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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. new details. was the windshield of the doomed amtrak train hit by some sort of projectile? >> we're having the fbi examine this fracture pattern in the windshield. >> the new twist in the investigation. and the other trains possibly hit as well. as the final moments of the disastrous journey are now caught on camera. weather alert. tens of millions in the heartland feeling the fury. from hail to tornadoes and flooding rains and dangerous lightning. the wild weekend of weather ahead. mansion murders. the wealthy married couple, their young son, and housekeeper found dead in their torched home just down the street from the vice president's official residence. new this morning, a mysterious text received by another maid who worked at the home.
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>> i want to make sure you do not come today. i don't know why. >> did it save her life? and caught on camera. out for a stroll. >> what is it, mommy? >> he's going into the house. >> the young kids shocked by the giant creature crawling through their neighborhood. and that's no croc. >> silly alligator. hey, good morning, everyone. let's get right to our top story. the new layer of mystery in the deadly amtrak crash. >> the fbi has been called in to investigate this hole right there in the windshield of the train. the big question -- was it hit by some sort of projectile right before it derailed, killing eight people and injuring about 200 others? >> this possibly indicating the conductor may have been distracted or wounded at the
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time when the train sped up on the rails. the fbi not just looking into the one train but also two ores that may have been hit as well in the same area around the same time. phillip mena is on the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, paula, good morning. a new twist this morning in this investigation. witnesses aboard three separate trains, including amtrak 188 reporting projectiles hitting each of their trains, all in the minutes leading up to the deadly crash. this morning, the fbi joining the investigation on the cause of tuesday's deadly derailment. these circular fractures on the winshield of amtrak 188 raidssing suspicion, possibly linking two other trains in the philadelphia area to the investigation. >> having the fbi to go out and examine the fracture pattern in the windshield. >> reporter: a conductor on 188 telling investigators a philly commuter train engineer contacted brandon bostian about
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a shattered windshield shortly before 188 went off the rails. >> she believed she heard her engineer say something about his train being struck by something. >> reporter: overnight, ntsb officials revealing three trains by the northern philadelphia train station reportedly hit by projectiles between 9:05 and 9:30 p.m. passengers aboard the southbound oscella describing what they heard. >> myself and my co-worker heard a loud banging sound. right in front of us. and it really alarmed all the passengers. >> never seen anything like that happen. >> reporter: and now new surveillance video showing the devastating moments leading up to the crash. you can see flashes from the barrelling locomotive sparking as it passes the camera at over 100 miles per hour before jumping the tracks. brandon bostian speaking with ntsb officials for the first time since the crash. gnat killed eight people and injured more than 200. but his memory still foggy from
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the crash. >> he does not have any recollection of anything past north philadelphia. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, so does the mourning for those killed. the second of the eight funerals will be held later this weekend. paula? >> our hearts go out to those families, phillip, thank you. we move now to the severe weather threat for the weekend. for 40 million folks that are in the storm-battered plains. large hail, damaging winds, and flash flooding with expected. rob is tracking it all from denton county texas. hi rob. >> reporter: good mornings paula. this area of texas receiving over a foot of rain in the past week. the rivers and lakes with swollen. we're by ray roberts lake. this is a spillway. army corps of engineers have opened the flood gates this week. the rate anywhere from 5 to 50,000 gallons of water per second. we're at the lower end of that now. they're telling us it's been
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enough to fill texas stadium, cowboys stadium sever times over. all in anticipation of more rain today. severe weather today. we had severe weather last night. let's go over the last 12 hours in nebraska. look at that hail coming down. frequent lightning. damaging winds. eight reports of tornadoes and flooding rain. hail the size of baseballs. where are we going to see the severe risk today? a moderate risk has been issued. by the storms prediction center. that's business. a big swath of the red from here north into southern nebraska. potentially some large, long-tracked, damaging tornadoes. tomorrow, we push the risk off to the east. a slightly lower risk as we go through tomorrow. flood watches are out. because this area and in through southern oklahoma saturated with the rainfall this past week. i think we'll see another two to three inches of rainfall today and tonight. further to the north, rain they need it. but they don't need it all at one time. potential flooding across the dakotas.
