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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  April 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon in the news this noon, a former catholic church official is ordered back to prison the decision from a philadelphia judge. and a quick fix for trouble chins gets approval from the dpxt da the shot that claims to melt fat in minutes. and now police are making an announcement in a hit and run that left a temple university student in critical condition. the suv struck rachel hall last night one week before she was set to graduate. we are waiting to hear about an arrest. lets go live no north philadelphia and list ento investigators updating us now. >> we have the car and suspect and it will lead to an arrest. >> how did you find the car and suspect? >> the car was called in by the owner. everybody cooperated, the owner
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the owner's wife and son all cooperated. they actually did the right thing and called the police. >> but the son was missing all night, when did he finally come forward? >> sometime this morning. he came forward and cooperated. we are glad that the son did cooperate. >> you have charges approved? >> let me make something clear we have to put something to the district attorney he is not in custody right now but it's going in that direction. >> he has given you a statement? >> yes he has. he has given us a statement he struck the girl on the bike and panicked because he only had a permit. >> when the charges are approved you'll bring them here? >> yes we are still touching base with the district attorney to get charges approved. >> all right you have been listening to a news conference
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from police in philadelphia as you heard a 18-year-old suspect admitted admitting driving the vehicle that struck the university student. he gave the police a statement but is not yet in custody, we'll follow the story and bring you much more as it unfolds on "action news" at noon. >> in the meantime some classic cars are destroyed at a chester county auto business at hansbury township on the 2100 block of new schuylkill road. crews were able to save the other warehouses on the prorlt. the cause remains under investigation. a philadelphia judge revoked bail for monsignor william lynn, he was found guilty of child endangerment for protecting priests accused of abusing children. yesterday pennsylvania supreme court reinstated his convince
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and prosecutors moved to revoke his bail and a judge ordered him back to prison during a hearing this morning. philadelphia police are alerting people of possible traffic delays. people are gathering at city for philly is baltimore, for remembrance of freddie gray. they included the hashtags first amendment and peaceful protest. after a night of violent rallies in new york city where police arrested more than 100 people in a march against gray's death. a different story in baltimore where people obeyed the curfew and people hope that the calm remains tomorrow after a report of what happened to gray is expected to be released. marcy gonzales reports from baltimore with the latest. >> reporter: despite the calm the national guard is still here
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and baltimore is under a state of emergency. >> the streets are quiet as they have been since last night when the 10:00 p.m. curfew went into affect. the protesters cleared out peacefully. >> this is organized and peaceful and possive. >> a different scene in new york. where marchers blocked traffic and several police officers were hurt and at least 100 protesters were arrested. demonstrators gathered in other cities across the country last night. all demanding answers and action following the april 19th death of freddie gray, who suffered a spinal cord injury while in police custody. >> the "washington post" reported that according to a prisoner transferred with gray during his arrest believe that he was intentionally trying to hurt himself by banging himself against the walls of the police van. the family says they have not
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heard of this and disagree with anything that says severed his own spinal cord. >> i have not seen the report we have to let this process play out if there is ever going to be peace. >> the police handed over the preliminary findings to police this morning, there is frustration now that the report is not made public. >> a philadelphia police officer was injured in a crash in the frankford section of the city this morning, the accident happened at 6:30 in the 4700 block of tack onny street investigators have not said what caused the suv to rear end a red minivan and the officer was taken to the hospital and is expected to be treated and released. no word if the other driver was hurt. >> a large hole opened up on the street causing detours in the
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wissinoming section, and action cam was on scene after crews put up cones and drivers are now being detoured as the problem is being prepared. turning now to accuweather the final day of april could bring us showers, sky 6 hd looking live from our sky 6 camera, some clouds moved in after a sunny morning. david murphy is at the big board with the latest on conditions now. >> it's a nice morning and building into a nice afternoon overall because the main area of low pressure we are talking about is indeed in the process of forming and exiting the coast to the south most of rain connected with this is below washington, d.c. and in northeastern north carolina. we are getting a flow off the ocean today because it makes us cooler and fairly comfortable
