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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, sarah bloomquist is off, in the news we're following the manhunt for two convicted murderers who
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dairlly escaped -- who daringly escaped prison. a photo scandal at penn state, there's more on the lawsuit he filed against apt university. first to breaking news in the spring garden section of philadelphia. benefitben franklin high school had to be evacuate because of a fire in a 4th floor classroom. students were dismissed early after they were relocated to another buildings. nobody was hurt. officials are not sure if the school will be ready for classes tomorrow they are making that decision later today. walter perez is on the scene following the investigation into the fire, we'll have a live report coming up on "action news" at 12:30. we're following more breaking news in new jersey, an oil truck flipped over in a neighborhood in mount laurel. happened on the 900 block of birchfield drive. the truck narrowly missed homes when it overturned.
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we're working to gather more information about the accident and continue to update the story on the air and online at charges are pending in a crash that killed a 17-year-old boy in philadelphia last night. adelso matos was killed when his bike was struck by a car in hunting park. police took the driver into custody right after the accident. "action news" vernon odem is following the investigation and he joins us live at olney high school where the victim was a student. vernon. >> reporter: good afternoon, a lot of grief and shock at olney high a well-liked long time student was killed last night in the hunting park section killed last night by an apparent drunk driver. 17-year-old adelso matos was killed after 7:00 p.m. as he rode home through the heart of philadelphia's hunting park section. police say he was the victim of an apparent drunk driver. witnesses say he ran a stop sign
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and struck adelso matos who was finishing up his 1 grade year. >> the guy was going fast ran a stop sign he hit him and the guy in between the cars when he said he was already dead. >> reporter: "action news" spoke with a student who knew adelso matos when the school opened this morning. >> he was fun sometimes quiet he didn't talk much. >> reporter: at this hour, philadelphia police are not releasing the name of the driver whole face charges of dui and vehicular homicide by vehicle. that's the latest from here in olney. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a hit-and-run is under investigation in new jersey, 17-year-old kyle pszenny is in critical condition after this
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crash in salem county. officials confirmed the victim is a football player at pennsville high school. investigators say he was on skate board when he was truck boon ahyundai accent. they are trying to locate the vehicle and the driver. authorities have released new video of the man who fired a gun during a bank robbery in plymouth meeting last week. the suspect waved a small black pistol as he command -- demanded money wednesday afternoon. after he took the cash he fired a shot toward the teller windows, nobody was hurt. police and the fbi are looking for the suspect. they think he may have robbed a wells fargo bank in bryn mawr last month. a philadelphia woman is recovering after someone shot her when she answered her front door. the 22-year-old victim opened the door on franklin street in hunting park this morning.
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the suspect shot her in the face at pointblank range. she was taken to the hospital and able to speak to investigators after she was admitted. police are looking for a shooter and accomplice. a penn state student turned whistle blower filed a lawsuit gains the university. he alerted the authorities to the scandal involving the fraternity that ran a secret facebook page of nude photos of female students. police found some members engaged in sexual harassment and hazing. penn state took no action after he came forward. chad perdelli will have the full story coming up on "action news" at 12:30. turning to accuweather it's a warm and humid monday with strong thunderstorms coming our way later tonight. sky6 live hd looking outside at the center city skyline, all is calm with a mix of sun and clouds, all of that could change in just a few hours get ready. to get the latest, meteorologist
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david murphy is at the big board. david how was the weekend? >> reporter: it was nice, i wish i could say it was going to stay that way. it's starting to get sticker. earlier we had showers popping through, but that's nuisance stuff and they are gone. tweer watching a cold front -- we're watching a cold front that's extending to the ohio valley and beyond, along it there are showers and thunderstorms that are beginning to pop up, one severe weather warning northeast of buffalo and upstate new york state. national weather service storm prediction center in normman oklahoma has a bowling alley stenlded from tb at any -- extended from tennessee to kentucky to our neck of woods. in this line as we go through the afternoon into the this evening, for us, there's the chance of some severe weather developing in the form of some strong gusty thunderstorms.
