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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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with noon with breaking news, former new england patriots star aaron hernandez, is found guilty of first degree murder. the athlete shook his head in a massachusetts courtroom, he is convicted of the shooting death of odin lloyd. the 25-year-old was sentenced to life in prison without patrol. we'll have more coverage on and on "action news" beginning at 4:00 later today but once again aaron hernandez found guilty of first degree murder. and police are looking for two hit and run suspects they have a person of interest in a hit and run that killed a 4-year-old boy. we also learned the names of the victims today. annie mccormick has more.
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>> reporter: at the beginning of the week philadelphia police's investigation division began the week with two hit and run cases on the same day and last night they made significant progress where a 4-year-old boy was killed. but in the second case they still need the public's help, that one involves a mother and her child. police say that the driver of the car contracted an attorney. >> that is my understanding and i haven't had a full briefing but what i have learned is that she contacted her attorney and the attorney contacted the accident investigation division and we located the car and we are working to get her in to take formal states and present is to the da. >> they located the suv they
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believe is the same one on the surveillance video in a love park parking garage yesterday. she allegedly hit and then ran over wilson after he darted into traffic in traffic. little abdul died at chop soon after the accident that happened at 7:30 monday night. just before that accident across town in west kensington, this is the scene where a hit and run driver ran down josephine rivera and their her son david. investigators recovered a piece of a broken headlight and they say it was a white car but can't say if it was a man or woman this show a white vehicle in the area and they want anyone with information to come forward. and the case that police still
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need a lot of help on they say there is a $10,000 reward with any information the mother has been released from the hospital but the 2-year-old remains in critical condition at saint christophers, if you have information you are urged to call police. reporting live in philadelphia annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." a chester county oriole -- investigators say the doctor illegally wrote prescriptions for large amountses of drugs for his wife rebecca and his office staff, his wife would inject herself with fet nal and she used up to 500 oxycodone pills per month. they are both charged with theft
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and receiving stolen property and forgery. officials are dealing with a construction accident in chester county, a large crane tipped over this morning in malaga township the crane was being driven when it veered off the road suddenly, addition am cranes were brought in to upright the vehicle. two families were left homeless when a fire destroyed a duplex on winding brock drive investigators believe that it started in a plastic storage unit on the front porch. five fire companies responded and both families managed to escape and no one was hurt. police have two people in custody for a suspected arson. again investigators believe that someone intensely started the fire and that person was take and in for questioning and a roommate was hospitalized for
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smoke inhalation and other injuries. and turning now to accuweather, and the sun is back after a gloomy day yesterday sky 6 hd looking live over center city where the clouds are mixing with sunshine and a light breeze and we are enjoying mild conditions for your wednesday and how long will it stick around lets head outside to david murphy. >> it's the pick of the work week certainly sunshine overhead and clouds trying to block it out but not doing a good job. there is a lot of those dark shadows digging in with the white and that is where you start to see through to the ground, and sunshine is able to get through the clouds to some degree, 64 in philadelphia too so it's starting to turn to the mild side and 63 in allentown un62 in trenton and 63 in millville. cooler down by the shore. it's a breeze but not all that
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strong 6 miles per hour from allentown, and you can shuffle these numbers around and winds could go as high as 29 miles per hour later on. however, because of the low humidity and the dry air in place that wind we just showed you and the fact that we haven't had much rain, there is a red flag in the counties highlighted. in new jersey from mercer county north and over to lakehurst, new jersey just to the north that is until 7:00 tonight, if a brush fire were to get started it would easily grow and spread you want to be careful not to flick the cigarettes out of the car window and the other issue is.pollen count and the issue with rain, we are back in the top of the top of the col emwith extremely high pollen readings 68 degrees 6 degrees above
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average, 46 is your overnight low around average. we have a couple of chances of rain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and we'll start to examine the weekend call coming up. in the news a nationwide protest for higher pay is picking up momentum, they were joined by airline workers and wal-mart employees and other low wage workers around the country, one was organized outside of an mcdonald's, more demonstrations are planned in the afternoon. >> a march against police brutality was planned today and police escorted the protesters through the southbound lanes of roosevelt boulevard in the northeast. the march for justice was organized in the protest of a police shooting they are traveling to washington d.c. staying at churches along the way. a separate round of demonstrations against police brutality, turned chaotic last
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night, police made arrests in new york city after the protesters blocked traffic across the brooklyn bridge marcy gonzales joins us live with that story. >> reporter: there was 35 arrests here in new york and 15 in los angeles, and at least two officers were hurt in the demonstrations which were otherwise peaceful rallies for change. protesters shutting down highways and bridges from new york -- to california. demonstrating what they say is police brutality. >> i'm tired of the system as it is, the system is broken and they don't care about black and brown lives. >> reaction to videos like this one from a police dash-cam in arizona. an officer swerving to hit the robbery suspect that police say
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was firing a stolen rifle into the air and ignoring orders to surrender. he says he was never ordered to stop and the officer used excessive force. the officer is back on duty and facing no charges. >> this is not the first time that a vehicle has been used in a deadly force situation. and acting to the shooting of walter scott in south carolina and a deputy shooting his gun instead of his taser in oklahoma. that reserve officer, 73-year-old robert bates who works as an insurance executive is out on bond charged with second degree manslaughter the gravestone of hillary clinton's father was knocked
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over at a pennsylvania cemetery they say that vandals may be responsible for knocking over the tombstone of hugh rodham. they are investigating the incident as suspicious. meanwhile day two in iowa for hillary clinton as she jump starts her second bid for the presidency, she will tour a family owned produce company and speak with people in des moines her campaign focus this time around is smaller more personal inactions. and new jersey governor, chris christie is spending another day in new hampshire, he is testing the waters for a potential presidential run and hold a town forum. well known new york city restaurant juniors is moving his bakery operation to new jersey. the cheesecake maker will bake
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its sweets out of a 103 thousand foot facility in burlington it has been working in a much smaller facility in queens, the move is expected to be completed by july. still to come boston marks the second anniversary of the attack. how they are honoring the victims and survivors. we'll have those stories and the seven-day forecast from meteorologist, david murphy, when "action news" continues.