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areas west of here are still in a drought. believe it or not. much of north texas dealing with a lot of this. water. and they'll get more of it today. back to you. >> a busy weekend, thank you, rob. we turn now to the reaction this morning out of boston. a death sentence for marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. the jury rejecting defense arguments that he was under the sway of his fanatical older brother. there was real disagreement among victims tam lis and survivors on over whether the death penalty was warranted here. we'll get the latest from tom llamas who has covered the trial from the start. tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. yesterday in court, victims and their family members were not the only once that were emotional. sources tell us that right after the verdict was read, dzhokhar tsarnaev and his legal team retreated to a private room where his lawyers got emotional. the convicted terrorist never shed a tear. overnight, survivors praising
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the decision to sentence him to death. liz's two sons each lost a leg in that blast. >> i don't think there's any winners today. it feels like a weight off my shoulders that justice was served. >> reporter: all 12 jurors agreeing with prosecutors that tsarnaev intentionally tried to kill and injure people at the marathon. they showed this photo as proof. tsarnaev planting his bomb four feet from a row of children. >> i don't consider him a human being. i saw what he did to human beings to innocent children. >> reporter: first responder mike ward saved several lives the day of the bombings. he feels the punishment fits the crime. >> the least punishment he could have gotten was life in prison. this deserved the most. the ultimate judgment. and god bless that jury. >> reporter: the defense tried to make the case about older brother tamerlan, who they said was the real jihadist. who convinced dzhokhar to take the trip of terror don the
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street. they put on the stand sister helen prejean. >> you did a terrible thing. a terrible thing. but you have a dignity now. >> reporter: the roman catholic nun portrayed by susan sarandon in the film "dead man walking." some families like the richard family who lost their 8-year-old son in the bombings wanted a life in prison sentence to keep tsarnaev out of the appeals process and the spotlight. now, at 21, tsarnaev is the youngest person on federal death row. if his appeals fail, he'll likely be put to death by lethal injection in indiana. that's where oklahoma city bomber timothy mcveigh was executed. paula? >> that appeals process could drag on for year ifs not decades. a mysterious mansion fire in a ritzy washington, d.c., neighborhood. a wealthy couple their
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10-year-old son and a housecooper all killed in a blaze that investigators say now was set. more on the quadruple murder and the mysterious text. >> reporter: gruesome new details emerge in the quadruple homicide in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. just down the street from the vice president's official residence. >> four victims. it's going to be a pro longed secondary search. >> reporter: authorities are calling the fire at this multimillion dollar washington wag, mansion, suspicious. >> we can say that there were at least on three of the four victims, there were injuries discovered. appear to be blunt force or sharp object injuries. >> reporter: according to investigators, there were no signs of forced entry at the burning home where they discovered the murdered bodies of american iron works ceo savvas savopoulos and his wife, amy. police believe the couple's 10-year-old son and the housekeeper were among the other victims. >> i have never seen anything like this.
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never have i seen so many cars. i mean, it's just incredible. >> everyone in the neighborhood is shaken up. they're not sure what to think. >> it's really kind of, just rattling. >> reporter: officials poring over potential clues at the crime scene. and this morning, the focus of the investigation, no family's blue 2008 porsche. found burned and abandoned in this church parking lot. >> we're asking anybody who may have seen the car between wednesday the 13th and thursday around 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: and now, a woman who claims to be their second housekeeper speaking to our washington, d.c., station, telling wjla she received this mysterious text from amy savopoulos telling her not to come to work the day of the fire. >> they say, i want to make sure you do not come today. >> reporter: police say the motive is still unclear. they're hoping surveillance cameras can lead to clues in this shocking crime.
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today the investigation continues. police going through video frame by frame to try to figure out what happened inside this house. they are asking the public for help. police say they are investigating this as a homicide and not a murder-suicide. dan? paula? >> bafrling baffling case. gloria, thank you. let's check the other morning headlines with ron claiborne. the latest in deflategate. >> yeah, more on that story. we begin with the nfl players' union demanding that league commissioner roger goodell step aside from hearing tom brady's appeal of his four-game suspension in that scandal, deflategate. the players' association says that's because they plan to call goodell as a witness. the argument? the suspension for brady is not fair and consistent with past penalties for violating league rules. this comes as the associated press reports that the nfl plans to change the guidelines of how footballs are handled before games. probably a good idea.
