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tv   ABC World News Tonight  ABC  April 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." devastation. a massive earthquake? nepal. the death toll mounting. the frantic race to pull survivors from the rubble. avalanches trapping climbers on mount everest tonight. shut it down. protests vowing to bring baltimore to a standstill. what happened to this police suspect in custody. tonight, police trying to find this man. could he hold a clue? bruce jenner's moment. those words to diane sawyer -- >> for all intents and purposes i am a woman. cht >> the conversation happening all over the country. tonight his famous family speaking out, too. and the never before seen moments from that interview. and, survivor tale. sisters stranded in their car, lost for two weeks.
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the one thing they clutched that entire time. what they ate to stay alive and the chance reflection that finally led rescuers straight to them. good evening. and thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm cecilia vega. we begin with the catastrophe you see behind me. a 7.82 magnitude earthquake. centered in nepal. the earth shaking for more than a minute. its reach so strong it killed people in four different countries. this is the historic nepal before and look at it after it was crowded with tourists at the time of the earthquake. the death toll rising at least 1400 killed. and on mount everest, an avalanche smashing tents at this camp. killing at least ten climbers and guide, including a google executive from the u.s.
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other climbers trap right now. and tens of thousands of people spending the night with no shelter under cold and rainy skies. fearing more aftershocks. >> reporter: tonight the frantic search the capital of nepal rattled by a massive earthquake, striking the height of the day. more than 1,000 confirmed dead. that number expected to rise and many are buried alive. witnesses said the ground shook for nearly a minute. cameras as far away as india, capturing the tremors. when it was finally over, towns and ancient city destroyed. temples prayed to for century, crumbled in an instant. the sister of abc news producer is on the ground in kathmandu. >> i was in a clothing shot now covered by rubble. >> reporter: the powerful
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earthquake unleashing massive avalanche 100 mile as way on mt. everest, killing climbers and guides, at least one american. google executive, daniel friedenberg, saying we lost one of our own in this tragedy. what was known as an aerosol avalanche, snow moving through the air. creating wind gusts that blew tents across the mountain. >> we have quite a few big avalanches coming down. >> reporter: tonight, many more feared trapped higher up. back in the capital, fears of more aftershocks. >> every time that there was a tremor, everyone was, it's coming again, it's coming again. panic would rise. >> reporter: those fears keeping many people outside, afraid to go home, where they are sleeping tonight. >> people around the city resorted to sleeping in open spaces in green parks. >> reporter: the u.s. is already mobilizing at least $1 million in aid and rescue teams to any
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paul. the state department is trying to establish exactly how many americans are there and in need of accept. cecilia. >> so many in need of help. thank you. back in baltimore, hundreds of protesters gathering this hour, demanding answers about what lapped to freddie gray. that suspect with a nearly severed spine who died in police custody. one man may have witnessed it all. as gloria rivera reports, police want to track him down. >> reporter: in baltimore today, the raw anger of a community demanding justice. marching through the same impoverished neighborhood where 25-year-old freddie gray, suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody. >> in the middle of this march you get a sense for a community coming together. across racial lines. they are calling for justice for freddie gray, an end to police brutality. his is one they heard before. other victims, similar incidents. now they are calling for an end
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to it all. >> we fed up. it's been enough. >> reporter: a community desperate to know what happened when police rescued gray and loaded him into a van. he was subjected to a rough ride where police intentionally start and stop the van. secretaries are now asking for help identifying this man captured in this surveillance video, across from gray and the police at the moment of the arrest. police leave that american may have filmed the encounter. those officers have been suspended with pay, despite calls for their arrest. local church leaders are now calling for the police commissioner's resignation. >> that's not going to happen. >> reporter: police commissioner acknowledging he was not wearing a seatbelt. and the public calling for dispatch calls with police while gray was in custody. answering the the many questions this city has. cecilia. and millions tuning into the powerful interview with bruce
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jenner breaking his silence to diane sawer. the former olympian and reality show star telling diane sawyer he is now transitioning to a woman. here's footage from that interview that never aired until now. >> my whole life has prepared me for this moment, i want to do the right thing and be true to myself. >> reporter: prepared to disclose a personal truth kept secret for a lifetime, 39 years of it lived in the public eye, ever since a victory at the 1976 olympics. >> you know, it's been really tough. >> reporter: bruce jenner telling abc's diane sawyer of life as a transgender person, now transitioning to a woman. >> are you a woman? >> um, yes. for all intents and purposes, i am a woman. i was not genetically born that way. as of now i have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff. but we still identify as female. >> reporter: the 65-yr-old jenner, referred to as "he" during the interview at jenner's suggestion, disclosing to sawyer a deep inner torment. >> i would say i've always been