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let's take a closer look at that map drawn up by the storm prediction center for the area. this is an area that is categorized as a low risk, but a risk nonetheless for thunderstorms developing that could produce wind gusts up to 6 off miles per hour. that would be a strong, damaging winds gust of the severe variety. there's a portion of south jersey off to the north and west and hail. this is the one that's grabbing my attention. there's a slight chance of an isolated tornado. we're pushing this line west of philadelphia. western delaware county and the rest of the northern and western suburbs from bucks county to the montgomery to the north and west. doesn't mean there's going to be a tornado. it means if we get strong storms forming as they come in from the north and west there's a chance it could be part of the package. because of the storm threats the main threats are down toward
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localized flooding and wind gusts. with the potential of damaging wind out there, if you hear thunder in the afternoon or evening in particular head indoors and head for the lower floor and ride out the storms. i'll have fewer on future tracker 6 the brand new model run has just come in i'll have that in the next half-hour. >> a massive manhunt continues for two convicted murderers who escaped from a maximum security prison. they broke out from a prison in new york near the canadian border. police are trying trying to find who gave them the power tools they used to consult out of their cells. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: rick, there are no signs of these guys, there were
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road blocks set up around the area. we were stopped three times on our way to the prison. it is unclear if they were on foot or by car at this point they could anywhere. an intense manhunt for a pair of convicted killers who escaped this maximum security prison in upstate new york. >> be on the look out for two escapees from clinton county correctional facilities. >> reporter: investigators are looking whether 34 david sweat and 44-year-old richard matt had help. a woman who works at the prison was removed from her post and being questioned. they are interviewing hundreds of contractors working at the facility. >> it's almost impossible to think this was done without help. >> reporter: the conviction were seen in their cells the night before and the next day they were gone.
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they used power tools to drill through a wall and worked down four stories and shimmying through pipes and sawing into a manhole escaping on to the street about a block from the prison. federal investigates joining the search for the men described as incredibly dangerous. matt locked up for 25 years to life for kidnapping a man and dismembering him. sweat killed a sheriff's officer killing. 22 times. >> it brought back all the torture they inflicted on kevin. >> reporter: this is 20 miles from the canadian border, authorities are searching there as well. you mentioned the reward $100,000 for the information leading to the capture of the
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convicts. back to you. >> in central pennsylvania, firefighters are getting a handle on a massive blaze that's burning at a fertilizing plant. flames started shootings out of miller chem in adams county, pennsylvania. firefighters are letting it burn out. resident were initially told to shelter in place due to fears that the smoke was toxic. however, tests show it was not hazardous. the cause is under investigation. police are looking into a suspicious car fire from earlier this morning. this is the damaged vehicle at 64th and race. cruise found it engulfed in flames at 5:30, nobody was hurt, police are looking to find out what happened to the driver. an accident on the boulevard caused delays near adams avenue and somerdale. police believe the truck driver was trying to make a turn when
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the tractor-trailer childed with the suv. there were no injuries at the scene. why police had to make several arrests outside the met life stadium. police officer placed on leave after his actions during a pool party in texas. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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strong winds forced a plane off the runway during a rough landing in new york. it happened as it was touching down in buffalo. it was carrying 70 people from washington, d.c. they landed on a slick runway and skidded 30 feet into a grassy area. >> we went off roger you're off the runway? >> yeah. >> fortunately nobody was hurt, faa is investigating the incident. a texas police officer is on leave after disturbing video surfaced showing him pushing a 14-year-old girl at a pool party. the girl was wearing a bathing suit. officers were called when someone called saying the children were using the pool
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without permission. the officer pulled the girl and pointed his gun at other teenagers. >> he was aggressive for no reason at all. it was horrible. >> everything could have been solved way better than what it was. there were officers who were nice to people. >> police say the officer is on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. there was a chaotic scene outside of a concert in new jersey last night. state police blocked the gates at met life stadium after they say crowds i wily low forced think way into the sold out hip hop concert. some people scaled fences to get into the hot 97 summer jam. police in riot gear were called in. they tried to blast a piercing loud noise to disburse the crowds when they didn't work they used tear gas. friends started a go fund
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me for a woman who was hit by a flying bat. she was struck in the head on friday when an open athletic player's broken bat went into the stands. she is a single mother and faces a long recovery. so they created a go fund me page to help with her medical expenses. much more to come on "action news" at noon, a simple way to enhance your exercises we'll explain how to get more out of your workout when "action news" continues in a moment.
