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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, the investigation
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continues into a crash on the interest state in the poconos that left three people dead and eight injured. and a man is dead after being hit by a police car, what they think the man was doing right before the collision. but the big story this noon is the search for a suspect of a man that ran from a traffic stop and abandoned a boy in the process. police said the man sped up instead of pulling over and then ended in upper darby where the man took off. katherine scott is here with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: that is right rick, investigators say that when the man fled he left a 3-year-old boy in the car with a loaded gun nearby and we are learn that the gun was stolen and the search is on now for the suspect. >> god forbid something happened to that child picking up that gun. the child was strapped in the
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backseat of the chevy impala abandoned by the driver who fled police and in a book bag a loaded barretta. >> a gun is ready for war 11 rounds in it ready to go by a bum that flees when police try to stop them. >> the black impala with black windows was parked in front of the police station, it started in west philadelphia at 52nd and locust, police tried to pull over the car that pulled away and sped to upper darby they chased the man behind the firehouse and joined in and the suspect jumped over a six foot fence and ran toward the railroad tracks and towards a golf course. >> i saw the guy running and the police chasing him. >> a helicopter was in the air
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be other police were called in. but he was able to escape. when police returned to the car they saw the young child and the man was on his way to pick up his girlfriend from work, and the car and child is hers. >> the gun is not holstered and this individual is reckless and careless. >> that child was not injured and the investigation continues and we are told that the girlfriend is being cooperative with police we are live in west philadelphia. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today family, friends, dignitaries and the public begin a days long good-bye to beau biden, going live to dover, tell wear, in less than an hour a service will begin at service hall where beau biden is lying in honor. he lost his battle with brain cancer last week, he was 46
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years old. we'll have more coming up at 12:30. pennsylvania state police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly crash on the interstate in the poconos yesterday three people died after the tour bus collided with a tractor trailer that crossed into on coming traffic and chopper 6 hd was over the scene and the bus was taking tourists to niagara falls at the time. three people were killed including the driver and eight were hurt. in delaware county two people were killed in an early morning crash near route 291 in chester it appeared that one car was speeding before the crash. an overturned truck closed the southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike this morning, it
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happened at 5:00 a.m. in borden bordentown township. new jersey state police says that the truck caught fire after it flipped. the driver suffered cuts and bruises but is expected to be okay. >> now to the accuweather forecast the gloom that continues to hang over the region will dissipate slowly but surely there is the ben franklin bridge and we are expecting spotty showers but the sun is set to come back in time for the weekend. meteorologist david murphy is at the big board. >> crossing your fingers? don't you trust me. the sun is coming back over the weekend, right now we are dealing with clouds and at least it's not raining, we had sprinkles and showers this morning from the south and some of them are falling apart by harrisburg but our immediate region is dry, the other issue is the cloud cover and we did have some sun break out at the
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station for just about a half hour, maybe a half hour ago now the break is getting past us and the clouds are filling in again and what you see here is what you got today mainly cloudy skies and an occasional sunny break we have seen a jump in temperatures in philadelphia we popped up to 68 degrees right now and allentown 66 and notice how much of the rest of the region is under thicker clouds and cooler and you'll get that on a cloudy day with the sun angle so high, you open it up and the numbers spike a bit. a high around 69 or 70 and no matter what we end up at it will be well below the average high for this date as you'll see in a second. it's breezy and numbers in the teens, 17 miles per hour wind and dropping from the east in sea isle city philadelphia, wilmington and dover a bit on the breezy and cloudy side, here is your high, 69 degrees, here
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is the average high of 80 so wherever he end up we'll be below average. we are going to start to turn things around overnight and get milder air back into play and as we head into the weekend it gets a lot milder and more in the ballpark of the average high. we'll have the weekend call in a couple of minutes. rick? >> we'll see you later thank you. >> in other news a funeral for a new jersey state trooper killed off the weekend is underway. 24-year-old anthony raspa was on patrol in monmouth county and he hit a deer and went off the road into a tree, today flags at new jersey state buildings will fly at half staff in his honor. now to the latest on the allegations of sexual abuse
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regarding reality star, josh duggar his parents spoke out about their sons actions and stood by how they handled the situation. >> sara, good afternoon yes the duggars are admitting they did not report this right away to police but got josh professional counseling and they felt it was more effective because josh was just a kid. standing by their son they gave an interview to megan kelly of fox news. >> we went through a dark time. >> we raised our kids to do what is right and one of our children made some really bad choices, michelle and jim bob admits that
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his actions were inexcusable but forgivable. >> it was not rape or anything it was touching them over their clothes and a couple incidents where he touched them under their clothes but just for a few seconds. >> among them were four daughters and one of their friends. the stars of 19 kids and counting admits that josh confessed to them before they wept and got counseling and reported him to a state trooper and no charges at the time. the duggars are now angry the report is made public. >> i don't know if the rest of our family should be punished for the act of one of our children for an act that happened 12 years ago. >> back when it happened the
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parents could have been charged for failing to report this in a timely fashion and now the statute of limitations have expired. channel 6 "action news." >> all right elizabeth thank you, there is more to come on "action news" at noon, an apology from republican presidential candidate, ted cruz, the ill timed joke he is calling a mistake. and a lunch lady fired for giving free lunches to hungry children. she now speaks out.
