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tv   Action News 11 PM  ABC  May 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> tornadoes out west and flash flooding in the south resulting in dramatic rescues. s him the energy he needs to connect with his grandson, so he can teach him how to land the big one. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery like hot meal programs we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. >> severe weather strikes in the south causing no flooding in the
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streets. the water came up so fast that some drivers were forced to climb on to the hood of cars to keep their heads above water. national guard troops september the day rescuing strand and anying them to safety. sunday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a day of wild and dangerous weather in many parts of the country. >> it was a catastrophic combination of tornadoes and rain and winds likes of which were not seen for years in those locations. we get the latest now. >> salvation from the sky. texas national guard road to the rescue as storms swollen flood water threatened to turn deadly. one by one stranded victims of heavy rain were plucked from harm's way. in some cases the personal touch, rescueers repelled down ropes and then sent their precious cargo off to safety. these two men were left clippinging to dear life to their pickup truck. >> if you have to be rescued you want it by these guys.
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>> they were lifted to dry land. flooding turned roads and streets watery grave yards for many automobiles. >> if it was not watt ter was wind. >> do you see any rotation. >> more than 50 reported tornadoes tore across the heartland this mother's day weekend. worst, ef 3 tornado carve aid path of destruction through cisco texas tearing roofs from houses and fwrark trees. one person died. >> i lived in cisco over ten years now and and i have not seen anything like this in a long time. >> further north a spring whiteout in colorado. dellmont south dakota sunday services became narrow escape as a tornado destroyed the church and much of the town. elsewhere, record snow 13.5" most ever recorded in may storm. even a spring-time snow man. for monday the threat moves to east and from the gulf coast up through the ohio river valley a significant threat of more
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severe weather and potential tornadoes. richard cantu "abc news," new york. >> it's not over yet, storm watches and warnings are posted tonight in locations all across the south and plain states at well. meteorologist melissa magee is tracking storms and joins us now live from the "action news" big board with full details. the. >> walter it's been active weekend across much of the plain states where we've seen not only severe weather but also winter weather. we're in south day keit we have winter storm warnings on one side of the state and on eastern side of the state we had tornado warnings. now you can see that stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you we have tornado watches and warnings posted from dallas texas and as far as north as roma ha nebraska. so far today there's been 22 reports of tornadoes and tomorrow that threat is just a little further east. so the good news tomorrow is that the probability goes from enhanced, what it is currently to low. nonetheless the probability still exists from great lakes as far as south and east once again
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as texas. back here at home, our big weather story for the rest of tonight not so much the wind speed but the wind direction. they're coming in from south easterly direction. you get that moisture once again coming in off the atlantic which is why, in fact, we have a dense fog advisory posted. it goes up at midnight. lasting right through 10 a.m. on monday. visibility could be reduced less than a quarter of mile right along coastal sections of new jersey and right through delaware from dover and as far as south as rehoboth beach. we'll talk about what we can expect for start of workweek tomorrow. it's foggy start monday and warm and humid and especially humid for spring standards and we also have the threat of thunderstorms. we'll let you know if the temperatures get closer to normal with the week ahead coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> melissa, thank you. four people are in custody tonight and at least one more sought after bullets flew during a huge fight tonight in barbie
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borough this is cellphone video coming up of what police say was a large fight of a group of when men and women some carrying baseball bats. one pulled out a gn and started shooting. a stray bullet went through a house window. this is fourth shooting in five days in darby borough. >> in broad daylight with probably 50 to 75 or maybe more kids out here a dults come out and get into a fight with bats and guns and start shooting and it's absolutely ridiculous this conduct. >> the chief says even more patrols will be out in the area. he's calling on community leaders to hold a town hall meeting to find solutions to the violence. police in chester are piecing together a shooting that left a man in critical condition. they're also looking into whether a man that showed up a hospital with a gun shot wound a short time later had anything to do with the crime. officer arrived to find a man with gun shot wound to the head.
