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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  June 3, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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>> developing now on "action news" suspicion mounts as firefighters return to the same block in chester in a matter of days. >> terror watch in boston. a task force takes down a lone wolf. now another suspect is under arrest. >> a florida teacher faces suspension for his extreme attempt at stopping people from using smartphones in class. >> good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday, june 3rd. karen is off. let's head to david and matt to give you weather and traffic. >> good morning, everybody. cloudy and cool this morning. take a look at storm tracker six live double scan. in cape may county and southern delaware there are a couple of showers popping up from the southwest. not really making much of a run at atlantic city just yet but they're down there and it's possible that they'll come a little farther north over the next hour or so s burlington county appears to be falling apart and everybody else just beneath the clouds this morning and there you see them. looks like there's dry air off to the north. it might try to build its way
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into the northern and western suburbs and we might see some late day sun or some afternoon sun in the parts of the region. 55 degrees right now in philadelphia with a bit of a breeze dropping down out of the northeast for the second straight morning. numbers really even across the region. i think the total raindrops out of -- 55 degrees right now on your storm tracker six app under the clouds. same story at 8 o'clock. by noon 63, most of the area probably still fairly cloudy but then we get into the afternoon and there's a chance of a sunny break or so especially from about philadelphia north. 67 is your high at 3 o'clock this afternoon. and our pollen count is down. remember what a problem this was a couple weeks ago? now with all that rain it has cleared things out and looks like it will stay comfortable the next several day. when we step inside we'll be looking for warmer air in that seven-day forecast. matt pelman you're looking for accidents. finding any.
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>> yeah, unfortunately. wish i wouldn't have david because especially here it's in a spot that would normally be busy any way. now we have this crash involving a school bus. southbound lanes of 95 between allegheny and girard. police just pulled up on the scene. i know it's a little in the distance but you might be able to see penndot is also there and the crash appears to be taking out the two center lanes of 95 southbound as you approach girard avenue. no word yet on whether any students were on board the bus or not. we're working to gather more details but what we know for sure is 95 southbound is parked from the betsy ross bridge through that accident scene again between allegheny and girard avenue. we'll keep tabs on that. if you're traveling north on 95 we've had several broken down vehicles this morning right around the bridge street interchange. hearing there may be a pot local in the roadway there that the vehicles are hitting and then getting flat tires. so headed northbound into the work zone at cottman watch out for that possible pothole. also a new crash in darby along hook road at calcun hook
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road. we're watching tire debris along the northeast extension northbound side by lance day. you're surfing around that. still have a downed tree him along limekiln pike in warrington. county line road and picker town road would probably be better bets. matt. >> thanks, matt. breaks news. fire in atlantic county new jersey. two alarm fire in pleasantville left two people injured. the fire broke out before 3 a.m. one person is being treater for burns is that in serious condition. all we know about the second person is that he or she is in stable condition. firefighter its worked for 45 minutes to bring this blaze under control. developing fire strikes the same chester block for the third time in less than a week. and officials are working to see if they are more than just a strange series of coincidences. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live along bickley place with the full story. katherine. >> reporter: matt, no injuries were reported here
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last night but there's been quite a bit of damage in the last several days. last night's fire began in that end row home but there were two other fires in the past few days in some of the neighboring homes. now six are damaged and authorities are trying to figure out why. >> my mother's 76 years old. she woke me up saying there was a fire. i couldn't believe it. again? >> reporter: a third fire in matter of days on this chester block. now six row homes all next to each other on the 400 block of bickley place have been damaged or destroyed. more than 20 people have been displaced. >> i believe that it's some crooked -- something crooked going on. >> reporter: the first in a series of fires started saturday in 420 bickley. an unoccupied house. then early monday morning firefighters were back battling a blaze that began in 418, also vacant. that one spread to several more homes. last night around 10:00 crews arrived to heavy flames in 410 bickley.