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here and the bulk of the rain is to our south. a decent amount of sunshine today and as we get later into the afternoon we'll see more clouds fill in. a clouds and sun mix the rest of the way and the probability of a shower or two coming into our area but only a couple of those most of you will stay dry today. up to 66 degrees, a nice jump, when we started out at 50 it felt cooler we'll add another few degrees before we halt it. it won't take much longer because we get the easterly flow component and that is taking the cold air and pushing it across the region, from you headed to the golf links rick we are looking at a mix of clouds and sun and winds 6 to 8 miles per hour and comfortable enough temperatures and 68 at 1:00? >> 67 at 4:00 and high of 69 in
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between those to time periods. the high is 69 degrees, exactly on average and tonight's average isle low. and we get the easterly flow off the ocean and it cools down, can we get it up for the weekend? we'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. check, can you find live storm tracker 6 weather and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. >> still to come on "action news" at noon, a woman sets fire to a gas station nearly setting fire to another customer. >> and one couple tried to make extra cash and ended up losing their home. the nightmare story after using a popular rental website, those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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rescues are becoming more rain but despite the odds, crews found a teen in the rubble. he was buried for nearly six days, he survived by hiding behind a motorcycle as a seven story building collapsed on top of him. >> this is what we do it for, it's amazing that the u.s.
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government sent us across the world to help people in need. we are here to actually help the people. the death toll has surpassed 5500. >> incredible video from a gas station shows a woman intentionally starting a fire because of a cigarette. she approached a man at the gas station and asked for a cigarette and he refused. she retaliated by -- at the pump and when police questioned the woman she denied the whole thing. one couple has a nightmare story to tell, after renting their home through a popular website it has $75,000 worth of damage after they listed it to
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make extra cash. unknown to them an entire party bus arrived after they handed over the keys, more than 100 people filled their home for a drug filled party. there is mayonnaise on furniture and barbecue sauce and chicken meet in shoes. everything is totally trashed. air b and b is working with law enforcement and offering the kings a place to stay until their home can be cleaned out. bernie sanders running for president in 2013, the longest serving independent, he will run as a democrat. he will stand up and fight for working families across the country, sanders entry into the race gives them at least one liberal alternative to hillary
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clinton. meanwhile, president barack obama is announcing a new initiative to get more young people reading, the white house got major book publishers to provide $215 million books to low income children. he is ensuring that every student has a library card. still ahead on "action news" at noon, there is a new way to get rid of double chins and it only takes five minutes. and a delaware county athlete is not letting retirement slow him down, meet the 74-year-old squash champion many
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american airlines has unveiled its newest plane and some of the perks that come with it, the dreamliner has a television and remote in every seat as well as an electrical plug, they have a bar stacked with sandwiches and bottled water and drinks. it can carry 226 passengers. the fda has approved a new drug that promises to get rid of double chins without surgery, it can dissolve fat under the chin and the whole procedure takes 20 minutes but take a few days to
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heal. the injection is not covered by insurance and the drug maker has not said how much it will cost. and it's expected to become available in june. fitness is a way of life for one radnor employee. he busts the stereo types of retirement living. >> jim is a lean national squash champion, a 74-year-old athlete that loves the game. >> the competition is fun and the fitness is great fun too, my first championship was the national juniors that happened to be at penn. when you win that you say oh my i should play this more. >> jim just took home his 21st trophy and was featured in "sports illustrated" three times as well. >> i needed to work the weight machines as i got older i go to
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a fitness center where i live. >> he works out at beaumont and brenmar, he says the retirement community helps to keep him young. >> the meals are here and the shopping is less and it's just a nice way of life. >> for him fitness is a way of life and exercise keeps him sharp and he sits on several board of directors if you have to sit in a board meeting for 10 hours a day it helps you be in condition for that as well as the next squash match. >> he has friendly advise for the less active among us. >> as you get older, staying fight makes you feel better. >> can you find more stories on our website of aging. pamela edwards, channel 6 "action news." the "action news" team is out working on news stories beginning tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli in our
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newsroom with a preview. >> reporter: we are celebrating spring in today's outdoor adventure, you don't want to miss adam joseph at longwood gardens, also, coming up at 4:00 if you go gaga for gouda or you cherish your cheddar we found one scientist that says the secret to health could be eating more cheese. >> and if mothers could answer questions between contractions what is behind the new show turning labor pains into labor games. that is in big talkers take us with you on the go with the free 6 abc news app. i'll see you guys in the studio the next half hour to talk more avengers. >> grab the gouda.