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he was rushed to the hospital. no arrests and no word on a possible motive. in philadelphia 23-year-old man was shot to death in lawncrest section of city. this happened before 9:30 tonight on 6000 block of colgate street. investigators arrived to find the victim lying in front lawn of the home with gunshot wound to the chest. he was transported to einstein where he was pronounced dead a short time laterch the victim lived three blocks away. >> and police in philadelphia also investigating a homicide in city's wynnefield section. a 24-year-old man was shot to death in broad daylight. it happened 2:00 this afternoon on 5300 block of hazelehurst street. par med ikdz rushed the victim to penn presbyterian high school. no arrests were made and they're working on determining motive of this case. >> philadelphia police are investigating two separate shootings that injured three teenagers on south street saturday night. violence has business owners and
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nearby residents on edge. david henery has the details. >> the party atmosphere dime abrupt end last night with not one but two shooting incidents in close proximity the first open 800 block two teens were shot and short time later down here corner of 8th and baynebridge another young man was gunned down. >> terrible i feel awful for their families. i'm so sorry. >> residents ever the neighborhood were unnerved when they heard the news this morning. early this morning bullet casings littered the sidewalk. police say two boys ages 16 and 17 were both shot around 1:15. the teens told police they saw a group of other young men arguing in the street when one of them pulled a gun and started shooting. >> both victims were transported immediately by police to jefferson hospital and they're currently in stable condition suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg. >> as police were investigating they heard more gunshots. this time a 19-year-old was also shot in the leg right around the corner at 8th and baynebridge at
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this point it's not clear ft. shootings were related. south street was packed with teenagers and adults last night as the bullets started flying. some nearby residents avoided the area on saturday nights and most say they feel generally safe here. >> it's kind of a tragedy. i hope it's more of a one time thing. but it's not anything that i'm horribly worried about. >> people say that that type of thing is done between people who know each other. >> uh-huh. >> so i don't feel like that means that i'm suddenly in a dangerous area. >> the police believe the shootings may be related to bad blood carried over from a previous incident in a different neighborhood. and so far, they don't have any suspects. >> on south street, david henery "channel 6 action news." >> it was a difficult mother's day for a woman who went to visit her grandmother's grave in delaware county and it's because she arrived to find the site in a state of disrepair. jalencia tom san laid flowers at her mother's grave.
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the area is so overgrown you could barely notice. mount lawn cemetery is a mess and has been this way for years. >> it's mother's day. they didn't do nixingt you walk up here and you fall in holes and people are out here with own lawn mowers and cleaning off graves theirself. everybody is complaining nothing is ever getting done. >> we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:30 include what people who live nearby had to say. >> montgomery county manmade a catch of lifetime today at the philly's game he had a 7-month-old bade strapped to his chest when a foul ball flew his way. >> he reached out and snagged the ball the crowd loved it and the wife is happy the baby seemed to not even notice what happened. kenneth moton joins us with the full story kenneth. walter, and sarah, mike said he knew he and his family had good seats second deck citizens bank park it was to much fourth and foul balls were flying. he just needed to be ready to catch one.