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>> these are at the end of the row. the fire a couple days ago was further down the row. a couple days before that it was even further down the row. >> reporter: the crime scene unit carried evidence from last night's fire scene. neighbors are worried they haven't seen the last of the fires here. >> three fires it's crazy. dangerous. people live here. >> reporter: authorities haven't connected these three fires yet but there is a press conference later on today. we hope to learn more about what's going on here. we're live in chester katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> okay, katherine, thank you for that. new this morning a 16-year-old is recovering from a shooting that happened during an armed robbery in reading. this all went down in west green and wiser streets late yesterday afternoon. the teen told police a three men approached him. he said one robber shot him in the stomach when the teen tried to reach for the gun. the victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. reading police say they are following up on leads but so far no one is in custody. and it was a busy night in boston. an antiterrorism task force arrested one man hours after shooting and killing another
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man. sources tell abc news usaama usaama rahim had been under 24 hour scrutiny for making threats against police. yesterday they said they wanted to question him but they say the encounter turned deadly after police said rahim lunged at that many with a knife. officers shot him. he died at the hospital. >> 6:36 is the time. president obama will deliver the eulogy of former attorney general boyd's during the funeral on saturday. the body of the vice president's son will lie at legislative haul in dover tomorrow afternoon from 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock. two viewings scheduled for friday at saint anthony of padua church in wilmington. friends, family and the public are invited from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. a funeral mass will be held at the church on saturday morning. that begins at 10:30. >> questions still remain even after congressional hearing on the deadly train derailment in philadelphia. amtrak ceo joseph boardman apologized to lawmakers
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yesterday. safety controls that could have been prevented the crash were not in place at the time of the accident. a temporary system is now up. amtrak also promises a more modern speed control system will be in place by the end of the year. federal investigators say they still do not know if the engineer brandon bostian was on his cell phone before the train derailed last month. >> things are going to clear out today? i guess not really. >> well, cloudy in the morning, a couple of sprinkles and showers around and whether or not we get sun this afternoon, i think there's a chance of that. storm tracker six double scan shows you the rain is mainly down south in cape may county. if we give you that overhead view you can see most of the area is dry and cape may has one shower trying to pop up through the southern portion of the county and then there's that second one also on the way but it appears as though as these try and push north they kind of fall apart and then rotate out to sea. sea isle city getting a bit of this. can't guarantee that makes it
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to atlantic city but there's always the possibility. mainly it's cloudy and cool out there. as we take a look outside we have this morning cloud cover over the airport at philadelphia. but you can see how the air field is drying out nicely now with a little bit of a breeze blowing and that rain well down to the south. 55 degrees is your current temperature in the city, dewpoint at 51. doesn't feel all that humid out there. winds out of the east-northeast at 9 miles per hour. and very similar conditions as to what we had yesterday morning. for the morning it does look like we stay rather cloudy, mainly dry and then as we get after 12 o'clock or so, there is the possibility of some drying north of philadelphia and the latest runs on the model even have some sun working its way back down into philadelphia. now i can't guarantee this is going to happen but there definitely is drier air trying to work its way in and we'll see whether or not we can change over to at least some sun later in the day. especially from about philadelphia north. the farther south you go through the region the harder it's going to be to get a lot sun but we'll see. 55 degrees by 8 o'clock, 51 by
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11 o'clock, 66 by 2 o'clock. actual cool see some sunshine around philadelphia by then. 67 is your high at 3 o'clock today and then by 5 o'clock 66 degrees, staying cool all the way today. high temperatures fairly even across the region. in fact, the farther north you go where there's a better chance of sun we're going for slightly higher numbers. 68 in allentown, 69 close to 70 in reading. 66 in millville and more clouds down in cape may and atlantic city and slightly cooler with highs in the mid 60's. phillies tonight versus the reds trying to make it two in a row. cloudy and cool, mainly dry 65 for the first pitch, 61 in the ninth inning, similar numbers down the pike at ppl park where the union are at home against columbus tonight. and tomorrow looks like another cloudy start and probably a fairly cloudy finish with, again a little bit more sunshine possible to the north than what you'll see to the south and tomorrow could also feature a shower or two. mostly cloudy skies, pretty
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much a repeat tomorrow with a high of 66. warmer on friday with a high of 77 and an afternoon and evening shower or thunderstorm possible but not a washout. muggy on saturday, clouds and sun, a high of 80. another pop-up afternoon shower or thunderstorm. sunday partly sunny and 66. back to the 80's starting monday. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:40. up next more stories you didn't see last night including a teacher who used an illegal device to cut down on classroom traction. >> a barking drawing dog in south carolina subjected to a disturbing case of an mule cruelty. >> you may be able to see a crash here on the ramp from 332 newtown in bucks county. the southbound lanes of 95, debris on the roadway as well. school bus accident elsewhere on 95 and the kelly drive is now closed. big problems coming up when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning.