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employees at a restaurant in oregon took down a would be robber, a man came into chang's grill and he came up from behind and grabbed the suspect and held him until police arrived. we are learning more about the terror suspect shot and killed by boston police, 26-year-old rahim went to new york to behead actress pamela
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gellar, she sponsored the cartoon contest of the prophet muhammad in texas. now they taking a closer look at a family member. more on that coming up at 12:30. overseas the hopes of finding more survivors on the eastern star cruise ship in china are fading, they are hearing no signs of life at the site in the river only 14 survivors are found and more than 360 people are missing and frustration is growing from family because of lack of information from authorities. former governor rick perry is launching his second bid for the white house he joined the line of republican candidates and is expected to kick off his campaign at an event in dallas
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in the next hour perry ran in 2012 and dropped out after he finished poorly in the iowa caucuses. >> and it appears that jeb bush is getting ready to make it it official too he is getting ready to announce he will run at an event in miami. on the democratic side, former rhode island governor lincoln chafy is deciding to join the race, the only republican senator to vote against the war in iraq. republican president candidate, ted cruz is apologizing for a joke he made at vice president joe biden's expense. it's the same one he used before mocking his role as vice president, and it drew laughs but heavy criticism on social media saying that the vice president is grieving the loss of his son and he sin called it a mistake and his prayers are
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with the biden family. the lunch lady fired for giving free lunches for hungry children vows to fight for school lunches for children and she says they should be able to get lunch as part of their curriculum. >> my background is in nutrition and see kids not lettering because they are not eating. her former employer says she was fired for violating district policy how the food was distributed. we are nine hours and count can from this year as nba finals after a long wait. game one is tonight and it's a showdown with super stars lebron james that many says is the best player in the league is
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hoping to lead the cleveland cavalier s cavaliers, and they hope to beat steph curry and the warriors.
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a massive sale shut town the website for delsouthwest airlines. it shut down the website, the website got overwhelmed and crashed less than 36 hours later and now part of the site is still down, the airline tweeted all hands are on deck to try to fix the problem. parkinson's can be a devastating disease but today tamala edwards introduces us to a man that is determined to focus on each moment. >> john used to be a businessman but in retirement he discovered a love of art. >> my wife and i went to brazil and i took a camera with me and i discovered i loved photography. >> he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease.
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>> people say oh, my gosh what do i do now for me it was a moment to say what is important to me. >> the answer for john was photography he and his wife started to travel the globe from india to peru. along the way he realized he had a talent as well. >> i'm not sure if i discovered art or if art discovered me. i am grow that way. >> he sees art as a gift and a way to activitily create his minld. >> we know we can expand our minds and we make new opportunities as well. >> as for the parkinson's -- >> it makes me realize how important the moment is i'm not my disease i'm something other than my disease and i choose to live life to the best of my ability. well the "action news" team
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we had a little sun outside our station and then it's gone. >> it got shy i guess. a little bit of a sprinkle by harrisburg but the rest of the region is dry heading down the shore and you know this weekend i can see people going down to the shore sky 6 hd shows it to you, today not a popular destination it is on the cloudy and cool side down along the water, temperature in philadelphia has popped up to 68 degrees and dew point 51 and winds from the east-northeast at 15. and a lot of our area temperatures are cooler in philadelphia and 63 in trenton and low 60s from trenton to sea isle city and 64 in millville and 63 in dover and wilmington and allentown is one of those spots where the numbers managed to pop up at the noon hour. for the rest of the day,
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accuweather says the clouds are thick and you can see a little break, we go to 3:00 and the model wants a break from south jersey, and we are looking for cloudy conditions for the rest of the afternoon and evening with a few breaks here or there. maybe a period of a half hour. and late in the evening trying to pop up north and maybe just click in philadelphia later on toebt but it looks like most of the that stuff is on the southern half of the region,al ep town cloudy and school and sunny breaks are possible 66 is the high there down the shore we have the increased chance of a spotty shower popping around at time and otherwise lots of clouds and 63 is the high and can't rule out a sunny break at the shore and later tonight mainly cloudy and spotty shower and 58 in philadelphia and the high today in the city is 69 degrees checking out the afternoon and evening commute, mostly cloudy and dry 68 by
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4:00 and 67 by 7:00, cool and on the breezy side. heading to the ballpark 65 for first pitch. 73 is tomorrow's high and we start to inch up a bit as a frontal boupdry begins to approach from the west and the clouds will probably linger and be stubborn for the rest of the day and there are things that could happen and bring back sunshine we'll see more of that of the weekend and that is when high pressure builds in and morning clouds and a damp start on saturday and gives way to more sun in the afternoon and sunday looking good. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a high of 69 degrees today and might even hit 70 in spots a spotty shower mainly from philadelphia south 73 tomorrow and a damp start possible in the morning with drizzle, there is a chance of a
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pop-up shower on saturday 82 with increasing sunshine that is the general idea on saturday and sunday 82 there and monback in the 80s and thunderstorms are possible at times. >> got it thank you.
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here are the stories we are following now. saying good-bye the buyiden family welcomes people to the service center in dover delaware where their son is lying in honor. we are live with details on what may have happen. >> and the search by police for a man that left behind a little boy and loaded gun in a car. thousands are expected in delaware's capital city to pay respects to beau biden. >> the former delaware attorney general and son of vice president, joe biden is lying in honor in dover delaware. the hearse carrying the body left for dover and a motorcade with his father and stepmother jill and the rest of the


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