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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we
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begin with breaking news in montgomery county. where 50 homes were evacuated because of a strong chemical odor in lower providence. david henry is live with more. >> reporter: the hazmat team son the scene right now, in the meantime 50 homes remain evacuated as a heavy chemical odor permeated the neighborhood at 9:00 this morning. >> we started to receive numerous calls in the area of this neighborhood of odor in the houses. >> the first responders started to evacuate homes in the immediate area, they traced it to ama associationedassociated. they found the product leaking in there and they were able to cap it off and contain it.
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they are now in the process of cleaning up and venting the building but nobody in the building itself called. the emergency responders found the employees standing around outside when they arrived. four people in the neighborhood were taken to the hospital complaining of dizzyinessdizziness. they will be checked out for elevated levels of color nated gas. >> we'll check their homes as we start letting them back in. no word when they'll get the leak capped. there are different types ofcil independenters including propane tanks, the fire chief admits that this is dangerous the company was established way back in 1946. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are also following
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breaking news in northeast philadelphia at this hour. a man had to be rescued at a construction site on somer dale avenue this morning, the worker became trapped in a trench under a wall of dirt and crews were able to rescue him and he had a broken leg. we'll have more on this at 12:30. developing right now, president obama says takes full responsibility for the u.s. counter terrorism mission that killed two hostages taken by al qaeda, they were killed by a drone strike in january, the president said that based on hundreds of hours of surveillance they believed that no civilians or hostages were inside of the facility in pakistan and obama apologized to the families today. >> it's a cool and bitter truth that in the war generally and
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our fight against terrorists specifically mistakes and sometimes deadly mistakes happen. two other americans working for the terror group were killed in the operation. philadelphia police are looking for these two brothers that went missing after going to a park last evening. they went to play at 43rd street at woodland avenue at 6:30 and they never returned home. anybody that knows where they are or spots them should contact philadelphia police right away. an off duty philadelphia police officer fired his gun at a man trying to rob him last night. it happened in the overbrook section the man had gotten off work when he was approached by the suspect, the officer saw a gun in the suspect's hand and immediately drew his weapon. eight shots were fired and the suspect got away and they don't
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know if the suspect was hit by any of the officer's bullets. septa identified two of the victims in the brawl on the septa line. they were on the platform at the garden station. one was repeatedly stomped in the head and another one fell on the tracks. they are trying to identify any of the others involved. pennsylvania state police are investigating a nude photo scandal at owen gate high school. they were sharing pictures via text messages police seized the phones that may have been involved. students are being offered lessons on how their digital footprint can last forever. >> the spring chill you'll feel when you step outside today. we are dealing with windy conditions much cooler than
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yesterday with light showers possible as well. for more on that, meteorologist, david murphy at the big board with the latest. >> we are kind of revisiting march, and may is only a week away we have the sprinkles and showers around and we talked about how they are light nuisance stuff and that is what we have on storm tracker, light stuff pushing into reading and newcastle county and delaware as well. and a little while ago we turned from snow to rain. and some snow showers in the poconos today as well. the cooler air marched in quickly behind the frontal boundary that brought us strong winds, we got downed trees because of the winds in the region. this is the 200 block of west olive street this is why i tell you there are strong winds on the way take cover on the
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indoors and lower floors and when the tree falls it affects the upper floors first. this is cool conditions behind the front and today's high is only in the 50s and tonight we are in the 30s and not just tonight but a freeze watch is posted in the suburban counties and delaware is not included and parts of the rest of the places you see highlighted here we could get overnight lows near the freezing mark, we are warning you tonight and tomorrow night to bring in the potted plants, a warning by the way in the lehigh valley and points north. we'll examine how long we are dealing with the cool air and see if we can't raise the numbers up in a bit. >> thank you. a plane on its way to new jersey hit such bad turbulence it had to make an emergency landing passengers on the delta
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flight from paris were tossed around and one personal was hurt and several others got hurt. >> it felt like king kong picked up the plane and shook it. >> all i can tell you is i was holding on to my bible and well thank god we are alive. >> the plane circled over long island before it was diverted to boston after a brief stop they came back to newark where they landed safely we are learning more about airline passengers that lost consciousness on a flight from chicago to connecticut, their plane dropped 27,000 feet in minutes and the people on board are questioning why marcy gonzales is live now with more on this story. >> sara and rick, that quick decent was the right move considering how many people on board suddenly felt sick, a dozen had to be checked out by