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>> 6:43. wednesday. what you got matt. >> new problems unfortunately, on the kelly drive all lanes blocked in both directions by the strawberry mansion bridge. unfortunate its because of a crash. earlier do you understand tree on the kelly drive. now an accident. i think the kelly drive is not where you want to be this morning. stick with the mlk drive or even the schuylkill if you want to brave the slow speeds that are inevitable along i-76. this is i-95. the good news here is our school bus accident southbound approaching girard was pretty
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minor. it's already cleared out so all the southbound lanes are reopened here in the ongoing construction zone but look how slowly the traffic is moving. whole way from academy through this point at girard it's a long slow crawl that travel time increasing minutes each minute. as we look at the big picture speeds starting to drop on the schuylkill, 9 miles an hour westbound by belmont. vine street expressway all opened. was closed overnight for construction. it's opened now. will close again tonight for construction starting at 11 o'clock. and in darby watch out for a crash this morning along hook road near calcon hook read. tire debris on the pennsylvania turnpike northbound near lansdale. you're swerving around that. debris on the in turnpike approaching exit six is out of the way. all lanes opened there but the ramp in bordentown connecting the southbound lanes of 295 with 130 is still closed because of an oil spill. you want to get off southbound 295 use the ramp at 195 or florence columbus road instead. and in somerdale camden county
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watch out for a crash by the speed mart along the white horse pike at somerdale road. tam. >> okay, thank you matt. a teacher in florida is now under fire for using a jammer to stop his students from using cell phones in class. let's go to erin o'hearn. >> reporter: good morning. that teacher told administrator that is students using cell phones during class was a huge problem and one law intents on fixing himself. the science teacher decided he was together to fight fire with fire by using technology to prevent his students from using it on his watch. so he purchased this jammer. it sort of looks like a walkie-talkie. he figured if he could interfere with their cell phone signal he could help make students more focused. jammers are ill low. using them could bring thousands of dollars if fines and even jail time. it may have affected cell phones around the area because outside of the school is a cell phone tower.
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the teacher here dean liptak received a five day suspension without pay. he told the school he thought it was perfectly fine for him to use the jammer as long as it wasn't for malicious purposes. students and parents admit cell phone use is a big problem in class but say this was not the solution and the jammer could have impacted the students' safety. >> students have them often in their back packs. the majority of students at my school have them out during the whole time. >> i'm a parent and i'm over the phones, too, but we got to come to a happy medium, protection and, you know, teacher sanity as well. but i think protection outweighs the teacher's san nat. >> reporter: liptak has been in trouble before. in 2013 he was reprimanded for using violent test questions. matt back to you. >> erin thanks. new this morning a man claims he was harassed for legally carrying a loaded rifle through one of the world's busiest airports. jim cooley had an ar-15
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strapped to his chest while in a portion of hartsfield-jackson international in atlanta. under a new georgia law, gun owners are allowed to carry while in unsecured areas of the airport. cooley said he was simply exercising his rights and complained about how police officers followed him out of his -- out of the airport to his car. police say they were just trying to ensure the safety of others. >> it's 6:47. a live preview of "gma" is up next and also how the simple act of holding your breath under water could get you in trouble in some public schools out west.
