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tv   Action News  ABC  May 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and but fire strikes a refine any south philadelphia and that's >> remember what we said in february? can't wait to walk the boards on memorial day weekend. well it's final lay rivd and it looks like it will be a spectacular weekend. and you know what? we deserve it.
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friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the memorial day holiday weekend. and before we get any further, let's remember what we're really observing. the lives and depths of men and women who have given their lives to the country and become unofficial start of summer. sharee williams, cecily tynan annie mccormick are here to tell that story and any is live in wildwood and any looks like the crowds were already out tonight. >> they're already out jim, i can tell you i was on the same exact boards in february when there was snow an i'm happy to be back here in flip flops. today was picture perfect and people and businesses are hoping for repeat. >> kites lit up the sky over wild woods first night of international kite fest. on the board car tram car back in action and kids back up past their bedtime. >> we're going to have rides. >> what about the beach. >> yeah. >> with parents who don't seem
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to mind. >> we are spontaneous we'll see what happens. >> officials gathered to unlock the beach in wildwood early friday sign of unofficial start of summer. businesses, banks on weather and friday was a gift. for merchants this week is taste of how profitable the coming months could be. >> it turns into a hustle fest here an weekend like this. >> it's a full flavor weekend that stone harbor ice strainle springers was more than 50 kind on the board. >> very good. >> in sea isle city it's college week for these villa maria academy girls. >> we've been on the beach all day and it's awesome compared to winter weather. >> a boy scott helping brother with eagle scout project to bring butterflies back to towns and inlet. >> kids and adults are happy to number sand and not snow leaving water to the dogs. it's still a little cold.
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>> back out live in wildwood you can see lights are back on the boardwalk. remember here, wildwood, beaches are free and they're free in atlantic city and so far still very early this season has not started most beaches in new jersey you can get on without a beach badge for now. for now live in wildwood annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." >> tell that little girl it's past her bedtime. >> thank you annie. >> of course on the holiday weekend there is no fun unless there is surprise. meteorologist cecily tynan has the good news from accuweather. >> jim, i'll have a lot of fun. sunshine will be bun dant this weekend although we will get off to a pretty cool start as we head through the overnight hours. philadelphia, now, 68. if you look up to the north syracuse it's 46. and that cooler air is moving outweigh overnight. overnight lows dropping down to 40s. even upper 30s in parts of viewing area like leevrl. showing 11:00 despite well have
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wall toll wall sunshine temperatures will still be in the 50s. if you head out early tomorrow morning with a walk on boardwalk or neighborhood you may want to consider putting a sweatshirt on. so the weekend kickoff loads of sunshine. whether in philadelphia, shore poconos, temperatures will run about 5 to 6 below averagement sunny, refreshing for philadelphia it's 70 sure, 67. poconos, 61. if you like it warmer future tracker saying up to 80 and then track a possible heat wave in the full accuweather forecast, jim. >> listen to these numbers aaa expects 37 million americans to travel this weekend almost all of them by car. and that will make for "the buzz" est holidays on the road in deck as i. many were brought on to skip the trains and planes because gas is average is 2.75 that's usually a
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dollar less than this time last last year. some shore goers saved each more money for their trips. tolls were free for an hour they tips as they were going down to the shore. >> new jersey highways this holiday weekend maybe seeing ghosts as in ghost cars. smait the rights with very subtle markings on them, page authorities say they'll be used to catch people who drive recklessly and only behave and slow down when they see marked cars. the controversial cars caused such an up roar on-line that state police took to sxoshl media today to se defend new vukz and it was noten trainment
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but safe roads. >> the brick keking my mom and avalon are weeks off. the up to inland bridge means a detour for the holiday rush. drivers will have to go all the way out of town to either route 9 of garden state parkway to get from sea isle to avalon. >> there will be nrots do in philadelphia this weekend an tonight debut of blue cas river range as roller skating link. this is live picture you're looking at. ice is nice but not in the move may liver at the rink is sharee williams. tell us about the perhaps. >> well, jim it's bailtion beingly three days of non-stop fun here at the river rink take a live look at yourself the party is happening as we speak. skaters are out there and this is city's only outdoor roller
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rink it's just one of the things happening over the weekend. >> the city of brotherly love is alive this memorial day weekend with great weather. people are out taking in the historical sights on independence mall. we even found a group playing ultimate frez by with independence haul and national ol. >> we have a day or we're just here having a good time with the whole team. >> and back by popular demand the scut street harbor park is in full spring. >> i was told we were opening day and we were thrilled. >> shanea rouingt her family for sights and sounds especially ice sgleem what kind did you get. >> cotton candy. >> cotton candy. >> this is one of our first places to go be were here 6 7 times last summer. >> there's a new collection of eatery system full of good food. >> it's about out here aim they're about to enjoy their
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sandwich. >> and there's a sandwich which ability of philadelphia san. >> it's really convenience. >> along the river front the new roller rink and special get is spinning record for sunfest party. fill's own drkts j. jazzy jeff. >> frk philly and being tile start the acetaminophen an especially on new roller exciting range. i was kited. friday night leading into the memorial day weekend. i don't think it gets any better than that. d.j. skaz d.j. skazy jeff is back home and it is leak tim are not warming an i'll look. it keeps us go fog until 1:00 in the morning. will looking pens willed yumz "channel 6 action news," jim. >> thank you, 6abc will keep you