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and turning overseas. iraqi forces are launching a huge offensive as a major city is on the brink of falling to isis fighters. isis militants have been going through ramadi. seizing the main government compound there. they have raised their black flag and are claiming victory. iraqi officials say the u.s. is launching air strikes in support of the stepped up iraqi military operations. the isis gains in ramadi are a significant setback for the government. and the florida man accused of shooting into george zimmerman's truck earlier this week has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. officials say matthew apperson intentionally fired at zimmerman in his vehicle without provocation. an ongoing dispute between the two of them. zimmerman acquitted in the death of trayvon martin. and dramatic video this morning. the moment to a cargo train slams into a bus. the driver honking trying to get the traffic to move. it comes too late. the train barreling, knocking him off the seat.
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seen in another angle, passengers are getting off the train. getting off the bus as the train comes. they're yelling at the driver to open the doors. some did get off just before the train hit. five people were injured. no one killed. the driver is on paid leave, pending the outcome of an investigation. and finally, a boxing match that wasn't calling itself the fight of the century. evander holyfield against mitt romney. romney putting on his "mitts" squaring off against the former champ in a charity boxing match in utah. romney did show skills. knocking down holyfield here with a right swing push. >> i thing he took a bit of a dive there. >> a bit of a dive. the second round. romney threw in the towel. he took some political jabs as well. >> please, champ, don't beat my brains out, because if you did, i would have to become a democrat. >> that would be a severe punishment. the real winner was the group, charity vision, which is expected to raise more than $1
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million from that fight. that's kind of a fight. it helps restore the sight of thousands of people worldwide. so -- a bit of a dive. but for a worthwhile kauds. cause. >> he's in good shape, mitt romney. >> at 68. >> that takes guts just to take your shirt off and get in the ring. >> yes, it does. well from boxing we have a little basketball for you. >> basketball? >> yes. some of the incredible drama you may have missed. fans going crazy over the shots. turning the games into some real thrillers. players coming through in the clutch. look at this amazing beyond half-court shot. >> curry the other way. and he got it! >> reporter: watch again, that's league mvp stephen curry with the rare three-quarter court shot. sinking a buzzer. beater at the end of the third quarter from 62 feet away and making it look easy. the crowd and announcers stunned. >> what a turnaround! curry, the three!
8:15 am
>> reporter: leading the golden state warriors to victory. eliminating the memphis grizzlies. 108-95. and clinching a spot in the western conference finals. and in the other elimination game. the invebl -- incredible last-sengd game-tying buzzer beater that wasn't. >> and pierce gets it away. it's good! he did it. >> reporter: washington wizards forward paul pierce launching this last-second shot to tie the game and keep his team alive in the post season. but euphoria turning to disbelief as replays show the ball left pierce's hand a split second too late. >> i think this gets overturned. >> reporter: referees overturning the play, ending the game in favor of the atlanta hawks, who will now face the cleveland cavaliers in the next round. that's where they'll meet lebron james, who led his hometown cavaliers to the conference finals in his first season back with cleveland. just a reminder. our coverage of the playoffs starts at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow.