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and oh baby did he. there's a catch and then there's this. an epic bare handed foul ball grab that had phillies fans out of their street. look at that bare handed baseball. >> 30-year-old mike capco from conshohocken made that catch against the new york mets and along for the ride and strapped to chest capco 7-month-old son control ton. >> i grabbed it. snagged it and i was he can statistic. >> i was excited. >> capco never played baseball but the long time phillies fan played enough of. it that foul ball hit by mets player daniel murphy. it was traveling fast when a right handier dad made that amazing catch with his left. >> it hurt. my hand is still a little sore. he crushed that ball. but you know something like that you just have an natural reaction and it worked out great. >> i never caught a foul ball in all the years going to phillies games i said this is the first time we'll catch a foul ball and
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it will hit my my son in the head. >> alyssa says they went to the mother's day game last minute. it was colton's first. by the end his dad had snagged a souvenir. phillies third base man and hall of famer schmidt signed the mall. >> con grat's on great mother's day catch 2015. >> mike schmidt. >> they'll have a story when the son gets older and they have evident and video to prove it. >> no mother's day will top the first mother's day we've had. yes. legendary third baseman mike schmidt liked that catch and apparently so did phillies general manager reuben amaro who saw it all and apparently joked about signing capco. maybe he should guys, because the phils lost to the mets, 7-4. reporting live in at citizens bank park in south philadelphia tonight, ken "channel 6 action news." >> it was a good catch. >> we need all the help we can get. >> that's right. >> more to come on "action news" a break through meeting at the
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vatican has the leader of couldn't mu niingt cuba sat down with appropriate francis. >> president obama sprngz a mother's day surprise on three lucky mom's. >> how a fan made a great play at citizens bank park. details of the game coming up. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right
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thousands of gallons of oil are
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leaking in the hudson after a fire broing out a nuclear power plant. it started at the indian point plant. a transformer caught fire and it ended up spreading. crews are trying to contain the oil seeping into the river. >> a fourth suspect arrested in murders of two on duty police officers in mississippi. and one of those officers was a rookie. the other was recent lie named officer of the year. late last nights benjamin dean pulled offer a car on suspicious of speeding. he called la korey tate for backup and both ended upshot and killed. it's a crime shaken up this close knit community. >> we want everybodyto pray for the family and pray for the police officers not only here but around united states. >> they're first officers to die in line ever duty in hadesburg in three decades. suspects are did you due in court tomorrow. >> former president jimmy carter contact a visit short due to
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health reasons the 90-year-old was returning to atlanta and didn't give further details on illness only he was not feeling well. carter was in gayana to observe an international election what was the 39th time staffers say behind to observe that vote. >> cuban president raul castro is welcomed at the vatican by pope francis. pontiff played a key role in the break through in negotiations between washington and havana aimed at restoring ties between u.s. and cube a the meeting lasted an hour. the pope will visit cuba in september before he visits philadelphia, new york and washington d.c..
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>> there's no sleeping in for thousands of mom's today took part in race for the cure to fight breast cancer. 5k race and walk included lots of fathers sons and daughters and many races on behalf of loved one here in philadelphia. before the race itself 6,000 survivors took part in parade of pink down the art museum steps. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the accuweather forecast. hot today for i run. >> it was really warm for mother's day standards guys. in fact this was the warmest it's been in 24 years for mother's day. very toasty today. it stays warm and humid tomorrow too. we'll show what you is going on. on stormtracker 6 double scan radar showing you it's dry and quiet. no issues with precipitation. but the moisture will be a factor as we go throughout the overnight hours meaning that fog
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that moisture coming in off the atlantic will play a factor for you early tomorrow morning. we'll show you the picture outside. sky6 live in hd down the shore in atlantic city. speaking of the fog. you can see it's already starting to roll on in. that's where we have that dense fog advisory down across coast allergiesy and also across coastal sections of delaware from midnight right through 10 a.m. on monday. temperatures outside right now so still mild, still comfortable at this hour. 73 in philadelphia, 69 in poconos, 72 for both reading and lancaster, dover 71. along the coast at boardwalk coming in at 63. the dewpoint temperatures, however, are prettyty high for this time of year. typically we'll pop out the dew point map during the middle of our summer season. but, early in spring, we've got the dew points to talk about. any time you have these numbers in the upper 60s you can feel the humidity overhead like we did for most of the day today. and this will be the case as we get into the start of the workweek on monday.
