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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  June 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> good morning vice-president joe bide sent coming home to bury his son beau the second child haetz had to fly rest. >> stormtracker 6 live tracking heavy storms this morning and more on the way burning in the city of chester. we'll have details on that coming up during this broadcast. >> good morning, again, it's 4:30 let's go over to meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers. they have your accuweather and traffic. >> good morning, everybody, we have showers and thunderstorms creeping through the region. some of these are now over by the coast getting ready to pull
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away. there are some showers lighter and a little list intense up the new jersey turnpike and corridor. thunderstorms to the south of philadelphia inundating parts of delaware county. most ever the thunderstorm activity south below wilmington and new castle county delaware. this looks like it will ride over towards the east during the morning rush hour and we'll probably get a lull later this morning and a whole other batch of this arrives later in the day. because of heavy rain in the overnight hours we have a flood advisory along the i-95 corridor. in that area below wilmington and city of wilmington it appears because of active rainy just showed you and earlier rain in northern suburbs like northern montgomery county and northern bucks county 234 in particular and areas around mercer county new jersey. all those areas you may have flooded roads where the heavier rain has come down and has not had a chance to rain. looking west there's not a lot
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going on. in fact mix of clouds and sun later. but we still have a frontal boundary north in the process of pushing closer to us and once we get to the afternoon a new round of showers and perhaps thunderstorms possible. 70 right now in philadelphia. 60 allentown. 69 wilmington. still muggy. of course we felt that over the weekend as we head out the door to the bus stop. some of you will encounter rain and others cloudy and muggy 71 by 6:00 and by 8:00, 75. as we roll through the day. 75 by 8 by noon 81 and then 82 by 3bg that's coming down from high of 83. we'll probably hit that 2:00 this afternoon. more on these heavy rain cells and thunderstorms on future tracker 6 coming up karen and in some cases we could talk sdeents downpours. >> the trouble it is when you're driving through that i know driving through that as well myself we have ponding on the roadway and a lot of splash back from the cars ahead of you you need to be careful. we're not seeing major problems
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on the roads because of the rain. watch for this as volume picks up for certain. live at the schuylkill at spring garden that's westbound traffic headed to city avenue. as you look at the shot you can see the water rushing on the way way when you have heavy downpours you're going to get poppeding on roads and that's what we're seeing even though so dry recently. the ground cannot absorb it when it's so dry and it's easy to get that written-off. we have a downed tree in lower merion, montgomery county, near east gulph road. watch nor that tree partially blocking traffic there. it can get by at this point but use caution. a large sinkhole in west berlin and off ramp to hadden avenue is blocked. use cross keys instead. crews come back late to assets situation there, matt. >> thank you, karen. let's get to breaking news we mentioned at the top of the broadcast a multi-alarm fire ripped through homes in chester overnight on the same block
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where another fire broke out days earlier. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at the scene along the 400 block of pickley place katherine. >>reporter: matt, that's right. there was a fire in vacant home on this lot last week. the cause of that fire and the cause of the fire overnight remains under investigation. no injuries to civilians or fire fighters in this latest plays and firefighters remain on the scene here hours after the fire began in chester. four houses were damaged by flames. a fifth one has smoke damage. the fire broke out 1:30 on 200 block of pickley started in vacant row home. they were met with heavy flames of that house. the flames then spread along the roof line. crews were able to put the fire under control. they're still working to ensure there's no fire in the walls of the ceiling. >> expensive overhaul operations all the seams from to be pulled in all the buildings and walls
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pulled to check for hot spots. and the fire investigators are inside doing what they do to determine cause and origin. >> now we're hearing around ten people were forced from homes. red cross is on scene assisting those. no word yet from fire officials if there were smoke detectors inside the occupied home. the cause of this nair remains under investigation. we're live in chester, katherine scott, "channel 6 action news," matt. >> thank you karen written another multi-alarm fire with developing details this morning this broke out in a building in montgomery county and put a firefighter in the hospital. and the action cam was at walnut street and north york in spots town. two story building was convert nod apartments. heavy fire was coming from the building when firefighters arrived. they placed it under control. it is unclear how the firefighters was injured. he was taken to presidential hospital. he will be okay. it is also unclear what started the fire. >> and the white house says
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vice-president joe biden will number delaware today preparing for the funeral of his son beau, beau biden pass away from brain cancer saturday levering behind a legacy of his own. "action news" reporter nora muchanic has more from greensville, delaware. >> at the biden family church, st. joseph's by the brandywine, prayers for former attorney general beau biden one of the first state's most popular politicians to died saturday of brain cancer. >> incredibly sad. he was the nicest person. just just again un and he really cared for everybody. >> he's a loss. >> the two term attorney general suffered a stroke in 2010 and then fought brain cancer he died surrounded by family. patrick leonard was playing golf with patrick's father in law saturday. >> it was fifth hole he gets a
