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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon sara
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is off and in the news family and friends have remembered the victims of the second anniversary of the disaster and the police sergeant in colorado simone legree injured when a sinkhole sinkhole opens up under his suv. and a shooting took place at the rising sun pizza the detective exchanged fire with two suspects killing one of them. katherine scott joins us live in lawndale with the latest. >> reporter: we are hold that detective is a regular at the store and he is not injured in all of this and is assigned to the northwest division a bullet hole in the store front this noon and we learned new information that the suspect's gun is a six shot blank
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resolver, it had four blank cartridges and four live cartridges there was muzzle flash when he fired and the detective fired back with his glock. >> one suspect is dead and known on the run after police say the man tried to rob rising sun pizza in lawndale the front glass is shattered from the gun battle. it's popular with police officers and sure enough an off duty detective was there around 11:30 ordering food when two men come in with a gun. >> everybody knows there police here. the suspect held a gun to the detective's head and forced him to lie on the floor but when the officers pointed the gun at the owner's son and an employee the detective pulled out his gun the perpetrator fired at least two
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shots at the detective and the detective returned fire. >> the detective hit at least one and the other man ran out. one man collapsed and died in a nearby parking lot. >> the officer is extremely lucky he was not shot and extremely lucky he was not killed. >> that was katherine scott reporting. a viewing gets underway in an hour for former attorney general, beau biden this is a look look at live look at saint anthony's church. yesterday the biden family friends and residents paid respects at the capital in dover. he died last week of brain cancer at the age of 46. the mother accused of throwing her baby off an
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allentown bridge is going to trial. perry waived her preliminary hearing this morning, she walked her son zamir to the bridge kissed him good-bye and pushed him over the bridge. perry also jumped over the bridge but survived. she is now charged with homicide. two men on the run for two months following the beating and kidnapping of a jewelry city worker. federal agents arrested the men in south philadelphia last night. investigators say that the two are accomplices of kerry gay taken into custody days after the attack. they say that the men kidnapped the worker while she was leaving her job from the national diamond exchange and beat her when she didn't know the code for the safe. she was dumped at the cemetery at darby bureau where she was
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able to get help. time to check accuweather a rainy friday and things are expected to dry out we are looking live from the temple university cam from the center city skyline, adam joseph is outside now with the latest on what to expect. >> reporter: much brighter over the weekend and you the sky is trying to brighten but a lot of cloud cover and radar shows light showers in bucks county and parts of bucks county heading into new york city and cape may and lewes delaware. we see showers pivoting in off the atlantic ocean it's another dreary day to be down the shore. as we look at satellite, you can see all the thick cloud cover all points to the shore the lehigh valley and reading and
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lancaster and the poconos, are you starting to see breaks and that will help move the temperatures up this afternoon. not at the shore we see the wind doing its job again 56 in surf city and avalon 59 degrees, as we go inland the temperature in millville 61 and 62 in philadelphia with the clouds 60 in trenton and again where we brighten the sky 66 in reading and allentown and temperatures are really warming to the west, 80 degrees in st. louis and atlanta coming in at the 80 degree mark. you but the temperatures spike over the weekend and we'll show you the numbers and let you know which days will be brighter than the other coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you, stay ahead of changes in the weather by checking, you can find live storm tracker 6 radar and get the latest from our team of meteorologists. a special ceremony is held to mark the second anniversary
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of a deadly building collapse in center city. six people were killed and more than a dozen hurt when a building came crashing down on a salvation army store on south and market streets, today family and friends come to remember the victims sharrie williams is live with more. >> reporter: on this anniversary the family members of the victims had an opportunity to see the final rendering of the june 5th memorial will look like and during the solemn ceremony they were given replicas of that memorial. >> touching and fitting and adds beauty and hope that is now associated with horror. family members affected by a tragic building collapse in sinner city two years ago are seeing a final design to be built in their honor. nancy winkler lost her daughter
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ann on that day. >> this is not just about personal loss, philadelphia can and much do better our mission is to make sure no other family suffer the terrible pain that we know. >> june 5th 2013, six people died when a building being demolished suddenly collapsed burying the neighboring salvation army thrift store in the rubble. and now a house will stand in the very place where people lost their lives, six windows representing the six that died are in the memorial and each color was chosen by the victim's family. >> i like blue and i buried him in blue. >> this is ann's favorite poem by robert frost called nature's
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first gold. >> they talk about the windows and the window to your soul, i think it's going to be quite breathtaking and spectacular. >> a live look here, this is where the memorial will go this is the very site the project itself is about $1.3 million, half of that is already raised and this morning mayor nutter announced that the city will donate another $300,000 and that takes them closer and we know that they are hoping for this memorial to be built and open this time next year. we are live in center city, sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in denver colorado a police sergeant had to be rescued and rushed to the hospital because of this. take a look. a huge sinkhole swallowed his squad car while he was inside it. the suv was entering an inter section where the road
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collapsed. the sergeant managed to climb on to the roof of the vehicle but had to be hospitalized for minor injuries. but the suv is a total loss. coming up china responds to allegations that it is behind a massive cyber attack. and the copilot that crashed a passenger plane into the french alps, and that is not shamu right there in fact it's a fake. we'll tell you why ocs in oregon are going to great lengths to rescue dozens of sea lions.
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move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. and this is another live picture from saint anthony church in delaware where the body of beau biden just arrived here. there is the hearse right there you can see it in front of the church. two viewings will be held today for the former delaware attorney general the first from 1:00 until 4:00 and the second from 6:00 until 9:00 tonight and a mass and christian burial will be held. the friends and family paid their respects at the state capital and now they say good-bye here in wilmington.