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satellite 6 and action radar probably cloudy, dry and quiet across the region. we have a small bubble of high pressure protecting much of the mid-atlantic region and pressure north and west stays away from the region for tonight. now we'll take you down south and east where we're tracking what is left of what is currently tropical depression ana winds sustained 30 miles an hour. it's still moving to north and west. but this will take a jog north and east as we get to monday and still say south and east of region on monday. so we have threat of showers and storms. not so much from tropical depression ana but frontal boundary that works its way east ward. future tracker 6 showing you 6:00 in the morning mostly cloudy. dense fog along the coast as we get to 11:30 in the morning temperatures climb upper 70s and lower 80s and spot showers are likely as we get into afternoon hours with warm temperatures the added instability and frontal boundary closer we have
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scattering of showers and storms popping up by the afternoon. something to keep in mind if out and about tomorrow. early tomorrow morning bus stop forecast we have you covered. patchy fog in morning. warm start however. 6 a.m. texture 66 and 71 at 8:00 in the morning and here's the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. areas of fog tomorrow morning. it will be warm by the afternoon. high of 83. we are tracking scattering of showers and storms. tuesday, warm, high 89. the record is 91 for this day and still a threat of thunderstorm. in wake of that finally, breezy and less humid midweek. high of 7 4 it's nice, spring day on thursday with high of 7. friday mostly sunny and it's 75. and saturday, 78 degrees. mostly cloudy with threat of little bit of rain and sunday sunshine and clouds eye of 79. warm start guys and once the front moves on through temperatures back in the 70s. >> now you're talking my language. >> three lucky moms got quite a
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surprise today check this sglout hi nev stephanie. >> yes. >> hi this is barack obama your president. >> hi, patti. >> hi. >> you don't hear that every day. in honor of mother's day president obama picked up the phone as you can see and called three mom's. women from minnesota, arizona and florida were chosen after they each written the president a letter offer the course of the year that grabbed attention of the leader of the free world. he got them a phone call today. >> that's a mother's day they will not forget. >> no doubt. >> eating too much suggest are can lead to weight gain and heart disease but cutting it out is not easy. >> health reporter ali gorman shows us a new program to help. here's a preview.
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>> jeff here with more on the phillies mets today. >> mets look good. >> which say lot of few for phillies fans. >> mets in first place and everything going good for new york. not a lot of fun here. phillies off to worst start in 18 years. big problem today once again that team from the big apple. phils have not won a series against the mets from mother's day last year. before the finale darin ruf
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gives mom a hug and kiss and then in the third, kiss this good-bye. the paper, gone. solo homer. first by phils paper nearly three years. 1-0. mets tie it and back come the phils. chase utdly leads off fourth with double fourth of season and utt trying to get started average up. and it leads to this how about later in the inning, grady sizemore slices left. here comes ut around 3 gets in there. doesn't last long. big blow. curtis granderson two run shot off billingsly. mets score four up answered runs. ryan howard, bases loaded give them the lead. no, phils lose 7-4 tied for worst record in baseball and chase utley is struggling, too. >> personal >> personally i have seen
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better days. but i can't really change the past. i try to move forward and make adjustments and see what happens. i'm not one to make excuses. i feel i can hit the bat better than my numbers indicate but i have not swung the bat as well as i can. >> unforgettable mother as day for one local family today. watch the foul ball in the fourth. mike capco make the catch with 7-month-old son snrapd as you saw earlier oh, baby, take a look. talk about great mother's day present for mom alyssa baby's first game and they got the ball signed by mike schmidt. that's a good day down in south philly. >> eagles rookie camp is over and just the beginning for eagles draft picks. from receiver nelson agholor on rockies have a lot of catching up before training camp. they drafted only one offensive player for the first time in history after having one of the
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worst defenses in the league. chip kelly is trying to improve the defense. eric rowe will hopefully be an upgrade he could start opposite maxwell when the season starts. >> it could be special defense. really, i don't know how much i would impact because i have not played in the nfl. >> have confidence, man. >> i have confidence. i cannot say i'm going to come in and do this those established know what it's like. i'll catch up to speed. for right now, right now, i feel like it will be a special group. now rowe told he's a corner for now but not to rule outta being a safety which he played in college. still to come in sports. emmanuel acho goes to the prom and sipingz for date. the story next
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