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informed throughout the mel orial day weekend. you can check stormtracker 6 live radar and hourly forecast for wherever you are plus traffic page has live maps to let you know how long it will take to get from here to there your holiday zest legislation meanwhile investigators in newark, delaware are trying too find out who was the assault. a police suv cruiser t-boned a driver's side of mazda 3 at 7:50 intersection of and 72. both police officers and mazda civr were rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> thick, black smokeville owed into the refine think evening. this is the olt sunoco plan on penrose area and part of the largest on the east coast. form fatally there were fines or fighters had the miss part on
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the charge pump extinguished. >> a dangerous incidence at another refinery was quickly resolved tonight. a gas tank overflowed eagle point black in west defendant ford glassster county. the next situation is brought under control. some residents did explain of an order offer of gas sgleen police in city of burlington arrested a 28-year-old woman for allegedly levering her children home alone levering her children home alone. and god jsh bolt was charged with two counts of danger endangerment are ages 7 and 8 alone home on wednesday with no if i had in hi mouse. they told mees they were left alob for a long time and had not even in more that a day. >> philadelphia police chaplains walk the streets of german opportunity to tonight pro note peace in the community. churches from the 14 three
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district emofficers from 14 and 39 districts took part tonight. >> "action news gets action" we first told you about this crumbling three story house in mount early this week. they have complained for years about aabandoned company. calls for "action news" got licenses and inspection out to the sight. they ordered it torn down. and today demolition began. >> a prominent professor of physics at sem it will university was arrested and charged with being a spine. the department of justice says xi has been passing u.s. technology secrets to the chinese in kaivrping for academic points in china. a temple spokesman say she is being replaced as chairman of the department of physics. >> pennsylvania did had its biggest job growth since the
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19990s. non-farm payrolls grew by 7,000 workers in april. biggest one-month ghaim nearly 20 years and more than a third of the jobs created were in construction followed by education and health services. meanwhile the unemployment rate my stabilize at 5 another 3% after three straight moves of going up. >> aren't any of the whipers in the primary election this week they are four baby their parents looks on for a top the mess he in city hall. that's experts from the states that collected young won and put metal bands around their legs. even though don't see happy about tn's tanking and they will take to the guy, even before they are two months sglold still
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to come on adds nux tonight after a massive hand young they murdered fashional say could not have committed the crime alone. and bomb shell model station revelation reads to pulling of popular reality television show. and it's not a hole in one but hole in rare. yes, that's a golf course being teen up and we're about to show you how. cecily. >> well, frost advisories for the poconos areas up norm and well be warming through the weekend i'm tracking a potential heat wave. details including the sore and poconos traer fill liz taking on nationals will be under with what?
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>> the man caused in murders of four people inside a home of washington d.c. was in court
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today. darren wint is facing murder charges of save after and amy save app loss and their housekeeper vieira figure rosa. they believe dwint not act alone. the crime required more than one person to carry out. >> mr. swint now incarcerated and held without bound. our work is not done. >> ordeal began wednesday night when the family was held hostage inside the home the next morning savopoulous assists aunt delivered $40,000 and the victims were killed and home set on fire. authorities identified fwrint dna left on a piece of pizza. tlc pulled reality show 19 kids and counting from schedule after a report that one of its stars molested five little girls. josh duggarz accused of sexually abusing girls when he was a teenager duggard now 27
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resigned with family research council and issued apology for actions and no charges wherever filed and the statute of limitations has now passed. the state department released first batch of emails from hillary rodham clinton's private server when she was secretary of state. one email on the attack in benghazi was classified as fbi redacting 23 words. clinton's dhoys use private emails led to owe bone tonts call her secretive and above standard scrutiny. the weather is slowing down the cleanup of that massive oil spill in southern california and gusty winds are whipping up waves as high as four feet off santa barbara county and a ruptured pipeline sent crude in the water and there's 700 workers on the scene cleaning beaches and rescuing oil-soaked wild life. to an environmental crisis in
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california a drought so severe there's cut back on how much water people can use. many are critical the state relies on farmers to use the water supply. one group of farmers offered voluntary deal to reduce water by quarter. california is country's top agricultural state and specialist are saying this should have a moderate affect on food. they have problems in philadelphia. what about our forecast for the weekend. >> we could use rain moderate drought. >> nothing like that. >> we don't want the rain over the weekend. next week hopefully we can get a few showers. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we vel dry conditions out there tonight and what a sunset. i want to share this photo tweeted to me from todd in wilmington delaware of spectacular sunset over wilmington and we've got more beautiful sun sets on the way this weekend.