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game seven. guys, there's nothing better than a game seven. clippers and rockets. 3:30. the winner plays the warriors. cleveland-atlanta. and then golden state and -- >> that shot was incredible. that should be a four-point shot. >> that should be more than four points. it was more than a half court. it should be like a six-point. >> five. >> i'm going six. >> this should be a six-point shot. >> let's contact the nba commissioner. >> one half of this desk knows something about sports. >> i played basketball in college. >> you can appreciate it. >> that was awhile ago, wasn't it? now i'm in real trouble. >> dan. >> thank you, sara. another great picture to show you. this is from the animal kingdom. check out these two little kids shocked to see a giant gator walking across their lawn. their mom snapped the shot after, of course making sure the kids were inside safely. sara, the newshound sara haines spotted this story for us. >> never been more grateful than
8:17 am
for the glass separating that picture. this story is just another reason to limit screen time for kids. prop them up by the window and let the world be their entertainment. you never know what they're going to see. >> that was a huge one, mommy. >> reporter: two little tykes transfixed by this gator. >> where is it, mommy? >> he's going into the house. >> reporter: what a sight. for those tiny eyes. the 2 and 3-year-old close to this water beast. their mother quick to get them off the porch. >> get back in the house. we ran inside, shut the door. the kids watched the alligator walk across the yard. it was much, much bigger than we expected. >> reporter: that's when sonja snapped this priceless photo. their little pet detectives watching the ramble on the lawn. >> silly alligator. >> oh, my goodness. he's going up to that house. >> reporter: police arriving to escort the unexpected neighborhood likely a resident
8:18 am
from a neighborhood pond back to his humble abode of h2o. 'tis the season of gator sightings. this put a florida high school on edge. and in texas, officials had to remove this 400-pound gator found blocking highways. >> see right there. >> reporter: this morning, sonja and her children still talking about that ten-foot titan, staring through the window, hopeful for another picture-perfect opportunity to deliver a message to their new pond-dwelling partner. >> we could tell him something. >> what do you want to tell him? >> i don't know. he might bite us. >> he might bite us. that's exactly right. >> he might bite us. famous last words. funny how i never got a picture like that in the middle of iowa. >> cute cows. >> we have less dangerous animals outside the window. >> by the way, when did you graduate college? >> a long time ago. >> you don't look older than 22. >> thank you, paula. you're my favorite. >> you are always going to
8:19 am
remain young and perfect. how is that? >> not working. >> are there gators in texas, which is where rob is, in denton county, texas. >> there are. >> ron says there are gators. you're not worried about the gators, right? it's the weather. >> exactly. and the gators would be across south texas. we're in north texas. where they were in drought. not so much anymore. at least this part of it in north denton county. in anticipation of more rain they're trying to lower the lake levels here. we'll probably get another two to three inches with the next batch coming through. last few days phoenix seeing an inch and inch in los angeles too. but in the really a drought but every little bit helps at the this point. it will be a little bit dryer there, and a cooler, unsettled weather in across the the
8:20 am
inter mountain west and unsettled weather in the north east. it will be sticky, hyped and at times you will see thunderstorms that could be pretty heavy from cincinnati back to philadelphia, and new york city, and really over next three days, mid south and deep south you will stay summer-like with the heat, humidity that will be in the 80's and lower 90's. we're watching the the central u.s. where thunderstorms with potential tornadoes will fire off today. that is a quick check of your national outlook here is what is happening locally for you good morning i'm meteorologist chris sowers with an accu weather update and heat pump high rob was just showing through that will make it summery out there this week. high humidity levels and chance of a couple showers and thunderstorms. double scan live is clear a couple showers across the the poconos but in the immediate philadelphia area, and combination of sun and cloud. the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 85 degrees today. normally we should be around 74. be on the look out for pop up thunderstorm after four or 5:00 this afternoon.
8:21 am
could run a kayak down this rapid here. i would like to see that. >> um, i'm not going to attempt that. because that would end poorly. >> which is exactly why rob and i would like to see it. >> you are in a spicy mood today, dan harris. >> i'm getting myself in trouble on both sides. hey, rob, thank you, great job down there. i'm not in trouble with rob. i think ron still likes me. >> that's okay. i still like you. >> you're likable enough. >> likable enough. wow. >> that's a quote. that's a quote. >> i remember that. a 2008 reference. this is a strange story. the third time no charm for prosecutors looking to convict a man for murdering his wife. how could this happen? what do they plan to do next? and our abc news fixer. how she can make your everyday life better. starting with those annoying debt collector calls. when you don't owe a dime. ever wonder why men are so stubborn about not asking for directions?
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good morning, it is 8:27 saturday morning i'm eva pilgrim. let's head outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accu weather. >> nice out here right now comfortable, temperatures climbing in the 60's. humidity levels are low. that will change later this afternoon. if you have outdoor plans, after 4:00 or 5:00 o'clock be on the look out for spotty thunderstorms that could
8:28 am
produce a heavier downpour a brief gust of wind. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast up to 85 degrees today warm, sticky. eighty-six tomorrow. warm and sticky once again. is there a chance of another then are storm eva. >> thanks, chris. looking at damage windshield of the derailed amtrak train a fracture on the right side, did something hit the train? the engineer has given another interest right, details on "action news" at 9:00 a.m. for now we will send you back to good morning america.