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david is here now with a check of the accuweather forecast a little cooler today and maybe some rain. >> a little bit cooler and the rain is not going to be everywhere i'll show you that in future tracker 6. there you go this is regular radar and no rain there so no rain out there as we take a look outside, the shore and things look good down the beach a little bit of cloud cover working its way in off the ocean a mix of sun and clouds in most of our neighborhoods, 66 is your current temperature though, a nice jump from dawn startup temperatures 5 to 6 miles per hour winds 65 in wilmington and allentown we reached the mid-60s.
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in sea isle city a little bit cooler and you'll stay cooler at the shore. >> winds are rolling in lightly for the most part out of the northeast but it is drawing cool air off the ocean and our temperatures probably only going up for a couple of hours before they stop and start to descend again, that wind is coming in off the ocean to keep us a bit cooler, cloud cover and rain wise not looking like a lot. some stuff in newcastle county and chester county and to the west south of philadelphia if you see some of that it won't last long and in most cases it won't be all that steady. by 10:00 maybe something popping up at the shore but most of the time we are looking dry. allentown clouds and sun and 65 is the high and most of us got up into the 70s, down the shore in the 60s yesterday and staying in the low to mid-60s down the ocean front in atlantic city
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we'll go 61 degrees and partly cloudy overall and on the cool side 69 in philadelphia and cooler than yesterday and fairly comfortable and clouds and sun and we'll allow for that spotty showers and we showed you on future tracker 6 coming down off the water and overnight tonight 48 degrees and cloudy and breezy and i'll allow for another spotty shower and future tracker shows you something for 9:00, 10:00 and we are dry. for the evening commute it's mainly dry and clouds and some sun poking through, 67 at 4:00 and down to 64 by 5:30 and 61 by 7:00, in fact, this sort of illustrates that the high temperature will be earlier in the afternoon later we'll start to see the numbers dip a bit as the easterly flow kicks in and the low pressure we are talking about setting up off the coast is far enough to the south where we have nothing more than a spotdy shower. the continued throw off the
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ocean cools us down, after that the rest of day, basically looks cloudy particularly north and west. the seven-day forecast 69 today and clouds and sun and cloudy and cooler and 62 big time improvement and quick time improvement for the weekend, up to 70 on saturday and 78 on sunday and great in the morning for the bluecross broad street run and 80s on monday and tuesday and close to that on wednesday. and really feeling like summer from sunday afternoon on. >> a nice change. thank you david. more ahead in our next half hour of "action news" at noon, working to get back online when rutdgers hopes to have its computer network restored after a cyber attack. the new avengers movie hits theaters tomorrow.
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our big story is breaking news, philadelphia police announced they have a suspect in the hit and run of a temple university senior who is in critical condition in the hospital. david henry has all the details. >> reporter: hi a big break in the case, the captain the accident investigation division
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came out here to tell us they do have a suspect, that suspect who about an hour ago confessed told police what happened out there last night. here is what the captain had to say. >> the young man had a permit, so he told us he was afraid and panicked and left, but he did come clean today and gave us all the details of the crash. >> meantime, the victim rachel hall, a university senior remains in critical condition at temple university hospital. her father says she was riding her bicycle back to her dorm when she was rundown at park and diamond, the car that hit her a mitsubishi last night at 10:30 police found the car they located it with the help of the parents of the suspect who is 18 years old and the parents called and told them the car was there and the police went and picked it up and the suspect disappeared for the ni


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