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temperatures now that the sunset winds diminish and skies trying philadelphia, 68. down from high of 77. millville, 61. trenton, 60. allentown already down to 55. poconos where frost advisories are posted down to 48. satellite 6 and action radar showing in the oong a cold front moves through with cloud cover. couple sprinkles north of philadelphia. now the skies are clearing and temperatures will be bottoming out. 8 degrees below normal for philadelphia. chilly 48 degrees. lehigh valley, will likely drop down 39 and definitely a cold start to saturday. by the afternoon, temperatures will recover up to 70. still that 6 below normal but plenty of sunshine, low humidity. nice day. but if you like things warmer this high pressure does move east on sunday that means we get return flow out of southwest and so our afternoon high of full 10
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degrees up to 08. again lots of sunshine. low humidity. memorial day when you'll feel the difference in air mass as we stop to remember those fought and died for our country we will have a dry day but it bill be on megy side and warm side. some early clouds and mostly sunny afternoon and 8 bgs 69. by noon 18 and by 4 86 degrees. memorial daip definitely warmest of three days this weekend. if you head to poconos take a jacket. saturday sunny and cool, 61. bump it up to 73 sunday with mixture of clouds and sunshine and monday could have a popup shower or thunderstorm with high of 78. a lot of folks heading to the beach. ocean temperature chilly 60 and it will be come on beaches tomorrow despite all sunshine high 67. and 73 on sunday and breezy a lot warmer and monday 75. hitting that alunchtime before
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seabreeze knockeded it down to 60s. the hav lots of sunshine klooming temperatures through the weekend. 70 tomorrow. 80 surprised 87 memorial day and that opens the door for a real summertime air mass to move in do you like it hot and humid you have to all week long tuesday, 0 wednesday 9 thursday 93, three days in a row we hit that. this is heat wave perhaps thunderstorms thursday and friday again 90. it looks like that 90-degree weather will last first half of next weekend. it's realtyly going to starts feeling like summer. >> thank you cecily. >> it was celebration of a start of summer on atlantic city boardwalk tonighttlantic city high school marching want kicks thing off in front of hundreds of investigators eager to begin a long weekend and after darkness came all eyes were on the trop can app casino for multi-media light show.
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>> talk about playing hazard a huge sink hole opened on a golf course in missouri this morning and the course was about to on or the day when workers saw the ground give way.
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that sinkhole is 70 feet wide and 35 feet deep systemically near driving range sop golf kerz play the course. officials stay worse comes to worse they can make this a big beginner's hole. >> fullys may mring washington tonight. >> beating up on arizona and colorado is something. facing first place nationals that's another things. phillies begin a three game set in washington against a team that won five in a row. fill liz don't get much off matt hers herser. the only run allowed. bottom half of inning bryce harper check this out. kid is kick. solo homer is 11 in the past fourteen games tied at one. stays tied in the sixth inning. hits one over herera's heat h.
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soym count in my opinionth two on. phillies lose 2-1. an eight game suspension that's what major league has brewed out to smith. he was ejected for foreign substance on his arm. it was clear as day. smith is appealing the ruling. >> and nba news kobe bryant may be ready to hang is up. bryant told him upcoming season will be his last. next season will be his 20th in nba. bryant turns 37 in august and missed half of last season with a shoulder injury. and the eastern conference finals game two between call ofs and hawks. lebron james toying with him behind the become. up by 17 points. later lebron puts it on spin.
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scores game high 30 points cavs win. 2-0 series lead. >> college lacrosse hits town and local lacrosse team run the
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>> stanley cup playoffs eastern conference finals between rangers and lightning. former lightning star st. louis biting the hand that used to sign his paycheck. rangers up 5-1 series tied at 2. ncaa lacrosse championships held at the linc this weekend. noteer came versus denver and maryland taking on johns hopkins. title game set for monday. for local bread players being back no special. >> just best feeling in the
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world whole family will be here because of hometown dream come true. >> championship with maryland back in hometown would be great. we have not gotten one in 40 years. we're getting it done is main priority and this is our goal. >> ncaa women's kla cross is here as well. maryland erin north caroline app meet sunday ppl park. >> haverford school boys la cas team has done it. 13-9. they finish snn perfect 26-0. number one ranked team in nation. jeff skversky reported yesterday nearly half roster playing division one lacrosse. >> a typical afternoon classes wrapping up for ipdy 500. scott dixon will be on the pole last time was 2008 where he won it. coverage begins 11 a.m.
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>> typical on the schuylkill when you're on it. >> hey there. >> stories of friendship at almost all senior programs here at the arts academy northeast philadelphia is special. this is alyssa dunn and rebecca walker alyssa is autistic and rebecca student intern in special ed class invited her to be her date tonight teen make the evening more special alyssa was crowned prom princess. >> "jimmy kimmel live" fellowed by "nightline". jennifer conley. music from 21 pilots. "action news" continues at 5:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner have a gi weekend and have a great holiday. it is memorial day
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jennifer connelly. director judd apatow. the 2015 school scrabble champs. and music from twenty one pilots. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay put, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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