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of course beau biden died last week of brain cancer at the age of 46. china is denying the cyber attack against the u.s. government hackers broke in and took information from nearly every federal agency they stole sensitive data from 4 million government workers, the department of homeland security believes that china is responsible but their government says that is not true. this is the latest cyber attack on a u.s. agency and sparking calls for better security. a college friend of the convicted boston marathon bomber was sentenced to three to seven years in prison. he removed dzhokhar tsarnaev's backpack from the dorm room. he apologized today and another
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friend involved is sentenced toexpected to be sentenced later this afternoon. the pilot that crashed a plane into the french alp reached out to doctors before the disaster the revelation suggests he was seeking advice about an undisclosed ailment, he had a history of depression and they say he intensely crashed the flight on march 24th killing all 150 people on board. a french prosecutor will meet with relatives of the victims sometime next week. relatives are picking up the pieces as tornadoes ripped through northern colorado and twisters touched down last night destroying three homes and damaging two dozen others the strong system hit the denver area bringing hail the size of quarters in spots. no injuries were reported. officials in oregon employed
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a rather unique strategy to rid its docks of sea lions they made a fake whale it's a fibrer fiberglass orca, the squatters are refusing to leave their sunny spot and what is impacting the local economy. >> we could wipe out the fish in our rivers and the jobs created to process and feed our nation. >> well as bad luck would have it the fake orca is plagued with mechanical issues and has trouble staying afloat. but clearly they were not buying. coming up the latest jobs report is out and we have the new numbers for you plus problems persist for southwest airlines website what the company is doing.
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the latest jobs report is out and better than expected. the u.s. labor department says that the u.s. added 280,000 jobs in may the strong showing suggests that employers remaybe confident enough to keep hiring even after the economy shrank during the first three months of the year. a massive slow down is
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affecting the southwest airlines website for the second straight day after a fare sale. yesterday some customers trying to book flights online got a message say that part of the website is undergoing mainance and is unveilavailableunavailable. people have put off routine cancer treatments because it's so costly obama care reveals many are taking advantage of a new provision, making recommended xroen screening vail out without a co-pay it increased from 57% to 61% after its introduction. most of this increase was found in lower income groups. well, the "action news" team is working on news stories tonight at 4:00, she is running
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the special olympics flame of hope made its way through philadelphia this morning and brian taff took part in the hand to hand exchange and it will finally be delivered to los angeles for the world games, the opening ceremony is scheduled for july 25th 6 abc was proud to sponsor today's torch relay event. it looks like the rain held off
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again too, and we'll talk with adam in a minute today officials kicked off the ford eco challenge outside of the wells fargo center car enthusiasts will be able to get behind the most popular mode els to try out their driving skills on a test track. now adam is here and we'll talk about the weather, it seems soggy out there. >> misting and on and off showers, we needed the rain but five days of the dreary we are done, done. as we take a look stormtracker 6 live double scan most of the area is dry and some spitting drizzle here and there, and one particular area is buck county and mercer county and northampton county and hunterdon county and mist that gets you wet when you are running errands
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and temperatures once again extremely cool because of the cloud cover and because of the drizzle at times upper 50s to near 60 at the shore and not much better from wilmington to millville and philadelphia and trenton and around the low 60s, but moving up a bit in reading andal ep town at 66 degrees, we are seeing brightening to the sky, that is helping to spin the moisture off the atlantic. we have a front to the north and west that is closing in and between the two we see some of the cloud cover congeal or come together so to speak. there are breaks developing in between the front and future tracker this afternoon you'll see brightening to the sky especially the farther inland you are from the shore and the skies are holding strong from the beaches of delaware and long beach island and the front
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slips through dry and then the clouds increase again and early on saturday morning at 8:00, you'll wake up and go where is the sun for the weekend, it's going to take time tomorrow to break the cloud cover and again tonight it's comfort with temperatures of 61 degrees and then the front moves down tomorrow afternoon and after morning clouds or a shower afternoon sun takes control from the northwest to the south and east and that moves temperatures back above average in the lower 80s and folks are heading to the poconos because of nascar this afternoon and sunshine is breaking out at 69 degrees partly sunny and 73 and no rain for the weekend for the big race on sunday 68 and sunny and pleasant and ocean cool at 59 degrees and a lot of clouds a good chunk of the day tomorrow and sun breaking out in the afternoon but sunday is your
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winner 73 and a sea breeze and sunshine. 72 this afternoon and clouds around and warm, where you see the sun that is where you get in the 70s, if you are locked in the clouds you'll stay in the 60s. 82 in the afternoon and saturday and a great bright pleasant day on sunday, 78 and another front on monday afternoon and 84. and behind that tuesday, wednesday and thursday and very warm in the mid-80s to start and going to near 90 about a week from now. >> if you were going to run this weekend would you go saturday or sunday. both days. >> that is not what i asked. >> both days. >> caught on video a man robs the family dollar store and that is not all, see what the suspect did while escaping and a popular food truck destination outside of the busiest train station in the country, and now
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it's becoming a permanent oasis we'll bring to you the porch and all things it has to offer. ♪♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids.
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mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. hello again here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30 police in camden are searching
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for suspects wanted for arson and we hope that the police make the arrest. and china responds to reports they were behind a hacking and details why lily pulitzer was forced to stop its warehouse sale. and more allegations against dennis as earth. the vick -- sister of one victim is speaking out. >> reporter: good afternoon rick joleen burge says she was stunned when her brother confieded in here when her brother was back in high school. he didn't think anyone


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