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12 months at no cost. strong winds triggers massive dust storms in utah one was involved in a 25 car pileup 235 people were hurt after visibility was reduced to 0, and elsewhere the heavy winds uprooted trees and blew over semi trucks. all flights were canceled for a short time yesterday. some survivors were there for the anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. mayor marty walsh unveiled banners to honor the victims of
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the terror attack and named it one boston day. a moment of silence will be held at 2:49 this afternoon when the first of two bombs exploded in 2013, and church bells will be rung in the city and it's suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted of all counts during his trial and the jury will deliberate his sentence next week. and the fbi is upping the award for information on the 2008 times square military recruitment station bombing, surveillance shows an unknown person walking up and moments later it was destroyed in a blast. it may be connected to unsolved bombings at a mexican and english consulates.
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a judge rules that sterling's girlfriend must return everything to his wife. she will give up a $1.8 million duplex and hundreds of thousands in cash and her attorney will appeal the decision. >> a seattle ceo is taking a massive pay cut and passing on the money to his employees, dan price of credit card company gravity payments are bumping up the salaries of all of his workers to at least $70,000 a year, price was troubled here in the u.s., that chief executives earns 30 times what the average worker makes. he cut his own salary from $300,000 to $70,000. tax day. freebies you won't want to miss may ease the pain a little bit and a set of quintuplets make history in the united states and the reason they are so unique.
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tax day is here and it's the deadline to file or get an extension and to ease the tax day burden rest rabbits are offering their freebies like hard rock will give a legendary burlger to anyone willing to sing a song from 5:00 until 7:00 and the deli will add a chip and drink to your sandwich and boston market anybody that buys a meal can get a second one for free.
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and the fda is warning a popular snack brand to change its labels. kind bars have to remove any mention of healthy from their labels. it has too much saturated fat to be considered healthy but most of the fat in its bars comes from nutses they compare it to foods such as avocado and salmon they do not meet the government standard but are considered very good for you. daniel busby welcomed their set of all girl quintuplets. more than a dozen doctors and nurses assisted in the delivery last week and they are caring for the babies since their arrival. they used fertility treatments
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to get pregnant but were shocked to find out they were having quintuplets and then to find out they were all gishls the first time it happened in the united states. high above in buck county this fire is burning here and it's a tire fire and they are always very, very smokey thick black smoke is going into the area and can be seen from quite a distance can you see it burning in the distance in buckingham township in buck county it was reported at 12:00, about 22 minutes ago and fire departments called out to a report of a fire at stockton road at buckingham township. again this is a tire fire burning there are no reported injuries, we'll keep an eye on this one in buck county. meantime the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. police in montgomery county say they solved a murder mystery they caught the people that killed a man in pottstown and
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they know why it happened. and the lanes on the vine street expressway are worse than expected tonight. what can you expect. meantime accuweather is around the corner as we look at sky 6 hd.
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meteorologist, david murphy is here now with accuweather, we got out of gloom today. >> yes we did we have dried out after yesterday's rain, which was centered over the southern portion of the region. as we take a look outside, sky 6 hd at the airport the sun is working its way through the high thin clouds sun glass weather despite the fact that it's not a bright blue sky. 56 in philadelphia and the winds have picked up at 16 miles per
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hour and we are expecting a blustery breezy afternoon shlg 63 inal ebb town un63 in wilmington and millville. cooler down at the shore and in areas closer to the coast 59 inland at the a.c. airport. satellite shows you the cloud cover and there are breaks here and there the rain will miss us down to the south which is good. and it's fairly mild out there even up in the lehigh valley highs in the upper 60s, 68 in allentown and clouds mixing with sun and breezy conditions down the shore cooler closer to the water but 63 with a mix of clouds and sun and probably need a jacket and 70 is your high this afternoon in philadelphia or very close to it. clouds mixing with sun and breezy conditions running north 10 to 20 miles per hour. and as we take a look tonight partly cloudy and cool, 46 degrees and winds dying down and it will be rather breezy, thursday high pressure is off the coast forcing an on shore
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flow and that will cool us down a bitp 54 is the high in philadelphia and down the shore probably not getting out of the 50s tomorrow at the shore it's going to be rather cool. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and sun, there is that red flag warning in affect tonight, any brush fires could easily spread avoid flicking cigarettes out of the car window still nice tomorrow and cooler at the shore and friday a spotty shower around and could be a brief period of steady rain in the morning and not raining all the time and a high of 67 as i look at saturday it gets better and better the model is suggesting highs notice mid-70s and clouds and sun and pretty darn nice, still pleasant and 67 degrees and a slate chance of a spotty afternoon, staying dry for the union match and steadier rain sunday night into monday and that will be a dreary cloudy
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dreams to life. "action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30 now works in philadelphia are calling for higher pay as part of a national minimum wage demonstration and also new a
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scathing report on the philadelphia va the startling findings that call for an immediate change and police video that police hope will solve a month's old crime. and breaking news out of buck county this is buckingham township chopper 6 hd much closer now, you can see the tire fire burning here and brush is burning as well. the fire department was first called out just about 30 minutes ago, this is a tire fire burning in buckingham township dark thick, black smoke burning here now. chopper 6 hd will monitor there and we'll bring you updates here there is no reports of injuries. now, the details, the nationwide call to action for a higher minimum wage including rallies here in philadelphia. it's


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