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♪ you got that james dean daydream look in your eye and i got that red lip classic ♪ this is taylor swift's latest video for her song, "style," which i believe she wrote about dan harris. the big buzz for what's to come. taylor dropping major hints about who will be starring in her new video premiering tomorrow night on the billboard music awards right here on abc. just ahead in "pop news" what swift is saying about why she chose those famous faces. this famous face is dan harris. >> not in the video. this video is getting -- >> she does a great job of building up and releasing just enough that people are interested. >> all right, much more on that coming up in "pop news." also coming up, what do you do when debt collectors won't stop calling you even when you have paid up? our abc news fixer, there she
8:31 am
is is on the case. providing useful advice for the rest of us. first, the husband put on trial three times for allegedly killing his wife. he's now headed for trial number four. >> with no body and no murder weapon. a jury has declared a mistrial once again for cal harris. prosecutors, they're not giving up. and abc's matt gutman has the very latest. >> reporter: the jury hopelessly deadlocked. cal harris, flanked by his kids, will face a fourth trial for the murder of his wife. >> i had hoped my children and i would finally be free to live our lives without these false allegations. >> reporter: since michelle harris mysteriously disappeared in 2001 the businessman has insisted he had nothing to do with it. did you kill michelle? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. the fact that i'm sitting here having to go through this is just a horror show. >> reporter: one set for another encore in august. just before the third trial, i asked harris what would be different.
8:32 am
but two juries have found you guilty. >> two juries that haven't gotten all the information. >> reporter: now the third jury informing the judge they just couldn't decide. >> they sent us three deadlocked notes over the course of nine days. we knew there was trouble. >> it's almost unheard of that someone is tried four times for the same crime. >> reporter: prosecutors allege harris bludgeoned his wife to death but never produced a murder weapon or a body. he was convicted of second-degree murder in his first trial in 2007. but then a new, surprise witness came forward with new information, saying michelle was seen with a different man the day she disappeared. a judge overturned the conviction. in his second trial in 2009, he was convicted again. and shockingly, that conviction was overturned by an appeals court. now, as he heads to his fourth trial, harris saying the real killer is still out there. >> we got closer to justice. but we're not there yet. we'll continue to fight and
8:33 am
continue to pursue the truth about what happened to michelle. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> his four children continue to stand by him. >> they do. let's go to ron who is tracking more on the derailment of amtrak 188. good morning. >> hi, again paula, dan, sara. good morning, everyone. we begin with a new twist in the deadly amtrak derailment. the fbi investigating the possibility that the train was struck by a projectile moments before the derailment. the probe is focused on shattered glass from the train's windshield. overnight, some survivors of the boston marathon bombing are praising the jury's decision to sentence dzhokhar tsarnaev to death. at 21 tsarnaev is now the youngest person on death row. however, years of appeals -- years of appeals may be ahead. and fao schwarz is closing its doors. the iconic toy store in new york city. the high rent on fifth avenue is to blame. they're looking for another location in the city. it was the scene, as you see it there, of the 1988 movie "big" in which tom hanks danced on a
8:34 am
floor piano. the stores will shut down the fifth avenue one, on july 15th. and finally, talk about a true rain dance. they had to dust off the tarp in san diego. this was earlier in the weekend. it was show time for this padres groundskeeper. showing the crowd his best moves. this belongs in "pop news" i think. capping off the show with a little slip and side action. >> oh, that's the best. >> that's awesome. >> only the fifth rain delay since san diego's park opened 11 years ago. the pads beat the nationals of washington, 8-3. >> i think that guy is auditions for a different job. >> yeah. >> maybe. >> it's safe to say he was not drinking at the time because he's an employee. >> therefore, he was not drinking? >> i'm saying he did that all while not under the influence. >> you're sure of that? >> stone cold sober. >> i'm positive. he just had some moves without. let's get to texas. and rob marciano is covering what is the beginning of a very
8:35 am
busy weekend. hey, rob. >> hey, good morning, again. i'm sure a lot of people in so cal are singing in the rain because they so desperately needed it. they got a lot of it for a late-season storm. it w the storm prediction center issued a moderate risk, that is for the, for the laymen it means a really, a strong risk foreseeing strong tornadoes that could be on the ground for i while. so starting really around noon or so, right threw up until midnight i think it will be, very active for oklahoma a and as far north as maybe south, south dakota a. meanwhile, we will be unsettled behind this system, mountain showers and some snow will continue as if a low emerges in the rockies and eventually into the plains. east of this is is tell we're very, very humid.