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paramedic, for now no one seems to know for sure. a mysterious midair scare on a united flight from chicago to hartford yesterday. just 40 minutes into the flight a passenger in the middle of the cabin starts to lose consciousness. and a nurse sitting nearby got up to help. >> we got her on the oxygen and then she was alert and came right back and i went back to my seat and they called me right better and -- back because the person behind them passed out. >> everybody in the middle of the flight started to not feel well. >> with at least three people passed out the pilots make a quick decent to get the oxygen. the jet with 80 people on board
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makes an money landing in buffalo. >> inbound flight unknown medical problem. >> sky west airlines said because there was no cockpit warnings and no oxygen masks dropped they believe there was no problem. something passengers who did finally making it to hartford are questioning today. it was multiple people affected. not just one. >> we are told that all the passengers are okay and the airline and the faa are investigating. rick and sara back to you. >> okay. marcy thank you. still to come on "action news" at noon, police say that a convicted sex offender managed to steal a school bus and pick up children. we'll explain how this happened. >> the nation's oldest track and
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henderson was trying to pick up children and took a set of keys for bus and found a list of student names and addresses and attempted to pick up one girl at her home. someone called police to report a suspicious person hendrickson is now in jail and facing a long list of charges. a 14-year-old girl mistaken for a kidnapping victim is back home with her family. police in mexico dragged luna out of her middle school because they thought she was the missing daughter of a woman in texas. she was flown to houston where a dna test proved she was not the woman's daughter meanwhile the real kidnapping victim is still missing. former cia director david
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petraeus will learn his sentence for leaking military secrets, he faces a year in prison after reaching a plea deal, he is accused of providing classified material to her mistress that she leaked to a book. prosecutors recommended two years of probation and a $40,000 fine. the next attorney general of the united states is expected to finally get a confirmation vote today. loretta lynch was nominated by president obama four months ago but would not vote on her nomination until a bill for human trafficking was voted on. she is expected to win approval and will replace eric holder and become the first black female attorney general. still to come a local couple proves you're never to old to start working out.
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facebook is making more money off people that access the site using their smart phones, nearly 75% of the company's advertising revenue comes from mobile ads, they made $3.5 billion in the first half of the year. turning to health check this
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noon new evidence you can't outrun a bad diet. excess sugar and carbs are primarily due to weight gain and solely concentrating on exercise is not going to necessarily change the scale. they will give you energy but not help you drop pound fz you do not eat the right foods. in this week's art of aging report, there is an old saying use it or lose it. but can you always get it back if you work hard enough. >> three time a week karen and larry metzger rise well before down and goes to the gym on spring garden street, he uses the treadmill and uses the weights and she takes classes. >> you keep the arms up. >> karen never exercised at all
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until the 40s, when she started to walk to lose weight. >> in the 80s, the emphasis was not on working out like it is now. >> she could not do a basic walking lung, she didn't have the strength in her glutes or am strings, now she does squats on the trx, karen still works full-time as a parallel and her husband say practicing attorney who goes to the gym to spend time with his bride. >> if it wasn't for her i'd be home eating cereal. >> i lost 10 or 15 pounds when i started working out here, it helps with balance and moving around every day move quicker and faster and be more alert. >> i used to think that when you were 65 that was about it and now i see that you look much younger and feel much younger. >> her physical progress fills
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karen with pride. >> when i'm in the shower i am amazed by the strength in my arms. >> i can lift things more easily that arm sag that so many women have, it's getting better and improving. >> you can see the smile on my face and blushing it means a lot to me. definitely. definitely. >> you can find more on this on our website at of aging. >> they look great. >> i feel like hitting the gym now, maybe later. >> the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is in the newsroom with a look ahead. >> that woman is doing more workouts than i am. i am inspired here. coming you today at 4:00, a houston father is lighting up the bloggersphere her daughter
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violated the dress code because her shoulders were exposed. and what a woman did during an armed robbery, she was fired because she did not pay back money stolen at gun point. and you don't want to miss the moment a nurse watched her paralyzed patient walk for the very first time. i'll see you back here in the studio in the next half hour remember the dover delaware cop who went viral with his taylor swift shake it off video he is back with a partner this time. that accuweather forecast is coming up when we come right back.
