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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 15, 2015 12:37am-1:08am EDT

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these are the good times ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, what you're watching is history in the making. we're there at five different hospitals in four different states to complete the nation's longest interhospital kidney donation chain. would you give a stranger the gift of live. deliver us from evil. right now they're gathered in rome being trained to rid people of demonic possession. what's with all the interest in exorcism and could pope francis have something to do with it? undefeated. he's won ten world titles.
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when they face off in the fight of the century, they'll be going for his biggest payday ever. tonight, he tellsy has a secret. but first, the "nightline 5".."
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good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm rebecca jarvis. we're about to take you inside the operating room to witness history in the making. a chain of complete strangers making incredible sacrifices to give the gift of life. byron pitts has the story. >> here's the kidney. >> what you are witnessing is months in the making. because this kidney is only one part of a transplant chain that is so far 30 lengths long. >> she's here for a kidney transplant. >> today will require eight surgeons. and a team of transports. >> it's only viable for a very short period of time. >> to five different hospitals in four different states. >> okay kidney good-bye. >> to break the record in the nation's longest multi-hospital kidney transplant chain. what was started three months
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ago all boils down to this one day. the final two recipients of the chain will each be given a new lease on life. >> it's very important to do this as soon as possible. >> mitzi neyens 77 years young, has been waiting one year for a kidney. she and her husband have been married for 53 years. for most of it her kidney disease was manageable. >> she was doing fine up until about a year ago. >> so the university of wisconsin hospital enrolled her in the national kidney registry's paired exchange program. say you need a kidney but your friends and loved ones aren't good matches one of them can agree to donate on your behalf to someone else who they do match with. in a complicated chain of
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potential donors and recipients. but if a donor backs out or a recipient gets sick the entire chain collapses like dominos. at the end of this day, 34 kidneys will have been swapped between the hospitals over a course of six months. today, mit citi hopes to be the final link in the chain. >> this person's getting my kidney. if they have an affinity toward crystal light, that kidney is working great. >> he's donating on behalf of his wife. >> i'm ready to do that. >> the news that i was going to be able to be transplanted this month, i was flabbergasted. >> in order for it to happen, everything needs to go according to plan with the other five surgeries taking place today. first up baltimore, maryland. she's donating a kidney on
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behalf of her brother charles. >> my kidney is supposed to go to pittsburgh. they're going to wake up blooding purple. >> it's driven 250 miles to pittsburgh. it's going to gary watson. in exchange his daughter is donating her kidney. christine is wheeled off into the or. about three hours later, her kidney is ready to be sent on its way. >> package is secure. >> and from there, it will fly 368 miles on a private plane to new jersey. a courier picks it up. >> we're on our way to cornell hospital. >> the kidney is given to the person waiting for it in new york. the donor kidney from new york will head to philadelphia where michelle and matt are heading to the hospital to get ready for their surgeries. >> no cold,
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>> i'm glad that he's smiling and happy. >> ready to get in there and see michelle with her new kidney. >> and we need to make a hole big enough to get the kidney out. >> michelle/ fli learns her kidney is in transport. >> he spoke with the hospital in n5bfc they said the kidney great. >> matt's kidney is successfully taken out. >> the kidney is on its way to the airport. >> it goes to chicago's o'hare airport and will be driven 133 miles to madison, wisconsin. >> so your kidney is en route. >> buaé anything can happen. no one knows that better than the man behind today's big chain. >> when you're organizing a swap, you need to have a lot of different information at hand immediately. >> he's also got a kidney story of his own. his daughter needed one when she was ten.
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>> both my wife and i were incompatible. it was a devastating blow.ó(4zñ when you see your child on dialyfy and you're helpless it creates ac that's hard to imagine. >>p create the national kidney registry's paired exchange program. >> i learned everything i could about kidney transplant and paired exchange. >> it all starts with one generous person with no vested interest. >> that level of generosity is hard to describe with words. we've had 250 good samaritan donors come through and start chains and gotten over 1,300 people transplanted. >> kathie hart is the good samaritan at the start of what could be this record-breaking chain.