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very confused with my gender identity since i was this big. so here i am stuck, and i hate the word, girl stuck in a guy's body. i hate that terminology. >> why, why? >> i'm me. i'm a person. and this is who i am. >> reporter: married and divorced three times, most recently to the former kris kardashian, matriarch of the kardashian reality-show "empire." jenner spoke of being sexually attracted only to women. >> sexuality is who you personally are attracted to. who turns you on, male or female. but gender identity has to do with who you are as a person and your soul and who you identify with. >> reporter: jenner told sawyer of a plan to drop from view and re-emerge later as a transgender woman. now revealing for the first time part of why it took so long. >> i couldn't come out earlier and be honest because of my children. i had to get my kids out of the
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house. i just want to know that my kids are safe and they are secure, and they are going to be okay. >> reporter: and after friday's interview, support on social media from family members. kris jenner tweeting: "my hero." kim kardashian: "i love you, bruce. #prouddaughter. her sister khloe, brucer, i'm so proud of you. their responses matching the support from jenner's older children. >> i was very proud of you when you stood on that podium in montreal. i never thought i could be more proud of you but i'm learning, i can be. >> and that was chris connelly reporting. that candid and stunning interview going viral. bruce jenner trending in the u.s. and worldwide during last night's show and now sparking a national conversation about what it means to be transgender. here's abc's linzie janis. >> the one thing that can really make a difference in people's lives was right here in my soul,
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and i could not tell that story. >> reporter: tonight, bruce jenner's revelation igniting conversations around the world. before diane sawyer's interview, just 8% of americans saying they know someone who is transgender. >> that female side is part of me. that's who i am. >> reporter: jimmy fallon channeling neil armstrong, calling it one step for man, one giant leap for mankind. and transend percent "orange in the new black" actress laverne cox saying it is brave to stand in one's truth. like cox, others before jenner, renee richards fought to play professional tennis as a woman and won. the still active 81-year-old giving us her reaction from the golf course today. >> he's very courageous, i think he will certainly help the transgender community and other
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disenfranchised communities. >> reporter: that sentiment is shared by many in the transgender community who had been apprehensive ahead of jenner's big reveal. >> how big a moment was that? >> this was huge. even the transgender community took a moment to think, wow. things are really changing. this is different. this is our moment. i think people woke up this morning with the sense, someone i know is transgender. >> reporter: tonight that story opening hearts and minds everywhere. linzie janis, action abc news new york. turning next to the severe storms and tornado watches we've been monitoring here all day. in louisiana, a tree crashing down on a police car. wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour there. hail in kansas, covering the ground -- you can see it right there -- like snow and this image from scott city, kansas. a tornado on the right. on the left that is a land spout. i want to bring in rob marciano on assignment in orlando.
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no rough weather for you their, rob. but tell us where the storms are headed tonight. >> just north across parts of the florida panhandle and deep south that's where the severe threat is. there's also a tornado threat just fort of there for the next several hours right on through this evening. and we're going to recharge the atmosphere with what is going on out west. we saw showers, rain showers and snow in the mountains. by tomorrow, the threat from severe weather will reset back in the texas area. it's the time of year where we get severe weather just about every day. back you to. >> it sure is, rob. thank you. we turn to the volcano in chile, forcing communities burying communities in ash. seen from space, drifting to the other side of the continent. matt gutman is right there bringing us an unparalleled view of that it beauty and the threat that looms. >> reporter: the volcano, a city-sized chimney, hovering so close, would could see each steaming vent erupting
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spectacularly on wednesday and popping out untold tons of toxic gas and ash since. earlier today we climbed on with chilean geologists hoping to learn more about what's called the worlds most unpredictable volcano. scouting it first. and then, the airman opened the door. >> the door of the helicopter is open right now, they are using that camera to get thermal imagery of the volcano to see what's really going on inside and to try to forecast whether or not there will be another eruption. >> reporter: geologist hugo moreno telling me they're now detecting lava. the volcano actually grew over the past few days, this dome, is new. spewing out a finer ash now, and gases. >> you can actually smell the gases from the volcano behind us. >> reporter: and as we scooted just above the treetops, the devastation. three feet of ash and gravel covering pristine pastures. homes buried. commnities marooned in a sea of sand and ash. streams boiled by the flows.
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trees flattened and charred. even with all the data they learned from today's flight, geologists here say they still can't predict when the next eruption will come, but they know that every piece of information they get might help them save lives in the future. cecilia? >> absolutely. incredible images, matt gutman. thank you. and we turn now to the two sisters on a sight-seeing trip in the woods. they were lost and found two weeks later. rescuers saving them by pure luck. they spotted a glimmer in the snow. here's abc's marcie gonzalez with what that glimmer was. >> reporter: this evening these smiling sisters are out of the hospital, with a sweet story of survival. stranded for two weeks in the wilderness with nothing to eat but girl scout cookies and cheese puffs. >> it really is truly a miracle. >> reporter: leslie roy and lee marie wright were sightseeing in a remote part of michigan's upper peninsula on april 11th when their suv became stuck in heavy snow. with no cell phone signal, they couldn't call for help.