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>> time now to check in with "gma." >> let's find out what's going on this morning with amy robach of the "gma" studios. hey, amy. >> reporter: hey, good morning, matt and tam. coming up next on "gma" a dramatic takedown in boston. the fbi and local police actively working an investigation. that led to a deadly confrontation and the big question this morning was the lone wolf suspect inspired by isis? we are live in boston with those details. then a crash in a park in a rollercoaster. several people have serious injuries. latest on the investigation into what went wrong. plus an abc news exclusive exclusive. the acrobat who fell 25 feet from a performance is speaking out this morning. why she says. "gma" on the lookout. potentially life saving tips on how to survive a fire. we all know a fire extinguisher could make the
6:51 am
difference between life and death and a lost us have fire extinguishers in our kitchens and homes but the big question is do you know how to use it? we put several moms to the test. pretty shocking in terms of what woe knew, what they knew, what to do and how to use it. i know i probably wouldn't be so -- i think my five-year-old would say -- >> we'll see you shortly. >> talking at the same time here. >> we are. >> what. >> let's ail just talk at the same time. we're trying to solve problems this morning. we've got a problem on the kelly drive its closed both ways near the strawberry mansion bridge because of a crash. the solution, use this, the schuylkill expressway. look at it. actually doesn't look too bad. little westbound traffic stacking up getting off at montgomery drive but overall the schuylkill not awful at the moment. neither is 42. northbound traffic speeds mostly in the 30's and 40's between coles road and 295 but we've seen worse nonmajor issues in delaware this morning, just keep in mind
6:52 am
hercules road, so strong, closed all week, david. >> cloudy, matt, but mainly dry across the region. storm tracker six live double scan shows you some showers down by cape may county and parts of southern delaware. that's pretty much it. we're in the low to mid-50's in the northern and western suburbs. 52 in slatington, 53 in chester. and across the river in south jersey getting up toward the mid-50's down by the shore low 50's by the delaware river, mid-50's up and down the state of delaware so it's cool this morning. jackets on the kids, not going overboard on rain gear obviously. this afternoon we will get a little bit milder but a sweatshirt is probably a good idea for most of the kids. only going up to 67 degrees for a high today and that is your high at 3 o'clock. notice how it's cloudy in the morning, a little damp early on. this afternoon there's actually the chance of some sun reemerging. we'll see how much of the region sees that but the northern half has a pretty decent chance. >> thanks, david. santa barbara has become one ofone of the first cities in the country to ban extendy tended breath holding in public schools. it comes after the death of a
6:53 am
college polo player last year. nate johnson's death is blamed on shallow water blackout. a common practice among elite athletes trying to expand their lungs and breath holding capacity. a lack of oxygen to the brain causes the swimmer to pass out and possibly drown. >> this is new, a south carolina man is behind bars for taping a dog's mouth shut. it's pain foul see. caitlyn a a 15 month old terrier mix was found in critical condition in north charleston last week. the electrical tape was wound so type the dog's tongue was caught between his teeth. caitlyn should make a full recovery.
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>> ♪♪ >> firefighters in chester were called to the same city block for the third time in less than a week. no one was hurt in last night's two alarm blaze. investigators are now trying to figure out if the fire is connected to the two other fires that were set on bickley place. >> kelly drive still closed because of a crash near the strawberry mansion bridge. head for the mlk or schuylkill. 95 southbound still extra busy because of an earlier school bus accident by girard. david. >> matt cloudy and cool this morning with temperatures in the 50's. still there by 9 o'clock. by noon, 63. there is the chance as we get into the afternoon that we see the return of some sunshine especially on the northern half of the region. we'll see how it goes. a high of 67 today a little
6:57 am
better than yesterday. >> we have to go. but we'll,y be back in about a half an hour during "gma" with another update. head to facebook and twitter for updates. for matt pelman, karen rogers, tamala edwards, dave murphy i'm matt o'donnell. ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already?
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in america this morning good morning, america. new this morning. isis in the homeland. second man knew arrested overnight after that dramatic terror takedown in parking lot outside boston. police and fbi shooting that other terror suspect. >> all right, there's shots fired, units, shots fired. >> both inspired by the brutal group, planning to attack uniformed officers, lunging at them with this military knife. happening now. double threat. the second named storm of the season about to become a major hurricane. winds expected to hit 150 miles an hour taking aim at denver right now. terrifying plunge. the incredible footage of a skier plunging into a deep hole, all captured on helmet camera. the snow collapsing under him, the desperate screams for help. how he was fin


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