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>> helping a neighbor cut their grass is one thing. but donating a kidney to a stranger? >> i think the fact it was to a stranger is one of the parts that people have a really hard time grasping. it actually even makes it easier. i didn't have any judgment attached to who gets it or who's deserving. i have an opportunity to give and why wouldn't i? >> it's amazing how many people are benefiting from that one person's donation. >> back in philadelphia michelle gets her new kidney. >> most exciting part of the whole thing. look at the color. you see it? this is beautiful. really nice. >> just out of surgery himself, matt is overcome when he learns his wife michelle's surgery was a success. >> i got everything i wanted today.
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>> best gift you could have gotten? >> he's got a message for mitzi in wisconsin waiting for his kidney. >> i'm hoping you're feeling as blessed as i do right now. >> so i did receive an update. the kidney was picked up by the on ground transport person. we're right on time. >> mitzi gets prepared for surgery. >> getting emotional thinking about the journey you've been on? >> i think yesterday it really sank in that i was getting this kidney. i honestly didn't think i'd ever qualify. >> her new kidney arrives. >> 6:18. game time. >> mitzi's husband waits anxiously. about an hour in he gets an update. >> i wanted to let you know that the kidney is in. >> oh, my gosh.
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that is amazing. >> immediately turned pink. looks good. >> all finished? >> all finished. >> everything went very well. >> good i'm so happy to hear that. >> no surprises. kidney's getting good blood flow. >> so she's going to outlive me? >> 68 lives have been changed in what the surgeons have called a chain of love. now the longest multi-hospital kidney chain in u.s. history. >> it's driven by hearts and minds of people. people that want to do it. if there was no love in this it wouldn't happen. >> i'm byron pitts in madison, wisconsin. next a thing that only happens in movies like the exorsist? think again. and later on "nightline," we talk to floyd mayweather as he prepares to square off against
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for this kind of price. the 2015 cla from mercedes-benz. see your authorized dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. you may think it's only the stuff of movies or religious extremists, but interest in demonic possessions and how to get rid of them is actually at an all-time high and it may be in part thanks to the very popular pope francis. >> in the name of the father and of the son, and the holy spirit. >> in hollywood it is the imagination with terrifying
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images like the scenes from the film the exorcist or last year's "deliver us from evil." but it's more than just horror movie fodder. and now some say pope francis has inspired a recent rise in exorcism interest. some of his followers say his frequent use of rhetoric has fueled a resurgence of belief in demonic intervention. in the catholic church, only an elite few are trusted to perform the ritual. but recent reports suggest more and more priests are receiving specialized training. according to an interview, the diocese of milan doubled their number of exorcism priests.