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coat or sweater or something like that? >> more than just your t-shirt are you looking at chilly winds. >> i had a t-shirt and tie on today. i put a shirt on. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us that we have a bit of precipitation along with the chilly breezes blowing across the region if we go in tighter, most of the stuff is highlighted in lighter shades of green and probably not having a great impact on the surface but if it pops through you may get water on your windshield. it's fairly light stuff but part of the package today we are aboard chopper 6 hd and we have peaks of sunshine and overall a sun and clouds mix across the region, pretty pictures cruising aboard chopper 6 hd this morning. i hope they had the heater on. winds out of the west at 16 miles per hour. the gusts are a little higher than that. temperatures up north a little
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cooler in allentown and reading and the same thing in lancaster 48 in wilmington and up to 51 in millville, new jersey here are the gusts they are funneling down from the north northwest and some gusts are close to 30 miles per hour, dover 25 miles per hour gust every now and then and in philadelphia and the numbers may rise a bit in the afternoon hours in terms of precipitation, the model having a hard time clueing in or grabbing on to where it might be, this is a light disorganized pattern today. can you see any time in the afternoon and early evening, some of you may get caught in one of those light, nuisance showers. allentown partly sunny a chilly wind and 52 is the high, from you in allentown or in reading, look for it to be pretty cool. 58 is the high at the shore partly cloudy and windy and cool there as well.
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perhaps a sprinkle if you are headed to day baseball at citizens bank park as we kick the marlins out of town, partly cloudy skies and chilly and windy and temperatures in the mid-50s bundle up with a couple of layers for that. today's high is 55 at 3:00 in philadelphia and there are the gusts that could go as high as 35 miles per hour and overnight we dip 36 is the low in philadelphia and in the lower 30s in some suburbs and that could actually bring us frost in some suburbs you will want to bring the plants in if you have them out today or if you have something fresh you cover it up. still rather blustery with the winds. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, windy and chilly today and a repeat tomorrow and both of the next two nights we are down in the 30s, and frost advisories are up in case you have potted plants
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out there. a fair amount of clouds and up to 60 and could be rain saturday nirt into sunday, die in the afternoon though, mid-60s, monday, tuesday and wednesday and more showers around wednesday. >> all right thank you david. more "action news" when we come right back. it penetrates deep for long lasting protection and beauty. and i'm the only one who's got it. olympic elite. for exceptional beauty and protection that lasts. olympic. simply. done. exclusively at lowe's. introducing olympic rescue it! light. transform lightly worn wood and concrete into beautiful barefoot-friendly surfaces.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams
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sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. here are stories we are following for you. rescue crews free a construction worker trapped in a trench in philadelphia. and we are live with the latest and a woman walks in on a man robbing her home in radnor township. and president obama apologizing for the accidental death of two hostages killed during a u.s. drone strike. >> but the big story on "action news" is breaking news in montgomery county a hazmat situation forced the evacuation of dozens of homes in lower providence they reported a strong chemical owner on oak avenue at 9:00 this morning, that odor is traced to a propane tank. a gas cylinder service company, four people were taken to the hospital complaining of


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