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phone call and was told get the grandchildren and go to washington. i mean, you knew. it was not good. >> he was just a guy that was very understanding and he took the time to listen and then he acted on what he truly believed in. >> close with his father, vice-president joe biden delivering nominating speeches the two democratic conventions he leaves behind his wife hallie and two children, hunter and fatally. considered a rising political star when biden left office in january he made it clear he hoped to run for governor. but his brain cancer returned putting an end to his political career and claiming his life. >> i'm very sorry to hear about it. i heard it about 3 a.m. this morning and i was devastated. to dwroung pass away. >> god brought him to a few other close calls you know. i figured maybe he still had more time in this life. but you been unfortunately we don't run the clock. >> beau biden was a major in the delaware nootional guard deploying to iraq and helping to
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create a justice system in post war kosovo and he championed antsy bullying laws and stepped up prosecution of child predators his family hopes to lay him to rest in st. joseph's cemetery close to his grandp parents and mother who was killed in a crash when he was a child. >> nora just mentioned this the biden family suffered another immense tragedy when beau biden was just 3 years old. he lost his mother and an infant signaturener a car crash in hockessin, delaware back in 1972. beau and his brother were in the car and were seriously injured. joe biden was sworn into his first term in the u.s. senate at beau's hospital bedside. joe biden road a train between washington d.c. and delaware every night to visited his injured sons. he said it was important to kiss them good night. that tragedy more than four decades ago forged their family bond. >> you can reads more about beau biden on including
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reaction from those that knew him best along with photos of his life and career. philadelphia police are looking for two mass suspect who shot a man in a suspect after robbing him. it happened last night north 18 street west oak lane section of city. the 52-year-old victim lives on the block. he was either getting in or out of his vehicle when the robber's approached him. >> for some reason, although he gave the perpetrators his wallet he was still shot. and it's unknown why he was shot at this time. >> victim is in critical condition. doctors expect him to survivech the robbers got away in green vehicle. police are interviewing several witnesses that called 911. developing here, national security agency temporarily lost authority to collect american phone records in bulk. law makers in congress adjourned yesterday without approving connection extension of the program and two other key provisions of the patriot act.
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republican precedential candidate ran paul took to the senate floor lambbaingting the nsa surveillance program enforcing to pledge its expiration u.s. senate set to reconvene at noon feign a deal is reached today nsa says it will take an entire day to reboot the receivers. obama add mirtion argues surveillance program protects nrernz terrorists. >> more news you didn't see last night. dramatic video 'car goes airborne in kansas and slams into auto repair. police may fwhee caused the wreck. >> a potential lethal lizard bites a zoo keeper in nebraska be. >> warm and humid across the region today. lots of rain around. some of which would could be heavy. arming kids with umbrellas on the way to school and more importantly on the way home. we'll have future 6 showing this to you coming up next.
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>> a lot of rain on the road today. >> in some cases it's falling already. >> if we go in closer, there we go. we have quite a bit of rain in around wilmington
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south ever wilmington there is lightning. if i start this up you can see it slowly moving towards the northeast. philadelphiaing just about ready to pick up some of this, too. and then you see over by the shore, some thunderstorms producing even heavier rain. most of these north of atlantic city. but if you're in surf city to sea side heights that will not be much longer. northern suburbs specled precipitation. not as intense as we're seeing further south. this is just setting the table rain because later this afternoon we'll get into a whole other round and that could be heavier. as we look outside we have sky6 from our new sky6 camera at temple university looking sfrounl broad and you can see the clouds in place even in areas it may not be totally wet yet. but as i just showed you on radar there's another round of rain way up the 95 corridor and beginning to move to city. temperature now is 70. dew point high well above 60 degree threshold for humid air.
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muggy out. there winds out of the south at 9 miles an hour. newt tour tracker 6 says we will be dealing with heavy rain for the first part,el ly part of rush hour. by the time we get past 8 or 9:00 we're back to mainly cloudy skies and beginning to dry out a little bit. up until noon, mainly dry. although on the look yut for redevelopment of additional showers and thunderstorms north and west and we get into the 3:00 hour. again it won't be raining everywhere. where it is, it is potentially coming down ever hade. this is all because of a frontal boundary off north that will be slowly settling right through the region as we go through the afternoon and evening. speaking of which -- god bless you -- speaking of which as we get closer to the dinner hour, 5, 6:00 showers start to spread out along the i-95 corridor. heavy drenching thunderstorms possible and thunderstorms not out of the question and until 11 we're dealing with a front i mentioned slowly pushing through. as we look at the possibility of severe weather, it's fairly low.
