ac waer forect. >> phiiesce thr first rnot seas. ae ty enoh. jff sersky has tt sty we"tion new contues tnht.
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ell, idea of an easy cmte home on the neyork sbway system wa if you will prn the ersion all wet tda wt main bre igreenwich vlge flooded strts and
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saed t sway tunl. pr of e tee lines we afted. cmmute posd vide of the dles to socl med but frnately the were no rpts of anye getng hr >>ell, violt tack a aait t tnage sists in teohas been cght on cmer nw lice areoi to ieify erybody involv. as u can sethe b cked and puned t gis. svteen yr-old le jaya cok reqred 12 stches, 16 yar-d desny cook has a bldp whe h hair w plledut. > coulhe dd out teresobody smping on or he. w u ha di. w re out tre all ourlves. >> t a attkaened mondaeng at gr grant sa pk on east ste srt, investigors he ieifiedt let two sscts but there have be n arres. >> ler mern police dptment is taking steps to adss communy coerns abo raci prili. spinndt michl graph
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isued a rert at tonht ba of cmissioners ladi. mcgph says the the deptment planto riew tai r offirs anbeef u mmunity pocing. te ptment will rinstite t t citize ple acady. >> soobusriver in ceer couy has been fed freaving a seven yeao ao r hour te kennh the considated shl distri ss the t divepk the scol van in a lot on mah 31st the ci's ther caed mo tafiveours lar. tats wn authots fnd the young sdent unhard, spintendent bry thas ed toldaresn the lettett quo word cant epss our lel of dmay ad dcuss -- difculties gust. >> s wasreathing ateron rush hour comts in cent city leing eeonen that she's pycal ne aft he mshapa night. aram fainted near srt of theebate andid n cnnue, under a door's
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od. arahamays that she was dhrate oheth cck at 1: it noiseall tl. sitis sayour heht cu predt yo rk for ha disee. soer people areorerone to art attk but w is ta wl new sty suest this culde due to getics. sieistfod tt ges tat vern hght also seem t afct ldl or soalled bad costerol and tglycedes te risk of block arri rosmore than 13 rcent for eerywo and a half decrse i heig from t avere of 5ftit. >> ls get thatev day acu weher forest d t te la five or s days lo pey good. >> ahfirst y inhe nic w' sck in this ve gummsome what damp weh ptte and il wel i getng bter. by e wkend sto tracke sixive double scan shong w ve no heavy rain t te b wea poets of
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lg shers, some drize. minlrit now noh of pidphi the t the lhh vaey alnto also mvg throu quaktown. ars roe 100 ntof pttswn. theew he as we. w ll see on and off shers as weead throh the the oeight hrs and tmratures finitely onhe col side. lt go to whe the action cam wsonight and this really sows e sce lking up yu c bare see the toof te budis thas to t lw cld we ll see moiure in the air it clly, 40 gesn pilalia o hi 44 thais tycal of the midd o t feuary. alenwn0. teon 39. mlille will 41. rang 39 drs. w ve wind ouof the noh eas thais pling down se wind cis, fls le 33 in pidehia a. fe lik31 in trenn. tiy-three in wiington. we wi be lkn the air mss torrow. teid heing out to the bus sop u will want to bdle u. stliteix with acon rd shing lot of clds
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hr ltdrayo atntioto wst vginia. tinka mcc compx, it is a fn word f a big clt o thderstorms. i oks omino but th wi lky dive to the south with tat rm fron wtthe cold airn ple hvvy stable air mas w e not gointo be gting ayhen are stos untiwe gt sue of warm air that wllaenn frid. te rng rush ur vy simar to tay drzle with thehiy brze tmpetures hoing in the lw 4s. yuant ur wter at tmorw and the urella, 4 deees theigh wh lo o cu tharawi t of the noh esand occional shows nt excting any heavy rain tmrow. fidawhen ts warm frt lif up to the nort we will gt ithwarm seorf the ssm 75 the hi. mrngog and ife get eou nshine as the cd fontoves throh we could hve severe gty then are sormithe afrnoon d eeng hours. tat cd fro is reonsible fr aboune rord
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trdoes in kaas tay. s the excluve accu ather sev day forestorrow juslike tay casof the drearies. lte deessing i ait it. 4 grees. fida rng fo atnoon thunderos. teyould gty. 7 deees. behinthe the sysm great tming f the weekd. w ll clear thgs t stday. i ll bon the brzy sid coor, 6degrees for the uion ga. sny is pk of the weekd. sx-x betifu mcne wwill bump ings up t v tw tesdaycloud and 7o wdsday a poibily of tund showe gith a hi of 7 grs. te sonly one day of the nxt ven is deessing. te rt is lki gd. > brht and s. > actly. > anks cily. > me yog micians got te cnce of t fete tonhtlayi a algside teestn the busiss. > ♪ > ass pye pidehihigschlor ceate and peorming arts
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wrjoined by memrs the pidelia orchtra f a basslayn. i is all pa of the ochera's commuty outa poam.