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>> school lunch are getting more expensive and putting a bigger strain on family budgets. the price of the average school lunch served 50% in seven years. a nonprofit group called the food research and action center, school launches saw the biggest increase followed by middle and high school. apple is expected to launch a new music streaming service today. tim cook will make an announcement at the worldwide development conference in california. it will provide an alternative to rival pandora and spotify. it will show off new features for the iphone and mac computer. multitasking while you exercise may get more out of the work workout. people cycle 25% faster when
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they perform brain exercises at the same time. activating the rain with could lead to better -- the brain could lead to better physical performances. the "action news" team is working on news stories tonight beginning at # bike this one including ways to put more money in your family's pocket the next time you hit the roads. we'll show you apps that that could save hundreds of dollars at the pump. coming up at 4 we'll show you had a gentlemen's club is targeting college students. the owner said else helping female co-eds. we'll or a new plan. and a just in case. back, stay with us.
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>> meteorologist david murphy is here with a closer look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. kind of a return to summer this week. >> reporter: sure is warm and a little stickier out there right now. of course, rick we're on the look out for thunderstorms but not until later tonight. the region is dry currently. a little earlier the action cam was out in center city we got pictures of the gardens at logan circle with william penn overlooking at the top. it was a clawed start and now we're -- cloudy start and now we're breaking out with more sun. 60 degrees was the threshhold for humid air and that number will go up over the next several hours. winds are south, as well as. it will feel more humid as we go through the day. 78 in wilmington, 75 in allentown. in sea isle city we're at
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69 degrees, we'll be adding numbers to that, as well. in terms of precipitation the rest of the day well, for the afternoon hours we're probably okay. 4:30, most of the area is dry. but we'll be on the look out for showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop ahead of an approaching cold front in the northern and western suburbs and these will be getting close to allentown and reading by 5 or 6:00 p.m. earlier model runs had the showers continuing into the i-95 corridor and in some cases producing a drenching downpour or gusting thunderstorm close to philadelphia. as we take a look at the new model run just in a little bit of that makes it threw and it kind of falls apart. we have get the he heavier stuff north and west of the area. hindering people in lehigh county and berks county north hampton county. this breaks through the i-95 corridor but by then it's not severe weather it's drenching downpours and then it's gone.
12:26 pm
when we see the storms, by the way they fade off the map overnight. the first threat would be lightning. the big threat is downpours where the heavy storms produce the heavy downpours that would be heavy enough to produce localized flooding on streets and poor-drainage areas. there would be a chance of strong gusty storm with cial potentially damaging winds. chance of hail. i have a green box next to tornados. the national weather service is talking about a slight possibility of an isolated tornado. wherever the storms hit take cover on the lower floors if you hear thunder in the evening hours. 84 degrees in the lehigh valley, clouds and sun late day evening storms. at the shore rip currents an issue on the beach. a special problem this time year, most of the beaches are not guarded not a great day to
12:27 pm
go in the water. rain at night possibly, i'm not expecting any severe storms. in philadelphia, high of 85. clouds and sun more and more humid in the afternoon, that chance of the storm speak into the city later on in the evening hours. warm and humid, high of 85. we've the storms buildings into the northern and western suburbs, some of them could make it to philadelphia maybe not, we are on the bubble here, where they hit they have a chance of producing drenching downpours and strong gusty winds. tomorrow, showers left overotherwise we dry out in the arch partly sunny wednesday 86. thursday and friday we have a friday thunderstorm possible and coming 80s for the coming weekend and pop-up shower or thunderstorm there. >> much more ahead in the next half-hour of "action news." president obama wraps up his g7 summit to germany. we have more on the
12:28 pm
investigation after a police officer grabs a teenage girl and throws her to the ground after a pool party. those stories and more when we come right back. stay with us.
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hello again, "action news" continues at 12:30 now with developing news out of philadelphia spring garden section. a fire forced students out of ben franklin high school out of their classrooms. walter perez is live at the school with all the details. walter.
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>> reporter: hey, rick we'll take you to the scene ben franklin high school is shut down for the day. students and officials outside the buildings. all indications are the school will reopen tomorrow. the question had a that lingers is how did the fire begin. >> first when we arrived smoke was showing at the 4th floor. that scenario unfolded at 10:00 a.m. the fire was contained to 02 where the blaze started. the fire alarm went off and the entire buildings was evacuated. the blaze was brought under control as fire officials are working to determine how it started. meanwhile, school officials say all things considered the situation could have worse. >> injuries, great news, students were relocated to the franklin learning center. we do not know what caused the fire. >> reporter: back out live on the scene once again the school is closed for the day all students are


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