8:36 am
we're very warm and it feels very, very much like july or august, 96 in orlando and i'm in the sure it will help, 72 in new york but temperatures up crease in d.c. in the 80's and it will be warm and humid thunderstorms there that is a check of the the national forecast here's is what shaking where you live. good morning everyone i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accu weather update. we will have have some showers and thunderstorms pushing through here later this afternoon as well and meantime warm and humid with a combination of sun and cloud up to 85 today. eighty-six for tomorrow. sell just about everything. maybe even kayaks. paula? >> what about a life jacket? >> down? >> what about a life jacket? >> and your helmet. safety first. safety first. >> i think we throw in dan and you and see who swims. >> the safest idea is to have
8:37 am
nobody do any of that. by the way, rob, you stay safe. it will be, as we said, a busy weekend. he'll be covering it all. coming up here on "gma," the abc news fixer is on the case. how she got the debt collectors off the back of one abc news viewer. and her advice for the rest of us. and david beckham fields some rather personal questions from jimmy kimmel. the answers are hilarious. up ahead in "pop news."
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and welcome back, everyone. it happens to millions of americans. old, incorrect data lurking on their credit reports. many people don't realize it is even there. until they apply for a loan and they realize there's a billing mistake in their past. >> the abc news fixer, stephanie zimmerman, has already recovered $1.7 million for consumers. today, it's the aggressive debt collection calls. ♪ [ phone ringing ] >> i kept getting phone calls. when they call, they don't call once. they call constantly. [ phone ringing ] >> reporter: busy mom beth becker from deerfield, illinois, paid off a medical bill a year ago. she was shocked when a collections agency for the hospital started bugging her for
8:42 am
more money. >> it was $125. it wasn't a lot. but i had already paid them. it was irritating. >> reporter: the collections calls were endless. >> call from private caller. >> reporter: day and night for nearly a year. >> i called the hospital and said, this is, you know, really irritating. i have gone through this so many times. and they would say, well, it's gone to collections now. so we can't do anything about it. so i call my brother, and he said, why don't you call the fixer? >> abc news, this is stephanie zimmerman, the fixer. >> reporter: she helps consumers when they have problems they can't resolve. ♪ and the abc news fixer was on the case. contacting the hospital to tell them her team was investigating. faced with the fixer, they flew into action, pulling up beth's account and admitting there was an error. within a day, they had zeroed out beth's balance and called off the collections agency. promising that beth's credit report would not get dinged.
8:43 am
>> in two days' time, it was done. it's fixed. thank you abc news fixer. >> okay, so let's bring in the abc news fixer stephanie zimmerman. stephanie, good morning. we just saw you help one of our viewers there. what about the rest of us? how do we protect ourselves from getting a dinged credit score from a collection agency? >> dan, aggressive collection calls is one of the biggest complaints i get. it's abusive, it's scary. it should not happen. here's what people need to know. check your credit report often to see what's on there. you can do it for free every year at annual credit >> we hear that a lot. it's a great reminder. stephanie, you're a pro. you're the fixer. for people that don't have your expertise, if we're getting harassing phone calls, where do we go to report them? >> if you're getting pesky collection calls, know your rights.
8:44 am
if you don't want a debt collector to contact you anymore, send a written request. it will stop the calls. it won't make the mistake go away. find out more at >> stephanie, thank you. and i want to tell everybody, if you have problems you want the fixer to investigate, go to "good morning america" on yahoo! and tell us about it. stephanie, thanks again. >> thank you. >> greated a -- great advice from our fixer. coming up, researchers revealing why men don't ask for directions. women have been wondering the answer to this question for decades, centuries? the answer is straight ahead in "pop news." >> a "pop news investigation." >> yep. ews investigation." >> yep.
8:45 am
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♪ okay, it's time for "pop news." hainesy, what you got?