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>>hillies lookg f thr fir win and here je skversk > amon a off the feel. mny's oner was such a ngmare ben reesd he cu not sep. hpully tonightats wakep aain bt after beg sut ou i cd toght. feie ls o likhe
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i ready for bzzard. aaron hang loo red ou stres t six of ne a eig total. h rks thsenth a als o ts in runs. piies willot get the fr r unl 15 inngs in te seas. jeffrancoeur the the n gy. thr r shot in theih tonht. hsirstome run in t ya. thr to noing phii. ken l in trble, was treguysnuding a run wtt bas load. sc g wiin two. ppbon comesn withwo outin e eith. jnatn palbon wh t bs loed with handy rmez. o stayin the par ppboa four out save. pills win four-t. bfe the gameap ld t bsn gbi don't rely feemuch like phly. it s been a tough traion hr atwarhe is asd to epla hielf i > at is a phil. a rse? i at wh it is. i feelike a horse yh.
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> theed sox run deep my blood it who i beces a ptch. thawill alws stk with m. ayti you have to move o youave to adjust and ada to a new am. i ven't had any probm doi that here. > seems likee fs ins wathe prlem. >> nosce yourero and 17 poem ha your sixe lt sev strght ges. sxs tryi to ao ltng is me fu cre as seon ces om an ed a week from tonigh jel embiidill se his fr action in the the nba smr leue. wzd taking advaage down lathird quaer dw godinrnd four gu. sxe dn 21. nrns no hadive-int but ces up with a stee rght here to jere grt but sill t eugh. sxs lose by 29. tealso lose noel who leav teamin t fourth wi a srned right ale as he cm down under the baet och landg awkwdly on aoer pyer. h wain the walki boot a
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hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call. i really could use some more life insurance. is it affordable?
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it costs less than 35 cents a day-- that's pretty affordable, huh? less than 35 cents a day? that's less than the cost of a postage stamp. so, you said it was guaranteed acceptance? yes. it's permanent coverage with guaranteed acceptance for people ages 50 to 85. there's no medical exam or health questions. you can't be turned down because of your health. it fit right into mom's budget and gave her added peace of mind. you should give them a call i definitely could use more coverage. i think i will give them a call. man: are you between the ages of 50 and 85? or know someone who is? do you think that quality insurance at an affordable rate is out of your reach? for less than 35 cents a day, you can get guaranteed acceptance life insurance through the colonial penn program. you cannot be turned down because of your health. there are no health questions or medical exam. your rate will never go up and your benefit will never go down due to age-- guaranteed! these days the average cost of a funeral is over $7300, and social security pays
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a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for your loved ones. since 1994 over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >>ou think illies sean gtfto a d sta on mny have you seen the scr team? te winls uon have the wr rord, in mar league scc. nghtre art contie it gtworse now higst pay bwl i bo i isenched he is n even wh the team rght no s phidelphia navend frr lalle star john mccthey will stt their nxgen satuay, y c
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se iright he onix abc. cvage begins at 3:. >>een more than two mns since tig wos has pay lf so how is tiger gtnrdy for the the bgge tone ofhe year sow pling arod wh his kids. tg ayi in e par tee cnst f firstime in1 ya. perps his ught s has a fte on theour. hw abt a hufor dad. trgh go te stf t d cos not fom e youe on the curseut olst. jck nios on fr, the t sho 130 yds awa bouncg bc and get in the ho. you know where is going i e ho. teev fiveear old nchos with e six te msters champ stl got it. oundf b band we ai a we tig at hverrd schl. >> ♪ > sat nati nuing and rhab cter ho a mical clebti procds benet te franscan sists to
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cnnue their in miion, of crg, f the the the popl >>im kiel le next "acon news" contues at fur crit 30 with tama ewar ma o'nnell, david mry and ken roers and taic. for cily tynan, jeff svery, ducis rodrs a te eire ction news" te im j gdn gd nig. > ♪
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