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april 15th, when they didn't show up in kalamazoo where they were supposed to meet other family members, the search began. finally at 2:20 yesterday afternoon, 14 days after the sisters became stranded. a glimmer spotted in the snow turned out to be a reflection from their suv's windshield. the helicopter landing in a nearby clearing. one of the women clutching a bible. >> they were very cheerful, they were grateful. i described them as even almost in shock that it was finally happening for them, that they were being rescued. >> reporter: the sisters, getting one last look at the snowy scene they survived, and happily eating something other than those snacks. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> that sandwich never tasted so good. up next, putting your life on the line to sell houses. why a growing number of real estate agents are fearing for their lives every time they go
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out to show a home to a prospective buyer. and royal baby watchers going into overdrive this weekend. royal baby number two is due any minute now. why many british economists are hoping for a girl.
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medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. constipated? .yea dulcolax tablets can cause cramps but not phillips. it has magnesium and works more naturally than stimulant laxatives. for gentle cramp free relief of occasional constipation that works! mmm mmm live the regular life. when you think about jobs that put lives on the line, real estate agent might not come to mind but the very people who sell us our homes are increasingly becoming the targets of some violent attacks. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: tonight 25-year-old amilya barcenas is in jail after allegedly luring a realtor to this home by posing as a homebuyer and then pulling a gun. the realtor managed to escape, notifying police. >> she's saying that the female did point a gun at her. >> reporter: this is the police dispatcher's call to the responding officer --
6:48 pm
>> she told the caller to tie her hands together and wanted her to go to the bank and get money. >> reporter: the realtor says she refused and when barcenas put the gun down, the realtor ran to a nearby house. but not every realtor is so lucky. many agents showing houses are often alone and vulnerable. in the last 10 years more than 20 real estate agents have been murdered, according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics. >> morning. >> reporter: janice tisdale knows the fear. the san antonio grandmother and realtor was attacked by someone posing as a customer before being rescued by passers-by. >> i was screaming. and i just thought you're dead, janice, you are dead. >> reporter: nowadays when janice shows properties she brings this beretta tomcat. a reminder that the old rules of real estate still apply, it's all about location location location, not getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. rebecca jarvis, abc news. washington.
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humira. with humira, remission is possible. and straight to "the index" starting with the explosive pit stop for a race car driver at nascar's xfinity series in virginia. halfway through the lap. brendan dunn pulled in for fuel when the car erupted into a fireball. three pit crew members september to the hospital. thankfully already released. they were wearing fireproof suits and helms. gone unscathed.
6:53 pm
dusted off and finished the race in 11th place. next to a very different pit stop this going viral tonight. this is 2-year-old jackson crawford in louisville, kentucky pulled over for a moving violation. police cruiser lights on and all. jackson's mom said she wanted to give an early lesson in law enforcement. officer bill mayo was happy to play along. jackson did catch a break on the speeding ticket but he was cited for driving with a pacifier. and one paddle boarder was glad he was operating with a camera. check this out. that right there is a gray whale, a pretty huge one in fact. and her newborn calf. they hang out with darren, and he followed them under the water. there he goes. a little scary but absolutely breathtaking. sure was. and when we come back, all eyes are on another mother and child this weekend with duchess kate ready to give birth any
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finally tonight, the royal baby countdown is on. british bookies have their money on a girl and today, as a possible due date. one thing is certain, it's not easy being royal baby number two, also known as the spare. here's abc's sara haines. >> reporter: kate expectations! the great kate wait! call it what you will, london is on edge as the countdown to a new royal baby heats up. many royal fanatics are setting up camp out outside the hospital where kate is expected to deliver prince william and kate's second child, otherwise known as the spare to the heir. >> are you excited about the new baby? >> i'm beyond excited, i can't cope, i think it's wonderful. >> reporter: a royal baby generates not only excitement, but big business. prince george's birth in 2013 pumped an estimated $400 million into the british
6:58 pm
economy. this baby is also expected to be a money-maker, particularly if it's a girl, generating a projected $119 million for great britain, $37 million in souvenir sales alone. >> royal plates, royal baby keyrings, mugs, the whole lot. very, very popular yeah. >> reporter: according to bookies, britain is overwhelmingly betting on a girl, with the odds at five-four that she'll be named alice. and many believe all the pink the duchess donned in her last public appearances are a hint. >> this young princess, if it is a princess will be very, very photographed wherever she does. >> reporter: and for many royal watchers, the birth of a girl would be a real life fairytale. sara haines, abc news london. "gma" and "this week" in the morning. we are right back here tomorrow night. i'm cecilia vega in new york. thanks for sending your saturday with us. good night.
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