8:48 am
>> your favorite part of the show. that's what i got. >> jimmy kimmel's new video of ridiculous questions with david beckham. one question almost tripped up the power player. take a look. >> what is your favorite spice? >> posh. i was going to say cinnamon. then i thought better. >> you made the right choice. cinnamon is not going to hit you over the head with a frying pan. >> definitely not. definitely not. >> excellent choice, david. you can try, jimmy. but you can't break the becks. can you imagine posh hitting someone over the head? >> yes. >> she's posh. >> yes. >> that's trashy spice and she doesn't exist. the most talked about thing on social media right now is taylor swift's bad blood music video which will debut tomorrow. it features everyone from cindy crawford to ellen pompeo and jessica alba. all hand-picked by taylor herself. >> to have these women who are
8:49 am
out there killing it just in a sense of business-wise, out there killing it, as far as what they stand for, i kind of took it as a metaphor for like okay let's have them play assassins in this video. they're metaphorically killing it, they're also playing killers. >> she'll reveal more in the countdown to the billboard music awards special with lara spencer. 9:00 tonight. 8:00 central right here on abc. >> you're killing it, by the way. >> thank you. that's my pop assassin look. researchers at duke university have timely figured out why men don't ask for directions. >> oh, really? >> the answer, because they're judged too hard for it. this is me playing the tiny violin. men asking for directions are found the be less competent leaders. a tough break for guys. a good-natured 2010 car
8:50 am
insurance poll in the uk finding the average man will clock up to 276 miles a year driving around aimlessly. >> 276 miles? >> yep. that equates to more than $3,000 in gas over a lifetime. you decide, competence versus more change in your pocket. >> i don't have problems asking for directions. >> now you have it in your phone. it's around -- >> that's true, too. >> you don't drive. >> never ask for directions. >> you don't? >> absolutely not. >> do you view me as less competent? >> no. just some advice. don't ask for directions. >> isn't the guy that gets lost less comp tent? >> i think it's sexy when they ask for directions. they're confident enough in themselves to ask someone for help. >> and asking for help is vulnerable. it make them very -- we all know how hard it is to get kids to eat their fruit and vegetables. especially this little girl. take a look at autumn eating avocados for the first time. she's apparently not a fan. can you imagine the face she makes when she finds out people
8:51 am
pay extra at chipotle for those? >> my baby won't eat avocado. but he loves guacamole. so there you go. >> that's funny. >> i love when you see babies eat citrus. >> hysterical. >> it's so -- wait until she tries anchovies or something gross like that. >> who does that? >> someone that wants a viral video. i'm going to go home and feed my baby anchovies. >> and i'll call child protective services. we'll be right back. ices. we'll be right back. natural gas producer... and we could soon become number one in oil. because hydraulic fracturing technology is safely recovering lots more oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
8:55 am
um, hope you all have a great saturday.
8:56 am
dan is making brunch for 15 people at his home. i want to say good luck. >> not 15. >> are you? >> i hope they're ready for smoothies. that's all he knows how to make. >> i know how to make toast, too. it will be awe many. they can go to mcdonald's afterward. come up next on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 we are following a developing story in south philadelphia, a man held up at gunpoint after winning thousands at a casino. and in new jersey a man is fighting for his life after being hot in the cherry hill hotel, those stories exclusive accu weather forecast and more all next on "action news" at day morning.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning it is saturday may 16th i'm eva pilgrim here's what we are following right now on "action news". developing this morning police say a man strikes it rich at a local casino only to be followed home, and then held up, by a masked gunman. woman is rush to the hospital after a bizarre crash in hunting park. the car actually ended up on
9:00 am
top of several washers and dryers. and get ready to break a sweat, we are in for a warm, and, humid weekend lets get to the exclusive accu weather forecast, just a little bit. >> it is funny for may standard it will feel oppressive but if there were june or july, this would be easy going. is there view looking back towards city from our temple university cam. still fairly comfortable right now. warm front in the process of pulling through so if you live anywhere north of philadelphia, it is still very comfortable but south of the city, that is where we are seeing dew points climb up there a little bit. temperature wise mid 60's showing up, upper 60's south and east upper 50's, lower 60's north and west but front is slicing the viewing area right in half. millville 69. dover 67. wilmington 67. philadelphia coming in at 67. allentown 59. poconos 60 degrees. the satellite six with action radar showing quite a bit of cloud cover and accu weather expects a mainly cloudy day with sun breaks


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