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and just last week, an annual conference in rome being attended by 160 catholic priests from around the world. >> we can't underestimate the prevalence of possessions. frankly, it's not accurate. >> father james martin an influential catholic publication has a different interpretation of the pope's fiery sermons. >> he's using traditional christian language. it's really just speaking about the different forces in our life that move us away or towards god. >> he says pop culture is what's really responsible for a fascination with exorcism. this thriller grossing nearly $100 million. it was loosely based on the real life education of father gary thomas, the official exorcist of
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the diocese in california. >> how do you know that someone is possessed by a demon rather than just someone under tremendous psychological strain? >> there are specific signs. for example, if a person has an aversion to walking into a church and not being able to view a crucifix or an image of christ. another sign could be if a person possesses a competency in a language they otherwise couldn't speak. >> father thomas was selected by the church for special training in rome to battle dark spirits. but the practices attracts its fair share of amateurs. like this phoenix trio dubbed the teenage "nightline" q;v interviewed in 2012. >> looking at eyes you can see
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that evil thrown back at you. when a demon comes into someone, it's desire is to steal, kill and destroy that person's destiny and life. >> armed with crosses, bibles and holy water, they claim to summon demons alongside their fearless leader. >> get your hands off me. >> at the school you walk away with no doubts whatsoever. >> rev land larson also runs the international school of exorcism that promises to certify you for the cost of $500. >> power's broken. >> though he won't guarantee a return on your investment. >> it has a very minor part in the catholic church. >> experts like father martin maintain that true possessions are extremely rare. >> most of the cases can be
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explained psychologically. >> who told you to come? satan. >> but if the unthinkable occurs he suggests it's a task best left to the professionals. >> anybody who attempted to do this on an amateur basis, i would say you're playing with fire and stay away. >> in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit. >> satan and those kinds of forces are nothing to be toyed with. next justin bieber and óx floydmay never say never.kmf the singer at his side when he enters the ring in the fight of the century. >> hopefully the world will be watching. >> announcer: abc news "nightline" brought to you by mercedes benz. the design evolves the engineering advances. but the passion to drive a mercedes-benz
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legendary boxers floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao both have a lot riding on the upcoming fight. but tonight, money mayweather tells our colleague he is not sweating the small stuff. or, well any of the stuff. >> floyd mayweather is the world's highest paid athlete. and he's not shy about it. >> it's a life style. but the lifestyle i'm selling you is real. i really have houses everywhere that i own. i really make nine figures in 36 minutes. >> he's known to have a million bucks in cash handy at any time.
1:04 am
may 2nd will be the biggest payday yet when he faces manny pacquiao. >> this fight is huge, floyd. it's supposed to generate what $400 million. you're going to make $180 million in this fight no matter what happens. are you surprised it's generating this much money? >> it takes me to generate this. >> you will have justin bieber with you? >> hopefully. >> he's won ten world titles. it wasn't always big fights and huge paydays for the born mayweather. young floyd found his escape in boxing. winning a bronze medal at the 1996 olympics and going onto be one of the most decorated professional boxers in history.
1:05 am
but he's also had his own run-ins with the law. in 2011 mayweather pled guilty to reduced misdemeanor charges after his ex-girlfriend alleged he beat her in front of their children. he was sentenced to 90 days in jail. >> he's had issues with domestic violence and run-ins with the law. >> i'm black i'm rich and i'm outspoken. those are three strikes right there. >> pacquiao also faced his share of struggles. he says he took up boxing to earn money for his family. >> how much would you get paid starting out? >> $2. >> $2? >> if you loss $1. >> on may 2nd how much? >> i don't know. >> a lot more than $2. but on may 2nd all eyes will be on what mayweather and pacquiao do in the ring. >> what are you most concerned
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about when it comes to manny pacquiao? >> nothing at all. >> come on. >> i know i'm great. i got here somehow some way, doing the right things pushing myself believing. >> so who are you rooting for, mayweather or pacquiao? head to our "nightline" facebook page and let us know in the comments. thank you for watching abc news world news now is coming up soon and tune into good morning america tomorrow and as always we're online at [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yeah! hey! [laughs] hey. [cheers and applause] welcome to millionaire. i'm terry crews, and all this week, we are raising money for shriners hospitals for children! [cheers and applause]
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they're a wonderful charity that provides kids with life-changing medical care regardless of their family's ability to pay. so here's the deal: whenever a contestant gets to round 2 we'll give $10,000 to shriners hospitals for children. [cheers and applause] yes. today's returning contestant has just earned $10,000 for the shriners hospitals for children by getting to classic millionaire, not to mention he's got $43,600 in his own bank. he's a retired hand model from napa, california. please welcome chuck meyer! [cheers and applause] that's it, my man. [grunting] go on here. >> what's up? what is up, terry? >> good to see you. >> [sighs] it's nice to see you. >> now, you retired from hand modeling. >> of course, yeah. >> but if you get this million dollars, which you're well on your way to...


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