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but there is the chance that some thunderstorms that form produce strong, gusty winds. i think the biggest risk, though will be the heavy downpour. lightning certainly a possibility wherever there's a thunderstorm and yes moderate chance of strong winds and downpours being biggest threat. as we look at where temperatures are going today 75 by 8, by 11:00, 80 and by 2:00, 83 that is muggy high, by 5:00, 75 and still looking at potential of thunderstorms and showers. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 8. muggy, heavy rain at times. be careful when it's coming down. street flooding and especially during the afternoon and evening. that continues fairly heavy into the overnight hours and then tomorrow we get some rain lingering especially in the morning. but a much cooler, comfortable high of 70 and we should be drying out gradually as the day goes on. wednesday, thursday look like a couple nice days then. 73 and 75 for two highs those
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days. pleasant conditions and friday, back up to 81 with perhaps a popup shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon. and more of the same for the weekend. 83 saturday, sunday, 78 and both days could feature a spotty shower or thunderstorm. >> thanks, david. >> new video here in the form of surveillance showing a car going airborne over i over a row of cars before crashing into an auto repair end up in toronto. this happened yesterday morningch the driver may have slammed on accelerator when he meant to hit the brakes. he was seriously hurt and is expected to survivech the repair shop was danaged and many exotic cars in the parking lot were unscathed. >> time for morning business and gas prices continue to go up. price at the pump is four cents more than two weeks ago and 35 cents higher than the past five. good news it could head back down after the peak of summer driving season more refineries are expected to come back online that could help stabilize prices. we have smart phones, smart
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watches and now maybe smart klonls google and levi teaming up to make digital up to make digitally connected clothing. who knows maybe one day you could silence your phone by swiping your hand over your sleeve. we're turn into a move yes, i aren't we? >> we're talking about markets on news of the economy slivrping that led to declines on major markets. futures appear to be looking up right now. >> here's your chance to pick the brain of billionaire. it won't come cheap. warren buff set auctioning off a lunch to help san francisco charity. last year's winner paid more than $2 million to dine with the investment guy true. it's interesting to see how much this year. >> 4:48 legendary sports venue is gone. taken down in an immotion. good-bye to hollywood park is next.
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>> face books comes face to face with facebook protesters today. hear what has them so upset next on "action news."
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the wrong way here. you can see the headlights facing in the wrong direction. this person was driving here and traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of i-95 near 420. northbound lanes a guy was driving this way and you can see the problem off to the shoulder at this point and you can also see from puddleing right here you have heavy rain, ponding on the roadways. so a dangerous situation here i-95 in delaware county. and switching here to our maps. we have a new accident just moved off to the shoulder and expect some slowing in this area on the turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove. also an accident left lane on new jersey turnpike. this is northbound near mount holly. watch for that. that's exit number five couple of accidents in major highways here. looking out on 42 live once again and rain coming down at this point. heavy at times and watch for ponding on the roadways. it could be a mess matt and tam. >> thanks, karen, more than 1,000 demonstrators expected outside facebook headquarters
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california one of the stories "action news" will be following this week. social media company requires users to create accounts using their real names. that incited native americans domestic violence survivors people that call themselves drag queens and other ak stroyingts protest the policy. facebook repeatedly stated opposition to anonymous users. >> u.s. house transportation committee will hold a hearing tomorrow on derailment train in amtrak that killed people. it derailed on a curve last month. amtrak had not installed automatic speed controls that ntsb said could have prevented the crash. >> the powerball and jackpot keep growing you could win in ut power ball drawing and jackpot for meg ail million is 233 million. >> it'sal most 4:54 and breaking
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news from chester. fire and smoke damage five homes and people were inside some of them. katherine scott will have a live report for you at 5 a.m. >> valedictorian speech cancelled in colorado. he was cut off being being able to make a life altering announcement.
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>> the grandstand was imploded
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on sunday. fans came out to watch the controlled take down in engel wood california leveling the grandstand makes way for proposed billion dollar professional stadium for football. >> lethal come owed owe dragon bit a zoo worker in nebraska. she was giving the animal a routine check when the lizard bit her on the happened. a bite from komodo dragon can cause deadly infections. >> 18-year-old evan young has a 4.5 gpa and scholar sthop rutgers university. he figured coming out to everyone at graduation would go along with theme of his speech which was respect and tolerance. his parents say the school's principal called him about the speech and in doing so the principal outed their son to him even though that's not how the son wanted presidential
4:58 am
interaction. school barred released a statement saying the valedictorian failed to follow guidelines and included personal matters of a sexual nature. >> breaking this morning crews battling a multi-alarm fire in city of chester. it's pretty much out and spread to at least three homes. >> accuweather is tracking showers and thunderstorms they could bring drenching downpours. the latest when "action news" comes right
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fire erupts at a house in city of chester and the flames quickly spread. >> triv et cetera continue to pour in for president's son beau biden we have reaction from the close knit community. >> a drone drops into a phillies game leaving man at controls in trouble with federal authorities. >> first it's raining out there and let's go to david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. >> i would not have minded that drone if it brought hor hits for


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